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Found 28 results

  1. UE4 Crash

    I am getting an UE4 crash when I start the game, it shows the title screen and the loading page and then crashes. This most recently happened after I completed a complete reinstall of the game following the instructions found on this forum and after updating all my drivers. Previously I could get to the server browser and join a game before this crash took place, now I don't even get to the menu. OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel core i7-7700HQ GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 RAM: 8GB
  2. I saw a lot of people online having this error in many different UE4 games. You start the game and after a short while it crashes and a UE4 Crash Handler pops up with an error. One possible reason for that could be that your graphics card disconnects for a millisecond (very simple explanation).If you tried every other possible solution (https://steamcommunity.com/app/16900/discussions/1/1640917832748442812/) and nothing worked try the following it helped a friend of mine with the same problem: Go to https://wagnardsoft.com/content/tdr-manipulator-v12-released read everything very carefully (the following steps could cause damage to your system) download the tool and follow the instructions given there Recommended usage: For the most common users, simply Disable the first option. This will have either 2 effects : 1- You will be happy and no more TDR. 2- System Freeze / hang. Feel free to pn me or report if it worked
  3. Yesterday I wiped my windows and did a clean reinstall. I was able to play squad for about 4 hours yesterday with 1-2 crashes (same type). However, when I went to play squad today, I found that it was essentially unplayable. Important Note: The only thing that has changed on my computer from last night to when I woke up was a windows update. This may play a part in the crashing but I have no clue what to make of it. I receive this - (https://imgur.com/a/B4zMWIv) error, and I have no clue what to make of it. I have tried: Clearing Game Cache, Deleting Squad Folders in AppData, Fresh Reinstall of the game. If anyone could let me know how to upload my crash log file that would be great. While reading another thread they identified this string as a problem "[2019.11.17-20.38.28:518][944]LogD3D11RHI: Error: Direct3DDeviceIMContext->Map(Texture,0,D3D11_MAP_READ,0,&LockedRect) failed at C:\BuildAgent\work\Squad_SquadRel\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11RenderTarget.cpp:1127 with error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" However, their supposed fix was to find a direct X repair file that does not exist in my Squad Directory.
  4. I read about several who have made small changes to Unreal Engine to remove what is unclear & blurry when you have Temporal AA enabled. Is this something OWI has tested out? If this still works, this will make the game much clearer and with AA! - https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/rendering/125798-temporal-aa-sharpening - https://github.com/hallatore/UnrealEngine/tree/TAA_Sharpen_4.17
  5. Maybe some of the devs or modders find this useful...
  6. Hello, since update 12.x i've major issues with game crashes / UE crashes. According to the logfiles the problem lies with DirectX / Direct3D. Sometimes the game crashes while loading, other times I can "play" for 1, 2 or 15 minutes. Sometimes I can play 5 hours without problems. On the map Gorodok_XX_vX and Yehorivka, Mestia the error occurs more frequently in my opinion, but not only there. In the last 3 days I had more than 40 crashes The following errors almost always occur: Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) LogD3D11RHI:Error: Direct3DDeviceIMContext->Map(Texture,0,D3D11_MAP_READ,0,&LockedRect) failed at D:\BuildAgent\work\caab4109d9ff6c5c\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11RenderTarget.cpp:1110 with error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG Crashlog Sample Things I have already tried: clear user settings cache manually / GAME SETTINGS --> "CLEAR CACHED USER DATA." / via SquadFix.bat different game settings Steam - verify the game cache delete game / cache and reinstall run DXSETUP.exe as admin use DX web setup different versions of a graphics driver uninstall graphics driver via Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and reinstall disable all overlays (Steam, Discord, WindowsGameBar) set windows power management to max performance I don't use MSI Afterburner, Razor software or a recording software System: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X NVIDEA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - 11 GB Crucial MX500 CT500MX500SSD4 500 GB intern SSD Windows 10 64-bit Bitdefender Total Security I hope I did not forget anything. The other Crash Logfiles I can gladly send you and if anything is missing, just ask. And now Please help me! ---> THX
  7. unrealengine4 keeps crashing

    heare is crash log please help.. i tried all s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00547145296135091188
  8. Hi there, im new in Squad Modding so im asking you for help i have installed UE4 and the Squad SDK on my PC ands it works fine, but this week i have resetted my PC so i have saved the Full Epic Games- Folder to an external drive an played on my new System. I have installed the EpicGames Launcher there and copyed the files from the external Storage the Launcher accepted all the Files but when i hit ready the loading screen appears then he closes and i get this error linked https://privatebin.net/?3f1531cb694f0ba2#XnEo12CED9sbzrGSbg+4pXv9gXSU5cPzniYLHJG4W5k= I have installed UE4 Engine 4.19.2 and 4.18.3 -Hannes
  9. Any time I start the game, it begins to start like normal except for one thing. It shows a black screen instead of displaying the Squad Quick Start Guide after the Squad Logo Title Cinematic. It will stay black and I can still see and move my mouse. I then have to alt-f4 and then wait for the UE4 crash report. After clicking close and send I then click play and it is only then that the game will start like normal. Ive only just came back to playing Squad after a year of absence and never had this problem before until I updated the game the other day. Any idea how to fix this.
  10. Dynamic tick rate

    Just watched this vid explaining netcode for the lay person. Pretty interesting. Just wanted to know if this is anything that Squad is doing or thinking of doing? We now have performance gains with 9.9 from unseen animations and detail at range so why not dynamic tick rates. May help us get to 100 players.
  11. UE4 crashed

    Hi guys, I was just playing some squad like always. But just a few minutes ago, it crashed on me. This my first real crash (not including beta testing) in a 1K hour count. I know my system is not the best for gaming (I already planned on buying a new setup tomorrow before this happend) but this is still unusual for me. So I was just thinking to post here it and maybe get some info on this crash. Or even help development by providing the crash information. And if you guys can help me find out what this crash is about, I'd appreciate that. https://prnt.sc/gdsoj8 System Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ Processor Windows 10 Home Intel® HM86 Express Chipset DDR3L 1600 MHz SDRAM, 8GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M Later!
  12. Spent a bit of time perusing YouTube and seeing some amazing creations within UE4. For example this video of a dynamic grass system: I was wondering. Are the Squad developers utilizing the UE4 community, like the marketplace to help build this game up? There is so much potential within the UE4 engine and people have made some pretty incredible things. In this example, imagine that dynamic grass system in Squad! This also has me wondering about the goals of BlueDrake42 and the Harsh Doorstop project. Seems like what they're creating could directly benefit a game like Squad? I'm also wondering what the goal of modding will be moving forward. Will it just be traditional modding in the sense where some clients/servers may run mods? Or might the Squad dev team implement mods into the core game? I'm just thinking about what this game could be in the future, and seeing the capabilities of UE4.. Squad could be a simply incredible game.
  13. Just gonna throw out some map Idea's that I personally would love to play on. Now I don't know if some of these would be possible because I don't know the limitations of UE4 thus far but hopefully now or in future optimization updates by the squad team and the UE4 team would allow these to be possible. A lot of these are inspired from other games locations witch are inspired by real locations so its not really copying. ps..gonna be a long post. 1st idea is a North Korean map and make it have a foggy-ish kinda frosty feeling too it or snowy. Have it been a urban cold map almost like the map propaganda from BF4. Here's some pictures for architectural and weather reference Have some tall muli-level enter-able buildings with a cold atmosphere preferably with a heavy or light snow fall and have US Marines vs North Korean's and or South Koreans vs north Koreans or both. That would be so very awesome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next map idea would be the arctic. Could have a map at a research station with the US Marines the Norwegians or the Canadians vs the Russians. They could also through some military and research bases in there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My 3rd idea is also a snow map ( I love the snow ). It would take place in Alaska near the coast and would be the US Army vs Russia. The Russians could invade from a carrier ship like in PR. There could also be small Alaskan towns. if they could capture the atmosphere of this photo that would be amazing.^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea number 4! Urban America, only 3 games have done this that I know of and that's homefront, MW2-3 and World in conflict. In almost all shooters its always the middle east or Europe. I personally think it would be refreshing and different throw in some shopping strips and some commercial districts in a American urban map. Plus it offers an opportunity for a cool faction idea ill talk about it at the bottom. This is my favorite idea ^ I think a map or maps based off these would be epic and it could the US marines, US Army and American militia vs China. •Side note I think a American militia/resistance would be a sweet faction and they could have all sorts of weapons us Americans love are guns. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDEA 5! This one takes place in jolly old England in sort of a rural part of Britain. It is the British armed forces vs China, Russia or a coalition of some kind or some IRA type of faction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one is a Eastern European setting with a kinda chernobyl industrial vibe. Could be Germans, US, British, French and some eastern European rebel faction vs Russia or some rebel faction. ( why not all right? ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next one takes place in CHINA! It could take place in a rural Chinese town with rice farms or by a section of the great wall. Could be any NATO faction vs China. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally the last one takes place on the border of Russia and China and it would obviously be China vs Russia just sprinkle some hills and some outposts with some trees and it would be "very nice" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really hope the Squad devs branch out and make some really unique buildings and maps and push the unreal engine. besides just sand and tree's with the occasional bunker and mud hovel (Don't get me wrong I like those kind of maps they have their place I just want some spice). They have made great maps in PR so looking back I have high expectations. And if they need more funding to make it happen hell ill drop another $20 to help this game become one of the greatest teamwork fps's ever. So what do you guys think? If you have any other map idea's just slap that shiz down in a reply.
  14. Hello everyone, I looked around in the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for, hope it's not a reposted topic. I just recently discovered Squad, and I like the concept behind it, but please note I still do not own a copy of the game. I''ve been developing a 5x5 Km terrain for A3 (kinda tiny for A3 gameplay), and now I've read that 4x4 core area for an 8x8 Km terrain is perfect for Squad. But I am now thinking I might shift my terrain model (either 0.5/1 m cell size and 0.5/1 px/m sat resolution), mask layers, road shapes etc... to UE4 which is much more reliable and user friendly than Terrain Builder :P But I have a couple questions about it: 1) Are we allowed to use some vanilla assets in custom terrains (as you would in Arma) or are we required to use only our own trees/buildings/fences etc.? 2) Do you guys have a link to a thread or guide about particular issues on UE4 terrains for Squad? Such as optimal texture sizes, grid size, how building destruction is handled... :) Thanks for any help!
  15. show your work

    so... i just started on this bridge, a couple of hours in, and it's the first model im making in UE4, so i was curious to see if any of you guys are making models or maps or what ever, and if you would like to show your work in progress! :) anyway here is what ive made so far... its not much, but its something ^_^ - im making a "bascule bridge" so its gonna have a "fighting position" in the bridgeoperating house
  16. Hi guys, since Squad was in Closed Alpha I've been getting these weird periodic lag spikes every 5-8 minutes to where my ping will suddenly jump up. (example, my ping will be around 34-50 MS and then jump to 100-235, I'll skip around forward really fast for a few seconds, then warp back to around where the server says I am. This issue has only ever arisen on games that use either Unreal Engine 3 and 4. Back in 2014, when I played Red Orchestra 2 a lot, I had this same exact issue. However, the lag spikes were so bad that PunkBuster would either give me a warning or kick me because my computer would give the server unrealistic movement data to the server, basically saying that I've moved from one point in 3D space to another to quickly in order for it to not be a cheat, in other words, it's an unintentionally speed hack that corrects itself after a few seconds. I've tried running RO2 and Squad at a higher process but the issue still arises. Like I've said earlier, this issue is only on Unreal Engine games and come to think of it, I've had it occur in Viscera Cleanup Santa's Rampage in a multiplayer session, which is UE3. Does anyone know anyone or anything about this issue? I've also checked during the occurences, and steam, nor origin, nor Uplay, nor My.com game center is downloading an update. CPU: Intel 4770 ~3.40GHz, GPU: used to be R9270 or 280 2GB GDDR5, currently XFX R9-390X 8GB GDDR5 32GB RAM I haven't been playing Squad as much since EAC was implemented because I don't want to get global banned for something I have no control over. I also haven't received any warning since EAC implementation during the lag spikes, and that's during the roughly 20 rounds I've played. I think it's also worth noting that during these lag spikes, it appears to be only client side. I've tested with a friend multiple times during Closed Alpha to report if I start warping or any other weird movement during one of them, and he said that there was nothing wrong on his screen.
  17. Problem: When I want to start Squad while running TS3 with the "TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin", the game crashes after the splashscreen and I get a "fatal error" message. log files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-GVD65Dlw2_U0pNdEpETG43S2s/view?usp=sharing Workaround: Deactivate the "TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin".
  18. I don't know how others, who are interested in modding for Squad feel about this but I have a feeling that instead of having scattered individuals trying out stuff in UE4 or working on potential mod assets on their own, having something like Discord dedicated to community modding would be neat. This would give us the possibility to: Chat with like-minded about technology and art related to Squad and modding in generalAsk for help or teach in the creation of any type of mod related contentJoin or recruit for a modding group or even establish one with others.Give or get feedback for your assetHaving a supportive place for beginners who are interested in moddingAs for groups, this would be neat to get in touch with others and try to get something rolling together instead of working on your own (Like the Squad: WW mod that has been mentioned before). But also if you like to work by yourself on a certain project, you'd still have the chance to get feedback from a more technical or artistic point of view before showcasing it to the mass. I'd be happy setting this up if some people are interested. This though would be only with direct invites, to not spoil any information on projects to the outside world. Maybe Discord is not the best choice, but it's a start. HipChat would work great, too. Also modding groups could use this as a private place with sperate voice / chat channels to discuss things without having to deal with Skype for instance, but that's something that has to be discussed in detail and in general this is just a suggestion by me. Personally I'm into 2D graphics design (mostly Web and non-web UI's and currently in the process of learning UE4 and landscape creation / mapping. EDIT: Discord is up and running. Please PM me to get involved. Anybody who'd like to contribute in any possible way is welcome. You'll have the chance to create your own channels for your group and get your appropriate roles/positions (Artist, Programmer etc) assigned. EDIT 2: Apperently Zeno took it to the next level and already created a Discord when I had one running already. I'll figure out with him what the best approach is, since his Discord is currently open to anyone. Feel free to join it though.
  19. Star Wars: Battle Cry

    I was wondering if anyone here has been following the development of Star Wars: Battle Cry. https://www.facebook.com/StarWarsBattlecry It's a spiritual successor to Battlefront 2 being developed by an indie team to eventually release for free. Kinda like what was going to happen with PR2 before it went quiet. Battle Cry started on CryEngine but eventually switched over to UE4. Their development is pretty quiet as they put out an update every few months but they seem to still be working on it. The screenshots of the carbon freezing chamber look gorgeous <3
  20. Major memory leak?

    As soon as I started playing i noticed the lag (despite having turned everything down to medium/high 1024px shadows) ~6gb ram and ~12gb pagefile was in constant use, but as soon as i disabled my pagefile all together, rebooted my computer, it went down to ~3gb ram and ~6gb pagefile (at least according to the task manager and afterburner), would love some input from a dev and if you guys could investigate further whether there's a connection between this phenomena and if you can somehow plug the hole since I'm now running (almost maxed out) with the only exception for no fxaa/msaa and 2048px shadows at 1080p with ~30fps (depending on the amount of explosions/smoke).
  21. It would be cool if SQUAD had a map with jungle/rainforest terrain that rolls out to beachfronts and streams with waterfalls throughout the inland parts of the map that resemble another game currently being developed called ARK Survival has. I imagine this is totally possible considering it's developed with UnrealEngine4 as well. Particularly the use of some different foliage, the trees and plants used in ARK are pretty darn good looking and I would love to battle in some thick rain forest type setting like this in SQUAD. Edit: sorry this was intended for the suggestions section.
  22. Unreal Dev Grants?

    Heyo, a while back Epic Games launched the Unreal Dev Grants program to distribute some funding to developers who submit their work through the program. If I recall during the Battlefield Podcast interview, an update regarding the grants was mentioned; its been while since then. any news on the grant distribution? C:
  23. Playing around with Blender, I came across a problem when trying to export a material from the more advanced Cycles renderer. These materials cannot be exported via an FBX file (or any other format) by Blender, only materials from Blender's internal renderer succesfully exports to FBX. So I was wondering, do Squad devs create their materials inside UE4, or do they export them from Maya, 3DS, etc.? Does Maya, or 3DS have similar limitations, or is material quality not a problem? Thanks in advance.
  24. Community Modding Subforum

    Heyo everyone, now that Squad has launched on Greenlight and picked up a tremendous amount of steam and new members, I think that it would be appropriate to create a Community Modding Subforum. This subforum would be a place where players interested in modding for Squad can post UE4 specific technical questions, share their personal projects, doodle around with the UE4 engine, introduce mini-mod concepts, and generally discuss modding and game development (PR was first discussed waaaay before BF2 came out!). For examples these threads could probably be moved to the modding subforum LAV25 Vehicle ConceptMap Grid System Mock-upDiscussion about a Korean War Modification.50 Cal Turret Mounted Humvee WIPMaya 2015 Viewport ProblemsWorld snapgrid terrain tesselationYou get the idea C: Cheers
  25. How Does the Dev Team Use Blueprints?

    How does the development team use UE4's blueprints if any at all? Are there any benefits to using blueprints over C++ as a programmer?