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      Please ensure when posting a new thread, that the thread is located inside the correct forum section. Check all forum section titles to judge where your thread should belong. Threads created in the wrong forum section will be moved or deleted.
      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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  1. [WIP] Gaza PR Remake [Gaza Mod]

    Gaza (Project Reality Remake) Name: Gaza Location: Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestine Size: ~2km Teams: US vs. Hamas (Hamas faction will constist of reskinned INS and MIL models) Gameplay: CQB, Urban Warfare/Assymetrical Warfare Download link: Unreleased/WIP Description: Gaza is a remake of the Gaza map from Project Reality. It won’t be an exact remake but the layout and feeling of the map will be the same. It is a map based on the PR 1.4 updated version of Gaza created by Project Reality developer Outlawz7 and I have recently gotten permission from him to recreate his version of Gaza in Squad! The buildings and terrain of the map will be different from the original but this 2x2km map will include lots of accessible buildings, rooftops, balconies and narrow alleyways. Fans of both asymmetrical warfare and parkour will definitely find their fill with this map. People can expect a lot of engaging CQB encounters because enemies will be ‘everywhere and nowhere’ either 5 stories up, on the street or underground and waiting to strike. Included in this map will be the Hamas faction, a classic PR faction that will exist out of retextured Militia and Insurgent models but will have a slightly different loadout compared to the regular Insurgent faction. If you're interested in seeing the modding progress and updates on the Gaza Mod come join us on our discord server! Old PR Minimap: Minimap: Coming soon! Gaza Screenshots: Overview of the main street along the coast Area next to the 'shops' capzone Another view on the main street New Marina entrance: Click here for the full screenshot album
  2. Comunidade Brasileira de Squad é aqui! Saudações a todos os Brasileiros que descobriram sobre o nosso jogo de uma forma ou outra. Nós gostaríamos de oferecer este tópico como um ponto de encontro e discussão sobre o jogo Squad, ou até mesmo qualquer outro assunto relacionado a outros jogos em geral. E isto em português mesmo, e sem a necessidade de traduzir tudo para o inglês. Aos nossos velhos amigos, agradecemos por juntar-se a nós nesta jornada que agora inicia, e pedimos que façam com que outros jogadores também saibam disto em suas respectivas comunidades e clãs. Sintam-se a vontade se quiserem usar este tópico como recrutamento também, ou se preferirem, podem fazer isto em seu próprio tópico de recrutamento, após criarem um no subfórum de Recrutamento. POR FAVOR, lembrem-se de serem cordiais com outros clãs e jogadores neste fórum. Aos novos membros que ainda não jogaram conosco durante estes anos, sejam bem-vindos, e por favor perguntem tudo o que desejarem saber sobre o jogo Squad ou sobre as comunidades Brasileiras de FPS tático. Um grande agradecimento aos clãs e comunidades: DIVSUL, CBPR, BpM, RBR, BRD, RONE, VADIOS, HK, TOR, EIA, BAD, SF, TPE, FEB e etc (se esqueci de alguém, avisem!) por juntarem-se a nós tão cedo e ajudarem a propagar a notícia. Não conseguiremos sem a sua ajuda! Divirtam-se, e nos veremos nos campos de batalha em breve!
  3. Boa tarde !! Comunidade Reação de Squad,PR e Rust a quase 2 anos no ar com proteção ddos e estrutura própria prezamos"Maturidade,respeito,educação e cordialidade!!" Canais: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reacaosquad/ https://discord.me/rsquad Zap 31994264016 a poem for you
  4. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad The purpose of this post is to clearly display the differences between the rally point system in Project Reality and Squad to foster discussion. I want to know what people like and dislike about both systems. I’ll post my own opinions in a comment. Project Reality · Squad Leader kit required · 2 squad members nearby · No enemies within 125m · Disappears after 60s unless within 300/600m of friendly FOB or APC o The range depends on the size of the map (2x2km/4x4km) · Is disabled if any enemy comes within 125m · Rearms every 60s o Overrun rally takes 5min to rearm · Players may spawn as soon as their timer runs out Squad · Does not require Squad Leader kit: o With SL kit only requires 1 squad member nearby o Without SL kit requires 3 squad members nearby · No enemies within 50m · Does not disappear automatically · Is disabled if any enemy comes within 30m · Rearms every 120s · Players must spawn in waves every 60s As you can see these systems are quite different despite sharing the same basic concepts. I’ve made some very crude graphics to help illustrate the differences in distance on both a 2x2km and a 4x4km map. Each point of origin is a common radio placement/objective area. I chose popular maps to help players visualize the distances. Fool's Road (2x2km) *Ignore 10m circle, squash radius is 30m* Tallil Outskirts (4x4km) If anything is unclear or you have questions please let me know! P.S. I realize that there may be issues with Squad that go a lot deeper than just the rally mechanics, and I'm ok with discussing those topics. However, I would ask that everyone try and keep this thread focused primarily on the rally system and what we want from it. Thank you!
  5. Ramiel: Black Hawk Down Size: 2km Name: Ramiel (PR) Teams: US/British and Insurgents I am proud to announce "Ramiel", as a redesigned map coming to Squad. I got in contact with "OkitaMakoto", the original Map maker of Ramiel. Ramiel was one of my favorite maps of PR, so from the wake of heli's being released, i started on this map 2 months ago. These photos are kind of old, but ive been working on it since i posted photos of Black gold. Which, is still being worked on and is going quite well. I am currently creating new songs for each map. I plan on remaking the original and possibly adding a bit more to the city. I may not and just stick to the original designs. Ramiel Photos: Original Map comparison: Not Sure why the mini-map is messed up (Fixed) US/British Main Port Black Gold Can be found here: https://joinsquad.com/2019/08/16/the-wrench-august-2019/ Sound Track for Ramiel: (Currently WIP & Will be updated throughout the process of this map) I wanted "Last Call" to be more slow, as in you're going back to a tough fight. A fight full of memories and loss. Its the last call to the front lines. I wanted to capture the feeling of tranquility in those moments. Its a great send off to the Original sound track as i also wanted to hit that PR nostalgia. (Both Black Gold's Song and Last call will be available on spotify and apple music.) Many other stores too. https://imgur.com/a/BMkNPdT Comparison album, (Note, it looks like crap for now) UPDATED WITH MUTAHA'S MAT Video of a test drive (NOT FINAL)
  6. Hi everyone, I decided to finally make a mod based around the Project Reality gameplay mechanics. The vision is to produce the same style of gameplay and tactics as Project Reality. I believe the content in Squad is very close to PR, and the game only needs a few tweaks. The first step, is making the spawn mechanics similar. In the first release the features are FOB Disable Spawn Radius increased to 100m with 3 nearby enemies Rallies get destroyed after 60s unless placed within 100m of friendly HAB (wave timer removed) Rally overrun radius increased to 125m Re-addition of insta-death For a comparison here are the same mechanics in PR v1.5 FOB Disable Spawn Radius 10m for 1 enemy, 50m for 2, 100m for 4, 150m for 8 Rallies get destroyed after 60s unless placed within 100m of friendly FOB/Flag/APC Rally overrun radius 125m Instadeath And comparison to Squad V15 Fob Disable Spawn Radius 30m with 2 nearby enemies Rallies are indefinite unless overrun Rally overrun radius 50m No insta-death Although these tweaks may seem minor on paper, they should change the style of gameplay tremendously. It should make the game A LOT slower since spawning is far more difficult. Additionally, just like in PR, hiding spawn points and keeping them away from flags are the key to success since they are so easily overrun. For the future I plan on removing ticket bleed, making HABs smaller so they are easier to hide, and adding any other features which may make the game feel more like Project Reality/produce strategic gameplay. ATHENA is available now in the workshop as a test release with two layers! There are only two layers to allow for more in depth gameplay mechanics testing/analysis....also my computer isn't very good and takes forever to mod maps in the editor!
  7. As an old player of PROJECT REALITY and ARMA (more than 10 years), I m trying this game around 3 weeks now, every day. But although it has great graphic engine and good potential, I never get the feeling of realism, strategy and teamwork playing I have met in Project Reality or Arma. And I was thinking "why this ?" . In my opinion this game -especially in smaller maps- tend to be, not a "squad" game, but rather a "deathmatch" arcade childish game, with no time to think, no time to cooperate, no time to do anything but run and shoot. In bigger maps, things become a bit better but not perfect. As I played more and more, I realise that the problem of this chaotic endless shooting is the "rally point" system. Squad leaders can change rally point position very often. Image now 8 squads from the one team, and 8 squads from the other team which change their rally positions every 1 or 2 min. What a mess. No tactical gaming, no strategy, no time to cooperate or even to teamwork well. I believe that the rally point system along with the revive system make this game more a shooting arcade fps, rather than a realistic tactical game, or (for older players) a "project reality 2" alternative. But if we want an arcade fps game there are hundreds of these outthere... What do you think guys (and developers) ?
  8. [WIP] Karbala

    Name Karbala Type Community map Location Karbala, Iraq Timeframe March 2003 Size 2 Km Teams USMC vs Iraqi Freedom fighters Gameplay Insurgency Release Mid 2019 Status Pre-production/blockout Introduction This map will be a partial port of the original Project Reality map "Karbala" by pr Dev "~KILL~Pirate" It features the original heightmap from PR and some of the origina remodeled buildings. The layout will be 90% the same. It will be a 50%/50% mix between original Pr buildings and new buildings i designed. The only reason i will add some of the classic Pr buildings like the house-of-pain and similar is for pure nostalgia. Gameplay I personally favor Insurgency as game mode. I find the asymmetric warfare component of INS the most interesting. I feel its more competitive than AAS and gives a genuine sandbox feeling (go anywhere and do cool stuff). For INS it is fun to run around and defend and the USMC need actual teamwork among squad leaders to get results. The insurgents will be king inside the dense city-centre, and CQB combat is favored with their iron sights The marines will have an advantage on the city edges and the open parts of the map because of their optics and armor support. The marines should not enter the city without any legitimate reason and doing so will be equal to suicide. They might circle around the city, do small raids or have recon teams in or close to the city to gather intel. Once the marines gathered enough Intel the squad-leaders should choose an entry stragety into the city and plan the a siege on the cache. Tactics, teamwork and coordination on the marines side will be preferred over a push-push slug-fest. Harassment and guerrilla tactics will be preferred for the Iraqi Freedom fighters. Design Some building will be open others closed, i aim for the fighting to take place on the streets and in back alleys. About 10% of the buildings will be open of entry. The main reason for this is that i feel it needs to take effort to go enter a building, which it currently does not. In a RL scenario a city under siege will be on lock down if a foreign army was to invade. On the original Kokan in PR for example, all towns where like little fortresses which required teamwork within a squad to enter by using a breacher. "Breacher, Breacher comming trough" "C4!!!! hold back!!" If a breacher class and small breaching explosives to blow doors will be introduced i might consider making more buildings enter-able. All the buildings will be of similar height to the original Karbala map, 1-2-3-4 stories. Progress Currently i'm mainly designing new buildings to add to the map. I try to photo-reference a lot of buildings and study what makes buildings look interesting. I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 concept that work really well: Asymmetry and facade depth. Modeling is a tedious and time consuming process and takes some serious dedication, i expect at least a year of development. In the comming months i will focusing on doing block-outs. Screenshots
  9. PR Vets, vote here.

    So I've been busy with a map, it's a map like Kashan, trying to get that rush feel, who would like to see this map? There will also be other modes that will change from being rush to more of a average game to something completely different. I need all the feedback and suggestions I can get.
  10. Hi all - for those of you who missed it, OWI CEO Merlin and Project Lead Drav sat down this week before the Reddit AMA and spoke at length about themselves, their background, what they learnt during the 3 weeks of developing v10, and many other things. Also in response to the formatting issue with the original upload please find a much better version with tracking. Pocket Casts - SquadCast 3 - Merlin & Drav - Also works on mobile in the Pocket Casts app Please feel free to give us more feedback in this thread - we will continue to do more of these as OWI continue to build out the game we all love.
  11. Is there any intention of the developers to make the system to highlight the squad that do best teamwork for each team? TOP SQUAD, LIKE AS Project Reality! - featured points: - heal - stay together - help heal - help supress - stay INSIDE of flag area!!!! (this is the best way to force teamwork on objetives) -** killing enemys INSIDE the flag) - transport supplys - create fobs, hallys, etc - transport soldiers - kill or kill assist to destoy enemy vehicle - mortars Any idea about that, devs?
  12. FT

    Отряд людей, которых связывает совместное приятное времяпровождение. Отдаем предпочтение тактическим военным играм, симуляторам итп. Так же играем во всякие новинки и исторические стратегии. Многие из отряда отыграли не одну сотню, а то и тысячу часов в мод для игры BF2, под названием Project reality. В данный момент играем преимущественно в такие игры как Arma 3 (совместно с отрядом NABAT), Squad. Хотелось бы найти тут новых людей для совместной игры и общения, и не только в Squad. Ценз на вступление в отряд - 18+ лет (если вы очень адекватный школьник, возможны исключения), адекватное восприятие окружающей реальности, чувство юмора, желание развиваться, общительность. По всем вопросам обращаться в дискорд - https://discord.me/ftsquad (Мы рады всем) Можно так же писать мне в стим - Link Steam
  13. Spearhead (Alwaysbased)

    SH | Spearhead JUST THE TIP (en) / VIX USQUE CUSPIDEM (la) Who we areSpearhead as an international unit of the BASED Community balances between competitiveness and social interaction. Our aim is to create a pleasant environment where you, as a member, can grow to a beneficial individual of this group. Finally, we encourage our members to actively participate in various events and tournaments of different games.What we expect from youAsides from respecting others and being a overall decent human being, there is a set of additional requirements we expect of our members. All members of Spearhead are expected to maintain a high level of communications, whatever it is on a squad-, team- or inter team level. Members of Spearhead are, within reasonable limits, active on Teamspeak, interacting with the rest of the clan. We have no problem with members being away for longer periods of time, as long as we know about first. As a member, we expect you to strive forward, to explore your own capabilities. We do not pressure you, but there is nothing more we like to see than members improving their skills or showing commitment to our cause. Where can you find us? Hit us up on the teamspeak server: ts.alwaysbased.com Website: https://www.alwaysbased.com/ Talk or write to one of the leaders and hang out with us, we're always in for fresh blood and like minded people! Some Gameplay by our Members:
  14. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    AL Basrah Re - Remake AKA AL BasBrahh ---------------------------- Up to page 11 is my first remake of basrah. Please see link above for most recent remake with custom buildings. I would like to show you all the progress on the Al Basrah remake i am doing or as some call it Al BasBrahh Those who dont know Al Basrah is a Project Reality map, screenshots of the map can be seen here and here These screenshots below are recent as of the creation of this post. ( IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TOPIC PLEASE GO TO THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE MORE RECENT SCREENSHOTS BETTER RESEMBLING THE PR VERSION ) Leaving these ones here to show the progress. UPDATED: 22 / 09 / 16
  15. 來見證PR2的繼承者 自從PR2被亂弄之後,很多人在各遊戲模組平台借機打響名號, 來看看這商業版的PR能不能作到連對抗XDDD
  16. Hello all Squids. We all love Squad, and many of us still love PR. PR is the daddy of Squad, and if you want to see where Squad is heading.. well Project Reality is a clear vision. With many of our devs having worked on PR. One thing that stands out for me in PR is it seems the gameplay is even more team play enforced (The community enforces it's own rules brilliantly) For example, at the start of each round when squads are set up, they take it seriously in Squad recently I saw names like this. Gas em even more Assad No ****ing NoObS Big *** Bastards Maybe it's my age but I don't see any humour in this at all, not only does it make the game look foolish to PR players I think it presets a mindset. In PR squads are given specifical names based on their role. Transport INF CAS LOGISTICS Armour Obviously, some of those are not here in Squad as yet but you get the idea. Transport for instance, they will the entire game, come back to main base, pick up troops and drop them off anywhere on the battlefield. They return and wait. This goes for the Transport helos as well. This adds a HUGE amount of enjoyment and it pushes teamplay even further. Will Squad ever get to this level is my question really, I hope so. It does, feel like for the majority of the time it's just 5 individual Squads, a little bit of other squad comms and not much else. How we change this I do not know. In PR Squads move down a street, then tell the APC to follow, they stick together and the infantry look after the APC, it's amazing. Well, that's a long post enough said, would love to hear your thoughts. Para.
  17. Project Reality Teamwork Alliance PRTA | EU Squad Server Self-hosted English-speaking 72-player public server running varieties of all maps with active administrators fostering an atmosphere of fair gameplay and good teamwork amongst mature gamers of all levels of experience and ability. Happy to coordinate and cooperate with the community and other Squad servers to host and participate in events. NOTE: PRTA is a community coalition between numerous clans, and members generally don't wear a generic 'PRTA' tag. Website Visit our website to find out more Server Rules By playing on our server you are agreeing to abide by these rules TeamSpeak 3 Join us on TeamSpeak whilst you play and make new friends Server Feedback Wherever feedback is posted on the internet; if we're aware of it, we'll act on it - but the best place for us to find it is either in this thread or via the link above Report A Player/Admin/Server Report players, admins and server issues here Ban Appeals Go here if you wish to appeal a ban you have received Admin Application Become an admin and help maintain server gameplay Join PRTA Become a member of PRTA and join a Unit if you wish Vote Log in with your Steam account and up-vote our server each month if you enjoyed playing with us
  18. Hello and welcome to DPRC! We are a german Project Reality community which is now also represented in Squad. So you might find a few german-speaking-only squads on our server but the main language is english (especially for squadleaders) As a community we try to bring tactically advanced gameplay to squad thus we might have a few different rules than other servers. Here a few examples: -Squads with the following names claim special vehicles "APC" (BTR-80, HMMWV CROWS) , "SPG" (SPG-Technical), "ARTY" (Rocket-Technical),... -Don't rush/attack the enemys first capable flag(s) at round start. -Don't shoot/throw grenades in main base. -Don't shoot at friendly vehicles at all. -You need a working microphone in order to play on this server. Check the links below for a full set of rules. All rules are subject to change so make sure you are up to date. We have active admins on our server so please feel free to report players for misbehavior (trolling/griefing/vehicle steal/...) I hope you will enjoy the stay on our server! If you have any questions or feedback post it down below. Important links: Homepage: https://www.dprc-servers.com/ Rules: https://www.dprc-servers.com/page-760726-5.html Vehicle list: https://www.dprc-servers.com/page-760726-6.html Ban appeal: https://www.dprc-servers.com/f46-Ban-Appeals.html Report players: https://www.dprc-servers.com/f45-Player-and-Admin-Reports.html Server status: https://squad-servers.com/server/2979/ TeamSpeak:
  19. Who Are We Community consisting of 20 units/clans. Veteran and the biggest community of Project Reality - the predecessor of Squad. We have 500+ active players and we are still growing. We can say that we are one of the most structured clans in Project Reality world from forum organization, to Management structure of PRTA. We have different types of units/clans. The serious milsim ones, but also those who just play for fun with their friends. Now, we are recruiting new units/clans/members who play Squad. Requirements to found your own clan with help by PRTA The only real requirement for founding a clan withing PRTA is to have more than 5 or more members of the clan. All other details such as your forum on our webpage, TS channels, and your logo that would be only yours can be dealt with later on. FOR FREE Only thing that is required is that you stay up-to-date on our forum and play on our servers Of course, you have to play either Project Reality or Squad. How to contact us Come to our webpage www.prteamwork.com and either: 1. Write to me (SserpensS) - Community Department Head. You have to register on our webpage and write a Personal Message to "SserpensS" 2. You can even create the application right away here: www.prteamwork.com/forms/prta-group-application-form.8/respond 3. Come to our TeamSpeak (ts.prta.co - port=9987) and look for any Management (Blue-tag) member on TeamSpeak and tell him that you would like to found a new clan with us. What do we offer? Website with your own Forum and permissions on it Webpage roster Everything regarding webpage already taken care of (moderators, sysadmins, structure) TeamSpeak with your own channels and permissions on them Quick, responsive management Server admins Members can contribute in our community if they wish to Community support More than 5 years of experience in leading a community NO OBLIGATION to pay for anything - donations are welcome and a lot more... If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to comment here or contact us as written above. We are looking forward to talking to you! Project Reality Teamwork Alliance www.prteamwork.com
  20. Bamyan anyone?

    The new PR map is very well done; moutainous areas, flap steppe-like areas, villages, valleys, compounds, refineries... it's very dynamic and well-designed, and brings a nice Afghan feeling. Would love to see this one in Squad
  21. Here a preview of what the PRA3 team has been up to the last couple of months. First close playtest being held today. More footage and updates coming soon. Join the discussion! https://github.com/d...ectrealityarma3 https://twitter.com/RealityArmA http://discord.me/pra3
  22. Just from what you guys have created so far I can tell this is going to be a great game. I also LOVE that you guys are actively listening to your community and actually taking feed back from us and tweaking accordingly, just wanted to express my gratitude you don't see that a lot in the gaming industry . So anyway I am just going to brain dump whats on my mind so forgive me if I touch on topics that previous postings might have covered. -Project Reality- I have played Project Reality and still do and it is the reason I bought Squad hearing it is the spiritual successor. Some things that I noticed that are different besides the obvious. When you get shot or shoot a player they can stop the bleeding with one patch. In PR it took multiple patches too heal or a medic and I liked that. Knowing when you hit someone that they are messed up and require more than a patch the medic or they are going to bleed out. It also encourages people to stay with the squad instead going out by them self and being a lone wolf. Little balance and a focus on realism. In PR you have the USMC and other major factions have optics on all of their guns vs insurgents with iron sights with an exception of the marksmen. Also major faction's would have thermals and better armor and the rebels would have old outdated equipment. I loved that it forced certain factions to play very conservatively and set up ambushes and use IED's. Also unique weapons, I liked that some factions would have suppressed rifles and shotguns and some factions would not just things like that adds a little flavor to the game. Next is bullet deviation, (I am assuming that bullet deviation is suppose to simulate heavy breathing or something along those lines) in PR you have to sit or stand still for a couple seconds for your shots to be accurate. Again I like that, it prolongs firefights and makes for some epic shootouts with bullets flying all around you. I saw a post by ZiGreen along these lines concerning shooting mechanics and it is a very comprehensive post and I agree with most of his suggestions ill link it here-Animations- Squad has some of the best gun animations I have ever seen in a game they are seriously good. I was wondering if the soldiers will revive the same level of detail? For instance in battlefield when you shoot your characters face will scowl and when a grenade explodes he will react to it buy putting his left had up to cover his face. Right now the soldier animations seem very stiff and robotic I am sure that they will change with time and become more fluid. I was just wondering what you guys got planned for us on that front? Getting shot should in my opinion should sometimes make your guy stumble or flinch something along those lines would be neat. Wounded animations. It would be really cool if when you got downed "wounded" that after you rag doll that your guy would wiggle or squirm on the ground and make groaning or grunting noises. This could also help medics find people who are wounded and be a neat touch to the game. Red Orchestra has animations similar to what I am talking about. Resting/walking pose. The walking pose in squad just dose not seem right to me, it might just be me being a picky bastard. I liked the PR walking/jogging animations where the gun would be at you side instead of always being at the ready. Also that way you could see when people were aiming down their sites. -Example picture- -Damage- Another thing I think would be good is that when a player gets shot in the head they can not be picked-up again as in that they are dead and have to re-spawn. Depending how in depth you guy plan on going with the hit box you could make the helmet livable and people who get shot in the helmet could get picked up. Also is body armor going to be a thing and if it is how is it going to work? It would definitely be a cool addition too the game. I'm not sure about this one but perhaps if you are inside a certain radius of a grenade that it would kill you not just down you. And last of all going off of my "wounded animations" suggestion if that is implemented when someone is wounded and waiting for the medic. If an enemy comes across them they can shoot and kill them preventing the revive. Its more realistic and a way to make sure the area is clear. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  23. Pisze tutaj jako ogromny fan gry project reality, (który z tego co mi wiadomo aktualnie obumiera) i mam pewnie wątpliwości, które chciałbym rozwiać a nie znalazłem na nie odpowiedzi: 1. Jak duża ilość polaków, polskich teamów gra w tą gre? Czy jest to tylko gra z językiem angielskim? 2. Ilość serwerów i stan ich zapełnienia. 3. Ilość bugów (zdaje sobie sprawę, że to dopierdo gra z wczesnym dostępem ale to jest istotne dla mnie) 4. Częstość wychodzenia nowych aktualizacji i nowości. To narazie wszystkie moje wątpliwości, jeżeli coś jeszcze wpadnie mi do głowy to będę dopisywał.
  24. Hi everyone! Pleasure to meet all you grunts here! I'm a live streamer for twitch.tv and have recently been playing this game! I've owned it since released but at the time my AMD CPU just did not have the power to run this game. After a couple upgrades, I've been able to run this game smoothly and let's just say I've been getting nostalgic feelings of teamwork and camaraderie that I haven't felt since Project Reality (which I haven't played in a couple years.) I enjoy leading and being part of squads and for those who are new who take part in squad leading, I'll always be there to advise. I have currently been streaming this game exclusively due to the steam sale to help promote the game but I'll probably make it one of my main games since it's one I genuinally enjoy! If you guys guys are ever up to joining up with me in a squad, hit me up! Steam - err0h
  25. Hello Squaddies! With the coming update of Squads first iteration of vehicles. I'd like to start a discussion based on the old BF2 PR maps. I have a few related questions based on this. Is this something that would be possible in Squads development? What is OWI's intentions when it comes to water mechanics? A lot of PR maps had you spawn on Aircraft carriers and had you assaulting an island. Is this something that the modding community, utilizing SDK, could bring back and develop? And lastly, would YOU like PR maps brought back? Or would you prefer new ones?