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      As per §1 and §2, keep in mind to be respectful and reasonable, not only towards all users of the forum, but also towards the Squad Team and towards any ideas and content and the game itself. Criticism is welcome, but if it is not constructive and/or if it is offensive, the Moderation may need to step in. Please refrain from posting if you are upset, angry or drunk, or you may be punished for things you wouldn’t have otherwise written, which is not in anyone's interest.   §6 Language & Legibility
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      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
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  1. There is now a Canadian DLC I think it would be really cool to get an Australian faction in the future also maybe ad another type of insurgent faction maybe make it Asian focussed.
  2. [AU] ZSU Gaming - OCE

    Hi there, I'm Arcayngel, the leader of the ZSU Gaming clan, and the Head Admin of the community with the same name. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. ZSU as we're less formally called has been a gaming clan since 2008, mostly scoping into ARMA as the primary game - as things grew however, and the members started to branch out we became... more... Rapidly expanding into the new and upcoming game "Squad" in mid to late 2015 - ZSU has formed into one of the "Big 2" gaming communities for Squad in Oceania, ditching the idea that a clan can be only a clan, and nothing else - forming a community around the idea of fairness, good gameplay, and a leadership structure that values integrity and most of all - fun. We participated in the casual space for over a year and a half, eventually giving rise to the clan within entering a team into what was then "ISKT" - the "International Squad Knockout Tournament" - now with that being no more, and ZSU's directions having changed, we are getting back to our roots - casual gameplay, fun, a tactics and team focus, with no effort spared to have a good time and make good friendships along the way - that's what communities like ZSU are all about! We also host and administrate the 2 [AU] ZSU Gaming Squad Servers, so if you've heard our name around, I wouldn't be surprised! We're also frequently the #1 visited Squad server in Australia! If this interests you at all, or if you completely brassed over it and just want to jump into a game with some fellow Squad players - jump onto our Discord and join the other 1200+ users that populate our little home away from home, who knows... you might just like it here - the link is https://discord.gg/zsu - join in on the fun. #MakeSquadGreatAgain
  3. Nothing works better than Teamwork www.BigDGaming.net What is BigD Gaming?: BigD Gaming is 10 years strong, originally born out of the need for an Australian based server and community for the Battlefield 2 mod: Project Reality. BigD Gaming continues to host and grow the Australian SQUAD playerbase by providing Quality, Licensed servers that encourage teamplay and are open to players of all experience levels. Visit our SQUAD Game Portal here for info: https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/ BigD Squad Server Name(s): SQUAD DownUnder #1 | BigDGaming.net SQUAD DownUnder #2 | BigDGaming.net Plus other custom servers used for clan vs clan competition matches, organised community events, private clan training/events and more. Server Location: Sydney, Australia BigD Squad Server Rules: Please review our Squad Game Server Ruleset: BigD Gaming - Squad Game Server Rules As Squad is relatively new and contnuing development, our rules are subject to change. If you have feedback on our rules, please let us know by posting in our Squad Server Feedback Forum: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback Map Rotation: We have developed an indepth system of working out maplists that make sure teams do not play the same faction multiple times in a row. If you have feedback on our map rotations, please let us know in our Squad Server Feedback Forum: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback BigD Admin Team: Please review this list: BigD Gaming - Admin Team Ban Appeals: Submit a Ban Appeal via this link: BigD Gaming - Squad - Ban Appeal - You will need to be logged into BigDGaming.net Player Conduct/Complaints: Submit a player report via this link: BigD Gaming - Squad - Report a Player - You will need to be logged into BigDGaming.net Server Performance & Gameplay Feedback: Please use this forum and tell us your thoughts: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback BigD Discord Server: http://discord.bigdgaming.net/ We welcome anyone, no matter what country/group/clan you are from to use our free Discord server while playing Squad or even just for social use. BigD Steam Group: BigD Gaming // Steam Group - Our Steam Group is used to c-ordinate community events, server seeding and social iteration. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our Steam Group. BigD Community Website: BigD Gaming Community // Website
  4. So I've seen a good number of people from the Southern Hemisphere join the forums, and I want to give a big shout out to you all. I know it's harder to find each other to build communities for FPS games than in the Americas, Europe and Asia, so I was hoping you guys could use this as your corner of the forums to talk about your existing gaming communities, websites, servers, rugby and whatever else you want. (I'm just guessing you all didn't come here from existing Aussie PR communities, but I'm not sure)
  5. GBH AU/NZ Infantry only Dedicated Server is up and running and just waiting for the licencing of the Server. 80 Players Server based in Sydney with High priority CPU which means never lag or low performance. First gonna try Infantry only Maps and in future may change to Normal Maps too. So any one interested to be Admin you are most welcome, as I am looking any one with Mic and mature enough to handle the Kids in the game lol. We have an active Team-speak and GBH is almost 15 years old Ozzie clan which played and hosted servers thru Americas Army to Insurgency games. Website name is www.gbhteam.com.au and Team-speak details are
  6. ABOUT ZSU Comradery, Teamwork, Honour & Respect Z Special Unit is a pretty casual gaming clan & community who originally formed in 2008 playing the ARMA series. A quick jump to 2015 and we are more of a bunch of guys and girls playing a range of games and just basically getting shit done. As a community, we host social events like our weekly Rocket League comp, Total war comp, ARMA coop mission nights and regular BF1 sessions. In the future we also hope to host regular Star Citizen nights but we're still waiting for a bit more meat to be available on the bone. SQUAD We have a number of members presently with Squad and many of these guys playing most nights with other members playing a raft of other games. If you've joined one of our squads you would have seen we like to work together and in conjunction with other squads to win. We communicate the best we can and that's all we expect from anyone. With the majority of members being Australian but with a growing player base from the USA. Some of you guys who you might see about in SL positions are; Myself Mato Wellsy TheBen So if you're looking for a group and like what you read here. Register on our website and fill in this short form. While your at it Add me on steam. You can apply to join ZSU as either a fully fledged clan member or just join us as a community members to play casually with us. OUR REQUIREMENTS (if you call them that) You play games to have fun You have at least a small love for squad (We love it here) Working Microphone Minimum Age 18* WE OFFER A bunch of friendly players who love to play games. A website[2] and online forum[3] Discord and Teamspeak Server (TS Server only used for ARMA Missions) Dedicated server box running various game servers for our members. REFERENCE MATERIAL Z Special Unit Website[6] (Used only for introductions since our use of discord) https://discord.gg/zsu ZSU Facebook[7]
  7. Hi guys. In recent weeks the squad player population has increased dramatically. I'm here to introduce a new player to the oceanic server hosting game! Oceanic Gaming started hosting a few squad servers during the recent free weekend. The servers proved popular, and now they're here to stay! The community boasts a wide range of game servers, all hosted from a dedicated machine, providing quality services to the community. We are currently running 3 Squad servers and have an active admin presence most of the time. The admin team are comprised of seasoned veterans of Squad and PR and are more than happy to help out with issues that may arise. Our community players and admins put emphasis on team-oriented play and inter-squad coordination in an effort to achieve a satisfying and fun gaming experience. Come and get involved in a refreshing new community on the Aus / NZ Squad scene! Look for the oceanic servers in your browser! Check us out at http://www.oceanicgaming.com.au/ Join our discord and get involved! https://discord.gg/QRV7CXu Cheers!
  8. OWI Official Multiplay.com [Sydney AUS] #1 As some of you may of seen OWI & Mulitplay have kindly provided an Official Sydney, Australian server which is run by myself and afew other members well known throughout the squad online community. It has been running the past month with many well received comments about server performance and admins dealing with any issues quickly to allow members to enjoy their time unhindered. Please join the Squad - Australia / New Zealand steam group to keep up to date with events, announcements and everything else. You can also get into contact with the admins through the steam group or more quickly through our discord https://discord.gg/4XFv68y -- This server is not run by any members of clans or gaming communities to allow for even, unbiased decisions.
  9. The Online Combat Battalion [OCB] is currently seeking members from Australia and New Zealand to join our OCB Squad Platoon. _______________________________________________ Who are we? OCB has been established for six years, with a background in Arma 2/3. We have a solid base of mature members who enjoy playing as a team to achieve in game objectives. Many of our members are current or former members of the Australian Defence Force, so we bring a level of tactical play and realism to the games we play. We currently have 40 members and are looking to expand our unit to build a solid Squad team. We are not a rigid, hardline military clan, we are relaxed and casual, but we do like structure and team work. We have a great bunch of people so far. Do you have what it takes to become one of them? ________________________________________________ What we have to offer? - Teamspeak 3 Server (ts3.ocbservers.net) - Very well developed web site with tonnes of functionality - 6 X Arma 2 servers (with capacity for many more) - 4 X Arma 3 servers (with capacity for many more) - Will have Squad servers (when that is possible) - Experienced Mature Leadership - Recognition for members through awards - Training awards after completing qualification Courses (Rifleman, AFV Crewman, Aircrew etc) - Professional Instructors in military like tactics, communications, vehicle and air operations - Military Rank Structure - Member only and community based operations and training - Standard Operating Procedures for operations and training ________________________________________________________ Enlistment Requirements - 18+ Years only - Have a Working Microphone (and be willing to use it) for voice communications in game and Teamspeak - Must be a mature minded person (regardless of age) - Must be a TEAM player - if you consider yourself to be a lone wolf or rambo type, you won't fit in - Must have a reasonable level of online activity - we expect members to participate in operations and training - Only recruiting players from Australia, New Zealand or similar timezone (if English speaking of course) - An interest in playing Squad in a competitive environment ________________________________________________________ Website: http://ocb.net.au Application Link: http://ocb.net.au/board/index.php?app=contactus Like us on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/onlinecombatbattalion Contact us via the above website ____________________________________________________ [OCB] Valour Officer Commanding Online Combat Battalion
  10. Hey guys it's that time again. Kicking off Round 5 we had the first of two inter-clan matches seeing [ULD] L.A.A. going up against [ULD] F.A.G. on Logar Skirmish with both [ULD] teams playing a solid game of trying to outmaneuver the other team to break the strong stalemate that was happening between North and South central. There were quite a few tense moments as each sides fire teams broke through some strong defenses! Game 1 saw the game going to [ULD] F.A.G by 88 tickets causing both teams to play a bit more aggressive in their styles with barricades being built and the such in Game 2 by the [ULD] L.A.A. guys. From this, Match 2 developed into a war of attrition and wits for both teams, but unfortunately for [ULD] L.A.A., the [ULD] F.A.G. guys came out on top by 105 tickets. As a side note for this game, I was joined Spono (Senior Community Admin) and FilthyCrab ([ULD] clan leader) as commentators and Filthy provided alot of insight and feedback about his clan's performance, strategies and ideas throughout the game. It was a pleasure to have you join us Filthy! The next inter-clan match in this round saw the two [N/A] teams, [N/A] HASTP vs [N/A] SNAFU, playing on *gasp* a different map than Logar!!!!! This match was played on Sumari Skirmish. Now let me tell you some background about this match.. There was ALOT riding on this game, not only for bragging rights within the clan, but the two team captains, Madhouse and AussieSASRSniper had a long standing bet that whomever won this match would be treated to a meal at their local ribs joint, so as you can imagine both team captains were pushing their teams hard. The first game between the two teams saw some really intense and heavy fighting in this close quarters map, some interesting maneuvers and flanking going on, but all in all, an amazing match to watch! The first game of the [N/A] match went to [N/A] SNAFU by 45 tickets, much to the delight of Madhouse and dismay of AussieSASRSniper! This prompted a step up in tactics and gameplay on both sides, with the fighting becoming what can only be described as a war of attrition, with s.mouse (from the [N/A] HASTP team) running soe strong offensive tactics against the [N/A] SNAFU defensive team, while on the same hand the [N/A] SNAFU offensive fire team put alot of hard pressure on the [N/A] HASTP team. After a very well played match, [N/A] HASTP emerged victorious from the destruction but unfortunately not with enough of a ticket lead to compensate for the 45 ticket loss, meaning that the [N/A] SNAFU team won the game with 33 tickets! Looks like Madhouse is getting a free meal of ribs! Both games were streamed and commentated on by Spono and myself, so check it out as we have some fun banter and good dissection of the games! For the first game ([ULD] inter-clan game) we were joined by the [ULD] clan leader, FilthyCrab in Match 2. Check out both games at www.twitch.tv/darkbotawakens. For the final match in this round saw [ZSU] playing host to Log. In what has only been described to me as a well enjoyed match which I am sure was well played by both sides! Log came out victorious in this game in a well fought game. All in all, well done to all teams and I look forward to seeing what each of you bring next round! -Darkbot
  11. BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first SQUAD Team vs Team Competition in the Australian/New Zealand region: Skirm10Skirm 10 is limited to 10vs10 players set in a round robin competition format. The top Two ranked teams at the end of the round robin stage will go on to play in the Final Match.To join the BigD Skirm10 Competition as a team, you need to meet the following: A Team roster of at least 10 players under one unifed Team Name Designated Captain and Vice Captain Able to commit to playing one match each week between Thursday and Sunday over a period up to 7 weeks* Comply with Competition rules and BigD Gaming Server rules Respect the values of the game Team signups close midnight 03/04/2016. Most important is the fun and enjoyment factor of this competition. There is no major prize for the winning team, the objective is to enjoy the close competitive game play that these type of scrim matches haven shown in the past to produce. Of course the winner gets bragging rights and will go into future team competitions as the reigning champion.If you wish to submit your team into Skirm10, please reply to this thread @ BigDGaming.net: Skirm10 Team Signups | BigD Gaming Community
  12. Well guys, this is the weekly wrap up for each round in the Skirm 10 as Round 1 is coming to a close. Kicking off the competition saw LOG Squad going up against Aux.|, in which LOG Squad came out victorious in a well fought battle on Kohat! LOG Squad won both rounds quite comfortably, but it's safe to say that both teams enjoyed the match. Next on the fixtures was [ULD] LAA versing [N/A] HASTP playing on the Fool's Road map. I was fortunate enough to watch this match, as it was extremely close, with the winner being declared by 7 tickets! The [N/A] team started off with a strong first round beating the [ULD] team, but after some inspiring words by FilthyCrab to his team, came back to win the second round, and after the tickets were tallied, were deemed victorious. Both teams played exceptionally well, and again I am sure that both teams thoroughly enjoyed the match, I know I did! Finally for Round 1, we saw [N/A] SNAFU going head to head with [ZSU]. Unfortunately due to some in-game circumstances the second round will have to be played again before a winner can be declared. Hopefully soon this match will be organised, which will see one of the teams being deemed victors! I'm not sure about everyone else, but I am sure looking forward to Round 2 kicking off this weekend and seeing some more awesome matches! Check out the BigD Gaming Skirm10 Portal for more information, news and matches. We are going to trial live streaming and shout casting in some of the upcoming matches. Let us know if your interested in watching! BigDGaming.net/Skirm10
  13. Team [N/A] Tag: [N/A] Team List: Team N A | BigD Gaming Community [N/A] has been one of the core units of the BigD Community over the past 9 years. Formed in 2007 by GruAnch, [N/A] stood for not affiliated and was run as a fun group of players who wanted to win the Ladder Competition - which [N/A] did win the first & fifth seasons. Today Team [N/A] is gearing up for Squad and to take on other teams and clans in organised matches, represent in community events and to take part in the upcoming BigD Gaming Team vs Team Competition. We are looking for individuals who love good gameplay, can have fun and can kickass. You will find us in game on the BigD Gaming Squad Servers and we also hang out on the BigD Gaming Teamspeak: Join BigD Teamspeak! ----------------- What do we look for in new members? Good Teamwork and CommunicationGood sense of humour -can take a joke/banterMust be regularly active in Squad and on Teamspeak (2-3 days per week)All ages consideredAble to attend team matches, play with other team members in regular public play and to squad up in community events----------------- If you would like to join Team [N/A], please submit your application: Team [N/A] Membership Application | BigD Gaming Community We will only accept new applicants once we have played a number of times with you and you've been active on the BigDGaming.net Teamspeak Server with other [N/A] Members. ----------------- NOTE: Team [N/A] is currently open for recruitment, feel free to join the madness.
  14. G'day guys and girls, Old Farts At War is a united clan of adult, mature gamers (25+y.o) who love to play online PC games. We have members from all over the world ranging from USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and of course Australia. If you've wanted to join a clan but don't really want to deal with the younger immature crowd then we are for you. We predominantly play in the Australian based servers but if we get more nationalities on board for squad we will happily play on some overseas based servers to have a game with you. Check out our website and apply within Hope to see you guys in game soon!
  15. PRE Australia Day Maddness Celebrate Australia day early with a few beers and a couple games of Squad. Date: - Monday 25th January 2016 Time: - AEDT 20:30 - QLD 19:30 - SA 20:00 - WA 17:30 - NZ 22:30 Map(s): - First map is: Logar AAS - Second map is: Chora AAS Server: - [ BigDGaming #5 ] Op Squad Madness Password: - The password will be distrusted via Private Message on the BigDGaming.net website prior to the start of this event. Notes: - Standard server rules apply. - Fun is mandatory - Trolls who wish to ruin the game play and teamwork will be removed. - Rules against player spamming chat, banter etc will be relaxed - Our Teamspeak server is available for the event and of course any time you wish to play and Squad up in-game. Reserved Slots: It is vital that you reply to the thread @ BigDGaming.net indicating that you wish to attend this event. Those that do post that they are coming will be given priority on the night in order of who posts in this thread first. Event Sign-up Thread: BigD Gaming - Op Squad Madness
  16. Hey all super stoked to have picked up this game and looking to get more involved in the community. I am sure more than a few Aussies would have heard my frantic cries to not give up as I am extracting that splinter from your foot. ;) I am new to this style of fps gaming but come from other team based games; dota2 & WoW where I am more then comfortable to take leadership roles. Over the next few days I will be endeavouring to take the SL role on so if you see me on the squad screen, please don't hesitate to join if you are willing to put up with a noob (but rather enthusiastic) SL. Of course I will remain active as a medic still. ;D You can find me on the AU BigD servers and occasionally the US servers early mornings. Cheers CHICKHEN
  17. BigD Gaming is working on a team vs team competition for the Oceania region, similar to the 10vs10 Ladder Competition BigD organised during the hey days of Project Reality. We are looking for already established teams/clans/groups, along with individuals who would like to either join together with others to make a new team or join an existing team. We at BigD Gaming offer teams/clans/groups, or as we like to call them "units" facilities and benefits by joining and helping to grow the BigD Oceania Squad Community. These services and benefits include: private teamspeak channels, a private forum area and logo/id tags on Teamspeak and the Website. We will also be offering reserved slots on our Squad Teamwork Enforced server (#1) in the coming future. The final format for this competition is yet to be decided and we are looking for community input into how it will work out. Feel free to tell us what your thoughts are. We are also yet to name the competition - if you have any outstanding or even quriky competition names, lets hear them! More information will be made available @ BigDGaming.net in January. If you are a team leader or just interested in the competition, feel free to contact myself on the BigD Teamspeak, the website or via private message on Steam. Click HERE for the discussion on the competition.
  18. We are having our first friendly match down under! You are all welcome to watch Team [N/A] defeat [ZSU] via the live steam, then head over to BigDGaming.net and watch the Twitch Stream.
  19. New Aussie Player

    Hi, I am new to squad and am enjoying the game a lot, unfortunately some of the squads I've been in still have the lone wolf mentality. I am looking for an aussie clan or group who play, I'm in Brisbane. I can dedicate a minimum of 4hrs to a maximum of 30hrs a week.
  20. We have been following the development of squad closely since its announcement. Finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! AMG is an Australia and New Zeland based clan/community and we are looking for new recruits for our own clan, or already formed clans to join the community! Already formed clans are welcome to advertise their groups on our forums, and we can set up private sections of the forum for your use. We also have a teasmpeak server and can create a section for your use. Clan leaders may be asked to help moderate forums, teamspeak and in the future our game servers. Find our forums to register your interest: http://www.australianmadegaming.net/ Details for our Teamspeak and all of our other game servers are able to be found in there. Hope to hear from you guys!
  21. This isnt a clan its just a steam group for Aussies and Kiwis to join, i know its abit early having a steam group but when it comes to the steam release there should be a fair few members. So it will be an easy way to find guys to group up with and expand your clan/community http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SquadAUNZ#members -------------------- As a side note if your looking for a bunch of mates to have a game with every now and again, not take things to serious and yet still enjoy the game check us out =] We have alot of experience within the Arma 3 milsim community so we know a think of two about communication. We are converting to Squad and once it goes early access on steam our numbers will grow. We believe in teamwork and tactics but most of all remembering that its a game, fun and talking shit to each other is apart of it aswell. Requirements: 18+ Microphone Teamspeak Sense of humour http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Mwahxoxo
  22. Sydney Server - SATURDAY

    Hey guys this weekend lets get the Sydney server full even if you arent aussie or kiwi feel free to try and jump in as we are always filling up your euro and us servers lol, you can log into the PreAlpha portal at prealpha.joinsquad.com to download the game for the weekend. "Squad-PreAlpha-v6.zip" I have choose to kick this off at 9:30PM AEST on Saturday (7:30Am PST & 11:30AM GMT Saturday) due to it being the weekend and for those in WA it will be just after dinner time lol. For those Kiwis sorry ill make the next weekend easier time wise for yous, feel free to get on earlier tho =] if the server kicks off earlier then thats awesome Hopefully there will be enough of us to kick the server off and get others joining in, please dont be afraid to be the first few into the server. ------- If your Aussie or Kiwi and havent done so please follow the instructions below: To join the SQUAD - Australia & New Zealand Steam group. Open steam and holding the mouse over your username at the top and clicking "groups" then "browse groups" by adding (Squad Australia New Zealand) or you can use your web browser and go to http://steamcommunit...roups/SquadAUNZ Hope to see a full server! Rossy Raider & Dev for SQUAD LEADER! you better be there you pommy prick =]
  23. Closed Pre-Alpha Week 4

    Last weekends Closed Pre-Alpha started this time last week, when will this weekend begin?
  24. An open thread for the community playing on the Sydney server(s). I'll post more in a bit.
  25. Hi guys this is GBHTEAM, we are one of the famous Clan with players from Australia and New Zealand. We have been playing since the Americas Army, and currently focussed on Insurgency game. We welcome any players from any region to join our clan for this upcoming SQUAD game. Team Speak details: