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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Squad Community, I thought about a snapping tool for building. Yesterday I played with my Squad and we build a Superfob. One of my friends build all the sandbags... he wasn't very precise because we need to hurry up. When he began to place the upper sandbags the thing started getting worse. We build small gaps for walking in and out and if the enemy rush the fob we can easy defend. These small gaps worked with the lower sandbags but when he placed the upper ones nobody was able to get through. We had to destroy all upper sandbags and replace them very precise which cost a lot of time we doesn't had. I think if there were something like a snapping tool which you can enable and disable for personal preferences. With this tool you can Safe a lot of time. Please give me feedback if you think it's a good Idea.
  2. I feel it should take longer to deconstruct a structure than to construct one. This would add greater value to contruction and also enhance the realism of in-game item placement, imo. It currently seems to easy to deconstruct placed items...
  3. With the expanding maps is it time to have degrading deployables. What I mean is that with the increasing map sizes you ending up with more and more construction being abandoned around the map. This must have a issue with the server maintaining more infrastructure. Or maybe once a FOB is remove from the local. Would people think this could be a bad idea?
  4. At present you get some really terrible HABS being built in buildings and sometimes just bad luck where you catch something that ruins the spawn. How about if you place a FOB in a building that Building becomes the HAB. So you take over the building and turn it into a HQ, no need to have a structure within a structure. Maybe the building could get sandbags on windows or alike. So instead of a silly HAB sticking out you have a map structure you have the maps buildings. of course if it's the size of a TALLI hanger that could stay the same. Still keep the FOB and HAB but have the for when the FOB isn't built within a building. Just a Thought
  5. Have a few suggestions here for the structures,assets that Squad Leaders can build: 1) Make the Green outline of item you are about to place a little more transparent/darker. In some areas, it is hard for me to distinguish where the Green "blueprint" of an item ends due to lighting, etc. 2) Allow structures to be stacked easier. A few updates ago (can't remember) it was easier to place structures on top of each other (machine gun placed on top of a pile or two piles of sandbags). It can still be done, but sometimes, the system doesn't like to work and so sometimes build stacking is not possible. 3) More "build" stages. I.E. every two times you complete the left click shovel "construct" animation, a single layer of sandbags is built. So, 8 shovels = full built sandbag (I think there's four layers?!). I.E. HAB: Third shovel animation completes stakes, fifth completes concrete, etc, etc. 4) Be able to rotate items (since this might be hard to free-rotate, maybe have the option to rotate at 45 degree increments) This is useful in tight spaces. I.E. You are trying to build a M.G. gun in a small room. It is red, so you cannot construct it. However, rotating the base would allow it to turn green. I have had this issue. I end up having to crawl along the four corners of the room until i find the right spot. 5) Allow for building on certain walls. Certain walls cannot have sandbags or assets placed on them due to things like bugs or the curvature of the wall (if the wall isn't completely straight, you might not be able to build on it). If this is the case, you need to waste 50 points building a sandbag on the ground below your feet, then build another on top of that, to equal the same height you were attempting to reach with building on top of the wall.
  6. There had been an change fortification/defenses building circle tracker and I felt it was harder to navigate than before ( I believe i am comparing v9.3 to 9.4) Didnt want to comment until i played enough , but i still feel its hard to navigate the main sections, or not as intuitive as before. I do admit with more constructables , UI space is valuable and it is very hard to fit everything into a space while making it user friendly I was wondering if we could group things like sandbags into one component , then press a button or two to alternative between them. So for sandbags , all of them would be under one category, you click it , it shows the standard one. Then you can press Q and E choose different variations. And the construction system remembers your selection for that component ,so if you want to keep building hesco blocks , you dont need to keep pressing the button to get to it. Alternatively we can also use the mouse wheel. With this system ,we can also add more variation for sandbags for example so we can have higher or lower stacks and individual stacks for windows for example. Perhaps a last-built component will be good too , cause with multiple categories , we have to filter back through them to build the same thing again. Or a button for building multiple/ showing the last built component green-shadow-ghost--thingy
  7. I would really appreciate some finishing help on my tall 3D apartment building now, trying to get the stairs to the roof fixed (after that I'll try to add textures, 3d objects in rooms etc.). Almost all apartments complete, should pretty much only be few doors and windows missing (I can finish all windows/doors, but if you want to do it, please make it precise, compare it to the existing heights/values of doors/windows. Several of the values of the house are even after german industry standards lol I looked up some values on internet) Here you can access it via TinkerCAD (I made a private backup ofc) or you can download the .OBJ file here: https://ufile.io/22e301 TinkerCAD direct access here (free autodesk account required): https://www.tinkercad.com/things/ceERKh2TKIG-house-3-rich-basement-stairs/editv2?sharecode=4DLfWKNtrSbXf9rV-Ds0j7bQjSEemZBY_4TgGVNolw0= click here for free 3D view, walls made invisible for view (Sketchfab): -> -> -> -> -> -> https://skfb.ly/66oDY <- <- <- <- <- <- And ofc. we will share credits for this asset (I have an idea for an easteregg in the texture ) Setup will probably be like "as war started, all citizens abandoned the house and only left few things in it" (big furniture), also I'd say 5-10 apartments totally empty, like they hadn't found tenants yet. Each aparment will have small bathroom, small kitchen and bedroom (just like my old apartment had lol). WIP screenshot (not latest):
  8. Nade protecting random hesco blocks

    If you are in a base with a fortified wall around and some open space to run around inside, then out of experience I usually put out some random hesco blocks like 10m apart to protect against grenades. The idea is that when you see that nade coming over the wall you never have like more than 5m to run and hide behind a hesco block. Or the blast is simply hidden behind the block in the first place. This works very well. However, quite often some people don't understand what they are for so they get all upset calling you an idiot and will have you kicked whatever. They only want that single wall and no thoughts about what happens when nades starts raining down which is almost always what happens when you are stuck defending a base like that. I find this annoying, thus would like to share my frustration as well as reassure you of how useful these small blocks can be. Sometimes people even start to unbuild the blocks which is just insanely frustrating! It is almost never right to unbuild structures unless they are really in the way of something. Waste of build points when the structures were put up and waste of time to dig them down. It's not like you get the points back or anything and suddenly we are out of cover for those grenades.
  9. Basically the same thing as normal "base mode" jensen's range with the reduced limitations but the deployables are instantly constructed instead of requiring building. This would not only be fun to mess around with but also allows people experiment with tactics and build that superfob they always dreamed of without wasting a round or spending 5 hours switching kits and digging it yourself.
  10. I saw a lot of FOB construction threads, but none quite as specific as this. As part of making the game a little less harsh on new players I feel that e-tool feedback needs a lot of improvement. The problem is that it's difficult to tell exactly what the e-tool is for, and how to use it. There's no real explanation as to what left and right click do, and where you need to aim at something to start digging; this can be the difference between your squad digging up an enemy FOB or not. GUI elements that indicate structures when 1) in close proximity and 2) having the e-tool out would be quite nice, as well as progress bars that hover over specific objects so you can be certain what you're digging up. This would also help new players when aiding construction of FOBs. Differentiating what left and right click do can be done as easily as putting their functions on the "Quick start screen" shown while loading; telling players that left click builds and right click debuilds. At least, I assume that's what they do, I'm still not that clear on what they do myself!
  11. Hi there :) I'm kind of a FOB guy which means i'd like to push deep into enemy territory and build a well defended FOB there. The big problem on a lot of maps is that the enemy has a concealment advantage which often makes HMGs pretty much useless. So we end up with an enemy sniper behind a tree which shuts down HMGs worth 1000 supplies. My solution to this problem are camouflage nets which can be placed like ordinary structures. That would enable the defenders to search for enemy snipers much longer and effectively counter-snipe them without being in a far inferior position. (e.g. FOB on top of a mountain with almost no trees and/or bushes).
  12. Dear DEV Team Can you please bring back the stacking of sand bags and tires as it more realistic and this does happen in real life events at least get the stacking to be as a soldiers height in a standing position and no more, please consider this in the next update. I hope people agree with me because the current constructions of sand bags barley covers the legs and find it useless, this is not just my opinion but a lot of people.
  13. Building mechanics

    Is it me or does anyone else also think that building fobs is a useless mechanic now that you cannot stack things. You cannot really make a forward operating base with all sides open. Also points generate way too slow to build fobs rendering it completely useless.
  14. Hi Team Please create simple Trench building option. Which will be very helpful in defending the position. Appreciate if you create LMG mount points as well.https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/8YaK6p0kNovmM-WU0yDgNYYK0xZ2JVg0WVVkhGjEEaBSSWJqoBKB6M7iT5ozxVRfqrbxjpPYdFvghuWH1Lhjlic21mn4JOfsG3J7lK8XTKaBu9EJ7oYRVNg6jwePZf8k0gZwsH1f2XkjNoJbLf-eLW6Vn-nBrm9b4CJ8u5l4nZLmlYg_9Bu9zWqkNlIWAym42oRWa4wOFQm52GTGppqZsKyLMFYvn6dDvtq33rPnF-Op_Ux9pGk9vr61arqd88YpN44vYclBO0hPGlcdWuYq7Q-b5IbodQt91jhvF06gzTCx94-xnuQgviSRSuXyKrCGjg=w574-h256-nchttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/6q1t1PnOCOrfbvZ9Ud0-b1CgihUzHbr-VEG0UcEnjGXbO2-4mxtuK2SxoC6u4oF1SKdwVk8sWaXUPYGY9yaGR9LTEYImvhZCCpI7uDc=w460-h286-nc
  15. Epic FOB Building in Active Match

    While playing a match in SQUAD, my squad and I decided to bunker down in a compound and I got to work. I spent most of the match getting this FOB fully set up to be at this point, which is near the end of the game. This FOB took some time while under heavy fire for most of the match. I do need to give thanks to the other squads who where there giving my guys cover along with their own guys building along side of mine. I do not believe I would have been able to get this done successfully without the help of my entire team. Big thanks to everyone who helped build up my FOB. https://youtu.be/4sPIiCJmqQ8 Hope to see you on the battlefield. -Col. Ghost
  16. With building defence emplacements will they affects on supression effects. Will bunkers reduce indirect grenade damage.
  17. Any way of binding f keys to different squad leader commands. for building structures from the rose.
  18. Hey Everyone, put together this video over the last couple days. Will do an advanced one later on, let me know if you have any questions!
  19. [Minecrafting flame wars omitted] I enjoy playing as SL and want to practice some new FOB concepts. Instead of spending time on FOB building during a game, I would rather do so in an empty server with a few other people. If you would be interested in helping me practice FOB building or want more experience your self, please let me know below. Once we have at least 3 people we can set a time/day to practice. Concepts I want to try: Sniper tower on building roof - Stack 4+ C-Sandbags tall in a clover-leaf arrangement with ladders for a raised shooting platform Multi-level shooting platforms - Need to test the limit of stack-ability Maze/False entries - Practice ways to trick enemy and hid FOB Traps - Want to find a way to make a pit for enemies to fall into Ladder Barrier Walls - Inspired by [socrates], use ladders to create barriers and block routes Who wants to join me?
  20. Modular FOB Building

    A nice addition/change to the FOB building would be the option to press a button when holding an object to be placed (as well as the ability to rotate the object with Q and E), resulting in it snapping into position/lined up against another previously placed object (incomplete or fully built). This would make FOBs a bit more structured rather than a load of sandbags and concrete walls dumped on top of each other (often leaving little gaps where friendlies or enemies can shoot through, often unwanted). If this were to be added I would like to see the snapping effect change the shape of the objects placed, such as if two identical sandbag walls were placed and snapped to each other 'they' wouldn't dip down in the middle like in the current build, 'they' would join onto each other to create an extended sandbag wall, such as if it were to be built in real life (if someone didn't want this effect, then they could just disable the snapping for the objects). I think Base/FOB building is a key part to SQUAD and a simple addition such as snapping would greatly benefit SQUAD's gameplay, as personally I spend alot of time in game 'Raiding' heavily fortified Enemy FOBs or defending my own as the FOBs act as a Dynamic Objective. Anyway, Thanks for the Read.
  21. Just got to thinking about the theme of the FOB and general building-objects for Insurgents. It would be cool if the placed objects and barriers for the Insurgents looked more like the "mud hut" walls and such, like the compounds on the current map in Squad. This would give it a more natural feel to it, versus just using big concrete-barriers (even though those are nice on their own). It would fit the environment a lot better and make it blend in to the other compounds of the area, then you could even make it look rather natural on the map, like building a "secret" section on to an already existing compound (that most people wouldn't bat an eye at when going past). In general, it would be really nice if the objects place down were fitting of the maps they were used on, regardless of faction. Like, how a wood-door looks out of place in a urban map, or a concrete block looks out of place in a wooded forest etc I guess this would also apply to items like IED's etc as well, as it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have a mound of desert-sand in the middle of the forests of eastern Europe for instance. It's the same logic as how a soldier wouldn't wear forest-camo in a desert or vice versa.
  22. Do not know if this has been suggested or not, but here it is. Have a specific kit, some sort of Engineer (Combat Engineer) mandatory to build and deploy CERTAIN assets. More balanced out FOB building mechanics, especially with the new build-able defensive asset that seem VERY powerfulMore usefulness for Engineer kits besides mines and explosivesNot all emplacements should require an Engineer kit, only things like a Hesco Barrier wall/bunker, .50 cal HMGs, TOW System etc. (Heavy Systems ONLY)What do you guys think? Questions, comments concerns please and thank you
  23. Deployables

    Sup' lads, With the new modular building system coming up, I just wanted to make sure we've got everything in that we want. I'm pretty sure the devs have thought this through rather well, if so i'd hope to see confirmation of these being added. Distance - I hope that we will be able to change the distance between the object preview and our character. Rotating - Speaks for itself, pretty sure this will be in though. Height - This option depends, ArmA has issues with objects floating 50% above the ground, and being able to change the height rotation etc really helps with putting down structures.in a realistic way. Snapping - Snab an object to another object, the way i'd see it is that every object for exame the simple hesco is a cube, a cube has 6 sides, so maybe put a snap point on the left,front,right,back, and top. Objects like roadblocks will only have an option to snap objects left and right etc. Objects groups - For example the hesco's, putting them down one by can become a little annoying when you're building something big, so maybe have the hesco menu option extend another option that lets you put 3 down in a row at once etc. I have to take a quik break, feel free to add anything that i've missed and let me know what you think.