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Found 35 results

  1. What is the minimal required CPU for license. I'm have Xeon X5675 (x2), is that enough?
  2. Is anyone else unable to play due to a bad memory leak? I launch the game, and immediately my RAM and GPU both start steadily climbing in usage before I even get to the main screen. Once I first get on the main screen of the game, my GPU is sitting pegged at 99% usage, and my RAM is sitting at 50%-60% Usage, and continues to climb until it hits about 80%. Keep in mind this is just sitting at the main menu screen. Once I actually join a game the RAM goes all the way to 99% usage and the game is unplayable as it hitches and stutters violently. I have completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I've also reinstalled my graphics and chipset drivers, and ensured Windows is up to date. I also verified the integrity of the game cache in steam after reinstalling the game, and cleared the game cache once I launched the game for the first time for good measure. I'm running an Intel Core i7 8700K ( at stock speeds ), 16 GB of 3000 MHz ( Stock Speed ) DDR4, and a EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked ( Planning on upgrading my GPU once the next gen comes out ). I have been playing other games and using other programs without any similar issues whatsoever. As an example of a demanding title, I can play Kingdom Come: Deliverance without any similar performance issues at all so I don't think that it's an issue with my hardware? I still have some other troubleshooting steps that I would like to try, but it would help to know if anyone else is having a similar issue or could recommend any additional ideas. Here's a screenshot of my system RAM and GPU usage from squad just sitting on the main screen: Link Thanks guys!
  3. Hi Guys which CPU should i pick for my new gamer (i would mainly play squad, post scriptum and HLL) Core i5 8400 or Ryzen 5 1600 Overclocked?
  4. A couple of questions about CPU optimization for the devs or anybody that has knowledge about this. With the recent events of cheaper hexa-core and octa-core and now even 16-core CPU's entering the market, what are your plans moving forward in terms of CPU optimization? Will you favor faster clock speed over more cores or the other way around or somewhere in between? And how is this implemented today? Ultimately, what would be your suggestion when getting a new CPU if performance is important.
  5. i7 8700k new cpu

    https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/intel-coffee-lake-8700k-review/ The new chip came out supposed to be new number one gamer chip. But is it really?
  6. I know there is stat fps and that stuff, but I would like an easier way to see whether you are being cpu capped of capped by the gpu regarding the fps. I am thinking a new command that just displays maybe text "gpu" or "cpu" for the moment. Maybe also a % ratio average them between would be nice. I know there are game vs draw thread times but I feel it is somewhat complicated to actually know that you understand them correctly. I think an indicator like this would make it much easier for people to know whether they should buy a new cpu or a new gpu. I think it would be quite nice and easy to implement as well.
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if I would get a noticeable performance increase if I overclocked my CPU (i5 4690K) to around 3.9Ghz? My current GPU is a GTX 970
  8. Hi guys TL;DR - my game is stuttering and freezing with CPU usage running at 100% during some matches but not always. ______________________________________________ Recently bought the game and having a blast so far getting to grips with it. However, I'm having a very much game breaking problem at the moment which is that my CPU usage goes through the roof. Now this does not happen in every match, some matches run fine with no problems and then others i get constant freezes whenever turning my camera view - some of which can last as long as 4 or 5 seconds and have noticed that while this is happening my CPU usage is way too high often running between 95% - 100% while my RAM sticks around a steady 50%. I am doing nothing different inbetween these matches and the only thing I have noticed (although I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence) is that the freezes tend to happen more often than not on maps which have more foliage. I don't know if this is some common problem or just a me thing but here are my specs: CPU: Intel i5 3570k GPU: GTX 970 Mobo: Gigabyte G1 Sniper RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance PSU: Corsair 800W It should also be noted my P.C runs every other game I play (including Arma & BF1) very smoothly, or as smooth as can be in the case of Arma. Thanks for any advice!
  9. Changing older cpu

    I got an old i5 750 2.66ghz on stock and i can barely play squad. Paired with 8gb ram and r9 270 I got 25-30fps on full server. I am looking for a new cpu to upgrade and I wanna know if the Intel g4560 will bring me a better performance on games like arma 3 and squad. I think the powerfull single thread will help me on this games.
  10. Hello guys i have played squad during the free weekend and i really enjoyed game despite my fps was around 25 on low setting all the time at 70 players servers. So i would like to buy game but before i want to get a new cpu what would you recommend me my budget is 400 dollars(doesnt mean i want to get something super expensive). My current cpu is amd fx-4100 which is terrile i know. Motherboard is by gigabite with am3+ socket (i am able to buy new one but would be great if there was good cpu with this socket so wouldnt have to buy new one) Graphic card is ASUS GTX950-OC-2GD5 RAM = 8GB So my question is what cpu should i buy since i think the graphic card is decent....... thx for your suggestions
  11. Recommended cpu

    Hello guys i have played squad during the free weekend and i really enjoyed game despite my fps was around 25 on low setting all the time at 70 players servers. So i would like to buy game but before i want to get a new cpu what would you recommend me my budget is 400 dollars(doesnt mean i want to get something super expensive). My current cpu is amd fx-4100 which is terrile i know. Motherboard is by gigabite with am3+ socket (i am able to buy new one but would be great if there was good cpu with this socket so wouldnt have to buy new one) Graphic card is ASUS GTX950-OC-2GD5 RAM = 8GB So my question is what cpu should i buy since i think the graphic card is decent....... thx for your suggestions
  12. Hello guys. I would like to upgrade my PC but I can go for one upgrade only. Which upgrade should I go for? I only care about having more fps in Squad. I play at 1080p. A CPU upgrade from i5 4690k to i7 7700k or a GPU upgrade from AMD R9 390 to GTX 1080? I wish I could do both hehe, but unfortunately thats not possible. Much appreciated!
  13. With the recent events of cheaper hexa-core and octa-core and now even 16-core CPU's entering the market, what are your plans moving forward in terms of CPU optimization? Will you favor faster clock speed over more cores or the other way around or somewhere in between? And how is this implemented today? Ultimately, what would be your suggestion when getting a new CPU if performance is important.
  14. Hi guys, I have Squad since the pre-alpha, bough with a friend the developer helper edition or something like that. I have just started to play it now, cause the performance was terrible before, specially in AMD machines. I see that now performance is much better in AMD, but CPU utilization is not working as it should. First the game starts at 70-90FPS, (that's with around 65 players), but in the middle to the end of the round, FPS drops to around 38-45, if you check your GPU usage you can see that it was working fine when FPS was around 70-90, but when it drops, GPU utilization stays very inconsistent, with lots of drops and pikes. CPU utilization is around 40-60% for all the cores, so something is very wrong, and I'm pretty sure that Vulkan could solve it. Same thing happens for intel i5/i7 CPUs so that's not a CPU problem at all.
  15. Hey Guys, i only want to let you know i switched from fx8350 to an i7 7700k with ddr4 ram, and since that, the games runs fantastic smooth with my gtx980 on highest settings... I loved this game and now i loved it more Greetings BloodieX
  16. Hi there, I am looking into making my own Gaming PC and I'm keen in buying this game. But I need help with the required Specs, CPU, etc. I am currently set on buying an Intel Core i7 but any other cheaper or better suggestions will be fantastic. P.S. I currently have a IMac from late 2012 and I'm wondering if I can just upgrade somethings from that? Thanks for your time.
  17. CPUCores (Program)

    I just tried to start the game from the program CPU Cores, played in the "Firing Range" and got me extra +20 FPS, does anyone tried this program too? And anyone knows better settings in the program to get even better performance? The program: http://store.steampowered.com/app/384300/ My specs: i7 4770K, MSI GTX 970, 16 GB-Ram, SSD 840 Evo.
  18. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    I've noticed that a lot of people with intel processors have better FPS, can anyone tell me why AMD processors fail to handle squad well, and if there is a possible fix I can do or do soon?
  19. Squad System Requirments

    I know there are system requirements on the steam version, but most of them on games are some what inaccurate. I have an Intel Core i5 4590 3.3Ghz. I was wondering if that CPU will be enough to run this game at decent at least 60fps and at least on medium settings. My GPU is more than enough to run it at high, but i'm not sure about my CPU. Hopefully i'm posting this in the right forum section lol. Thanks all.
  20. Cpu spikes to 100%

    I had 70% usage since latest hotfix. it spikes to 100% every few seconds or so when I first join a server then stops. After playing today it caps to 100% every few seconds. Based on what I have been reading I think this is server or game sided. I tried everything online related to performance. I have a skylake i5-7760k so its not a hardware issue. I hope this can be fixed next update. (this is running the game on max or on lowest possible). I would like to know if this happens to my chip only or just randomly.
  21. Hello, this is interesting subject that I have been following since the early versions of the SQD. Many players seems to have monstorous GPUs and "monstorous" CPUs. Now in current state it seems that multicore CPUs are over rated since game (and many software in general) seem to use only core or two to do their calculations. Another interesting fact is the "best CPU" is not necessary the best. Like this chart suggest i7 processors should be way way OP compared to i5 family ... like 2x more speed for same GHz.. This couldn't be more misleading. This next comparison image gives interesting fact. Now what we have here... Let see CPU mark with red to see "the real performance" which is for favour of i7 !! Naturally. What in much more interesting is the Single Thread Ratings i5: 2231 i7: 1991 This means that i7 is actually over 10% worse than i5 on single thread performance (non multithreating use). Source of CPU data for this quick and dirty tech post is https://www.cpubenchmark.net/ PS. This screenshot gives even more misleading picture of performance for favour of AMD. Note the Single Thread Performance number and compare to "potato i5". This is ofcourse only one aspect of performance, but single thread performance is still needed at times .. like alpha versions of the games. I'm happy that my old dog senses said to me, go for single core performance and "handpicked" k-line. - Greets, i5-4690k owner.
  22. http://m.timesofindia.com/tech/tech-news/Worlds-first-microchip-with-1000-programmable-processors-launched/articleshow/52809831.cms This new terahertz 1000 core chip was just introduced. Can you imagine 100 times your current cpu speed? This will make computers AI and games go through the roof!
  23. AMD Optimization

    I have an AMD FX 4300 CPU. I know it's old, but I am still able to run consistently at FPS over 250 and for games like Arma 3, I can run at max settings at 10k render distance at 60 FPS, but when I played Squad back in december, my frames would not go above 15 FPS and did later research to realize the game was not optimized correctly for AMD CPUs, I refunded the game and am just wondering if this problem has been fixed and if it would be worth buying today. Thanks, ProbingU.
  24. Hey all, this post is to AMD users, it's for CPUs primarily, but also GPUs. Obviously I cannot guarantee that these fixes will work for everybody, but hopefully somebody is able to squeeze out at least a few more frames. In this post, I will give an exhaustive list of all my relevant specs, settings, tweaks, and software information in an effort to help AMD users get as much more performance as possible. First off; it IS possible for AMD CPU's to perform well with Squad! My current setup gets 50-60 FPS consistently with up to around 45 players on all maps. Even with smoke and heavy combat, I usually don't dip down lower than the high 30's-low 40's. This is with 1080p, Max Effects, max AA, 125% resolution scale, and max Post Processing, I can play with more than 45 players, but obviously performance suffers, but not too badly! I still get a consistent 35-40 FPS even with 60+ players and combat, but the lower dips in frames are longer and more frequent. While this isn't amazing, it beats the heck out of many of the horror stories I have been hearing. Some people with similar or even slightly better specs are saying that even on low population servers with lowest settings, they are barely able to get 30-35 FPS without even being in combat.If it is possible for me, then in principle, it is for others too, let's begin: (Thank you to Boxknife for the format of these specs). System: CPU: FX-8320 @4.6Ghz (CPU ratio is 23.0) GPU: Sapphire R9-390 Nitro 1100Mhz on the core (+100), 1500Mhz on the memory (default) Afterburner power use percent: +50% (Latest non-beta drivers) MB: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Bios version: 2501 x64 (04/07/2014) RAM: 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance @ 2133Mhz Timings: 11-11-11-28 (Voltage is auto) HDD: 1TB WD Black 7200 rpm Monitor: 1080p 60Hz Dell generic monitor. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit with all current updates. (There are two hotfixes that Microsoft has put out for the FX series of chips that can help with some performance issues, I have applied both and I would recommend you do too.) These are free for anybody, but you have to request Microsoft send them to you manually via email, however the action is automated and takes a few seconds at most, no signup or weirdness required. If you feel fishy about that, I will link to a Tek Syndicate forum post that has both files linked for download automatically. I think they are safe, but obviously, download at your own risk. Hotfix #2 Hotfix #1 Tek Syndicate Forum Post Power Supply: XFX Bronze 850 Watt. In Game Settings: Resolution: 1080p Fullscreen Vsync: On Res Scale: 125% AA: FXAA High View Distance: Epic Shadows: Low Shadow Quality: Off Shadow Res: 512 AO: Off AO Levels: None AO Scale: 1.0 Post Processing: Epic Eye Adapt: On Motion Blur: Off Lens Flair: Off Textures VRAM: 4GB+ Effects: Epic FOV: 100 Radeon Control Center Settings: Version:16.3 VSR: On GPU Scaling: Off Scaling Mode: Center Squad Radeon Control Center Game Profile Settings: Anti-Aliasing Mode: Override application settings. Anti-aliasing Level: 8xEQ Anti-Aliasing Filter: Standard. Anti-Aliasing Method: Multisampling. Morphological Filtering: Off. Antisotropic Filtering Mode: Override application settings. Antisotropic Filtering Level: 16x Texture Filtering Quality: High. Surface Format Optimization: On. Wait for Vertical Refresh: Always on. OpenGL Triple Buffering: On. Shader Cache: AMD optimized. Tessellation Mode: AMD optimized. Frame Rate target Control: Disabled. Bios Settings: (Note, Some of these settings may be different or not available depending on your mobo/hardware configuration.) CPU Basic Power Settings: Manual for the core voltage. Voltage: 1.440v (offset mode + 0.106250. All other voltages are auto.) Cool 'n' Quiet: Always Disabled C1E: Disabled SVM: Disabled Core C6 State: Disabled HPC Mode: Enabled Apm Master Mode: Disabled South Bridge Settings: HPEI: Enabled North Bridge Settings: IOMMU: Disabled Initiate Graphic Adapter: PEG/PCI Core On/Off: CPU Core Activation: 5th Core - 8th Core Disabled Ram Other Timings: Everything else for my DRAM timings is auto. (PM me for specifics if needed.) DRAM Driving Control: Left everything on auto for my Mobo and RAM setup as well. (PM me for specifics if needed.) DIGI+ Power Control: Manual CPU Load Line Calibration: Extreme CPU/NB Load Line Calibration: Extreme CPU Current Capability: 130% CPU/NB Current Capability: 130% CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme CPU Voltage Frequency: Auto CPU Power Duty Control: Extreme CPU Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU/NB Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU Power Thermal Control: 130 DRAM Current Capability: 110% DRAM Voltage Frequency: 300 DRAM Power Phase Control: Optimized HT Link Speed: 2600Mhz CPU/NB Speed: 2600Mhz PCIE Frequency: 110 (Default was 100) CPU Bus Frequency: 200 CPU Ratio: 23.0 I also have applied some basic ini tweaks, I will link to the main post on Reddit to these various possible tweaks. Reddit Performance Post Sticky Here are the specifics of the ini tweaks that I have applied: Squad Forum Post for Performance Tweaks FX.MaxCPUParticlesPerEmitter=20 FX.MaxGPUParticlesSpawnedPerFrame=0 ShowFlag.Decals=0 r.LightShafts=0 MaxChannels=96 (Default 128) r.CustomDepth=0 [[email protected]] r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=3 [[email protected]] r.Upscale.Quality=0 [[email protected]] r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=16 r.SceneColorFormat=1 You will find the proper ini files to edit and all the exact details in the Squad forum post above, but for the sake of brevity; (I just used all the defaults that they had.) Well that was a bunch to type, hopefully not too many people got bored, but more importantly, hopefully this helps some of you fellow AMD users out there to get respectable, or even just playable performance out of your CPU's and GPU's! A big thanks to the readers/posters, and to the dev team for always keeping us in the loop and working on making our experience better every time! PS: I probably made a mistake or two somewhere here. If you find any obvious errors, feel free to message me. I will be going over this post with a fine toothed comb again within an hour or so, possibly making some edits. I may also add some other details. New Content: Special thanks to user, "A Pacifist" for posting this new thread. He posted some new audio tweaks that may help some more AMD users that are having frame issues. Check it out! New Stutter Fix For AMD Users Peace out everybody, ~Shadow