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Found 55 results

  1. I have a Logitech G430, and often experience a problem whereby the game audio will switch between the speakers of my headset. Meaning, a vehicle to my left sounds like a vehicle to my right etc. The problem usually occurs when tabbing back into the game, exiting a vehicle or sometimes the game will jitter and the problem will occur. The only way to solve it is to restart the game, although on a rare occasion the problem will solve itself after jittering and stuttering again. It is very annoying as I find myself restarting a 2-3 times an hour, and then queueing again for the server. Any ideas as to a solution to the problem?
  2. mic doesn't work

    Hi, I've just bought this game - seeing how people communicate over voice comms did really sell the game to me, however I'm having issues getting the VOIP to work on this game; I've also checked there are numerous amounts of users who are also experiencing the same issue but I'd like to know if anyone with a samson meteor microphone has the issue resolved or whether it's working for them. I've checked my defaullt input/output settings under steam > friends > voice and it seems to be working, it's just only in SQUAD I can't get it to work.
  3. as you may or may not know, the audio in-game is mufled from behind (and a little from the sides too) I am not sure how is happened, but I think is was an windows update that broke it I saw a thread on reddit, but I dont have an account there, at least one other person has the same problem as me before this windows update it was ok, but I hadnt played in a long time, and honestly I played little V15, because I am so dissapointed with this game, and waiting for V16 to drop to see how much worse the game is going to get but the problem wasnt there, so it was not a game update that broke it... then I decided to play a little recently because V16 was taking so long and I immediately noticed the problem when I hoped on a truck and looked to the side (could not hear the engine) then I thought it was my headphone that broke, so I swaped for 2 more, and the problem was still there finally I decided to change my audio drivers, but not luck and one thing I tried too was to try to tweak the windows sound options, and I got the sound to go a little louder, but with worse quality, so I reverted the change so it was not a game update, it was either a windows update or something else... you can test this like this: turn on a vehicle and stand in front of it, then turn 180 degrees and you will barely hear the engine you can also test with grenades, have them explode in front, then behind you I did a lot of testing, it seems to me that the audio is 100% ok from the front, a little muffled from the sides, and totally from behind I dont know what I should to to fix this problem, and I dont know if V16 still has this problem, I will download it when it drops today and report back my motherboard is a B350M-K (asus) everything is up to date, except a new version for the BIOS, ah and I also tried changing the NVIDIA drivers, and no luck
  4. When I start Squad my audio gets reversed. Left is right and rigth is left. It happens only in Squad, csgo works fine. When I close Squad again it switches back to normal. That given I assume its not a hardware problem. Anyone know this bug? Or anyone with an idea how to fix it?
  5. Audio only in one ear

    I just bought Squad to try, but I can't get the audio to work properly. I have Hyper X Cloud II's and when they are plugged in through the USB port I get most of the game sound through the left ear only. The music and some of the general background noise come through the right ear, but all vehicle, player movement, and firefight sounds come through the left ear only and are not affected at all by rotating my character. If I plug in using the 3.5mm jack, the sound works properly, but I'm left with no mic. I've tried updating the audio drivers as well as updating all NVidia drivers. I checked the game files and also reinstalled to be sure. I've tried on both epic and low quality sound settings. Also, I've tried this with 7.1 surround turned on and off on the headphones, with no change. I've seen Suicidal Chair's fix for missing sound all together, but that's not what I'm experiencing. Any suggestions?
  6. M4 audio bug

    When the M4A1 is in auto, if I single fire it plays the sound of a 3 round burst. Simple as that, easy to reproduce.
  7. Let me start off with a link: https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf That single-handedly brings the sub par audio in modern games up to snuff, it's absolutely wonderful. When playing Arma or Skyrim, or various other games (single player) it really makes the audio work. No more "channel panning" basic b*** stuff. You can tell if someone is on another floor of a building you're clearing or if they're underground. Thing is, BattleEye and EasyAntiCheat won't allow it since it's a "hook" and they consider it an exploit or cheat. I really really really wish myself and others could use this in more games, or the devs would consider using it natively (or support dolby atmos natively, even) GO ahead, go to Fool's Road and head to fortress. Listen to the audio - you can't tell if someone is in the tunnels or prone in the grass next to you. At Hilltop, you can't tell if someone is in the tunnels, the floor above you, or on the same floor. There's simply no information outside of panning for audio which means you get a flat, 2D representation of everything going on in the world. It's insane to think games as far back as the original Far Cry absolutely nailed this but here we are 20 years later and somehow audio has regressed! Please devs, at least test this out and see how massive the difference is in audio positioning. Squad has a fantastic dynamic range, the volume of everything is done pretty much perfectly. But the positioning is flat as hell and if it's this easy to improve it then I hope it's implemented.
  8. No audio in Squad

    I don't know what happened but the audio was working just fine in Squad yesterday, but now I try to play and as soon as I boot up, I can't hear anything. I've already checked to see what my default device for playback and recording is, and it's still my headset. I really haven't seen much other advice so please help!
  9. Hi, Signed up looking for help to solve my issue. Currently I have no sound what so ever in game. No intro music, background music, sound effects, pleaople talking...nothing. The audio device I use is set to default, I know it works because it works in every other application/game other than squad. I have recently bought a new headset and sound card - sennheiser gsp 300 (wired 3.5mm jack) and sound blaster z, but was previously using some old turtle beaches and on board audio. The sound didnt work with either configuration and hasn't done for the past few updates or 4-6 months. Finally fed up of "hoping" for it to fix it up so coming on here to see if you guys can help. I have also reinstalled the game twice, verified integrity of game cache multple times and also deleted squad folder in appdata multiple times, to no avail. So has anyone got any other suggestions for what I can try? Thank you
  10. HRTF Please!

    Seriously. Please. Check out the original Far Cry with OpenAL or x3audio1_7 (github) it's downright awesome. http://matthewkerswill.com/i-want-hrtfs-in-my-games/ I agree with the author and while I'm not sure how difficult it is a common argument is fitting everyone specific head - generics exist for a reason. Even just include or let us use this if you don't want to use dev-time: https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf
  11. Hello guys, So I'm sadly still stuck wity a FX 6300 CPU and has been using it for quite a while. I noticed in the past with music production apps and games like Arna that these CPUs struggle to process sounds. It would usually lock up the CPU and instead of prcessing the sound it should, it rather processes a crackling mess. In Arma 3 there is an option to limit the amount of audio sources allowed to be used/played at the same time. Default being 64, max 128 and minimum if 16 if im correct. In Arma I used to have the exact same issue as I'm having in Squad atm... with the game completely turning into a slideshow and crackling mess when too many sounds are going off around, this can be gunfire, explosions, vehicles... in Arma what fixed the issue was turning the amount of Audio sources down. Been playing Arma for years and always has to turn this down to avoid this issue. So i'd like to know if it is possible to get this same setting in Squad? I mean there is no difference for me between the Low and High quality setting... Also... if it's already possible to change the amount of audio sources in a file somewhere that someone can please point out how. This is not only for me, but for everyone using FX processors. The game really runs pretty good since V12. Not sure if low end Intel CPUs have the same issue. Thanks <3
  12. Audio Problems on Certain maps

    Sorry if this is already posted in another thread, but I’m getting a strange audio glitch From certain maps. after being in for about 5 minutes, suddenly my entire system audio will glitch out and crackle. Not like the audio is clipping from being too loud, not a headset problem, but it causes the whole system audio to freak out, even after I close the game and I have to restart my pc before it goes away. Anyone have a fix for this?
  13. Audio Issues

    Dear Community, I'm having some audio issues; When opening squad it cancels all other sounds from other open applications (Be it YouTube, discord and others) and even when running Squad on it own. Things tried; The issues isn't from my Audio device (Power beats 3 Bluetooth headset) -already updated all (audio)Drivers -ran Other apps as admin -selected Squad sound to also come thrue my headset (done in sound settings) -turned off the setting that apps can take over exclusive control over my headset TLDR; When opening Squad I don't hear anything and other apps sounds get cancelled Please help me out really want to enjoy squad as supposed to With kind regards, Kamirkaze
  14. Audio Crackling

    Hi all, I just picked up Squad and experienced some really bad crackling. I managed to solve it for now and I hope this info comes in useful for others. Problem: The audio was crackling really bad, then it would work fine for a little while, then go bad again. This was heard everywhere, even in the main menu. This is a fresh install as I'm a new user. Anyways, to me, it really sounded like the audio buffer was set to a really low amount (I'm using an external audio interface as I do music production too) and that the system couldn't handle it (the game itself plays perfectly fine). Anyone who has done some work with music will know what I mean, eg. when recording guitar, to minimise latency, you reduce your audio buffer to as low as it will go. But if you reduce it too much and your audio interface can't handle it, you will get this crap, crackling sound when you play/record. I managed to solve this by installing ASIO4all though I haven't experienced this issue in other games when using my audio interface. I hope this info comes in handy for others. Thanks.
  15. Audio problems in the game!

    I played the game yesterday worked great. I get I today and play a few games the get on this game.. my mic works great. This game seems to have a common issue with this problem. I'm an audio engineer and i have plugged 2 mics in to check this problem. Has anyone found a fix?
  16. I recently bought squad because my friend suggested it and we want to play it together. But righ of the bat its going wrong. as soon as i start up the game i can see and hear the intro, the word squad with some stuff in the back ground fading away, after this black screen for 1 minute and then the menu. From this point on, i hear NOTHING, no sound of the buttons, no gunshots, no music. nothing. I have looked at a lot of other forums but none are actually helping me. i tried to change Max audio channels from 128 to 64 in DefaultEngine.ini because that was suggested but that changed nothing. i tried to change the ingame audio setting from high to low, did nothing. i restarted my pc, did nothing. i trouble shooted my widows audio card and settings, did nothing. nothing is helping and i really want to play this game. Please help Kind Regards.
  17. While inside a vehicle, i.e like a BTR/Stryker/MRAP/Scout Car/MTLB etc, things where you're closed in.. I think the audio should be lowered, or muffled. Perhaps not for local/squad voice chat for obvious reasons, but it'd be a lot more realistic. I used Search and didn't find anything related to this topic, so apologies if it's been asked already, or already in the works. Thanks for reading.
  18. I haven't played for a little while so it must have something to do with one of the most recent updates, but whenever I try to play now using my headphones there is absolutely no sound. Yes, the headphones are set to default and they worked before just fine. Not sure if my specs matter, but GTX 1060 6GB GPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Intel i7-7700hq CPU, 1TB HDD, 512GB SSD, Windows 10. I also posted about it on the Steam discussion page but have yet to get a reply and if you have a bug report form I couldn't find it anywhere on the website. Bluetooth headphones and like I said, they have function properly with this game in the past.
  19. The game fails to playback any sound when using my GRIND Bluetooth Headphones I can use these Headphones including DOLBY ATMOS on literally any other game or app on my system and my phone. The game also completely DISABLES audio playback of already running audio in the background (aka music , videos played in browser etc) Please provide hotfix for audio detection subsystem. The audio devices used on WINDOWS 10 PRO (creators fall update)
  20. sound issue

    i love this game, but it will not support my usb headphones in game, it does whilst in the game menu fine but as so as i go into the game itslef and join a server or load into the firing range = silence and for me that ruins it sadly clean install, everthing else runs fine except squad sadly its a real shame he ho =(
  21. Hi, Just a quick suggestion, it would be great if you could add a drop down menu that you can select a device to output communication sounds to
  22. As Title says, add binaural audio. WHAT THE HECK IS BINAURAL AUDIO? binaural audio is "Virtual Reality" for your ears and is a HUGE boost for immersion, way better than the best 7.1/5.1 sound system you can find. And even the cheapest earplugs are enough to get the proper immersion. Basically our ears hear everything "just" in Stereo as we only have 2 of them. Modern 5.1/7.1 Sourround systems try to make things listen real, by simplifing our perception of where the sound is coming from. If something explodes to your far left, only the left speakers will play that sound. If the explosion is 45° front-left, the right/front speakers will ALSO play the explosion sound, but at lower volume, according to the degrees of the explosions position. That might sound logical at first glance, but in reality your perception of "where does that come from" works different. Your brain doesn't measure the loudness at both ears, it is measuring the offset between the arrival times of the sound for each ear. So your left ear will register the explosion a fraction earlier than your right. Explanation video with some binaural examples in the middle and the end. (the video does NOT feature binaural audio in the beginning, wait for him to switch to it) (Binaural Audio actually means "2 Ears Audio" and is more related to recording something with a special 2 headed microphone. For Gaming purpose we should refer to HRTF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head-related_transfer_function) WHAT DO I NEED FOR BINAURAL AUDIO? Basically nothing special. Binaural audio is basically how the real world sounds for you. As you have 2 ears, you only need 2 Speakers or any stereo headphone. Headphones give the greatest experience and even very cheap smartphone earplugs create an unbelievable illusion of reallity. IF you are using speakers for whatever reason, you have to make sure that they are directly to your left and right and not infront of you. Also the distance from your head has to be symmetrical. (i advise headphones) examples? watch complete according to instructions, you can skip to minute 2 or later if your impatient IS IT DIFFICULT TO IMPLEMENT IT INTO GAMES? WHAT ABOUT PERFORMANCE? From 1998-2003 it WAS already used in some games (and still is). have a look here. I am not familiar enough with the workflow to give any real good statment about this, BUT i've read over some articles and discussions which looked VERY promising. Calculating the traveling of soundwaves seems to be very intensive, but i read, that there are already VERY efficent approximations for that. Even some Engines are capable of doing it (e.g. OpenAL sound library ). Several mobile games do it already in similar ways. The technology already exists since mid 90's, and should really be an ease to implement with todays techs. Read here: https://www.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/126fjp/why_isnt_binaural_audio_used_in_gaming/ and here: https://www.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/4jc2c7/gaming_in_stereo_vs_binaural_what_games_can_you/ CONCLUSION The biggest problem is, that nobody is aware of how great that technology is and that you need a Headphone for it to reach its full potential. As there are already engines out, which are capable of this FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS i think time has come to make developers aware of it. Yes it is hard to sell this additional effort, because the promotion on youtube etc. only works, if the potential customer is ready to use a headset to watch the video, but to be fair: A HUGE number of players IS already using headphones all the time! IF you pump out some promo videos of the new sound with the 2 second explanation, that you shall use an headset to watch, i have no doubt, that this will go viral within weeks. Be the first Ego shooter with binaural sound! It is already Mind blowing in all day situations! Binaural videos about visiting an barber shop or a simple thunderstorm have MILLIONS of clicks, imagine a MILSIM using this technology! still not convinced? GO WATCH SOME BINAURAL AUDIO ON YOUTUBE AND GET AMAZED. i apologize for spelling and grammar gore. ain't nobody got time for dat. // Edit: a 3 Year old Engine running binaurale audio: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/released-binaural-3d-audio-engine-for-games-and-vr.234037/
  23. Hello All, Quick question (and I searched "sounds of rounds overhead" with no hits) so please forgive me if this has been talked about. Is there going to be the addition of the sounds of heavy rounds in particular flying overhead? So say an APC is firing from one side of a field and its cannon rounds are passing over your position, is there going to be a sound for each round as it flies by in a directional sense? I think I am hearing this for rockets from the rocket techie but asking for .50 rounds/cannon rounds. Thoughts? This is something I recall for the first time with dramatic effect in BF2 Desert Combat mod and really added to the battlescape and immersion. Thank you.
  24. Afternoon Community. Just wondering as I haven't found any discussion's about true surround sound support in suggestions, (possibly through fault of my own), is there any plans too add 7.1 surround sound support? I invested in an X-Fi Titanium analog 7.1 surround sound, sound card and Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog headset back in the early days of Project Reality to achieve better sound quality and positional audio. Its was a great investment as my positional audio was far superior than my pears and the sound quality was impeccable due to BF2's Sound blaster technology support. Squad in its current form, has moderately good positional audio, on a single plane, left and right that is. Unfortunately however from my experience it has no positional audio supporting the vertical plane. Time and time again, my squad would be clearing a building with several floors, hearing enemy gunfire emerging from the building from our left or right, only too clear the floor and come to the conclusion that the enemy player is above us. Are there any plans to remedy this by adding vertical positional audio support, as I believe it would vastly improve target acquisition and identification in such situations. I know I may be alone in my substantial investment to achieve better audio however, I can ascertain from the several post in support forum, I am definitely not alone in my use of 7.1 surround sound, whether virtual or analog. Any response or direction to other similar post would be welcome. Cheers Kdot
  25. I got on today and got into a game and I spawned in as usual. However, when the indicator for a squad mate talking came on there was no audio, but I can hear people in local just fine. I have already cleared my cashed data and that didn't help. I'd be grateful if anyone has a fix for this.