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Found 31 results

  1. THE PROJECT Roadmap https://trello.com/b/d43KRBwe This faction description aims to outline a path for those who wish to see and play with the Brazilian Army one day, a dream that began in Project Reality (2005) but never came true, leaving it to Squad the opportunity to host one of the most complete armed forces in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps the most important thing to say about this topic is that if we (Brazilians and armies enthusiasts from South America) don't come together to plan and execute a Brazilian faction idea, it's very likely that it will never take off. It's not asking OWI Devs that such a faction will come true. Having said that, I gather here the main current features of the Brazilian Army, also considering the balance between what is new in the Armed Force and what is already well established, but NEVER considering features that don't belong to the Brazilian Army. But if you still have questions about whether this is worth it, take a look at the potential: Let's take the first step? INFANTRY Squad Structure of Brazil Army: Through this book from the Army Library, I found out the most current terrestrial squad structure. Follow the original and a translated version, following where possible the approach already seen on Squad: Regular ground soldier/rifleman features: Rifle: Imbel A2 (wiki en / pt). Video: IA2 review. Pistol: Beretta/Taurus M975 (wiki en / pt). Video: unmounting an M975. Grenade: M26 (wiki en / pt). Video: small video review. Smoke grenade: no information yet. Shovel: same or similar of US Army / already on Squad. Uniform: below (Brazilian Lizard woodland and Caatinga environment) Pre-Alpha-version already on Squad (Minustah mission tribute): Special features for the role: Commander: no information yet. Squad-Leader: Imbel A2 + Taurus pistol Engineer: Remington 870 .12 (wiki en / pt). Video: soon. 3D Model: soon. Marksman: Imbel AGLC + Bushnell Elite 3200 (wiki en / pt). Video: a Brazilian Lieutenant about AGLC. 3D Model: not found. Light Anti-tank: no information yet. Heavy Anti-tank: No pistol, Imbel A2 + AT-4 (wiki en / pt). 3D Model: already on Squad. Anti-Aircraft: 9K38 Igla (wiki en / pt). Video: a fan video review. 3D Model: by Vaclon and Igla S by The_Structure_World. Crewman: only a Taurus pistol. Pilot Crewman: only a Taurus pistol. Medic: no information yet. Automatic Rifleman: No pistol, FN Minimi (wiki en / pt). 3D Model: already on Squad. Heavy Automatic Rifleman: No pistol, FN MAG (wiki en / pt). Video: unofficial Brazilian Army instruction. 3D Model: already on Squad. Grenadier: No pistol, Imbel A2 + M203 + ACOG (wiki en / pt). 3D Model: not found. Ground soldier loadout: Below, it comes from this official document from 2014. Since 2017, the official BR Army books bring Imbel A2 as the main infantry rifle: GROUND VEHICLES Main Battle Tank Leopard 1A5 BR (wiki en / pt): in service since 1997, it has as main gun a 105 mm Royal Ordnance rifled gun (13 rounds in turret 42 rounds in hull). Video: an official BR Army 1A5 video. 3D Model: by Leonardo Moura and by yuangrave Taking as an example what the human-loader of Abrams says when under pressure in-game, in the Brazilian version we can use phrases as "Desce o aço, porra!" ("Throw the steel, damn it!") and "Senta o dedo, caralho!" ("Pull the trigger, ****er!"). Both commonly used by Brazilian soldiers. Infantry Fighting Vehicle VBTP-MR Guarani (wiki en / pt): in service since 2012, APC 6x6 Guarani is used for Brazilian and Lebanese Armies. Two crews plus nine passengers. Video: gunner HUD and internal canon sound; an official fire training video; an official assembly line video and additional Guarani's armor Weaponry specifications: UT30BR turret [the canon is the ATK MK44 30mm (same of Canadian LAV)] Light Armored Vehicle LMV Lince (wiki en / pt): this light multirole vehicle is a 4WD tactical vehicle, and in service with several countries as the Brazilian Army since 2016. Video: a fan review. 3D Model: by Francesco Bez and by A.D.U. Transport/Supply Constellation 31.320 (wiki en / pt): this exclusive 6x6 Brazilian Army MAN/Volkswagen truck with the function of carrying troops or equipment. Video: train cargo with some 31.320 models. 3D Model: by Ruth S. AIR VEHICLES Supply/Transport UH-60 Black Hawk (wiki en / pt): it is a four-blade, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. Video: Brazilian Army's Black Hawk landing. 3D Model: already on Squad. DEPLOYABLES Anti-tank ERYX 137mm (wiki en / pt): in service since 1994, ERYX is a short-range portable SACLOS-based wire-guided anti-tank missile (ATGM) produced by European company MBDA. In America, only Brazil and Canada have used ERYX system. Video: MBDA promo video. 3D Model: not found. Heavy Machine Gun Browning M2 .50 Caliber (wiki en / pt): it's a heavy MG designed toward the end of World War I. Video: Brazilian Army using M2. 3D Model: already on Squad. Mortar L16A2 81mm Mortar (wiki en / pt): The United Kingdom's L16 is the standard mortar used by the Brazil Army. 3D Model: already on Squad. Anti-Aircraft Oerlikon GDF-001 (wiki en / pt): Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon is a towed anti-aircraft gun. Vídeo: Brazilian Army Oerlikon demo. 3D Model: by BigBoss. FOB The Command and Control System (SC2) (wiki en / pt) is part of the Brazilian Army Communication Weapon and works through computerized means (Zimbra, Video Conference and VoIP/RITEx), radio means (Harris Falcon II, APX / XTS and GTR 8000 repeater) , satellite media (SISCOMIS Transportable Terminal [Indra Tactical Terminal], VSAT, BGAN, IRIDIUM Telephone and SPOT tracker). Vídeo: An Army officer explaining how works SC2 for ground forces. 3D Model: not found. Audio (background radio voices): Brazilian Police radio footage. HAB no information yet. Fortifications & Others deployable Ammo crate: no information yet Repair Station: no information yet Bunker & Hasco block, wall & sandbags line, crescent, pillbox: apparently, it has no official guideline. Razor wire: same of US Army / already on Squad. Ladder: same of US Army / already on Squad. Indirect fire-shelter: no information yet COMMANDER FEATURES UAV FT-100 Horus (wiki en / pt): in service since 2015, Horus is a Brazilian electrical Miniature UAV (in Brazil called VANT) designed for short-range surveillance designed in conjunction with the Brazilian Army. Video: Horus daylight training and night training. 3D Model: not found. AirStrike A-29 Super Tucano (wiki en / pt): in service since 2003, and used by Brazil, USA, Israel and others, the "Silence Death" features a modern avionic and can, in addition to its two 12.7mm heavy machine guns, be equipped with major air-ground missiles, including AGM 65 Maverick, and bombs such as the Paveway II. Video: Close Air Support training in Afghanistan. 3D Model: by Victor de Jesus and by Simaoelis. Artillery M109A5 (wiki en / pt): it is a former Belgium turreted self-propelled howitzer M109 of 155mm. Video: a fire training video of Brazilian Army. 3D Model: not necessary. ENVIRONMENTS & ENEMIES Rainforest Environment: Amazon Jungle (wiki: en / pt) (environment video) is a moist broadleaf tropical rainforest in the Amazon biome that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America. This region includes territory belonging to nine nations, but Brazil controls 60% of that. In the military, it's well known that the Brazilian Army is the largest rainforest combat specialist in the world, with hundreds of military personnel from other nations going to CIGS (Jungle War Instruction Center). Although the overwhelming majority of Brazilians have never seen a jungle in person, when we think of the Brazilian Army biome being in combat, we think of the Amazon (a region larger than Italy and France combined). It turns out that Amazon isn't just a dense jungle. Amazon has rocky areas and low vegetation. And for Squad this is an example that might work very well: the Amazon region called Pico da Neblina that borders Venezuela. Real enemy: In the Amazon region, Narcos. Fictional enemy: Brazil is super friendly. Fact! But in the lasts years, Venezuela borders gave some attention. What do you think? Heightmap: I'm using this real heightmap for my Roraima map on Unreal Engine 4.You can check it on GoogleMaps or on OpenTopoMaps too. Outskirts Urban Environment: as suggested by Brazooka and heborn, an urban CQB scenario in the outskirts of Rio ("periferia" in Portuguese) could be awesome, but I'd dismiss the idea of bringing a police force (Ground Branch game style) to maintain Squad's logic of prioritizing regular armies. Quite complicated topic. Rio got criminal factions and militias ones but, even the Army sometimes get into Favelas, day-by-day they are not there. That role goes to BOPE (Military Police Special Force). I am not sure if this environment is for Squad gameplay, although at least once a year some f***ing heavy weapon is found at Favelas of Rio. Btw, assets would be a huge work in this option! HUGE! Real enemy: Narco factions as Comando Vermelho (CV). Fictional enemy: Heavy Narco militia? Heightmap: My suggestion is this area for extracting the heightmap for Unreal Engine. That zone is pretty famous and we get a favela (Vidigal) on the west. Caatinga Environment: the Caatinga (wiki en / pt) (environment video) is a xeric shrubland and thorn forest, which consists primarily of small, thorny trees that shed their leaves seasonally. Cacti, thick-stemmed plants, thorny brush, and arid-adapted grasses make up the ground layer. Most vegetation experiences a brief burst of activity during the three-month long rainy season. The Brazilian Army has an unique leather uniform for that kind of sharp environment. This environment is the dream of many Brazilians wanna play with the Brazilian Army because that landscape exists only in Brazil. Real enemy: historically, and many centuries ago, the real Brazilian enemy in this region was the Dutch Armed Forces. Today there is no real threat. Heightmap: My suggestion is this area for extracting (GoogleMaps / OpenTopoMaps). Haiti Urban Environment: Minustah was a Haitian mission in operation from 2004 to 2017 (wiki en / pt) (environment video). Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the United Nations reported that the headquarters of the mission in Port-au-Prince had collapsed and that the mission's chief, Hédi Annabi of Tunisia, his deputy Luiz Carlos da Costa of Brazil, and the acting police commissioner, RCMP Supt. Doug Coates of Canada, were confirmed dead. Caos. To paraphrase General Heleno, "Although the shootings were daily in Port-au-Prince, the problem was not the out-of-power Haitian military, but the gangs that were infiltrating the city and had no commitment to anything." Although a regular against an irregular force is fun for many players like Al Basrah and Sumari maps, the gangs (without real heavy weaponry) of a miserable country haven't had a chance against a Regular Army. To make Port-au-Prince a Mogadishu (from the Black Hawk Down movie), we would have to create a more powerful enemy faction. But which one would be worth creating? It would get to be usable for other conflicts too. Suggestions? Real enemy: former Haiti solders and gangs. Fictional enemy: no clue. Heightmap: Port-au-Prince on GoogleMaps and OpenTopoMaps. MAPS Yanomami 4km x 4km AAS + RAAS + Invasion Here is my planning for the "Yanomami" map. Soon I'll set some shots about it: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FhBUwgfLscjxUmpvta0lvxn1b9A5wyHFbxbup_Yp9IM/edit?usp=sharing OUR TEAM Carneiro and thy. Feel free to contribute and share! Check the project roadmap: https://trello.com/b/d43KRBwe

    Hey ! We are creating the belgian faction in squad, if someone want to join us ? https://discord.gg/YgYn2Rg
  3. Name: FRENCH FORCES Featured Mods: OPEX SERVAL: Mod: Légion Étrangère (French Foreign Legion); Addon: French Forces; Addon: Commandos Marine (French Navy Special Forces); Addon: 13th RDP (French Army Special Forces). Description: We'd like to formally introduce the forums to the SquadFrance.fr mod project: OPEX SERVAL. Our mod is built after real life Opération Serval. We plan to introduce operators from the French Foreign Legion, arming them with new-to-Squad French small arms, in addition to French vehicles including armored tracked vehicles, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. This content will all be playable on a map based in Mali. You might find some of this content playable in the custom maps made by other modders, as well. We’re eager to share every change and detail, big and small. We try to share a weekly roundup every Thursday. As you're reading this very line, our modders are busy creating and sharing French Foreign Legion content. And soon enough, French Army, French Navy, French Special Forces, and Euro Forces as well. A working to-do list of playable assets: https://mod.squadfrance.fr/playable-assets/ Old WIP posts can be found (english): https://mod.squadfrance.fr/all-recent-updates/ and (french): https://squadfrance.fr/squad-mod-francais/ Team: Around 50 international talented 3D Artists, 2D Artists, Texture Artists, Programmers, Coordinators, Sound Designers, Level Designers, Military Advisors, and Guests; A welcoming community; Our own modding website and dedicated Squad servers; Professional tools; A great spirit. Recruitment: We will keep you updated on opportunities; If you want to pitch an Idea please contact @Skor; You can also check: https://mod.squadfrance.fr/get-involved/ Your contact on joinsquad.com will be: @involutory, an American working on the team.
  4. There is now a Canadian DLC I think it would be really cool to get an Australian faction in the future also maybe ad another type of insurgent faction maybe make it Asian focussed.
  5. If you've seen some footage of the Iraqi troops battling ISIS, you will notice that they are packing heat from the US. They have a bunch of hand-me-down gear like humvees, m16s, m249s, Abrams, etc. However, they still use their old soviet era weapons and vehicles alongside the US ones. It would be a US Army and Militia hybrid army. They are a force to be reckoned with and will be no pushover against factions like the Insurgents or Militia, but will have a harder time going against more conventional and modern armies like Russia, US, or Great Britain. I hope this will be an extended discussion where we can turn this into reality. Below are some images I've pulled from Google to help convey my points.
  6. Factions in server browser

    It would be helpful to see which factions are in the layer of a server you are looking at. I know that these things can be learned over time but there are becoming too many layers for myself to keep track. I'm sure there are some newer players as well that would enjoy seeing which factions the current layer has. Secondly, any plans for an Ocelot? Just watched a video on that thing... brits need more armor anyway
  7. As a native Italian and a member of the Squad community, I wanted to suggest the addition of the Italian Armed Forces! This great NATO country has become so underrated in the last few decades that people forget the amazing weapons and vehicles Italian innovation has created for the world. If you are wondering what the Italian faction can offer, here are some great examples.. The C1 Ariete MBT. Extremely fast, maneuverable, and powerful! The Dardo Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Very similar to the Bradley, but fires 25 mm tortellini's at the enemy! The B1 Centauro Tank Destroyer. Like the C1 Ariete, but on wheels! Standard M113 APC. IVECO ACTL Logistical Truck. Ready to deliver thousands of pizzas to the front lines! Italian Army Service Combat Uniform (Could not find anymore full portrait pictures for some reason). The Beretta AR70/90 semi-automatic rifle. The recently introduced Beretta ARX 100 semi-automatic rifle. And so on, and so on! What do you guys think? Should the Italians have their place in the spotlight? I personally would love to have my own country's military be a part of Squad! Hopefully the developers will consider this in the future. Opinions are more than welcome as well as additional information I did not put in here!
  8. Now that we're getting a massive new map set in Norway I thought it may be interesting with a new Norwegian faction. Weapons: Hk-416 (Rifleman, SL, Medic ect.) P80 (sidearm) Hk-417 (Marksman) MINIMI (Automatic Rifleman) MG3 (Machine Gunner) MP-7 (Crewman) M72/LAW (Light Anti-Tank) Carl Gustaf (Heavy Anti-Tank) Vehicles: Light Vehicles - IVECO LMV & Dingo 2 (Slightly heavier) APC? - No. IFV - CV90 MBT - Leopard 2 A4NO Helicopter - Bell 412 SP in case of boats - Combat Boat 90N
  9. One of the most common suggestions on this forum and on the subreddit is the addition of another, more conventional, OPFOR faction to balance out the two sides. Given the issues with adding the PLA as a faction, I propose Iran, specifically the Artesh, be added instead as a faction to complement Russia. Something to think about once the game is feature-complete, thanks for reading guys. Iran's landscape and regional position corresponds and even matches with most of the Middle Eastern-Central Asian based maps such as Kamdesh, Logar, Basrah, Talil, etc. New maps situated in the Middle East/Central Asia can be built with pre-existing assets found on all of these maps. Iranian military equipment shares a lot in common with in-game assets. Pre-existing assets can be used for or be the basis of an Iranian faction. (The G3, AKM, T72, TOW/Kornet, DSHK, etc are all already in-game). Future assets for the Russian faction and Militia can also be used for an Iranian faction. (Such as the BMP series, Mi-8/17, etc The addition of an Iranian faction gives Squad the opportunity to input new vehicles and weapons such as the Safir jeep, MG3 general purpose machine gun, UH1 helicopter, Cobra attack helicopter, and legacy vehicles such as the M113. The Iranian faction would be unique. It will serve as conventional but not totally modern faction which will force players to adopt new styles of play and change the dynamics of large-scale combat in Squad. Although players will be wielding the weapons of a conventional army, they will be forced to play smart when facing off against factions that are technologically superior such as the US/UK.
  10. Canadian Armed Forces

    Being that Off world is based in Vancouver B.C Canada. Any chance of representing the good ol' Maple Leaf in Squad with the CAF. This Canadian would dig it!
  11. British faction balance

    Ive only played one game as Brits yet, but fought them a handful of times over the last couple of days. Their infantry seems really, really strong with bipods for almost every class and a good amount of scopes too. the recoil for the service rifle is great and The "LMG/DMR" is a lot of fun too. Without having played too much, i would say it's the strongest faction measured by inf vs inf combat only. Even russia seems to be quite the underdog in my experience this week. Their vehicles though... the warrior is ofc going to outclass any opposing vehicle atm (since US vs BRIT isn't a thing). but it doesn't seem too great either, really bad horsepower and not as good vs infantry as the bradley due to slow firing(and no TOW). I haven't seen the brits field any MRAPS or the like yet, do they have armored cars? all in all i think they're pretty balanced atm vs conventional forces, but it's hard for ins and militia to fight their infantry in the open... What do you guys think? you have probably had some more experience
  12. Can any dev offer some opinions on what uniqueness would the coming British faction have? I know that the dev has talked about British faction in a recent stream, but little info was given besides that they would be basically the same as everyone else. So I'm more interested in knowing the detailed stuff. For example, what would the performance of the L85 be like as the first bullpup rifle in game? Many IRL advantages of having a bullpup design, such as easy-to-carry, can hardly be represented in game, and it would really be a shame if it just end up like yet another generic rifle.
  13. Dutch Faction!

    i wanted to have a Dutch faction in the game. im stil kinda new to unreal engine 4. i made some maps before for ut4 but now i wanna try to ad a dutch faction working on the first skin just for learning purposses i posted a video now i hope that i can fix a dutch faction in the game
  14. camouflage of the factions

    i like how US Army camouflage blends in sumari lmao. and the insurgents are like colorful people lmao. how about you?
  15. The US and Russian factions usually have the upper hand against the Militia, for one simple reason. Vehicles. Say what you will about the M4A1 or woodland EMR, but the HMMWV and BTR-80 are the game-changers when it comes to fighting conventional factions. So, how to address this dilemma? Uh... BRDM-2 anyone? Implemented right, the BRDM-2 would help to balance the Militia faction while retaining asymmetry and realism. Compared to the BTR-80, it has the same 14.5 mm KPVT as its primary armament (making the devs' job a bit simpler), while having somewhat thinner armor and a smaller carrying capacity. I would give it the same ticket value and respawn time as the CROWS and set the limit to one BRDM, though perhaps two on vehicle-centric maps like Yehorivka; technicals should still be the primary source of vehicular firepower. Furthermore, the BRDM-2 opens the devs to a world of variants, including ones mounting anti-air or anti-tank missiles. BRDM-2s have been used for decades in conflicts all over the world, most recently in the War in Ukraine, a region where the Militia faction is hypothetically set.
  16. I'm one of those weird guys who really digs the MEC in PR 1, and I think that rather than more real world armies, the next thing following the British implementation should be a faction that is fictional, with no clear affiliation or anything. Are they fighting on foreign soil as part of some coalition? Are they fighting a local rebellion? Have they upset the USA/Russia/UK? Basically the complete lack of backstory gives map designers and whatnot complete freedom as to where they end up fighting and who they fight there. Hell, ideally it wouldn't even be clear whether or not they're fighting in their home country. Being located somewhere in (Trans)Caucasia, it could be anything from mountainous temperate to arid terrain. Thus, I thought up this concept. Like with the Militia, the idea is that there's basically no lore as to what these guys actually are. They're the armed forces of a fictional country located somewhere in the Caucasus region that primarily fields cold war era weaponry from both sides of the iron curtain. Lots of hand-me-downs basically. As for their equipment, again the idea would be generally older stuff, with some modernization and the odd new piece of kit mixed in. Here are some candidates for their equipment. I'll give multiple possibilities: Uniform: I was thinking old school M81 BDUs, DPM or something more silly (and recognizable) like Alpenflage. Old soviet camo is a bad idea due to the militia faction. PASGT style helmets, potentially uncovered like with the MEC. Service rifle - I think a non-combloc weapon makes the most sense as those are already common in other factions. G3 (already in game, has a sort of tradition in squad) HK33 (some argue that 7.62 NATO just isn't practical in Squad, so the 5.56 equivalent would then make sense) Galil (used by quite a few countries, could be in 5.56 or 7.62 NATO SIG 540 (same reasoning as the Galil, could be explained as local or foreign made) Steyr AUG A1 (with the old school 1.5x scope, because hell why not?) MGs: MG3 (You know you want it) M60 PKM (though it's likely many other factions will have these as well) A SAW variant of the service rifle if applicable Basically any cold war era HMG for their mounted ones Marksman/sniper: Basically any marksman rifle related to whatever the service rifle is. SVD (again, combloc gear is already very commonly used in Squad) PSL AT weapons: RPG-7 Panzerfaust 3 Again, pretty much any older ATGM from anywhere in the world. MILAN, TOW, Konkurs, you name it. Vehicles - basically, anything goes. M113 BRDM-2 BMP-1 &-2 MT-LB AMX-30 ERC 90 Marder Ural Land Rovers M60 Chieftain Leopard 1 (or 2?) T-72 Mi-17 Puma Fundamentally I think I just wrote a whole lot to say "make a faction with random gear that fights in random places"
  17. EoD class/role

    will there be a Eod Role because you know, ied's will be involve in the game?
  18. Whats your favorite faction?

    so guys here are the choices for now! US Army Russian ground forces insurgents iregular militia
  19. This topic is going to be about one of Eastern-European armies. This time I'll try to give general info about Ukrainian army, their armaments and etc. If this topic will be popular- i'll make the next one about Poland or Turkey. So, lets begin from pearsonal weapons. Assault rifle: Basically Ukrainian troops use AK-74, but it's common to modify them with red-dot or golographic sights with magnifier. Sometimes we can see silencer and frontal grip. Also, Ukrainian army is using Fort-221, licensed Tavor. Some examples: Sidearm: As sidearm they use Fort 14 or Makarov pistol. Mashine gun: RPK-74, KM-7,62 or Fort-401 they also can be modified with scopes, grips and so on. Marksman rifle: Fort-301 or SVD with different scopes. Grenade launcher: Standart RPG-7B Lets roll to possible vehicles. Logy: KrAZ-5233 for troops and amunition. Battle vehicle: Standart BTR-80, KrAZ Spartan LAV wit 12,7 turret or BTR-4 with unmanned 12,7 or 30 mm turret. As main camo Ukraine use MM-14 or Varan ( more examples). Thank you for your attention.
  20. MEC-like faction: South American Union

    A conceptually similar idea to Project Reality's MEC forces. The fictional faction of the South American Union (SAU) will have a mixture of equipment from western Europe countries, Russia, the USA, and maybe a few others. Who will this force fight? No idea lol. I doubt the devs will ever do this so I'll post it as an idea in the modding section. Main rifle: FN FAL Probably the most popular rifle in South America. Followed by... Possible alternate main rifle: M16A2 The reason I only want one or the other is because of both are implemented people will always use the M16. It's just better. Grenadier: FAL rifle grenades. Crew gun: UZI Marksman: PSG-1 Sniper: Literally no 2 south/central American countries have the same bolt-action sniper rifle in use. I have no idea what to put here. Automatic Rifleman: FN Minimi. Machine gunner: FN MAG Breacher shotgun: Remington 870 Pistol: Glock 17 LAT: AT-4 HAT: RPG-7 with tandem round. Appearance: Camouflage in south America varies greatly as well. If you wanna do the easy thing, give the soldiers and ERDL uniform. Or you can come up with your own camo. Original camouflages in south america will usually be digital and woodland-based. Emplacements Section Anti-tank: Spike. Machine gun: M2 Mortar: M29 Vehicles Section Tank: AMX-13 This thing is retarded popular in South America, but it's a light tank and can be torn up, so. Optional tank: T-55 Not as popular as the AMX but it's to balance. APC/IFV: M113 (armed): Transport and logistics truck: EE-25 Light transport: Humvee. Air Power Section Multirole: F-5 tiger. Attack helicopter: Mi-24 Transport/Cargo: Mi-8 I think South America used the MTV-5 model with a dolphin nose as pictured above.
  21. Mod IDEA - MEC-like faction: South American Union

    A conceptually similar idea to Project Reality's MEC forces. The fictional faction of the South American Union (SAU) will have a mixture of equipment from western Europe countries, Russia, the USA, and maybe a few others. Who will this force fight? No idea lol. Main rifle: FN FAL Probably the most popular rifle in South America. Followed by... Possible alternate main rifle: M16A2 The reason I only want one or the other is because of both are implemented people will always use the M16. It's just better. Grenadier: FAL rifle grenades. Crew gun: UZI Marksman: PSG-1 Sniper: Literally no 2 south/central American countries have the same bolt-action sniper rifle in use. I have no idea what to put here. Automatic Rifleman: FN Minimi. Machine gunner: FN MAG Breacher shotgun: Remington 870 Pistol: Glock 17 LAT: AT-4 HAT: RPG-7 with tandem round. Appearance: Camouflage in south America varies greatly as well. If you wanna do the easy thing, give the soldiers and ERDL uniform. Or you can come up with your own camo. Original camouflages in south america will usually be digital and woodland-based. Emplacements Section Anti-tank: Spike. Machine gun: M2 Mortar: M29 Vehicles Section Tank: AMX-13 This thing is retarded popular in South America, but it's a light tank and can be torn up, so. Optional tank: T-55 Not as popular as the AMX but it's to balance. APC/IFV: M113 (armed) Transport and logistics truck: EE-25 Light transport: Humvee. Air Power Section Multirole: F-5 tiger. Attack helicopter: Mi-24 Transport/Cargo: Mi-8 I think South America used the MTV-5 model with a dolphin nose as pictured above.
  22. What is SQUAD target?

    People are talking about any faction for SQUAD game. Does it matter who will be BLUFOR or OPFOR? Actually this game do not imitate some operation or war. It's just simulate "how it could to be?". If we go by full realism way, include real operations and conflicts, we will have many problems and the process will lasts for a very long time, because the need to repeat everything in small details. Project Reality was awesome, but SQUAD another game. Correct me please.
  23. add Dutch faction

    I would like to suggest the dutch faction in this game, it isnt really a big country, or a big army, it just would be nice if there would be a dutch presence in a military game once. just a thought, but hey, worth a try
  24. New faction... sort of

    I have an idea for a new faction, in a sense; I say in a sense because it's not really a new faction but a new time setting. I'd love to see the United States Army or United States Marine Corps represented in 2003 or 2004. Squad features the United States Army of like 2017 (judging by the frequency of M4A1s and all those damned Ops-Cores among other things). That or poor authenticity. Most games out there featuring the armed forces of the United States feature them in a modern capacity, and generally speaking the early war era is totally left out. Damn it, I'd love to see some PASGT gear, some M16A2s, some three-desert camouflage, and that weird combination of three-desert combat fatigues and woodland flak vest. I can see this being a mod, but I'm just throwing it out there. This + Fallujah West remastered = HOLYSHITYES Feedback? Sounds good or meh?
  25. Faction Kit looks

    Is what model your character has determined by what kit you're playing as or is it random?