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Found 26 results

  1. Change UAV controls

    For some reason, squad decided to map the key bind for commander uav zoom to ä, which sucks. Does anyone knows how to change to commander uav controls? I know that you can edit the ini file, but unfortunately i do not know the variable names.
  2. Helicopter input

    Hello, This is my first post. So please bear with me on any errors. Short and sweet.I've changed the controls in the input files to:Yaw: Mouse X axisPitch: Mouse Y axisRoll: A & DCollective: W & SSO MY ACTUAL ISSUE BEGINS HERE: When I free look, my X axis ACTUALLY makes me yaw. Which will **** up any trajectories / maneuvers I was attempting to do and throw me off course. I felt I could strong arm it in-game with extra practice in training. But it was hard pointing my side-gunner at infantry when I was setting an orbit course around them as they moved through open fields. If I looked, I'd slowly end up pointing my nose at them and end up in a dive or off course depending on my roll angle; also putting my side gunner off target.MY QUESTION:Is there any way in the input file where if LeftAlt is being used to freelook with my mouse it turns off (MOUSE X AXIS) input for Yaw?
  3. Hello, This is my first post. So please bear with me on any errors. Short and sweet. I've changed the controls in the input files to: Yaw: Mouse X axis Pitch: Mouse Y axis Roll: A & D Collective: W & S SO MY ACTUAL ISSUE BEGINS HERE: When I free look, my X axis ACTUALLY makes me yaw. Which will **** up any trajectories / maneuvers I was attempting to do and throw me off course. I felt I could strong arm it in-game with extra practice in training. But it was hard pointing my side-gunner at infantry when I was setting an orbit course around them as they moved through open fields. If I looked, I'd slowly end up pointing my nose at them and end up in a dive or off course depending on my roll angle; also putting my side gunner off target. MY QUESTION: Is there any way in the input file where if LeftAlt is being used to freelook with my mouse it turns off (MOUSE X AXIS) input for Yaw?
  4. I just spent an hour in the helicopter training tutorial and I love it. Sure there are some things that need ironing out but the rest of the community seem to have those issues covered. I would like to talk about the controls and how limiting they are in terms of only being able to use a mouse or joystick to roll and pitch. I know to a lot of people think this will sound stupid, but I think this suggestion will open up more comfort to people who either don't like flying with a mouse, or who don't have or like using a joystick. The suggestion I have is to allow users to assign each axis of both pitch and roll to a key. So for example pitch up could be assigned "S" and pitch down could be assigned "W". Roll left could be "A" and roll right could be "D" (these examples are just my preference). I really found the ArmA 2 controls for helicopters and airplanes very comfortable. I could never enjoy flying with a mouse because of how delayed it felt compared to a joystick. But I never really enjoyed joysticks because it's too much on my desk. Anyways just a preference that I think other people would also like. Another suggestion I have with the helicopter is regards to collective. Have two types of collective controls. Realistic and simplistic. The current form would be the realistic where it is progressive. The simplistic form would have the idle collective set to 45% (the hover state). Holding the collective Up key would set the collective to 100% and releasing the key would return the collective back to 45%. Holding the collective Down key would set the collective to 0% and once again releasing would return the collective to 45%. Thank you for reading this.
  5. I tried binding the Helicopter Roll to Q and E instead of having it on the mouse, it only bound itself to Q I believe, forcing me into a far right roll that ended with me crashing into the ground. Having the option to bind Left roll and Right roll to Q and E would be great as I'd find it more convenient/intuitive (plus continuity with left/right lean infantry control) to have those functions on the keyboard than on my mouse. Thanks! Smith
  6. TLDR: When pressing movement keys while crouched, the character gets a litle bit higher to walk. I sugest that when both left and right movement key is held, the character gets a little bit higher, just like when you crouch-walk, but doesn't actually move. FURTHER ELABORATION: EXPANDED METHOD: OK let me hear your thoughts.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed it but I have multiple keyboard layouts (English and Macedonian(Cyrillic)) and the default windows toggle hotkey for them is Alt + Shift which is quite a common combo in game, especially when you run and look around so the keyboard switches to Cyrillic. But unlike other games, some of the game controls do not pick up on it, for example pressing any of the letter keys will not trigger a command as they are now in Cyrillic. Is it possible to make the game ignore whatever keyboard language layout is selected and use standard latin keys? It's quite annoying having to disable the multiple keyboard layouts every time before playing Squad.
  8. Give vehicle driver ability to switch between "weapons" (vehicle ammo storage, smoke generator) with numbers instead of using "Infantry next/previous weapons" control. It's non-intuitive in a 12.2 that I set that control in "Infantry" tab.
  9. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    Simply enough, is there a class or vehicle that makes use of the 7, 8, or 9 keys?
  10. The player controls

    The controls are pretty good for the most part, except for one thing. Right now, the prone button can only be mapped to a separate button. I'd really like to be able to map the prone command to the same button used for crouching and standing. 1. If I want to go prone from either standing or crouching position, I simply hold down the button 2. If I want to crouch from the prone position, press the button 3. If I want to stand up from the prone position, hold down the button. All this can be done with one button just like it is typically done on consoles. This one simple addition would make my life as a soldier on the battlefield that much less of a hassle.
  11. WASD Turret Control

    1.While WASD controled turrets are in game, they are not quit usable (on its own, A and D are still great for a traversing without liftig your mous 10 times) Would it be possible to get some sort of brake so the turret would only move half as fast? So while holding down (lets say) left shift the WASD Movement would reduced to 50% And would it further be possible to also lower the speed when zoomed in (like done with the mouse-movement? where you can set the sensitivity in the options) In the end you would have up to 4 different speedlevel (or 3 if you set zoomed-in speed at 50% of the normal speed, or maybe even more, iirc some vehicle (CROWS) have more than on zoomlvl) 2. The KPV-14.5 turrets seems to not have WASD movement, is it on purpose? and why? 3. How about giving all turrets WASD movement only (for all Vehicle where the gunner is fully enclosed and cant be engaged by small arms fire) now that they have stabilizers (at least in PR it was said that mousecontroll was acting as counter for not having stabilized turrets)? This would be a) more realistic since the bigger turrets are Joystick operated in modern Tanks/IFV/APC b) it would be more challenging (and challenging is fun, right?) but still be balanced b c both have the same controlls and max traverse-speed. c) maybe moving, to be a harder target, would become a stategie on tank vs. tank engagements (right now its quit useless to move your Tank during an engagement because the enemy tanker has no problem to follow your movement. d) the grunds are growling that Vics are to powerfull and this would make it at least a bit easier for them, (most suggestens go like "make us kill them faster" but a "make them kill us not so fast" would also not be a bad idea. e) using the TC-Seat would maybe be an advantage because with hunter-killer-capabilities (btw. does the TC CROWS have this feature in RL or just the CITV Sight and are both systems used simultaniously or are they redundant?) you can aim in the next target and the gunner just needs to press one button (more teamwork should in this game allway be rewardet)
  12. As the title suggests. Tried out both tanks and the 30 mil and it's like that on all of those and I suspect it's everywhere now. It's somewhat better on the 30 mil. But on tanks it seems that turrets ignore the mouse scaling options at all: I've set it to 2, global 1 and it seems that it does nothing. A full revolution takes ages to complete and a lot of mouse repositioning. Also, there seems to be an automatic threshold on mousemove speed: like when you move the mouse really slowly, turret/gun moves even slower. It's understood that it's done like that to allow users to aim at targets that are small and far away, but it's very annoying, clunky and imo a bad overall controls design choice. I would rather stick to modifying mouse speed as per game options and instead of this auto-fine-tuning-mode introduce an additional hotkey, which a user would have to hold down to introduce that modifier that would slow down turret and gun rotation. Predictability of controls would be much higher. On a side note, T-72 can't turn around on the spot. IRL it can. In the previous version, I think, the Warrior also suffered from this feature.
  13. Bring Walking Back

    Before V12, holding the Caps Lock button would allow you to walk, thus giving you more stability and making your footsteps quieter. After V12 the Caps Lock button was rebound to the "Command Menu" and there is no way to bind the Walk button. Please make walking a bindable key.
  14. I want to try manually editing it because I'm having an issue with sights that makes the game neigh unplayable and I've tried everything else. See this for more details if you dare.
  15. I know that vehicles are 5 miles down the development path, but I have a suggestion for controls of the turrets. Dont enable turret gunners to control the turret with a mouse. I've played my share of BF2/3 and having that DPI adjust can really be useful in combat, but its so far from realistic its painful. Those 2 ton armored turrets are spun by regulated stepper motors. They have very fixed maximum turning speeds. This is difficult to regulate when you allow mouse input. Mouse input for guns make sense because you move small-arms with your hands directly.Arrowkeys/Numpad make sense for a tank turret because there are exactly 2 planes of motion. Yaw and pitch.A modifier for motor movement for trim-adjust (fine) would assist in exacting your aim.A keystroke is a binary input and is equivalent across all keyboards.I think facilitating the capacity for 360-noscope-turret-shots will be endorsing less calculated play for tanks, especially in urban environments when tanks are at a de-facto disadvantage for maneuvering. This disadvantage should be a crucial mechanic of the game, and preventing this is a good way to help that reality be reasonably approximated. Source Material for Consideration: Turret Turning Turret Turning Turret Cockpit/Controls
  16. Vehicles: Controls - steering.

    Hi all, This is directed at the appropriate Dev - or someone who already has knowledge about Vehicles and their controls, and mucking about with them. I have not looked at the vehicle control stuff yet but assume i can work much of it out, however i would like to ask before i go to too much effort and hair-pulling, weather having more than one set of steering controls is possible in UE4. I would like to impliment a dual control steering option for all vehicles, like that used in JO and other games, where you use the Mouse for fine control and the Keys for "hard" turns. The vehicle bit that accepts steering control input would accept both Mouse and Keys, via an 'OR'. So steering with mouse until hitting a key to get around that tight corner up ahead, and if not using the keys then defaulting to using the mouse. Of course when you use your FreeLook button, the mouse would go-freelook and you would rely on only the keys for steering, until dropping the freelook key and thus returning mouse control for steering. Mouse steering with on-demand Key steering. Mouse Keys | | \________ "OR" _________/ | control Is this possible? Cheers! .LJ
  17. I think it would be beneficial to be able to tune the loudness of any of the three types of chat "On the Fly", ie Hotkey'able function. Examples of situations could be you just jumped into a vehicle ( Ex. BTR ) and now the ambient noise is louder than your comms level, I find the level required for Squad chat while you are inside a BTR is just simply to loud for when you are not in a vehicle. Or how about you hear foot steps approaching but there is to much comms to hear it, you should be able to mute instantly for that situation. I know you can quickly go into your options and adjust but it would be easier if it were hot keyed, especially if there is a fire fight and you need to adjust to hear commands.
  18. Yo Squad Friends, give me +1 for auto walk/sprint...i´m lazy on long distances
  19. So, the possibility to Toggle stances, like this: 2x ctrl = you stay Crouched 2x Q or 2x E = you stay in the Lean position 2x Shift = you keep sprinting I mostly would love to see this cause its frustrating and actually pretty impossible to Hold crouch , plus lean and hold breath (shift) and even more impossible to move with A or D to and from cover while doing this. (If someone played the Arma Games he will knew this was in them, and was Damn Helpful) Devs Plz answer :3 PS: I Knew there is a toggle button for that actions so you don't have to hold the button , but I personally don't like to have it strictly off or on. And that's why I think the "2tap" thing gives players a better experience and more freedom, then to have it simply on or off.
  20. Tank Controls

    Im writing this now because I will probably forget it later haha, and its good solution actualy. Some players are against tanks in the game because they would become over powered. I ve been thinking about this for some time. Gunner: Ussualy in games you control gun turret with the mouse, but in reallity, you dont, you have stick, like in airplanes, and it works like AWSD. What I wanted to say is that gunner should control turret this way because it would become realistic, and it would be much harder to aim. He can pres shift for faster turret movement. Gun stabilization should be implemented too. Driver: Nothing special, you should only implement fuel in the game. Comander: Ability to use binoculars from the cupola, or however you call that place from where he can peek from inside the tank. I 100% understand that tanks are not priority for next 6 months or more, but you should really consider this. What you think about that? Sorry for bad English.
  21. default keyboard controls

    hi all. loving Squad of course, but wanted to know if theres a way to reset the keyboard controls to default? i re-did some keybinding and kind of messed it up (they way its set up now, 2 different actions can be binded to the same key) and want to reset it but i cant find any "default" button or anything like that. any help?
  22. I just bought Squad, and I have tried to change my control settings but the game is setting my Zoom/ADS to toggle instead of hold which is the opposite of what I am used to. Can I get any help with this? Thanks!
  23. Instead of having a setting to control the way the crouch key works and making it very clunky to change, have the crouch key accept a double-tap to go into the toggled crouch mode. Here a (possibly incomplete) state graph of the crouch key mechanics: .---------------------. | | [ Lying ] [ Stan ] --'--hold---> [ Crouch ] [ down ] [ ding ] <--release--- [ w/hold ] | | ^ ^ `-----------| | | | | | double | tap | | | | v | | [ Crouch ] -----hold---------'This makes it IMO way easier to switch into crouch and still retains the common mechanics for holding/releasing the crouch key. The only difficulty I see here is choosing the time in which the double-tap control is registered, so as to avoid players accidentally going into crouch mode and minimising the time needed to enter the holding crouch state, yet making toggled crouch easy to access when you need it. There are other applications of the double-tap mechanic as I'd like to call it, too, such as was already suggested for the reload key as a fast reload, and as a rolling movement on the left/right movement keys in prone (not on Q and E like in America's Army). Any comments/ideas?
  24. Change "Move" controls , keybindings

    hey squaddies, just a little questions ;) when can i change my keybindings ? or is there a way to change them somewhere ? i see you can change most of them but not the "Move" section (like move forward e.t.c.) cheers Kopfmatscher
  25. Topic and Poll kinda say it all, but lets yell at each-other till we convince everyone our way is right, eh? Ok, lets be civil. 3rd person? I never play it, but I know some people cant play without it. So have at it boys