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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
      Moderators are subject to the same forum rules (and some additional rules / exceptions). If you think that a Moderator has treated you unfairly or is otherwise breaking forum rules, please PM the Lead Moderator or any Administrator. Do not accuse Moderators in public, the Squad Team will treat every complaint seriously and it is in our interest to discipline or remove Moderators who are known to break forum rules.   §3 Respect Squad Team members and Moderators
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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all Both me and a friend are interested in getting this game after seeing some recent footage of it, it seems to have come a long way from first release and is looking great. We would be coming over from Arma 3 where as you likely know there is a big modding community. What we would like to know is if it would be at all possible to introduce some sort of survival gamemode similar to Exile or something along those lines or is this game strictly match based team vs team and that's the way it will always be? In particular we are interested in whether there will be any options in terms of AI or is it strictly real players only? Thanks
  2. For those of you that don't know me, I'm Results45 (Results for short). I've only made 9 posts and started 1 topic ("Meet the Developers!"), but what surprised me was how readily you guys supported and engaged in discussion. The reason for my surprise is that I've been heavily involved with the game War Thunder for the past 3 years of whom Gaijin's developers take little effort (such like this) to actively engage, consult, and gain feedback-support from their players. Before I get to asking my first questions, I'd like to share a bit about myself. I'm a student on the West Coast (USA) and have been playing aircraft and combat vehicle simulator games since I was seven (I guess Command & Conquer doesn't really count, but to me it's still one of the best RTS games out there :.P). Some of my other hobbies include biking, hiking, web design, cooking, sketching-out invention ideas, reading adventure fiction, and going to the movies & bowling with my friends. Speaking of gaming, I've been involving myself with War Thunder and its active forumbase for the past 3 years. And to distill down to basic terms what War Thunder hopes to achieve by release (hopefully around 2020) is an E-rated, non-FPS combined-arms game (air/land/sea vehicles) that caters epic open-world WWII/early Cold War campaign gameplay to both arcade-style players (from Armored Warfare or Wargaming's WoTs & WoWs) and die-hard simulator fans alike (from Microsoft FSX, DCS World, Steel Beasts, and Steel Armor). This is exactly what Squad (your game) aims to achieve in bridging the gap between unrealistically paced arcade shooters like Call of Duty and ultra-complex sims like Arma III through definitive team-oriented gameplay. This is where my questions about Squad start surfacing ;.) 1. While Wargaming and Gaijin focus much of development in game content & features, you guys at Offworld shine in prioritizing cooperative teamwork and building great gameplay. Are there plans for a wide selection of aircraft, AFVs, supply-support vehicles, and watercraft as well as large-scale or open-world campaigns once the basework of team-dependent gameplay mechanics are largely completed? 2. Will any game-modes like "campaign mode", "quick battles", "squad-league tournaments", or "Fantasy Skirmishes" be introduced? 3. Knowing that Squad is still in its early stage(s) of development, will surface textures, weather effects, lighting, and sky rendering improve to feel relatively more photorealistic? Squad Gameplay footage in max/ultra quality --- Desert Landscape & Scopes --- Night Battle --- Ultra Setting w/ vegetation environment Compared closely with the level of graphics realism of other AAA and UE4 games (i.e. Ground Branch, Escape Form Tarkov, and War Thunder), Squad honestly appears at first glance to be ARMA III on steroids. I think your game coupled with the UE4 capability deserves to have graphics realism and time-of-day gameplay kicked up a notch. Example for Question #1 Examples (I focused on question #3 because I have more to demonstrate for it -- the first two are still just as important to address): Ground Branch Escape From Tarkov: War Thunder: BONUS: On a closing note, I really appreciate everything you've already made this game to be because it's closely team-oriented co-op gameplay all the way (relatively uncommon among 1st/3rd-person tactical shooters) that should only get better and better from here on out. Plus, I'm really excited to get into playing Squad and supporting you and your work in the coming months. Seize the Day and keep-on grunting, Results45
  3. Gamemodes are like weight-training machines. They, by their defining objectives, isolate elements to be tested and practiced, with the hopes that there will be growth. As repetitions occur, most players will become inclined to observe a certain consistency of action on the battlefield. This developing "meta-game" is something that is the hallmark of experienced players in any game, whether you know the fastest route to the apts-chokepoint in CS_Italy, or the proper order to execute harvesting and building in Starcraft, it is this rigorous development of operational muscle-memory that defines excellence in most games. Why does this work? Generally in massive multiplayer games, it is due to new players who make any such maneuver effective by their inexperience. Whether it's being 2 seconds late, or fouling a key due to lack of practice, this predictive and executional failure provides a sand-tilt that commonly begins an eventual landslide of events that all but secures victory, for those who know what to expect. Or at-least that happens enough, to make the gamble worth it. Is this what we want? Is "do this, then this, then this = win" the ideal virtue that this game, of necessity or eventuality, is destined to resolve to? --- It was this level of repetitive tedium in another tac-FPS competitive scene that killed my interest in that game as a whole. The "Groundhog-Day" of the same level, same route, but "was I awake this time/did I hit 'Space' at the right instant" measure of skill became so much of a chore that it wasnt as much about experiencing things as a team as it was spinning in time with all the other fixed cogs. Theres a virtue to that, to be sure. We won many matches, and we lost some too, always one of top 3 teams in the league, so its not poor performance that chaps me. But is that -the- virtue of gaming? Or rather, is that going to be -the- virtue of Squad, and/or Competitive Squad? --- It is my opinion that the solution to this issue is to ensure the presence of variables in the environment. Discussions now over a year in the past implied the developer's interest in including randomization elements within the maps. The inclusion of the random-structured statics in city elements is a testament to the reality of that goal, to which I laud the developers for persisting. As a "fixer" I find myself pining on these problems where I see room for improvement, in the hopes of suggesting a fix where I am unable to implement it. I have some ideas in this area, but I see some potential problems with them that perhaps can be easily solved. Instead of "suggesting a fix," I would like to first discuss whether anything is "broken" with my perception of things. Perhaps there is interest in diversifying the "workout" rather than replacing/modifying an already useful tool? I will post that concept later, and will update the original post here, but I'm interested in community thoughts on the matter in the meantime.
  4. A few broad questions and comments (not necessarily directed to just the developers) with regards to the game design, which many games suffer from, particularly multiplayer games, and perhaps it is time for a studio to step in and address them - (Disclaimer: the tone is critical and supposed to drive conversation, it's not meant to be offensive.) (Question 1) Firstly, why aren't there logistics in the game? Where assets are brought in from off the map (paradrops, truck convoys, and so on), and soldiers don't just materialise from nothing, so there are convoys that you have an incentive to protect, etc, supply lines becoming an important aspect to the game. Sick of things 'pinging' into existence, it really undermines the realistic theme. At least have the game obey basic laws of physics, even if the premise of fighting in the bizarre Battle Royale arena style scenario is peculiar, and really that should also be baked into the concept of the game anyway. (Question 2) And at the same time, why are the objectives so contrived? They should be set by the players based on a loose mission brief, these absurd 'capture points' where you need to sit in a location, which no leader in their right mind would want to defend, for an arbitrary amount of time is getting old. It removes legitimate strategy, and the element of restriction of information, and particularly the role uncertainty plays in building tension and suspense, not knowing what your opponent is going to do. And subsequently players should fear death more, probably by the additions such as pain (screaming, panic, not being quite dead, etc.), gore, and a accompanying medic requirements, such as evacuation (body dragging), medic tents and so on (again supporting the need for logistics, but not necessarily needing immensely sophisticated damage systems, although localised wounds effecting the abilities of the soldier would be a massive improvement). (Question 3) Why are the gamemodes so unimaginative? It would be incredible if one of the supply methods for the logistics to be airdrop from a low orbiting starship for example, that wouldn't be completely outside of the realms the suspense of disbelief considering the game's theme. Consider how surreal it would be. Okay, maybe that's not completely serious suggestion, but frankly it would be badass to cross science fiction with modern military, that would be a strange and wonderful combination. Really though, more grounded than that but still extreme, outlandish maps and gamemode could be added, keep the theme but place it in an alternate universe in some outrageous war. Things such as a D-Day like assault on a fortress, charging in on Blackhawks evading flak fire, landing, taking out the flak to enable paradrops, overrun the fortress and win, it could be sensational. These mind numbing, boring, tired gamemodes that demean the building of dread need to end, and imagination brought back. Everyone jumping out of trucks at the staging area and piling into Blackhawks while sirens wail as the rotors spin up, flying for a couple of minutes in the relative calm, then suddenly the flak begins and all hell breaks loose. That's terrifying, and of course can be applied to a less crazy scenario. Nothing stopping these things from becoming a reality, especially considering the studio has complete creative freedom over the game. Emphasis though should be on the consistency aspect, particularly logistics. The materialising of assets really demeans combat in general. What do you think?
  5. PR Gamemodes | Naval Combat

    Hey guys, I am just wondering, if we can expect old PR-Gamemodes like "Insurgency"(The one where you had to blow up the weapon caches). It was besides "AAS" my favorite Gamemode. We had Base-building in PR, but by far not as advandced as it will be in Squad, how will that influence your Gamemode choices and maybe bring new oppertunities for other gamemodes? Secound thing. Naval combat. It wasnt a huge thing in PR and helicopters are the last stretchgoal at the moment, so ships are probably far away. But still. Is there anything you have in mind, maybe out of transportboats
  6. Gamemode idea: Conflict Hi, I was thinking of a gamemode for more dynamic/war style gameplay. One solution I came up with was this idea I like to call Conflict. General: The base idea is that there is a conflict between 2 factions. They try to fight over land and (slowly) destroy their enemy. The area they fight over changes depending on where the conflict starts. Gameplay: Both factions start with one plot of land. They move on turns and capture land. For example: US moves onto a plot of land and captures it since there is no hostiles in the area. Each plot should have their own advantages, one plot could have a tank factory or a light vehicle factory which would start producing your team tanks/light vehicles. Also I thought so that it would be a little more hectic then a chess game I suggest the developers would add something to move troops to somewhere farther then a plot away. Let's continue. US has the plot of land captured, now US can start using the plot of land as an benefit to the team. Construct better weapons or such. If the enemy gets on the plot of land starts a fight. If the attacker wins, they earn the plot of land for their team, if the attacker loses they lose a little of their equipment or such and won't get the plot of land. The "match" ends when one of the factions earn all of the plots of land or destroy the enemy's main base/starting plot. This could be turned into a really complex gamemode, you could add in so many mechanics and things. It would be hard to balance though I believe. If the devs think this is a worthwhile project they can do it. What do you think? (also sorry for mistakes, english is my secondary language )