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Found 91 results

  1. Squad Workshops

    To all new Squad players, and those who may be interested, for the next 30 days we'll be offering several workshops on various roles in Squad beginning on February 18th. Of course you can always watch the many videos, or read the numerous articles online regarding these topics, as we have. But most of the information is outdated, lacking details, or just people wanting you to watch them play. Our workshops will allow you a hands on experience, with coaching, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. And afterwards, we'll even go in game with you to help you practice what you've learned. Tuesdays - (9am, 10am, 11am PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Wednesdays - (9am and 11am PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings - (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Thursdays - (9am and 10:30am PST) Squad Leader and FTL - (1 hour each) **this may go longer depending on amount of questions Fridays - (9am, 10am, 11am PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Saturdays - (9am and 11am PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings - (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Sundays - (9am and 3pm PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Sunday (11am and 5pm PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Sunday - (1pm and 7pm PST) Squad Leader and FTL (1 hour each) **this may go longer depending on amount of questions If your interested, all you have to do is show up at the posted times. Each workshop starts at the top of the hour. The server is located in the "Custom Server" and will have the upcoming workshop listed such as "Medic Workshop". (or whatever workshop is being provided) **Mortars and HAT/LAT workshops coming soon. Staff Sgt.
  2. My Personal Ideas and Adjustments for Game Play Mechanics by Doctor Hammer With the current iteration of Squad in the B17 phase I feel like it's a critical moment for game play mechanics before introducing Version 1.0. With this post I hope to create a healthy conversation concerning the game play mechanics and to highlight my own ideas that I strongly believe will be positives to the game. Lets begin! Spawn System Commander The Medic Class Those are all the ideas I have for the game right now that I think could be super beneficial and make the game more fun, some ideas more thought out than others, but that's okay, at the end of the day, I just wanted to put those thoughts out there and create a conversation about those possible changes. keep in mind these are ideas are just ideas, not absolute solutions. I am proposing some of these things in the hopes good adjustments to them would be made, and a conversation could be started. I think we all want the same for squad, a teamwork based game that supports communication and tactics. Thanks for Reading! Doc
  3. When a medic revives somebody, it should take a bandage from them if they have any in their inventory. In reality theyre going to use the wounded dudes med kit, then the medics bandage should be for situations when the wounded have none.
  4. I think the medics should get a bit more love. It's still one of the classes wich are absolute essential, but often i see squads with only one medic, sometimes with no medics. A step in the right direction would be to make either the medics or everyone able to drag incapacitated Players into a safe zone before bandaging. This would be especially handy when teammates die in dangerous spots without cover. Many RL-tactical vests have dragging handles to pull a soldier into safety, why not implement it in Squad? What are your opinions on this? And how do you think medic-gameplay could be improved even more?
  5. Hello, I am a casual player, not the best in the world but competent, looking for a group or squad to play with. I have only 90 hours but im looking to play more and get better/ learn the game more. Most of my hours are medic I am ok at that role. If you have a squad or group and wanna play with me hit me up. My discord is BANGHART#7929

    * A brutal way of respawning would be to implement a body pool. You place a medical-tent or use armored ambulances and try to recover as much of the fallen possible, because that will determine if there body's left in the body pool to spawn from. There's the possibility to spawn whenever but at the cost of more tickets. Implementing this ambulance body recovering system would add a new dynamic to the battle theater. * Adding an engineer class with ability to build bridges, haul damaged vehicles from the batllefield, dig trenches...
  7. Hi Comrades Reading the potential medic changes for the next patch I’m a little skeptical that this will change the role in such a good way that people would want to snap up the medic role. Please note that I'm imagining my suggestion to coincide with Alpha 11.2 and not to be confused with Alpha 11.3. Now isn’t really the time to suggest a different approach being so close to patch release but I can’t resist throwing a suggestion into the works. Why is the medic so boring to some to begin with? I’ll give you my opinion and I’d like to hear yours too. I undoubtably don’t need to spell this out for many but you spend a lot of time looking at the ground with your miracle hand out praying to the gods to give your friend one last chance! A committed medic spends a very large portion of the game looking at the ground whilst leaving yourself vulnerable, not fun. Also, you’re often vulnerable when healing your new reborn friend with your pants down, not fun! Medics take the largest risk than any other role to keep the team going. To achieve this, they must be vulnerable to tea bagging which can get very frustrating at times when all you want to do is a good job; there is way too much injustice for our fellow medics. Medics need to admire the game world just as much as the next guy gets too by looking up and smelling the roses like everyone else. I’d like to fix this by having them look up more whilst the revive and healing process is commencing. Whilst it commences they also have their gun out ready to defend themselves and their fallen comrades especially in the revive process. My suggestion is to improve a medics overall performance, quality of life and have a positive effect on the pacing of the game and squad momentum. So here is my suggestion below. Medic Bag: Field Dressings are now kept within the Medic Bag essentially removing the Field Dressing for the Medic class which will leave a open inventory slot for a new piece of kit called the Revive Kit, which I’ll talk about in a second. The Medic Kit now can stop bleeds and heal. Left click heals or stops bleeding to comrades and right click does the same to yourself. Field Dressings are still available to others and their intended use in the next patch. However adding the revive kit might make the devs reconsider allowing everyone to revive. But who knows they might want to keep it to further pacing! They'll make the right choice. Pros: Can heal and stop bleeds for yourself and everyone else with one kit. No switching between Medic Bag and Field dressing to fix bleeds and heals and switching back to field dressing again to stop a bleed and so on. A cooler upgraded piece of kit Not complicated Cons : I’m struggling to think of any. Anyone can think of any? The Revive Kit: (defibrillator) will fill the inventory slot replacing what was the Field Dressing for the Medic. Instead of kneeling down and applying the Revive Kit, you can place it by an incapacitated teammate. This will then begin to charge up with an audio indication. You can pull your gun out, move around or heal others or stem bleeds with your Medic Bag whilst this is happening. Once fully charged it zaps the incapacitated teammate and revives them. You will then be able to pick up the Revive Kit after a successful revive and continue to revive others or to do other medical duties. Your teammate will automatically regain health after being revived unless injured again which will interrupt the automatic healing process. Your recently revived teammate is still in bad shape at 1% health after being zapped and is likely to only move into cover, to recover health. Please note that I'm imagining my suggestion to coincide with the current revive and heal to full health times in Alpha 11.2. Pros: Can heal others or Stem bleeds whilst resuscitation is taking place Revive and heal process still takes just as long for the individual who is incapacitated Can protect yourself and others whilst reviving increasing squad survivability, momentum of game and quality of life. Medic's time can now be used else where in other medic duties Not complicated for new and old players Reduces prolong time staring at the ground (or restricted view in free look) Overall a very unique cool little piece of kit Can activate your Revive Kit for teammate, carry on running with your squad so to not be left behind and request a ammo drop to receive Revive Kit to increase teamwork, momentum and your squad's survivability. Cons: Please suggest any below. Let me know what you all think! Any constructive input might make for a even better idea. Please take me seriously as I have a beard.
  8. This medics had enough lol

    Sometimes you have to love the glitches.
  9. I would like to thank Unlimtedtool for riding and taking out the APC driver by myself.
  10. Hello, I´ve noticed this bug occour x amount of times & I can recreate the bug when I get revived by medic x amount of times. 1. Get shot 2. Get patched up by medic 2.1 get shot 3. Get patched up by medic a second time 4. Die again = see the bug "eventhough I´m dead the compass is still visible" makeing it impossible to spawn since the game thinks i´m alive eventough I´m dead. See attachment Bug Anyone else has been affected by this bug? This still occurs 24/9 -18. Any plan of getting it patched?
  11. New Revive ability

    I don't really get the point of the changes to the revive system announced today. Enabling any player to revive fallen mates means flattening the gameplay and removing part of the tactical situation Squad is currently giving to the players. While we all agree that fun > real life, it looks utterly not realistic that anyone can simply approach someone and revive him. The Medic class reflects the specific need of deploying trained, qualified personnel on the battlefield who are able to treat wounds and help teammates. The current iteration of having anyone being able to stop the bleeding is probably the best compromise indeed, promoting teamplay (the medic doesn't have an indefinite number of bandages) and mutual help. What is the added value of a medic from now on? Maxing the health or the stamina of other people? There is little to no point in keeping playing medic; the fighting equipment is often of lower value than a generic rifleman and I expect a mass migration of specialized medics to other classes. As of today, a medic is a real asset in the team, just like all the other specialized classes (from the AT to the grenadier, to the marksman and so on). Reviving people under fire requires skills and experience; just like any other kit, it can be played by anyone but mastering it requires specialization and a bit of dedication. Having good medics can make the difference in battle, just like the fact that the tactical options changes dramatically knowing you have or don't have medics close when you are launching an assault or are waiting to be revived. On top of this, playing medic is sometimes the choice for players which are not that good in the firefighting but that can provide a consistent and priceless support to the team with their altruist attitude. They are rewarded by the fundamental support provided to the team, rather than the shooting skills. We are picking probably what is the most teamplaying kit in the game and trashing it into the bin. Is this the way we want Squad to proceed? What is next, promoting the K:D ratio over the team/faction result? Not counting that, on this basis, there is no point in restricting the AT use to the AT class only, the grenadier to grenadiers, driving heavy vehicles to crewman only...
  12. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    With the eventual overhaul of a more in depth medic game play and the dragging mechanic, the following proposal could not only compliment the changes but add a simple and further emphasis on rewarding teamwork and SL decisions in the heat of a skirmish. I will break them down below! How it works: Players will be categorized into two sections, only a medic can see the state of a player (or player model). These two states are as follows A. Incapacitated (current "downed" system with live player waiting for a medic) B. Critical (player is no longer live, but player model is a valuable target [read full article to see why and how]) Section 1: Systems defining the state of a player A: Causes for incapacitated state Low caliber hits & frag rounds to the body & or multiple hits to the limbs B: Causes for Critical state High caliber hits to the body & low caliber hits to the head (high caliber hits to the head = deceased as per current system) Section 2: Rules for each player state A. Incapacitated Player screen: Incapacitated players go through the same process as they do now, dimmed screen waiting for a revive. Players who press Respawn cause their player model to go into Critical (Their RESPAWN timer is NOT affected) Bleedout to deceased state as per current system B. Critical Players placed in Critical go to respawn screen. Respawn timer +20 from current system Medics who bandage the Critical player model cut down that player Respawn timer in half! Medics who bandage the Critical player model put it into a Stabilized state Stabilized player models have the current bleedout timer increased (for survival gameplay purposes; more on this later) Once the bleedout timer expires, the Critical player models changes over to deceased Section 3: Special Buildings required for game play in further sections A special building is required at a FOB for the two types of systems to be in play. They are the following: 1. A medic station 2. An intel radio (must be manned by a live player) More on this later Section 4: Friendly Critical players gameplay Friendly Critical player models are important and require a medic (and possibly other dedicated players for super efficient transportation) Rules for mechanics to be in effect: A special building (medic station) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) Critical player models may be brought back to MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to MAIN BASE 1 ticket is refunded (rewarded) Section 5: Enemy Critical players gameplay While some squads may make it a priority to rescue critical player models, the enemy may too. These will be broken down into two sections (C & E) Note: X means up to the devs/community for balance reasons Rules for C: Reduce enemy tickets A special building (intel radio) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) special building does NOT HAVE TO BE MANNED by a live player ENEMY Critical player models may be brought back to your MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to your MAIN BASE; enemy team has 1 ticket lost Rules for D: intel on the enemy a special building (intel radio) must be manned for this mechanic to be in play (for reasons below) For every X Critical ENEMY player model brought back to your MAIN BASE; the following situation happens The live player manning the special building receives the general location (the SAME current system used for CACHES in Insurgency mode) in YELLOW on their map and their map only The live player will then use these general locations to relay to their SQUAD LEADER and/or local VOIP (was placed for balance but removed due to a good point) If the special building is not manned or is removed; the map locators are wiped If the special building is rebuilt, it is a blank slate and the number and revealings of critical bodies continues (see below) The number and revealings of Critical bodies brought to your main are as follows: 1. 5(or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL 2. 10 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL rally point 3. 15 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy vehicle in use 4. 20 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy HAB /FOB Radio 5. After 20 (or final X) Critical brought to main = rolls over and resets back to step 1. Section 6: Rules for vehicles Vehicles may pick up Critical player models Vehicles may only carry 1/2 of their normal live player seats Empty vehicles with Critical player models can have them removed (or rescued) by a player using the "use button" (to place the player model into a dragging state or just next to the vehicle The proposed system would not only place emphasis on the medic class but also add an additional layer of gameplay for both sides. If played correctly by one side through coordiated teamwork, they can receive a great advantage over the enemy. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions, I will happily update if this discussion evolves! Best, Gz
  13. How To Not Suck at Squad - Finished version for V11 Last repost I promise!
  14. How to Not Suck at Squad Compilation - Imgur Album. Basics, SL, Medic, Defense, Offense, Vehicles.
  15. [BUG] Medics useless

    Since v10 (v10.1?) when reviving people they "get up" by getting stuck below ground or on top of a building / stuck in a wall. It is like this 90 % of the time or more. Medics are useless now for the team. Put this issue as a top 10 issue in JIRA and fix it ASAP.
  16. Are there any servers that offer one life gameplay? I feel like it would be fun to play a game mode every so often that only allows you to have one life. It would make the round intense and gives a chance for SL's to win with tactics. If one gets caught out in the open and wiped then the other team has a huge advantage because they won't be coming back unless revived. A majority of people might not like this idea but I believe it would be an option that would be nice. Taking it one step further if they add medivacs to the game the medical system could be improved. With possibly adding hit location to the game that could determine if the medic can save you or not. If hit somewhere such as the chest or major artery the medivac could be dispatched and the medic has to perform medical treatment to prevent them from dying before the Blackhawk gets there. It returns them to the main base and heals them up. This takes time of course and is a lot for just one ticket, that is why I feel like it would only work with this game mode. With the talk of the commander role, making the medivacs a computer compared to a player it gives an opportunity to give power to the commander. The Squad Leader could get the coordinates for the pick-up and relay it back to the commander. At the main base, he could type it into a computer to send off the Blackhawk. Also, deploy things such a UAVs to a section for a period of time or send air cargo drops to bases for resupply. One more thing that could help the other team if implementing stuff for the commander such as resupply and UAV. If computer players are added near the villages and happen to be killed by the invading country it could give extra tickets to the local force. It would be like civilian deaths equal X amount of recruits for their army. It could be a good way to even out the gameplay. If the invading country has too much power you could up the ratio helping balance the powers or the other way around and lower the ratio if needed. Thoughts?
  17. I kind of enjoy being a medic, but I know most people don't. Since I don't think getting rid of the role would be a good idea (other threads have already discussed it), what if we implemented some kind of diagnostics system, like in the ACE3 mod for Arma3? A medic would need to identify the problem/injury first, then apply the correct treatment. This would actually make the medic role more challenging, and all in all, more fun. EDIT: And maybe add some way to Drag/Carry fallen friendlies? What do you guys think?
  18. Dragging your allies

    I'm usually a medic in Squad and it'd be a great addition to be able to drag your teammates behind cover. It'd add not only to the realism, but also be a great addition to abilities.
  19. Hello forum, My name is Lukas "Salk!s" Havlicek and I started new youtube channel which will be releasing videos about SQUAD. I am playing the game since day 1 release on steam and I can't get enough of it. So I decided that I will create youtube channel dedicated to my favorite game where I will try to spread the word about SQUAD and in the same time providing you with some watchable content. Please give me your opinions on my first video what should I improve and maybe what would you like to see next. And in case you liked my video hitting that subscribe button would be the most awesome thing Here is my first video : link to channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/SalkisCreations
  20. ANGRY Medic Guide

    VIDEOGUIDE: TEXTGUIDE: Hello you peasants, I am Stormsolid and today I'm going to show you how to play the medic correctly on the battlefield since you monkeys need a passive aggressive doc to teach youSo let's get this shitshow started shall we?Let me introduce you wannabe medics to your gear.You have a rifle that goes pew use it to shoot bad guys. if it goes out of ammo you take your smaller pew.This is important since switching your weapon will be faster than reloading your main gunokey the 'nade is self explanatory. Listen here you little sh*t, the next piece of equipment is called a smoke grenade.It is an important tool of every medic and thats the reason why I need to be a little bit more precise when talking about this.If you are playing on the side of the battle that is heavily exporting freedom you should keep in mind that your smoke grenades open up to the right sideand if you are on the side that is importing freedom unwillingly you should keep in mind that your smoke grenades open up bidirectional.It also can happen that you have a small open gab in the middle of your smoke, this varies and does not happen everytime so just keep it in mind.A quick reminder for all the people who are to stupid to use them,try to block enemy sight to the person you want to get to.Don't just ♥♥♥♥ing throw the smoke grenades on them like you are trying to call in an airstrikebecause if you do that the smoke acts like a rpg magnet, trust me. Now to the medical stuff...No matter on which side of the battle you stand on you have 6 of those babies, most casual idiots call them bandages even though their name are field dressings, I do it myself but I am not a Left mouse button to use it upon other people and right click to use it on yourself.To be as efficient as possible try to not get shot so you don't have to use them on your own worthless body.If people are alive and they are bleeding tell them to bandage themselvesBecause for every bandage you use on a bleeding dimwit who could bandage himself you lose one opportunity to revive a dead guyand you better cover them while they bandage and don't just sit there with your medicbag in your hands n The following part is just a quick PSA.If Melbo or I see two medics on one guy sick rhymes I knowbut if our dirty and infected eyes see that kind of a behavior you have a ****ing problem with usOkey so there is the medicbag too right?That's the thing you use on soldiers who are hurt but not bleeding. Easy.Left symbol means you need to use a bandage and the right symbol means you need to use the medic bag.you and your fellow heroes aka medics are the only people with this equipment so look at it as the special equipment it is.one simple rule I follow with this tool is:If I am suppost to heal you, you are suppost to cover me while I do that because if you look at me like I am a french model I will not kiss you but beat up with my medicbag.This following small section is for the ♥♥♥♥♥♥s who decided they don't want to be the brave man who plays the medic.Everytime you cheeky bastards don't cover but look at a medic while he is healing you, reload your ****inging weapon like the deserved receiver of golfclub hits you are or surrender just when I bandaged you I will shoot a new squadie in the knee.And the last thing, if want me to ignore you please just scream medic a couple of hundred times like I am blind and can't see big red signs on my screen that tell me you are deadso write down,When a medic is healing me I will never ever look at him, I will cover the area so we don't get killed together,I do NOT reload while I am getting healed, I will cover the are so we don't get killed togetherIf I see a medic running to my body on the map and I know I have to surrender because of some idiotic reason I tell the medic in local chat BEFORE he bandages meand lastly,set your priority on Squad leaders and other medicsnever start a buddyteam with the second medic in the squad and try to keep a good 10 meter distance to him at any given moment
  21. Got A Light?

    Medics and their smokes are like 2 peas in a pod, except you throw the 2 peas and now you're just an empty shell. So i'm sure medics used to have more than 2 smokes (Correct me if i'm wrong) and sure I love those 2 little peas, but often I find myself needing both for just 1 or 2 casualties. So lend us a smoke this Christmas, it might just save your life. (Also applies to cigarettes #Smokingkills) #Hollowpeaman
  22. Medic Score

    In a week of newbs Potato and Me went nutty revives. We had a private competition Didn't finish the map we only had a couple of tickets left. But was a fun round. What's your best Revives scored. Pub play.
  23. To make Medics more needed, regular soldier should only have some tourniquet like CAT or similar. Also the tourniquets will not completely stop the bleeding so you will still need to find a medic so he can use his bandages to stop the bleed. If grunt bandages remain, if you bleed out, medic should always use the bandages of the fallen before using his own.
  24. "Give Up" Timer

    I think all of us who have ever played on medic have hated those people who "give up" on you after you wasted a bandage on them, or squadmates who continue to give up as soon as they are down just because they don't want to wait for a medic (then the game comes to an end and you lose by 15 tickets, which means you would have won had your teammates just waited for a medic revive). I think it would be a great idea to have a "give up" timer for those that constantly give up as soon as they go down. This way, it encourages more teamplay/strategy and allows medics to do their job more efficiently. This in no way has a negative effect on those who wait for medics. Since this timer would only effect those who constantly give up after going down. Suggesting that (not counting your first "give up"), that if you give up too quickly (lets say, within 15 seconds of going down), you will not have the option to press "GIVE UP" on the screen for 15 seconds. If players continue to give up early, the timer will continue to increase by 15 second increments, up to a minute. This is just a basic idea, I'm not saying 15 seconds is fair, but you get the idea. For those that already wait, they will not be punished for giving up and would not have to wait. What do you guys think?