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Found 15 results

  1. Suggestion: Nerf scopes by moving the camera back when aiming down sights, but decrease sway on all weapons Result: Smaller sight picture for weapons with optics(also more blur outside the scope would be needed, maybe a vignette). Less space taken up on screen, by the weapon model, for weapons without magnified optics - thus way better for cqc. Image for illustration(90 FOV M4 Acog with increased camera distance from sight) but*
  2. Hi, forum This is my first post, I tried to search for topics like this one but did not really find anything, so I went ahead and made a thread. First off i really like the role of binoculars in the game, as I mostly play medic, it gives me a role out of combat. -Is it an "alpha-issue" that binocular vision is just a "zoomed" view? I would like to see through a hole or an oval, as it looks in real life, with bad periphial vision - it shouldnt be too hard to implement either. - I would like a distance recorder / laser on the binoculars! (maybe just the SL's, or if a Sniper-team role is ever implemented, for the spotter to have good binoculars, with distance measurement.) -Will there be zooming on snipers? I have only tried the SVD, but I think it's a pretty weak zoom... personally I have an 2-8x scope just for playing hardball, so it should be possible to zoom more, and hopefully also change the zoom. also a fun mechanic for snipers to have to do a little tweaking when putting people to rest. -The grenade launchers, or even sniper scopes should be able to be changed - to fire on different ranges (by rolling your mouse 3) to correct for bullet/grenade drop. I haven't felt any ballistics too much in the game(if at all), and honestly I don't know how much they effect real life shooting, but I think it would add to the fun, and its not like one wouldn't have the time to change the sights before enganging an FOB fx. This would also give the laser/distance viewer a nice role in-game, and enforce communication further. thanks for reading :)
  3. Why is the FOV terrible for the Russian optics? The 1p78 which is in game now has terrible FOV. And does not incorporate the soft plastic eye relief. Also are we going to see the PO 3,5 x21p for AK74M? With built in range funder? Which would be pretty usefull for long range shot. Here is a picture of my AKS74M with PO3,5x21p and the reticle and wide FOV. And range finder for standing 1.5 man targeto to the right and prone targets on left.
  4. The Canadian forces update lets us play with the weaponry of their military, which involves a whole lot of C79 optics (cousin to the Elcan series I think). The sight picture is a very thick vertical post with a point ranged at 100 m. The problem is that it is a very thick post ranged at 100 m that is nonadjustable. In real life (like the Elcan) the optic has a dial that you rotate that angles the entire body of the optic up/down to change your elevation setting. As such I know these optics are field adjustable just like AK irons are field adjustable (not zeroing, just quick elevation stuffs). In game this is not the case, which is a major issue for gameplay. Multiple times in game I have attempted to engage targets at distances greater than 100m with the C79 optics and have had to wildly guess almost all my shots. With the ACOG series this is not an issue as there are bullet drop markers that do not obstruct your vision and thus you can reference where your shots hit and correct for the next ones or range the target and hold up for the corresponding distance. Due to the nature of the C79's reticule being a uniform thick black post it is not possible to easily see or reference your shots. Long story short, please enable elevation adjustment for the C79 series of optics for all of the Canadian weapons... Please... Thank you, Sincerely, a guy who REALLY likes your game
  5. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to play the v12 test when it was out, but I have been following it closely and I'm super impressed with all they've added! The only concern I have is with the optics on the MBTs. I notice how you have a laser range finder, but you then have to elevate the gun manually to the proper elevation before you can shoot your target. This is not how its done in reality, on both the M1 Abrams and the T72B3 (as well as virtually all modern AFVs), the gunner presses a button to fire the laser rangefinder at the target, and the gun will automatically elevate to the proper elevation for that range. The center point-blank reticle then becomes your impact point, after lasing the target, you just simply point and shoot. The gunner never uses the range scales provided on the sights, they are there for emergency use only. I guess my question is, if this is intentionally left out or planned to be implemented in the future (perhaps when thermal/ night vision is introduced in-game)? I understand how some may have concerns about this ability making tanks OP, but this is how its actually done. Regardless, I'm very impressed with what I've seen with V12 and I can already tell its going to revolutionize the way we play squad for the better! Keep up the great work!
  6. I'm guessing there are balancing issues against it, but couldn't roles that come with optics have the option to remove/affix them on the fly using a keybinding, with realistic timings? I'm not sure if removing/affixing optics is something practiced by soldiers in the field during squad ops but I figure it's something I'd do if the situation demanded.
  7. Dear devs, I joined the game today for few rounds after months of not playing to see if it has changed much. Impressed with many visual stuff, but played a few maps and on each one was won by the team having more optics than the other. When I wrote on the server everyone agreed with me. That I have absolutely no trouble dropping off guys one by one using my scoped rifle. Whereas riflemen are completely useless to even start firing at me. So I have been complaining about this issue and I'd like to implore you to solve this boggling problem that is seriously affecting the gunplay in this game. As there is no chance to stand against any optic rifleman. I still hope that the only reason you haven't upped the sway for all the weapons (because it is so ridiculously low even when the stamina is out) is because you haven't implemented the weapon-resting-over-objects feature yet. Where the sway would be at least 3x times higher than now especially when after running, and only resting weapons over objects such as wall you would have a minimal sway like you do have now (which is totally unrealistic while standing up). And the suppression system. I implore you to take a look that a tiny jump of the sight for each bullet passing by is a stellar of a feature. It essentially affects the scoped riflemen the most. Because while your sceen is zoomed in, you're bound to have the jump higher than just looking down the iron sight. And this is where the gunplay wouldn't resort to this unrealistic run'n'gun using the optic rifle but only seeking carefully hidden positions and try to stay uncovered. Obviously the zoomed in view outside the optic is also adding up to the whole overpowered-optics issue... Not as much as the lack of suppression effects for whizzing bullets but still I'd be happy with the way Post Scriptum:The Bloody Seventh has done just a blacked out view outside the optic as it is way more realistic than having a zoomed view outside it. I hope making this post I'm not just wasting my time writing this. And that Squad eventually on the full release WILL have a proper balanced gunplay that is largely based on the suppression where it is ACTUALLY effective, and not optic riflemen completely picking everyone off one by one so easily that is now.
  8. Will we ever have optic's in game that look realistic instead of just zooming in the entire screen? I tried my hand at Photoshop to demonstrate what I mean. Another good example would be from Red Orchestra 2 I think it would make the game that much more immersive and add that extra bit of realism to the game.
  9. I've bin searching for this topic on the forums and reddit etc, can't find anything about it so feel free to correct me. But one thing i have bin missing from Sqaud is the option to change the gun from from STD to ALT that is in PR https://puu.sh/u0re7/dee47dad91.png Since it is really nice to have the option to remove say only the optic on a gun in that specific roll. personally speaking i just do not use optics, as much as i can avoid it. One reason is that i just like iron sights, and the other is because it takes a lot of space on the screen. And it gives you big blind spots if you are not aiming down sight with optics. Example when not aiming down sight: https://puu.sh/u0swe/795361d7ed.jpg https://puu.sh/u0srj/266fe905c9.jpg https://puu.sh/u0syn/fceb1018c4.jpg So if it is not planned already, i'm suggesting bring back the option on few of the rolls to have a basic rifle with no optics. Example for rolls who i can see it useful for SL, gren, medic, LMG
  10. I have recently watched a documentary on Russian Military Police in Aleppo and I have seen a variety of new optics and rails, after doing some research I have found this: Optics and Railing, New Sight, Link to the Documentary, More optic, Seeing how Kashtan scope is taking up half the screen and theres no RDS for Russians yet, I thought this might be of some help.
  11. Hello Squaddies! I want to discuss the probability of having optics mounted on the newly showcased Kord hmg on this August Recap. I think it would add an asymmetrical element that gives the Russians a ranged advantage over the US on HMGs. I was hoping to get input from our Russian Armed Forces vets on how common are optics are on KORD and other HMGs. Let me know what your guys thoughts are and how it could effect gameplay!
  12. Hi everyone, just wanted to pitch a small idea for you. Currently when using optics you get a solid gaussian blur (and a decrease in brightness) outside your scope when in ADS. My suggestion is adding an inverted Dept of Field-effect inside your scope. That way, objects closer than, say 20 meters, are blurred out while objects further out are still clear. The distance, strength and blur-type of this effect is up for discussion, of course. I believe this would put emphasis on using mid- and long-range weapons more properly by making them harder to handle in CQB. What do you guys think? Also, a secondary suggestion of mine is that all post-process effects connected to optics should be activated gradually (As opposed to instantly, as it currently is). It doesn't matter how fast the gradual activation is as long as it's gradual. I do love the idea of nerfing scopes with post-processing effects, but the instant activation makes it seem like the whole image flickers for an instant and it feels quite unnatural.
  13. Optics

    You did some changes to gun zoom optics, but they actually sucks and are very unrealistic. The area around scope shouldnt be blured like that, its actualy depends from eye relief, the distance betwen and eye and the optics, and in this game it feels like zoomed area is the same distance like one around scope, it gives exactly the same feel and distance and its just darker then zoom, nothing else. Please change it like on this pictures, i know that is simple work!!! https://www.google.rs/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fswearer.files.wordpress.com%2F2012%2F04%2Fsniper-scope.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fgaming%2Fcomments%2F1weo6f%2Fwhen_using_a_scope_in_fps_games_why_does%2F&docid=0C69wDU8tLftZM&tbnid=t1YXwwGO_3NfaM%3A&w=1024&h=768&ei=hc3xVor8M8rP6ASFppGwCw#h=768&imgdii=t1YXwwGO_3NfaM%3A%3Bt1YXwwGO_3NfaM%3A%3BN-ncHlevEPytpM%3A&w=1024 https://www.google.rs/search?q=insurgency+sniping&biw=1440&bih=799&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwj-kP2nstXLAhWJuxQKHfxrApUQ_AUIBigB#imgdii=t1YXwwGO_3NfaM%3A%3Bt1YXwwGO_3NfaM%3A%3B1r4Sp31qX2LnEM%3A&imgrc=t1YXwwGO_3NfaM%3A
  14. Ever since yall got rid of the 80 fov option, it's been a real b--- to use the m16 and some of the Kalashnikov sights. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a huge fan of running around at 80 fov, but you could see down the sights reasonably well, now at 90 not only does it give the americans a huge advantage with their aimpoints, but it also is very hard to aim at range on a smaller monitor. I would love to play all the time on a large TV, but unfortunetly I can't, and when I switch to my 23" monitor, it's very difficult to sight up at range on the ironsights, expecialy the M4 and M16 irons, which have the peep sight ring. Don't get me wrong, it's actually kinda cool that you don't zoom in automaticly when you bring up your weapons sights, expecialy in a game where you often need to move with them raised (also cool), but in real life, well, sh-- is a lot bigger, and like I said, I just can't play all the time on my TV. I can't be the only one out there that still has a standard computer monitor for gaming, and even at a larger size than 23", it would still be a b--- to use the ring sights or the ak's, at the 90 slider, expecialy with all the alising that the game has at this stage (even with AA maxed out). If we could get a seperate slider to compensate for this, something that allows a minor adjustment to the FOV when the weaponsights are brought up, I think that would not only make the game much less frustraiting but it would even out the playing field in a lot of ways, till the other teams get aimpoints as well (you know you want to do that... common... we all want it...). Nothing major, just a bump that brings the fov to say 80 when your sighted up, and of course, leaving it as a seperate slider* would cover those who do play on their big ass TV's. *Plus, sliders are cool, just one more reason... infact, the only thing cooler than a slider is a dolly, you should make it a dolly, nevermind the slider, FOV dolly.
  15. The teams are not bad but you should be able to have a better setup. Here is an idea how to balance the teams out. First of all the US Team must really have a Designated Marksman. A good weapon of choice would be the M39 EMR equipped with ACOG. Both teams should have only 1 Fighter class, for the US team the M4A1 equipped with a Reddot of course (as already provided in the game). This is where the Insurgent team falls short. I think to really balance the both teams the Insurgent Fighter Class and Insurgent Cell Leader Class should have an optic mounted on their AK-47. The Russian Kobra Red Dot would be the best choice. Yet still maintaining the AK-47 power vs M4A1 accuracy ratio, this is critical.