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      Introduction   The Squad Team reserves the right to edit, update, add and remove rules at any time. Applicable rules extend to the PM system. Your PMs are private, but the Squad Team may be informed about unacceptable PM content by the receiving party.   Section I: Posting Rules   §1 Show Respect This community can only work if we all respect each other. To that end, it is imperative that any time you engage with another user, either directly or indirectly, you show them respect with the content of your post. In particular refrain from flaming, insulting, abusing, taunting, racism, and other similar types of actions towards other forum users.   §2 Attitude & Behavior Poor attitude and behavior are the most common ways a negative / unsafe environment is created and perpetuated. As such that kind of behavior will not be allowed on these forums. Please be mindful of this rule when posting personal positions and opinions regarding topics which could be considered contentious in nature. As a rule of thumb, keep your posts civil in nature, and refrain from making posts that are likely to incite arguments and create a negative environment. As a privately hosted web forum we reserve the right to maintain an environment that we are happy the majority of our players are comfortable with.   §3 Swearing While we will not strictly moderate every little swear that occurs, please try to avoid excessive bad language. The moderation reserves the right to remove rants and unsuitable content at any time.   §4 Illegal Topics
      Prohibited topics include, but are not limited to: Piracy, drugs (including cannabis), pornography, religion, racism, sexism, homo/trans -phobic content, videos and images showing violent death or serious injury, ‘spam threads’, hacking & griefing (endorsement thereof), religion, politics,  etc. Prohibition may be suspended for some threads if they are found to be suitable by the Moderation (such as scientific debate).
      If there is doubt, the Moderation Team can decide whether a topic is considered illegal.   §5 Attitude towards Squad and the Development Team
      As per §1 and §2, keep in mind to be respectful and reasonable, not only towards all users of the forum, but also towards the Squad Team and towards any ideas and content and the game itself. Criticism is welcome, but if it is not constructive and/or if it is offensive, the Moderation may need to step in. Please refrain from posting if you are upset, angry or drunk, or you may be punished for things you wouldn’t have otherwise written, which is not in anyone's interest.   §6 Language & Legibility
      Please post only in English. Non-English content (including non-legible content) may be removed. If you see someone posting in another language because s/he apparently does not speak English, please report their post - if you can, you may reply in their language to explain their question, but please do translate their and your message so it can be reviewed by the Moderation. ‘Hiding’ insults in non-English posts will be punished harshly. Posts written largely in ‘leetspeak’ or full of spelling / grammatical errors may be treated like non-English content. This rule does not extend to PMs.   §7 Forum structure & Search
      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
      Please name your thread appropriately; the subject title should sum up / explain the content in the thread. If you fail to name your thread properly (such as ‘Hey!’ or ‘Check this out!’ or ‘Help!’), we will either rename or lock the topic. Repeated offense may lead to infractions. The practice of using CAPITALS only in your thread title is not allowed and will be edited or the thread will simply be deleted. Strange or abnormal Unicode characters should be excluded from thread titles for the sake of being distracting and unnecessary.
      §9 Thread Capitalization
      Please ensure that your post is not in all CAPITALS, as this is not allowed. Any threads posted in all caps will subsequently be removed from the forum. Repeated offenses may lead to infractions against your account. This practice is not approved or accepted here. 
        §10 Images in posts
      When posting images, mind the following restrictions:
      .gifs will be allowed and may be removed by Staff if deemed necessary.
      Maximum size for images is 1280x1024.
      Do not include more than ~1 large image per paragraph of text, unless in image collection / announcement threads. Link to further images.
      Consider posting thumbnails. You may post a few more images per post if they are reasonably small, the details are for the Moderation to judge.   §11 The use of BBCode
      It is allowed to use the BBCode in your posts. Over usage is not allowed. You may use the Bold in a reasonable manner but not for the whole text body. You may use the size feature but in a limited reasonable manner. You may not use any of the additional fonts at all. Color may be used to high light a point but again, not for the whole text body. Moderators will be watching for misuse and will edit when required without giving notice. Continued disregard for this rule will result in Moderator action in the form of warnings.   §12 Complaints of Server/Admin Abuse Reports of server/admin abuse will not be posted publicly. All reports concerning this type of behavior should be place in the appropriate sub-forum. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ All posts made outside of this area will be be removed.   Section II: Reporting & Moderation   §1 Reporting Posts
      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
      Do not ignore or argue against Admin, Moderator or Dev instructions on the forum. If you have a complaint, as per §2, please inform the Team in private. You are expected to follow orders given by the Moderation, Administration and Development Team, and it is necessary for smooth running of the forum to respect their decisions. Being stubborn or ignoring warnings will lead to harsher punishments - however, we do not tolerate Moderator / Admin abuse of power / privileges, so do not hesitate to inform other Team members if you feel treated unfairly.   §4 Bans and multiple accounts
      If your account is temporarily or permanently banned, do NOT create another account. Bypassing a ban will result in further action, and a permanent ban of all of your accounts.
      You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason. If you share an internet connection with another user who has their own account, it might happen that this account is incorrectly identified as a secondary account - please get in touch with the Moderation or Administration to resolve such issues.

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  1. One Nation Under [-oNu-]

    ONU is a newer clan with experienced members we host clan events as well as competing in multiple leagues including the SCL, Squad Charity League, which is currently sponsoring the St. Jude Childrens Hospital. We are looking to expand our competitive lineup as well as bring new players into the game on the casual side that might not want to take it to the next level. We have a good group of helpful laidback gamers that are here to have fun, around 20 very active competitive players and upwards of 30 additional casual members that see a fair amount of playtime through the week, along with ? number of mercs/associates from other clans and solo players. If you are new and looking for a clan to learn or have been around awhile and want to get in on some comp games and scrims hmu on steam/discord. > https://steamcommunity.com/id/thestate > [-oNu-] Statefarm#8240

    New Generation (NO LONGER ACTIVE) Introduction New Generation are looking for competitive and dedicated gamers, who want to take part in tournaments such as the Squad World Championship and others. Even if you are new to squad, if you have a history of competitive FPS gaming, and know what it takes to win large tournaments, we will help you specialise when it comes to Squad, as many skills are easily transferable. We are a very welcoming, but serious community. We play to win, but we have fun while doing so, and we never place blame on individuals for a loss. We are currently building our team for Season 2 of the SWC. If you are interested in Squad competitive gameplay, please either send me a private message on this website, or join our discord found below, and introduce yourself in the welcome topic. You will be contacted from there. Players must be from either Europe, or Central/East Coast America, due to ping/time zone requirements. All ages are permitted, but you must be mature and willing to take the game seriously. You should aim to play Squad a minimum of 2-3 nights a week/10 hours a week, on a regular basis. Clan information Clan Server: ]NG[ + [508th_PIR] Tacticool Teamwork (ENG) Discord: : http://discord.ng-clan.com/ Steam-group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Squadnewgeneration(edited) Ethos: https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?s=&showtopic=1007767&view=findpost&p=10101166
  3. RaveN RaveN consists of players who've been selected specially for their abilities with the goal of competing at the highest level in Squad. We regularly compete in tournaments and scrimmages, along with playing on public servers. We recently finished 1st place in the 18 vs 18 ISST. Achievements 2017 - 12v12 Squad Masters Tournament - 1st Place (partnered with LCP) 2017 - 24v24 International Squad Knockout Tournament Open - 1st Place (partnered with LCP) 2018 - 18v18 International Squad Skirmish Tournament Season One - 1st Place About us Our style of gameplay is influenced by fast-paced shooters such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, and the Battlefield-series. It is characterised by aggressiveness, speed and coordination. We take the initiative and are always in the middle of the action. We have a “no nonsense” approach to our in-game communication, ensuring all members work together to maximise our performance. We adopt tactics and strategies that work in the current metagame of Squad, and discard those which don’t. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and we are vigilant to upcoming game changes and opportunities we can utilise. Competitive gameplay against other clans is where we get our adrenaline kick from and we regularly group up to play on public servers too. Alongside Squad, we have members who also play other games such as: RB6, CSGO, Post Scriptum, ARMA, Wargame, PUBG, Overwatch and EFT. Recruitment Most of our members are based in Europe, but we also have members from further afield including North America. Ability to speak English is a must. We value mature players with respect for others. A competitive spirit is key, and so is the sense for high quality teamplay. We look for players who have the ability and willingness to adapt and learn. If you think you would make a good addition to the clan, visit our Discord server, and speak to one of our team leads to find out more. Our Discord-server: https://discord.gg/WTSj7bc
  4. [SFE] This group was specifically created to unite all the top players in squad that have a founders’ package. The purpose of the group is to create a competitive with the distinct advantage of experience and game evolution. Objective: 1. dominate the competitive arena. #Adapt Requirements: 1. Precise target acquisition. 2. High speed low drag. 3. Radio Lingo. 4. Unit cohesion. 5. Willingness to learn. 6. Founders Skins. 7. 21 and over. 8. English is required. 9. Voice Comms. Intelligence provided: Thermal mapping analysis of high traffic zones in maps as well as “hot zones”. Metagame analysis and knowledge transfer. Learn the secrets of squad. Mechanics breakdown and maximization. “victory is commemorated failure merely remembered” Join at : https://discord.gg/RbaXCJS
  5. Coffee House Gaming

    Coffee House Gaming is looking for new squad team members. We are a new group and would love more members. the squad CHG server is up and running if you would like to join go to our website coffeehousegaming.net
  6. Region: NA Timezones: All North American Timezones; Events typically from afternoon to late evening on the weekends. Clandestine Operations Group was established Winter 2016 to provide a competitive and fun environment where like-minded gamers can join in to play in friendly public matches as well as intense events and tournaments with and against other teams within the Squad community. If you are looking for a semi-competitive environment to grow your skills and compete with the best groups in Squad, CoG is the group for you. Our modus operandi is special forces, strike team like actions, hot drops, and back rage. We are currently accepting new players with a drive for competitive play in FPS games. How to Join Join our Discord voice/text chat server here: Visit https://cogclan.net and Join our Discord from there. Fill out an application if you are interested in being recruited to the team. The Mission The mission of the Clandestine Operations Group is to provide a competitive and fun environment where like-minded gamers can join in to play in friendly public matches as well as intense events and skirmishes with other groups within the Squad community. Communication Discord is the primary communication service we use. It is highly encouraged that you use Discord when you are playing games so as to show other members when people are on and who is available to game with at the time. You can join discord by going to http://discord.me/cogx Events We participate in a number of events in the Squad community with more events added regularly. Here is a list of some of the Squad community events we participate in: SWC - Squad World Championship We partner with a brother team ΣT (Sigma Tactical) for our competitive Squad play. We came in 2nd place in the SWC Open league finals and are moving on to SWC Premier league this upcoming season. Clan Skirmishes 9v9 - 24v24 matches against other teams within the Squad community. These are great for learning new ways to play the game and honing your skills against opponents of equal or greater skill. These events are posted on our event calendar and members are encouraged to sign up and participate in any events they can. Join CoG Today! Information Website: http://cogclan.net Discord: http://discord.me/cogx
  7. Raiders Of Ragnarok

    DISCLAIMER: YOU MAY JOIN FROM ANY REGION AS LONG AS YOU CAN ATTEND MANDATORY GAME NIGHTS I and a buddy of mine are looking to start a competitive group of like minded individuals. Our vision is to utilize TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION, and COMPETITIVENESS. We are looking for people to start a group with, We are only two men as of right now but are wanting to build and create something new. I have been in several clans and groups and one trend I see is that most clans or groups will not take constructive criticism! I aim to change that. I want a group of like minded individuals who are willing to be a part of something greater than themselves. I have a discord and would love to get people in there to talk and figure out if this is a fit for you. I want you to HAVE A VOICE within our group, without disobeying chain of command. You will be able to state your opinion and let us take into consideration your thoughts! This is NOT a HARDCORE group, although we do play with a serious and competitive manner, we do NOT have BS practices or anything of that nature, we will simply debrief after each night of play and learn from our mistakes and improve on the mistakes and see what we did well on and see what we can do even better when we succeed. In conclusion if you want to get a way from the casual gameplay or leave the toxic community you are in you are welcome to come and see if you are a fit for the RAIDERS OF RAGNAROK. Another thing I wish to ask you to consider is having patience as a new and emerging group, I am going to be actively recruiting. If you are interested in helping me in the process please let me know and add me please. I would love to discuss more over VOIP so if you are interested add me on STEAM and send me a PM and I will return a message to you as soon as possible to speak with you over discord. My steam name is Danny RAMPAGE add me and message me!
  8. Look no further ! Ronin Gaming or Ronin| is a newly formed Squad EU clan currently. We are looking for both Casual and Competitive members to fill out our Roster. What we can Offer you A great community of fun people to play with. Serious and competitive gameplay. But a place to make friends and be honest with each other. Admins you can turn to if issues arise (Which we hope wont) But a great Clan that you can be proud of when we win. A place to hone your skills and be able to learn the game, But also a place you can play to the best of your ability and show of to the rest of the clan and squad community. Join our discord play a few rounds with us and see what happens. https://discord.gg/SQC7tGM Requirements English speaking Must use a MIC See you on the battlefield !
  9. Squad League

    ======================================= OUR MISSION STATEMENT ======================================= It is our objective to deliver the premier platform for Squad league play. A platform built by members of the community for members of the community. We will be highly ambitious in our effort to champion the community, champion our clans, champion Squad League, and most importantly, champion Squad. Through demonstrated successes, we hope to earn the trust of the community. For without the community, Squad League is nonexistent. ====================================== YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO ====================================== Website tailored to promoting clans and league play, complete with clan registration. Streaming of official matches Servers that will display stats on our webpage Leagues (first exhibition league targeted for summer of 2016, six clans) Tournaments Forum Events Videos that showcase the matches After Match Parties (interviews with Squad Leaders) Pre-match Interviews Developer Interviews (When granted) Match recaps Custom military ribbons for members and clans that speak to participation/successes within Squad League Noob nights Hopefully sponsors for the leagues Spirited clan rivalries Squad League not a clan itself Among many other things ====================================== THE TEAM ====================================== FULL STAFF @DrBigMoney= Founder/Community Manager @Rusty = Announcer/Content Creation @ibk = Lead Software Developer @Rossums = Logo Creation/Admin @OakleyHidef= Content Creation/Graphic Elements @DocEast= Commentator, Eventual Streamer @LevelPulse = Clan Liaison/video recaps @Prizefighter= Event planning/coordination COLLABORATORS @Mitsu = Website design @Schoff426 = Accountant, can only view monetary assets @BLITZA= Commentator @Fresz - Website design ====================================== WHY SO EARLY!? ====================================== We get that and it is a pretty common line of thinking out there. However, beginning early allows us to learn a lot of the ins and outs before Squad truly starts hitting its stride. We've had tons of lessons learned already and have made some great relationships across the community and within the dev team. By 1.0 of Squad we will be a well oiled, established, machine.
  10. The 2nd Fallschirmjäger Division and its competitive team are recruiting! Looking for more out of squad other than just playing as a pub? Think you have what it takes to play at the competitive level? Want to play with a squad focused on team oriented gameplay? Then join 2.FJg and apply to the competitive team today! 2.FJg's competitive team focuses on providing the clan with a close-knit, trained and competition oriented team to play in events such as ISKT, NAS, CCFN and other competitive matches. Should you wish to know more, please reach out to [2.FJg]Fox-ST or apply on our website. Website: https://www.2fjgclan.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/64m3JnE
  11. hi everyone, Im recently wanting to take my squad experience to the next level and play some competitive events. Any help and guidance to find a team would be much appreciated.
  12. The Art of Warfare (TAW) is looking for new members to join our SQUAD Division. TAW is a very large group of gamers that has over 2500 members across more then 25 games. TAW has a strong and varied background in co-operative online gaming. We are a community of gamers from all over the world who compete together with the spirit of integrity, honor and fair play. If you are up to the challenge of taking part in a real online community of dedicated gamers that have bonded together with a common purpose of more organized fun and better gaming, all while kicking everyone else's rear-ends on the field, then this is the place for you. What TAW provides for you: -Dedicated stable TeamSpeak server -2 Squad servers (1 EU, 1 NA): brand new servers effective December 7th 2016 -Structured command staff that will do its utmost to help you -Family friendly environment -Weekly practices -Regular Scrimmages (participation in tournaments upcoming) -Promotions, rankings, awards and possibility of leadership roles within TAW What TAW requires of you: -You must be 15 years of age or older. -You must be interested in team-based play. -You must have a working microphone and Teamspeak. -You must be willing to commit to attending two trainings per week. Practices & Activity: -TAW holds SQUAD mandatory practices twice per week. In addition SQUAD Division members play the game daily -TAW places a strong emphasis on attendance and activity. Real life always comes first. TAW has an easy excusal system which allows for members to miss events due to real life. How do i Sign up / find out more? For more information: -visit our welcome wiki http://taw.net/wikis/welcome/welcome-home-page.aspx -email [email protected], post on this thread or send a private message. To sign up: Go to http://taw.net . Click Join TAW at the top right corner (create an account and select the SQUAD division when prompted). Remember to check your inbox (junk box included) for a response e-mail and any follow up emails.
  13. Hello Everyone! I am writing to you on behalf of the Allied Precise Gunmen. We are a gaming clan that has been around since 2002, and has been involved in multiple FPS games as well as some Mil Sim Games. If you are looking for a well organized, strategic clan that uses TS3 (A voice communication program), a US Army ranking system, and prides itself in tactical team play, but still has fun, than look no further than the Allied Precise Gunmen. We are super excited about Squad, and plan on being a permanent fixture in the community for years to come! We are also actively recruiting players who are new to the game, we offer a robust training experience and love to help grow both the clan, and bring new members into the Squad community! The APG considers itself to be one step below a milsim clan. While we use a full ranking and command structure system for organizational purposes both in game and out, we remove the role play element of a milsim clan. You will not be expected to "salute" officers or anything like that. While we have positive relationships with more than a few "Mil-Sim" units, we believe that extracting tactics, organizational elements, and other things from the military, and adapting them to the game is far more important than roleplay, and end up making our unit more combat effective. While doing all of this, we take a slightly more laid back attitude than a mil-sim unit. As a member of the APG, expect your daily clan experience to include organized, tactical teamplay, a meeting or practice now and then, and a ton of fun, ball breaking, and occasional goofing off. We offer the best of both worlds! If this sounds fun to you, don't hesitate to apply! Also, since we are reforming, there may be some leadership opportunities available for those that show the ability. (We currently have about 25 Active Members, and are growing everyday) Our General Requirements Are as Follows: - Mature and Positive Attitude - A team player willing to accept orders as well as give them - 18 Years of Age or greater is preferred. (Exceptions MAY be made, based on maturity) - Encouraged Donations, however not an actual Requirement What we need from you: -Simply log onto our website ( www.apgclan.com) , goto the recruitment office, and fill out the application! What we offer you: -Competitive, Team-Oriented, Fun Game Play -Mature and Responsible Leaders that still know how to have fun -A great community of members that joke around and have a good time, while maintaining a professional level of in game teamwork and competence. -A fully working and interactive website, with forums. -A high speed Teamspeak VOIP Server for real time voice communications -A full ranking system using US Army Ranks, Fireteams, Squads,and Divisions -A full sized public Squad server and multiple practice servers in the near future Visit our Website and fill out a form in the recruiting office, and/or post in the forums! Feel free to join our teamspeak and talk with an officer about the clan at any time! We are always willing to help you decide whether APG membership is right for you! Our website is www.apgclan.com Teamspeak Server: apgclan.enjinvoice.com Feel free to message me on steam for any questions you may have: {APG}Cobra I look forward to hearing from you , and hope to add you as the newest member of the APG! Sincerely, Cpt.Cobra CO, Allied Precise Gunmen
  14. C.O.G. is a semi competitive gaming group centered around squad but includes other games like ARMA, RB6, and Overwatch. If you are looking to have loads of fun and the chance to play in competitive events such as Community Clan Fight Night and Clan scrimmages this is the place for you. Most our our members are North American or European and both have very active communities. We have many new players and a group of squad veterans that have been around since the start of the Alpha that can give plenty of tips and create some very fun situations in game. Our joining process is simple: 1. Go to our website http://cogclan.net/join-us 2. Fill out the information and submit. 3. Once accepted you will enter an initiate/intern process. In this time you will simply be identified as an intern and will be monitored to make sure you are not a drama queen and get along with everyone. 4. After about 1-2 weeks if you are accepted by our community you will be allowed to wear the C.O.G. tags. General info. No basic training process is required. Competitive events are open to interns Lastly if you have any issues you can contact me through this post and I can help you out. We look forward to seeing you on the battle field. CANNON OUT.
  15. [FUBAR] Recruitment Post

    About the [FUBAR] Community: [FUBAR] is an international Discord based, multi-game community with 60+ members who all value competition and teamwork. We regularly participate in competitive events such as CCFN and Squad League, but we also enjoy having fun and creating lasting friendships while playing on our official Squad server or other games such as Overwatch, Arma 3 and more. [FUBAR] Community Rules: Treat others with respect and avoid unsportsmanlike conduct. Failure to follow this rule may result in removal from our community. Membership in [FUBAR]: Everyone is welcome in the [FUBAR] Discord - you are welcome to play with us, with or without any clan tags. However we require all members to be at least 15 years old and have a microphone. We appreciate that real life is more important than games, and such we make no mandatory demands. However if you plan to play competitive, we value members who attend events and training compared to those who don't. If you are interested, just hop onto our Discord server and fill out our initiate application form.
  16. Let me start off by stating I enjoy playing FPS games and especially FPS' involving communication between your team. Although, I do not have 1,000 plus hours into this game, I can advise that Squad is a great game and has a lot of potential at being one of the best modern FPS Steam games on the market. I have one suggestion, add a ranking system that goes with a in-game statistical database profile where you can pull up and can check your kills/deaths, rank, hours played on your favorite game, etc... Something around the lines of the 2005 Battlefield 2 Profile. I enjoy checking out what Unit I use the most or what's my best firearm and the accuracy of that weapon. In-game profiles are the best! This may be a minor suggestion to some, but for others it may be what they've wanted. Please make it happen! Thank you in advance.
  17. Hey guys, if you are interested in Squad gameplays and tactics focused on individual- and team performance, feel free to check out my Youtube channel. No theories. No basics. No bullshit. I will just show how to play and set up the game in it's most effective way: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ENDGAME4K I'm currently working on 4K videos regarding: effective settings guideline (which will be re-done with every sq. version update) advanced tactics to improve your individual gameplay advanced tactics to improve your teams gameplay as squad leader I will also constantly upload POV's of full public and competitive rounds. Best, ENDGAME
  18. Hey guys, got some footage from yesterdays Competitive Squad League match on Chora. 32vs32 Players. 8 Clans. HSG Elite, IB, Redcoats & FUBAR VS. Ghost, CML, 303RD & RIP Was great playing with all of you. Thanks especially to Squadleague.com who made this event possible and working. Checkout: Squadleague.com Twitch.tv/Squadleague
  19. damage model/damage chart

    Hi from Aus, I'm looking for the specific values for each bullet speed in the game and the rate of fire for each weapon and their corresponding bullet damage model for each portion of the body aswell as there bullet spread would be good, the reason being for the want of this info is that i want to get real tacticool/better if i ever get into the competitive side of squad, and if in the process helps someone out that would be fantastic. if you have something like the values and charts on symthic.com for battlefield and the other games on there that would be amazing and would be everything i'm looking for. cheers and thanks in advance
  20. Squad League Videos

    Squad League will use this space to link all videos we put out in the future. Hope you guys enjoy watching as much as we enjoy filming it! Members of the Squad League team are: Rusty, ibk, Rossums, and Hollywood. Also, the devs enjoy and often record in the cam with us and might also occasionally post their videos. So it may not always me posting in here. D EDIT: for those not in the know about Squad League as you come across this post: --------------------------------------------------------- NAME: Squad League TAG: None LINK: http://squadleague.com/forums/(fullyfledged website under heavy development) LANGUAGE: English on our forums WHAT ARE WE: Squad League is being purpose built to host clan league's/competitions. We have a lot of work going on the background right now to posture clan play for a long time to come. Things to look forward to: a website tailored to promoting clans and league play, hyping of matches, videos that showcase the matches, streaming of official matches, servers that will display stats on our webpage, leagues, tournaments, noob nights, hopefully sponsors that can provide cool things to the clans, among many other things. We want to see all these clans develop true rivalries (not based on hate) and strive to be better themselves........and use our platform to help cater to all of it. WHAT WE ARE NOT: A clan. We will not compete in any of the leagues, ever. We will not bring people on our "team" who is on a clan unless they let go of it. If we're in the business of running leagues what we can never have is the integrity of the "sport" compromised. So.....not a clan. :D However, we will certainly play on our server/s together and will potentially use "[sL]" just to identify we're Squad League staff. WHO: Right now we have several people on the team. Between myself, Rusty, IBK, Rossums, and Hollywood......all with different talents working on different things. --------------------------------------------------------- Red Coats v Exodus - Match 1 Red Coats v Exodus - Match 2
  21. Competitive mode

    Is there going to be such feature with small fights of clans and PvP mode to be used in tournaments etc? I really have high hopes.