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Found 146 results

  1. Topographical Map Suggestion

    I just think that a topographical map would enable better planning if one could know the terrain in advance before getting there as high ground is always important but it is also important to know how to get there and if your position is being overlooked by somewhere else I just think that most maps can do it and it would be useful so why not.
  2. I present http://gametactic.org/squad, an interactive/collaborative map planning tool for Squad. To get started: follow the link press the create new room button and select a map. Invite other people into your room by giving them the link. Start planning using the tools to the right. You can zoom in using the scroll wheel and pan around with the right mouse button. You can allow other people to draw by clicking their name or unlocking the room with the lock icon. To give you and idea, It looks something like this: Now that I have your attention. Consider the available icons as placeholders for now. I'd like to know from yoyu which icons would be useful for Squad specifically ?
  3. Transparency of the map

    Hi all. Is there a way to adjust transparency of the map? In a way that key elements stay unaffected: roads and icons. Sometimes a large number of icons can be confusing in a heat of the battle, and ability to make map background a bit transparent will really help our eyes. I did not find the option, so this goes as proposal.
  4. Nanisivik

    Can this just be exiled from Squad, completely? Until the developers of it fix it? Whoever designed this map, has never played the EASTERN SIDE OF IT IN A VEHICLE. The map is godawful. It's terrible. It's disgusting. The only thing that it has going for it, is that it has new map prop models. It's the shittiest experience you'll ever have in this game driving a tracked vehicle, with all the god damn areas having triangular shaped hills, causing your tracks to basically mean **** all. You become stuck. You go maybe 10-15km/h on basically flat land making it even more difficult to maneuver. Vehicles, thankfully, have become a bit easier to drive since a patch or two ago. That does not make up for how god awful the map design of Nanisivik. It's the only map where vehicles actually have a fighting chance instead of constantly being ambushed by HAT's, LAT's, TOW's, mines, and it's the worst god damn map possible, only because of how lazily it's designed in areas. I'm sorry to the developers of the map, but for holy gods sake how does this shit stain make it into the MAIN game? It taints the image of the other relatively designed maps.
  5. [WIP] Gaza PR Remake [Gaza Mod]

    Gaza (Project Reality Remake) Name: Gaza Location: Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestine Size: ~2km Teams: US vs. Hamas (Hamas faction will constist of reskinned INS and MIL models) Gameplay: CQB, Urban Warfare/Assymetrical Warfare Download link: Unreleased/WIP Description: Gaza is a remake of the Gaza map from Project Reality. It won’t be an exact remake but the layout and feeling of the map will be the same. It is a map based on the PR 1.4 updated version of Gaza created by Project Reality developer Outlawz7 and I have recently gotten permission from him to recreate his version of Gaza in Squad! The buildings and terrain of the map will be different from the original but this 2x2km map will include lots of accessible buildings, rooftops, balconies and narrow alleyways. Fans of both asymmetrical warfare and parkour will definitely find their fill with this map. People can expect a lot of engaging CQB encounters because enemies will be ‘everywhere and nowhere’ either 5 stories up, on the street or underground and waiting to strike. Included in this map will be the Hamas faction, a classic PR faction that will exist out of retextured Militia and Insurgent models but will have a slightly different loadout compared to the regular Insurgent faction. If you're interested in seeing the modding progress and updates on the Gaza Mod come join us on our discord server! Old PR Minimap: Minimap: Coming soon! Gaza Screenshots: Overview of the main street along the coast Area next to the 'shops' capzone Another view on the main street New Marina entrance: Click here for the full screenshot album
  6. I really like to see the Class Icons on the map, to know who's the LAT, Marksman, Medic, etc.... but i would love to know the direction people are facing, is it possible to make this happen in the future? Without the class icons you can see where they are facing, but i have to hover them to know their class... Can we get the best of both worlds into one? Just a suggestion on a little detail, thanks for your time
  7. Ramiel: Black Hawk Down Size: 2km Name: Ramiel (PR) Teams: US/British and Insurgents I am proud to announce "Ramiel", as a redesigned map coming to Squad. I got in contact with "OkitaMakoto", the original Map maker of Ramiel. Ramiel was one of my favorite maps of PR, so from the wake of heli's being released, i started on this map 2 months ago. These photos are kind of old, but ive been working on it since i posted photos of Black gold. Which, is still being worked on and is going quite well. I am currently creating new songs for each map. I plan on remaking the original and possibly adding a bit more to the city. I may not and just stick to the original designs. Ramiel Photos: Original Map comparison: Not Sure why the mini-map is messed up (Fixed) US/British Main Port Black Gold Can be found here: https://joinsquad.com/2019/08/16/the-wrench-august-2019/ Sound Track for Ramiel: (Currently WIP & Will be updated throughout the process of this map) I wanted "Last Call" to be more slow, as in you're going back to a tough fight. A fight full of memories and loss. Its the last call to the front lines. I wanted to capture the feeling of tranquility in those moments. Its a great send off to the Original sound track as i also wanted to hit that PR nostalgia. (Both Black Gold's Song and Last call will be available on spotify and apple music.) Many other stores too. https://imgur.com/a/BMkNPdT Comparison album, (Note, it looks like crap for now) UPDATED WITH MUTAHA'S MAT Video of a test drive (NOT FINAL)
  8. As it is the training mode is far too basic. It needs to be extended to include training for the commander and squad leader roles. People wouldn't shy away from a lead role as much if they were actually prepared for it to start with. The learning curve for this game is far too steep for the training mode to be this basic.
  9. When dealing with urban warfare, being able to mark buildings using numbers on the map would make calling out enemy positions a lot easier. As shown in the image below, I can just say "enemy spotted in building three at the commons area".
  10. Map Idea: Kobani

    I'm sticking this thread here under the Ideas for Crowdfunding sub forum since there isn't a separate Community sub forum yet. I'm basically reserving this thread for ideas and advice on creating a Squad map based off of Kobani, Syria. The recent unrest has really brought this city to my attention and I think it would provide a great backdrop for an primarily urban map in Squad. I have zero experience with UE4 so this will be one big learning experience for myself. I hope to maintain the desire to make it and deliver a finished map to the community. Some info on Kobani: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koban%C3%AE And some quick overhead shots from Google Maps. It's a fairly decent size city. Imagine trying to maneuver vehicles in and around the city. Imagine trying to clear these streets as an infantryman. This is very early in the planning stage obviously. If I was going to make for Project Reality, it would feature the Syrian Rebels and MEC kind of like Sbenah Outskirts. For Squad right now, I see it having the US Army (out of Turkey) fighting the current Insurgent force (they kinda look like Afghani Taliban right now) until more factions are introduced. Anyways, that's all I've got for now. It should be a fun project.
  11. Hello everyone, First of all if someone suggested it before i am sorry. But with my deficient English i just made couple of search about this topic. Also i am suggesting this because i think it will affect the planning of squad leaders therefore the teamplay. My suggestion is simple: Map option with contour lines Squad is a game which grows with work of it's developers and community. Most of the works are about maps. So in future i think we will see different varieties of maps. As a squad leader who does not memorize every single bit of the maps. It's good to visualise the altitude of terrain before planning or executing a rapid planning. Good to know where to approach, where to overwatch or make a good, offroad etc. in contryside maps. Also we will see helicopters in future (even we have a great mod about it!) So it will good to plan lz points too. So this is my suggestion. I hope you like it. Thank you.
  12. [WIP] Bushehr [ squad map]

    Name: Bushehr Location: SW of Iran Size: 3km² Teams: At present US vs Rush Gameplay: City urban fighting with focus on invasion and TC Download link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1834678343 90 [Unreleased/Only to friends] Description: Try and create mass urban fighting area. Minimap: attached Screenshots/Media: Latest editor view.
  13. I am expecting more realistic urban echo sound effects in maps like Al Basrah, Nava, Sumari etc. I feel current echo sound effects in urban areas is similar to non urban area. The sound which produced from gun, explosion and vehicle are not reflecting in closed urban areas. Insurgency sandstorm have good urban sound effects I feel it's more realistic.
  14. I've been squad leading for 10+ years starting back with PR, I would very much like to watch matches and streamers on twitch or youtube to pick up on a few new tricks but. The issue i often find is that i have no way to see the game map when i wont to, when watching some one else play. Unless they randomly take a glance at it. I made a few suggestions to some of the Streaming community to make a second window or stream that shows the map constantly, but for them to do this they have to have a second client that fills up an extra man slot on a server. (Is it possible to make a Console command that lets me view a second window just for the map, with out having a extra game client. So i can view it constantly for recording or streaming. ?) This would also make it easier for new players to learn how to squad lead as they would have a better learning curve when watching a playback, "lessons learned" stuff. For pro gamers and new comers. Also perhaps make the feature lockable with permissions. So server Admin can choose if they wont to have designated promoters/streamers/shout-casters or the like. Additionally the same feature would also be good for audio of the squad Command Radio as a single sound feed.
  15. [WIP] Operation Silver [Vanilla]

    Name: Operation Silver Location: Afgan setting/generic Size: appx 3x3km Teams: USA vs RU, more will be added Gameplay: AAS, TC, more planned, focus on vehicle and infantry balance and helicopters. Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235044873 WIP 70-90% done Description: A map set in a hilly region, filled with lush but dry river banks, steep hills, and winding roads. Minimap: Screenshots/Media: (a0.25) v15 Feedback welcome, join the Discord: https://discord.gg/BCWbjYV Silver_aas_v1 - Standard, 6 caps, US vs RU Silver_aas_v1_Night - Standard, 6 caps, US vs RU Silver_TC1 - Standard, US vs RU Appx 1.3gb. Designed with helicopters in mind 70-90% complete I will do further optimisation Night lighting is still in testing but is very close All previous layers will return in time expect PAAS which is no longer supported? Bonus map removed - TBA. To-Do list: Finish northern areas - foliage, compounds, detailing. Add POIs and cover to TC hexes areas. Final road pass and re-edit road model and texture Final foliage pass Rocks pass - edit models and general clean up. Update landscape material layers - final - last updated 11/07/2019 Update Minimap - final - last updated 11/07/2019 Re-check/re-add sound cues Remake Previous gameplay layers - skirmish, HM, Inf. etc. Lighting final for day and night plus AO tweeks. Fix v15 missing content that was in v14 (wheat grass) Optimisation check: Merge meshes (reduce draw calls) Edit and trim models Edit all foliage models and textures - reduce alpha overdraw Edit and Trim background mountains Check foliage shadows settings Replace splines where possible Adjust/Check Landscape LOD
  16. To make it simple, I think that Squad Leaders should have access to more markers, and that they should be able to use them with more flexibility. This means, as I said, more markers (with maybe the ability to add some short text), and being able to choose who will be seeing them. I'm thinking of: -movement markers -directional markers -maybe text Just as an example, imagine a squad leader planning their squad's movement, and placing incremental waypoints for it to follow, like WP1, WP2 and on. That also means the addition of directional markers, maybe a wheel of eight different arrows. This would allow a leader to mark enemy troops but also the direction of their movement. That armor you marked is moving east on the road, converging on squad 4. Or maybe you're specifying that the .50 Cal you're marking is facing south-west. That full squad in the woods is moving North, trying to flank squad 3. I know all of this can be achieved trhough radio communications, but the truth is, in coordinated operations, it is best to keep comms to a minimum. That, and permanent markers are way more reliable than a spoken comm. I also think it would be nice to be able to specify who will see those markers, in order to avoid cluttering the map. A leader could choose to place markers only visible to his own squad, for instance. - Ideally, this suggestion should be considered together with my other thread, about having a better tactical map: So, what do you guys think?
  17. Revert Map Grid

    Hey guys, black on gray on gray with shades of gray terrain is extremely hard to read in the midst of a fight. A while back we had red/white/black lines that I really liked. Even if it's not so vibrant, can we please get a bit of a visibility pass on the map? It'd reduce reliance on markers for everything (FTL mark range removed anyway, and that's awesome) The map has measurements, it's not too difficult to range things using the map or binoculars WHEN you can see the grid. Thanks. Related, it'd be awesome if maps had topographical lines/data on them as well to aid in on-the-fly decision making for squad leaders and individual movement.
  18. I tend to play SL role and i have 2 issues: 1) The map keeps changing every round back to viewing every squad's map icons even though i always have that turned off. 2) I think there is just too many icons. The map looks to busy ( even just looking at just my squad's icons). [I admit this my actually helpful if you are in the upcoming commander role, not sure].
  19. for me squads gameplay really shines with invasion on al Basrah. i have so much fun squad leading on this map, its really fun but always requires all of the squads to work together. its very difficult to accomplish a victory on the invading team (usually British). Its a fun challenge always ends in a good game win or lose. defense is also very difficult but fun. tell me your fav map and game type & why
  20. In here https://joinsquad.com/alpha-13-test-gameplay-changes/ There's this part- Any of you played Arma 3 with ACE mod? If not, then they already solved your problem. Make the ping area based. Like you're pointing out something to someone on a physical map. Make it so only poeople in 2 (or 3, or whatever) meter radius from you can see what you're pointing at on the map. And now there's no guys pinging stuff from 2 clicks, but you also don't need to give someone full grids when standing right next to them. Problem? Solution. Also, if You're interested, They also have a simmiliar system with in game pointing. According to ACE Team- Its better to simply show it. (WARNING, LOUD in 0:37. I couldn't find a better video) If you dont want giant floating circles in your UI, there's an even simpler idea. Make an animation that points a finger in the dirrection of your invisible crosshair and make it a hold action (so you dont have to constantly repeat it) And thats it. Of course, you can do the same by just saying "its where i'm aiming at" "or direction 230", sure. But its a neat little immersion thing for guiding fire and creating memes.
  21. New Map: Grozny

    I believe this map is long overdue, specifically making it Militia vs Russian Ground Forces as the main fighting area. New Year's Eve assault on Grozny was the real Meat Grinder and Pyrrhic Victory for the Russian forces during the first Chechen War. The combat was in heavy/dense (even denser than Narva and Al Basrah) urban area and the map should be in the style of Russian (Chechen) weather with lots of mud and moderate amounts of snow with More Densely placed and partially destroyed Soviet Style buildings, with the center capture point the Chechen Parliament Building This will make for an interesting play, since this will be moderately dense urban map, with this high rise building serving as ideal CQB area of literal King of the Hill battle from bottom to the top, with several alternate routes through the building to get to it (capture point should be located in upper floors and the players on both teams will have to fight their way up, from multiple stairways located in the building or bring in buildable ladders to climb up through the holes in the ceilings. Notice the open area around this building, which will provide good play for the ground vehicles as fire support against defenders and due to the fight being in the city, it will also provide good cover against artillery and future helicopters in game for the balance sake.
  22. In 12.2 tow/mgs/spg (other gun emplacements) are displayed on the map only when fully built. Sometimes they are placed and forgotten to never be found blocking ability to have that emplacement at all. They should be always displayed even if not fully built
  23. Tactical Map Timelapse

    Hey fellow players/devs, I like Squad especially because of its tactical and strategic element. Therefore I'd love to have/see a tactical timelapse of the squad map roughly like this here after the game, as it puts your and your teams efforts of the match into perspective. In order to get the necessary data I was thinking of recording a demo, parsing out the necessary information and do some postprocessing outside of the game to get something like a gif or a video. Problem is that I could not find anything about the structure of the demo-file. => Does anyone know: more about the file-format of unreal-engine/squad-demo-files? about any other efforts in that directions? an easier way to get this done? Any help welcome. Cheers PHeanEX
  24. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    Hey all! Here is the YouTube of the lighting stream I did on Twitch. Hope this helps somebody! Resources: Lighting Trouble Shooting Guide ( https://wiki.unrealengine.com/LightingTroubleshootingGuide) Cheers! ..oxy..