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  1. In order to introduce some more variables and unexpectedness I thought about this. I´m NOT talking about a random lay out. Take any AAS layout on any map. Both teams are fighting for the middle flag, nothing strange about it. And suddenly, at a "random" point in the map, an isolated Neutral flag appears. Not part of the "linear" sequence. Just a random flag in the middle of a village, or a train station that wasn´t originally in the layout when the map started. Now teams can decide to divert resources to go cap it. Once capped, it disappears, and the team that got it gets a 15 ticket bonus. Or better, make the other team drop 15 tickets. That represents the fog of war of a real battlefield, with changing side objectives. e.g. Your squad is tasked with defending some área, but then a chopper is taken down, and you need to get your things together and rescue the pilot. and get there before the enemy gets to him. Or some piece of Intel has been detected in a village and both teams race to it. I think it would be something to ad some flavour and improvisation without beinf to intrusive with the Original layout and general flow of the game. What do you think?
  2. TL;DR These ideas of mine are ambitions and push the envelope in what is possible and ultimately I think could really make this game great and separate it from other games out there even further. I dislike the idea of adding too much game play that is focused around explosions and or gun fire (although that is inevitable and will come) I was thinking of new ways to incorporate game play that does not have gun fire and explosions at the center of it's game play. So I came up with the new class: THE INFILTRATOR. The new class the infiltrator provides a very interesting game play style that uses the communication system in this game as part of the game play adding something special and unique to squad ultimately allowing the player to hack enemy communications for intel or disruption via FOB radios, rally points, and abandoned vehicles. Along with that the infiltrator will also be able to capture enemy players with a sneak attack from behind, allowing for interrogation, communication hack and if friendlies are close by to assist in detaining the enemy for capture, and an escort mission will be allowed back to friendly base to capture enemy player as a prisoner for interrogation and other purposes. Important to note that the infiltrator will have only a silenced pistol as his main weapon and no shovel. Squad leader has ability to build new building: THE PRISON CELL where prisoners are kept for interrogation and further dealings. All of this provides a really unique and real element to squad that is similar to how it is on the battlefield and also incorporating that element of non fire and explosive game play. I love this game and was compelled to share my 2 cents on how to make this game great. If you have any questions, ideas, or improvements to my ideas or want to be part of the discussion feel free to post but please read my entire post if you plan to post something thank you! Brief introductions, I usually tend to Play as Squad Leader and I have over 300 hours on this game, not like any of that matters, but hopefully it gives you a good perspective and shows that I genuinely want to help make the game better with these suggestions. I am mainly looking to strike a discussion with other passionate squad players and hopefully some devs about my ideas to ultimately make this game great! Let's get right into it NEW CLASS: THE INFILTRATOR Concept: Spy This class will be designed to INFILTRATE enemy FOB positions, rally points, and abandoned vehicles for hacking into the enemies communications systems and also to sneak behind and capture enemy soldiers for communication hacking, interrogation and prisoner capture. Only 2 infiltrators are allowed per team, the first infiltrator slot will become available at a team size of 25 players, and the second slot becoming available at 30 players. I will go into further detail in the mechanics, meta, and balance of this class below. The Infiltrators kit will consist of a silenced pistol as a primary weapon, ,3 smoke grenades, 2 bandages, a communications hacking system of some sort, and binoculars. They will have a unique perk that allows their foot steps to be less loud. This hacking system would be the Infiltrators main ability - If an infiltrator is next to an enemy fob radio position, the infiltrator can hack into enemy communication systems and hear the communication channels of squad leader chat (potentially other enemy channels as well). If dev team allowed to hear all enemy channels, it would sound like a clutter mess and would create balance of power, as the infiltrator would have to deceiver a message from the chaos of listening to the entire enemy team at once and would then have to form an intelligent message to inform his team about his findings from the hacking. But hearing all the channels could be annoying as well, I'm sure a balance could be found here. Hacking communications systems from a fob radio would allow for interesting Intel, game play, and strategy. Example of possible game play strategy: Friendly squad members should be quiet while infiltrator is hacking communications so he can accurately decode a message. Naturally when an infiltrator is within 5 meters of a enemy fob radio, all spawns on that fob will increase by 30 seconds for all enemy players. (these number could be played with for balance purposes I think 25-30 seconds give the infiltrator enough time to deceiver a message and then move positions if need be, maybe more time is needed who knows.) Further speculation on this idea could allow the infiltrator to actually communicate to the other enemy squad leaders, POSING as one of the squad leaders giving them bad intel or confusing them or even bringing down certain communication channels for awhile! But be careful- if they are on to you, your location could be compromised and they will know you are on their radio! NOTE* The infiltrator will NOT have a shovel as part of their tool kit, balancing this class so that they will only be able to HACK enemy fobs not destroy them. Plus only armed with his silenced pistol, his role is about being sneaky and not engaging directly with the enemy, only engaging in close quarters or when he has a more favorable/opportune scenario. Rally Point Infiltration - If the infiltrator is next to an enemy rally point, he will be allowed to hack the communications systems of that enemy squad, listening, or potentially bringing down their coms for a certain/short period of time if certain requirements are met. *REQUIREMENT EXAMPLE TO BRING DOWN ENEMY SQUAD COMs: Infiltrator is on enemy rally point, in order to bring down enemy coms for 2 min your squad leader has to be within 5 meters of you. NOTE* rally point will not disappear so long as the infiltrator is within 5 meters of the enemy rally. More importantly the enemy rally point will have its spawn timer increased for all enemy squad members but will still be spawnable just with an increased timer. Enemy vehicle infiltration - If the infiltrator is next to an enemy vehicle that is abandoned, he is able to hack their communications and listen to enemy squad leader chat which ever squad owned that vehicle. If a friendly squad leader is on the infiltrator's position, the infiltrator is allowed to bring down enemy squad leader chat from 2 min. If the infiltrator hacks an abandoned logi truck with supplies in it, he can destroy the supplies without destroying the truck. SPECIAL NOTE: People have already tried to find issues with this idea, some are suggesting that everyone would just use discord or something, Not likely on public servers, For a more competitive and organized situation I could see this happening, but for the most part people are genuine in this game and you can have server rules that require you to not use external voice chat programs and if the rules weren't followed you could ban them. Further more you could develop this idea so that if a successful communication infiltration has happened you would take 3 tickets away from the enemy and even potentially reviling enemy positions on the map for a brief period. As you can see there are many alternatives and ways to get around this problem and I have only just named a few. NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES: CHOKE HOLD/INTERROGATE/CAPTURE PRISONER The infiltrator will also be able to sneak up behind enemies and perform a CHOKE HOLD that renders the enemy player useless for 30 seconds. During this time period the infiltrator's movement speed is reduced significantly *SO BECAREFUL WHERE YOU CATCH SOMEONE* In this small time window the infiltrator can speak with the enemy player by using proximity chat, listen to that soldier's squad chat, and speak for him if desired to potentially confuse the squad. After which, the enemy player will be released, waking up on the floor disoriented with low stamina and reduced movement speed to 50% for 5 seconds, and their communication to squad members will be offline for 30 seconds. Careful to not alert the enemy squad that you have hacked one of their squad members if you decide to talk with them. Imagine if you caught the enemy squad leader, tried to mimic his voice and told his squad to move into a compromised position, but just being able to listen to what the squad is saying is powerful in of itself. Game play example: If the infiltrator is sly, he can get the enemy squad members to reveal their position, especially if they are already under fire and confused from battle. This is also very realistic as during your choke hold you could be grabbing the solders radio in real life mimicking his voice. Now people who use the voicechat cleverly are rewarded. *KEEP IN MIND that these abilities could eventually be given to all the classes, manly the choke hold, but I think it could be over used, since there are only 2 infiltrators per team in this scenario it wouldn't happen that much keeping it balanced but fair enough that smart infiltrators could capture enemies who were venerable from low stamina, or are wandering alone…. Oooooo HOW SPOOKY! and then…. The next phase of prisoner capture begins stay tuned…. If a friendly player is within 5 meters during the 30 second CHOKE HOLD, the infiltrator will be able to DETAIN an enemy soldier indefinitely. If a successful detainment has been made, that captured solders friendly arrow would disappear off the map. The only notification your squad would have if one of your friendly has been captured is that they would not be responding to radio communication. The enemy soldier will only be released if the infiltrator is killed OR *If the friendly player then moves outside a 10 meter radius from the infiltrator, he can no longer help escort the enemy soldier, and movement speed of the infiltrator with the detained soldier will be 50% slower... If enough time elapses without a friendly nearby the enemy solder would eventually struggle free and be released… SIDE NOTE* There is an option to use hand cuffs, so even if the solder got free his hands would be tide. He could still run and would have to get to a friendly ammo crate to get a gun again. This provides a balanced way allowing the solder to escape but not fully effective unless he makes it back to a ammo box! NEW BUILD-ABLE STRUCTURE: PRISON CELL The squad leader will now be able to place a prison cell at the cost of 300 supplies, where the captured enemy soldiers will be held for further communication hacking and interrogation, assuming you have made it all the way back to your friendly fob position with a captured solder! NOTE:The prison cell could have a requirement of having to be placed on a friendly controlled objective as an alternative to a fob radio location. Once you are a prisoner, you are stripped of all your gear and cannot communicate with your squad. If there are 2 or more prisoners in the cell, they will have the ability to escape from the prison cell by performing a set of actions to create their escape, this escape should take some time, maybe 1-2min to achieve maybe longer…, and could be anything from creating a makeshift key, to digging a hole, or what ever the devs feel is most realistic. MOST IMPORTANTLY I want to portray the idea that the prisoners can escape somehow because it should be important to allow the prisoners some sort of gameplay and or goal / hope for escape or rescue.. Naturally, this would create the need for a guard to be on duty watching the prisoners for any suspicious behavior. The only form of communication the prisoner has is proximity chat with the enemy team. Players who are Prisoners will have their sprint speed and stamina increased due to having their gear removed, the only way to rearm if you escape is at a ammo crate. As I develop the idea for capturing enemy solders and taking prisoners, I am trying to keep in mind ways to allow the captured player to still have a way to escape or have control of their character. If a enemy solder is successfully captured it provides another objective on the battlefield, your squad will have incentive to rescue them especially if there're multiple prisoners and they all have their coms hacked so the enemy knows exactly what your plans are. Imagine if you captured a squad leader… no rally points… enemy squad would have to form new squad and all spawn fob. This could be a great way to turn the tide of battle in a unique way. Also providing incentive for rescue missions because every person in the prison cell will reduce their team's ticket count by 3 for every minute that goes by. Example: If there are 2 prisoners in the cell, their team's ticket count would go down by 6 every minute! Personally I cannot dream of all the ideas that could be had from this. I have elaborated on just a few game play ideas this could come from this. But the possibilities are endless. Imagine rescue missions with helicopters to the enemy prison cell to rescue a captured squad leader. Just a side note here that I wrote most of this while listening to the squad music on the main screen. I really like this game and the music! I think this idea or something like it would bring squad to a whole new level in a multitude of ways. SQUAD LEADER RANKING/ ALL PLAYER LEVELING SYSTEM I think for some time now, squad has needed a way to show case your skill in the game. I also think there could be a cool system where all the squad members could RATE their squad leader and that rating stayed with him. Also along with this Implement a leveling or ranking system for all players with the objective to showcase your experience level within the game. SILENCERS And lastly, allow squad leader, one rifleman class, and maybe a select few other classes to have access or the option to equip a silencer to their weapon! As you can see the main themes of my ideas are SNEAK, GRAB, DETAIN, CAPTURE, INFILTRATE, COMMUNICATION, PRISONER, I think going forward squad should evaluate types of game play that new ideas bring into the game. These ideas presented are very much centered away from shooting and explosions and reward the players for being sneaky, patient, cleaver, and perceptive. We have plenty of options for shooting and exploding things, now's a time for something new and unique. Having options to sneak, capture, infiltrate communications, work together, which is what squad is all about. The infiltrator will require friendly's nearby in order to fully be effective at his game play. These elements that the infiltrator bring aren't as deadly or as immediate as a gun or exploitation but in the long run provide a very realistic advantage to your team and threat to your enemy's team! I love this game and I hope you enjoyed reading this post if you made it this far! See you on the battlefield, Gnarleus out
  3. Death of the AAS Game Mode

    Hi everyone, I believe that this game has the danger of losing part of its player-base (even though it's in its very early stages). The AAS (Assault and Secure) game-mode is fundamentally flawed (IMO), allow me to explain. Squad promotes itself as a realistic tactical FPS, however the principle of only having the ability to attack & defend a single point at any given time goes against sound reasoning & judgement. I would like to have the ability to assault any point, at any given time - much as you would have the capability of doing so IRL. My reasoning for finding the current model flawed is that you get many games where teams are disorganized, and struggle to coordinate themselves. It makes the game no fun to play due to a single squad failing to hold a position and as a result (generally speaking), creating a chain-reaction and losing every single point before anyone can react due to the main fight being all the way across the map! Allowing squads to make their own decisions based upon the ability to assault any point as they see fit, will allow better use of tactics and add to the overall enjoyment of the AAS game-mode. What I don't like is the game turning into a "relay-race", in which a single squad (just a few people) runs ahead of everyone else, anticipating their teams success so they can back-cap out from under their enemy and then rush to the next point causing them to win the game. This bullying tactic is happening more often than some may realize and it really does not create a fun gaming atmosphere. My 2 cents - Lets have a good discussion around this please. Update: I am very happy with the quality of this debate, lets keep it up!
  4. Ammo truck capture

    I know that vehicles and logistic are still future topic, but what do you guys think about possibility to capture the enemies ammo truck (on it's route to the fob etc.) and be able to change your currently owned kit with the same kit but with enemies gear. That could be interesting and gives you the choice if you want to destroy the truck with RPG or just kill the driver and take enemy supplies.
  5. Steve's Epic videos..

    Hi guys, Thought I'd start a thread to put my videos in.. Enjoy.. http://youtu.be/Gu9bcKIW_xw