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Found 31 results

  1. This game not a simulator

    Why such an arcade of the damage system, ballistics? I hit someone with svd but he doesn't die .... Is this a simulator? Funny ... The rangefinder doesn't work which is placed in the pso binoculars because the other one is not reliable. Will you ever actually become a simulator or will you stay in such an arcade of shit forever?
  2. Are there any up to date or recent, weapons or vehicles range and damage data guides to look at? I'm having trouble finding any and would love any help I can get. Thanks!
  3. After watching numerous videos of the new amazing artillery and other options implement in Beta 17, please tell me it's not final. The range on damage they do is absolutely not enough. Infantry can seemingly run away while these big ass rounds are landing around 40 feet away from them. I'm no military expert, but, doing a small amount of Google'ing and multiple sources - 50m kill radius(150 feet) and 100m casualty radius(300feet) Yet the artillery in this game, people can run around just fine and no shrapnel, seemingly nothing seems to affect them. The only way people are affected are if they are smack dab right next to where it lands or within 5 feet of it. It reminds me of the MORTAR situation, as well as the HE on vehicles that still isn't fixed. I've seen and heard multiple complaints that HE has hit people and done no damage.
  4. reduce fall damage

    recently i've been back playing and i have noticed that you lose about half your health from falling from a wall. Not sure if it's that realistic but I'm pretty sure you can't die from a 2 story fall. what do you guys reckon - beasty
  5. We already have an animation for climbing up an obstacle that's chest high, if we simply played it in reverse, could we then use that as a way to get down from higher places without taking fall damage? I would love to see this, as movement in this game is crucial but often causes you to bleed or at least some damage which wastes player resources.
  6. Vehicle damage smoke is a bad way to indicate damage the way it's implemented right now. It cripples crew visibility (i.e. impossible to engage in direction of smoke source), client performance, stays forever long after damage, visible through objects and annoying for operating crew in general Audio for 5% damage is loud gas leakage sound is annoying as well Possibly switch to another way to indicate vehicle damage e.g. texture modification? Maybe move smoke source away from view of driver/gunner, especially when it's not engine, and make it disappear after some time BTW Abrams view behind is obscured by camo net, impossible to even observe in that direction
  7. Couldn't help but notice that the damage radius on frag grenades and mortars is incredibly close. After trying to kill myself with mortars and grenades, it seemed like I was within 30 meters without taking any damage what so ever.
  8. Vehicles wrecks could we not have them take damage to be destroyed to be removed.
  9. Wheel Damage

    With the next version of vehicle damage will we be able to damage the wheels with Knives. ?
  10. At present we have one hit point pool with soldiers so everything effects you in one way. How about a secondary pool that is independent of health pool and regenerative. A pool that effect fatigue and health but not fatal , a subdual/concussive damage pool. So if you fall down you don't need medical attention but 2 mins later you've forgotten about it, (unless your a snowflake) you get up and dust your self off and carry on. This could be used for low falls, getting run over, suppression damage from mortars, being buried in objects, inside objects(glitching). Having an additional pool could be linked to your health as a percentage, lower health lower concussive, maybe throw in maybe a winded state (never see anyone out of breath). Just think Vehicles are getting damage state maybe if its not a server drainer it could be good.
  11. Falling Damage nerf?

    Good Day Squaddies. Im am just curios on the damage you get for dropping of a wall thats 1 meter high and almost dying from it... I just feel thats a bit unrealistic if I must say. Have a Great Day!
  12. Some people including mayself think mortars aren't deadly enough. I believe the reason for this is because every building seems to be built out of indestrucible material that is unable to collapse. I imagine quite often a mortar shell on a mud hut would have the roof come down with stones and shit killing the soldiers inside but this can never happen in this game because of current technical limitations as I understand it. So, I have another suggestion -Make mortar penetration on direct hits on buildings have 100% penetration instead of having them penetrate the material of the roof as seems to be the case right now, i.e. a hit to the roof of a small house with a person underneath would hurt equally bad as if there would have been no roof at all and the shell just exploded like 3 ft above your head. I think that would be much more realistic. Afterall, I believe I have heard that artillery stands for the majority of casualties in most wars and in this game everyone just go and hide inside their indestructible huts or whatever.
  13. Real quick I know the Dev's have a road map for development already and I am not a game Dev so I don't know how hard the things I suggest would be to implement or if they are already underway and also just gotta say Dev's you guys are doing great on development so far So I played the weekend playtest of Post Scriptum and it made me realized how much I want Squad to be more slow paced and more punishing like PS and Project Reality. I have seen threads of people complaining about the recoil saying its too punishing in V11 and just complaining about things that make the game harder. As where I want the opposite I want the recoil to be even more punishing and etcetera. I don’t know the dev’s vision for the game but from the Squad Q&A from a while ago they seem to be riding the fence on making the core game harder. Or at least that how I saw it. Anyway why not just add a hardcore mode for players that want an experience more like PS/Project Reality. HARDCORE MODE SUGGESTIONS *Weapon Recoil* Changing the recoil so you physically have to adjust for the recoil like in PR. Its slows down the pace of the game a lot and can make for some really sweet prolonged fights. Also it keeps people from just blasting away instead of taking aimed shots. I have done it multiple times, standing up in a field just clicking the mouse as fast as I can and spraying guys down around 150m away post V11. Most of the gifs wont show on the page im not sure why https://imgur.com/jo9qIji https://i.imgur.com/1YElFTY.mp4 VS https://i.imgur.com/FAGgN64.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/okMHuZS.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/8RxS4eV.mp4 https://imgur.com/HEDCQNR Its still controllable and you can full auto sorta accurately its just not point and mash your mouse. *Bandaging* The bandaging should take longer in my option not just a 3 second animation and you're done. A game I think that dose this well is Rising Storm 2. https://imgur.com/a/PzbLuyd Also just like in PR if you get shot and bandage yourself it should heal you a bit and slow the bleeding but not stop the bleeding completely. For that you need to see a medic to completely stop the bleeding. That way lone wolfing is seriously punished and the squad sticking together is encouraged through game mechanics. Also it gives a very satisfying feeling knowing that if you shot a guy that he is forked up even if he got away. https://imgur.com/a/nKLsguC *Rally System* In Post Scriptum there is no rally's and I love it. It makes the people wait for the medic instead of just burning through the rally like paper. And people play like their lives matter because if you die you gotta run...far. But there is the spawn vehicles in Post Scriptum to balance that. So instead of a static rally that stays until a enemy finds it or the spawns are used up just copy the system in PR. You can put down a rally but as soon as the SL moves 100m away from the rally it disappears. So people don't rely on it like a FOB but you can keep the squad together. Maybe add a timer on it as well so people don't expect the SL to just sit on the rally. *Damage* Having to shoot people 3 times twists my panties. So in this said hardcore mode upping the damage people take would be nice. Also because of Post Scriptum I am quite fond of the head shots being non relivable. For me it was enjoyable part of the gameplay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUGGESTIONS FOR THE BASE GAME *Dedicated Armored Vehicle Squads* Squad NEEDS premade dedicated vehicle squads just like in Post Scriptum. I play squad leader a lot, and when my squad needs a pickup or backup and I talk to the other SL's to ask for a ride or for some support from armor they them self's the SL's are not in the armor and its some guy lone wolfing it in their squad and we never get the support because I cant communicate directly with the crew. Same thing goes for when I make an apc squad and another squad has an apc and we try to coordinate. Its almost impossible because if its a infantry squad with armor usually the SL of that squad is not in the vehicle. ANNNNDDD another thing I noticed is that people are scared to take out the APC's or because the inf squads are busy doing infantry things and don't use them. So a lot of the matches we just have 3 APC's sitting at main the whole game. But in Post Scriptum its night and day compared to Squad in this aspect. I can talk directly to a squad dedicated to tanks and give them information that helps win the game and support infantry. Also warn them of enemy armor instead of having to play a game of telephone then watching are BTR get bent over by a Bradley because they couldn't hear me. Another thing about armor squads is that its really hard to hear your crew. So If you get in apc, tank or whatever it should automatically deafen the engine and the sound out side. Kinda like if you had a tanker helmet on. Also if you model the helmets for the crewmen kit that would be really noice. *CROUCHING SYSTEM* If you have played ARMA 3 or Escape From Tarkov you know they have a crouching system in which you can choose how low you want to be to the ground. So you can shoot through holes that you usually cant. Or just peak above cover enough to shoot without standing completely up and getting murderized *FOBS AND SHOVELS* Personally I hate that one lone wolf with any kit can find a FOB and single-handedly destroy it with a shovel. I think you should need a special class with C4 or some type of explosive to destroy the FOB. I remember seeing a shotgun that was being modeled a long time ago is the breacher kit making a comeback from PR? gimme gimme gimme *AFK kicking System* People in servers just chilling for 30 mins and that have not spawned from the start of the game or joined a squad should be kicked. That is all my good Sir's keep up the good work Dev's! Oh and PS. Can the American Army get a woodland camo? Or is that what the Army actually wears in the woods? They are like beacons of light compared with the Russian camo on forest maps.
  14. Mortars

    Hi, Right now mortars are not very effective. You can shoot in a bucket, but don't do any damage. I mean that people don't care about a mine landing at 10 meters. This is why I thought to reverse it. Making dispersion inscreasing with distance & Increase damage radius. Thus, we get: - mortars used in their real purpose, good supress before an assault, scare people - can be used by more people and not be "reserved" only for those using squadcalc (because more effectiveness), avoid people shooting right on habs (for example) with squadcalc, avoid killing vehicles with mortars (they are not made for it but for inf) Two birds with one stone For balancing reasons mortar's rate of fire can be decreased, ammo cost increased ?
  15. Climb-down ability to compliment climb up ability, and save ankle damage... PLEASE
  16. One of the problems with squad is that explosive type weapon, even though they have realistic penetrative shrapnel capabilities never can make buildings collapse, thus being dangerous to be inside. You will also never have that round penetrate the wall and then go off inside instead which happens sometimes in real life. What this means is that even though shrapnel penetrative power is modeled correctly, lethality of explosive weapons in the game will be extremely much lower than in real life. What this means for squad is that explosive weapons penetrative power on buildings should be upped on orders of magnitude in order to compensate for the lack of lethality of these weapons. Let's be honest, noone is afraid to go inside a building that has been bombarded all day long. You will never die from that falling roof etc. Also another factor with explosives going off inside buildings is the extreme pressure build up that you will get inside as well. In reality it would also contribute to the lethality of explosive weapons. I am pretty sure that if you had a tow missile going off in the room next door you would be in pretty bad shape. Currently buildings are like safe houses where you are perfectly safe if you just defend the entrances properly and stay away from the windows. This type of unrealism also have the map designers produce silly maps with strange undefendable buildings in order to compensate for the uncollapsible buildings protective abilities. I think currently this is one of the main flaws with squad right now. Put in some serious artillery and heavy weapons and make them totally blow out the insides of those perfect hideouts. On the other hand. Some hideouts should actually be defendable as opposed to how it is now. Also artillery and supply lines should present high value targets and be able to be taken out with a proper assault and some actual strategic asset thinking going on.
  17. The damage system needs some work. Torso shots should be a 1-2 hit kill depending on where shot, head 1, legs and arms should be more of a bleed out if hit. And if hit in the legs it should cripple the person indefinitely making them slower and if hit in the arm aiming in takes slightly longer. Also weapon sway should be reduced a LOT...I have shot many weapons in real life and I can defiantly hold a rifle steadier than a soldier in this game even if I'm tired...and have the option to set weapons on objects to steady them. Sprinting should be a lil faster and when tired you should not result to a walk it should be a slower sprint like in Red Orchestra 2. There also needs to be separate sensitivity options for aimed in vs hip. Oh also on the aiming note you should be able to focus indefinitely no matter what. And everything else is just polishing up. This list is a must inorder for this game to be good. I have no doubt it will do well either way but with these adjustments it will exceed.
  18. Body Damage

    Hey guys! I think it would be really awesome to add in bone fractures and broken legs/arms depending on where you get shot, so that the medic has an even bigger impact in the game and to realism it even more. This is just an suggestion of course, but I think this would be really cool. Anyways, Awesome job u guys are doing!
  19. At the present all building no matter what type of damage they take always look pristine. Is there a way of getting some post processing on the buildings to show they have taken damage. Not destructible as has been discussed, but maybe post processing in to change their look. Or would this be too intensive. Having progressive damage maps over building changing the battle could be excellent.
  20. Limb Damage mechanic - In Depth

    Due to the use of the unreal 4 engine I'm assuming that this feature would be possible (all be it very hard work). I'm putting across the idea that damage to certain body parts would have consequences e.g a bullet to the upper arm effecting the accuracy of your fire, bullet to the leg effecting movement speed etc. This is a rough diagram, again this is all open to discussion. Depending on how this concept is received I may compile a list of effects for each body part. (I'd like to note that I am unsure of how the bandages work in this game (whether more than one is needed to prevent blood loss like in PR) so bare with me). I do not currently own the game due to my computer blowing up on me recently. I have however played Project Reality for about 4 years running so I assume I have at least a low level understanding of the mechanics in the game.
  21. I think it would be realistic and good for immersion if when a bullet hits very close to you (or maybe your head) then like 1 out of 10 times you accumulate a minor say 5% injury. This would simulate like splinters of dirt or wood coming of the ground or a wall because of the bullet impact and entering your skin somewhere. For 50 cals I think the effect could be increased somewhat both vicinity wise and health wise. Right now I think it is somewhat unrealistic to be completely unharmed by a 50 cal impacting 3" from your face. I wouldn't want to stand there in real life no matter what people say.
  22. Happened again, single shotted insurgent twice in upper back with m4... but no hit reaction or stamina effect at all.. so what does he do? Instantly spin dive on the ground to full auto me. But with the broken hit system, I somehow still didn't die after getting hit multiple times. And a teammate killed him. 1) he shouldn't have been able to spin dive after taking damage (maybe new animation system can fix that) 2) two shots to back should have dropped him 3) when he shot me, I should have died. There are many times I have been hit and seen pink mist and still haven't taken damage. -I hope the new animation system can address this. But the monthly recap didn't mention it.
  23. Hello, We are playing heavily these days and we noticed something really annoying : Bullets dont kill. Initialy i was thinking this pb was only concerning the M4, but its the same with AK74, it look like the bullets doesnt penetrate the first texture line of the player... so u see the impact on your own body, floating in the air just front of your head, but u are not hurt or bleeding at all. We noticed this so many times this week what its currently impossible to deal with multiple target cause you are never sure these 4 bullets are going to be enough to get down the first ennemy you are shooting at. Last time, i was hiding behind a stone wall on op first light. I took a shot right in the head, i've seen the blood throw leaving my head and the big bullet impact appearing on my SL cap, but i was fine. Some of my mates said it was already know by the dev, but i dont see lot of post about it so i'm just warning.
  24. Just from what you guys have created so far I can tell this is going to be a great game. I also LOVE that you guys are actively listening to your community and actually taking feed back from us and tweaking accordingly, just wanted to express my gratitude you don't see that a lot in the gaming industry . So anyway I am just going to brain dump whats on my mind so forgive me if I touch on topics that previous postings might have covered. -Project Reality- I have played Project Reality and still do and it is the reason I bought Squad hearing it is the spiritual successor. Some things that I noticed that are different besides the obvious. When you get shot or shoot a player they can stop the bleeding with one patch. In PR it took multiple patches too heal or a medic and I liked that. Knowing when you hit someone that they are messed up and require more than a patch the medic or they are going to bleed out. It also encourages people to stay with the squad instead going out by them self and being a lone wolf. Little balance and a focus on realism. In PR you have the USMC and other major factions have optics on all of their guns vs insurgents with iron sights with an exception of the marksmen. Also major faction's would have thermals and better armor and the rebels would have old outdated equipment. I loved that it forced certain factions to play very conservatively and set up ambushes and use IED's. Also unique weapons, I liked that some factions would have suppressed rifles and shotguns and some factions would not just things like that adds a little flavor to the game. Next is bullet deviation, (I am assuming that bullet deviation is suppose to simulate heavy breathing or something along those lines) in PR you have to sit or stand still for a couple seconds for your shots to be accurate. Again I like that, it prolongs firefights and makes for some epic shootouts with bullets flying all around you. I saw a post by ZiGreen along these lines concerning shooting mechanics and it is a very comprehensive post and I agree with most of his suggestions ill link it here-Animations- Squad has some of the best gun animations I have ever seen in a game they are seriously good. I was wondering if the soldiers will revive the same level of detail? For instance in battlefield when you shoot your characters face will scowl and when a grenade explodes he will react to it buy putting his left had up to cover his face. Right now the soldier animations seem very stiff and robotic I am sure that they will change with time and become more fluid. I was just wondering what you guys got planned for us on that front? Getting shot should in my opinion should sometimes make your guy stumble or flinch something along those lines would be neat. Wounded animations. It would be really cool if when you got downed "wounded" that after you rag doll that your guy would wiggle or squirm on the ground and make groaning or grunting noises. This could also help medics find people who are wounded and be a neat touch to the game. Red Orchestra has animations similar to what I am talking about. Resting/walking pose. The walking pose in squad just dose not seem right to me, it might just be me being a picky bastard. I liked the PR walking/jogging animations where the gun would be at you side instead of always being at the ready. Also that way you could see when people were aiming down their sites. -Example picture- -Damage- Another thing I think would be good is that when a player gets shot in the head they can not be picked-up again as in that they are dead and have to re-spawn. Depending how in depth you guy plan on going with the hit box you could make the helmet livable and people who get shot in the helmet could get picked up. Also is body armor going to be a thing and if it is how is it going to work? It would definitely be a cool addition too the game. I'm not sure about this one but perhaps if you are inside a certain radius of a grenade that it would kill you not just down you. And last of all going off of my "wounded animations" suggestion if that is implemented when someone is wounded and waiting for the medic. If an enemy comes across them they can shoot and kill them preventing the revive. Its more realistic and a way to make sure the area is clear. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  25. I would like to see FOB have damage states. Of course make it repairable. This would make even more reason to have repair bay. 100% working 75% Delayed respawn 50% Not work 0% destroyed I miss the old PR stain the radio to disable the fob. Would love incendiary to destroy it or Heat round from Rpg