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Found 22 results

  1. In some maps, in some areas, there will be terrain rendering as though it's at an extremely low LOD; foliage will appear to be floating and I will be able to sink under terrain, sometimes able to look up through the map. You'd think this would confer an advantage, but the truth is that I'm unable to tell where to cusp so I can fire at targets, often shooting the ground in front of me, giving away my position. Not to mention I don't like exploiting. I've tried turning my graphics settings up, but the problem seems to persist. I've cleared cache and verified files. I'm aware that my PC doesn't meet minspec, though the game generally runs playably. This is the only graphical anomaly. OS: Windows 7 CPU: AMD FX-8310 3.4GHz GPU: GTX 465 RAM: 8gb
  2. null_value

  3. Rendering glitch

    The poppy field isn't rendering correctly. It maybe because of my ini files as I have tweaked them to increase performance, but I deleted them and reinstalled squad and deleted game cache.
  4. Foliage Problem

    -removed link- I've had this problem for awhile now, but it seems it just go worse today when I started playing. I tried clearing cache and deleting the ini files and reinstalling the game, but that doesn't seem to work also. Any fix?
  5. Hey, Yesterday I launched Squad, joined a server, and then when I spawned in the terrain was glitched out. It looked like the far away version of the terrain but at close range. Also the collision was messed up and I would glitch through the floor. I haven't updated any drivers recently. I tried the clear cache option in setting, I verified integrity of the game files in Steam and I reinstalled. Nothing worked. Image of the problem All help is appreciated! NickHaldon
  6. Mud and tracked vehicles

    In order to give tracked vehicles terrain advantages over wheeled vehicles I suggest the implementation of mud fields and pot holes where wheeled vehicles can get stuck and infantry be slowed down (kneedeep) in contrast to tracked vehicles which will traverse the mud with ease. I believe this will be rather easy to implement as well. Otherwise I wonder what the benefit of tracked vehicles could be...
  7. I've seen some topics around talking about grass, but I wanted to mainly give some feedback about landscape and I hope devs will take it better than in other cases .. Right now the landscape/terrain doesn't look that interesting , I noticed it's mostly just 1 layer especially in the older levels. Since You have 20 developers and some budget I take it that there is someone responsible for the art side of the game I imagine performance plays a big role and it's propably best to avoid using more layers/texture samples that are not really needed, but it would be nice to either rework base materials or just put in some macro texture to break down the dull surface. As visible above , the terrain materials are pretty dull together , cliff material isn't too good either. About the grass it looks like they don't have proper vertex normals (will help with grass blending, won't stand out that much) and it's not just colour issue (just a guess). You can also make use of material instances for the grass colour with close to no performance impact and have them matching the terrain with more control. My overall suggestion is , it would be nice to have terrain materials reworked , make use of PBR and power of material editor within UE4. Give substance designer a try, it will allow you to make quick procedural PBR materials Also good work and congratulations on making a working base game , I am really looking forward to updates. I hope someone will read it. Regards, Michal
  8. So, some people in the discord were asking my about my process for making terrain in World Machine and porting it over with texture maps and such. So I figured I'd make a guide on how to do it.
  9. Terrain Base Material: using layer masks

    OK, so apparently nobody looks in the Modding Helpdesk thread, even after bumping ( i figured the "helpdesk" thread was where we can get "help" ). . . . anyhoo. Problem: Squad_SDK: TERRAIN BASE TEXTURE, using layer masks. i watched a video that showed how to create a terrain using TerreSculpt to make layer masks, and then use those masks to filter the Base Material. The guy showed how to create a new Base Material by copy-paste 'ing selected materials in the Content, into a single (the first one he opened) Blueprint. He ended up with 3 Material sub-layers (Rock, Grass + Dirt) linked together to make a new Base Material and saved that using his Maps' Name. My question is: since i cannot seem to copy-paste existing materials from one Blueprint Window to another. . . then, are we not allowed to do that? If we cannot, it means painting the terrain by hand, yes? . . . Or! (heh). I'm just stoopid and doing it wrong cheers .LJ
  10. Hi All, As far as i can tell UE4 has no real scale. what i mean is; is there a way to set UE4 to scale-per-pixel? eg: 2017x2017 DEM will be 2017x2017 meters @ scale of 1 pixel/meter i ask because the terrain iv'e been trying, unsuccessfully, to create comes out at some random size that i cannot work out until i drop a 40' container on it for scale. and the "settings" to import make no sense or logic to me in this context. cheers, .LJ
  11. Brahhs Afghan Map

    So here are a few screenshots of my a map ive been making, this is my first time ever doing something like this. I have no idea of a name or anything just yet but as you can HOPEFULLY see that im going for a mix of forest and logar, a green afghan map =] I am far from finished but wanted to show what i have done so far over the past few days. (I do have other compounds but not ready to show yet) Details and props are the last thing on the list.
  12. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Name: "Tresenka Border" Landscape: Alpine Climate: Cold Alpine in the higher area closer to the airbase and cold, wet, muddy forests in the lower valley. Dense forests, small water canals, muddy dirt paths, one main highway. Setting: Tresenka Border takes place in a fictional setting along the border between Russia and a country at war. Fighters from the warring country continuously use the river and mountainous terrain to cross into Russian territory aswell as making use of old WWII trenches. However as fighting has intensified in the region, Insurgents have pushed through the border-crossing while Russian forces' increased security will now be on the defensive to protect it's military installations and small civilian population in the region. This battle will take place in a clash near a military airbase just outside of the border between the Russian Federation and Insurgent forces. Factions: Russian Federation vs Insurgents Design Plans: Large scale map designed for Infantry, Transportation, Light Armor and Heavy armor fighting in a heavily forested area. High vantage overwatch military installations, some bunkers carved into the mountains, Radar stations. Custom buildings and assets also planned. Inspirations: Battlefield 2 , Project Reality, Altai Range (Battlefield 4) for setting, Damavand Peak (Battlefield 3). Screenshots: (link) First Rough Pass Update 1 Update 2 - Lighting and Environment Note: This is my first creation using Unreal Engine 4 but i'm so excited and determined to complete this map . Terrain textures were pretty hard for me to get right and natural looking. I'm on my third pass so far so the snow capped mountains are indeed a work-in-progress . Update: Worked on the mountain side and terrain a bit more. Check the album above for screenshots! Feedback and Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone, I looked around in the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for, hope it's not a reposted topic. I just recently discovered Squad, and I like the concept behind it, but please note I still do not own a copy of the game. I''ve been developing a 5x5 Km terrain for A3 (kinda tiny for A3 gameplay), and now I've read that 4x4 core area for an 8x8 Km terrain is perfect for Squad. But I am now thinking I might shift my terrain model (either 0.5/1 m cell size and 0.5/1 px/m sat resolution), mask layers, road shapes etc... to UE4 which is much more reliable and user friendly than Terrain Builder :P But I have a couple questions about it: 1) Are we allowed to use some vanilla assets in custom terrains (as you would in Arma) or are we required to use only our own trees/buildings/fences etc.? 2) Do you guys have a link to a thread or guide about particular issues on UE4 terrains for Squad? Such as optimal texture sizes, grid size, how building destruction is handled... :) Thanks for any help!
  14. Quick question about modding.

    Hello to all devs and forum members. I have a quick question about modding in Squad. I have been looking up modding for a long time in various games, never really had dedicated time to fully develope one, only started a few and abandoned them after a few barriers. Anyway, I finnaly have some coding expirience and I think I can pull it off this time. My question: I know the devs mentioned that the access to modding will be done trough an ARK type deal, what does that entail (mean for the modders). I am new to UE4 and dont know its capabilities, as my GPU died just on the morning that I downloaded the kit. So I am wondering about a few things, I know that UE4 has very good capabilities when it comes to underground terrain, but will I be able to limit movement of, lets say, one faction, or a class trough a tunnel (IE a skinnier guy or a indigenous has the ability to navigate paths that a bigger guy or invader cant). And will I be able to lets say have a hole in the ground be visible to one nation, but invisible to another (IE traps like in vietnam). Quick second question: will the balance remain symetrical (I.E. everyone having the same armour and speed) or will I be able to modify it per nation, and for general drug use, as in lets say a solider takes something, and he is now able to run faster, and is in turn punished for it in another way.
  15. So there's these so called terrain generators and creation tools where you can feed a bunch of parameters and they will essentially spill out terrains. Luckily for us Squad's Devs are using these (AFAIK, I might be wrong) to create authentic landscapes for the game. To show off what can be done with these precious tools here's a bunch of media: Some of these tools are industry standards for Hollywood and so on.
  16. Collision Avoidance

    Greetings to all the Squad supporting community. Firstly, I'm a newcommer who is looking forward to purchasing the game since it's budding up to be a great recap on what is PR:BF2. What I've seen so far is a very neat adaptation of what the game was like, which is already giving very good impressions; but since what has now changed is the all-new Unreal Engine 4 the game is going to be based on, there's lot of room for improvement which is worth making happen by utilising many resources it has to offer. That said, there are many interesting suggestions that have been made to improve the gameplay: dynamic environment (grass being stepped upon, vehicles and characters collecting dirt, smoke and dust adapting to rooms, destructible objects), character physics (stamina affecting weapon balance, arm sway), and so on. However, there is an important point I think we are missing: collision avoidance. What I mean with it is preventing that characters, weapons and vehicles glitch through static objects such as buildings, trees or the ground. In PR it used to be quite frustrating proning with the legs against some sandbags and seeing them stick out through them, giving your position to the enemy and the chance to shoot you. The same happens when your character's weapon stretches out when crawling towards the edge of a crest or ridge. Might be something the devs have already taken into account in bringing it to some future patch. In any case, whether its simple or not to implement, I think it could be a good detail that would add to the game in overall. Artilerien
  17. Terrain Destruction

    So as most of you know who played any of the battle field games you would know that the scale of destroying walls and buildings was astounding. I always felt that this feature was revolutionary to FPS shooters alike. To have this feature in game would be a definite deal breaker to buy this game, and i'm sure to a lot of other people as well. What do you guys think of this feature? Do you think the developers for Squad would be able to do this?
  18. Terrain deformation

    I would love to see the effects of arty and mortar fire in the dirt, it could also provide a little cover in an otherwise hard approach. Sure, it's not a gaping chasm, but if you lay your sweet little ass down in it you might just avoid collecting a bullet with your face. Is it easy to implement? is it taxing on our wee little cpu's? is it possible? was it planned anyway?
  19. I'm loving the terrain, and as someone who has spent time carrying heavy gear up mountains for a living, I always find myself frustrated at the instantaneous climbing limits I run into out in the hills (Or even in the middle of town) in certain video games. Its getting to the point I feel bad suggesting new things, because I realize the devs already have a very loaded and defined development path, but I figured I would toss this out there for the "to be considered, when we have more time and money" pile. Not really rocket science. Mostly requesting a "climb on all fours" mechanic for scaling those moderately sloped hills that I know I could climb, even with a 100lb pack on my back. I am sure a lot of this depends on the engine, and its ability to recognize the slope a player is on, but it would be cool if this was something that was functionally possible. So, sorry in advance devs, I am not trying to over-encumber you with another petulant request, just something to toss in your bucket of ideas for future consideration. P.S. If you dont already have an "Idea wiki/database" id be happy to assist the cataloging/construction. Wikis are pretty easy to throw together as I am sure you know.
  20. The Idea is About Realistic or 'Balanced' Vehicle Handling Realistic = REALISTIC Balanced = BALANCED FOR GAMEPLAY From personal observations (and I'm sure other people might agree) it seems that PR (and probably ever other FPS) never had realistic vehicle handling regarding the terrain. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'd like to give some practical examples from PR: Vehicles can essentially drive up huge steep hills at speed which wouldn't be possible (issue is further enhanced by 'shift' boost) Vehicles can drive incredibly fast regardless of the terrain (in real life different terrain would cause different speeds, maybe I'm wrong on this 'observation') Vehicles generally speed around on and off road with little resemblance of what is the norm in combat driving (usually vehicles are only maxed out in speed when retreating, maybe a mil. advisor can affirm this or the likely hood of reaching top speeds or the conditions neccessary to do so)So to summarise, here's what my suggestion might include in practice: Slower AccelerationTerrain resistance implementation/unique terrain acceleration propertiesSlower speed in general for certain vehicles, just because a vehicle can drive so many mph/kmph in real life doesn't mean it is driven that way with added weapons, armourment, cargo, personnel, terrain, weather and mechanical conditionsNo 'Boosting' for vehicles without an after-burner or some similar IRL featureTerrain that is severely resistant to speed (might be snow for instance)Speed Limited Terrain where it is not possible to reach past a certain speed limit (possibly with side effects of going too fast)My suggestion is about the concept. I included some ideas with the concept. Realistic Vehicle Handling *Might* Be Too Much For A Game Balanced Vehicle Handling Would Be An Obvious Nerf of Vehicle Handling (in comparison to PR)
  21. UE4 Terrain Thread.

    Some quick links to a start in UE4 terrain generation. First, to work in the engine, go here. https://www.unrealengine.com/ > Get engine. Create account. Download and install engine. UE4 Landscape Quickstart Guide: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/index.html Cool forum post about how to get USGS Heightmaps: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?338893-Awesome-Way-to-Get-GIS-Map-Data-Imported-Into-Blender --- I signed up on the USGS site to start pulling heightmaps but my .tiffs are all super dark. I'll have to get them pulled into UE4 before I start confirming that I know what I'm doing Gotta take a break for the moment to get that HW done. --- Also, UE4 has a IM platform much like steam. add me there cause it'll likely be easier to collaborate via IM in the environment than these posts. Same user name as here.
  22. The title says it all, there should be terrain textures like this: https://imageshack.com/i/g9ma4yj