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Found 24 results

  1. 1er GROUPEMENT TACTIQUE DAMOCLES Devise : Ardeur et Audace Catégorie : Role-play / milsim-hardcore Nous sommes une unité de milsim-role play représentant une force conventionnelle française sur le jeu Arma III et Squad. UN SIMULATEUR ! Tout le monde n'est pas conscient du potentiel d'un tel simulateur et de ce que l'on peut réaliser au travers de la simulation. Que vous soyez simplement un joueur, un militaire ou un passionné de l'armée et que vous aimez l'action et l'adrénaline et vous aimez aussi vous retrouvez dans des situations stressantes? Alors vous êtes au bon endroit! AU PLUS PRES DU REEL ! Grâce à la création de scénarios créés le plus fidèlement possible à des situations de combat réelles, nous sommes en mesure de vous apporter des émotions que vous ne verrez nulle part ailleurs. C'est notre point fort! La réalité au travers de la simulation! Pour y croire le seul moyen, c'est de venir le découvrir par vous-même! UNE PASSION ,UNE FAMILLE ! La passion du monde militaire nous lies les uns aux autres et nous sommes avant tout une famille, surtout lorsque nous mettons le casque et que les balles sifflent au-dessus de notre tête. Si vous cherchez des informations sur n'importe quel aspect de notre groupement où que vous cherchez des réponses à vos questions, vous pouvez nous contacter 24/24h via notre discord, notre site web ou notre teamspeak, vous serez accueillis et suivi par un membre de notre équipe qui vous donnera toutes les réponses que vous recherchez! Âge minimum 16+ Venez nous rendre visite sur : - Teamspeak3 --> ts8.illimity.net:51620 - Discord --> https://discord.gg/y3kfUP4 - Site Web --> http://1ergtd-reality.fr/ - Instagram --> https://www.instagram.com/groupement_tactique_damocles/

    Hey ! We are creating the belgian faction in squad, if someone want to join us ? https://discord.gg/YgYn2Rg
  3. Some New Nations Idea

    Just though I can start a topic and see what you guys think about any new nations you guys would like to see. Reasons why I think my chosen nation would work well in Squad is: Vehicle models in game can be used for it, weapon models, appropriate maps work for it, and the conflict it’s are in today. And vehicles that are still used by it today. 1. Ukraine Army Vehicles: Tank: T-72 IFV: BMP-1, BMP-2 APC: BTR-80, BTR-82, MT-LB (NSVT and PKT Version) Scout Car: BRDM-2 Anti Tank: BRDM Spandrel Anti Air: BMP-ZSU Logistics- Zil-131 Transport: Zil-131 Heli: Mi-8 Weapons: Automatic Assault Rifle: AKM, AK-74, AK-74M, AKS-74, LMGs: PKM, RPK-74, RPK-74M Carbines: AKS-74U Sniper: SVD, SVDM Pistol: PM Anti Tank: RPG-7 (with and without optic) RPG-29 Grenades: F1, RGD-5 Knife: AKM Bayonet Heavy Machine Guns (Stationary) : DSHKA, NSVT Anti Tank Weapons (Stationary): SPG-9, 9M133 Combat is still happening where Ukraine fights (War In Donbass). Can be used on maps like Yehorivka (based in Ukraine), Gorodok, or Belya (for alternate history) Opponents: Russian Army, Irregular Militia What Nations do you guys they should add?
  4. why not add a south american army like the brasilian ? will be nice they have o lot of equipament and veicules, and will be away from the normal no one game shows tat army before , and they have nice new weapons and could put them in combat with milita, north america or even with British or russia.
  5. If you've seen some footage of the Iraqi troops battling ISIS, you will notice that they are packing heat from the US. They have a bunch of hand-me-down gear like humvees, m16s, m249s, Abrams, etc. However, they still use their old soviet era weapons and vehicles alongside the US ones. It would be a US Army and Militia hybrid army. They are a force to be reckoned with and will be no pushover against factions like the Insurgents or Militia, but will have a harder time going against more conventional and modern armies like Russia, US, or Great Britain. I hope this will be an extended discussion where we can turn this into reality. Below are some images I've pulled from Google to help convey my points.
  6. M150 zero issues

    I've read the posts from Vewt regarding optics but he does not cover this issue. So going to the shooting range to test out some known implementations on the Trijicon TA31RCO-M150. At 400m and using the 400yard marker to the chest and firing does not drop the target. Once I get to my tracer round I notice that the bullets are falling left of target. Moving the BDC post to the right hand edge of the target the target falls. Now using an iron sights M4 with the zero adjusted to 400m I used my binoculars to find my center point, switched to the M4, fired, and back to binos to observe if my target was downed. Yes it was. Doing the same thing with the M4+RCO after finding my center point with the binoculars I switched over to my gun to find my center point, as you would guess, to the right of the target. I wouldn't say this is a grave issue, but it is an issue that has potential to impact game play.
  7. RECRUITING For the Royal duke of Lancaster regiment, a realistic take of the realistic regiment I served with for 4 half years You will learn leadership shooting skills ITC. Infinitary training course
  8. Good Afternoon everyone, I am currently making a RTS game on Unreal Engine based on modern military in an insurgency. I want to make the first faction based on British forces. I am British but not served in the forces, so I am going to need some help with basic accuracy. It's not going to be as bling animation wise as Squad, as I am currently developing this on my own. But want it to play as realistic as possible, supplies coming by truck and convoys having to be defended. IED searches on convoy routes. Out reach to locals. Locals having a dynamic trait controlling whether they are being radicalised to insurgency or not. I really need help with the structure of British Army, particaly small units of Royal Engineers and Army combat sections, can I use two sections of four troops as defence for a section of Royal Engineers that would construct your "fire base" or OP. I haven't posted on the forums in a long time, but knew this would be a good place to ask. Please post any ideas you have. Better to get a list now before I get further down the line of coding specific ways AI works. Regards, Matthew
  9. Now that we're getting a massive new map set in Norway I thought it may be interesting with a new Norwegian faction. Weapons: Hk-416 (Rifleman, SL, Medic ect.) P80 (sidearm) Hk-417 (Marksman) MINIMI (Automatic Rifleman) MG3 (Machine Gunner) MP-7 (Crewman) M72/LAW (Light Anti-Tank) Carl Gustaf (Heavy Anti-Tank) Vehicles: Light Vehicles - IVECO LMV & Dingo 2 (Slightly heavier) APC? - No. IFV - CV90 MBT - Leopard 2 A4NO Helicopter - Bell 412 SP in case of boats - Combat Boat 90N
  10. Military & Veteran Gamers Server Name: Military & Veteran Gamers Server Location: Kansas City,MO Server CPU: 8700K Server Network Speed: 1000mbps Largest Video Gaming Network of Military, Prior Service & Veterans in the Nation! - OPEN COMMUNITY for anyone who loves Squad! - 1500+ Servicemembers: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, USCG - Military, Police & Firefighter Gamerss - Military Spouses & Gold Star Families! - Persons interested in Military Service - Proud & Patriotic People who love the United States of America! Discord | https://discord.gg/aGywpR3 Website | http://www.veterangamer.net
  11. Canadian Army

    I would love to see the Canadian Military in action, in Squad.
  12. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    Howdy everyone, I wanted to propose a new weapon for the U.S. Army faction. The Carls Gustav. The U.S. Army has utilized the Carls G in recent years and has made itself a favorite amongst the troops in current and recent conflicts. The Carls G IS a weapon system used by regular infantry. Benefits that the Carls G has over the LAW is that it's a reloadable weapon while the LAW as we all know is single use. It also has varying munitions that match the opposing faction's RPGs such as HEAT and frag munitions. I believe the Carls G would better represent a more modern anti-tank and anti-personnel recoilless rifle than the LAW does in game. However I'm not advocating the removal of the LAW, just the addition of the Carls G for those larger conflicts in game IE Russia GF vs U.S. Army. This next idea is for a completely different topic but I'll throw it in here as well... I can see the LAW being another secondary weapon for the U.S. Army grenadier. He only has ONE just like a standard infantry man would be realistically carrying, but it would give him anti-vehicular fire power alongside his standard grenade launcher. While the true anti-tank role would be reserved for the Carls G. I also know that the Carls G has modern air burst munitions that can be set to detonate at certain distances. I can see this as being OP but that's for everyone else to discuss and decide. I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this! Thanks! I can't add pics or URLs so youtube Carls Gustav and check it out on images as well!
  13. Very interesting docu on the British army and some possible background resource https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09b6jp6/army-behind-the-new-frontlines-series-1-1-the-battle-for-mosul love the pretending to hold guns in practice .
  14. Hey there, ( srry about the english) I have some few suggestions. I know developing take some time, especially in this kind of game but the idea of adding more countries/armies to this game would be insanly fun. You know almost every reality army game is about USA and Russia and some taliban kind of stuff. When i first starded this game i was already suprised by militia army. Thats new and refreshing. But still if you add some more coutries/armies there would be a new twist in the game. Maybe you developers are already thinking about it in long term but maybe not. Here is some examples that you can add. UK army: The UK army has some own kind of technolegy and there own kind of weapons that people like to see. They have a great influance in the europian continent and are together with germany the most important army. The british army has a own kind of uniforms. They are a lot more comouflaged and they have always insane amount of bush on there helmets.(not in every case thoo) They even have there own arsenal of weapons thet everyone knows and loves. CHINEES ARMY: The chinees army is know to be the biggest armie in the asian continent.(russia not included). they even have there own weapon arsenal. they may not be the most experienced army but still they have great power. They have there own kind of uniforms. there main uniform is a really cool one with some black spots. They have there own kind of weapons that are strange and at the same time cool looking. These are some few ideas i would like to see one day in the game. its not like i demand for them. it would only be cool if they do. What do you guys think about adding some new countrie/armies to the game. wich kind of army would you guys like to see?
  15. 62nd Springers Name: Khost Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/khost007/ Contact Email: Theninedrop@gmail.com Looking for: I am currently recruiting for the 62nd "Springers" Squad. Please note this is a Skill and co-operation team based around realism (with the odd bit of banter!), so experience and some basic tactical knowledge is essential. Promotions up from Private to Lance Corporal, and Corporal available for the right members. Requirements: UK Based (Timezone) Can reliably commit to scheduled time *TBC* (Most likely Mondays, and Thursdays 8-10PM UK time. some weekends but this is all TBC) Decent spec PC, Mouse & Keyboard Prepared to train, Listen & Follow orders Must own a headset Can follow instructions Focused on Fairness and Teamwork Primary Language(s): English Only Age: 21+ Timezone or Region: UCT +00:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Nature of Interest: Skill based Only Gaming Background: Arma, Arma 2 Arma III, World in Conflict, Mil-Sims, DayZ Player Unknowns Battleground Benefits: Pension, Holidays, Onsite parking, Bonus + Travel Benefits. How to apply: Please state your Name; Age, Email address, and SteamID, plus a brief description as to why you want to join / what makes you a good fit with out Ethos and send it to: theninedrop@gmail.com. or on Steam ID: Khost007
  16. I'm one of those weird guys who really digs the MEC in PR 1, and I think that rather than more real world armies, the next thing following the British implementation should be a faction that is fictional, with no clear affiliation or anything. Are they fighting on foreign soil as part of some coalition? Are they fighting a local rebellion? Have they upset the USA/Russia/UK? Basically the complete lack of backstory gives map designers and whatnot complete freedom as to where they end up fighting and who they fight there. Hell, ideally it wouldn't even be clear whether or not they're fighting in their home country. Being located somewhere in (Trans)Caucasia, it could be anything from mountainous temperate to arid terrain. Thus, I thought up this concept. Like with the Militia, the idea is that there's basically no lore as to what these guys actually are. They're the armed forces of a fictional country located somewhere in the Caucasus region that primarily fields cold war era weaponry from both sides of the iron curtain. Lots of hand-me-downs basically. As for their equipment, again the idea would be generally older stuff, with some modernization and the odd new piece of kit mixed in. Here are some candidates for their equipment. I'll give multiple possibilities: Uniform: I was thinking old school M81 BDUs, DPM or something more silly (and recognizable) like Alpenflage. Old soviet camo is a bad idea due to the militia faction. PASGT style helmets, potentially uncovered like with the MEC. Service rifle - I think a non-combloc weapon makes the most sense as those are already common in other factions. G3 (already in game, has a sort of tradition in squad) HK33 (some argue that 7.62 NATO just isn't practical in Squad, so the 5.56 equivalent would then make sense) Galil (used by quite a few countries, could be in 5.56 or 7.62 NATO SIG 540 (same reasoning as the Galil, could be explained as local or foreign made) Steyr AUG A1 (with the old school 1.5x scope, because hell why not?) MGs: MG3 (You know you want it) M60 PKM (though it's likely many other factions will have these as well) A SAW variant of the service rifle if applicable Basically any cold war era HMG for their mounted ones Marksman/sniper: Basically any marksman rifle related to whatever the service rifle is. SVD (again, combloc gear is already very commonly used in Squad) PSL AT weapons: RPG-7 Panzerfaust 3 Again, pretty much any older ATGM from anywhere in the world. MILAN, TOW, Konkurs, you name it. Vehicles - basically, anything goes. M113 BRDM-2 BMP-1 &-2 MT-LB AMX-30 ERC 90 Marder Ural Land Rovers M60 Chieftain Leopard 1 (or 2?) T-72 Mi-17 Puma Fundamentally I think I just wrote a whole lot to say "make a faction with random gear that fights in random places"
  17. Actual Mods ETA ?

    Hello Guys hope you are doing great Well basically i want to ask a question about actual mod implementation When should we expect mods in game , like different armies weapons maps , system , And how will it be implemented when you download it ? Thank you Regards WOLF
  18. Hey, Offworld Last night I was having a discussion with some clan mates about specialized squads and how to implement them in to the game. At the moment, people name their squads with an objective in mind (most of the time) i.e. STEALTH, FAST ATTACK, RECON, etc. Well, I have an idea that would let squad leaders specialize the overall role of the squad just has players have the discretion to pick roles with in the squad. First, let me say that this could be implemented wayyyyy down the road when more content enters the game. That said, It be kind of neat if squad leaders could chose a squad roll such as "Special Forces," and this would dictate the kind of weapons and gear that is accessible to the squad members...stuff like silenced weapons, and specialized sniper rifles and what not. Of course you would have to limit this in the same way you limit the amount of players using certain weapons and gear like SAWs, M203s, and Sniper Rifles. For example, you can only have one squad of SF, two squads of assault, and one squad of...idk say, some sort of mechanized infantry. I also think it be a good idea to limit the number of squad members based on the type of squad it is. For example, an SF squad could have a max squad of 4 or 5, or what ever you deiced is appropriate. My buddies thought this was forum worthy, and they asked me to post it here. So I did hahaha. Thanks for taking the time to read. [2.FJg] P01NT_MAN
  19. 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment "A New Standard In Realism" http://www.2cav.org Current Phase: Planning As of this moment, we are accepting applications, but are not conducting any official activities until unit launch. About the 2CAV 3rd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, or 2CAV, is a realism unit based off the real life military operations group that currently supports ArmA 3 and Squad (upon release). Our goal here is to create a highly realistic environment that accurately portrays an Army unit, while still preserving fun. In the 2CAV, we utilize many aspects of an actual unit, including Infantrymen, armor, medics, and much more! Here at the 2CAV, even though we consider ourselves a MILSIM unit, we understand that real life comes first, and are always willing to work with our members to ensure that they are content and comfortable. Just because we are serious, doesn't mean we do not acknowledge that it is a game. And as a game, it is not worth playing if you are not having fun. Who We Are Looking For Almost anyone can join the 2CAV, no previous experience is required. The only requirement that we have is that you must be 17 or older, and may not be currently enlisted with another group in Squad or ArmA 3. In the unit we do not have room for slackers, and will make quick work of them if we find them. We are looking for driven, realism oriented people who are looking to be part of a team and make something great. Everyone in the unit contributes in some way, whether that be just attending events and having a good time, or volunteering your extra time to help better this unit in staff. Why You Should Join Unlike most units, here you are not a number. No matter how new you are, or how long you have been here, you can make a difference. We have open unit meeting for all members so that way concerns may be expressed, and so that ideas may be shared. We often encourage our members to partake just so they can get a feel for the type of open forum that it is. Everyone in the unit is important, can make a difference, and is crucial to it's success. Another thing that separates us from other realism units in the community is the fact that we are mainly focused around standard Army functions, and not special operations. We are not special operations capable at this time, but we strive to achieve it in the future. What You Can Do Right now we are actively seeking players to join our Infantry section, as riflemen and vehicle crewmen. Once enough members have joined, we will then begin recruiting for our aviation and other sections. If at any point in time a member wishes to transfer, they may move to wherever they wish. However, they must have completed the proper training in order to transfer and remain the same pay grade and avoid a reduction in rank. The reason for this is not to be a pain, however, is to ensure that an untrained member does not get placed in a trained team, and hinder their performance. Currently Open Billets 11B Infantryman - Contact Second Lieutenant Harper (Weapons roles also available within MOS) 19K M1 Tank Crewman Contact Information Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2cavmilsim Teamspeak: Website: http://www.2cav.org "Strong, Determined, Unbreakable." 3rd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry
  20. Hey Guys! We are the Hydra Squad, we are a new clan in the community that plays squad pretty seriously, with tactics and try to achive victory, we have a full rank structure & chain of command as well as a teamspeak server for organization. Requirements:Must be Mature Must Be FriendlyMust Write & Speak english FluentlyHave good game senseMust want to be the best Squad in the communityFor more information you can go to our website Or join our teamspeak Server at: http://hydraforthewin.shivtr.com/sweatystreams.typefrag.com:5595
  21. This concept was originally designed to work with another concept at this link. TLDR: To spawn things/players, for every minute that passes, the team receives a limited amount of "resource points". If you destroy the enemy, your team gets these points faster. If the enemy destroys you, your team gets these points slower. ------------------------------------//------------------------------------ Each team has a budget made up of resource points. The total of team resource points in the budget can only be seen by the commanding officers. When assets/soldiers are spawned, a certain quantity of resource points is deducted from the team's budget. Consistent respawning of assets will quickly exhaust the budget. Infantry who spawn excessively will also negatively affect the budget. Teams start the matches with a certain limited amount of resource points allotted to the budget. There should always be enough resource points in the budget to get the team started, after which the team will need to rely on resource point regeneration as the match progresses. Repairing assets also consumes resource points based on the asset's spawn cost divided by half. A tank worth 500 resource points with only 20% health remaining will require 80% repairs at a cost of 200 resource points. 80% of ¤500 = ¤400 ¤400 / 2 = ¤200 What is "resource point regeneration" (regen)? The resource points are naturally regenerative, representing military support given to the team from their faction over time. Resource point regeneration will trickle points into the budget allowing for reinforcement/expansion. The rate of regen is not displayed to any player, but it may be inferred through observation. Every time a friendly asset is destroyed, independent of the cause, the rate of the team's regen is reduced by a small percentage, meaning that the team will not gain as many resource points per second as before. On the other hand, when enemy assets/infantry are destroyed the rate of regen will increase. For AAS, captured objectives grant a small increase in regen. If the enemy captures a friendly objective, regen is decreased by a similar amount. If regen has stagnated or resource points have been consumed too quickly, the budget can get completely depleted and not allow assets to spawn, this includes blocking infantry from spawning. They will have to wait until regen has restored resource points to the budget. A team will not lose if the budget reaches zero. AAS VICTORY CONDITIONS Teams win if the enemy has lost all capturable objectives. If time runs out, the match ends in a draw. No team loses because of "tickets".
  22. WARNING!!! WALL OF TEXT! READ ONE COLOR SECTION AT A TIME. -WIP- I plan to divide this into several threads soon. AAS VICTORY CONDITIONS Teams win if the enemy has lost all capturable objectives. If time runs out, the match ends in a draw. No team loses because of "tickets". BUDGET (not necessarily inherent to other concepts below) Main base assets are also a factor. A landing strip to accommodate fixed wing aircraft and supporting hangars per vehicle carry massive costs. If the commander plans to use ground vehicles, he will need a repair/supply bay. Helicopters need landing pads. Assets such as these cost hundreds of tickets and is the reason for such a large initial budget available at game start. COMMANDER ORDERS COMMANDER (CO) LIEUTENANT COMMANDERS (XO) TIMELINES The XO would see up to five orders down the list, unless he is the one creating them, having received permission from the CO. The SL at this time would only see: Post script: I'd forgotten to clarify that the CO is the sole method of spawning for vehicle assets. Assets do not spawn of their own accord. XOs are not responsible for budget management beyond the conservation of their squads' assets and their spawn rate. Furthermore, COs, XO, and SLs all receive a battle notations tab with a notepad, and a request log, and a battle chat log. Request logs cover fire support requests, requests for orders, requests for transport, etc. These are automated requests generated through the script lists. Their purpose is to help sort out outstanding requests. The battle chat logs are as follows: CO sees his chat history with XOs or squads reporting directly to him.XOs see their chat history with CO, XOs, or their SLs.SLs see their chat history with their XO and maybe other SLs in their group).
  23. 75th Ranger Regiment

    Hello this is my first post pretty much ever. Anyways I searched and could not find anything about the Army Rangers as a playable faction. I think that the Rangers would be a great faction to implement into the game due to the fact they they are Light Infantry. This is like a hybrid between Conventional Warfare and Special Warfare. What makes the Rangers great is that they can do Special Operations but also often do the same things as Regular Infantry. The game would be great with them in it. Pros: *Better gear (we can keep the OPSCORE and airframe helmets) *more versatile for game modes *might appeal to more players *would not have to change anything about the game other than maybe eventually updating plate carriers to look more authentic Cons: *slightly more (very minimal) modeling *some people might complain that they are special forces and have no place in squad (not true they are special operations capable but not SF) Rangers history and background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/75th_Ranger_Regiment_(United_States) Visual references: http://i.imgur.com/aogbOfR.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/21ct374.jpg http://thelaymansperch.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/SOF0401.png Please leave feedback or further suggestions