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Found 42 results

  1. How the guns feel.

    I have been really enjoying this game. But some of the most boring and rage inducing parts are the gunfights. Sometimes it feels like I am shooting rubber bullets at the enemy instead of actual bullets. The guns themselves feel sorta good, but making the guns feel like actual guns can really benefit from the feel of the game. I know it might not be realistic, but getting somekind of feedback from hitting enemies can just improve the overall experience. Take Insurgency: Sandstorm for example - You get a much bigger splatter of blood once they die. That kind of feedback might be a bit more realistic. idk how to fully put this simply, maybe others can elaborate on it.
  2. Hi there, I'm working in BRA Mod project and after a lot of basic work, I got stuck on it: importing our main rifle to UE4. This is how I have organized my model on Maya 2019: Then, after modeling the rifle, I prepared to rigging, following this video steps. Here is the settings I am using to export from Maya. Notice: I turned off "Triangulate" because if I leave that with Smooth Groups, I got some errors messages. My issues begin when I try to import that on UE4. So, in UE4 here is the settings I'm using for the new weapon: Finally, here is the bad result of import. Fist: it has a hole in gun body. Second: I am not sure if the gun rigging is ok. And third: about animations, where should I do it? On Maya or UE? PS: it hasn't texture, so this point is ok.
  3. Played a few games with them, a few against them. They need to be worked on. Those weapons are super quiet. I got the effects quite high in volume, once they change from the "close range" distance into the "long range" distance the simple wind sounds ingame are louder, you will ocassionally hear it, sometimes, when the wind changes again.... Their accuracy on long range is absurd. Battles with any offical "sniper" class against a simple canadian marksman will not end well for the sniper as the supression is enough to prevent accurate hits meanwhile the marksman can do pretty much anything while not loosing this fight except standing and aiming. Fire rate and recoil need to be tweaked. Close range I won several 1vsX fights because this weapon is so damn fast the enemy can't even react to it, there was also no recoil involved in those rapes.
  4. The suggested features list (in order of importance); 1 - Reverse prone (ie, lay on your back) 2- Prone rolling (belly down to belly up) 3 - Weapon resting 4 - Emergency reloads 5 - Staged reloads 6 - Sprint dive and/or sliding The explanation: 1 - Reverse Prone (lay on your back) Being able to lay on one's back side is tactically advantageous in certain situations. It's a good way to get out of the way of bullets or team members in a jiffy, or get low while putting a bullet in that tango that just ran around the corner into your face. Being able to roll from belly down to a belly up position means you can check your six and stay low to the ground. 2 - Prone rolling Obviously in full combat gear with a pack, rolling around like Solid Snake isn't feasible. However, being able to roll halfway or 3/4 means a soldier has room to look between his feet (6 o' clock) or to the side (3/9 o' clock) without having to reorient his entire body in an awkward shuffle or magical rotation. Even when wearing a pack, one could still roll onto their bum faster than getting up into a crouch. 3 - Weapon resting We all understand that running a kilometer and steady aim do not go together. That's why rifles have had such long forends or "handguards"; A soldier rests his rifle. This is why shooting in the prone is so stable. If you see a boulder, window sill, tree or other stable surface then you rest your weapon in order to get a good shot. Muscles alone aren't that great at holding a bead on a 200 meter speck. 4 - Emergency reloads If you're in trouble and out of ammo, it might save your butt to just drop that empty mag on the ground and focus on getting more bullets on target. Any ammo left in that mag is left behind, but thirty rounds is ten times more than three (and you might need that extra ammo to survive this encounter). 5 - Staged reloads Remember that time you had to cancel a reload animation (right at the last moment) to knife some fool, only to return to a replay of that reload you just nearly completed? If you drop your rifle mag then need to quickly draw your secondary, your rifle shouldn't have a magazine still in it when you return to your reload. One step of the reloading process was already complete, but the single animation sequence has to complete in order for the reload to complete. I propose a much more convoluted, complicated, sophisticated, technically complex system of staged reload animations for small arms in Squad. Not just for "realism", but tactical depth and quality of life. 6 - Sprint diving and/or sliding Being able to slide or dive into cover is a great way to get low and get to cover quickly. It's also fun and really cool. Thanks for reading! Hope we see some of these features in the future.
  5. i was thinking if the weapons recive a nerf in precision like in PR, the player need a "time" to start shot. in squad it's very easy to destroy a vehicle or kill someone, I think that all this "accuracy" takes some of the goal of the game and leaves it very easy and individual, leading to the disuse of the vehicles and taking away that fear of finding someone with a .50 ,m249,pkm, or a vehicle it's my opinion
  6. I'm guessing there are balancing issues against it, but couldn't roles that come with optics have the option to remove/affix them on the fly using a keybinding, with realistic timings? I'm not sure if removing/affixing optics is something practiced by soldiers in the field during squad ops but I figure it's something I'd do if the situation demanded.
  7. Truck mounted with AZP S-60 57mm AA Gun insurgents and militia will be equally power against Armed APC vehicles. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141926
  8. would it be possible to zero the gun on the go? without having to aim first? sometimes I am moving, and just want to zero it without having to aim first could do it simply pressing X, instead of aiming then pressing X
  9. British GPMG reload

    Hi , I really love how this game is coming along and I think the future looks great for it. The fact that this is something so small of a detail makes me love this game. When reloading the British GPMG after the plate goes down me and my mates in training were told to left closed fist hit the plate to make sure its secure. Adding in this small detail in a future update would be really looking at the minor things and would be great. Keep up with the great work Thanks again
  10. Anti Tank

    I personally think that the anti tank weapons currently are way too overpowered seeing how fast you can get killed if you are in a vehicle. anti tank weapons are heavy and are not easy to keep still for a longer period of time. I personally would like to see improvement on it, perhaps adding more weapon sway which you can stabilize briefly (like a ''really'' heavy sniper rifle), or giving missiles the chance to bounce off would solve this problem
  11. In my opinion, currently semi fire mode is way more powerful compared to auto fire mode except for indoor distance, thus making suppression fire useless. Here I will make an illustration using the basic red dot M4. 1. Current status: Semi: When crunching, due to the auto-recovery from recoil, rapid semi firing will yield consistant hits on man-sized target 200ms+ like laser, therefore you can reliably dispatch multiple stationary enemies at that range. Auto: Due to increased recoil both vertically and horizontally and the absence of auto-recovery, even a three round burst could yield missed shots on target 20ms away. Trying to "suppress" someone with automatic firing is completely out of the question. Result: It is literally as simple to kill a 10ms target as to kill a 200ms target, providing that it stands still. Guns like red dot M249 is useless engaging someone behind cover due to the lack of accurate semi mode. 2. Proposed changes: Semi: Slow down the auto-recovery from recoil, add horizontal displacement (currently there is vertical displacement for basic red dot M4) of the center to encourage minor aiming adjustment for long range engagement and increase random spread over long range (currently the red dot sight is way too precise, IRL it will be inherently inaccurate over 100ms due to its design, changing it will make optic M4er equally desirable compared to anti-tank soldier and grenadier) so that it takes longer to kill a distant target. Auto: Reduce the recoil of regular M4 to that of M203/Grip M4, and add auto-recovery so that burst shots can be effective at 50ms, especially against target in cover. This will in addition make suppression firing and the guns specilized in it more uesful. Result: Improved gun play experience, now against target in cover, auto mode is actually deadly and semi mode kill speed is toned down, so that better positioning yourself to flank the enemies would be more tactically advantagous than just keeping tapping left mouse button.
  12. Weapon Skins

    Hi all, Just a quick one, are the weapon skins still a bit on and off for everyone ? Some days I have them and some days I don't ?! I also loose the option in the menu's to apply them, same again sometimes the option is there and sometimes it isn't. I'm not that fussed with it really but I just wanted to see if anyone else had the same issue ? Thanks in advance!
  13. M1911

    Hi Squad devs, I'm a massive fan of the M1911 handgun, and I thought it would be awesome if you guys could add it to the game as part of the U.S. forces. I realize it's been replaced with the M9 now, but many soldiers still use it as their preferred sidearm as it hasn't been fully phased out. - Josh
  14. Weapon mechanics

    Amazing game, been loving it since day one. Couple of things though First off, when emptying an assault rifle, it be AR15 platform or AK platform, heck almost any existing gun platform, the bolt will lock in the back. Now when this happens the weapon makes a distinct metallic clinging sound, which i am deeply fond of because, it sounds cool, and it tells me to reload. This should be added soon, as i find myself too many times facing an enemy with empty mag and weapon. Worst thing is coming behind the enemy and hearing that clicking sound. Second, the M72 LAW which is issued to the anti tank role of US Army is a disposable weapon system, WHICH means that when you've fired it, you throw it away like a condom. For some reason the soldier im controlling is a total retard and choses to store the empty LAW on his back. So when engaging enemy with the LAW, BOOM, then switching to primary and emptying a mag into the abyss, and then switching back to LAW again, this fucking retard brings me the just fired, empty, disposable, condom, and ill have to tell him to reload. Lets fix this, make it a badass animation when throwing away the M72 like a baws. Keep up the good work devs ;) Oh and the sniper is too weak.
  15. I know this has been discussed in other threads. After looking through several forums and searching repeatedly I couldn't find an established thread on the subject. Perhaps we don't need so many similar forums???? Anyway, as a bunch of people have noted, the sight picture when ADS is wrong. No one who expects to hit their target holds a weapon out at arms length. Scopes & sights are supposed to ASSIST aiming not make it harder. Right now, while some people have amazing aim that defies my understanding, the majority of us find a target and try to aim but end up shooting in their general direction. This does not match the tactical nature of the game. In fact it goes against everything else in the game. I hope this will be changed, and significantly. The sight picture when ADS in Squad, currently, looks nothing like any type of weapon handling I have done and I've fired a lot of different weapons.
  16. Weapon safety

    yeah it sounds stupid, but the other day i was in event on squad ops and some people accidently discharged the weapon before the game started. It would be cool if when you pressed some key, your character would engage the safety and would kind of lower his weapon like the image, you would also see it in first person. if you press the fire button you will disengage the safety and raise the weapon and it would take like a half a second. Better than the safety shovels http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/140004481106113970/5A8EA85F73D41A503CC0D5EE238C84DC4772D789/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|1024:819&composite-to%3D*%2C*|1024%3A819&background-color=black
  17. Weapon Free Aim

    Hey guys! I looked for this on the forums but didn't find it. In some other games, your weapon isnt stuck to the same position on the screen at all times, i think it would be great if this was a thing in squad, but its not like in the arma games, where your weapon is completely independent of the screen movement until it reaches a certain point. this video explains what i mean. When you look around both your screen and the weapon move but the weapon isnt stuck to the center and it wont reach the corners of the screen either.
  18. SKS reload animation

    loving the new update, new guns and vehicles really made this game so much more awesome however i have noticed a little detail in the SKS reload animation, i think many other people are also made aware of this right now there are only 2 reload animations for the SKS, one of them is when you empty the magazine and you use up the entire stripper clip but when the magazine is not fully emptied, no matter how many bullets are left in the box magazine, the player will always push 5 bullets into the magazine no matter how many are left in the mag (I didn't really count but i think its 5??) Not really a big deal, don't think i really care if this never gets changed because the current reload animation is just beautiful but it'd be a nice, detailed touch if in the near future the devs can include this into the game keep up the good work guys
  19. What insurgent/militia weapon from Project Reality do you want to see in Squad? Note that I haven't included weapons already in development by OWI. If I missed a weapon you want, state it in the comments. I personally want to see the PKM, however the DP-28 and Vz. 61 are close seconds. The MAT-49 is also to die for... sorry, I have a thing for SMGs...
  20. I'm seeking clarification. Obviously, there are in Squad a number of weapons lacking in authenticity; the M1014 over the M590A1, the M9A1 over the M9, the RPK-74M over the PKP, to name a few. Their use has been heavily discussed. I have heard from a number of community members that these weapons are placeholders, which presumably means it's the intention of the devs to replace these weapons with more authentic ones at some point in development. However, I'm not really clear on all this, so I seek clarification for the following: 1. Is "placeholder" a term used for these weapons by the devs? 2. Is it the intention of the devs to replace these placeholder weapons with more authentic ones at some point in development, whether it's two months from now or two years from now? 3. Did the devs implement these weapons under the false impression that they were the authentic choice, or were they implemented under an assumption? I have not personally heard from the devs their intention to eventually replace all these placeholder weapons. I have heard, for example, Z-Trooper say something along the lines of "We won't bother" when asked about every using the M9 over the M9A1. I'm not pointing fingers at the devs nor anyone else, so do not assume otherwise. Thank you.
  21. Weapons: I think it would be amazing if squad had some sort of customization feature in the future. For American weapons, adding different sights to suit your play style, rail mounts such as green NV lasers so when nightvision becomes a thing you can see where teammates are aiming, rail flashlights (maybe in combination with the laser), different types of stocks to increase mobility and accuracy, different types of magazines such as magpul, forward grips, and maybe the option to add a suppressor. And for the other sides with AK's and what not, again adding sights to fit play style, option (for russians) to switch the standard support to a rail system and add all the American things i mentioned (A.K.A. Tactical AK), different stocks (folding, none, tactical, and standard), different magazines such as drums, and again the option for a suppressor.
  22. Weapon Jam System

    Hello my english is not perfect so i will be fast on the details I love this game and this is so fun to play with a RP team but in my opinion something is missing. I used to love playing OP: Flashpoint and in Red River, the weapon was jammed randomly and this is something really cool. If this could be in Squad this can be fun, a jammed m249 to fix while spraying or something like this can be amazing ^^. Thanks for reading.
  23. Sound - IDEA!!

    Halo so i think you hear from the new Update of Arma 3? The name is EDEN. Why i say it on Squad? As you maybe know have eden a new Audio for Battles and a GREAT Incredible Realistic one too. And hes the first game who have this. This Sound its AMAZING and Squad NEED it for sure! Why its so amazing? When Bullets fly over you had you can hear it! Its like Pocorn, we all can this from Clips over War or maybe a soldier from Irak- Afghanistan! You can this knatern and knallen like Pocorn over you had that Zing: A video or too: Sounds are extremely Important for me! And i think im not alone... SO lets hear the new Arma EDEN update Battle sound: https://arma3.com/assets/audio/arma3_eden_top10_audio_sample.wav im very sure that we need this!!!! 1000% Thx
  24. Grande Launcher

    Hi Team, please add M32 and GM-94 grande launcher.
  25. Hey. Couldn't find it on the forums. I noticed that sometimes weapon dissappear on player characters in game. They stand with hand looking like they have a gun but they don't :) I think it's small bug.