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  1. Right now a Tandem HEAT costs 80 ammo points. When a Tandem hits a tank, there isn't any indication that it does anything a regular HEAT doesn't. A HEAT can disable any system in the game just fine, although without much damage to the vehicle's actual health. When you're in a squad engaging a vehicle threat, all you care about is whether or not it's still alive/functional. To that end, any LAT can seriously affect mobility either by taking out one of the tracks, or it's engine if they know where it's placed. A regular HEAT costs 40 ammo. For 80 ammo (2 HEATS) you can disable any vehicle by either taking out both tracks or a track and it's engine. Any of those scenarios will likely give you the opportunity to injure the crewman if/when they get out to repair depending on the situation. A Tandem can do the same thing as a single HEAT (disable any system) but it does a bit more than a third of an MBT's health pool. As far as that squad is concerned, they paid 80 ammo for the same effect the regular heat had. The Tandem might make the crew retreat to re-arm/repair but honestly that crew doesn't have much to worry about from that squad because it's almost guaranteed any riflemen in the squad already used at least 20 ammo denying the HAT another Tandem. You only get two HAT kits per team, as opposed to 2 LATs per squad, if you deny yourself much more versatile options such an AR and GL. On top of that, these kits take a certain degree of skill and knowledge of the vehicles in the game that isn't readily available without some personal time spent studying/testing. Map knowledge is something anyone can pick up, but a talented rocketeer can really be a diamond in the rough in the current state of the game. My proposal is simple. Reduce the cost of the Tandem HEAT from 80 to 60. They still can't take more than one from an ammo bag, which would really upset the balance of the game. This way, riflemen are more likely to have enough for them to get their second Tandem (needed to take out the tank, and certain other large vehicles with health pools of 2K+) and the squad that has 9 men with only 2 riflemen (3 fire support, 1 HAT, 2 medics, SL) isn't completely screwed for ammo the second the HAT pulls a single Tandem out of one of the bags.
  2. With the changes in V12 -- increased map sizes, vehicle torque, FOB locking, persistent ammo, etc -- logistics has become a nightmare, ruining the fun and pacing of the game. It's particularly bad on public servers when people don't want to spend 10 minutes making a logi run up a steep hill, when they'll just get blown up and waste the effort. However, while most players don't like driving a logi all match, most don't mind a quick trip for supplies every once and a while. Solution: Player-built supply FOB's. The core of Squad is player interaction, so I think it's important to make sure the focus remains on teamwork, communication, and player driven actions. It still needs to be a fun game to play in both public and organized matches, and players aren't going to stick around to grow the community if they aren't spending most of the play time talking with squadies and shooting stuff. The idea is to make logi runs player-driven, short and sweet, but still vulnerable to ambush and supply chain scarcity. Supply dumps can be built at FOBs, which slowly generate supplies. They must be at least 1000m away from active flags, 600m away from mortars, and 1000m away from other supply depots. These numbers should be examined but I think they're a good starting point. This shortens supply runs on large maps and maps with crappy geography/steep hills, but still requires teamwork and planning to execute. This will encourage supply fobs to be built in areas where it makes sense: major cross roads, easy access, defensible, etc. However, mortars can't be spammed with free ammo from the supply dump, it still takes a logistics network to supply them, and supply dumps are placed far enough apart to prevent easy exploitation. This can also be used to keep old FOBs behind the front line relevant as the team advances. Logis get dragged from one base to the next and run between the current FOB and the previous FOB. Need supplies? Spawn at the previous FOB and pick up the abandoned logi there. Then fill it up at the supply depot and drive it forward. Getting pushed back? Dig up the Supply depot and move it back. Then build mortars to replace the supply depot and shell the enemy advance. Advancing quickly? Dig up the mortars and place a supply depot, then build a new forward FOB. Points generate slowly so you still have strained supply lines while teams are advancing quickly, and if the defending team is holding out against heavy assault, close supply points may run low and require longer supply runs to more distant points. Squads can also go behind enemy lines to make logi runs more treacherous/longer as trucks need to drive further back to avoid ambushes. Also, SLs will have to try and hide supply dumps once helicopters are added so that they don't get nuked from orbit
  3. Thought I would create a thread with some thoughts and feedback. First, good job team on creating a great game, this is by far my favorite FPS, and I've played FPS's since the first Wolfenstein. I've read and watched many of the topics, but not everything so forgive me if I repeat anything. Things I think are great: - Keeping the Game Communication based, and not letting turn into another 360 no scope fest (we already have plenty of those) - Your attentiveness to the community and taking suggestions and feedback, many times I've though "I wish X was in the game" and then boom, next update its in the game. - The teams ability to keep the gameplay balanced is fantastic as well, good job on that. - Squad has some of the best Vehicle game-play in any shooter, and it seems to improve with every version. - The addition of modding support. - Fantastic job keeping hackers out of the game, I can't think of too many times anyone was caught hacking (with one exception I will cover) which is pretty unheard of in these kids of games. - Vehicle Repair role and engineer I think is a great idea. - Dragging injured players is a great idea, but may be overshadowed by adding the ability of anyone to bandage a player so they can move. - Thank you for finally adding a knife =) Things I think are badly needed: - Players peaking the opposing teams FOB locations are a real issue (cheating) and is starting to kill the game. Switch teams, having a friend sit on the opposite team, or using another computer/squad install and just sitting in unassigned players are all methods people are using to do this. I would say its ruining 50% of public games and has become a real issue. You get all your FOBs dug up as soon as you place them, or they wipe your FOBs in a 3 minute window. You can fix this by only letting squad leaders see the locations of FOBs and only if they have at least 3 players on their Squad. Or you can just have the FOB labeled "attack FOB" or "defense FOB" or let squad leaders name them when they are placed, so people know which one to select and spawn at, but which are not shown on the map. Most players ask "where do you want me to spawn" anyway. - The future Engineer role, or the Crew-members need to be able to flip vehicles, or dig them out (not just destroyed vehicles) flipping a truck on a huge map or getting stuck on a rock is frustrating and kills the game especially on certain large maps (helis may fix this), same with burnt vehicles blocking your path when there is no other way around (which I know you are considering). - I think the dev team needs to reconsider ranking, specifically for Squad leaders. Squad is popular and there are a ton of new players all the time which is great, however, the game is won in the first 3-5 minutes of a map. When you have 3 or 4 squads out of 5 still in main base because everyone joined with a noob squad leader, and those leaders cant figure out how to enter a vehicle, the game is over before it started. People need a way of judging who is going to be a good squad lead so they can join that squad and start the map right. Hours played would be something you could list next to a persons name. - The dev team needs to institute a voting system so you can forfeit a map, or maybe vote on the next map. You could make this a server selectable option. When the invariable 3-4 bad squad leads lose the map in the first 5 minutes, and everyone is stuck on a team that is losing beyond hope for the next 20-30 minutes or more, people tend to just rage quite and it kills the server. Voting to forfeit, and/or choosing the next map would fix this and lots of games have done this in the past with great results. - Ticket bleed needs to continue to be refined. Right now, there is really no reason to attack an objective when there is little to no ticket bleed as it will cost you more tickets to attack than you will gain. This fact slows the game down too much and most of your team ends up complaining. Pace is important, so is motivation. A little bit of social engineering and incentivizing goes a long way. - Deployables need to protect the player using it more. Right now people don't use machine gun nests and such very much because you just get shot out of them in 5 seconds. You spent so much time developing them, people should be able to use them. Particularly, the machine gun bunkers should really be impervious to small arms fire. It should take a grenade, RPG, IED, or another vehicle or gun emplacement to take one out. This would VASTLY improve the communicative and tactical nature of Squad, as you could setup real defenses, and the opposing squad would have to choose to attack from a different direction, or try and RPG it, or call up a vehicle to take out the nest/bunker and would add another tactical/comms level to the game play. Just rushing in would result is your team just getting chopped up by the machine gun bunker. Keep the same number of deplyables, 2 is enough. Militia machine guns with the armor plates on them really need to cover the whole body, or wrap around more. You should need to get an angle on it to take out the user. Insurgency Sandstorm got this right with their vehicle guns. Also consider this on the militia/terrorist technicals as right now they mainly just serve as troop transports since the guns are useless. - Squad leads need to be able to draw arrows or lines on the map in a limited way (to prevent trolls). We need to be able to direct players and other squad leads on directions in which to attack or travel, kinda like drawing football plays, or circle large areas with enemies (or lack of enemies). Make at least two colors, Red and green. This would also help when playing with international players who maybe don't speak the same language. - Servers need to be able to use custom maps and players should be able to download them when they connect to a server. Lots of other games do/did this. Keeps the game fresh and the community engaged/excited for new game-play. There are lots of great mods and maps being made, but not many people play them as the player count is too low since its difficult to get them installed and find servers. Features I think would be great to add, or maybe voted on: - The ammo bags are sorely needed and its great your implementing them, but I think you should think hard on making players spawn with 2 mags, it may slow down the game-play too much. Perhaps make it so if the nearest FOB has ammo in it, you spawn with a full kit, if its empty, you spawn with 1/2 full kit. You could reduce the spawn ammo points used to something low like 5 or 10 points. - Players, or the members with the ammo bag, needs to be able to pull ammo out of the vehicles, I think your already working on this which is great. - US/Brits/Russians need IED's/C4 or or something similar to counter the terrorists. This is great for breaching defenses/ taking down FOBs. Also, maybe adding anti personal mines / trip wires in a limited way (lets say scouts have one). - US/Brits/Russians need a scout role with maybe different features than the militia ones. - Squad leaders need to be able to grant someone the ability to place deployables and built. Engineer role could do this, or maybe a new 2nd in command role or similar. Often times their is always one guy would really wants to build, if the squad lead is always doing it, the team gets anxious as your the only guy with the ability to drop rallies. - AK iron sights hold back those teams too much and are difficult to use (both in game in IRL lol). The green dot sight is a great addition, but with the US/ brits having a lot of great optics, its still pretty unbalanced. Adding a few more reds dots to the different militia roles might help, like the medics. - Add stun grenades / Flash-bags? - Vehicles still cost to many points, needs to be re-balanced. This could be server selectable. Generally speaking, whichever team uses the most vehicles loses. Noobs kamikaze them, which makes squads leaders not want to authorize them, and hence they sit in main. Just figure out what the average amount of kills people get with each vehicle on a run and then set the ticket cost to just above that. - The number of rockets the US LAT gets needs to be reconsidered. - Figure out a way to incentivize defending an objective on public servers / doing logi runs. No one ever wants to defend or do runs. Ranking would fix this. - Consider making, or getting the community to make, training videos for new players on how to play (I did see the forum post but noobs wont read them). SCUM did a great job of this with their explanation videos of the features in the game. Overall the game is awesome and keep up the good work. If I had to only pick two things for the dev team to work on it would be stopping FOB peaking and adding vote forfeit. Hope this information is useful to everyone! Thank you.
  4. Other tracer ammunition for MG

    the current tracer ammunition is deadly for the gunner, he say "he im here kil me please ! " normal you can`t see tracers from the front ! And i think they are a little to big and bright on the daytime ! is any chance to switch the tracer ammo to tracer sets with delay at 100m ! or , can't find the english word for ammunition with "glimmspurladung" it can not be viewed from the front and from the side.
  5. At present when you reload a Static MG or TOW it instantly takes a full amount of ammo from the FOB. eg tow fire one round uses 500 ammo, MG reload uses 50. shouldn't it be TOW fires 2 rounds from its mag. Then reloads cost 500 for full reload for the 2 rounds , and the MG fires its 3 mags then costs 50 to get back 3 full reloads. If this is working as expected by bother having a magazines loadout. Because if your out of ammo on the fob your gun cant fire.
  6. 1. Players defensive position in open vehicles with firing option. So may times I have experienced vehicle ambush and getting killed without firing single bullet. Please modifie the player seating position as defensive with firing option in open truck, technical and pickup truck vehicles which helps to answer the ambush with out getting out of vehicles. 2. Players carry ammo box. When defending or attacking away far from FOB if we are running out of ammo or bandage instead of running back to ammo create for reloading we can request SL to send soldier carrying ammo box on foot or vehicles. 3. APC blow up time should be increased. As we see the game vehicles are blowing up and turn to wreck immediately after hitting mines or multiple rockets. Usually vehicle after taking hit first it will be damaged and disable post that it will catch fire or cook off and then turn to wreck it's required some time to blowup. I hope I see this changes in next version. 4. PKM bipod front folding It's a small change. I have observed PKM bipod folded toward back side in November 2017 recap. Usually PKM gun bipod will be folded towards front side which we see the difference between Russian MG and US MG. I have seen maximum PKM bipod in real world folded to front which make difference between M240 and PKM.
  7. “Ammo FOBs” promote unhealthy gameplay, are detrimental to the role of logistics, and can cause games to snowball out of control. They should either be removed or reworked until a solution conducive to healthy gameplay is found. Let’s start off by defining what an “Ammo FOB” actually is. An “Ammo FOB” is when a squad leader places down a radio and an ammo crate, builds them up, rearms his squad, and then proceeds to tear them back down, ad infinitum until his squad has been fully rearmed. This can be done practically anywhere and at anytime. As one could imagine, this system is easily abusable and unhealthy for gameplay. To emphasize my point, I’d like to share a segment of one of Karmakut’s latest videos. Let me first preface by saying that I do not blame him in any way, shape, or form for utilizing a gameplay mechanic to his benefit. In fact, you’d be purposely putting yourself at a disadvantage not to. With that said, skip ahead to roughly 22:30 and onwards to see exactly what I’m referring to by unhealthy gameplay. Time Stamped Video Here For those who are unable or unwilling to watch the video, allow me to summarize. Karmakut and his squad have been performing overwatch in the mountainous regions north of the Kohat Toi River Valley for the duration of the round. Multiple attempts at resupplying his squad via logistics trucks have ended in failure due to the cumbersome terrain or enemy ambushes. To resupply, they’d ideally be forced to either pull back to friendly lines or risk another logistics truck run. Either way, any momentum towards pushing the next flag would be lost or ill advised due to being under equipped. However, by repeatedly exploiting “Ammo FOBs”, not only were they able to fully resupply themselves completely out of thin air, but they were also able to continuously pressure the objectives and eventually push the enemy team all the way back to their main base spawn. You don’t have to be familiar with all the ins and outs of Squad to know this mechanic is bad for gameplay in a variety of ways. The most notable of such is how insignificant they make the concept of logistics. Why wait for a logi truck that may or may not be destroyed en route (costing valuable tickets and disrupting your team’s supply line) when you can just magically spawn infinite ammo from out of the blue? On a lesser but equally irritating note, you’re also able to swap kits whenever you want while out in the field. While not necessarily a bad thing, it begs the question: where are all these weapons and munitions coming from? Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Running logistics is already deemed “boring” by a good majority of players, there is even less incentive now that “Ammo FOBs” are meta. I could go on and on about how “Ammo FOBs” can potentially snowball a game out of control, or how they artificially and needlessly accelerate gameplay, yet there are an endless amount of possibilities and my intention was never to write a novel. Suffice to say, with no real restrictions on where and when you can get unlimited ammo and kits, unhealthy gameplay is bound to rear its ugly head. Thoughts?
  8. 5.56 replacement

    http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/news/a27651/us-army-m4-carbine-replacement/ Article on replacemental of 5.56. Wonder what the British will take. Uk went with Sa80 for the reason the US used 5.56 ammo.
  9. Is there in programm the Possibility to share ammo magazines with team mates? Also, being able to pick up ammo from death bodies? Fast reload while you leave your magazine on the ground instead of put it in the tactical vest? Possibility to mix your half magazines to fill out 1 full (of course it should take 1min or more to do that)? These will make the game more realistic than everyone else. Hope Dev gonna see this, Thanks
  10. In keeping with the realistic philosophy of the game, I request that ammo crates have a limited number of ammunition, explosives, smokes, bandages, etc... If a team wants multiple ammo crates, that is ok as it makes sense but there should be a limit to the contents. The limit should be determined by the FOB, not the ammo crate so as to prevent people from exploiting this by simply deploying multiple crates. Multiple crates would simply draw down the FOB ammo crate content counter for each item type as they are consumed. The behavior should be that the only way to replenish the ammo crates would be from a logi supply run. When a logi drops off supplies, the ammo crate content counter for the FOB should reset to full with no resource cost and of course, no overstocking from multiple logi supply runs. As to how many should be allowed of each type... I'm not sure. That would be best turned over to the community to discuss.
  11. Alright. Playing as the US we had this FOB with good over watch on a southern flag (on the map that has north/south DC but a different layer with Ghazi farm or something iirc) Anyway, We we're rockin and had plenty of ammo (500+ pts) and after something like 10 minutes of lighting up a couple flags and a few hills - really supporting the team for a while the gun just wouldn't fire anymore. Checked the ammo count at the FOB and it read 350+ (can't remember the exact number but it had gone from 800ish down to like 386 or something) The HMG would do the reload animation (at this time it was the HMG Bunker) but it wouldn't fire regardless of who got in and reloaded it. It could even be reloaded back to back by the same person repeatedly. I checked with SquadOps because they're pretty experienced and they said overheat lasts mere seconds, we spend probably a couple minutes with a few of us getting in and reloading a couple times and declaring that the gun indeed wouldn't shoot, even with 500+ supply again. So we dug it up about half way, SL gave the order to build it back up since the gun model and most of the hescos despawned. Only this time when we built it up the gun didn't spawn in at all and we just had the hescos and a couple low sandbags. It was really bizarre and we didn't have the supply to build a completely new HMG Bunker.
  12. Since we have the ability to reload non-empty magazines and place them in a reserve pouch, it would be useful to have some sort of indication of which magazine you currently have loaded on your mag counter hud. This could be in the shape of either a minimalistic white arrow pointing to whichever is loaded or some other sort of indication. While it is pretty easy to tell what mag you're using after the third or so tactical reload, once you've been alive for awhile your entire ammo HUD turns into a rainbow and you don't know whether you're on the red or green.
  13. Transferable ammo

    Would be really good for commanders to be able to re-balance Squad ammo. It's a frequent problem that a couple of members of a squad would run out of ammunition before the others making it inconvenient to return to the nearest FOB ammo point for the entire squad and often forcing a split callsign which goes against the teamplay ethic of the game. A big problem I've frequently found is riflemen running out of grenades quickly in an urban scenario with the only solution being to change the order of units repeatedly. IRL a supply of grenades would be pushed forward from the QM's group and other section members. I would suggest a few different solutions bearing in mind the aim is gameplay over realism: An Arma - style kit system whereby people can drop magazines and equipment on the ground or place it into another character's backpack. Further mods to Arma allowed magazines to be refilled from loose and boxed ammo as well as from other magazines based on a timer system. The pros of this are obvious, the cons would be that it could become overly-milsimmy and complicated. An America's Army (2.0 back when it was good!) style system whereby players could drop a grenade or rifle magazine which could be picked up by other players. This would be time consuming to do at any large scale but probably the simplest. A Far Cry 3 style "search the dead" system allowing players to recoup the remaining full magazines and grenades up to starting capacity from a fallen friendly unit. A system where the squad leader could perform an automated "Ammo balance" on squad-mate's within a certain radius if not under immediate threat. IRL - the 2IC and Pl Sgt's group would carry additional ammo which would be redistributed according to requirement during the regroup(section)/reorg(platoon/company) phase of an attack.
  14. stuck at ammo box menu

    how do u get this off ur screen...i cant do anything i seriously had to force stop the game ... like cmon how can u get a patch out without fixing this things... dont u have any1 to test this?
  15. Checking ammo

    So I was wondering if we'd have the ability to check how much ammo we have in the magazine. It'd be pretty I think personally, you would basically hold "r" or whatever button you have to reload and it would be your character pulling the magazine out of his gun and checking how many rounds are left. Now for guns such as the m4 there could be small slits in the mag to represent a rough estimation how much ammo you have left or for say German forces the g36 has a transparent magazine. If you decide not to have view slits on the side of the magazine you could just be shown checking the top of the magazine to see if you still have ammo.
  16. The ability to check how much ammunition you currently have roughly in a magazine would be a great addition to Squad. I believe it was a feature in Project Reality, so I am surprised that this is not a feature in Squad already. Let me know what you think! Perhaps it could be implemented as so: press a key and you will see a text or an image that will tell you the magazine is full or nearly full the magazine is around halfway full the magazine is empty or nearly empty Thanks!
  17. DISCLAIMER: I have utilised the search function and could not find this suggestion. SUGGESTION: Implement ammo/medical supply looting from fallen soldiers using the 'use' key (same function as resupplying off ammo dumps). So my buddies and I are playing right now, and I was explaining the importance of having a second medic to them, as I've read kit-swapping is not coming to Squad and was only left in Project Reality because it was hard-coded in. This means if your medic goes down and you don't have a second medic to revive him, your squad are dead-men walking. The idea came to me though that once both medics are dead, that's a lot of bandages going to waste. Other troops don't have many field dressings and though they can't heal themselves, they could last a little longer if they could replenish their own from the dead medic's supplies and keep themselves alive for a little while longer if they're bleeding and have already used up all of their own bandages. I don't know how long dead bodies remain on the map but my suggestion would be to only be able to loot those, unless the system could be made so that incapacitated soldiers who are looted (which doesn't quite seem right, or honourable!) have less ammunition when revived (equal to the amount of magazines/bandages taken by the looter(s). This should be gun-specific compatible only, and capped by the number of mags/field dressings that your role can carry. I'm not championing this idea, so I'm not too bothered if it gets shot down - it is just a suggestion. What do you think?
  18. Ammo truck capture

    I know that vehicles and logistic are still future topic, but what do you guys think about possibility to capture the enemies ammo truck (on it's route to the fob etc.) and be able to change your currently owned kit with the same kit but with enemies gear. That could be interesting and gives you the choice if you want to destroy the truck with RPG or just kill the driver and take enemy supplies.
  19. Would like to see ammo boxes run out of ammo, not just dissappear as the do at present. Make them uses the ammo resources. Or is that already planned. Have it once the fob is removed they can't be topped up.
  20. The ammo HUD item just added in V2 shows up in screenshots taken in game. Please remove this in the hotfix!
  21. Hi, I played the pre-alpha yesterday for about 3 hours and I absolutely loved it. I figured out every mechanic, except one. For some reason I can't figure out how to resupply at an ammo box. What is the key or procedure for this? I have changed all my keys (some inside my cfg file) to allow me to play with arrow keys instead of WASD so I'm not sure if I changed something I shouldn't have. Anyone know what the proper key name is and do you just press it and get a menu? I'm confused. Thanks.
  22. So, what I mean by this, is maybe to be able to change your ammo types, say you can pack your magazine with certain bullets like Hollow Point rounds, Full Metal Jacket rounds, Tracer rounds, Armour Piercing rounds ect. It would also be useful for tanks and APC's, being able to change to APDSFS, HEAT and so on. So what do you think, is it too much, or do you think it would be a good idea?
  23. Speed & Tactical Reload

    Hi there, I got an idea for a feature I would really like to see in Squad. Now, I believe this idea is not original and there are already games/mods which use this feature: Tactical Reload: You reload the weapon and put the "old" magazine back into your vest if it still contains any bullets. A lot slower then Speed Reload but you'll save the magazine which you can then use later. Speed Reload: Eject the magazine and let it fall to the ground, discarding it. This reload is a lot faster than the Tactical Reload however you'll lose the magazine (and the rounds left in it). I could imagine tapping R once for are Speed Reload and holding R for the Tactical Reload would work ingame. What are your guys thoughts on this? I think it would be a great feature and possibly not too hard to implement. If anyone knows games which have Speed & Tactical Reload as feature, post them into this thread! Edit: Caligari made a great suggestion, adding Check ammo and better possible control schemes.
  24. Different Types Of Ammo

    Will there be different types of magazines for weapons? For example magazine with tracers for an officer or a machine gunner. Or cartridges do not exceed the speed of sound for the silent weapon?
  25. In-depth logistics

    Relatively simple concept. Somewhat ties in with Tartantyco's Materiel system: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/90-resource-based-spawning-system/ Spawning and building would be unaffected, but the intent of this system is to have resupply managed in a more realistic and in-depth fashion Situation: An infantry squad is running low on ammunition, and call for a resupply. The logistics driver or pilot asks what they need, the squad replies "# X mags, # AT launchers, # bandages". The logistics player opens a menu when in-vehicle, and fills a supply crate with the requested items. The crate is dropped off, the squad gets everything they need, dependent on whether the crate fits it all. Project Reality had ammo as a universal thing, resupplying everything from rifles to HAT launchers from the same pools. This caused problems because it didn't allow the players resupplying to prioritise what they wanted resupplied from their kits, often leading to a popped crate before the AT launcher they really need to use is replenished. As an extension to this system, when squad leaders request supplies, they could have a menu that sends a crate loadout to the logistics/transport squad and they can apply it to their crate, with gui elements reflecting which squad needs it, when they needed it and their current location on the map highlighted. This means you can't build FOBs from ammo crates (Materiel), and can't resupply off crates intended for building.