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  1. One of the problems with squad is that explosive type weapon, even though they have realistic penetrative shrapnel capabilities never can make buildings collapse, thus being dangerous to be inside. You will also never have that round penetrate the wall and then go off inside instead which happens sometimes in real life. What this means is that even though shrapnel penetrative power is modeled correctly, lethality of explosive weapons in the game will be extremely much lower than in real life. What this means for squad is that explosive weapons penetrative power on buildings should be upped on orders of magnitude in order to compensate for the lack of lethality of these weapons. Let's be honest, noone is afraid to go inside a building that has been bombarded all day long. You will never die from that falling roof etc. Also another factor with explosives going off inside buildings is the extreme pressure build up that you will get inside as well. In reality it would also contribute to the lethality of explosive weapons. I am pretty sure that if you had a tow missile going off in the room next door you would be in pretty bad shape. Currently buildings are like safe houses where you are perfectly safe if you just defend the entrances properly and stay away from the windows. This type of unrealism also have the map designers produce silly maps with strange undefendable buildings in order to compensate for the uncollapsible buildings protective abilities. I think currently this is one of the main flaws with squad right now. Put in some serious artillery and heavy weapons and make them totally blow out the insides of those perfect hideouts. On the other hand. Some hideouts should actually be defendable as opposed to how it is now. Also artillery and supply lines should present high value targets and be able to be taken out with a proper assault and some actual strategic asset thinking going on.
  2. Napster's Squad Mortar Calculator Hi everyone! I'm learning visual studio and decided to make one more calculator. The idea is to make it simple and fast to use, kind of like an artillery computer. Usage should be pretty straightforward. Mortar coordinates at the top, target coordinates at the bottom. you get the azimuth and the milliradians directly. I'd love to get some feedback. Let me know what you think! Google Drive Download (Updated - v2) Screenshot:
  3. Ok so one of my favorite things to do in the game right now is to use rocket artillery. They require a lot of coordination, good timing and a lot of accidental team kills to properly master. But when dialed in right in the appropriate circumstances, I've found that you can make an enemy team bottle up and sit in place. Despite this, they don't get much use not only for these reasons, but also because there are a lot of frustrating little problems with their use. I'll list my current problems with them first. - There is no way to see how high your artillery is adjusted unless someone is looking at it from outside - You cannot traverse the rocket launcher left or right - There is no clear 'center line' on the trucks, making aiming with them somewhat difficult even when using squad markers - When you leave the passenger seat, the rocket pod resets. I'd like to hear a more detailed discussion on this subject, especially from the developers, but there are a few minor changes that I, and others surely, would love to see added. 1. Rocket pod does not reset to neutral after passenger leaves seat. 2. A visual icon showing the degree angles (X and Y) the rocket launcher is pointing. This will make adjustments and communication for fire much easier to manage. 3. Some mild left/right traverse. Not loads but just enough for a player to make minor tweaks on their own. Would love to hear what other players think and what the devs think. It's not entirely related, but I would love to see the Russian army get an equivalent some time in the future, perhaps in the form of a BM-21 truck, or perhaps a mortar striker for the US in the future.
  4. Mortar Calculator

    Squad Mortar Calculator As promised here is an mortar calculator script. Use grid-referencing to input position of mortar and target to get elevation (Milliradians) and Azimuth (Angle in °). The link provided works on your smartphone as well. Please provide feedback and ideas for further improvement. Web-Version Python-Version Features: Calculate Azimuth, Elevation and Distance based on mortar and target position. Infinite sub-setting like A1K7K7K8K9 for cruise-missile precision Interpolation for elevation-steps Description: Refer to grids like this: C2-KP5-7 = C2K5K7 A1-KP5-5 = A1K5 or A1K5K5 D12-KP3-9 = D12K3K9 1. Input Mortar-Position 2. Input Target-Position 3. Dial "Elevation" and "Azimuth" into mortar interface 4. Enjoy! Visual Guide: Changelog: Credits: XXPX1, loff Other versions: By XXPX1 By bravo2zero By loff You can find a version for the insurgent artillery here:
  5. Insurgent Artyillery Calculator /u/r4ff4_ello an me wrote a little python script for calculating elevation (in keystrokes 'W') and the angle to target for the insurgent arty truck. It is not a bot nor does it press something for you, its just a calculator which uses grid referencing and some school geometry, have a look: Insurgent Artillery Calculator Web-Version Grid-Reference Version Code: https://trinket.io/library/trinkets/9d405e92ee Just input the grid-scale, position of artillery and target with easy grid referencing no more counting and just one angle output. Be advised the elevation data is for 80ms Keystrokes so if you want to reproduce it use our keyboard macros! Changelog: v5: - now on par with mortar-version - added web-version v4: - updated for the coming new map grid (A1 K1-9 SK 1-9) - attempt to fix angle calculation in quadrant 3
  6. FOB Deployable Artillery

    As someone fascinated with the concept of indirect fire, I am eagerly awaiting the introduction of static artillery. In my opinion having FOB deployables such as Howetzers and mortar pits could greatly improve the game. Not only would it add to the combined arms goal of Squad, but would help turn FOBs into key map objectives for players to attack or defend. Another thing I would like to see is a manual approach to aiming said artillery, following the trend of the Rocket Technical. Instead of gunners just clicking a map, have them experiment with the angle of elevation and orientation. This would promote communication with forward observers and keep the crew from getting bored. So what are your thoughts on FOB based artillery and when do you expect it to be implemented?
  7. Implementation of mortars

    He everyone, I had a quick question regarding the implementation of the mortar system in game. Is there already any word from the devs regarding what it will look like? Other then the already existing speculations that it will be pretty similar to what the mortar system looked like in PR. And is there already word out on what the ETA for mortars is? Also. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

    A FOB vs FOB long range battle. Very immersive and cool.
  9. In my experience rocket artillery can be effective in the right hands (I've been on both the sending and receiving ends of this), but that generally speaking, it's ineffective. I think the reason for this is that people usually employ it strategically rather than tactically. 90% of the time I've seen rocket techies they're bombarding a flag/FOB, which is ineffective unless the rocket techie is coordinating with friendly squads that can rush the flag/FOB the moment the bombardment ends... which is hardly, if ever, the case. All the enemy has do to is wait for the bombardment to end, then they can resume defensive positions and revive anyone who went down. If you're unable to coordinate with friendly squads, or those squads are unable to position themselves to employ the aforementioned tactic, a more effective utilization of the rocket techie is using it defensively as an area denial weapon, rather than offensively against static enemy positions. A good example of this is Kohat v2, where whoever controls the hills near the flags controls the flags. Using rocket artillery to deny the enemy the hills, if successful, would allow flags to be held or at least held for longer, and would if nothing else buy time. Keep this in mind next time you use a rocket techie.
  10. I think we need a thread exclusively for artillery brainstorming. On the Squad FAQ, it's stated that "In the long term we plan to always have maps of all different sizes, allowing server admins to choose the kind of maps they wish to run." In the first maps, we can assume that the devs had almost exclusively infantry combat in mind. So we can also assume later maps will be larger to accommodate vehicular combat. I think I may have found a viable solution for self propelled artillery for the big and rich US and Russian forces. In the long term we plan to always have maps of all different sizes, allowing server admins to choose the kind of maps they wish to run. US Forces: The M1129 Mortar Carrier. The M1129 is a Stryker Chassis with an M121 mortar which is just an m120 mortar modified for vehicle use. It has a range of 7,240 meters. It can also carry an M252 mortar (5,935 meters) and an M224 mortar (3,490 meters). Russian Forces: TOS-1A and/or 2S31 Vena. The older TOS-1 has a range of 500 meters to 3,500 meters. The newer TOS-1A has an increased range of 6,000 meters. 2S31 Vena: The 2S31 can fire mortars at a max range of 7,200 meters.
  11. Make the commander the most diserable role to play! I played a lot of bf2! And it was so boring to play commander. Squads didnt follow orders and you didnt really have a big impact on the game except from eternally spotting enemies. I'm confident SL's Will follow orders (in Squad) but its not really a big adrenaline rush to have 3 otter Guys on your comms channel, and seeing Dots on a map. Solution? Make the commander awesome! Reinforcements: I suggest the commander should impact spawn timers on vehicles, it can be done in 1 of 2 ways as i see it. 1st: prioritizing respawn timer rates e.g. your 1st priority gains a 2x respawntimer boost, 2nd 1.5x and 3rd 1.2 (what ever). - If no commander boost rates could just level out on all vehicles 2nd. simply buying vehicles like building fobs. though with a maximum so you can't have 2 or 3 mainbattletanks or whatever. This way the other team wouldn't know if they are going up against an armored force or a fast-moving recontype force. - If no commander is chosen a standard picking for a balanced force is chosen. (my favorite) being in charge of reinforcements gives the commander a greater strategical impact. I think we all agree mainbattle tanks shouldnt respawn right after being destroyed. Vehicles should be cared for and valued highly. The squad should cheer when destroying enemy vehicles... knowing they wont see the fckr again for a long time. Offmap assets: Commander is in charge of all offmap assets: Artillery, UAV's (small videofeed of whats going on atm), drops and.. piloting planes! Helicopters belong on the map. Planes do not! We Will miss out on the brute force of a plane haulning over the map in 12 seconds If their speed is to fit into gameplay. I hate missing out (see the link, you can't fit this into a game where an airplane takes off and land on a 8x8 km map). Let the commander call a plane into the A.O and have him pilot or Gun it when dropping a JDAM on an enemy compound or shooting down a helicopter bugging your squads. "Air support incoming 3 minutes" Would be a nice information to relay to your squad mates. And this would give the commander some hands on experience. Even just 30 seconds, two or three times a game, not looking at your map would make a big difference for playability. making airsupport this way, would also make it a lot easier for developers I believe (not an expert on the matter). Comms: The commander should ofc talk to the SL's and not the squadmembers, to hold a chain of command. on his map he should be able to tap into one squadleader and only talk to him. He should also have direct comms to all vehicles, making vehicles a team asset, not a squad asset. Again by tapping into their comms on his map. (sidenote on vehicle kits) Maybe pilots and drivers, except humvees and the like, should not be squadkits. but instead a separate "squad" operating only under the commander. So a squad as one unit can be deployed by a team-helicopter/apc without having a member driving back to base to not lose the vehicle. This would also emphasize the importance of vehicles, and caring for them. Typical BF to drive to the front and leave your vehicle.. I dont want this. Conclusion: Offmap assets like planes and artillery should be very rare, and therefore it is important to give the commander a busy gameplay revolving around strategy and comms. since he has the role of tactical air command, artillery battalion, executive officer and if you listen to me: pilot/gunner and company commander (reinforcement wise). he SHOULD have enormous impact on gameplay, the biggest impact of the team! He should feel the resposibility of the SL tenfold. people don't go SL because it is a big responsibility - and for the same reason people wouldn't just go commander to mess around. - and YES mutiny/voting should be an option. sorry about the rant, I had so much on my mind :D what do you think?
  12. I've seen quite a few suggestion and question threads regarding when mortars will be introduced to the game, but what I'm more interested to know is how people are expecting these indirect fire weapons to affect gameplay, and also how in-depth people want the mortar system to be. The reason I've created this discussion is because I've seen a lot of excitement from some people for the eventual arrival of mortars, but I've also seen a lot of complaints (especially in-game) about grenadier and LAT explosive 'spam'. So if people are getting annoyed by small explosives like what's present, then mortars will give them an unpleasant surprise. I personally don't get irritated by the current amount of explosives going off in any given skirmish, and expect mortars to be a nice addition to the game. In terms of depth I'm not interested in a mortar system that requires me to get out a calculator, but want something a little more complicated than a system like Arma. Also, keep in mind that land vehicles will be out well before mortars arrive, which means responding to them will be quite a bit easier than if they were released today.
  13. Russian MLRS

    it would be super awesome for conventional forces to have the MLRS. with UE4 and the devs' amazing skills--thats nirvana, lol jk but u know. for balance/gameplay i imagine it being something like the first one spawns 20 min into game, only 1 in play at a time, respawn time is 20 min, is very slow, takes a good time to "set up" and fire, is defenseless within 1000 meters, 1000 meter minimum and 2000 meter max range, if MLRS then no mortars, cost the team a lot of tickets when killed, requires commander order (?), takes a lot or supply points to re-arm (...), but is fucking beast! tactically MLRS would need to be escorted into combat by armored support with IFVs and such i imagine. gunships, mortars, area atttack ("metaweapons") counter MLRS. supply trucks might follow for for armament and repair. would require its own squad(?) Russian US
  14. Terrain deformation

    I would love to see the effects of arty and mortar fire in the dirt, it could also provide a little cover in an otherwise hard approach. Sure, it's not a gaping chasm, but if you lay your sweet little ass down in it you might just avoid collecting a bullet with your face. Is it easy to implement? is it taxing on our wee little cpu's? is it possible? was it planned anyway?
  15. Long Range Artillery

    Upon hearing the average size of future maps would be around 16km, an idea popped into my head. What if there were some sort of artillery battery implemented in or near each team's base? These batteries would be immovable Each battery would consist of 2-4 artillery pieces Types of artillery could be howitzers, rocket launchers, or even long range mortars The team required to operate these batteries would vary depending on the kind of machine (i.e. howitzer would need a gunner and a loader