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Found 15 results

  1. State of War: 41

    A quick overview. The mod aims to bring the early parts of the second world war into Squad. Depending on the amount of participators in the mod creation, we will expand the ambitions accordingly. The mod will aim to change the flow of battle and gameplay by removing individual radio communication, making communication through man-carried and vehicle-mounted radio's the most deciding factor in winning a battle. We will emphasize the strengths and differences between factions according to history. The vision is something in between Forgotten Hope and Project Reality, introducing fixed wing aircraft and iconic tanks. Other possible features to be discussed is squad/fireteam types, having access to different special equipment. Nothing is decided and changing the core Squad concept too much deserves a serious discussion. What fronts will be depicted? The initial release will center around operation Barbarossa and the german advances through Soviet, possibly through a simple meta campaign. The first release will focus on the early light tank warfare, with tanks such as the BT7, T26 and Panzer 2/ Panzer 3. The second release will most likely continue expanding the arsenal into 1942, introducing the iconic MG42, T34, Panzer 4, along with Stalingrad maps. It will also introduce an insurgency mode with sum-o-dat terrible partisan hunting. The third release will center around the North African campaign, with such vehicles as the Crusader, Stuart, Fiat 13/M40 and El Alamein. What factions will be depicted? German Wehrmacht (First update) Soviet Red Army (First update) German Waffen SS (Second update) Soviet Partisans (Second update) Britains Western Desert Force (Third update) Italy's Royal Italian Army (Third update) Deutches Afrika Korps (Third update) Free French Foreign Legion (Third update) Awfully ambitious.. Yes indeed, this is the reason i have divided the different fronts into different updates that will mostly likely take years to complete. On the other hand, the goal is not to make every obscure Czech rifle used in the war, but to focus our efforts on the most important and commonly used equipment. Because this is a mod and not a product with a price, i can only put so much time and effort in it. I'm a huge World War 2 geek and love historical accuracy. If you feel the same way and know anything about map making, 3D-modeling, texturing, coding or blueprinting in Unreal Engine 4, animating or other, please consider joining. If you have a basic knowledge of Blender and Zbrush, i'm always willing to help (or recieve help, god knows i have a lot to learn). No, this is not another WW2 thread, it's a mod project and i'm looking for people who wants to help working on it. If you are a sad fellow who loves to shit on other people's work and ideas, i'd encourage you to move along to something that excites you. It's a new year, let's get this shit started. Fusilier Rifleman: Standard rifleman class for "Fusilier squads". The meat of the wehrmacht, the Fusilier squad is the most balanced and useful of all squad types. Carries Karabiner 98 with bayonet Shovel Stielhandgranate Bandages Pioneer Rifleman: (In the works!) Standard rifleman class for "Pioneer squads". The builders of heavy defenses such as timber/concrete bunkers, teller mines, bouncing betties etc. Carries Karabiner 98 Shovel Bandages Repair/Mine defusal tools 3kg Explosive Charge Nebelkerzen 39 (Smoke grenades) Grenadier Rifleman: (In the works!) Standard rifleman class for "Grenadier squads". The spearhead of the wehrmacht, is useful for breakthroughs but cannot construct anything. Carries Karabiner 98/ Gewehr 41 Knife Bandages Splitterhandgranate Nebelhandgranate Radioman: (In the works!) This role is reserved for those who can stay close to their squad leader communicate well, arguably the second most important class in the squad. Carries Karabiner 98 Bandages Nebelhandgranate Binoculars Torn Fu.g Portable radio Assault Rifleman: Specialized class optimized for close combat, comes in limited numbers. Available for all squads, this is the class used for taking the next building or clearing out that pesky machine gun position. Wether used to protect your pioneers or lead an assault, a vital role nonetheless. Carries MP40 Knife Bandages Stielhandgranate Shovel Machinegunner: (In the works!) The centerpiece of the german squad, everything in a german squad is designed to serve the machinegunner and his assistant. While not entirely useless for close combat, this role is all about positioning yourself well and making sure the ammo carrier stays close. Carries MG34 Knife Bandages Walther P38 Ammo Carrier: (In the works!) This class carries ammo for everyone, but especially for the machinegunner role. Can place a limited number of ammoboxes, or just equip it to resupply nearby friendlies. Carries Karabiner 98 with bayonet Bandages Stielhandgranate Ammo boxes Shovel Squad Leader: The squad leader class is the glue keeping it all together, all the while being equipped for close combat. Carries MP40/MP38 Knife Bandages Nebelhandgranate Binoculars Walther P38 Platoon Leader: The platoon leader is most often seen by the different radios on the field either in a static position or in a command truck. Rarely fights in close combat. Carries MP40/MP38 Knife Binoculars Luger P08
  2. WW2 factions

    imagine if you could play with WW2 factions, weapons, vehicles, and maps
  3. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Official Website : http://postscriptumgame.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PostScriptumGame/ What is Post Scriptum? Post Scriptum is a WW2 modification for the acclaimed tactical shooter SQUAD. Players will relive the events of ‘Operation Market Garden’ across the fields and towns of Holland. This massive Allied assault consisted of a coordination of the British and American Airborne to capture key bridges while the British XXX Corps moved to reinforce them through Highway 69. However, consecutive delays in consolidating ground from the north of Belgium through Nijmegen forced the 1st British Airborne Division in Arnhem to make a stand much longer than anticipated. With no successful link between the XXX Corps and the Airborne in sight, the seventh and final bridge in Arnhem was considered lost. ‘The Bloody Seventh’ is our name for the initial focus of the project as we feel it succinctly details the struggle that the British paratroopers had to endure while waiting for their army counterpart to establish a link through the Lower Rhine. Players will be given the option to fight with the British Airborne Division, British XXX Corps or several branches of the German Army, such as the Wehrmacht or the Waffen SS. It’s a rare opportunity to experience the intense battlefield that was the Battle of Arnhem, which stretched across farms, woods, villages and city areas. Each area is being accurately recreated from archival references that range from street level to aerial images. Whether you’re jumping out of a plane, resupplying friendlies or operating a tank you will find multiple reasons to drop back into the battlefield in this grand scaled representation of a WW2 setting never explored in a large multiplayer environment. http://postscriptumgame.com/assets http://postscriptumgame.com/assets Who are we? Periscope Games is a development group that came to exist from the merging between PR:WW2 (an add-on crew from the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality) and La Voie de La Liberté (a modding team from SQUAD). The project started in the beginning of March (of 2016) with common goals in terms of structure, recruitment and production by the respective lead developers. The team ranges from members with vast experience (with backgrounds such as Project Reality, Traction Wars, Day of Infamy, Invasion 1944 and even Hitman) to SQUAD modders that have extraordinary potential. We are always looking into adding talented members to our ranks. We believe in a balanced representation in numbers across different departments to keep the current steady pace of development. This is a good opportunity for those with a professional background to add a solid project to their portfolios and skilled modders/graduated students to tune their skills in a great working environment. If you’re interested please check out our Recruitment tab here : http://postscriptumgame.com/recruitment to check available jobs within the team. http://postscriptumgame.com/assets http://postscriptumgame.com/assets What is our concept and goals? Post Scriptum takes the common element of longing that is often expressed in the letters of soldiers to bring a more down to earth and intimate perspective of their existence. The concept takes a strong view of the men behind the uniforms rather than glorifying or creating a subliminal sense of empathy that it’s more often related to ideologies than the very nature of Man. This path will be ever present not only in our promotional ads but also in-game. We have a few ideas in mind to integrate immersive elements, traditionally reserved for single player, that will enhance the overall experience (while avoiding detrimental changes to the multiplayer gameplay). Periscope Games long term ideas for Post Scriptum include more than just a detailed WW2 setting for SQUAD. There are unique gameplay features, map layers and gamemodes in the roadmap that will be implemented (and revealed) in due time. We aim to please players that want a multitude of gameplay options along with those who wish to relive the Battle of Arnhem in a historically accurate setting. We’re taking cautious steps through development ensuring we do not bite off more than we can chew. For these reasons and others stated above we will continue to work hard to bring you a great WW2 tactical experience and hopefully earn the merit to launch our project to higher grounds. http://postscriptumgame.com/maps F.A.Q. Do you have a release date? As usual, ‘it’s ready when it’s ready’. How and where are you going to release? We will reveal such details in due time. Are you going to release your content for the modding community? In the current state, as a modding project, most likely not. Is Arnhem going to be the only place you will cover in the campaign? No. It’s in our plans to go beyond that but ‘The Bloody Seventh’ alone will be quite a monumental task. Will we be able to play with vehicles in the first release? It’s preferable not make promises of that sort while so early in development. Why aren’t you working with other WW2 mods in SQUAD? PR:WW2 initiated talks with WW2 mods in the beginning of February. The proposition would be for each lead developer to have an equal share of decision making within the project. Eventually only ‘La Voie de La Liberté’ agreed with those terms as well as sharing equal views in structure, planning and team management. Are you going to lean towards the Allies in your visual concept? We have a neutral stance regarding both factions. We will balance our promotional campaign between one and another throughout our development. The only one sided leaning element might be baseline with its ‘bloody’ British cursing but that was purposely named to have a double meaning as both sides never had full control of Arnhem’s road bridge. Will you censor Nazi symbols? It’s not in our plans to do so. We believe that every single historical element should be captured regardless of its significance. However, we can't ignore country laws in which such symbols are not allowed. For that reason we’re planning to make a censored version for players that live in countries where Nazi symbolism it’s outlawed. However, our execution of this censored version hinges on many factors, some of which may be out of our control.
  4. Hi As many probably know of the mod to arma 2 called invasion 1944, you've also maybe heard that it's coming to arma 3 as well. But updates are very rear on our pages, so i thought i'd share a bit here ;) screenshots on our latest build http://puu.sh/mRaNZ/bf39f257eb.jpg http://puu.sh/mRaWY/b929a6ca8d.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhpk/9e21b31fd1.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhqM/df0c48f1b0.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhr2/438940b73a.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhH2/44eb0ce3e5.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhI1/b997138a2e.jpg http://puu.sh/mRhJS/7bdd9f77d8.jpg
  5. Watching this video just now reminded me that yes we do want one with the features mentioned here: 1. Destroyable buildings, planes, tanks, environment, etc. 2. Team play objectives without flags. 3. No weapon lockes. 4. Commander to help strategy and guide team objectives. 5. What did I miss from the Video?
  6. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    So, I have heard of WW2 mods in development for Squad and I know its early in the game for mods but I thought it was something to talk about. For me personally, one thing that makes squad a great game is really the sounds. I know its weird but hear me out. When you play other military simulations the weapons make more of a "bang" sound. In Squad they make a "pop" sound. Again, I know its weird but its one little thing that sells the game. So in some kind of WW2 mod, I want to be sitting in the woods on the Eastern Front with my K98 rifle and hear it echo through the trees when I shoot. Its those little things that make the game so much better. And a lot of people say " there is not enough weapon variation with WW2" but, there is. I mean you have the Russians, Germans and Americans (with a few others) that all have their own weapons and vehicles. That is another thing to take into account, vehicles. Vehicles are a very broad topic. For this, only ground vehicles. There are so many vehicles in WW2 you could use. Probably mostly tanks and Jeeps of some sorts. Tigers, Shermans, Willy's Jeeps. So think about these things and talk about what you think about a WW2 mod and what it should include to really make it great. If you want to answer these questions: What vehicles would make a WW2 mod really stand out to you? What little details of the game would sell a WW2 mod?
  7. Biographic War Story snippets

    From the book Citizen Soldiers: The U.S. Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany by Stephen Ambrose "At Dawn on June 7th, Lt. Waverly Wray, executive officer in Company D, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), who had jumped into the night sky over Normandy twenty-eight hours earlier, was on the north western outskirts of the village, Ste.-Mere-Eglise. He peered intently into the lifting gloom. What he couldn't see, he could sense. From the sounds of the movement of personnel and vehicles to the north of Ste.-Mere-Eglise, he could feel and figure that the major German counterattack, the one the Germans counted on to drive the Americans into the sea and the one the paratroopers had been expecting, was coming at Ste.-Mere-Eglise. It was indeed. Six thousand German soldiers were on the move, with infantry, artillery, tanks, and self-propelled guns - more than a match for the 600 or so lightly armed paratroopers in Ste.-Mere-Eglise. A German break through to the beaches seemed imminent. And Lieutenant Wray was at the point of attack. Wray was a big man, 250 pounds with "legs like tree trunks." He was from Batesville, Mississippi, and was an avid woodsman, skilled with rifles and shotguns. He claimed he had never missed a shot in his life. A veteran of the Sicily and Italy campaigns, Wray was - in the words of Col. Ben Vandervoort, commanding the 505th - "as experienced and skilled as an infantry solider can get and still be alive." Wray had deep South religious convictions. A Baptist, each month he sent half his pay home to help build a new church. He never swore. His exclamation when exasperated was, "John Brown!" meaning abolitionist John Brown of Harpers Ferry. He didn't drink, smoke, or chase girls. Some troopers called him "The Deacon," but in an admiring rather than critical way. On June 7, shortly after dawn, Wray reported to Vandervoort - whose leg broken in the jump, was now in a cast -on the movements he had spotted, the things he had sensed, where he expected the Germans to attack and in what strength. Vandervoort took all this in, then ordered Wray to return to the company and have it attack the German flank before the Germans could get their attack started. "He said 'Yes sir,'" Vandervoort later wrote, "saluted, about-faced, and moved out like a parade ground Sergeant Major." Back in the company area, Wray passed on the order. As the company prepared to attack, he took up his M-1, grabbed a half dozen grenades, and strode out, his Colt .45 on his hip and a silver plated .38 revolver stuck in his jump boot. He was going to do a one-man reconnaissance to formulate a plan of attack. Wray was going out into the unknown. He had spent half a year preparing for this moment but he was not trained for it. In one of the greatest intelligence failures of all time, neither G-2 (intelligence) at U.S. First Army nor SHAEF G-2, nor any division S-2 had ever thought to tell the men who were going to fight the battle that the dominant physical feature of the battlefield was the maze of hedgerows that covered the western half of Normandy. How could the various G-2s have missed such an obvious feature, especially as aerial reconnaissance clearly revealed the hedges? Because the photo interpreters, looking only straight down at them, thought that they were like English hedges, the kind fox hunters jump over, and they missed the sunken nature of the roads entirely. Wray moved up the sunken lanes, crossed an orchard, pushed his way through hedgerows, crawled through a ditch.Along the way he noted concentrations of Germans, in fields and lanes. A man without his woodsman's sense of direction would have gotten lost. He reached a point near the N-13, the main highway coming into Ste.-Mere-Eglise from Cherbourg. The N-13 was the axis of the German attack. Wray "was moving like the deer stalker he was" (Vandervoort's words), got to a place where he could hear guttural voices on the other side of a hedgerow. They sounded like officers talking about map coordinates. Wray rose up, burst through the obstacle, swung his M-1 to a ready position, and barked in his strong command voice, "Hande Hoch!" to the eight German officers gathered around a radio. Seven instinctively raised their hands. The eighth tried to pull a pistol from his holster; Wray shot him instantly, between the eyes. Two Germans in a slit trench 100 meters to Wray's rear fired bursts from their Schmeisser machine pistols at him. Bullets cut through his jacket; one cut off half of his right ear. Wray dropped to his knee and began shooting the other seven officers, one at a time as they attempted to run away. When he had used up his clip, Wray jumped into a ditch, put another clip into his M-1, and dropped the German soldiers with the Schmeissers with one shot each. Wray made his way back to the company areas to report on what he had seen. At the command post he came in with blood down his jacket, a big chunk of his ear gone, holes in his clothing. "Who's got more grenades?" he demanded. Then he started leading. He put a 60mm mortar crew on the German flank and directed fire into the lanes and hedgerows most densely packed with the enemy.Next he sent D Company into an attack down one of the lanes. The Germans broke and ran. By mid-morning Ste.-Mere-Eglise was secure and the potential for a German breakthrough to the beaches was much diminished. The next day Vandervoort, Wray, and Sgt. JohnRabig went to the spot to examine the German officers Wray had shot. It turned out that they were the commanding officer and his staff of the 1st Battalion, 158th Grenadier Infantry Regiment. The maps showed that it was leading the way for the counterattack. The German confusion and subsequent retreat were in part due to having been rendered leaderless by Wray. At the scene of the action, Vandervoort noted that every one of the dead Germans, including the two Schmeisser-armed Grenadiers more than 100 meters away, had been killed with a single shot in the head. Wray insisted on burying the bodies. He said he had killed them, and they deserved a decent burial, and it was his responsibility. (Citizen Soldiers, 17-21)" Lt. Wray was killed in action on September 19th, 1944.
  8. Hello everyone ! Let me first of all introduce myself, I am Romain, 28yo CG Supervisor for video game cinematics. I have recently worked on project like Halo 5, Grey Goo, Call of Duty ect... I am also member and founder of the ArmA section in the multigaming community =BoB= aka BreizhoO, I am pretty sure I have played with some of you guys on Squad or any other simulation game out there. I am new in the video game industry though, always worked with pre rendered cut scenes, and I have just started in the modelisation of some WWII era assets. Endgame being integrated those as a mod in Squad with Unreal Engine 4. Those assets are started : ( I will get some WIP renders later this week ) Opel Blitz - 80% KubelWagen - 70% Stielhandgranate - 100% Pak 38 - 90% STG 44 - 40% The list is quite long, and for now I am only working on this on my spare time. I will first focus on the firearm themselves, and then, when the SDK gets released, I will get the characters and vehicle up and running? I hope that we will be able to get the original rig, and reuse the game animation. I am also negotiating with the Milirary History Museum of Budapest to get my hand on some Axis and Allies outfit and gears and then 3D Scan them with my company hardware system to get ultra hight quality model, almost never seen in an Indie game before. Now, to get a bit more into details and to introduce the mod : It will be a partial game conversion using some existing asset and animation. Project name is : 1944 : La voie de la liberté. This is the road that goes from Utah Beach in Normandy to Bastogne in the East of France. Crossing Britanny, and Center of France to finish into those cold Ardennes valleys. Battlefield will be various, from the Libération of Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Carentan, Rennes, Anger, Le Mans, Verdun, Bastogne ect... The main idea is to develop a war frontline, with no compromise, extreme simulation, so extreme that gameplay would be left behind on some aspect. Difficulty and Inertia will be the keywords. No quick reload, if it takes 20 seconds for the crew to get in the Panzer 38 (t) then, 20 seconds it will take. MG Gunner will have less stamina than a simple rifleman, or according to his load. Emphasize ambush and transport more than Gun & Run Here are a few features we would like to showcase, via Scripting or Blueprints in UE 4 : - Drink & Stamina ( Drink coefficient is directly connected to the speed of Stamina regeneration. ) - Towing of Canon and light Artillery. - Troop transport, Opel Blitz, Half track, Light carrier ect.. - Light armored vehicles, M5 Stuart, Panzer 38 t. No Heavy Unit - Squad Based, FOB, rallypoint ( Squad ) - Massive non linear map based on actual location - Construction and Fortification ( Squad ) - Gear modification ( Tree branch for canon camouflage, sandbags ect... Men of War like ) - HQ and High Command ( Squad ) - Axis and Allies, Western Front conflict. - Inventory, micro gestion, ammo and drink canteen ( Men of War like ) - Vehicles Cargo ( ArmA like ) - Night and Day cycle ( If technically possible ) - Autobipod ( Red Orchestra like ) Everything announced is subject to changes, but the main idea is here. We will start with the basic features first, in order to get a prototype released no too long down the road. On the reference side, here are some and what we like from them : - Invasion 44 & Iron Front (mod ArmA) ''Speed pace and tactics'' - Resistance & Liberation ( mod Half Life ) ''Game overall concept and belt inventory'' - Men of War series ''Micro gestion and inventory'' - BattlegroundEurope WWII OL ''Game concept and scale and learning curve'' - Red Orchestra & Darkest Hour ''Game concept, and weapon behaviour and impact + bipod system'' - Project Reality ''Team based'' As you can imagine, this is a gigantic task that is in front of us. This is also why I offer to any volunteers to step up, we need 3D Artists, Texture Artists, Progammers, Level designer and Sound specialist. There is absolutely no obligation what so ever in therm of time to invest, if you just feel like modeling one gun and then leave, it is all good with us. If you feel like this is a project you like and want more responsability, then that is also totally fine. Everything is to be done, so if you like it, text me, and we will find you a task suited to your skills. If you have a showreel, or example of past work, please attach them to the discussion. Pipeline is as follow : 3D Modeling : 3dsmax or else for High & low poly. (We need high and low poly modelers, I can provide High meshes that just need retopo and UV's) Texturing : PBR Shader Substance Painter & Designer Photoshop Rigging : 3dsmax Game Engine: Epic Unreal Engine 4 I also have a possibility to purchase some good models on Turbosquid or CG Trader, I will activate a transparent paypal microdonation system to help. Everything will help, up to what you can and want to give, 100% of it will be used in the game purpose. This totally optionnal and is basically like a kickstarter to help us shorten some corners. Thanks for your support. =BoB=BreihzoO
  9. Possibility of modding WW2

    Hej Guys, I just have a question. Will it be possible to mod ww2 weapons, new maps and so forth into Squad. I read that modding would be quite open so I am guessing that this would be possible right ? Just a quick yes or no to confirm and I would be ever so happy.
  10. Ghost Army new film to be made by. Bradley Cooper. Deception is the art of war! You know of any more to be released soon please list them here I know of one other with Nicholas Cage to be in it.
  11. Squad World War 2

    I have no idea if this has been discussed before (searched the forums but couldn't find anything). I WOULD PAY SO MUCH MONEY FOR AN EXPANSION/DLC/SECOND GAME SET IN WWII since PR WW2 isn't coming anytime soon. I know the base game isn't even in aplha but it's worth considering. Discuss
  12. Project Normandy

    Hello So i was just thinking about the fun days when we had normandy back in 0.98. And i thought i would like to re-visit that time. It took some time to find. But i finally found the 0.98 version that includes normandy in it. And i thought we could hoste a local server with perhaps hamachi or some els form of lan hosting software anyone up for that?
  13. http://listverse.com/2013/10/18/10-world-war-ii-soldiers-who-pulled-off-amazing-feats/ Read these rambo like stories. I found it doing a search on throwing knives being used by real soldiers.
  14. Dragon Teeth of WW2

    http://www.warfoto.com/watch_on_the_rhine.htm Look at the war photos on this link and youll see dragon teeth used as a barrier to tanks during WW2. I hope we get to have them when we get tanks in Squad. breaking through them and destroying them will be a vital tactic, dont you think?
  15. Hi there! Just sharing this if you don't know about: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f376-pr-event-news/132430-new-prta-pr-ww2-alpha-release-26th-december-7.html#post2047862 The event starts at 18:00 PRT, so you still have enough time to download the ~600MB client. There will be 3 days heavy fighting in 3 host servers( Europe, NA, SA) See you on Omaha in less than 1h!