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Found 77 results

  1. At the present you have one setting for your sounds with Command/Squad/Local. Could we maybe get preset bonus so If I play as SL my Squad and Command are boosted and my local are reduced. Or allow me a preset for these roles. Generally as SL I have squad and command at 120% and local as 80% were as as a Grunt I would prefer Squad to be reduced to 80% and local at 100%. (and boost my effects too ). Anything that would help would be good.
  2. I have a Logitech G430, and often experience a problem whereby the game audio will switch between the speakers of my headset. Meaning, a vehicle to my left sounds like a vehicle to my right etc. The problem usually occurs when tabbing back into the game, exiting a vehicle or sometimes the game will jitter and the problem will occur. The only way to solve it is to restart the game, although on a rare occasion the problem will solve itself after jittering and stuttering again. It is very annoying as I find myself restarting a 2-3 times an hour, and then queueing again for the server. Any ideas as to a solution to the problem?
  3. missing m249 sound

    it's been happening since like 2-3 versions ago, that i can't hear other players fire the M249. i could hear it when i was shooting it though. might have happened with other LMGs as well. verified game files, none missing. i tried turning sound quality back to epic,but problem persists. i have also cleared game cache when the helicopter update came out too, still nothing. sound settings are at low quality, effects 110%, VOIP settings are 140%,music 0%. pc specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ddr4, RTX 2060 graphics card, windows 10. edit: using USB soundcard
  4. Whenever i´m waiting in queue in to join a game i hear this annoying helicopter doing fly bys every 15 seconds. It´s like it was designed to annoy you because if you just hear a helicopter spooling up or a generator going you get used to the sound. But this thing shows up just after i´ve stopped listening and only lasts for a few seconds. I have to turn off the main volume then go back again and crank it up when i´m in game, it´s very annoying. My suggestion is to add an option to turn off menu sounds. Other alternatives are to either cut out the helicopter sound completely or change it to mumbling radio voices or something that is on all the time instead of reiterating every 20 seconds.
  5. Hi, While playing through the new maps (and even on the older ones) I'm shure we all noticed the little awesome details sound design brings to the sound experience, like the wolf howling, or that little annoying bird solo chirping. My idea is to have it changing according to what's happening. If there's a gunfight, or a shit load of troops, it makes sense that the bird stops chirping, or the wolf stops howling. That would give clues to anyone trying to sneak in and would add more to the experience per se by making it more immersive. Imagine that you're shooting in the field where you hear the cicada. As soon as you shoot, it stops making sound.
  6. When you fire 1 bullet with any automatic rifle in A mode, you as the player shooting hear 1 shot being fired, and all the other players around hears a burst of 3-4 bullets. This bug destroys the immersion and makes it totally unrealistic. So right now basicly a player with a AK74 for instance, can one tap, 30 times, but to other players it sounds like he shoots 30x3 in one go without a reload. This has not been fixed all though its been like this for a very long time. When or will you ever fix this? Thank you.
  7. Squad VOIP doesn't work

    The Squad VOIP doesn't work for me. When pressing "B" to talk in squad voice they can hear me but I can't hear them. I here the beep and their name appear in green to show they are talking but hear nothing. However VOIP in local does work. All settings are correct in game with volume set to 200% and keybindings set correctly. Anyone help? Forgot to mention I don't have this issue in "Squad - Public Testing" branch
  8. as you may or may not know, the audio in-game is mufled from behind (and a little from the sides too) I am not sure how is happened, but I think is was an windows update that broke it I saw a thread on reddit, but I dont have an account there, at least one other person has the same problem as me before this windows update it was ok, but I hadnt played in a long time, and honestly I played little V15, because I am so dissapointed with this game, and waiting for V16 to drop to see how much worse the game is going to get but the problem wasnt there, so it was not a game update that broke it... then I decided to play a little recently because V16 was taking so long and I immediately noticed the problem when I hoped on a truck and looked to the side (could not hear the engine) then I thought it was my headphone that broke, so I swaped for 2 more, and the problem was still there finally I decided to change my audio drivers, but not luck and one thing I tried too was to try to tweak the windows sound options, and I got the sound to go a little louder, but with worse quality, so I reverted the change so it was not a game update, it was either a windows update or something else... you can test this like this: turn on a vehicle and stand in front of it, then turn 180 degrees and you will barely hear the engine you can also test with grenades, have them explode in front, then behind you I did a lot of testing, it seems to me that the audio is 100% ok from the front, a little muffled from the sides, and totally from behind I dont know what I should to to fix this problem, and I dont know if V16 still has this problem, I will download it when it drops today and report back my motherboard is a B350M-K (asus) everything is up to date, except a new version for the BIOS, ah and I also tried changing the NVIDIA drivers, and no luck
  9. I am expecting more realistic urban echo sound effects in maps like Al Basrah, Nava, Sumari etc. I feel current echo sound effects in urban areas is similar to non urban area. The sound which produced from gun, explosion and vehicle are not reflecting in closed urban areas. Insurgency sandstorm have good urban sound effects I feel it's more realistic.
  10. Played a few games with them, a few against them. They need to be worked on. Those weapons are super quiet. I got the effects quite high in volume, once they change from the "close range" distance into the "long range" distance the simple wind sounds ingame are louder, you will ocassionally hear it, sometimes, when the wind changes again.... Their accuracy on long range is absurd. Battles with any offical "sniper" class against a simple canadian marksman will not end well for the sniper as the supression is enough to prevent accurate hits meanwhile the marksman can do pretty much anything while not loosing this fight except standing and aiming. Fire rate and recoil need to be tweaked. Close range I won several 1vsX fights because this weapon is so damn fast the enemy can't even react to it, there was also no recoil involved in those rapes.
  11. I was thinking after squad leading the other day that a nice optional function would be when keying the mic to talk to other squad leaders would be to have the volume drop for the environment and the other radio channels while cross talking to other squad leaders. I often have this battle of having to try and shut out all other sounds that sometime completely trample over the coms of the other SLs. I've messed with sound level options for each of the channels but i never really get a great balance when it comes to using the command channel. I often have this battle in my head trying to figure out what should be more important, local voice loudest, squad set loudest, or have the command channel up the highest. I was thinking you could have a fourth slider under sound to adjust a percentage in volume reduction for voice communication rather than the whole environment to further the idea. A reduction in volume would really help boost communication with a bonus to gameplay especially when having to jump language barriers. As a bonus I think this idea would fit really nice with the new animations when talking with other SLs and the hand raising to the ear while using the command channel. I don't think this would detract to much from realism but would instead boost game play by allowing a clear communication across squads. What do you think?
  12. I sometimes accidentally unplug my headset and I can't get sound back without restarting the game. It sucks when there's a queue get on the server! Can we please get a console command to reinitialize the sound device in the game?
  13. Shout out your Sound-Cards if you carry one! My question is what is the best sound card do you believe best suits SQUAD Gaming! I personally carry ASUS DGX and works Great with the game but the DX from what I learned threw ASUS tech support is that it increases my gaming by 10-25% in system performance! Do you use one or do you use USB? If you carry USB does having one better support your computer for gaming? for those Sound Card Carrying Users? Do you Use Creative?
  14. Old annoying bugs

    1.When I see how someone is actually shooting from M4 rifle by burst sometimes i don't hear sound of the shooting, the sound and animation work asynchronously. This is especially noticeable near. 2. I also want to notice that when you are trying to shoot by 1 bullet from m2 browning or NSV then other players hear burst or automatic shooting. 3. Rocket car bug has still not been fixed since A11. 4. Static-SPG LOD bug has been returned in A12. 5. Explosive shells of various automatic cannons(btr-82,Warrior, Bradley etc) are still useless. You don't receive any damage even if it hits two meters of you. Same problem with tank explosive shells. It must kill in 10m radius and wound 20m radius but at the moment you stay alive after 5m radius and don't receive any damage after 10m... 6. There is some strange GAMMA at some maps like Kohat and Gorodok. It is especially noticeable when you are placing radio or something else placeable and it is highlighted by different green color.
  15. I couldn't find a similar topic, or maybe I was searching with the wrong keywords and I find this quite disorienting in-game but it seems like vehicles almost always sound as if they are in an open space. For example if there are a few buildings between the player and the vehicle, it is still as loud as if there is nothing and I have also noticed that the direction of the vehicle sound is quite difficult to determine for some reason. I found the sound doesn't vary much when the vehicle is coming from different directions of the player, or maybe this is connected with the first issues I noted. I will try to get a video of what I mean later if I figure out how to do it as I'm playing the game through GeForce Now.
  16. Ghosts pushing the gas pedal?

    I have noticed something bizzare. When the vehicle is left with turned-on engine, sometimes the engine sounds like somebody pushes the gas pedal, but how is that possible if no-one is in the vehicle to do that? Was that sound effect added on purpose? Can somebody explain?
  17. Thought I'd share my custom settings for SQUAD for anyone running a similar setup. I've found these settings to sound great, give very good directional sound and also enable you to hear footsteps and people crawling around in fields very clearly. For anyone who does not believe that stereo headphones can give perfect directional sound, you literally have to try it, I can pinpoint people near me in complete concealment and generally shoot them dead, all by sound alone. Plus you also get the benefit of larger drivers in each ear cup so the sound is much fuller. I was originally using the onboard sound on my ASUS Z270 TUF MARK 1 motherboard with a pair of 5.1 Roccat Kave Analog headphones (https://www.roccat.org/en-GB/Products/Gaming-Sound/Kave-Series/Kave-XTD-5-1-Analog/) but my latest setup just blows that out of the water. My hardware: Soundcard - Creative Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming AE-5 (https://us.creative.com/p/sound-cards/sound-blasterx-ae-5) Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250ohm (http://www.inta-audio.com/beyerdynamic-dt990-pro-headphones-black-limited-edition-p7379) Worth noting that as these are 250ohm headphones they generally won't be very good if powered by your motherboard, they require a headphone AMP of some sort or a decent soundcard with built in AMP. Mic - Antlion ModMic4 With Mute (https://antlionaudio.com/products/modmic-4) My custom sound profile settings for SQUAD in the Sound Blaster Connect software:
  18. Hi, Signed up looking for help to solve my issue. Currently I have no sound what so ever in game. No intro music, background music, sound effects, pleaople talking...nothing. The audio device I use is set to default, I know it works because it works in every other application/game other than squad. I have recently bought a new headset and sound card - sennheiser gsp 300 (wired 3.5mm jack) and sound blaster z, but was previously using some old turtle beaches and on board audio. The sound didnt work with either configuration and hasn't done for the past few updates or 4-6 months. Finally fed up of "hoping" for it to fix it up so coming on here to see if you guys can help. I have also reinstalled the game twice, verified integrity of game cache multple times and also deleted squad folder in appdata multiple times, to no avail. So has anyone got any other suggestions for what I can try? Thank you
  19. Hello guys, So I'm sadly still stuck wity a FX 6300 CPU and has been using it for quite a while. I noticed in the past with music production apps and games like Arna that these CPUs struggle to process sounds. It would usually lock up the CPU and instead of prcessing the sound it should, it rather processes a crackling mess. In Arma 3 there is an option to limit the amount of audio sources allowed to be used/played at the same time. Default being 64, max 128 and minimum if 16 if im correct. In Arma I used to have the exact same issue as I'm having in Squad atm... with the game completely turning into a slideshow and crackling mess when too many sounds are going off around, this can be gunfire, explosions, vehicles... in Arma what fixed the issue was turning the amount of Audio sources down. Been playing Arma for years and always has to turn this down to avoid this issue. So i'd like to know if it is possible to get this same setting in Squad? I mean there is no difference for me between the Low and High quality setting... Also... if it's already possible to change the amount of audio sources in a file somewhere that someone can please point out how. This is not only for me, but for everyone using FX processors. The game really runs pretty good since V12. Not sure if low end Intel CPUs have the same issue. Thanks <3
  20. Hello, in case your wireless RIG 800HX headset causes sound stuttering, here is a solution: 1. Go to Windows Sound settings 2. Select your headset under the tab Playback and click on Properties 3. Select the tab Advanced in the new window 4. Under Default format select 24 bit, 48000 HZ (Studio Quality) 5. Restart the game Hope this helps you as it helped me
  21. Are sounds "generated" by Unreal Engine?

    How does sound generation really work in games like this? Is it Unreal Engine that plays the sounds and outputs them to stereo or "surround number of channels"? I mean how are the direction characteristics generated? HRTF functions etc, ie more volume on left ear when from the left etc. How does it work? Does the engine figure it all out?
  22. Audio Issues

    Dear Community, I'm having some audio issues; When opening squad it cancels all other sounds from other open applications (Be it YouTube, discord and others) and even when running Squad on it own. Things tried; The issues isn't from my Audio device (Power beats 3 Bluetooth headset) -already updated all (audio)Drivers -ran Other apps as admin -selected Squad sound to also come thrue my headset (done in sound settings) -turned off the setting that apps can take over exclusive control over my headset TLDR; When opening Squad I don't hear anything and other apps sounds get cancelled Please help me out really want to enjoy squad as supposed to With kind regards, Kamirkaze
  23. Sound Cuts Off

    Hi, I just bought the game and as soon I join the server or select my class the sound cuts off. You can hear it cutting off. I use a logitech g633
  24. One sound for digging down, and another for digging up. Losing placed FOB's due to new bro's right clicking instead of left clicking to build, especially an issue during free weekends. If the two actions had unique sounds fellow more experienced placers may be able to intervene and avoid unintentional disruptions/disasters/salt. Also, I'm guessing the sounds of construction(creation) would naturally sound different to the sounds of deconstruction(destruction). They wouldn't have to be wildly different, just enough for a squad leader, or experienced squadies, to intervene and save new bro's from...
  25. Just played some project reality the other day and I noticed a difference compared to squad. I know Anders worked on both games and thought I would just bring this to his attention. When being hit from a bullet in Project Reality. It adds more anxiety and panic. When I took the time to realize why I wasn't getting this feeling in Squad. I realized that in Project Reality, your character yelps when being hit. There is also a distinct bullet striking flesh sound. In Squad, this sound is missing and there is no audible reaction from the character. Just thought I would point this out for Anders.