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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, forum This is my first post, I tried to search for topics like this one but did not really find anything, so I went ahead and made a thread. First off i really like the role of binoculars in the game, as I mostly play medic, it gives me a role out of combat. -Is it an "alpha-issue" that binocular vision is just a "zoomed" view? I would like to see through a hole or an oval, as it looks in real life, with bad periphial vision - it shouldnt be too hard to implement either. - I would like a distance recorder / laser on the binoculars! (maybe just the SL's, or if a Sniper-team role is ever implemented, for the spotter to have good binoculars, with distance measurement.) -Will there be zooming on snipers? I have only tried the SVD, but I think it's a pretty weak zoom... personally I have an 2-8x scope just for playing hardball, so it should be possible to zoom more, and hopefully also change the zoom. also a fun mechanic for snipers to have to do a little tweaking when putting people to rest. -The grenade launchers, or even sniper scopes should be able to be changed - to fire on different ranges (by rolling your mouse 3) to correct for bullet/grenade drop. I haven't felt any ballistics too much in the game(if at all), and honestly I don't know how much they effect real life shooting, but I think it would add to the fun, and its not like one wouldn't have the time to change the sights before enganging an FOB fx. This would also give the laser/distance viewer a nice role in-game, and enforce communication further. thanks for reading :)
  2. Timberwolf Gameplay (New Bolt Action)

    I havent seen much gameplay for the Timberwolf so I thought id edit this together for those who havent had the chance to use it ingame yet
  3. Sniper Gameplay

    I understand that the developers are not looking at adding a sniper class. This is something that can be looked at as a very positive perspective because of the toxic game play it can create based on all other FPS shooters. However, I believe by creating a Sniper/Spotter class (one shoots the other has binos/Radio) would be a positive thing if you allowed the resource to bet used sparingly. They are a force multiplier if used appropriately. You would be able to create a system that if 2/3 Full squads have been created, then there can be a request to create 1 Sniper mini squad that allows the Spotter/Shooter to be an action. You would need permission of the leaders of the squads to allow this which would stop the cancerous action of having someone laying in a field by himself in a squad tactical based game. This over watch can be used in a very positive way if done correctly, otherwise the military would not use it themselves.There are many options to balance this out and if this is something we would like to talk about I could gladly share a lot more of my ideas and opinions on this perspective. Thanks for your time in reading my post. Cheers, HnD
  4. So, as a call of duty/battlefield/fortnite/pubg and basically any game that includes a sniper, sniper, I would love to see this in Squad. It would add a long range aspect to it with calculations and precision to kill the target, which I would really enjoy. Using sniper, you should have the classic ghillie suit and modern snipers. I also want to add this as Im at it; PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE WHATVER ''CLASS'' (or ''team position'') THEY WANT WITHOUT BEING IN A SQUAD. I find it frustrating when having to join a full squad, everything is taken, so I create another squad, and no one joins. Let people use whatever gun they wish, without the need of a squad. Thanks -Albz
  5. SVD too weak

    I searched, and even though im sure this must have been mentioned at some point, I couldn't find a thread. Since the russians gained new scope(s?) for the AK - which I think is fine, and for the SVD - which is really bad. I get that the devs don't want the SVD or other snipers in the future to be too big of a factor. but.... the SVD takes 2 shots to kill unless you make a headshot, which is pretty hard with the low magnificationscope attached to it. it only has 4 magazines making a strategy of lying far away and giving overwatch is next to useless. Snipers don't have a bino, so actually they don't really have the ability to spot out enemys for their squad. on top of all this there is a team-max sniper counter, not just 1 per squad, every squad cant even have one. - which ofcourse doesn't really matter since it's so bad anyway... I just dont get it. The AK with scope is better than the sniper in ALL aspects, i have yet to see the ak be more inaccurate than the SVD, same scope, automatic fire, more ammo, still 2 shots to kill... what is the SVD even doing in the game? The sniperkit needs to be improved in some way tbh... at the very least give him a pair of binoculars. A ghilly suit would be nice as well. make a top torso shot a one kill hit or give him better magnification (this might be unrealistic or what ever - its a game). if it's not getting improved might as well just take the sniper out of the game... I think. What do you guys think of the SVD or future snipers, and their roles?
  6. Boltaction Sniperrifles

    Hello Squad-Community, first of all sorry for my bad englisch. After that i wanted to ask you, do you know if Boltaction Rifles will come into the game? I dont know if i like the DMR, because it feels some kind of weird...
  7. Marksman Scopes

    Especially for the US faction, I find it very difficult to play as a marksman using a 2x ACOG scope. I think a lot of people would benefit from a scope with better optics, even if it's a 4x scope. It's hard to spot people as it is.
  8. In game we have Marksmans - guys, who have DMR's and are not so different from soldier with optic on his AK or M4. But what if real sniper class was added? Like 1 or 2 for a team. For example-militia can use Mosin-Nagant rifle(1 photo), insurgents can use same Mosin or Kar98k( photo 2 and 3), US can use M40 or Harris M-86 (photo 4 and 5), russians will use СВ-98 (6 and 7). What do you think about this? Eastern-ukrainian terrorist with Mosin-Nagant Mosin and Kar 98k in Syria M 40 and Harris M-86 СВ-98
  9. Currently Squad has three kit groups; Command and Support, Riflemen, and Fire Support. With the kits in-game right now, this system is fine. However, eventually we'll start seeing kits like heavy anti-tank, engineer, anti-air, machine gunner, possibly even sniper. These kits are very specialized, very powerful, and should be extremely limited... so how to implement that? Simple. Put these kits in a fourth kit group, "Specialized". A squad would be limited to only one Specialized kit, and for someone to use it, the SL would literally have to approve it for them: if no one else is using a Specialized kit in the squad and a player opens the spawn screen and clicks a Specialized kit, they would not receive it, as first a popup would appear for the SL, saying "Allow PlayerXYZ to use the [whatever Specialized kit the player clicked] kit?" The SL could then click yes or no. If yes, the player is able to select the kit the SL approved for him (and not any other Specialized kits). If no, the player keeps his current kit. With this system... Kits like HAT, AA, MG, etc are limited to one such kit per squad. Players literally cannot use such a kit without the SL's approval. Solves the "Sniper Problem".
  10. Russian Sniper Gameplay

    Been playing squad 7.3 the day before yesterday. Had some fun as sniper though I was not the best at it. Also as a native german, couldnt remember the right words for my english squad, but I gave my best at it But is it just me or does the game lag for you as well ? Been experiencing some heavy lags here and there. You can see it in the video as well. Been cutting half of it out, so more or less most "action" scenes are there. Also please let me know how the quality of the video is for you. Need some feedback on that Hope you enjoy
  11. U.S. Sniper

    I have a good idea! On the Taliban Side there is a sniper, Why isn't there one on US side? The US Sniper should have A M40 Rifle w/ a 5 round mag (5 of them) M9 with 4 clips (as in real life) Radio to contact other troops encase of a Ambush. Material to Make a snipers nest. (MAYBE) A Night vision scope when it is night time. Possibly a Ghillie suit. A Laser Range Finder (For the assistant) Binoculars Please Reply if you like this idea!!!
  12. Skunkdogz films

    shall put all my vids in here from now on enjoy all vids are all filmed on the skunkdogzs server with "no actors" being used also sometimes may have swearing and other adult bits in vids
  13. Hey guys, Here is my newest squad video I have finished. Kills, funny moment and a super fob tower!! Aeon Play - Squad Montage Ep 1: Lemme know what you think. Enjoy!
  14. How do i get a sniper? :)

    hey guys. i would really like to play with a sniper, but i just dont know how to get it... if anyone knows how to do it please comment. or if you have a youtube link it would be nice. have a nice day! ;D
  15. Sniper Kit and Bipods

    I've been playing this game for a while now. What I've noticed is the lack of marksman roles in all the forces, it would be nice to have the ability to become a sniper and actually use the role in the correct manner. in saying this I would also like to see bipods for support weapons, for example all the light machine guns and sniper rifles, the ability if you aim down your sights when crouching/ standing at cover will automatically put on the bipod on the cover and have the ability to give accurate non sway direct fire, with zero weapon pull vertically or horizontally. When prone and on a flat surface have the ability when you aim down the sights to automatically use the bipod and get accurate fire. Once you zoom out of your sights you come off bipod or even when you move forward or backward to disconnect from the bipod. last thing is weapon customisation, give us the ability to add optics and range finders or lasers, the ability to put vertical or angled grips to add accuracy, make the weapons we use ours. Can do it in the military why not do it in one of the most realistic PvP games on the market. Also seeing as this is modern warfare why not give us the chance to use coalition forces weapons so the British, the Australians, the French, the Danish, the Canadians. The ability to use and customise there weapons, uniforms are all the same as the Americans. Let us players be soldiers of our countries. It may be a hard thing to work on and or around to do but put into consideration and see how players or the community respond.
  16. How about a permanent death game mode. No tickets, or at the very least 3-5 tickets per person. It's only a game mode. It would make it where medics are ultra important, cover and concealment is a must, stop lone wolfing, and just makes it more serious and fun. In real life there is no coming back, why not make one game mode that is the same. Hardcore game mode! If all possible, could make it have more can join like 150-200. Since when you die they are kicked out of server. I can see this being very popular, it's only one game mode that only adds to the game and gives another option. What do you all think?
  17. Hi@ guys, just upped my newest killstreak video, this time playing the AK47M with the 1P78 Kashtan Optic. Pinned the US troops down on Lilac, while my Squad was pushing their way through. Thanks @[303rd]Cowboy_Chuck for leading. Hope you enjoy it: Feedback is appreciated. Best, Endgame
  18. Marksman Teamplay and Kill Collection

    Hello guys! (Re)beginning in video creation i'd like you to leave a comment or a like on the video on or the post here, you're opinion is important to me. Thank you (to be checked in 1080p ;)) 1st vid, Kill Collection Only: (NEW) 2nd vid, Sniper Teamplay best moves (shorter, more dynamic footage):
  19. ACOG zoom issue

    Hey, I have noticed that when i zoom in my ACOG scope or sniper scopes, my whole FOV zooms in. This is not realistic as your whole view does not change. Only the view in the scope. Take a look at this video. thanks!
  20. SNIPER SQUAD - 10kills In 2 Mins

    Nothing that special but first vid of many to come. Let me know what you guys think.
  21. SVD Sniper - Guide

    Hello, just thought i'd post a little bit of help on how to aim with the SVD as this is difficult for some people in squads i've been in. First i'd like to point out that i put my FOV to 80, in order to better see. My mouse sensitivity is at 35 ingame, and i highly recommend putting your sensitivity even below that if you are trying to hit at 600-800m. Here is some illustrated instructions as to where to put your chevrons when aiming with the SVD currently ingame. If the stats for the SVD changes i will update this. At ranges up to 100m your bullets will hit at the top of the first chevron, and so you should aim with this. http://i.imgur.com/atuh2vw.jpg At 150m your bullets will hit inside the first chevron. So you should keep the top of your chevron at the top of your target and the bullet should hit inside that chevron. You should probably not attempt headshots beyond this range. http://i.imgur.com/qJUA7qG.jpg At 200m your bullets will hit quite close to the bottom of the first chevron, at this range i would place those chevrons on the shoulders of the target if possible, this should give you a neck/upper chest shot. http://i.imgur.com/P3jovr3.jpg At 300m you should still place the chevrons on the shoulders of the target, the bullet should hit right in his chest. http://i.imgur.com/s6t9B6H.jpg At 400m you should aim with the second chevron, this is a bit of a tricky range, as the bullet will land between the top of the second chevron and the bottom of the first, i place my second chevron at the lower stomach of my target at this range for a chest shot. This is probably the maximum range of effective engagement if you don't have 4K monitor or a low field of view. http://i.imgur.com/s6t9B6H.jpg At 600m you aim with the second chevron, it should land pretty much right at the top of it. http://i.imgur.com/308oTMl.jpg At 800m you are pushing it even if you have clever settings the sway will make it difficult to hit here. But if you attempt it, you should put the bottom of the second chevron on the shoulders of your target. http://i.imgur.com/ghhxOHQ.jpg Sadly the range finder is not accurate at the moment, but it can give you some indication if you adjust a little bit, at 200m the target should fit inside the 300m mark, but be outside the 400m one. This seemed to be true aswell at longer ranges, with the 800m target fitting inside the 900m mark. http://i.imgur.com/Tckz7w1.jpg I hope the SVD will be updated in the future with an accurate range finder where targets fit inside their marks. And a clossed scope, that behaves more like an overlay, the PSO scope that is modelled ingame has an eye contact cushion, and you're suppose to have it all the way up there, so it shouldn't be an open scope where you can see around it. This would also make it easier to use, as the zoom that you see would be greatly enhanced. I hope this was helpful to someone.
  22. Solution for Scopes

    Something didnt work properly with the pictures so Im just going to gave you this links instead of them. Something what annoys me and probbably a lot of other players in the Squad and other fps games is zooming the scope .When you use scope which can maginfy, it zoomes in the whole picture instead of only scope. The problem with this is rendering. If you had normal aiming in the games your screen picture would look like 1x outside and lets say 4x inside of the scope, but then your pc would need to render the map twice what dramatically lowers frames per second. Develpers currently have few solutions for this: 1) Is to maginify the hole screen lets say 4x like acog, what Squad and Battlefield currently use. https://www.google.hr/search?espv=2&biw=1680&bih=925&tbm=isch&sa=1&btnG=Tra%C5%BEi&q=Squad+gameplay+acog#btnG=Tra%C5%BEi&imgrc=oyIIYPwPMjpkdM%3A https://www.google.hr/search?q=battlefield+gameplay+acog&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwie8_-ujpvKAhXCgQ8KHS7VAsEQ_AUIBygB&biw=1680&bih=881#imgrc=mSwLu_GEzJmuiM%3A 2) Which is actually pretty retarded, Battlefeild uses it for snipers, is to magnify the scope and make all around it black. https://www.google.hr/search?q=battlefield+snipers+scope&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfxpS5kJvKAhVFiQ8KHev0DWwQ_AUIBygB&biw=1680&bih=881#imgrc=hRHpkX2iJng2WM%3A 3) Which I think is the best,and which one many of us would like to be in the Squad, and this one really should be implemented in the game. Magnify the whole picture and blure everything outside the scope like you, developers, did in the project reallity. It looks good with the acog and you could probably implemet that for sniper scopes too. And it could be improved by making picure outside little less blurry and maybe to set metal part aroud the magnification glass non blured. Here is how it looked like in the project reality: https://www.google.hr/search?espv=2&biw=1680&bih=881&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=project+reality+gameplay+acog&oq=project+reality+gameplay+acog&gs_l=img.3...94306.101322.0.101523. I know that developers currently have a lot of job fixing bugs and fps dropps but they should really consider this little problem because it acctually improves gameplay for people who care for realistic details, and yeah, just press like button if you approve this oppinion. Sorry for bad English.
  23. I feel that the current sniper rifles really go against the current flow of the game for a few reasons. Essentially, the snipers are currently semi-automatic rifles with an ACOG on, an SVD. I think the closer range scope and semi-automatic firing really breaks the entire balance of a sniper. Currently, snipers have a large advantage at medium-long range (I'd say around 65% of firefights are Medium range). Since the ACOG allows for better zoom at medium range to a rifle, can be spammed like a rifle and is much more powerful than a rifle. In return, we have people picking the sniper class and running around with the squads, rather than sitting up in a vantage point providing eyes and support. I would rather have Bolt-action only sniper rifles, so you have to make sure you have the shot, you can't run around in medium range and take on rifles, you are forced to use a traditional sniper role of long-distance support and cover. I would also like to see the scope replaced with a telescopic sight, which will further reduce the advantage of medium-range gun-play and increase the advantage of long-range gun-play. Lastly, the snipers should be accurate. Even holding breath doesn't give you good enough accuracy currently, in my opinion. Being a sniper is about 1 shot 1 kill, patience, waiting for the correct shot and being rewarded for it. Currently you can do all of those and still miss for no good reason. Making the sniper more accurate wouldn't make it overpowered, since it would be accompanied by the changes that make it severely at disadvantage in medium-range and would be forced to use a long-distance, which takes more skill to hit a target at that range. So you should be rewarded with the hit. To summarize: - Semi-automatic (just as plausible at medium range vs rifles) + Bolt-action (Requires snipers to take their time instead of spamming) - ACOG scope (better than rifles at medium range...) + Telescopic sight (Medium range vs rifles is now a disadvantage like it should be. Forces snipers to play the traditional sniper role of long-distance eyes for squad and support) + Better sniper accuracy (With the nerf to medium-range sniping, long-range targeting is harder and snipers should be rewarded for their skill of lining up a correct shot, not missing for no reason) I think these changes would be a giant boon to the game and adds a better sense of roles. Currently we have SL, medic and riflemen (even though there are snipers). With these changes we would actually have SL, medic, riflemen and sniper. I feel it would allow much better tactical control of the game and enable higher details of strategy, especially with skilled squad leaders. Another point: the current sniper could be made into a DMR class perhaps. But would still need some kind of nerf to medium-range I feel. And there could be a new 'Sniper' class with the changes I have suggested. What are your thoughts?
  24. 1) Sniper | SVD Rifle | Squad [HD] The SVD Rifle (Dragunov sniper rifle) is one of the Weapons available in Squad. I take a look at the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle. The SVD Dragunov is one of the most prolific sniper rifles on the modern battlefield. It is a generally powerful rifle, capable of killing in two body shots or (optimally) in a single head shot. The SVD (Dragunov's sniper rifle system, model of 1963) is a designated marksman's/sniper's rifle, developed in Soviet Russia during the early sixties and approved for service in 1963. It fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge and can be fed using 10-round stamped steel magazines, but can also be chambered by using a single 7.62x54mmR round. Its role is squad-level marksman shooting, being able to pick out targets on ranges far longer than that of the AK's combat range. Its effective range is around 800m.