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  1. Is it possible to have a look at the blueprints for how tank vehicle movement is?
  2. POINTS-BASED ASSET ALLOCATION SYSTEM Just went over the post as vehicles have just been released, and thought I'd update it. The objective of this system is to create an asset distribution system that allows greater access to required assets, gives teams the ability to dynamically shape and react to a changing battlefield situation, while maintaining a reasonable presence of assets on the battlefield. Points Resource The points resource is a system exclusive resource that is passively accrued by players and used solely to purchase vehicle assets. The points resource is divided into three types: Squad, Crewman, and Pilot. Points Pools Each player has three pools, one for each of the Squad, Crewman, and Pilot points resources. The starting and minimum value of these pools is 0. A maximum value may be set. Points are not interchangeable between pools. Points Accrual To accrue points, a player first needs to be part of a squad. Once the player is part of a squad, he will accrue points into one of his three points pools based on his kit selection. Selecting a Crewman or Pilot kit results in the player accruing points in those respective pools. Selecting any other kit results in the player accruing points into the Squad pool. Points are only accrued while a player is spawned in on the map. Players who are dead or have not yet spawned in do not accrue points. Players with Pilot and Crewman kits can only accrue points while within 100m of a Purchase Area, or while operating an owned asset. The default accrual rate is 10/sec. Points Expenditure Squad points can only be spent by a Squad Leader with an Officer kit. The Crewman and Pilot points can be spent by the players who have accrued them while those respective kits are equipped. Squad points can be spent on light vehicle assets such as trucks, lightly armed APCs, and jeeps. Crewman points can be spent on all ground vehicles not in the Squad category. Pilot points can be spent on any aircraft. Joint Purchase Multiple Crewmen or Pilots can combine their pools to purchase vehicle assets. All involved in the transaction then count that one asset as their active asset, with all reductions and penalties that involves. Purchase Areas Vehicle assets can only be purchased in designated areas. These include helipads, hangars, and parking areas within respective Main Bases, but can also include captured objectives, such as airfields, and deployable structures. Active Asset Limit An individual player can only have one active Crewman or Pilot vehicle asset at a time. A squad can have multiple Squad vehicle assets active at a time. An active asset is one that is still on the battlefield, including any immobilized or abandoned vehicles. Active Asset Accrual Reduction When a player or squad has active vehicles assets, the rate at which points are accrued is reduced, based on the type of asset. For Crewman and Pilot assets, low tier, low risk assets impose a greater reduction than high tier, high risk assets. For Squad assets, a flat reduction of -3 is imposed per active vehicle asset. Loss Penalty When a vehicle asset is destroyed, players receive a penalty to their points accrual based on how long the vehicle asset was active before being destroyed. A 0 accrual period is applied based on how long the vehicle remained active. This is calculated by dividing 20 by the time(in minutes) the vehicle spent on the battlefield(20/6=3,33. Penalty applied for 3 minutes, 18 seconds). From 20 minutes on, a flat 1 minute penalty is applied. During this penalty time, the player accrues no points. If a Squad vehicle asset was lost, this penalty is applied to all squad members. If a squad loses multiple Squad vehicle assets at the same time, the penalties are applied consecutively. If a Crewman or Pilot vehicle asset was lost, this penalty is applied to the individual(s) who purchased it. The penalty in full applies only to the points resource pool of the vehicle asset lost. The penalty is not applied if the vehicle is destroyed by team damage. Carried Negative Penalty The 0 accrual period is applied to other resource pools at 50%. ----- This system would allow teams to decide their own vehicle layout instead of relying on pre-set vehicle compositions by map layer, drastically increasing the gameplay variety derived from individual maps. The division of the Points Resource into the Squad, Crewman, and Pilot Point Pools encourages players to stick to their roles, as does the relative reduction imposed by the Active Asset Accrual Reduction and Carried Negative Penalty. A Crewman can’t simply use his Crewman points to get an Apache, and an Infantry squad can’t suddenly turn into a tank division. Players operating low-risk vehicle assets won’t be able to accrue large resource pools that would tempt them to splurge on high-tier vehicle assets that they feel they can just waste, either. The passive Points Accrual encourages and rewards asset conservation. In concert with the Loss Penalty, the players who keep their assets alive for a long time manage to accrue more points to quickly purchase a new asset after an asset loss and avoid harsh penalties. Meanwhile, the Carried Negative Penalty ensures that a Pilot who loses his asset cannot avoid punishment by simply switching to a Crewman kit and start accruing Crewman points without penalty. The various mechanisms work together to reduce and eliminate most potential for abuse, griefing, and waste, and focuses on punishing the individual players and squads instead of the team as a whole. Asset Access Squad Leaders can grant and revoke access to any individual vehicles they have purhcased, as well as seating, to any squad or team member. Crewmen and Pilots can grant and revoke access to any individual vehicles they have purhcased, as well as seating, to any squad or team member Team Asset Restrictions Restrictions on the type and number of assets available to any team can be implemented in any way preferred. Hard caps(3 tanks only active at once, etc.), a team resource pool restricting how many assets can be active at once, potentially further restricted by asset category, or any other solution preferred. “Changelog” Simplified most mechanisms by removing exponential functions in favor of flat and linear ones. Made all penalties and reductions tied to individuals. Removed negative points pool values.
  3. So with A12 coming along and the introduction of fireteams coming as well. As well as major assets such as MBTs, I think it should be time to discuss how vehicles should be fitting in to a team. Should we go full PR style and just have one squad that claims all vehicles through server rules (or possible ingame implementation)? Or should we have vehicles like IFVs and APCs be attached to squads to form mechanized units? Should there be an option in the squad creation to make a squad dedicated specifically to assets? Should assets be in their own little squads and linked to whatever vehicles it's attached to and is available? (I prefer this idea as it would allow people to play together in the same tank without one squadleader technically owning all the tanks and being a **** and kicking all the people he don't like). Should IFVs and APCs be able to attach themselves to infantry squads for proper coordination? (assuming a vehicle has its own little squad assigned to it as mentioned above).
  4. So was playing Yek tonight, team was struggling but we managed to stabilise and holding shipping down to the last 60. As we was into the second half of the game, squads were not using the 30 mils after wasting loads of them we. In the last quarter players join and made a 30 mill squad. Then started by single manning following up just driving to the enemy to lose it couple of time. Game spoilt from late joiner that had no intention of trying to work with the other squads. Asked could he not at least taken infantry with him. " Too late I'm half way there ". Even though we where trying to organised an infantry assault with the 30's His reply was " yeah whatever " Guy wastes armour then disconnects. Our one and half hour game spoilt ruined from a transient. Could we not get something to maybe stop this from happening. Late forming squads that destroy the last tickets. after the 1hr mark. Fair enough players that have been playing the whole round, but its the migrant player that just loses it.
  5. At the present we have a single pool for all assets for a map, (approx 500 ) maybe we should have a separate armour pool. So the devs/players decide what would be a fair amount of armour on a map. 50% - 75% of the tickets this would allow @10 -15 units worth of armoured asset on a field before running out of any armour. (still keep respawn timers.) Only crewman costs should come off infantry deaths. Transported troops should if killed should come off infantry ticket stack as not to promote the ideal of not transporting people is a safer way of conserving tickets, maybe even have them not count as ticket loss while being transported. Extra reason to have mechanised transported troops. The armour tickets shouldn't be effected by flag loss, fob loss in the same regard if you lose all your infantry tickets you still lose the game. How would that looks maybe Infantry 500 armour 250. Maybe later when commander comes they would be able to change the ration by a percentage. 10% -20% infantry 550 armour 200. People might say well people will drop after losing the armour the respawn timer means you should be able to figure out for at least more than an hour.
  6. [Assets] JointOperations themed

    . UPDATED> 5/11/17 (pix) Hi All, Iv'e decided to make a thread for this as i'm about to start making some more stuffs! This thread is dedicated to my efforts making assets from the game Joint Operations (Novalogic) - mainly Typhoon Rising but i may add some from Escalation as well - for use in Squad Modding and to be included in my upcoming JO Mod (if all things go well). The assets will consist mainly of a selection of the classically recognisable buildings and game-play objects, a couple of vehicles and a bunch of Civilian assets for deco's. At this point i will be making these in a fairly low poly counts that will eventually be fleshed out fully down the track. My Flickr > i will post screenies of each as i go - peeps can check out the album for more. i am using Lightwave3D 11.5 for my modeling and exporting FBX's. *** these are the low detail initial "comping/placehlder" versions i can/will flesh out down the track, hence the lack of detail in some things. Cheers! .LJ
  7. [Free Assets] British Props !!

    So with the British Faction getting closer it'd be great to see some in the modding community make some English maps. Mapping isn't my thing so I decided to make some props. Included Items: Red Telephone Box Red Postbox Traffic Bollard Internet/BT Box (Found at the bottom of EVERY English Street) Pedestrian Crossing Post thing..? Old Caravan (Will release different textures for it soon! Old and new etc) SandBag Road Sign The pack is far from complete but I've been busy lately with the Foreign Legion Faction mod. Simply download the Uassets you want and place them directly into the squad content folder under epic games. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8cE5JFq7B_WeTMzUGZuQlVnQW8?usp=sharing - Download Please note that these are free but please do not use them outside of the squad modding community without my permision. And obviously don't sell them. Thanks for taking a look, enjoy !
  8. Hey all! So a couple days me and a friend of mine were having an interesting conversation about the upcoming heavy assets such as MBT's as well as air assets like Transport helicopters and how they will be implemented. Now this suggestion is not a "Is X going to be implemented" suggestion, for this thread we will just assume that Tanks, Transport helicopters, IFV's and all that business will be deployed at some point in the future. The real idea of this thread is how they will be implemented into the squad framework. What's wrong with the current system? Currently in Squad, once a vehicle is claimed by a squad, any random player who joins in the squad is able to jump in, gun and drive around the asset without any issues. Whilst this works with techies, humvees and trucks, this simply will become problematic when heavier and much more valuable assets are implemented. This is because heavier assets often come with a larger and much more different required skillset than your average infantry squad, this applies even more so to helicopters and other air assets where a good level of skill will be required in order to fly the vehicle. Tanks, IFV's and Air assets require an incredibly high level of communication and teamwork in order to work together well. A disorganized and fractured tank element of a team will find itself cornered and destroyed piecemeal very quickly and will end up being a waste to the team overall. Often the team that wins in PR is the team that has its assets in order and working together and not off doing their own thing. Allowing any squad to claim a valuable asset like a helicopter or IFV simply will dilute the team-play and make these potent vehicles job a lot harder to have some meaningful impact on the match. Currently in PR it is 10 tickets, add the crew and that is 12 tickets overall for a tank destroyed in combat. Add a 20 minute respawn time and you have a significant setback for the team in terms of heavy fire support and the loss of tanks can often condemn a team to defeat. So what is the solution? Here's where the idea comes in. I propose the creation of a drop down menu when creating a squad, the options for this drop down menu could be: - Infantry Squad - Mechanized Infantry Squad - IFV Squad - Tank Squad - Flight Crew Each squad will have kits that will reflect their role on the battlefield. Furthermore each asset squad will only be able to claim assets within their designated role, for example the Tank Squad are the only squad that can claim MBT's. The IFV Squad will be the only squad able to claim IFV's etc etc. This would encourage teamwork amongst the assets and make them work together, this is because heavy assets such as tanks and helicopters will have specific objectives that will not necessarily be in line with the standard infantry squads objective. For example, the tank squad in PR's primary objective is to destroy the enemy teams tanks, this requires strong co-ordination and inter squad communications. Once their primary objective has been achieved the tanks can move on to complete their secondary objective which is to provide heavy fire-support for the infantry. The same applies to transport helicopters, their job is to ferry infantry and supplies around the map quickly and effectively. Often enough a well dropped infantry squad at a pressure point during the match can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Then comes the final reason for this system, administrating. When heavy assets and air assets come into play on Squad, administrating is going to become a much more involved process than it already is. Administrating currently is a fairly simple process at the moment with only the odd teamkill to deal with, however when heavy assets are eventually implemented, a lot more time is going to be involved in making sure players are not asset stealing, asset wasting and ruining the game for everybody else. As someone who has done extensive administrating on PR I can tell you that this will be an issue literally the moment these assets come out as everybody will want to have a go in the tank. This system could almost eliminate the whole issue of asset stealing through a first come first serve basis. You could even create a limit on the amount of squads, for example only one tank squad, one flight squad and two mechanized infantry squads. The Breakdown of Kits: Infantry Squad No changes Mechanized Infantry Squad Two Crewman kits - armed with an assault rifle, Binoculars and Smoke grenades, the rest of the Squad will be standard infantry layout. IFV Squad Crew Chief - Armed with an assault rifle, sidearm, advanced binoculars (GTLD?) and smoke grenades. Rest of the squad will be crewman kits armed with an M4, binocs and smoke grenades. Tank Squad Crew chief (Squad Leader) - Assault rifle, sidearm, GTLD and Smoke Grenades. Crew member kits - Assault Rifle, Binoculars and Smoke Grenades. Flight Crew Squadron Chief (Squad Leader) - Armed with a sidearm, binoculars and smoke grenades. Flight Members - Armed with a sidearm and smoke grenades. Final Notes: Whilst I know this idea won't be accepted by many, the point of this suggestion is to try and focus gameplay when Squad expands to PR levels of combined arms warfare where each squad has a designated role to play. Ultimately, the goal is to create a fruitful environment where the communications, tactics and teamwork between the different arms of a team can coalesce into truly great experience and I feel that this system would help achieve that goal.
  9. Tire wall and road bloack

    Will tyre walls and road blocks be returning or will they be lost to time?
  10. Had a battle today on Fools Road and secured the west side of fortress and we did an awesome defense on 2 BTR's and the troops that tried to drive up the road on the western side. Even though we received little score for it. The devastation was massive.( spectacular ). Ok here's the point the Russian Players lost 60+ tickets in one attack shouldn't the players losing major assets lose massive score. something like -300 to -600 per BTR lost or something like that. There needs a massive reason beyond just the flag loss to make players/squad think, we need to keep these assets alive or we will feel it. For I think at the minute people are very blase http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/446240455622605672/ADA213A667DCD7FD7DAB279154E9B4CE3C193095/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|2048:857&composite-to=*,*|2048:857&background-color=black
  11. With the present there's no additional reward for keeping an asset a alive, yes I know that there's no reduction but how about every 10mins of keeping a vehicle alive the cost of losing it is reduced by a 1/5. More costly the unit the bigger the saving.
  12. Door Gunner Kits

    This is a discussion basically regarding the implementation of having the pilot kit be use able on the door guns of trans helicopters. As you can see in the picture below it is not simply the troops the pilots are carrying acting as the door gunners but actually the helicopter crew chiefs. I know that the reason you weren't allowed to use a pilot kit as a door gunner was so there wouldn't be some pseudo paratrooper where a pilot would drop a crate and a door gunner in a pilot suit would jump out and parachute. However, this could easily be countered by making it so that A. there is an alternate version of a pilot kit called "Helicopter Crew Chief" where the kit would have a bare bones mp5 (or whatever faction related smg), a pistol, red smoke, a knife and a couple patches. The difference between this and a normal pilot kit would be that this kit would have no parachute and a ballistic face mask with a visor as seen in the picture below for aesthetic purposes. If the devs didn't want to go through the trouble of doing this they could simply make it so that if a pilot parachutes after jumping out of a door gun or passenger seat, they won't be allowed to access a crate or be able to pick up a kit for a few minutes so they don't abuse the pilot kit as a paratrooper. The reason I think one of these ideas should be implemented is because since helis such as chinooks or blackhawks will have much bigger passenger capacity so the whole chopper won't be used up and also to have dedicated light fire support on maps with no cas or before cas starts up.Tell me what you think below.
  13. Hello everyone ! Let me first of all introduce myself, I am Romain, 28yo CG Supervisor for video game cinematics. I have recently worked on project like Halo 5, Grey Goo, Call of Duty ect... I am also member and founder of the ArmA section in the multigaming community =BoB= aka BreizhoO, I am pretty sure I have played with some of you guys on Squad or any other simulation game out there. I am new in the video game industry though, always worked with pre rendered cut scenes, and I have just started in the modelisation of some WWII era assets. Endgame being integrated those as a mod in Squad with Unreal Engine 4. Those assets are started : ( I will get some WIP renders later this week ) Opel Blitz - 80% KubelWagen - 70% Stielhandgranate - 100% Pak 38 - 90% STG 44 - 40% The list is quite long, and for now I am only working on this on my spare time. I will first focus on the firearm themselves, and then, when the SDK gets released, I will get the characters and vehicle up and running? I hope that we will be able to get the original rig, and reuse the game animation. I am also negotiating with the Milirary History Museum of Budapest to get my hand on some Axis and Allies outfit and gears and then 3D Scan them with my company hardware system to get ultra hight quality model, almost never seen in an Indie game before. Now, to get a bit more into details and to introduce the mod : It will be a partial game conversion using some existing asset and animation. Project name is : 1944 : La voie de la liberté. This is the road that goes from Utah Beach in Normandy to Bastogne in the East of France. Crossing Britanny, and Center of France to finish into those cold Ardennes valleys. Battlefield will be various, from the Libération of Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Carentan, Rennes, Anger, Le Mans, Verdun, Bastogne ect... The main idea is to develop a war frontline, with no compromise, extreme simulation, so extreme that gameplay would be left behind on some aspect. Difficulty and Inertia will be the keywords. No quick reload, if it takes 20 seconds for the crew to get in the Panzer 38 (t) then, 20 seconds it will take. MG Gunner will have less stamina than a simple rifleman, or according to his load. Emphasize ambush and transport more than Gun & Run Here are a few features we would like to showcase, via Scripting or Blueprints in UE 4 : - Drink & Stamina ( Drink coefficient is directly connected to the speed of Stamina regeneration. ) - Towing of Canon and light Artillery. - Troop transport, Opel Blitz, Half track, Light carrier ect.. - Light armored vehicles, M5 Stuart, Panzer 38 t. No Heavy Unit - Squad Based, FOB, rallypoint ( Squad ) - Massive non linear map based on actual location - Construction and Fortification ( Squad ) - Gear modification ( Tree branch for canon camouflage, sandbags ect... Men of War like ) - HQ and High Command ( Squad ) - Axis and Allies, Western Front conflict. - Inventory, micro gestion, ammo and drink canteen ( Men of War like ) - Vehicles Cargo ( ArmA like ) - Night and Day cycle ( If technically possible ) - Autobipod ( Red Orchestra like ) Everything announced is subject to changes, but the main idea is here. We will start with the basic features first, in order to get a prototype released no too long down the road. On the reference side, here are some and what we like from them : - Invasion 44 & Iron Front (mod ArmA) ''Speed pace and tactics'' - Resistance & Liberation ( mod Half Life ) ''Game overall concept and belt inventory'' - Men of War series ''Micro gestion and inventory'' - BattlegroundEurope WWII OL ''Game concept and scale and learning curve'' - Red Orchestra & Darkest Hour ''Game concept, and weapon behaviour and impact + bipod system'' - Project Reality ''Team based'' As you can imagine, this is a gigantic task that is in front of us. This is also why I offer to any volunteers to step up, we need 3D Artists, Texture Artists, Progammers, Level designer and Sound specialist. There is absolutely no obligation what so ever in therm of time to invest, if you just feel like modeling one gun and then leave, it is all good with us. If you feel like this is a project you like and want more responsability, then that is also totally fine. Everything is to be done, so if you like it, text me, and we will find you a task suited to your skills. If you have a showreel, or example of past work, please attach them to the discussion. Pipeline is as follow : 3D Modeling : 3dsmax or else for High & low poly. (We need high and low poly modelers, I can provide High meshes that just need retopo and UV's) Texturing : PBR Shader Substance Painter & Designer Photoshop Rigging : 3dsmax Game Engine: Epic Unreal Engine 4 I also have a possibility to purchase some good models on Turbosquid or CG Trader, I will activate a transparent paypal microdonation system to help. Everything will help, up to what you can and want to give, 100% of it will be used in the game purpose. This totally optionnal and is basically like a kickstarter to help us shorten some corners. Thanks for your support. =BoB=BreihzoO
  14. OKAY. Please read before hating Forest map. Everybody know so far this map was a test but it is quite a good map in overall due to the difference between Logar and Kohat (Open desert fields). That being said, it will be great if the DEVS CAN build it a bit bigger with a house village in the middle or something like that. See below: http://imgur.com/77SYYj4 I do know the DEVS are WORKING on the new maps but it would be great if they can add a little something in this unique Forest Map so far. Secondly, they should make it a just A bit bigger. Anyway. That is my 2 cents and I feel this map really nice in overall.
  15. [INTEL - Squads]

    Hi all! I was just watching the russian WW2-End anniversary parade and saw some mobile radarplatforms rolling through. Well i guess you already know where i am heading from here. I think it would be an awesome task for one of the squads to dedicate to get an Intelligence base up and running. Deploying assests that then can be used by the commander. Radar, deploying drones. Maybe even communications? I totally understand that this is something for faaaar down the line, but i wanted to make sure to put that idea out there. /discuss ---------------------------------original post end--------------------------------- Try to stick to this format for your suggestions: - negative aspect = possible solution+ positive aspectAlso what other aspects could be handled by this squad? So far radar, drones, communication are up for discussion. List: - boring to operate station = fly drones manualy (Morbo513) - once build it can handle itsself pretty well if no player required - communications are essential to basic gameplay + player driven feature instead of "AI"
  16. I'm about to clock out for the night, but before I do, here is an idea that I had that is relevant to the "10-Squads" thread here, but is perhaps too much of a tangent. This is an idea for how a Commander might manage assets, and could solve as well as create a lot of problems. The idea is that all assets are done by assignment. There could be "bidding" on assets in a pre-round operation, or Squad Leaders could handle the assessment of their squad's capabilities, and then communicate those to the commander. The idea here is that the Commander has a visual pallete of options that he can use to organize assets. He can drag and drop assets into squads, and from there the Squad Leader dictates roles in a similar manner. Squads would/could likely be renamed to clarify the intended "operation" and assist in organization. This would essentially solve a lot of the "stealing the Logi" problems, because being in a "Logi" role would flag your character and allow you to drive a logi that is parked at base. (I think out in the field they should be unlocked etc). I'll leave that locked unlocked thing for another discussion, but the point is, this could be a system that solves a lot of asset, role, and organizational problems in an intuitive manner.
  17. Asset squads: Rather than relying on the honour system and policing by admins to ensure the right squad gets their pertinent assets, there should be a system by which there are pre-existing asset squads based on the assets available. Players wanting to crew these assets must join the squad, and the squad leader can allow access to their assets to either specific members of other squads, or entire other squads, by clicking and dragging the vehicle's map symbol (Or from a list of assets) to a player or squad's name or their map icon. Having access to these assets would allow you to take the pilot or crewman kit/class (Assuming you're going with this system), with the asset squad ONLY allowed access to the pilot/crewman kit. This would both prevent players in asset squads from neglecting their assets, but also allow for Mechanised Infantry squads and whatnot. Pros: Named asset squads enforced by game instead of admins Prevents theft of assets Allows non-asset-specific squads to use assets with no confusion or argument Enforces use of asset when in pertinent squad Neutral: "First-come, first-serve" basis Asset spawns: "Pool" system: This somewhat ties in with the assets squads thread I made, please read it: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/72-vehicle-assignment-to-squads-sl-mic-enforcement-squad-mutinyreorganisation/ Basically, a given asset squad will have a pool of available vehicles that the SL can call in at any time, with a reasonable delay between calling them in and them appearing on the map. Once this pool is depleted, no more of that type of vehicle or asset can be called in, so it's up to the squad leader as to what they commit to the battle at what time. There would be restrictions; At lower playercounts, certain assets and numbers of them would be off-limits. There would be a default value which could be customised by server admins (Applied to all maps). This would prevent tanks rolling around when there are 16 players on the server. The SL would not be allowed to requisition any more vehicles than the current number of members in the squad can crew (Rounded down). Infantry squads would have a pool of utility/transport vehicles at their disposal This could be added to with a time or flag-cap delay system sort of like those of PR. I'd like to go a lot more in depth with this, which will probably happen as discussion goes on, if there even is one :v Pros: Gives the asset squad more control over their assets Mitigates the damage possible by griefing and baserape Allows for lower playercounts on heavier asset enabled/larger maps without them being unbalanced No need for ticket cost: The loss of the vehicle is a loss enough. Neutral: Emphasises importance of asset conservation More realistic Cons: Hard to implement? Less experienced players may "waste" assets "Points" system: This is sort of an extension of the pool system - It would function the same, but there are two additional parts: 1: The asset squad would have to earn teamwork points to "purchase" assets beyond their most basic ones (All of which there would still be a limited number) Eg. an APC squad is able to acquire BRDMs, BTR-60s and BTR-90s. At the start of the round, they can only call in their BRDMs, until they have collectively acquired a certain number of teamwork points, at which stage they'd be able to call in their heavier assets. Pros: Encourages effective use of initial assets, as well as non-combat support roles such as transporting teammates and building FOBs, setting the team up for later-game Neutral: Diminishes viability of rushing Escalation of force throughout the round - More infantry focused in the beginning, assets more common mid-game Cons: Could be exploited or unbalanced depending on how teamwork points are awarded and how it ties in to the maps and assets in question. 2: Think Warhammer; Each asset is assigned a value. Depending on the playercount, and if applicable, as defined by the server owner(s), each team would have a maximum number of assets they can field at one time determined by these values. It should be balanced so that every squad can have at least one of their assets in-play. Pros: Prevents the use of overwhelming numbers of assets Neutral: Requires more inter-squad communication, cooperation and planning Cons: If asset squads are allowed only crewman/pilot kits, this would cause problems if the cap is reached Traditional system: A certain number of each asset are spawned on the map initially, with more potentially awarded by capture of certain flags, or time-delayed spawns. When a certain asset from this pool is destroyed, it respawns after a certain amount of time. Certain assets do not respawn at all. Pros: Probably something supported by default Neutral: Practically infinite numbers of assets except in the case of those which do not respawn. Not very realistic Cons: Vulnerable to stealing (Linked thread above proposes fix for this) and griefing Balance: Now it's down to the nitty-gritty. There is a pretty fine line between the number and types of assets being fun and being down-right tiring to fight against. I criticise PR a lot and that's not going to change here: The second-biggest problem I had with the changes in 1.0+ was the asset respawn rate and the sheer numbers that could be on the map at one time. It is no fun fighting one BTR less than 2 minutes after you destroyed the last one, which was less than 5 minutes after the previous one. In my opinion, heavier assets like tanks, heavy AFVs like Bradleys, and Attack helicopters should be rare due to how powerful they are compared to an infantry squad especially when they have thermal imaging. The consequences of destroying them should also be much greater, as in PR it didn't have much effect, only a little breathing room til you were up against the next one. This seems contradictory to the "Pool" system I laid out earlier, but the fact is in PR this would be a perpetual cycle until the end of the round. With the proposed system, you know the enemy only have a limited number of the assets they are using and if you destroy all of them, you won't have to worry about them again. So, for example, the enemy team have 4 BTRs in their pool. They could employ all four of them at once to break through your team's lines, it'd be an intense shitstorm, but if your team manages to destroy them, that threat is entirely neutralised. Alternatively they could spread them out, using them to supplement their infantry's firepower and mobility, be conservative and try to keep them in play. SL mic enforcement: The purpose of this would basically be to help emphasise the importance of communication. The game would check if a player has a mic and has it enabled, if not they aren't allowed to take any leadership positions. It is possible to lead by text and map markers, but it really doesn't compare to verbal communication. Squad-squad communication also becomes an issue without a mic. This could be an option for server admins, on by default. Squad mutiny/reorganisation: Mainly for when a squad leader is AFK or is doing a very poor job. A squad member can call a vote which requires a unanimous "yes" to demote the SL. He would still remain in the squad, but cannot return to the SL position until either after a certain period of time has passed, or the new squad leader promotes him back to that position. As for reorganisation, well, I just said it - The squad leader would be able to assign a member of the squad as SL if they have to go AFK or feel they should step down. This would prompt a yes/no from the squad member in question. Useful for when a previous SL returns from being afk, or having crashed or otherwise being ejected from the squad, without having to empty and refill it again. If players in the squad do not vote, it requires a unanimous yes from those that have, with a minimum of 49% of the squad's members. Or something. Players can also be banned from squads with a vote initiated by the squad leader. Again requires a unanimous decision, except from the player in question. Kicking players from a squad can also be done by the SL and they would not be able to rejoin for another 30 seconds. Players who haven't been in a squad for a long time (<3-5 minutes) cannot initiate votes.
  18. Adaptive maps

    Hey, Just an idea that deserves to be thrown out. Adaptive map assets ie. tank respawn times and so worth that prevents spamming in small amount of assets in situations where the server doesn't have as much players what the map is designed to have. So in short maps adjust its certain resources based on the amount of players playing it. In example no fighter jets if there is only 40 players etc. So the turn and game experience not turn to a spam of one or to assets, mainly heavy fighting vehicles. This suggestion is based my few years and few kilohours of game time in another [once] big combined arms fps game. A spark to make atlast this thread arised from another thread: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/557-what-tools-and-features-would-you-like-to-see-for-servers/page-2
  19. so as you can see from the title i have been thinking about adding bunkers or better cover in general such as HESCO barriers as assets which can be deployed in FOBs. the reason for that is there have been many times in PR where i have seen super FOB's in PR being completely annihilated by mortars or rocket fire because all the cover they usually have is just a small walls of sandbags. in addition to that most FOBs aren't built under solid cover. IRL Fobs would probably have bunkers, and i am saying probably since i don't serve but from pictures having a build-able bunker isn't far fetched and could be very useful when pummeled by mortars. they could also maybe be built only by an engineer (been on several threads trying to make engineers useful) and maybe require an extra crate to build heavier fortifications. they won't be on god mode of course. what are your thoughts.