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  1. -]sb[- Super Breed Looking to get a good team together. Looking for: 18+, Players who like to work together and communicate, Military Vets a plus but don't have to be ~ I am a 30yo Marine Corps OIF Vet/Combat Engineer here. Would like to get to the point of getting some scrims together or whatever if we can get a solid core. I don't want people who play it safe all the time, stick together with your guys and cover each others sixes no matter what moves they make. I like to push points and drop bodies. -Teamwork, Communication, Camaraderie, Mature Semper Fidelis -]sb[-WiLDMaN1371 WiLDMaN1371 on STEAM https://discord.gg/YsfDPv Send me a message or friend request and game and see what I'm about.
  2. Server IP- Server Name - [ENG] Foot Soldier Alliance (Public Server) Contact Admins via discord at https://discord.gg/buDSmMs RULES 1. No Rascism, Sexism, Homophobic or Xenophobic statements. 2. Do not immitate or pretend to be an admin. 3. Do not use glitches/bugs or any kind of exploit. 3-a. No hacking/cheating/Scripting Breaking the above rules can and WILL result in a BAN. 4. Work as a team, Communicate (do not go "LONE WOLF.") 5. BEFORE kicking a player from your squad, please tell them why you are doing this (via text or mic) so that they can learn from their mistakes to become better players. The Foot Soldier Alliance server is a 72 slot London UK based server (2 reserved slots). We currently have 2 Admins and are looking for more. We promote communication and team play as we believe that this gives the best experience for all. Co-ordinated, multiple-squad advances are going to get results as oposed to shambolic lone-wolves pushing without communicating. If you're interested in the server then feel free to come say hi on the discord! we appreciate all the support https://discord.gg/buDSmMs All the best, Jordan - Spence games Daniel - lynn
  3. Tried searching for these on the forum, did not find. 1)Just would be helpful if the SL rank icon popped up next his name when ever he was speaking on the bottom left. Same for any FTLs. 2) I suggest the command channel is louder by default than the squad channel and makes a different noise when someone begins speaking. I know the command channel can get hectic too but if the command channel were more "intrusive" i feel we would all just resort to using the number pad more. Probably like it should be. 3)When the commander comes along he should be able to message 2 or 3 squads simotaneously rather than repeating the same thing to 3 squads. So no one else has to hear it that is not applicable. The ability for the commander to group up certain squads into one mail list (so to speak). He could have a list on one side of the screen with the different SLs he could drag them into created groups for himself. When he wanted to talk to them he just needs to click on the top of their group list. "3 techies approaching from the north" all heard by squad 3,4,5 and 6. Or possibly a check box system where all SLs checked receive his transmission. Maybe both.
  4. One of the first things you'll notice playing Squad is that regardless of hours played you will experience either one of several things at the few seconds before spawning in; No Mic: Sound of crickets New players: Tend to still be finding their SL (Squad Leader) Voice and maybe reluctant to speak up in the briefing, resulting in a deadly silence. Nobody is planning or talking. Slightly more experienced players: Have their SL voice but sometimes may speak rather than listen and if you have a few of these types on Platoon Net (Inter-Squad Comms) it can become hugely cluttered and nothing gets organised. One person or many people shout "I'm grabbing a logi and building a fob here" Experienced players, serious gamers and born naturals: This is when "it just works". You don't have to be a veteran at Squad but if you have mutual respect and convey your intentions and ideas right then it becomes a greater gaming experience. When you hear this, this is when you hear "This is why i bought this game" Players (SL's) working together and laying out tasks and objectives. Everyone takes their turn, puts their point across and comes together to form a perfect game plan that results in either a win or just fantastic gameplay. (Sadly this either has to happen in such a short space of time that it rarely happens or when it does its cut short by only a matter of 15 - 20 seconds) Now while all of these are fine, different people are what make communities and understanding that well organised clans, groups or communities may simple dominate the briefing, this post is more about everyone else, the new guys and the people just here to enjoy squad, the pick up and play guys or the people that bought squad to be immersed in its structure Squad leadership and tactics and found themselves disappointed by lack of communication or teamwork through bad planning. So I propose either extend the briefing time by 20 seconds to allow Squad leads who have not played together before, enough time to coordinate. or A ready up system where Squad Leads ready up (not their squad members). Example; Once the squad leads are finished briefing they themselves ready up forcing the match to start, giving them the right amount of time to plan and strategize. You could parallel the ready up system with a timer just to force the match to start in those situations where either an SL is AFK or the opposing team are taking too long.
  5. There are often times when the COMS can become cluttered, even when making attempts to adjust volume in channel sliders. This occurs when communications flood *ALL* channels at the same time. This is additionally challenging for those attempting to SL for the 1st time. Below is an attempt to allow options in settings for assigned channels by ear. The default will remain *BOTH EARS, unless changed by user. Additionally, it suggest volume program changes to channels based on Priority Override. The volume sliders will retain option for user adjustments. WORKING EXAMPLE Channel Sound Level % Ear Assignment (default = both) Priority (HARD-CODED) for SL Commander keep adjustable slider volume 150 Left Right Both* P1 Auto mute/reduce P2, P3 when active Squad keep adjustable slider volume 100 Left Right Both* P2 Auto mute/reduce P3 when active Local keep adjustable slider volume 60 N/A N/A Both* P3 N/A
  6. (Image Source: DoD photo by Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway, U.S. Air Force, photo from article here) Summary: I have the following suggestion concerning the radio and local voice chat. Add the new function "focus-listening" which allows to focus-listen on one particular channel while automatically tuning down the volume of the other channels. Let me explain in more details what I mean and how it could work. How does this feature work: When listing on radio or local chat to conversations, you hold Left-Shift and the corresponding key of the channel you want to listen to. While you do this, the volumes of the other channels are lowered while the full volume of the "focused-listened channel" remains, allowing you to clearly understand what's being said there. I consider this feature not only extremely useful but also realistic. In the real world when using your mobile phone, you often cover your other ear with your hand to cancel out environmenal noices and other people's chatter. A radio can be used exactly in the same way. This also works the other way around. If you hold your radio away from your ear, the radio voices are muted while you can focus on the person speaking next to you. My rationale for focus-listening to one particular radio channel and ignoring other radio channel is this: with a walkie-talkie you would listen only to one particular channel at any given time, not ALL available channel. On a music radio you also listen to only one station, not all stations at the same time. I admit that I don't know how military radios work, but I assume they also listen only to one channel at a time, right? Focus-listening would work just the same once we get radio channels for each squad (numpad 1 to 9). Just hold the Left-Shift and the corresponding number on the numbpad. While you hold down the focus-listen key, you see onscreen an coloured indicator (lets call it "focus-listen indicator") that tells you A: you are currently focus-listening and B: on which channel you are doing this (the indicator is using the colour of the channel, i.e. blue, green or red). It could look like the following icon - it's similar to the speaker icon we see when we actively speak on a channel. The icon below intents to look like an ear shape - please excuse my lack of designer skills - but you get the idea. This icon could appear exactly at the same spot where the speaker icon appears, as both icons cannot appear at the same time (you cannot focus-listen and speak at the same time - to speak, you have to let go of the Left-Shift key). I think the "focus-listen indicator" alone is probably not enough visualization. When focus-listing is active we should also highlight or mark incoming channels in some way to show which of them you are focusing on and which you are ignoring - this will help you even more to home in to the channel you are really interested in and make clear which person you are currently listening to. Here some ideas how this could be visulized on the HUD. Of course, this is optional and just an additional way of aiding the player. Suggestion 1: Use a lighter font colour for un-focused incoming channels and the normal dark font colour on focused channels. Downside: depending on the background, this could be hard to read. I don't like this idea much. Suggestion 2: Cross out channels you are not focusing on. I like this idea. The cross-out is a simple and intuitive visual hint to the player. Suggestion 3: We could also highlight the channel you listen to with an additional icon or marking of some kind. I have no specific idea, but we sure could come up with some design. All these HUD ideas are just my first thoughts/concepts how we can visually indicate focus-listing to the player. I am sure if we set AJAX or the devs to the task they will come up with something much better and workable. Game settings could look like this: We also need the ability to rebind the "Shift" key, as the focus-listener modifier, to another key. Not everybody has long enough fingers to easily reach B when holding Shift. Example: As a Squad Leader you want to focus-listen to an important conversation on the Squad Leader radio channel and ignore loud chatter on the squad radio. You hold Left-Shift and G on your keyboard for as long as you want to focus-listen to the Squad Leader radio channel. While you do this, you will hear the Squad Leader channel on full volume while any chatter on the Squad radio and local voice chat is tuned down and hardly audible. This allows you to fully follow the converation on the Squad Leader channel. Additional sub-features/variations: 1. Optional feature "mute environmental sounds" (highly recommended): We could even go further and reduce the surrounding environmental sounds while we focus-listen on any channel. This is still realistic, as this would also happen in the real world if you covered your ears with your hands and the radio. The benefit of this would be to reduce surrounding noices like machine gun fire and therefore being able to hear what is being said on the radio even in noisy situations. A really useful feature. If we want to be hyper realistic, reducing environmental noises only works when focus-listening to radio channels and not local voice chat as you can hold shut one ear to cancel out the environmental sounds while you press the radio close to your other ear, but you can't do that in any form when listening to local voices next to you with your open ears. 2. Optional feature "close both ears/gun&hand-free vision" (nice-to-have): And for the fun (and realism of it), we can also assign a new button that represents holding shut both your ears with both your hands, i.e. all sounds are slightly muted. If we want to go even further, add animations that have the gun and your hands disappear from view when we do this. Additional benefit: this feature would help taking scenic screenshots without a gun and hands in the way - NICE! I admit, it's a silly idea as muting all sounds in general does not really serve a useful purpose (if you want that, you just turn down your computer/headset speakers) but having a gun/hand-free vision would be really useful to take screenshots. Therefore, completely independent of my suggestion here, we could assign a new key to select no equipment/weapon (for example key 0 (zero) or any other key; it could also just be a console command). This will just remove the hands and weapons/equipment entirely from the screen. Just an idea. I may bring this up in a new suggestions thread some time in the future. 3. Optional feature "use both hands" (not recommended): For hard-core realism, when using focus-listening, force players to let go of the mouse and use both hands on the keyboard to simulate that they would not have a free hand to fire a gun while focus-listening to the radio as both hands are needed to do this. Possible keyboard shortcuts to achieve this: hold down three keys far across from each other on the keyboard, for example Left-Shift + Right-Shift + channel key. This is just taking the original idea further, but in my opinion too far. This would make using the focus-listen feature too annoying and would compromise its practical use ingame. I thought I just mention the idea here to show that taking an idea too far turns it into something counterproductive. Why do we need this feature: We all know that it's hard to follow ANY conversation when you are overwhelmed by simulatenous conversation on multiple channels. This is particularly difficult for Squad Leaders who have to speak on three channels. Yes, as Squad Leader you can tell your guys on the Squad radio to shut up and ask the other Squad Leader to repeat his statement, but often it's annoying and often people won't listen. Yes, the real world is also messy and noisy and you have to deal with it. But in the real world you also have your hands which you can use to cover your ears and you don't listen to multiple channels at the same time. Adding focus-listening to the game would make listening much easier while still being realistic. The control scheme I propose is simple and intuitive. It will not make things more complicated. It will add another level of realism to the game and is just plain practical. I consider this feature as important because it will help communication in Squad - and communication is THE key feature of Squad. Lets make communciation as good and effective as possible. Focus-listening is a small but powerful and useful feature to help with this. Give my post a "Like" if you want to see this feature implemented. The guy in picture below says loud and clearly: "We NEED this feature, ASAP!" What speaks against this feature: Nothing I can think of. I just don't know if it can be easily implemented with Mumble or not. (Image Source: Copyright Steve R., direct link, more amazing picture by Steve here)
  7. In an effort to increase strategic realistic game play, I request that all players be able to hear local communications from both teams. It is kind of unrealistic that the enemy cannot hear our local communications and us not being able to hear the enemy's. With this implementation, the enemy names would NOT show up like the friendly coms names do.
  8. I thought of something that could enhance the realism to radio communications, I don't know if it's workable and whether it is, I know it will not be the priority, but let me explain. If during radio communication with another squadleader/commander you could hear gunfire background... voices of other members of the squad in the background inside your radio. What would you think?
  9. Hey, I don't know if DEVs still read these, I have been sidetracked to RL too long. Here it is anyway. This idea did pop to my head while reading this really nice "How to be an effective medic" it pinpoints most of the good stuff. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=597327421 Anyway... Maybe it would be highly beneficial to make a system where medics have access to "Commander channel", this would open communication directly between squads two medics. This would improve the teamwork of two medics. This same feature could be used in the way that there would be radiocircle between all riflemans and one circle between granadier, engineer and gunner. Something to consider?
  10. Hello, When I play Squad I can't hear my teammates? I can hear everything else and their icon comes up, but I can't hear the squad radio. I can also hear local chat but that's it. Thanks, Bubbles
  11. Greetings, I have a suggesion, when a player dies or is unconscious the voice communication is disabled (both squad and local), this would add some depth to the game and also would remove the exploit of giving information on enemy position when down, I will go as far as calling it "ghosting". Also it would allow for weapon silencers to have a use in game. PS: I checked the forums to find any similar topics, could not find any, but if there is something dont hate. Peace
  12. So I'm turning 16 soon, but my mom is still an Internet Nazi and thinks that everyone on the internet is a pedophile, a rapist, or a murderer. So if I start playing this game, where communication between your team is a necessity, would I need a mic or something? Or would there be a chat? I want there to be a chat because my mom would go crazy if she all of a sudden just started hearing me talking to someone over the internet. So a chat where I won't have to speak is preferable.
  13. I'm a forward observer in the army. I carry many radios with 2 at the minimum. Cluttered coms is always an issue and the best way to minimize it is peltors. The way they work is one ear has one radio and the other has another radio. So I would have my platoon net in my left ear and aircraft or artillery in my right ear. They also have mikes on the outside of each ear so I can hear what people are saying and they let you tell direction of sound. My idea is not to add any complications to anything but to change the way speech goes to the gamers head set. As a squad leader i would hear other squad leaders in my left ear and my squad in my right ear. All local voice and gunfire would be in both ears depending on the direction. For a squad members the squad leader would be in the right ear and the other squad members in the other. Local voice and outside noise would be the same based of direction. This would greatly help with knowing who is talking. I wouldn't have to look in the bottom left corner and take my eyes off my sights. It would also help understand what people are saying when they unintentionally step on each other.
  14. I searched the forums for this but couldn't find anything. Now these ideas kinda come from ARMA/Tactical Battlefield, so I'm not sure if they can be done. I was thinking that if you are talking on Squad Chat/Squad Leader Chat, it should ALSO be heard on Local. Local could still be a separate channel, but the reasons for this are that if you go down, and you call for a medic on Squad Chat, and you are in the immediate vicinity they won't necessarily have to ask you to "call out on local". Also, I think it would help a lot with communication with teammates who aren't in your squad. For example, if you're in a firefight and you call out contacts on Squad Chat, of course your squad mates can hear you, but say there's other teammates around you, they would have no clue. The same would go for if you call out for medic on Squad Chat but there's medics around in other squads. I think it would better communication with the team as a whole. That way everyone around you could know what's going on, i.e. where contacts are, who's building what, who needs a medic, etc.. My next idea is a way to reduce chat clutter, (even though my first idea kinda added some, I don't think it'll be that bad). If you are a Squad Leader and another SL is talking on the Leader Chat, it should be heard mono through one side (one ear), with some more radio filter to sound like it's actually coming from a radio, mostly for a "realistic effect". Not only that, but the volume of everyone else in your squad should be lowered a bit, so that you can hear them better. (I know with 9 people talking plus other SLs talking it can get kinda hectic). That same volume feature could also be used if you are a soldier in a squad and your SL is talking. Everyone else's volume would be lowered so that you can hear what your orders are. Bonus idea: If you are very close to your SL (~5m maybe?), you can faintly hear what other SLs are saying through his radio. This way you can kind of get an idea of what the rest of the team is doing. (Plus your SL won't sound crazy like he's talking to himself when he's talking in Lead Chat b/c you can hear it on local)
  15. The Black Lions (TBL) The Black Lions is a old Arma 3 group I had way back and was always focused on being a small group rather then a big clan. This is not your big group recruitment page or anything, and if that is more of what you want i'd check out all the other great groups on the forums. The Black Lions is a single squad sized group that plays together and really gets to know each other through play time to develop a sense of "My squad has my back" mentality I myself have played for a short amount of time but have grasped the concepts of the game quickly. For this post I will be trying to find around 8 other people to go into combat with. This group I'd like to put together will not be a strict milsim environment. I enjoy playing the game seriously but don't enjoy people that get upset at others because they didn't do something just right. By serious I mean calling out bearings, distance, moving together, making plans, etc. but also joking around laughing and having a good time. I have tried squad leader and will admit I'm no good at it, I prefer to play as a medic and help my team. So for this post I'm looking for all roles. That includes a capable squad leader. Since this is a single squad of 9 I'm hoping to get and if you want to join, know that your preferred role might be taken sometime so always try be able to be flexible. Since I have said what I'm looking for in a squad, here's what I'm looking for in each person: -NEW PLAYERS WELCOME, always glad to play with whoever! - Have a good quality mic and don't be afraid to use it. Just talk and have a good time! - Be at least 16 years or older. Nothing against younger players, I just prefer to play with a little older group - Be able to take orders and complete tasks and/or tactical plans without getting upset or angry. - No trolling or funny business. Just play the game like its meant to be played. - Maybe we could do a squad tag like (TBL)? Not quite sure about this cause I don't want to force people to change their name if they don't want to. Something we could discuss - If you're foreign, speak good English to be able to communicate. Doesn't have to be perfect but understandable. - Lastly is play times, I'm usually on through the week late at night around 9p.m. ET and can be on whenever for the weekends. So try to be able to do the same That's all I have for my post. If you have any questions or are interested just let me know on this post or on my profile. Thanks for reading this if you did and hope its something you would find fun!
  16. It is inevitable, now that the game has just been released as Early Access on Steam and the increase in advertising and media coverage via YouTubers, that new and young gamers join the field with little to no tactical and strategic gaming experience. This can quickly become irritating to the more mature members (roughly 17+) who wish to play the game as intended - incorporating communication and teamwork, instead of individuals playing a 'Call of Duty' styled run-and-gun. On top of this, (without being offensive) younger players very often ruin games and their immersion with typically high-pitched voices and immature behaviour. This thread is asking how maturer players can handle this and as communication and teamwork is of extreme importance in Squad, how the developers and community are planning to adapt and handle this. Thank you.
  17. Make the commander the most diserable role to play! I played a lot of bf2! And it was so boring to play commander. Squads didnt follow orders and you didnt really have a big impact on the game except from eternally spotting enemies. I'm confident SL's Will follow orders (in Squad) but its not really a big adrenaline rush to have 3 otter Guys on your comms channel, and seeing Dots on a map. Solution? Make the commander awesome! Reinforcements: I suggest the commander should impact spawn timers on vehicles, it can be done in 1 of 2 ways as i see it. 1st: prioritizing respawn timer rates e.g. your 1st priority gains a 2x respawntimer boost, 2nd 1.5x and 3rd 1.2 (what ever). - If no commander boost rates could just level out on all vehicles 2nd. simply buying vehicles like building fobs. though with a maximum so you can't have 2 or 3 mainbattletanks or whatever. This way the other team wouldn't know if they are going up against an armored force or a fast-moving recontype force. - If no commander is chosen a standard picking for a balanced force is chosen. (my favorite) being in charge of reinforcements gives the commander a greater strategical impact. I think we all agree mainbattle tanks shouldnt respawn right after being destroyed. Vehicles should be cared for and valued highly. The squad should cheer when destroying enemy vehicles... knowing they wont see the fckr again for a long time. Offmap assets: Commander is in charge of all offmap assets: Artillery, UAV's (small videofeed of whats going on atm), drops and.. piloting planes! Helicopters belong on the map. Planes do not! We Will miss out on the brute force of a plane haulning over the map in 12 seconds If their speed is to fit into gameplay. I hate missing out (see the link, you can't fit this into a game where an airplane takes off and land on a 8x8 km map). Let the commander call a plane into the A.O and have him pilot or Gun it when dropping a JDAM on an enemy compound or shooting down a helicopter bugging your squads. "Air support incoming 3 minutes" Would be a nice information to relay to your squad mates. And this would give the commander some hands on experience. Even just 30 seconds, two or three times a game, not looking at your map would make a big difference for playability. making airsupport this way, would also make it a lot easier for developers I believe (not an expert on the matter). Comms: The commander should ofc talk to the SL's and not the squadmembers, to hold a chain of command. on his map he should be able to tap into one squadleader and only talk to him. He should also have direct comms to all vehicles, making vehicles a team asset, not a squad asset. Again by tapping into their comms on his map. (sidenote on vehicle kits) Maybe pilots and drivers, except humvees and the like, should not be squadkits. but instead a separate "squad" operating only under the commander. So a squad as one unit can be deployed by a team-helicopter/apc without having a member driving back to base to not lose the vehicle. This would also emphasize the importance of vehicles, and caring for them. Typical BF to drive to the front and leave your vehicle.. I dont want this. Conclusion: Offmap assets like planes and artillery should be very rare, and therefore it is important to give the commander a busy gameplay revolving around strategy and comms. since he has the role of tactical air command, artillery battalion, executive officer and if you listen to me: pilot/gunner and company commander (reinforcement wise). he SHOULD have enormous impact on gameplay, the biggest impact of the team! He should feel the resposibility of the SL tenfold. people don't go SL because it is a big responsibility - and for the same reason people wouldn't just go commander to mess around. - and YES mutiny/voting should be an option. sorry about the rant, I had so much on my mind :D what do you think?
  18. Hello guys, I saw Squad on steam a few weeks ago but have been reluctant in buying for 2 reasons: early acess, and EU players. I'm getting over the early acess part from the reading i've been doing in the forums and stuff but I would like to know if there are EU players, well... playing the game! I usually play cs:go and I feel like Squad is also communication heavy and would like to know from EU players if there is english being used in comms or is it a f***(sorry for the expression) fest of languages and nobody really communicating with each other... Also, are there active servers in EU that get full often or not really? Sorry if this is the wrong subforum to post this question!
  19. The current #1 priority I've heard from OWI is getting the player count up to 100 players. None of the following will help OWI achieve that goal so these are not being given with the mindset that they need to be accomplished immediately. If you know of another thread that would be of value to link please go ahead and do so. Here are some suggestions I have to improve the quality of life of players. Most of my in-game experience is as a Medic so most of my suggestions will relate to that class. Medic Specific: 1. When the injury overlay pops up on a player showing how hurt they are their name should be included in that overlay in large easy to read print. Currently medics have to chase after players as they run away trying to read some absurd mix of letters while yelling out the person approximations of that person's name in local chat. I've gotten myself killed many many times because of this. This solution isn't "realistic" but neither is the idea of someone shot in the chest and bleeding out continuing to run up a hill toward the enemy who just shot him. 2. Incapacitated players should have a different color on the map for medics only. The red dots for nearby injured players are not enough. Yes I know "Communicate, Coordinate, Conquer" and I'm absolutely 100% behind this and against almost anything that messes with this formula. However the reality is that most medics are not currently playing the role of Medic when they choose this class. When I'm the only guy doing it for two or more squads it is just an exercise is frustration. It is (seemingly) currently too complicated and dangerous for the average player to play that role which is not true for any of the other roles. It takes a a few minutes of practice to get good with the Grenadier but it is obvious how to do it. All the other roles are easy to pick up and just play. Being a SL is the only thing more complicated than being a Medic. I'm happy, for myself, for it to be complicated and challenging because that is what I find rewarding. BUT currently most Medics aren't stepping up and I think it is because it is just too much of a pain. For example yesterday I was playing with a nice guy as the second medic. The only time I saw him using his medical kit was when he was trying to heal the same person I was. I went 5&12 but had a huge score. He went very positive in his KDR. KDR doesn't matter to me but I know the shit storm we were fighting in and how many dead bodies were on the ground all around me all the time. So our KDRs show fairly objectively that one of us wasn't playing the class. This guy seemed like a great guy! He was not being a dick it was just easier for him to be effective for the squad (personally) in his mind to shoot people instead of revive and heal people. We suffered because of this but I can definitely see it from his point of view. 3. This may not be Medic specific but it is medical. The animation for bandaging currently has to play all the way through and then restart in order for the bandage to work. I keep getting fooled by this even though I know I have to keep holding through the beginning of the next animation. It'd be nice if they synced up. 4. Add a ticket or score penalty for those who give up after having been bandaged. This happens fairly often. I use a valuable bandage on someone on the ground and they give up before I can finish healing them. There are already visual cues, and I always tell the person what I'm doing in Local Chat but it still happens often. Perhaps if it cost people (and the team) something it would happen less often. General Suggestions 5. User selectable map for the local game function. I sent my first nasty (Sorry! I am actually sorry.) feedback about Squad to OWI after spawning into the firing range map and being TK'd 4 times in a row while I was trying to use the range. The range is only worth using if it can be used. If it is set decoration for a tiny fighting map then what is the point? Lots of us have been waiting for a range so that we can practice with the various weapons. Now that it is here let us use it in peace if we want to. 6. Audio Ducking for higher priority communications. Let the user set a priority for communications and have the others duck (get much lower in volume) when a higher priority communication comes on. ie Command Chat might have the highest priority so that when you receive Command communications from other Squads you don't have to ask them to repeat it over and over because your own Squad is yelling Squad Chat, or the people around you yelling in Local Chat about how cool their new monitor is. Noise cancelling headphones explain how you can lower local chat. Audio Ducking is a feature for communications and audio production everywhere. We have it on the 50 year old CH124 Sea King so I'm pretty sure we could have it for soldiers' radios. :) It would be best if I could select which were priority, and maybe even mute individual players. So that different situations could be take advantage of or mitigated against. 7. Have one key that ALWAYS gets you back to your player's view no matter how you got to the map or the Squad menus. It can be a pain to figure out how to get back sometimes. 8. Have the map cursor always available. Hitting M or Enter should do the same thing. That's all for now.
  20. I thought it would be helpful to post some tips for those not used to communicating with a squad. There are lots of other considerations that I'm overlooking, but I think this is a great guide for those trying to make themselves a better Squad player. The community I play with stresses two important concepts of communication to the new members that want to play with us. They are: ABC's of communication:Accuracy - Don't say there's a squad when there is only one enemy. Brevity - Keep it short--no reason to clog up comms to tell your squad you killed an enemy. Just say "enemy down".Clarity - Make sure your mic is configured properly. Enunciate and don't speak so quickly other's cannot hear you. The 3 D's:Distance - (estimated) Saying the enemy is 600m away makes a big difference. If the enemy is within 100m, 'danger close' is adequate.Direction - Use the headings on your compass. For east, say 'zero-nine-zero' or 'directly east'. Stay away from using 'left' or 'right', as these are subjective directions and only useful if traveling with a squad in a particular direction.Description - Goes with 'Accuracy' above. If it's a sniper on the hill--say so. If it's someone with an RPG, let the squad know. It's important to note that effective communication is a balance between all of the above. Obviously you can take added time to describe the enemy, but that goes against being brief. It takes practice to strike the right balance. When communicating with your squad, you want to be accurate with your call-outs. Always include a distance, direction, and description of the enemy target. One of the most common call-outs players will make is when they spot an enemy. If you have a moment, take time to call out to your squad **before** you engage. Obviously, don't wait to shoot if the enemy is looking right at you, or a teammate! Sample communication: "Enemy spotted north, zero-one-zero. 300 meters out. At least 2 enemies" Expanded communication: "Enemy spotted north, zero-one-zero, heading west. 300 meters out. At least 2 enemies, unaware." Take time to enunciate, and keep the communication brief. Don't drag on with what you need to say. Stick to the ABC's and 3 D's and everyone will have a great time. Oh, and don't say 'I' or 'me'. No one knows who 'you' are. Speak in the 3rd person. It's weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Other considerations Weapon Status:The squad weapon status comes into play in many instances, but I find them most useful when moving from point A to point B. Whether you're flanking or pushing forward to the next objective, it's good to have everyone on the same page when it comes to the "rules of engagement". Often times, keeping quiet is more important than killing that lone-wolf posing no threat to your squad."Weapons red" - Hold your fire, even if fired upon."Weapons yellow" - Hold your fire, unless you're being engaged."Weapons green" - Fire at willFinal Note: This is a game, and I play it to have fun. I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourself and shoot the shit every so often, but understand there is a time and a place for it. Realize when it's time to go 'try hard' mode. It has been noted by many dedicated players that all they see are players that don't communicate and don't want to play as a team. It's up to us to make them realize what they're missing! Kindly let people know how they can communicate better. You'd be surprised how willing people are to take their play style to the next level, so long as your approach them about it in the right manner. Thanks for reading :)
  21. In games like this, communication is key. As a veteran from BF2/BF2142 I've played in servers that were a mix of European/North Americans. Therefore the squads I've usually joined spoke languages other than English. Spanish, Russian, and French usually. Though despite this issue my squad usually worked efficiently without having difficulty understanding orders, information, and responses all WITHOUT A MIC. How? Through the default commorose. The characters' audio would come out in whatever language character was in BF2 (PLA, MEC, USA), and text would come out in the language selected. For instance: IMHO, I think it would be best to implement this as it might not at all be hard to do. Keep this in mind as the diversity of the playerbase is bound to explode as this game comes closer and closer to release. WE WILL have to deal with languages other than English AND work together.
  22. One very useful feature would be to have to option to assign different radio channels to different ears. Command radio goes to the left ear, squad radio goes to the right. That way you know instantly who's talking to you. We all know public players are not likely to follow any sort of radio protocol (Alpha, this is Bravo. How copy?) so at least my suggested feature would mitigate that problem.
  23. The game runs really well for me. My problem is the voice chat. I can hear other players, They cant hear me. My mic works, I can be heard in other games. Just not squad. When I press the key binding for my voice chat, my name pops up, but no sound. Any ideas how to fix this. I really want to try the squad leader role but I am unable to because of this issue.
  24. I've watched a few videos but not of the most current builds. Do people use directional descriptions or just yell out "he's over there!"? I have a mic and headphones and like to be communicative during games. Is there a basic description of the proper mil-sim tactics or a tutorial players are forced to play?
  25. Hey guys, I haven't played Squad yet, but I'd like to know a bit about how high is the penalty for dying. Basically how quickly after dying can you get back to the spot where you died and fight again. I'd prefer the penalty to be quite severe, since that's pretty much the only way to force players to play carefully and to communicate and play as a team. I wouldn't like players to just be running around carelessly or trying to be Rambo in every fighting situation. Perfect example of high death penalty would be DayZ, you have so much to lose if you die there that it just gives you this real adrenaline rush when you're in a shootout or any other dangerous situation. Also if anyone can tell me if developers prevented those sorts of behavior(careless rushing) from players in some other way, I'd appreciate that, thank you! -Matija