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  1. Why the Rally Point concept is good: I think rally points are an essential part of Squad. They incentivize players to join squads, force squad leaders to think ahead before engaging the enemy, and provide "reinforcements" that allow for sustained battles. And of course, they keep players close to the action. The current problem with Rally Points: Right now, however, rally points are overpowered, and overly forgiving to players. They are easy to hide, easy to refresh, provide 9 spawns each, and generally reduce the penalty for dying to about 1 minute before you're back on the front line. A smart squad leader can keep a rally fresh forever, and troops will spawn in, rush the enemy, die, and do it all over again. Giving up often means you can get back to the fight quicker to help your team. And of course, since everyone spawns in individually, cohesion quickly disappears. This is the current situation in Squad. Why is that a problem? 1. Players should be afraid to die. Think about it. Why does Squad have the suppression system, sound effects that make you shit your pants, and the camera shaking when a mortar hits next to you? To make you scared, to make you hit the deck and try to work out what your next move is. To make you THINK, not just shoot. But in reality, dying in Squad isn't a big deal, so there are rarely moment where you need to make decisions like "should I engage that enemy over there?" The answer is pretty much always "yes." 2. A lost firefight should not mark the end of squad cohesion. When I lead a squad, most unfavorable engagements end the same way. Half the squad is fighting in a building, a few are dead, spawning at Rally one at a time, running back to the building. They get there as other squadmates die and the process continues as I try to find someone to help me refresh the rally. Eventually the Rally gets wiped, and I have to spawn in with some people at a FOB while the rest of my squad is still fighting at the objective. We are no longer working as a unit. So how do we make sure that Squad Lives Matter? How do we get squads to stick together when players are dying? The (potential) solution: Squad Respawn I propose we make each Rally Point good for one full "squad respawn", instead of 9 individual respawns. Instead of waiting a set amount of time to spawn at a Rally, you wait for your squadmates to be "on" the Rally with you. Being "on" the Rally Point means you're dead and queued to spawn on the Rally, OR you're alive and within 10m of the Rally. Once a total of 7 squadmates are "on" the Rally (combined dead and alive), all dead players spawn in together. If the number of dead players that spawned in exceeds the number of alive players on the Rally, then the Rally disappears. Otherwise, it stays intact. Example 1: 6 men in your 9-man Squad are dead, but you have a Rally Point down. All of them queue to spawn at the Rally Point. A 7th man dies and gives up, then queues the Rally as well. A total of 7 squad members are now "on" the Rally, and they all spawn in at once. The Rally Point disappears. Example 2: Your squad is engaged in a firefight and 4 squad members die and queue to spawn on the Rally. If 3 of the remaining living squad members are able to retreat back to within 10m of the Rally, the combined 7 players "on" the rally (4 dead and 3 alive within 10m) will trigger a squad respawn. All dead players queuing the Rally will spawn at the same time. The Rally Point disappears. Example 3: Two new members have joined your squad, but you are far from all FOBs. Your SL throws down a Rally. If 5 living squadmates are near the Rally Point, the 2 new players can spawn there immediately. 5 living + 2 queuing spawn = 7. The Rally remains in place. (More living players are near the Rally than dead players trying to spawn in) Advantages: More incentive to stay alive. If you are the first to die, you must wait the longest to spawn. If you are one of the last to die, you probably don't need to wait very long. So this incentivizes players to stay alive as long as possible, at least until most of their squad has fallen. Respawn waits are not arbitrary. Respawning on a Rally Point is no longer dictated by an arbitrary timer, but instead depends on the actions or your teammates. Retreating is a good strategy. If you lose 4 squadmates, it might make sense to retreat to your Rally and get them back in the fight. A dead/retreating squad gives up ground. A pinned enemy squad will not be reinforced until they retreat or most of them die. They will be forced to go back to their Rally Point, giving your team an chance to move up. More teamwork and decision-making. Squad leaders will need to decide whether to order a retreat, and remaining living players must move together to the Rally to get their teammate back in the fight. Lone wolves will feel the wrath of their dead, waiting squadmates. Squads will stay together. Currently, when players respawn on Rally Points, they are alone, and the plan is "run back to where I was." But with this system, the majority of the squad always ends up together after a battle. Since the squad isn't scattered, Squad Leaders have the opportunity to try a different approach, rather than just running straight back in. Rally Points become more valuable. That is, you will want to hide your Rally in a good spot, far away from the action, since spawning is "all or nothing," and refreshing it is more difficult. Disadvantages: Small squads - what to do? 7 players for a squad respawn makes sense for a full 9-man squad, but obviously the formula will need to be scaled for smaller squads, making it more complex. Squad respawns without Squad Leader This would be very annoying, since the Squad Leader will have to respawn at a FOB, away from his squad. Automatic spawn trigger, good idea? Is it better to trigger the spawn automatically when 7 players are "on" the rally, or should it be triggered manually by the Squad Leader to ensure everyone who needs to respawn can do it? Let me know what you think, and how we could tackle the issues.
  2. Good afternoon, I am sure that this has been brought up before, however, after briefly looking through the forums, my question/suggestion is for teams within an existing squad be brought into the structure, or at least the option for teams to be turned on by the squad leader. After being a team leader myself, it is crucial for a squad and squad leader to have the maneuverability within it's own squad to operate effectively, or in this case, more effectively than already established. The mechanics of the game would then need to shift ever so slightly from 9/9 on a squad to 10/10, 1 being the squad leader and the others being three effective teams, alpha, bravo and Charlie, with the SL falling in to where ever needed without leaving any team without effective firepower. This may have been discussed at the beginning/creation of the game, but I am curious if it has, and if so why it was not implemented and if not is it a consideration? Thanks!
  3. Cześć, Chętnie zapoznamy się z waszą opinią na temat naszego serwera.
  4. Servers are blanked out

    So i just updated the game and now most of the servers that i usually played on are now blank and i cannot join them. The very few servers that i can play on only have 0-3 players in them. Just wondering how and why this happend and what i can do to fix it. Very frustrating considering i was gonna get a game in before i left my house but i guess thats fine.
  5. Imagine you're driving your humvee straight down a road and start taking heavy fire from directly in front of you. Now you have a feature that allows everyone in the front and rear seat to duck and brace while bullets are heavily coming through the front windshield. You are low enough that you aren't being shot in the face but you and your teammates are unable to see out the front or side windows because your head is tucked tight to your lap. Now you can reverse hopefully back to cover if you are lucky! I think having this option really puts more emphasis on the in-vehicle realism and would significantly help you on the battleground. Only downside is you are unable to see until you pop your head back up. Also, something more fun, maybe unrealistic would be a Radio in some or all vehicles that you can change through a fixed playlist of the devs choice, with volume options that if you are blaring the sound system anyone in the vicinity would be able to hear it. Imagine pulling up to an enemy HAB or setting one up and you start to hear Metallica or Justin Beiber in the distance from a U.S Humvee getting closer and louder. What are your guy's thoughts on both?
  6. Hi guys...so i have this problem...everytime when i start Squad it loads me full server list..but if i scroll down sometimes it just dissapear and there are only like 4 servers so i click update server list and there is one server so i click update again and there are no servers and from this point its so hard to load again full list so i need to restart the game...yes and one more thing...my internet is quite normal but everytime i start Squad and the server list dissapears it crashes my internet because i try to look on google chrome,explorer etc... and it wont load and if i end squad then after one minute its all good....and its so annoying because if i want to play i need to restart the game...please help...thanks.
  7. Squad

    I please the developers and whoever responsible for the Squad updates to make some changes in the future. 1.Please, study the Rpg specifications before updating the rpg drop and damage. Fragmentation : 7 m (23 ft) (vs. body armor) 150 m without body armor Muzzle velocity : 300 m/s (flight) Effective firing range: 200 m Maximum firing range: 500 m (self detonates at ≈920 m (1,000 yd)) 3.Increase the bullet damage on human bodies.Please, the FOB should be destroyed only physically and not by proximity because to me is not making sense.Let the shavel do the work not the "proximity" .....that was a really horrible change in my opinion. 4.Increase the mortar damage and radius "U.S. Army - M252 81mm Mortar killing range 35m" and "Russia - Podnos 82mm Mortar killing range 50 m minimum " 5.Add thermals to the Stryker (RWS) remote weapon system and to Humvee Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) system. Please,consider my request.
  8. Squad Profile
  9. Squad Discord Server!

    Hey guys! I just noticed that there isn't really a Squad Discord Server! I understand that many of us gamers use discord to talk to eachother so I was hoping we could build a friendly discord community that is willing to help people out and play together and chill! Click the link here to join --> https://discord.gg/sMkcde9 Hope to see you guys on there! Thanks! -CactusChomp
  10. I just wanna hear thoughts and opinions from you guys, since squad has already become a great game. Slowly, but steady..
  11. Attention! Parade rest! At ease! Soldiers! BlueFangSolutions.com is proud to be one of the official server providers for Squad. We are a younger company that started back in early 2012 and have since made our mark on this industry. We feel as though we have set a new standard for customer service and support and we are always excited when we can bring our expertise to a new title such as Squad. We have been working closely with the developers of Squad to make sure the service we offer can be the most enjoyable experience possible. If you would like to setup your own Squad server we are offering server rentals on a monthly and quarterly basis. RENT YOUR OWN SQUAD SERVER HERE Need some communications? We are an Authorized TeamSpeak 3 Hosting Provider too! RENT YOUR OWN TEAMSPEAK 3 SERVER HERE Have some questions about our service or would you like to inquiry about anything regarding a Squad server before you buy? Send us a contact form. We are here 24/7/365 to answer any and all of your questions about our services and provide assistance when it is needed. You can submit a ticket, email us, or hop on our TeamSpeak 3 server to get some help. We are here for you. Fall out!
  12. Hello Squad Community, so to get to the Problem right away i have heavy Performance Problems with my game my specs are: Graphix: Gt750ti 4gb Vram RAM:8 Gb of RAM CPU: AMD FX 6350 6x3,90 Ghz Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FX Gaming So i really like this Game but the game is not that enjoyable if it runs at 30 FPS on some maps i get 40 btw. I dont know if its my Hardware or the game itself wich causes the Problems any fixes? Thx for any help Apologize for my bad english deniz78093
  13. Weekend Preparations!

    What are you doing to get ready for this weekend's Closed Pre-Alpha access for Airborne and Commander backers?! I just got done cutting the grass in my yard. I usually do this early Saturday, but I didn't want to waste an hour this weekend and miss an hour of Squad. I also plan to stock up on supplies (food, drinks) on Thursday. I may not leave my house this weekend... And I'm ok with that.
  14. So, after the update somewhere around mid June, the game started to crash randomly, without any warnings or notes after the crash. Sometimes it will take 15 minutes to crash, and sometimes the game can run 2 hours without crashing. Squad version: I did reinstall EAC, Microsoft visual, game itself and cleared log files without any success, the game keeps still crashing. My PC: -AMD Ryzen 1700X -ASUS GTX1080 -ASUS Crosshair VI hero -4x HyperX Fury DDR4 8Gb 2400MHz Sometimes I get this message: "Squad.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x00007FF898D3A700 referenced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program." But that is coming maybe every 5th time. Normally there is nothing showing up after the game has crashed. Last events from log files from the latest crash: [2017.07.06-19.38.06:466][473]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] Daniel has connected. [2017.07.06-19.38.10:139][647]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] Everyday Broom Salesman has connected. [2017.07.06-19.38.33:660][809]LogSkeletalMesh: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : Could not find root physics body: Turret_SkeletalMesh [2017.07.06-19.38.43:711][288]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] bogdan<RangersPL> has connected. [2017.07.06-19.38.54:672][822]LogSquad: [CHAT Game] created88 has connected. [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0) [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogThreadingWindows:Error: Runnable thread RenderThread 1 crashed. [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: === [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error: [File:d:\g\pipelines\a-9\S\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 791] [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Rendering thread exception: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error! [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0x0c615d50 [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:964][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: KERNEL32.DLL [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: ntdll.dll [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: ntdll.dll [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: [2017.07.06-19.39.06:965][376]LogWindows:Error: Crash in runnable thread RenderThread 1 [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]LogWindows: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0) [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]LogWindows:Error: HandleError re-entered. [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1) [2017.07.06-19.39.06:985][376]Log file closed, 07/06/17 21:39:06 I didn't find any info concerning this issue. As well I did contact to Squad developers via e-mail & bug report sheet, but I haven't got any kind of answer, which is really bad on my opinion. The game is really good, but it's really sad that there is really big issue on the game itself but it feels like that nobody cares about that.
  15. Ive just bought the game on steam summer sales and when i was launching the game the loading window showed up and it was loading but when it was loaded 100% this error popped out: Squad.exe - Apllication Error The instruction at 0x00007FF7E7281345 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000000. The memory could not be read Any fixes for this?
  16. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    AL Basrah Re - Remake AKA AL BasBrahh ---------------------------- Up to page 11 is my first remake of basrah. Please see link above for most recent remake with custom buildings. I would like to show you all the progress on the Al Basrah remake i am doing or as some call it Al BasBrahh Those who dont know Al Basrah is a Project Reality map, screenshots of the map can be seen here and here These screenshots below are recent as of the creation of this post. ( IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TOPIC PLEASE GO TO THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE MORE RECENT SCREENSHOTS BETTER RESEMBLING THE PR VERSION ) Leaving these ones here to show the progress. UPDATED: 22 / 09 / 16
  17. Looking for Adult players who want to work together as a team! Hi my name is Jeremy, I'm the Clan Leader of FrogOps an adult gaming community for players ages 18+ and currently we're welcoming in new members from the community to join our ranks. We're a simi-hardcore group and by that I mean we enjoy having a bit of fun but at the same time we know when to get serious. Use of a microphone is a requirement for our clan as they're fairly cheap and really helps improve teamwork. We also use TeamSpeak 3 as our community communications application and is the only other requirement besides staying active. Since we're talking about being active, Most of us are parents raising a family so we understand that you have a job, wife/husband and kids breaking things in the house or watching lion king for the million-th time. All we ask is that you hop on a few times a month even just for a moment to say hi. We are a fairly new clan so right now we are looking to make a great leap forward in terms of membership and once we get to a proper amount of people we will be hosting a number of clan events such as. Zombie Horde // Dirt Bike & Truck Racing // VIP Extraction // Hostiage Rescue // 79 v 1 // Pistols Only // Vehicles Only // Gernades Only // Werewolf Hunt // and much much more! We take players of all levels of skill no matter if you just bought the game or are a complete expert. For more information check out our website at https://www.frogclan.com/join-us While you're at it check out one of our latest productions.
  18. http://www.maphill.com/search/sangin/detailed-satellite-map/ The link above is a satellite view of Sangin, Afghanistan. Sangin was a place of heavy fighting during the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and various Islamic groups. What I'm thinking is it has a large "Green Zone" that hugs the Helmand River. The "Green Zone" and desert zones are divided by a road that was called "Route Red" and has district centers, market strips, patrol bases, and local mud houses/compounds. The map could be 60% green zone and 40% desert (or whatever the devs deem appropriate) with the Insurgents starting in the "Green Zone" and Americans starting in the desert zone. When I was there, the green zone was where Taliban would hide and fight. I know the devs are working hard on a lot of other maps and I can hear it now, "we don't need another desert map". But, This desert map would be different being the ratio to dense green foliage to desert as it would take up over half the map compared to maps having relatively small areas of green zones in the map. Tell me what you guy's think! Again, this is just an idea I'm throwing out there that I would love to see get developed and added.
  19. Squad Mortar Calculator App for android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mitchellhodzen.squadmortarcalculator&hl=en Quickly and accurately calculate azimuth and elevation settings for your mortar emplacements for any given target in range.This app is available to download through Google Play on most android devices. Features: Simple to use GUI to quickly enter coordinates, no need to use a keyboard Accurate down to the sub-sub-sub-key Set new targets quickly - No need to re-enter mortar position Works for any sized map Fast an efficient - No fluff, just open the app and enter coordinates This app has been thoroughly tested and shown to be fast and accurate If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know, I'll be happy to make changes. Changelog: Possible future features: Setting and saving multiple mortar positions to account for multiple mortar FOBs - May work against the simplistic nature of the app Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/6ay948/squad_mortar_calculator_app_android/
  20. Sign-up's for the charity event are now OPEN! Go to http://level.gg/ and click the "sign-up" button to secure your slot in the event. Date: July 15th, 1PM EST start time Duration: 1 day event ~3 hours Prize: $400+ 1st – 75% of prize / 2nd – 25% of prize Game mode: 40v40 AAS Teams: 2-4 teams ~60 players per team Eligibility: solo players, small groups, large communities (players will be completely randomized into teams and squads) Matches: 1 map and 2 rounds (swap sides) Team with the most round wins (or most tickets in the event of a tie) advances. **Number of teams will dictate how many matches will take place
  21. Night games

    What if we would have battles in the night this would create a whole different gaming experience . Let me hear your opinion on this
  22. [Solved] Minipap propotion Bug?

    Hi, So after me and my fiend had played for a while, the mini-map on my friends screen got really big and out of proportion: This is his full screen. Everything was normal, just the map was oversized. Restarting the game would make the map normal again, but after some time, it went back to this. We checked the local data for errors through steam, but it said everything was fine. Kind regards GLG
  23. [Solved] Mouse Bug

    Hey, Just downloaded the game and I cannot move my mouse to the far bottom or right of my screen. It is stuck. I cannot apply any settings and have to close it which crashes me. Any ideas of what to do?
  24. When I click on steam to run squad I get the green load bar but after that nothing happens, ive changed my anti virus to allow squad, ive verified the game, ive reinstalled the game and ive tried running steam as administrator. Please help i love the game, my steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/SirDankMeme/
  25. Siera Squad

    i'm looking for new players to play with. a little squad that we could make. dm for more info i got discord