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  1. Hey guys My name is 3ti65, I've been playing PR since 0.65 (about 12 years) and Squad since the very beginning. Since PR has been getting old and a lot of the old players / communities were losing interest over the time, I found myself dreaming of a PR style mod for a newer Battlefield. Unfortunately EA / DICE never released any modding tools for the Frostbite powered games, stating "We think it's going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod". As it happens, there's a small but dedicated modding scene for BF3, that has been working on a powerful modding-interface which goes by the name of Venice Unleashed (VU). "Venice" being the internal codename for Battlefield 3. VU had gained some public attention about 3 years ago, there’s been some small fun mods etc, but the framework back then wasn’t stable and documented enough to support big scale mods, so the project went back into development mode. About that time, I teamed up with Powback, who’s been into Frostbite reversing and modding since before Battlefield 3, most famously known for the MapEditor for BF:BC2. We were both interested in the idea of developing a Project Reality style mod and decided to do something about it. After about a year or so of creating proofs of concepts in VU, we were joined by FoolHen, who has also been playing PR and loved the idea of a PR-style mod for BF3. Together we started working on the codebase for the mod, working name BF3:Realitymod. Ever since then, the project has slowly but steadily been growing, and we're now a team of around 20 people, including designers, movie makers, sysadmins, etc. We've been working closely together with the VU Devs, NoFaTe and Kiwidog, actively supporting the development by doing feature requests, quality assurance, writing documentation, writing tools, etc. As it stands now, the modding framework is powerful enough to support the scope of this project, and the official release of VU 1.0 will be here Very Soon™. The Realitymod team has aslo been actively developing tools and utilities to make this project happen, including the MapEditor, an open source, multiplayer, ingame level editor, that allows you to use any assets from all maps, including Coop, Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Pic 1 Pic 2 Video With this tool, we’ll be able to make custom maps of up to 16x16km of playable area. Here's a quick teaser video that we did to draw in some additional devs: This was 7 months ago and we've made massive progress since then. We'll do a proper release trailer as soon as we're ready. As for BF3:Realitymod, we've come close to what you could call the MVP (Minimum viable product). In order to assure the quality of the mod and the performance of large servers (100p, higher tickrate), we want to establish a testing community, that will take care of testing and giving feedback to new features and the mod as a whole. Here is some of the confirmed features for the mod: - Infantry only (vehicles will come later) - 3 vanilla maps (our mapping tool is still being worked on) - Advance and Secure (AAS) gamemode, known from PR and Squad - Adjusted player movements - Custom health system (bleedout, fielddressings, dedicated medic role) - First person death cam - Adjusted gun stats, ADS times, projectiles speed, etc. - All custom user interface (UI), minimalistic HUD, etc. - Custom mumble client similar to PR Mumble - Squad system same as PR - Kit system same as PR, slightly more customizable, but no crate / apc kit spawning yet - Spawn system similar to PR, with FOBs and RallyPoints that Squadleaders can set - Custom admin chat command system similar to PR - Custom point system There might be more features added before the initial release. Custom / modified maps are most likely part of the initial release. Our goal with the mod is to show that it’s indeed possible to have PR style gameplay on Battlefield 3. In the long run, we want to make this whole thing a community effort, because that’s what made Project Reality so powerful and fun to play. If you're interested in the mod or in VU itself, and you want to stay up to date with our progress, go ahead and join our discord servers: BF3:Realitymod - https://discord.gg/CzEGTQU Venice Unleashed - https://discord.gg/5MWk3Su If you're interested in actively contributing to BF3:Realitymod, we’re currently looking for the following people: - Tester / QA To apply as tester, fill out this form: Google Form Sign ups will be open for roughly 2 weeks. Make sure to read the description carefully, so you know what to expect and what will be expected of you. Additionally, we’re still looking experienced people in these positions: - Developer: Lua, JavaScript (including Vue.js), C# / C++ - Community Manager - SysAdmin To apply as any of these, go to the discord link above and send a direct message to me (@3ti65#9109) You can also PM me directly if you don’t specifically fit any of the roles above, but think your skills could still support the project in some way. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned! ~ The Realitymod team.
  2. Website: Tactical Gamer Tactical Gamer is one of the best known and respected communities that played Project Reality. For many years we hosted the busiest and most well organised PR server in existence. We have a history of great Commanders, fantastic Squad Leaders, admins, developers and testers all within our ranks, and this is something that will continue with Squad. Using our own Teamspeak server we run and participate in internal and external scrims. We are very excited about what the team is doing with Squad, and look forward to its progress! Tactical Gamer prides itself on being a community of mature, teamwork-orientated gamers. We believe in playing games with tactics and teamwork, and have little tolerance for other styles of game play. While not all agree with our philosophy, we find that we have had incredible success with it in the past and see no reason why we cannot do so again. If you didn't have the opportunity to play on our Project Reality server before, please browse through our forums to see what we're all about. If you've played with us before then we'd like to welcome you back. We currently play a wide variety of teamwork orientated games, we run ArmA servers, BF4 servers, and our members are to be found in anything where there is cooperation and organisation required. Swing on by our forums and say hello in our new Squad sub-forum. Our membership is in the 10's of thousands across all our games, mostly split between the USA and Europe. Our requirements are that you have a mic, are willing to participate in a teamwork orientated fashion, and have fun. We follow the principles of our primer in all games we play. Tactical Gamer Primer TG Discord Information TG Squad Forums TG Announcement Thread TG is BACK!
  3. Hello all I m an old player of almost any realistic-tactical game. Also new here (1 week). I would like to say that SQUAD have the potential to be a real good realistic-tactical game. Developers have to think this: Why such an old game like PR (project reality) have so many fans and servers are full every day for so many years ? . Becouse it is the ONLY game (mod) that succeed to create a realistic (and at the same time funny and playable) balance who keep the interest high almost every time. So do not let SQUAD to be another childish arcade game like "run and shoot". There are so many of them out there. My suggestions are : 1) the "rally point" system is bit weird. Squad leaders can change position of rally points very often. This create a mess. You defend a position and you know that enemy is attacking from the west (just an example). In 2-3 min the same (attacking) squad is attacking from the east becouse they changed rally point position. All people are running in all directions all the time. No strategy at all. It makes the game somehow more arcade without any tactical strategy. I think Project reality is more realistic in this issue. However it is very good that rally points do not have ammo resupply. Maybe to focus on FOBs (with more often reapwn of logi trucks) instead of rally points. 2) Vehicles (especially cars) should not have the same speed when they are moving out of the maps' roads. Roads, bridges, hills etc, are strategic points in real world. If a car can go everywhere from anywhere then roads , bridges etc are just decorative elements and nothing more. I suggest that when a car (not a tank/apc) move out a normal map road to move with decreased (lower). This issue never solved at PR and Arma as well. 3) The FOB system and ammo storage is much clever than this in PR. You have to count crates and ammunition points. I find it clever and FOBs have to be more critical than rally points. 4) I also think that speed of soldiers may have to be decreased a bit. To have a sense of more realistic movement. Transport vehicles and cars have to be used for transportation. This is why they exist. Some additions that will boost the game to the top : 1) Add helicopters. At first only transport helicopters. 2) Since many maps are in middle east. We need a middle east army fraction. Like MEC, or Iranian army, or Syrian Army, or whatever. To see USA vs Russia in a middle east map is somehow strange. Not bad, but not the best. 3) Commander Role. Like Project reality would be a great addition as well. Thats all for now. Thanks Make this game great
  4. I dislike so much the "forced zoom" that was introduced in v10, please allow us to not be forced to zoom in when all I want is simply ADS no need for the zoom, it's annoying, make it like PR please then again, when I want is to "focus" for a clear shot, I have even more zoom, please, all I want is to be steady, not to zoom in 1x in the target there is no scope in the gun, then I dont want the zoom my suggestion, is to unbind the "forced zoom" from the "focus" (gun steadiness), maybe in the menu we can choose, so we can disable it then, when disable, it would be like this: Right click: ads (no zoom) Shift: steady (no zoom) please, you fixed the nametags, maybe you can do this too? give the hardcore players this... thx edit: also, having the screen moving forwards and backwards everytime is horrible for CQB
  5. i was thinking if the weapons recive a nerf in precision like in PR, the player need a "time" to start shot. in squad it's very easy to destroy a vehicle or kill someone, I think that all this "accuracy" takes some of the goal of the game and leaves it very easy and individual, leading to the disuse of the vehicles and taking away that fear of finding someone with a .50 ,m249,pkm, or a vehicle it's my opinion
  6. Lot of cool stuff this weekend... Post Scriptum got released and new update for PR: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=148069&goto=newpost Can we have V12 test weekend to make it all perfect?
  7. Project Reality had a really simple and helpful vehicle asset screen that displayed the vehicles for both teams including the quantity and their respawn times. Would you like to see something similar in Squad? Yay or nay? Personally, I think it would be extremely helpful if it was taken one step further and included their ticket value.
  8. PR Vets, vote here.

    So I've been busy with a map, it's a map like Kashan, trying to get that rush feel, who would like to see this map? There will also be other modes that will change from being rush to more of a average game to something completely different. I need all the feedback and suggestions I can get.
  9. Hi all - for those of you who missed it, OWI CEO Merlin and Project Lead Drav sat down this week before the Reddit AMA and spoke at length about themselves, their background, what they learnt during the 3 weeks of developing v10, and many other things. Also in response to the formatting issue with the original upload please find a much better version with tracking. Pocket Casts - SquadCast 3 - Merlin & Drav - Also works on mobile in the Pocket Casts app Please feel free to give us more feedback in this thread - we will continue to do more of these as OWI continue to build out the game we all love.
  10. Hi, my name is Muffri. I have other names, but it doesn't matter. Played PR since 0.6 (2007) I do mostly infantry, trans, light/heavy armor, and sometimes commander (that's what she said). NA servers. See you on the field.
  11. PANDA_V1RUS Gameplay Videos

    (NEW!) (NEW!)
  12. Comunidade Brasileira de Squad é aqui! Saudações a todos os Brasileiros que descobriram sobre o nosso jogo de uma forma ou outra. Nós gostaríamos de oferecer este tópico como um ponto de encontro e discussão sobre o jogo Squad, ou até mesmo qualquer outro assunto relacionado a outros jogos em geral. E isto em português mesmo, e sem a necessidade de traduzir tudo para o inglês. Aos nossos velhos amigos, agradecemos por juntar-se a nós nesta jornada que agora inicia, e pedimos que façam com que outros jogadores também saibam disto em suas respectivas comunidades e clãs. Sintam-se a vontade se quiserem usar este tópico como recrutamento também, ou se preferirem, podem fazer isto em seu próprio tópico de recrutamento, após criarem um no subfórum de Recrutamento. POR FAVOR, lembrem-se de serem cordiais com outros clãs e jogadores neste fórum. Aos novos membros que ainda não jogaram conosco durante estes anos, sejam bem-vindos, e por favor perguntem tudo o que desejarem saber sobre o jogo Squad ou sobre as comunidades Brasileiras de FPS tático. Um grande agradecimento aos clãs e comunidades: DIVSUL, CBPR, BpM, RBR, BRD, RONE, VADIOS, HK, TOR, EIA, BAD, SF, TPE, FEB e etc (se esqueci de alguém, avisem!) por juntarem-se a nós tão cedo e ajudarem a propagar a notícia. Não conseguiremos sem a sua ajuda! Divirtam-se, e nos veremos nos campos de batalha em breve!
  13. Hello all Squids. We all love Squad, and many of us still love PR. PR is the daddy of Squad, and if you want to see where Squad is heading.. well Project Reality is a clear vision. With many of our devs having worked on PR. One thing that stands out for me in PR is it seems the gameplay is even more team play enforced (The community enforces it's own rules brilliantly) For example, at the start of each round when squads are set up, they take it seriously in Squad recently I saw names like this. Gas em even more Assad No ****ing NoObS Big *** Bastards Maybe it's my age but I don't see any humour in this at all, not only does it make the game look foolish to PR players I think it presets a mindset. In PR squads are given specifical names based on their role. Transport INF CAS LOGISTICS Armour Obviously, some of those are not here in Squad as yet but you get the idea. Transport for instance, they will the entire game, come back to main base, pick up troops and drop them off anywhere on the battlefield. They return and wait. This goes for the Transport helos as well. This adds a HUGE amount of enjoyment and it pushes teamplay even further. Will Squad ever get to this level is my question really, I hope so. It does, feel like for the majority of the time it's just 5 individual Squads, a little bit of other squad comms and not much else. How we change this I do not know. In PR Squads move down a street, then tell the APC to follow, they stick together and the infantry look after the APC, it's amazing. Well, that's a long post enough said, would love to hear your thoughts. Para.
  14. Bamyan anyone?

    The new PR map is very well done; moutainous areas, flap steppe-like areas, villages, valleys, compounds, refineries... it's very dynamic and well-designed, and brings a nice Afghan feeling. Would love to see this one in Squad
  15. Post your experiences of adapting to Squad from playing PR here! I finally bought Squad about a month ago after playing PR for maybe a year or so. Squad seemed to have all the same PR aspects like FOBs, vehicles, squads, etc. I have to say I'm struggling somewhat so wondering how other PR players have coped with migrating? In Squad there's so much more STUFF on the map landscape that I never seem to spot any enemies until they're about 20m away - is this normal? Is the new game-play to slowly creep up and hide until you spot something moving? Having names floating above soldiers is a big help as it takes a while for me to work out who is friendly or not on some maps (e.g. Russian vs Militia). Doesn't seem to be a way to tell if someone is dead on squad list or map. Lots of comms of "I'm down" and "who is down?" and "are you down?" Definitely got to remap some keys as I'm used to pressing CAPSLOCK to get team/map info up. Any suggestions on good key remaps? I'm using a GTX960 connected to a 2560x1440 monitor on mostly "epic" settings (they seem to be the default). Thanks for listening and I hope this post doesn't get me auto-kicked from squads for being crap!
  16. Here a preview of what the PRA3 team has been up to the last couple of months. First close playtest being held today. More footage and updates coming soon. Join the discussion! https://github.com/d...ectrealityarma3 https://twitter.com/RealityArmA http://discord.me/pra3
  17. Khamisiyah Remake?

    So does anyone know any plans of remaking Khamisiyah in squad? I was looking in the search tool couldn't find any info... Even if there is a mod that you can link me to it would be great... Khamisiyah is on of the coolest map in PR, some may dissagree with me but comon, it's like the operation Desert Storm in Iraq, if the devs will decide to recreate the map in the future when we probably will have already tracked vehicles and maybe even helicopters this will defenitley will be the best thing ever in squad.
  18. The devs have stated in the past their dislike of kit dropping, as in physical representations of a kit (lets say SL kit) on the ground that you are able to pick up. Now, I am against this decison and have been since the start, in fact its why I didnt buy it on kickstarter. They say it is against lonewolfing, honestly I have seen more lonewolfs in here than in PR but that is not what we are here to talk about. The problem now, is that admins are warning people who dont teamplay, as in lets say the SL crashes, the new SL doesnt have the SL kit and is now forced to go off the battlefield to get one or he will be kicked, so he rather gives the role to someone else ect. Now I know that we have the ability to place a rally with more people ect. but on smaller squads it just more or less kills the squad. Causing one more thing that pisses me off, the fact that clan gameplay, rather than rag tag pubbing gets encouraged (In my opinion this has been getting worse and worse with every feature and might just kill it for me..). Anyway, I still dont see the argument for no kit dropping, not the realism, none of it, Im about 50% sure its cuz they cant do it, or they want some some "super realistic" game (again I dont see how its unrealistic to take lead or kit, in fact snipers and spotters change roles every hour, lead is given to the highes ranking solider in the squad after an officer dies ect.). For me its a worrying trend, there are all these features, in the name of realism...and it all just seems like they are messing with the formula that was nearly perfect (asside from engine quirks). People still play PR, they do it for gameplay, it is just that simple (the gameplay that is), the learning curve is perfect, I just dont see the point in it all, it worked before, why change it so drasticly now? Honestly if a mod doesnt do it, Im probably going to play PR for the next 10 years until someone does it properly. You have something very special on your hands, the only reason CS is more popular than PR is the graphics, I say that after gaming for the past 12 years, im being serious.
  19. Welcome to EU Gaming Group 18+ EU community that plays SQUAD, ArmA, Project Reality, Project Cars and many others. Zero Tolerance Community www.eugaminggroup.com An old Project Reality group with a new name and our own Dedicated Server Hosted in the UK! Looking for casual players who just want to hang out and play the odd game. We are a part of a Public Teamspeak server so there are plenty of random people joining the public channels to game with. Not only are we looking for members but staff: Sysadmins, Media team, Promotions team. Discord TeamSpeak3 SQUAD SERVER NOW LIVE PR Server
  20. Hi everyone! Pleasure to meet all you grunts here! I'm a live streamer for twitch.tv and have recently been playing this game! I've owned it since released but at the time my AMD CPU just did not have the power to run this game. After a couple upgrades, I've been able to run this game smoothly and let's just say I've been getting nostalgic feelings of teamwork and camaraderie that I haven't felt since Project Reality (which I haven't played in a couple years.) I enjoy leading and being part of squads and for those who are new who take part in squad leading, I'll always be there to advise. I have currently been streaming this game exclusively due to the steam sale to help promote the game but I'll probably make it one of my main games since it's one I genuinally enjoy! If you guys guys are ever up to joining up with me in a squad, hit me up! Steam - err0h
  21. So my administrator has blocked my access to the PR site, according to company policies lol? Never experienced that before. Has anyone tried something similar?
  22. I apologize if this topic is too negative - But I hope the Offworld team appreciates criticism by the community. Some brief questions to the devs about common concerns in the Squad community: - Why focus on performance heavy (but neat) things like dynamic foliage, barrel smoke etc. when the server-player sync is sweating at 70p, inf only, low detail maps? Will the server-player sync handle such things on a 100p vehicle map? Can you afford spending resources on this when there's sync issues already? - Some insiders have hinted you may have to abandon the 100p combined arms goal and stick with a smaller scale/fewer vehicles maps due to resource restrictions. Why are you adding more high resource features instead of abandoning these if they risk costing so much you must give up the 100p C.A. goal? - The current v. is poorly optimized for all, and worse still for AMD users. Current early alpha graphics are p. much on par with PR:BF2, and I can run these maxed at ~20FPS, when I can run the gorgeous Battlefront reboot at ~100fps, (64p with vehicles). Shouldn't optimizing/improving graphics be a #1 priority, rather than adding more content? - The design of the maps leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, the Russian maps+TrueSky look better, but still. What we've seen from the community artists/modders is gorgeous. What priority vs. adding more content is given to releasing mod tools atm? Will you, once mod tools are released, focus on working on the much needed polish of gameplay aspects like controls, optimizations, streamlining, and engine features, and let the community create most of the art and content like maps/new vehicles, with an efficient incorporation of the best of this to the base game? - What many people liked about the PR inf controls vs. those of, say, ArmA was the quicker, more responsive and direct, 'arcade-ish' feel since it felt like you were the soldier, whereas the hyper-realistic ArmA controls with delays, wobbly camera (which is 'realistic' - your head moves around IRL - but put on screen, you can't use the part of your brain that compensates for this to give a steady perception), and exaggerated endurance effects makes it feel like your soldier has brain damage from sniffing glue. If Squad is the spiritual successor to PR, and is "a balance of arcade, teamwork, and realism", why add hyper-realistic features that make controls less responsive and direct, like momentum while sprinting, excessive camera wobble, stamina effects on camera movement, breath hold for short range weps (which ruins suppressive fire), too much recoil climb vs. recoil spread, delayed animation start for switching weapons and reloading, etc., which makes it feel like someone else is controlling your character? - With the explosion of new players in a game where a good gameplay experience relies mostly on playing with like minded people, why not add things like automatic mic check to join certain servers and such tools to filter servers by desired play style? In Squad, you all too often have a bad time by only finding casual no mic players when you want teamwork, or only serious mic users getting annoyed at you for wanting to play casual without voice chat. I hope you have time to answer some of this. Sincerely, Bollz and the community
  23. Hello Squad forums! ^^ This is my first post here so go easy on me. Basically I'm an old PR player originating from the clan MeRk which I'm sure some of the other PR players have heard of. I have been playing Squad a lot, since the pre-alpha, in order to sharpen my skills before the final product and these are the things that I've found really needs to be reworked. I would love for people to question my ideas and give me different perspectives on the problems that I will state. Given my PR background and the fact that I have played this game for a reasonable long time now, I find my proposals valid. 1. Markers In PR, the squad leader has the ability to place markers on the map which will appear for every squad member in his squad i.e. attack or observe markers. These markers will also create a small and subtle arrow for every squad member, indicating in which direction on the compass the marker is placed, and create a line between the markers position on the map and your own position on the map. The squad leader is able to place these both by holding down T and aiming at a position, choosing the preferred marker with a left click and thus placing the marker on the aimed position, or going into his general map mode which I guess Squads equivalent is pressing Enter and right clicking on a position on the map. This tools is really useful when it comes to coordinating a squad. Not only does it give the squad members a better sense of what the actual real-time objective is, it actually makes the experience a bit more forgiving when squad leading new players. I can see that the developers have tried something similar with objective markers and have combined them with unit markers, which in my opinion haven't really worked out. Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant the new system for setting unit markers but I really do think that the system for setting objective markers should be reconsidered and switched to something more like the PR style. Or maybe just implementing the PR system of setting “squad markers” on top of the existing one. If this happens, you will see much more coordinated squads, more teamwork and a community getting more enjoyment out of the game 2. Map This one really goes hand in hand with point number 1. I love the fact that there’s so many levels of zoom available by pressing M and then zooming in with N. But when I’m a squad leader and I want to relay information on the map of enemy positions to the team. I find myself forced to stop dead in my tracks when I press Enter. This really has a heavy toll on the pace the squad has moving forward. One of the best ways of gaining momentum with your squad is actually leading by example and spearheading the column. Forcing me to stop just to put up an infantry marker simply feels clumsy. I would love if I had the ability to move with the “w,a,s,d” buttons whilst utilizing this map mode. 3. Radio Let’s start this section of by saying that the sound of the radio is on point but it lacks functionality. I don’t know if you’re planning to implement this in the future but I can’t work out why for the love of god I can’t talk to other squads individually. Maybe this has to do with my settings and I will investigate this immediately after finishing this feedback thread but If it is an actual choice, I would say it’s a poor one. Having squad leaders talking in (what is referred to in PR) all chat is extremely annoying. Most of the squad leaders in the game at this stage has no idea of the value from audible intelligence (i.e. gunshots) which leads to them disturbing the squad leader of every squad in the team. I do accept that this game is a public one an there will always be some geniuses spamming the all chat. But removing the ability to talk to individual squad leaders altogether kind of forces squad leaders to disturb other squad leaders unnecessarily. 4. Player name popup whilst hoovering over their name I have noticed that you have implemented a system which allows for people to see the players name, kit and squad when they hover over their dot with their mouse. Although this looks nice, it really don’t seem to be working out all too good. Most of the time I try to set markers the marker options disappear when my mouse is close enough to the dot of another player. Thus making it practically impossible to mark close proximity enemies when your squad is in a tight grouping. Even trying to find the name of a random player close to another one is a difficult task. I recommend switching to something which gives you the players name and kit when you actually click on their name. This would be loads smoother in my opinion. All and all the game looks solid and I have really enjoyed playing Squad these last months. These are just opinions and I would love some feedback on my feedback so to speak. Thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to some response! See you on the battlefield, [NB] Cuttish out. [NB] – Nordic Battalion (FYI: I’m Swedish and prone to typos)

    Hello there, we are a small, former Project Reality Clan of 10 - 15 Austrian and German Members. If you're fluent in German, at least 18 years old and like to team up and have fun with us visit us on our Homepage or Teamspeak 3 Server! Further description of the Clan following in German: Wer ist SiC – Special Infantry Commando Wir sind ein alteingesessener ehemaliger Battlefield 2 Clan der aus einem bereits bestehendem BF2 Clan entstand (=E= Ehrengarde). Als Special Infantry Commando haben wir damals vor vielen Jahren mit BF2 aufgehört und sind auf Project Reality umgestiegen. Dort waren wir als gut eintrainierte reine Infanterietruppe unterwegs, haben reale Taktiken trainiert und auch benutzt, bei Clanwars als taktische Eingreiftruppe/Squad agiert und haben uns damals in der PR-Community einen kleinen, aber feinen Namen gemacht. Zwischenzeitlich haben wir auch einige Erfahrung in etwas ernsteren Milsim unter Arma3 sammeln dürfen. Da die Zeit von Project Reality unserer Meinung abgelaufen ist steigen wir auf das demnächst kommende Spiel „Squad“ um, welches auch einen Nachfolger von PR darstellt. Ideologie: * Freundlicher Umgangston: gemütliches Miteinander ist die Grundlage für gemeinsamen Spielspaß * Loyalität dem Clan gegenüber: Benehmen auf anderen Servern – Du vertrittst *SiC*! * Bestreben immer größtmögliches Teamplay zu liefern: der Kamerad kommt vor einem selbst Ein Claneigener SQUAD - Server steht zur Verfügung! WIR FREUEN UNS AUF DICH!