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Found 16 results

  1. Vehicle balance is a bit of a sore subject at the moment but whatever your thoughts I think it is a perfect time to look at changing the current infantry anti-tank kits and how they're distributed. What I suggest is that LAT is moved from Fire Support to a single direct combat role and a single new Medium Anti-tank (MAT) role takes it's place in Fire Support. This suggestion also assumes that the Javelin is made ready to replace the current US/GB HAT kit with the AT-4 being reverted to pre-buff power and the TBG-7V Thermobaric RPG-7 rocket is ready. The faction Infantry Anti-Tank roles would be roughly as follows: US/UK Combat Roles -LAT(1 per squad): 1 LAW and 1 Frag Grenade. Fire Support Roles -MAT(1 per squad): 1 AT4 and 1 Frag Grenade. -HAT(1 per team): 1 Javelin. Russia Combat Roles -LAT(1 per squad): RPG-26 and 1 Frag grenade. Fire Support Roles -MAT(1 per squad): RPG-7 with optic, 1 HEAT rocket and 1 Thermobaric Rocket OR RPG-7 with optic, 2 HEAT rocket and 1 Frag Rocket. -HAT(2 per team, 1 per squad): 1 RPG-7 with optic, 1 Tandem HEAT rocket, 1 HEAT Rocket and 1 Frag Rocket. Militia Combat Roles -LAT(1 per squad): RPG-7, 1 HEAT rocket and 2 Frag Rockets. Fire Support Roles -MAT(1 per squad): RPG-7, 2 HEAT rocket, 1 Frag Rockets and 1 Thermobaric Rocket. -HAT(2 per team, 1 per squad): RPG-7, 1 Tandem HEAT Rocket, 1 Heat Rocket and 2 Frag Rockets. Insurgents Combat Roles -LAT same as Militia Fire Support Roles -MAT same as Militia -HAT(2 per team, 1 per squad): Same as Militia OR 1 RPG-29, 2 tandem HEAT Rockets. These loadouts aren't well developed but hopefully they convey the point. While this does appear to give US/GB less anti-armour power keep in mind that Russian/Soviet vehicles are mostly lighter than their NATO counterparts. I think these changes would make squad compisitions more interesting by freeing one of the fire support slots and would give infantry a little more capability to engage armour without shifting the balance in their favour too dramatically. Let me know what you think.
  2. So I had an idea for a way to emphasize squad cooperation in the future. With tanks and helicopters coming eventually, we'll certainly be getting new weapons to combat them as well. I'm not going to speculate on what those may be, but my idea is to implement a squad role system. Essentially, this would make a new selection screen, like the squad kit screen, but for squad leaders to choose from various types of squads. Since militaries use this kind of system in real life, it would add to the immersion factor in my opinion. Here's some examples of the types that could be available: Rifle squad - 9 players with access to LAT, AR gunners, grenadiers, medics, and riflemen. Primary focus - versatile infantry element capable of close to medium range infantry combat, and able to engage light vehicles. Head of the spear, attacking enemy objectives first. Max of 3 rifle squads per team Weapons squad - 7 players with access to LAT, GPMG gunners, grenadiers, marksmen, medics and riflemen. Primary focus - high suppressive firepower able to pin down enemy infantry even at long ranges. Provides overwatch and covering fire for advancing infantry elements. Highly capable of defending FOBs and can also deal with light vehicles. Max of 2 weapon squads per team AT team - 4 or 5 players with access to HAT, AR gunners, medics, and riflemen. Primary focus - small, fast moving infantry element able to engage enemy vehicles at medium range. Supports other squads and acts as QRF in the case of vehicle contact. Max of 2 AT squads per team AA team - 4 or 5 players with access to MANPADS, AR gunners, medics, and riflemen. Primary focus - same as AT team except deals with air vehicles. Max of 2 AA squads per team Motorized support squad - 4 to 5 players with access to riflemen and medics. Primary focus - man transport and logistics vehicles to transport other squads and supply friendly FOBs (Note - I'm not sure about this one because I don't think very many people would want to play this) Max of 1 support squad per team APC platoon - 4 to 6 players with access to APC crewman kits, uses 2 or 3 APCs and/or IFVs Primary focus - provide mechanized transport for infantry elements along with suppressive fire with HMGs, capable of fighting light vehicles. Max of 1 APC platoon but could have 2 smaller elements instead depending on vehicle numbers Tank platoon - 2 to 4 players with access to tank crewman kits, uses 1 or 2 MBTs Primary focus - engage enemy vehicles and infantry at long ranges, dominate open areas of the battlefield. Max of 1 tank platoon but could have 2 smaller elements instead depending on vehicle numbers Combat helo crew - 2 players with access to combat pilot kits, uses 1 attack helicopter Primary focus - provide close air support, able to engage most vehicle types. Max dependent on vehicle numbers Transport helo platoon - 2 to 4 players with access to transport pilot kits, uses 1 or 2 transport helicopters Primary focus - provide aerial transport for infantry elements and supplies for FOBs Max of 1 helo platoon but could have 2 smaller elements instead depending on vehicle numbers While I think this system would improve the cooperation aspect and immersion, there are some cons: for one thing, it would make obtaining the specialist kits even harder because you'd have to be in a specific squad to get the one you want, I have a feeling most players would want to join a weapons squad over a rifle squad. Another problem that arises is that the overall success of the team is much more dependent of the cooperation of the SLs so there's very little room for the less skilled to be a squad leader, as one with a lack of experience could be more of a liability than an asset. The final roadblock for this idea is that each squad type aside from the rifle and weapons would have to rely heavily on the skill of the squad members, more so than in the game's current state. An APC platoon would have to know how to keep their vehicles alive and judging from the amount of BTRs and Strykers that are lost during a pub match, that might be a problem. Without any sort of training or tutorial in vehicle combat, for example, the APC platoons would be at the mercy of the crews' experience, which would definitely be inconsistent at the very least. All these factors would add to the already steep learning curve, so players would have to really dedicate themselves if they want to learn the game enough to have fun with it, and this is something that I'm fine with, but I can't speak for everyone. I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this and I'm open to criticism!
  3. The Alpha 9 update has been great, and the new kit icons are pretty sweet, but I think that the ACOG scoped rifleman should have a separate kit icon from the rifleman with no special scope.
  4. This is collected feedback and our opinion of what is needed (most fitting) to be added or revamped in Squad, to make it into a more polished product and to create a more tactical environment which supports and gives more importance to kits within the squad, and also because of that has a higher emphasis on teamplay. Basically the goal is to create "tactical" environment with gameplay mechanics, not just communication. Currently the game suffers from easy shooting mechanics (lazer shots ie. pinpoint accuracy for miles with ironsights) and fast paced ground traversal with infantry. This effectively is counter intuitive to tactical environment goal, because these arcadey gameplay mechanics do not support its teamplay environment. Keeping in mind that some of the features or animations might come with future update, I will still list those as this is aimed to be an open conversation, and also our long term concerns already, since we are playing Squad from beginning (before steam and after steam release). To make Squad more polished and finished product (listed in order from more to less important): 1.) Weapon collision animation. 2.) Weapon low ready position. 3.) Working bipods. 4.) Body position stances (CTRL + Mouse Wheel) example: https://youtu.be/ggvqnQAB6Fw?t=7m51s (Even if new animations fix the shooting over walls and windows, body stances should still be introduced. As they are needed when not close to an object sometimes and also they are becoming a standard in todays tactical shooters) 5.) When leaning to the sides character weapon should stay parallel with vertical axis, instead of 45 degree weapon lean like it is now. 6.) Ability to lean weapons on objects for better stabilisation (or so called weapon resting feature) 7.) Fireteam functions. Ability to mark teammates with colours, or something intuitive along that line. 8.) Make text chat smaller and in the corner of the screen, currently its obstructing the view, and in that regard its annoying. Maybe even an option to disable the chat altogether would be perfect for people who do not to watch at wall of text every second. Another solution is: make a small white message envelope icon and put it in the top left corner of the screen, when somebody types something in the chat, bellow envelope a number should appear. If there was 2 messages sent in text, bellow message envelope should be number 2 representing those 2 unread text messages. To view them press TAB, to close text press TAB again = solution. ***First three are absolutely critical. Currently the game looks very silly while everybody is aiming downrange all the time, every time a friendly looks at you he is aiming at your head like you are his hostage. To allow for more teamplay "tactical" enviroment in squad by improving gameplay mechanics: 1.) Make it so we are unable to sprint in water. 2.) Make it so we are unable to climb almost 80 degree steep hill. This will allow for more tactical environment instead of arcade fast paced, don't-need-to-think where and how to move, because we can move anywhere fast (currently very arcadey). 3.) Make bleeding more severe. If shot to the leg or chest or arm, make us unable to sprint like we are in the middle of the olympic competition or unable to aim properly if shot in the arm etc. 4.) Make FOBs more important. Attach them to the Flag Cap system. That FOB placed within the flag radius (not capture cadius!) will serve as a firebase ie. secondary flag/cap within a flag. In order to fully capture a flag you would need to capture that Firebase. Make FOBs buildable only if logistical lruck drops supplies on the ground. Also ability to move those supplies with infantry carrying it. 5.) Ability to share ammo between teammates. Rifleman class ability to take extra ammo (ammo bearer) for teammates and for LMG/HMG gunner. 6.) Being able to pick up weapons and ammo from your fallen teammates. 7.) Do an overhaul of bullet ballistics, make it possible for us to adjust the distance on ironsights and future scopes, grenade launcher sights. (This feature will make squad look more a finished and polished product aswell) 8.) Dragging wounded teammates (Confirmed, but still is on our list and is worth mentioning... ) 9.) Ability to switch to secondary weapon quicker, even during mid-load/reload animation or during any other animation. 10.) Introduce the (unnecessary) missing melee ability. 11.) Make HMG and SPG emplacement more user friendly. Example, if the 50 cal has already been loaded and cocked, there is no need for cocking animation if you get on the gun 2nd or 3rd time etc. 12.) Make it possible for the gunner to rotate/move the gun while reloading it. Make 50 cal and Kord HMGs have more wider arc of fire. 13.) Make HMGs more deadly and feared for approaching it frontally. Just a tad little more zoom and more cover for the gunner aswell would help that. Because now, most often the gunner is a sitting duck, with either no cover or insufficent arc of fire. 14.) Make a paperwire into a razorwire. Make sure we can build razorwire right next to each other like we could in the earlier version, so the enemy can't just walk inbetween 2 razorwire emplacements because there is a gap inbetween. 15.) Engineer class. Equiped with razorwire cutters and equipment for mining and demining AT and AP mines. 16.) Make vehicles have areas on them where they are weak. Armor penetrations, ability to track future tracked vehicles. Penetration system, armour and angle values. 17.) Healing/reviving inside of vehicles & ability to drag and put wounded teammates inside vehicles. 18.) HMG kit with M240 bravo for US side, and equivalent of kit for Russian, Militia and Insurgents side. 19.) Being able to tow stucked vehicles with a truck or armored car. Features that will make Squad more user friendly: 1.) Option to lock a squad. 2.) Little HUD sign when rally point is ready to be deployed again (Similiar to PR "Rally point armed and ready to deploy"). This sign should be as small as possible, to keep the screen clean. 3.) Mute a players microphone function. Bugs that require fixing ASAP: 1.) Being able to stay underwater indefinitely. 2.) Wheeled vehicles doing flips in the air. Things that now seems to be canceled but were in Kickstarter: 1.) Jets - not only would it bring the game value and standard up, it is crucial for true 50v50 combined arms warfare 2.) Snipers (would be possible and would fit ingame with revamped ballistics) Last thing is FREELOOK with full TrackIR support. Very useful for pilots, tankers and drivers. Also for infantry, just one scenario, you find yourself prone in the grass, enemy all around you, you do not want to move your whole body to look around because you would easily be spotted, instead just move your head around. This is crucial. By the way awesome job we cannot praise you enough for this: The positive feedback can clearly be seen on this video . And also in this thread: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/3412-free-look-trackir-support/ We have compiled this feedback together from almost everyday playing Squad, we didn't come up with all this yesterday. Please keep it civil in your responses, our goal is not to sound overly aggressive in this post, but at the same time we wanted to explain every feature and why it supports another feature or gameplay mechanic. Feel free to post more suggestions. We will/might add more suggestions to this post in the very near future. And in the end, we hope somebody from the Developer team will take time and read this, in detail, and hopefully consider it. ~S~ Yellow Ants unit
  5. Sniper and Spotter Team

    Hello together, I’m really eager to see the sniper and spotter special kits included in Squad. Is there any progression is this regard? Or are even rough timetables out there, describing until when we will see them on the battlefield? Many thanks, v0id
  6. Hi guys/girls Basically I feel really strongly about being able to drop kits and have made a poll in this new post. Pros - Survivability of squads - Squad leaders can change mid game (BIG Issue as if a squad leader currently leaves it means that the squad is useless) - if you run out of ammo - can introduce new role in the game such as civilians for INSURGENCY - A kit system can be put in place where special kits can be shared equally so if you a sniper you have to go to an ammo box to get the kit again - people can change it up no one gets bored of having same old kit - new game modes Cons - People say its not realistic (But so Is being dead and then being revived and you can go to an ammo crate and change your kit)
  7. Hi guys This may have been mentioned before but I think being able to drop kits / pick up dead player kits would be a good benefit for gameplay. this would also slow the gameplay down as squads would survive for longer. this would go hand in hand with longer spawn times.
  8. Hi guys, i thought i make this topic and tell you guys my opinion about switching to the secondary weapon, the pistol. i think it has to be a little bit quicker, not only for gameplay reason but for realismn. i never saw a trained soldier who needs 3-4 seconds (or more) to switch to his side arms. i know many players think the same so what do u guys think greetz
  9. I do it a lot in PR, so I was wondering if that will be in the game. For example, when the medics in your squad are down so you pick up their kit to revive your squadmates. Or will a different system be implemented?
  10. [suggestion] Roles/UI

    I have been on the forums for quite some time, lurking and reading the posts, but never decided to jump in until now. I have played pr for about 8 years, so I am comfortable with the idea of the game, but for better or for worse, don't let that judge your opinion of the idea or interface. I have a suggestion for the way roles would work, and also a suggestion for the UI. (I also found a great location on google earth that should be made into a map! ;D) Here is what it would look like when you load in.. You would be brought to the screen with the squad tab open. From there, similar to pr, you would have a listing of squads. The difference is that these squads have extensions associated with them. This exact example obviously is more applicable to conventional forces and in this case NATO hence the APP6 NATO-Icons. It can be abstracted to other factions though... So say you wanted to create a squad that was anti-armor. When you create the squad, you would be able to pick an extension. In this case below you are creating an anti-armor squad. Now lets say you are a player joining the Heavy AT (HAT) squad and selecting the extension kit. you would have your load out, and then the specialty item.. (I realize this might have to be different for "sniper") If you did not join a squad, your selection would be: Allowing a squad to have a single extension, in addition to being more accurate from a fidelity standpoint, has many benefits that will improve the game play once assets are involved. 1 squad wont have your AA, AT, and sniper kit. Commander role won't be just used to call in area attack. The commander can find assets on the map and position them. (The commander trying to tell a lone wolf with a HAT to go somewhere had a .001% chance of working) A common saying of squad leaders in pr was "Take whatever kit you want, just don't take a sniper or engineer kit". Well this would prevent people from joining a squad and taking kits. an important point would be that you could also use this for claiming assets such as tanks.. First one to claim the extension gets the asset. No more petty arguments about who created the first tank sq.. there could be a vote for extension removal as well. If someone is doing such a bad job that enough of the team votes them out they lose the extension An important point would be that you aren't stuck with your squad extension either... Say you are a rifleman squad and you know armor is heading your way. The SL would go to a crate/fob and be able to change the extension there. Then, a squad member would be eligible for that role... Overall I think this could drastically help keep squads together and keep lonewolfing with specialty kits down. lastly, you'll notice on the map that I have different icons.... The squad leader icon would be their respective extension i.e.: This would allow you to identify which asset is where (assuming the rest of the squad isn't derping around elsewhere)... I saw a trend in some of the map designs going toward stuff like a visible radius around the cap points, and pointers indicating which way players are looking. I think that greatly takes away from a big aspect of the game -that being "communication" The more your map reveals, the less impact communication has on a team's success... Let me explain that: You hear a firefight North of you and you look on the map.. If you see the squad above you all looking east, its pretty easy to guess which way the enemy is.. If you don't have that information you would have to communicate with the group above you to figure out what the situation is. If you are unable to communicate with them, then you will go into the area with a disadvantage... That also goes for cap points. The above cap markers are also APP6 NATO (friendly, neutral, enemy) and the path is indicated with a white line. I think perhaps just having the radius indicated in meters beneath the cap point is plenty of information. I don't like the idea of "mark the very edge of that cap ring and lets sit there".
  11. I didnt follow the devs for the last few months, has there been any mention of the old kit system returining? As in you drop your LAT becouse you have to leave and so on. I get the argument that only some people would be trained as medics and so on, but damm this is a game, would be a shame if it wouldnt return.
  12. Apparently if there's sufficient people on the server, the game automatically unlocks all the restriction kits for the one who didn't join any squad while keeping the others restricted. Is this some sort of bug that happens in 3.8? Because it really ruins every aspect of this great game once-n-for-all.
  13. Squadleader Roles

    Regarding the Squadleader Kit/Role, it has come to my attention that there are more squads than there are players in squads. An idea that would be suitable to counter this issue would be to have the option for servers to toggle on an option that would allow a squad to get full before makeing a new squad or makeing this a permanent feature for the game to enforce more of a coordinated game and not have a small group roaming around being a nuisance to the team.
  14. What do you guys think about the ability for the squad leader to reallocate one slot between non-vital specialised combat kits (which are currently Automatic rifleman, Grenadier, Light Anti-Tank and Marksman), but not for Medic kits, limited Rifleman kits or the Squad Leader kit. By this I mean that the SL removes a slot from a single one of the combat kits so that it cannot be used by any of the squad, and then gives that slot to one of the other combat kits. This purpose of this is to allow the squad some customisation to be specialised for certain situations. For example; if a squad is going to assault an enemy compound in a dense urban environment a marksman slot isn't as useful as an AR, so the SL reallocates the marksman kit slot so the squad has an additional AR, the squad then swaps out roles at an ammo box and continues on their merry way. This would allow for squads to specialise for roles like defense, assault, fire support and scouting in a simply way that wouldn't require advanced kits that are yet to come. Thanks for reading. this was just a thought I've had stewing for a bit, if there's any massive flaw with it that I've failed to see I'm sorry for everything.
  15. I apologize if this is already a topic. What i would like to see in squad is a way to limit Command&Support/Specialist Roles in each squad. What i'm saying is; say more than 1 person in a squad wants to become a Sniper, or Engineer etc. only 1 or 2 depending on the class should be aloud to play that Support/Specialist role. For example in BF3/BF4 many people would become sniper and all hold back while only few "attack classes" would be going for the flag making it hard to win a match. In limiting the number of people playing one class in a squad would eliminate that problem like in the Battlefield series. Pros ------ No more excessive amounts of a certain class More people helping forward attacks on flags or bases (depending on how matches are won) Everyone has a important role for the team in a whole Cons ------ You may not get a class that you want
  16. I propose a new kit/role/class mechanic for Squad that i fell may work well, and be much better than the current BF2 Project Reality system. The current kit system for PR is certain "spawnable" kits for players they can always use (ex. SL, Rifleman, AR, Medic ect.), while others are "limited" (ex. LAT, Grenadier, ect.), as well all other "requestable" kits are "limited" (HAT, AA, MG, Marksman, Sniper etc.) and once somebody dies with the "limited" kit, they lose that kit unless they go back and pick it up. The new system i propose is a "persistent role" system, were if you die, you do not lose that kit, but the kit does not drop onto the ground. Example, you chose a Machine Gunner kit BEFORE you spawn, you will keep that kit until you deselect that particular kit. You do not drop the kit, you do not lose the kit and no one else will be able to steal it from you. With this, i am also asking why is the grenadier and marksman limited? most modern military's employ grenadiers widely, especially the US Still same "first-come-first-serve" system of kits, and still limited in numbers per kit.Adds new dynamic for squads as staying alive is much more valuable, as if the medics die, no one will be able to be revived, if the AR/MG goes down, you can not just pick it up and lay down fire, if the LAT/HAT goes down the squad will not have Anti-Armor abilities etc.More realistic to real world applications as soldiers like snipers, marksmans, medics, etc. are specifically trained in their respective role.No issue with stealing kits or enemies using enemy kits, as kits do not drop when the player dies.What do you guys think? any suggestions, comments or concerns, i know it is not perfect, but it could work well if fleshed out.