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Found 30 results

  1. I have a: Nvidia GTX 1070 I5-4440 Processor 16 GB of RAM Logitech G430 ---- Title says it all, I can't play the game without losing my sound, if anyone has fixed this issue or knows a fix please let me know, so far nothing has worked.
  2. Hello, So recently I have picked up squad again after many updates but when I went into a match my sound would just stop working after a tiny high pitched "wshoop". After some time I figured out my sound would only stop working after a squad member would talk on the squad radio. After the high pitched sound all the sound would stop working although it worked fine before and only tiny high pitched noises can be heard. I don't think this is an issue with the headset ( I have hyperx cloud 2's) as this problem never occurred on any other games. I also tried to play around with the sound settings and tried switching from high to low quality and other things but nothing helped. Please help and give suggestions for a fix.
  3. Seriously. Play the original Far Cry on any EAX supporting card. It beats the shit out of basic stereo/5.1/7.1 Most games will give you a basic "left/right/front/back" but there's no "above/below" or effects based on what the sound passes through/around to get to you. It's stunning that HRTF isn't more popular since it gives people so much precision for their sound. Right now it sounds amazing, but the precision isn't there. In PR hearing a chopper flying overhead or the various effects for firearms distances and the like was pretty badass. I seriously hope the Devs implement OpenAL or HRTF or something similar so headphone users are 100% aware of their surroundings. Aside from that I'd be nice to be able to spot enemies past 50m where the world just turns into a pixelated mess I've never seen in any other game.
  4. Hi guys, Im having trouble with Audio in Game, Mainly for games such as this i use Headset. Problem is that whenever i join ingame squad, after 30secs+- sounds "breaks" and theres just dull sound like jammer or something, but when i use my classic reproductors, everything runs fine, ive tried many different settings of "set as default" in win taskbar. Thanks for possible solutions
  5. speakers

    Some times my Left/Right speakers in my Logitech G430 headset get reversed when I start Squad. Have to exit Squad and start again to get i correct. Any one experiencing this problem? Is there a console command to reverse audio channel in-game?
  6. Reposting this from /r/joinsquad: I 've been recently having this bug where I cannot hear my team's voices, neither squad, command, or local chat works. I can hear the radio beeps and all that, but no voices. Before you ask, yes, the audio settings for VOIP are on. Any help?
  7. When i play Squad, i can't seem to change the Audio output while im in the game.. For example, im using USB Headset while im playing, and somehow i wanna unplug it and hear it from my speaker. But it cant. It's just keep outputting on the USB Headset, even though i've change the Windows speaker properties, i've set it in Speaker, but it still can't. I can only switch it if i restarted the game from the beginning. I hope this small little fix could be released in the next patch, or maybe is it only me who encounter this? Thank you for reading, (srry for bad engrish)
  8. i use a wired Xbox 360 controller with its headset, it works for every other game ( arma 2,3, project zomboid, GTA V america's army, TF2 and garrys mod ) but not this game, any reason why?
  9. Hey guys. I loved the sound of the game from the very beginning. Fire fights sound fantastic and so on...but I have a problem...I can't immerse my self fully in to squad because of this: FX audio is soooooooo quiet besides shots fired. Shots are so loud, I always have to turn down my volume in order to hear radio chatter loud and clear. When I do that. I almost can't hear anything else...Car engines, foot steps...all the other sounds are far too quiet besides shooting. When I don't hear my own footsteps I can't really immerse myself...of course a shot should always be loud. But something is not right when I have to turn down the FX volume in order to hear my squad and then I don't hear anything anymore. The Battlefield is too quiet...besides shooting... I don't know it really inpacts the feeling of the game for me.
  10. Hi, Just a quick suggestion, it would be great if you could add a drop down menu that you can select a device to output communication sounds to
  11. The game runs great, the audio is great, but I can't hear anyone over radio, I can see who's talking, but can't hear them. Audio is default by windows also.
  12. I use a mic connected to a Xbox One controller via usb. It works in every other game I've played and skype. The only solution I've found is to set windows default mic to the one i'm using but it didn't work. I've tried setting the audio to run to a separate pair of headphones and running the mic as the default communication device but that didn't work either. Any help would greatly appreciated.
  13. SUGGESTION: Option to select the the audio device type that Squad renders for. (as can be done in, for example Source-engine games, like CS:GO) A command-line option would be fine too, since auto-detecting the setting is probably best for most users. USE CASE: High-end USB Surround-sound headphones that appear as 7.1 audio devices in windows can sometimes be set to "stereo", but not "headphone". REASONING: Rendering directly to headphones provides higher quality spacial audio (which is of course a large part of Squad) than rendering to 7.1 and then rendering to headphone. This feature was introduced in a time when most games did not support good HRTFs (and the like), but did support 7.1 audio. I know that personally, I hear directionality much better when using direct rendering to headphone in games like CSGO and Insurgency than when rendering to virtual surround setups which then get Dolby-downmixed to a headphone output. EDIT: This is closely related to but distinct from selecting the audio device
  14. audio

    I just got squad and the game runs fine. The music in the main menu works well, but when i go to an actual server or firing range, the audio doesn't work. Nothing works. I later found this on my volume mixer. http://imgur.com/QzJW7mK I think that the headset is so maxed out where its so loud, i can't even hear it.
  15. I just got squad and the game runs fine. The music in the main menu works well, but when i go to an actual server or firing range, the audio doesn't work. Nothing works. I later found this on my volume mixer. http://imgur.com/QzJW7mK I think that the audio is so maxed out and overwhelmed that it doesn't work
  16. I have noticed in quite a few areas that there is no audio for the environment. I mean zero.. it sounds like (no pun) that the audio is missing, you can hear footsteps and grass move, but its silent, anybody else noticed this?
  17. Simple question, will it come in the next volume? It's by far my favourite and I genuinely thought it's going to be the Main Theme. For those who don't know which one I mean (you should tho)
  18. Whether it's explosions, enemy fire or people speaking in local, the audio is extremely quiet if it's to the front or rear of my character when playing with my headset plugged in. I think I have also experienced this in ARMA 3 but I haven't been able to test it further. My guess is the front and rear directional audio isn't working for some reason. I scouered the internet for solutions but didn't come up with anything. I'll start with listing some specs: OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD 6350 GPU: 7950 3GB Ram: 8GB Patriot Mobo: Gigabyte 970a-d3 rev 1.1 Audio Card: Sound Blaster Audigy SE (sb0570) Speakers: Logitech Z506 (5.1 speakers) Headset: Creative Aurvana Live! 2 My creative headset is plugged into my speakers, which are plugged into my sound card. I have the latest drivers for my sound card and the Z506 doesn't require any drivers. My sound is also set to 5.1 surround. I'm pretty sure on windows 7 upon plugging in my headset the audio would automatically switch to a different type of surround sound but I could be mistaken. These problems starting persisting immediately after upgrading to windows 10/when v6 came out (both occurred on the same day). I don't think squad is the culprit but if there are any people on here tech savvier than I, any help would be appreciated. Edit: To clarify: my surround sound system works fine when not used with the headset. Edit 2: Upon downloading a realtek audio driver for my motherboard and restarting my computer, the issue is no longer present. Ignore this thread!
  19. Too many times I have started the game and not realized my default mic or audio is not on the right device or I am playing with speaker and decide I want to play using my headset without exiting the game. Many other new games released I have seen include this as a basic feature. Can we fit this into v6 or possibly a later patch to v6? This would be a huge improvement on the user experience for non-game related settings in Squad.
  20. 1. Binaural audio. Squad utilizes left-right audio, where sounds are distinguished as originating from the left or right. Binaural audio is based on two HRTFs (head-related transfer functions), transmitting sounds from a 360º radius. A head-related transfer function (HRTF) is a response that characterizes how an ear receives a sound from a point in space; a pair of HRTFs for two ears can be used to synthesize a binaural sound that seems to come from a particular point in space. Thus, a sound can be pinpointed as originating from above and behind you. Here's an example of Two Big Ears' 3Dception for CRYENGINE. 2. Environmental leaning. In Squad, when you lean, your horizon remains horizontal; the angle of the character, not the environment, shifts to the left or right. IRL this is preposterous, it's equivalent to holding your weapon sideways like a gangster. In environmental leaning, the environment, not the character, shifts to the left or right; the angle of the character's body (from a first-person view) doesn't change (or changes fractionally for effect). When you look at someone leaning, you can see this.
  21. Hey, It would be cool to simulate direction of teammate voices when not too far. It's not realistic in terms of radio contact, but it's realistic in that you would know direction if somebody spoke near you. In addition it would help to overcome the factor that in reality it's easier to recognize voices of your teammates, while in game you could play with different people all the time. Would be great if it was true stereo simulation (micro delay) instead of just amplitude (loudness on one side or other), probably even easier to calculate in the stereo case. I can provide calculations if needed. A.
  22. Hey all, I have been having a lot of audio trouble in squad since the latest update. At first I was able to get game audio but no audio through the discord app to talk with friends. I worked around it by using steam chat which seemed to work. Now I have no audio from discord, steam or the game itself. I havent changed any settings since the patch and when I view the windows sound menu there is no audio being input. Specs: Mobo: Asrock z77 extreme 4 CPU: i5 3570k GPU: 980gtx Audio: Astro A40
  23. Where's the cfg to control the amount of channels used for audio? Cheers
  24. Hey guys, After 5 hours of pure enjoyment i decided to come up here and post one issue that im having regarding ingame audio. Once im in a firefight or theres someone firing rounds i usually can hear them where they are coming from (left or right) but once i move my crosshair it seems like the game totally resets all the sounds, almost with a pause to it and it continues once i moved my crosshairs to another direction. This is one hell of a deal for me as i cant pinpoint where the opfor fire is coming from. For what its worth: I use a pair old razer 2.1 cans and my soundcard is the stock one on a Z170 Asus Maximus Ranger VIII. Any feedback or hotfixes are much appreciated. If you need more info id be glad to clarify the problem a bit more. Thanks in advance, HOOAH !
  25. I think crack sound , distance sound and impact sound in this video will be good for the dev-sound(anders). sorry for my english not good.