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      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
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Found 52 results

  1. Squad Workshops

    To all new Squad players, and those who may be interested, for the next 30 days we'll be offering several workshops on various roles in Squad beginning on February 18th. Of course you can always watch the many videos, or read the numerous articles online regarding these topics, as we have. But most of the information is outdated, lacking details, or just people wanting you to watch them play. Our workshops will allow you a hands on experience, with coaching, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. And afterwards, we'll even go in game with you to help you practice what you've learned. Tuesdays - (9am, 10am, 11am PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Wednesdays - (9am and 11am PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings - (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Thursdays - (9am and 10:30am PST) Squad Leader and FTL - (1 hour each) **this may go longer depending on amount of questions Fridays - (9am, 10am, 11am PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Saturdays - (9am and 11am PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings - (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Sundays - (9am and 3pm PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Sunday (11am and 5pm PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Sunday - (1pm and 7pm PST) Squad Leader and FTL (1 hour each) **this may go longer depending on amount of questions If your interested, all you have to do is show up at the posted times. Each workshop starts at the top of the hour. The server is located in the "Custom Server" and will have the upcoming workshop listed such as "Medic Workshop". (or whatever workshop is being provided) **Mortars and HAT/LAT workshops coming soon. Staff Sgt.
  2. As it is the training mode is far too basic. It needs to be extended to include training for the commander and squad leader roles. People wouldn't shy away from a lead role as much if they were actually prepared for it to start with. The learning curve for this game is far too steep for the training mode to be this basic.
  3. Not sure if it's just me, but one thing which would really help the game would be a little pop up that tells anyone setting up a new squad that a) they should only do so if they are fairly experienced, and b) they are generally obliged to remain as SL, even when the going gets tough. Admins on server do the best they can to deal with idiots/newbies setting up squads and then leaving, but that's really not a solution. The damage caused by people doing this seems pretty significant to me. You often find games where the squads spend ages passing the SL role around. That then has a nasty knock-on effect to the team generally, when the other SLs realise that one of their squads has no decent leadership. It also generally adds to a potentially toxic atmosphere.
  4. Squad Leader 101

    SQUAD LEADER 101 is the complete manual to becoming an effective SL in SQUAD. It includes kit and role breakdown, leadership tips, infantry tactics, callouts, and much more. It's written to be the ultimate guide to Squad Leading and should help many aspiring SL's learn the ropes. If you like it, please upvote it and leave a comment on Steam. GUIDE CONTENTS i. Introduction ii. Earning the Stripes 1. Squad Leader Basics 2. The Squad Leader 3. R.O.P.E. 4. Rallies and Fobs 5. Infantry Tactics 6. Squad Roles 7. Vehicles 8. Leadership I 9. Leadership II 10. Callouts Link to the Steam Guide
  5. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    From your experience with Squad, who was your favorite squad leader? What made them the top of your SL list?
  6. H.A.R.M. Tactical Squad

    H.A.R.M. is a squad for players that want to take their SQUAD game to the next level. Infantry tactics and close coordination are what this squad is all about. The basic principles this squad is built on are outlined in my Squad Leading guide, Squad Leader 101, but the goal of H.A.R.M. is to further refine and implement real-world infantry tactics and close-knit teamwork until the unit is a well-trained fighting machine. This is an elite unit and slots are limited - the unit is capped at 18 regular players on rotation. THE 3 PILLARS OF H.A.R.M. #1. PATIENCE H.A.R.M. is only for the patient player. The squad's goal is to implement real-world infantry tactics in SQUAD, repeatedly practicing those tactics until they can be carried out consistently and effectively in public matches. Training the fundamentals will take time and repetition, including dedicated practice matches and squad scrims, and players that are impatient to "get on with their game" are not going to like it in H.A.R.M. The first and foremost quality required is patience. #2. TACTICS not FLUFF H.A.R.M. is not a military fluff squad. It is not interested in implementing military practices that do not directly translate to SQUAD's gameplay. H.A.R.M. is about stripped-down and distilled infantry tactics, not a painstaking re-enactment of real-life military ranks, obscure jargon, and impractical infantry doctrines. If it's practiced in H.A.R.M., it's because it actually works in-game. The fundamentals of infantry combat are timeless, and that's what merits the repetition and practice. #3. TEAMWORK H.A.R.M. operates on a small roster to ensure the teamwork is close-knit and well coordinated. The squad will learn to operate as an team - refining tactics, communication, and execution until second-nature. Members are expected to always follow orders - whether from their SL or their fireteam leader. Members must master their role - their understanding of their job as it relates to the squad will enable them to effectively function in their role even without specific direction, eliminating the need for micro-management and greatly reducing unnecessary casualties. H.A.R.M. FUNDAMENTALS - The unit will cap at 18 players, on rotation (two full squads in total). - The squad will always play one private practice game to train tactics & teamwork before queuing for public matches. - The unit will organize 9v9 private scrims to further train and refine these tactics in practice combat situations. - Unique lessons for the day may vary, but the fundamentals will be drilled time and time again until they are second-nature. - Squad members are expected to specialize in one role - limited flexing is allowed depending on player availability. - Members must have enough available playtime to play at least a twice a week - play sessions will last from 2 to 5 hours. - Squad Leaders and Team Leaders must read the Squad Leader 101 guide in full - regular members are highly encouraged to read it also. - Squad members must follow orders promptly and to the best of their ability. - Squad members must have a firm enough understanding of their role to be able to carry it out without being told what to do. - Squad members are expected to memorize and use gameplay-relevant callouts, and use them consistently. - Squads will be divided into two Fireteams, each with their dedicated Fireteam Leader. - Team Leaders are expected to put in extra time and effort into learning their role and functioning as leaders for the unit. - Basic unit formations will be implemented - Column, Line, and File - as well as the Traveling Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch doctrines. - Members are encouraged to do their own learning on the subject of infantry tactics and the use of their weapon. - This is a commitment-based squad, not a performance-based squad - if you are committed to improving, we will train you until your performance is up to par. - H.A.R.M. is a positive environment to enjoy SQUAD. Negativity and toxicity, especially racism or verbal abuse, will result in an immediate kick from the unit. - Timezone is "Global" until a play schedule can be worked out. The hours you are able to consecutively play is more important than what time of day you can play. APPLYING FOR H.A.R.M. Please send me a PM if you want to join (the subject line should be "HARM Application from <Steam Name>, and include the following: #1. Why you want to join H.A.R.M. #2. Your timezone and playtime availability #3. Your top two desired roles in the squad (one may be taken) #4. Confirmation of your commitment to practice until you have mastered your role in H.A.R.M. (Applications for positions are currently: OPEN) **If you are accepted, you will receive a reply PM - change your in-game clan tag to [H.A.R.M.] ***Positions are extremely limited, don't take it personally if you don't receive a reply ROLE AVAILABILITY SQUAD 1 Squad 1 Leader (Vance) Alpha Team Leader / Rifleman Medic Machine Gunner Grenadier Bravo Team Leader / Rifleman Medic Autorifleman LAT/HAT SQUAD 2 Squad 2 Leader Alpha Team Leader (Rifleman) Medic Machine Gunner Grenadier Bravo Team Leader (Rifleman) Medic Autorifleman LAT/HAT
  7. The ability to set a waypoint, even just a single one, would be a blessing for squad leaders and add a beneficial degree of depth to the game. The ability to place a rally, then a move marker for troops to go to, and then from the move marker to an action point/marker(attack/dig/defend/etc...) is something I'd really like. Just one waypoint would make a world of difference as currently players, of all levels, often move to action points/markers directly from where they spawned which leads to the spawn having a rather limited life by making them kind of easy to find, so it seems. Having the ability to place a single waypoint imho could bring a whole new level of game play and enhance everyone's in-game experience. Please could we test such a feature in the next update. I guess you could use the 'Shift' key + click to place the waypoint and then the usual for the action point/marker.... grovel grovel... grovel... P.s. I searched and found but thought this really needs bringing back to life... people's vectors are too much of a clue... #make-Squad-rich-...-in-depth...-for-enhanced-funzies-...-people-will-like-it-...-o7 P.p.s. This would especially useful for squad leaders that become seperated from their squad, for whatever reason... "Do such and such via such and such waypoint-move-marker..."
  8. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread! Totally stole this idea from the Project Reality forum. No shame. The purpose of this thread is to share with the community if you had an effective squad leader and enjoyed being in his or her squad. It will serve as a place to share your great experiences and give the squad leader some feedback. Please, only positive feedback in this thread! We've all been there. We've played under the command of or with good and bad squad leaders. It's a crucial part of the game to have individuals willing to step up and be dedicated to that role. Let's help get the good ones recognized! A good SL is essential to a great round of Squad. Whether they employ solid strategies, or knowing where to go, or helping newbies learn the game; all of these traits are worth highlighting as it makes your game experience better! It improves the game for the entire community really. Let's try to keep it to this format for easy recommendation submissions. Player name:Player nationality (optional):Date & time of round:Map and side:Act of heroism or good conduct: (your text here; like an after action report)List of Recommended Squad Leaders +++++ 005_Joe_Mama AMG System-Zero Blackhawk BLITZA Cheesy_LeScrub Chronic DesmoLocke Griff Gunther Hellfire IrOnTaXi IRONXBAY Japseye jteverett Kurtd MrChaggy Nutella the Hun Protector PRwars Clay2 Rossy Raider RussUK SandSukka Socrates Sparcany [siN]Rekdek Unfrail USMC Vicious Last updated: 19 Dec 2015 at 16:45 EST
  9. Headquarter

    Select and assign one 'master over squad leaders' for each side. Now every squad doing whatever he want. That man should have small coins with squad numbers embossed. 'master over squad leaders' should have possibilities put coins on map and move it showing where he want to see every squad. Few or one for defence, few for flank out, next for rush or ambush.
  10. Something thats been a real problem in the past few weeks more then the past, is the competency of squad leaders. Yes obviously there are new players and somewhat of a learning curve to the game but there's also blatant disregard for the rest of the team. It's so frustrating when there's a squad leader wondering off to the middle of nowhere with his mates as the rest of the team is trying to rangle him in and hes simply in goring everyone. I feel there should be some sort of system implemented to allow you to be a squad leader, whether it's a rating that's effect by overall teamscore or number of matches played. Also I feel there should be a system in place were the SLs of the team can vote another on from his position or the squad itself could do so.
  11. Me a Noob leading a squad !

    As the title says any noob like me wanna take lead ? be my guest multiple videos on unknown youtube channel lol and in this one some bluedrake guy got owned ! i was late to the party lmao
  12. Hey guys and girls, I will post all of my current YouTube uploads in here for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see jump onto my channel and subscribe Thanks for the support!!!
  13. Scout & Marksman

    Hi - I recently picked up the game and have spent a few hours playing and something has tickled my curiosity. Why can Scout's and Marksmen not mark the map declaring enemy positions? At first I thought it might be redundant as the job is picked up by the SL, but the SL already has the largest and most involved task without also being the only person capable of marking enemy positions. The marksman role is essentially rifleman with decent optics and the scout role is rifleman with explosives + bino's. Both of these roles seem to lend well to marking enemy positions without taking away from the importance of the Squad Leader. I've searched the forum, wiki and dev blogs for an answer to why this is only something the SL does but couldn't find an answer. Has there been one? Is this temporary or is it part of the final design that only a SL can mark enemies on the map?
  14. Free week suggestion

    I'll keep it short and simple. Next time you do a free weekend can you disable freebies playing as squad leaders? It's an incentive to buy the game and it doesn't mess up all the games for a week. Way, way too many noobies (literally 5 minutes in the game) play as SL and do stuff like don't even put a rally the entire game.
  15. Squad Leaders should use "Order markers" more often. I see way to many SLs not using this function. "Comrose" Map Its important to use these markers because they will show up on map aswell as on Squad members compass. ! BE AWARE, OTHER MARKERS THAN ORDER-MARKERS WONT SHOW UP ON COMPASS ! In Project Reality every SLs using Them, please SLs use these markers more in Squad. :-)
  16. Squad leader Edition Issue

    I'm late to the party, I know. I just now made my forum account. I bought the $70 Squad Leader Edition of the game and supported it all the way from alpha testing. I resolved part of my problem: steam inventory items. Now the second: will I ever get my name in the credits? Just wondering.
  17. I was first introduced to Squad a couple of months ago, when I found a Squad Ops video on YouTube done by Karmakut. Since December 14th, I've purchased a new computer, joined the Squad Ops group, and now have 179 hours on Squad. When I have a good Squad Leader, I love playing as a medic or rifleman. Otherwise, I enjoy the challenge that squad/platoon leading is and am constantly learning more about it both on & off the field. My goal is to play a bigger part in the Squad community- to become a developer and help to contribute to the UX, objects, maps and game modes. I am from California so you will find me playing on my local servers. Hope to see you on the field!
  18. Currently Squad has three kit groups; Command and Support, Riflemen, and Fire Support. With the kits in-game right now, this system is fine. However, eventually we'll start seeing kits like heavy anti-tank, engineer, anti-air, machine gunner, possibly even sniper. These kits are very specialized, very powerful, and should be extremely limited... so how to implement that? Simple. Put these kits in a fourth kit group, "Specialized". A squad would be limited to only one Specialized kit, and for someone to use it, the SL would literally have to approve it for them: if no one else is using a Specialized kit in the squad and a player opens the spawn screen and clicks a Specialized kit, they would not receive it, as first a popup would appear for the SL, saying "Allow PlayerXYZ to use the [whatever Specialized kit the player clicked] kit?" The SL could then click yes or no. If yes, the player is able to select the kit the SL approved for him (and not any other Specialized kits). If no, the player keeps his current kit. With this system... Kits like HAT, AA, MG, etc are limited to one such kit per squad. Players literally cannot use such a kit without the SL's approval. Solves the "Sniper Problem".
  19. The easiest way to ruin a game from the start is by having someone "create a squad" and immediately leave it. This creates a round-robin of "who's the Squad Leader?!" and ruins the momentum/planning/implementation of the game. It requires switching kits and is a total hassle to every player. I have noticed that it is usually first-time players who do this accidentally. An easy fix would be to either have a pop-up box warning, or just rephrase it to "Lead a Squad" instead of the more vague: 'Create a Squad' This problem happens every game, and this way new players will understand what they are clicking.
  20. After quite a few matches this weekend playing as Squad Leader, I've realised a lot of the SL's time is chewed up by attempting to get grid refs for spotted targets and enemy positions. I think I've come up with a possible solution to make this a bit easier if it's possible. Allow infantry (non-SL) to place map markers in the same way the SL can, but these are only visible for members of the same squad and shaded differently (enemy = orange, general - yellow or light green). For any map marker placed by a squad member, the SL of that squad could choose to click on that map marker to 'approve it' in the same way a vehicle is approved remotely by the SL. Squad leader can also delete these markers by the same menu as approve. This allows the squad to use markers for themselves without general map clutter, but also allows the squad leader to selectively choose map markers to show to the whole team. TLDR : Allow grunts to place different coloured map markers visible only to their squad. SL's can 'approve' these like vehicles so they appear to the whole team or delete them. Any thoughts?
  21. Scoring zone

    At the present scoring is based around the flag, could we get the additional scoring zone around the Squad leader. Example tonight playing a game, we destroyed 2 logistics, 1 BTR 50 tkts while working toward the flag. It looked like our squad had done nothing. Even though we stopped enemy trying to get behind us and pinned the enemy back to the the base. I know PR scored while working around the SL
  22. If nobody wants to be Squad Leader.. Eniy Miniy Mo..
  23. 3D Order Markers

    Hello Squaddies! What are your thoughts on the newly added feature in V7 on 3D markers that can be seen briefly by your entire squad? Does it ruin your immersion? Does it help you command and direct your squad? Is this the direction you think the game should take on HUD features that increase ease of use for players? Please post your thoughts and in-game experiences below, thank you for participating in the poll! https://media.joinsquad.com/2016/Aug/V7Update/markers.mp4
  24. I wanted to fiddle with the functions of a squad leader in the firing range but there is literally nothing SL related I can peform there, not even set icons on the map. The firing range is probably at the bottom of your priorities vs making the game work in MP, I realize, just wondering if there is a plan to add SL practice functions to the Firing Range simliar to what Arma 3 did? Thanks.
  25. Hi, I accidentally deleted my email for the Squad leader perks package. Is there anyway I can have the email re-sent to me?