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      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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Found 14 results

  1. MORDHAU currently has 30k players, i understand that player bases fluctuate but it would be great to see 30k players on squad. that being said the gameplay in squad is solid but could be further improved with some gory visuals, i.e more blood. the prior thread cites a reason for this being the game would not be able to be sold in Germany so i guess my question is what is the German business case to not include gore and does it outweigh more sales? there could be a survey for this. thread a long long time ago:
  2. Hello Boys, Here a question poll. Do you want more gore in Squad? Let's push this topic to get a decision from the devs. EDIT: WE NEED A SOLUTION. LETS FIGURE IT OUT TOGETHER SQUAD! IF YOU WISH THAT GORE WILL BE AVIABLE ON EVERY SERVER, THIS MEANS, BECOME AN OFFICIAL PART OF THE GAME. VOTE AND SUPPORT US. LET OFFWORLD HEAR YOUR SHOUT / REQUEST! Greetings David
  3. It's the same engine, and i believe Squad would be a way more fun game with a feature like this. Small things matter a lot, at least in my opinon.
  4. Blood & Gore

    The blood splash at the hit of a person is already good. But I think you should install more. -Blood texture on the clothes, exactly where it has been hit -Blood traces on the ground in case of serious injuries (disappear after approx. 60 seconds) It makes the game more authentic. Can you please install that? All the best Michael

    So.. let's talk about gore. Is it something we will see in the future? Limbs flying, blood pouring down the street down the street drain and splattering on the walls? Brains blown up by a 50. cal round? Medics getting blood on the hands and arms ect after reviving dead soldiers?? These are just things that makes the game more realistic. But im aiming at some thing like the Red Orchestra franchise.
  6. Blood and Gore

    I would like to have a realistic blood and gore system to the game. Like when there is an explosion right under you, a leg come off and blood spray like everywhere. Or when you get shoot the bullet wounds are realistic and bloody. And when an enemy shoots you and you dont bandage yourself, you will leave a trail of blood behind you so it will get easier for the enemys to find you. When you get shoot on some areas of the body would like it if that area wouldent really work or if you get shoot in the arm you cant use very well. Im not a pychopath, i just want it to be realistic and making it as close to real war is it gose. And if you dont like blood and gore, there should a option to turn it down or just off.
  7. Violence

    Before you say ''Developers already said no...'' hold up. I understand developers not adding gore since its going to get squad blocked in some countries but a lot of people want gore. What they can do is: Make a clean version, like AAA games do. While its violent in one country it will be less violent (or how it is right now) in another. OR They can do what Total War series did Sell the gore as a cheap dlc. You guys are probably tired of seing threads about gore but it would make kills satisfying and realistic. I saw a developer say that they have already tried gore, upload the screenshots, or gifs of it?
  8. Flex technology marks a new era, where we finally get rid of boring 2D sprites for gore. https://giant.gfycat.com/RectangularTameDogwoodtwigborer.webm https://youtu.be/L2j_HNzXUUc?t=20s Any plans on introducing Flex?
  9. Yea i'm sure everyone wants gore in a realistic shooter. 1) Blood. Bloodied bullet holes in dead bodies/ injured bodies. 2) blown by grenade launcher / rpg? Leg / feet / arm goes off. Even head. 3) blood coming out of entry hole (animation) 4) blood on trees because of blood from bodies. 5) slight, very little blood in the waters when taken shot.
  10. This topic should be a direct response to: Z-trooperPosted 17 October 2014 - 04:24 PM I am going to re-quote a part in his response. "We already have some test gore effects implemented, and I did not feel good after emptying a mag into a dummy soldier. It was neither glorious, cool or "awesome", it was a bit sobering especially when the models look like humans." As this game is aiming to be realistic i would say that one should not feel "good, or awesome," when seeing this effect on a realistic human model, but instead the opposite. Either disgusted, and or revolted. I think this is the whole point of immersing a player into this realistic tactical shooter. I shot someone while playing squad and heard their crying screams as they were killed, these screams then turned into hopeless sobbing. I was disgusted and became that much more immersed into squad. I felt more like i was actually in combat. It seems odd to me that the squad developers would add these gruesome sound effects into their game but are opposed to gore or blood. Or more than just a puff of dirt. I feel it would only be fair to the squad community to post some screenshots of the gore effect you have already implemented. It would be very interesting to see how people react and or think about the adding of that effect. Now i understand that this would limit to where you can sell the game legally. However i don't think that a country's restrictions, should restrict this game. All of what i have said in this post is out of respect. Squad developers, you guys are fuckin rocking and i have been waiting for your next shooter ever since PR. Thank you. Thank you all for your Replies. I would like to mention that i do think turning this game into a gore fest would be wrong. However as stated by many, a bullet hole exit wound or some blood stain on the soldiers clothes with some added dust particle effects would be a nice touch. Maybe also being hit in the head should be an instant kill with no revival, as well as a bullet hole in the face.
  11. The death of a soldier

    The death of soldier should be a huge thing, not just an "oh shit he died again" Gore and dismemberment in game can help change the feeling of the game, just like brothers in arms or red orchestra it can make the game feel super brutal and add another level of emersion. also the voices in the game can help add the feeling of "war is hell" Also for gore if you can make it part of the game, like if you blow off your legs you still crawl and shoot as you black out or if your shot in the arm you can only use you other arm to fire you side arm. It makes the bullets feel like a physical thing. Unlike in Arma if you get shot your screen just changes color. If a person gets hit, the character should yell as he gets hit and dust should fly from the area he was hit, it will help indicate if he was hit. I feel like these things would differentiate this from the many Military sims out there.
  12. Blood spray should be removed.

    The blood spray looks pretty cool and is practical (to see if you hit the enemy), but Squad is supposed to be realistic so it should be removed from the game. Unlike in movies there is no blood spray/splatter when someone gets hit by a bullet in real life, except when the victim is shot in the head by a shotgun (at close range) or when the head explodes. I guess most factions will wear helmets so even blood spray from headshots wouldn`t make sense ingame.
  13. Alright, so from what I've seen this is pretty much an awesome, awesome looking military simulator. It looks freaking amazing. It looks very immersive, but it's in a combat environment, it's a war. Can we please get some gore, as in dismemberment and body fragments flying off, etc? No, I'm not a gore fanatic. I just wanna get a slight case of PTSD from this game. I wanna be even more immersed, I want to have my friends fighting along side me and then one of them gets half of his face blown apart. I've seen war footage, and other gross stuff on the internet, that's quite disturbing. The human body seems to be pretty fragile..Especially in war with rounds flying by your face. I've also heard some nasty stories from veterans. If this game were to get a realistic, polished gore system, people would probably enjoy it more, and feel more immersed, seeing their squad mates getting ripped apart by tank rounds, or heavy machinegun fire. It'd be sweet. also being able to shoot at a group of taliban with a 50. cal machine gun and then being able to run up there and see the mess you made. Seriously, a gore system in this game would make it a lot better, and add more immersion and scary moments, which players would enjoy. There could even be an option to turn the gore off for some people that don't like it. Thoughts?
  14. Is there a chance that you may add blood physics, and rag doll physics? They were good in Unreal Engine 3, and I'm sure they can be perfected in Unreal Engine 4. The reason I ask, is because it adds morbid realism to the game, and it makes downing an enemy more satisfying. Also, the blood can be used to know if you have gotten a hit on the person you're shooting at. Like in CS:GO, there is no indication on if you've hit someone except the blood splatter behind them or the bullet wounds on their body. I want to see something like in Red Orchestra 2, or Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. And of course, there can be the option to turn them off. Anyway, so far, this game looks great! Keep up the good work.