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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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Found 14 results

  1. Exhaustion boost sprint

    Hello all, I like the sprint mechanic but I was thinking about how there are really only two speeds. The initial speed (which is the fastest) and then the end of stamina speed (which is more akin to a jog) What if there was a reserve sprint that came after your stamina was fully depleted that acted as a “second wind” where it would offer the same speed as the initial sprint (the fastest) only now it would start to smear the players vision and accuracy. Much as in real life, anyone who has ever sprinted before knows that they are able to sprint jog sprint jog without having to stop with the understanding that if they push themselves too hard, they’ll see spots and eventually pass out! At the moment, the cycle I find myself running into (pun) is sprint-jog-prone-regain stamina-sprint-jog-prone-regain stamina etc.... It’s a bit repetitive. I imagine a scenero where you are jogging to the objective and suddenly you take fire. With nowhere to go, your fight or flight response kicks in and you find yourself sprinting to the safety of the wall, only when you get there, your hands are a bit shaky and vision pumping (much like the bleeding out effect). The player would be safe, but they would now have to fight with reduced accuracy and visual clarity.. now when they sprint, they will have to decide if the temporary loss of motor function is worth it or not. Anyway just an idea to spice things up. This is my first post here so let me say THANK YOU DEVS for creating a game that truly is the successor to the beloved Battlefield series (pre EA) :)). You have reignited my love for team games. Rock on.
  2. V10 downgrade

    One of the greatest features in Squad was realistic true first person camera, so when you sprinted you could free-look up/down, when ADS your head would lean into sights and not the other way, not only you got rid of it in V10, you introduced bs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpFkMPkniAY
  3. There are different needs for movement in different situations. Did you just get out of base and are on your way to the objective? Are you getting fired upon and need to get into cover? Maybe you just want to rally with a other teammates close by. The following types of movement offer the player to choose the best one for his situation JOG Used to cover long distances Pros: - low stamina consumption Cons: - takes time to get to full speed - takes time to come to a full stop - low agility (doesn't allow side step) - lower movement speed than sprint FAST SPRINT Used for short distances (e.g. allyway crossing) Pros: - fast movement speed - high agility Cons: - high stamina consumption - slow stamina recovery SPRINT Is similar to sprint currently in the game Pros: - higher movement speed than jog - less stamina consumption than fast sprint Cons: - stamina drains faster than jog - slower movement speed than fast sprint Original post: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/17927-limited-fast-sprint-to-run-past-alleyways/#comment-216724
  4. Yo Squad Friends, give me +1 for auto walk/sprint...i´m lazy on long distances
  5. I've just seen the updates (the videos) and I'm very impressed. Looks awesome. The going prone animation is no joke what I was taught to do at Basic training in Australian Army so that was pretty cool(Lmao PROP DROP). Also the 3rd person turning animations are pretty cool too, close to an 'about turn' when we do 'Combat Shooting'(surprisingly it's actually as uncomfortable as it looks). I have a suggestion with the third person and first person animation, while sprinting with a weapon we generally release the weapon of our support hand and raise the weapon pointing into the air with it tucked under the elbow, keeping it in safe direction while sprint and having our support hand to assist in propulsion while running. This is just a picky suggestion, but it would be very cool. Also, Possibly Adjustable GLA sights? (I WILL LEAVE A LINK OF A VIDEO CONTAINING A CLIP OF SOLDIERS DOING THE SPRINT I'VE DESCRIBED FOR PEOPLE TO SEE)
  6. I Would like to see a torque (sprint) on the vehicles. This would be a torque for getting up hills, and only effecting slow speed. something to give them better ability with hills and alike. Most of the vehicles should be able to tackle most of the hills in the game.
  7. What do you guys think? I would like the key to Focus and Sprint be differentiate and the option to keep it how it is, i would use the Focus key on the "RMB" by keeping pressing(holding) and Sprint would be "Shift" (Different Keys)
  8. hi guys since today i can not sprint after i get revived by a medic??? do u guys have the same issues?? happened not once but always when i get revived... its very bad for a good gameplay experience tbh
  9. key Config Problem

    I was using an adequate Dell setup with SQUAD until the other day when I purchased an ASUS gaming system, , with 980 m graphics etc. On both systems i could not get my SPRINT config key to work. I start with DEFAULT LFT shift and tried many other config buttons with NO luck. Remember i had this problem on both systems. Any real help with the software config will keep me from GOING COMPLETELY insane. Thx in advance!
  10. Greatings community, Here are some ideas that I was discussing with some friends while playing the game regarding the current state that its in. I know everything is subject to change and that the devs are adding more and more functions in the game while we move on. I'd love to see some feedback and perhaps some discussions regarding this topic. The main points are: adding an adrenaline like dimension in the game for vaulting, stamina, rushing/sprinting, drawing weapons for quicker, more realistic immersion ! Vaulting: We all know that there is no vaulting in the game right now and i've read some topics that this will most likely be implemented as the game development moves on.To jump over a 50cm wall we have to press jump and duck to cross like back in cs1.6. This usually fails because your stamina is depleted or on a low point due to crossing a field. Imagine a situation where you get shot at in real life, and you have to make it over a wall or ledge or w.e. You'd jump over that mofo and even risk breaking something to prevent getting killed. Closing in on my point now; the devs should add some sorcery in to make sure once you get shot at, you gain some kind of adrenaline and the stamina isnt affected while you jump/duck over a object for cover. Ideas:vaulting does not affect staminavaulting affects stamina, but lower the penalty from 33% or 25%, whatever its at right now to something more acceptable like 5%or vaulting affects stamina while not suppresed/being shot at but it does not affect stamina once you are being shot at. In this version, suppression adds adrenaline and your soldier will make sure to get to safety like in real life. This option would be the most realistic imho. You could go even further in to immersion and add a legs damage penalty by shot wounds or falling from height wich slows the vaulting animation by 50%. But we are getting to deep now, suppresion and adrenaline would be a nice implementation in further gamesthe last option could be an option if vaulting is not added in the game, here you would gain the adrenaline mode once you are being shot at and stamina is not affected by jumping. This would however break the game once you snipe / engage from a distance and opfor could just get unlimited jumping. Making it to hard to hit the enemy.All in all, vaulting and adrenaline would be nice.Running/sprinting for life: Drop the current run / sprint mode as it is right now and add the folowing:normal 'run' (movement by arrow keys)running (movement by arrow keys + shift*) *=default keybindingsI'd love to see the some extra rush mode during a run where you could gain an extra 10/15% sprint speed. I honestly think this would add another dimension in chasing/closing in on objectives to make sure you arrive where your headed towards alive, not dead or wounded. Mix classes up a little and modify the run/sprint speed for every role. An rpg eqquiped with 4 rockets would definitely add loads of weight and should prolly run slower then a normal soldier. Im not sure if this is already ingame. I have not seen any differences in running with classes. Changing weapons: This one should be a dead give-away and probably is suggested many times since the weapon change animations are ruining the whole game. Other games implement a fast animation to secondaries but why not set a new standard, and let other industries follow our example. Instead of having a four second animation from RPGs to your m4/ak/any other weapon. Add the folowing; yes, adrenaline, once again, since this would improve the flow and immersion alot. Once being shot at, your switching/animation greatly increases by as much as something like 50%. Set a difference between switching from RPGs to rifle, this should take longer since an RPG is big as f#ck. However switching from your rifle to pistol could be faster!my second idea would be totally awesome. See to it that theres an option to drop a weapon by pressing some button like 2 times while you are in an animation. When switching from your rpg to pistol in a firefight, you'd drop that fkin bazooka and get to your makarov as QUICK as possible.Third idea is that drawing pistols should be increased if spec ops roles are introduced in the future. Trained special forces could have the ability since they are trained to do something fast. Thats about it for now guys. Im sorry if i mentioned some ideas which might be posted before me, if so, please copy the link and ill delete the idea from my post in an edit. Feedback and support (if you like it). Disclaimer: Sorry for bad Engiesh, it are my the second language!
  11. Turn to ADS Physics?

    Just curious. Searched but didn't see a related post or maybe my keywords suck. Case: Running then turning to ADS -- I think people are able to do this too easily and I'm curious how difficult a fix would be -- maybe it's already in place and can be tweaked or I haven't noticed it. Could you guys (feasibly) do dynamic arm animations? Kind of like a cloth or rag-doll type of effect using speed + vector + gun weight to change how quickly I would be able swing my gun around and ADS at the desired target. I probably just suggested the hardest, or least feasible way to solve it :) but if it's possible I think something like that could be useful in teaching people to be a little more patient while not relying as much on a stamina/sway.
  12. I assume that being able to sprint while prone is possibly the high crawl as compared to the low crawl, should it consume stamina? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlAd5FxXOIk
  13. I made a quick search for anything like this, but I didn't find anything. Anyway, I was thinking maybe an addition that could be made for the sprint mechanic is if you if you turn your character around sharply he will stop and skid back a bit in the direction of were he was going originally, sort of like in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doM19tgsFYU
  14. Movement Speeds

    As many of us have probably seen the videos of the game, I think everyone noticed the speed at which everyone was moving. I was wondering whether or not these are placeholders like I think or is this the intended speed we are going to move at?. Besides that will we see any other movement speeds like walking or some sort of sneaking where footstep sound are reduced but movement speed dropped? If they are placeholders then that is a relief, as the current speed shown just looks too fast paced and would ruin gameplay.