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Found 97 results

  1. The FOB side needs a big overhaul. Would be much appreciated if that is done BEFORE the official 1.0 release. The FOB Building SHOULD have its own UI, so when holding T key and selecting the FOB building, it should exit the T key main interface and switch to a SPECIAL FOB Menu. There is some render at the end of the post. From the building UI side Holding T to access the building is not great, have a special static menu where you can navigate easily. Circle UI is bad and restrict the number of thing they could offer to built, have a classic "windows explorer" kind of interface but base on shortcuts rather than point & click. Make it smaller, place it on top left/right of the UI so you can see what you are placing and how you are placing it without exiting the building menu Navigate it through number key 1 through 9 to unfold menu or select item to place. 0 and backspace could be the next/previous shortcut when there is more than 9 items available. Right click could be the shortcut to fold the menu layer after layer to get navigate through the building stuff type (fortification, emplacements, etc..). Left click keep the validate action to place the stuff blueprint selected in the UI. Keep the last sub-menu open so if the SL want to place X sandbags he doesn't have to go through all the menu again, he just have to press the same number to get the same blueprint. All the sandbags and fortification that can be pilled up should have a layer system directly accessible when the SL is placing the blueprint. Raising the cost with each new layer by using mousewheel up, lowering the cost with mousewheel down. You just want to make a basic level protection where you can hide behind on prone only or you want 2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers of sand bags/hesco/woods barrier ? That should just be available on a mousewheel action directly. These changes, give the SL more freedom to build FOB. User interface is easier to read, easier to manipulate, gives the ability to make better fob, easier, faster. From the building side All the sandbags and protections should be autolinked on their own when place along closely enough by the SL. No micro-managing space for the SL anymore. Enforce rounding the edge when placing sandbags, hesco, razorwires close to each other on an "approximate" (!!) 45° or 90° angle. All the building with open space should be compatible with bipods. Have you tried using the US open bunker with a MG class soldier ? It doesn't work at all... The ressource should not be used directly when the blueprint has been placed, but slowly consummed when the building is being built by the players ! And that should allow to get the opposite then, ressource cashed back in the FOB ressources when a friendly player (so not a foe !?) is unbuilding stuff. Add a new option to REINFORCE a preset building from the vanilla map. Transforming a map house into a HAB when the radio is inside that building (still cost the same amount of construction The SL just have to be inside the designated building to reinforce it. Taking FOB to a new level where it is not only BUILDING from the ground up. But using map assets as more or less discrete FOB. Option to place static weapons emplacements at windows in the FOB range (with the same per FOB restrictions) Option to reinforce windows with woods protection (hiding what's inside but not blocking high caliber) Hope dev reads player feedback and suggestion here. I've taken a little bit of times to make a quick mockup/in-game menu display. I am not a pro, i just have ideas. I've basicly taken in-game elements, reasses what can improve a lot the interface for FOB building. It's just the basic idea, a professionnal with the tools to design the UI can do much better on the render side of course. Feel FREE to suggest your own ideas to add to the list. Here are some visuals to help understand the UI thing (click to enlarge image) :
  2. Hi squaddies. I would like to point out a gameplay issue that (I think) creates a "glass wall" effect without solid excuse behind it. That is ground form requirement for placement of a FOB asset. Current state of things: players often spend minute or two searching for a sweet spot on a bumpy terrain or on a mildly steep side of the hill. Just to find out that big chunk of the "FOB area" is unusable for their precious ATGM. Despite that land itself looks OK from aside. That creates a comedic situations when squadleads lurk around mumbling "just one more second.. errr... let's try this way... ground is too steep... maybe here... no". While squadmates impatiantly standing around with shovels in hands. Proposal: to increase tolerance of some FOB assets to the landform underneath. I am mainly talking about ATGM and heavy machinegun, because their tactics suppose direct line of sight at the enemy (obviously) and, as result, careful choice of the placement spot. Justification: we all can check out footage from warzones where half-educated para-militants are able to place ATGM or machinegun in ridiculous spots between rocks or on the hill side. That is the idea behind such weaponry - to choose a convenient spot to earn a "first shot privilege". Soldiers are free to use sandbags to compensate ground bumps or inclination. Given that in-game shovels are capable of producing HUBs in a minute, to prepare a surface for a ATGM doesn't seem like a problem.
  3. Hi, Please let me know how do you like the idea... If enemy destroys friendly HAB completely, but not the FOB ( Radio) enemy commander can intercept communications from your team. Perhaps only the commander channel but perhaps all of the SLs. Maybe even jamming it... This will encourage teams to destroy HAB and simulate the modern warfare capabilities of intercepting the enemy comms. Your input is very welcome
  4. new deployeble for FOB

    so what if you added trench to the game as an deployeble for the squad leaders and not like a little foxhole or anything or a 5 meter long trench but i mean like you can keep extending the trench. Cost 3000 construction supplies, starter~ ~pack / ~point / ~location is a 2 by 2 or 1 by 1 deployable wich cost about 50-60 times to shovel. to have your starter position after tht you can dig in every single way as long it is within the FOB range and being able to actually make trenches through that fob wich might be a offensive or defensive FOB. Cost 1000-2000 construction supplies, or make it like the starter-point contains the building supply and every 5 meter for trench extention from the starter point cost 50 or 100 building supply but the construction supplys. let me know your oppinion and i might try to mod it or if you got modifications that should be, kind regards, darrengaming
  5. I came across this post on a reddit subject, all cred for this Idea goes to that person. I will leave a link to the discussion below if you want to read more. ” Personally, think it would have been a much more sane feature if they treated it like a mini capzone with enemies having to outnumber by 1 or 2 in the radius. That would make the hab actually “overrun” ” I wanted to make sure that more people saw this because i think its a really great Idea to fix our current not actually overun problem. Also it feels more fair being actually overrun rather than exploited by a vehicle rush for example. My own thoughts, With this idea implemented, extend the radius from 30 meters (2 players) to 50 meters (3 players). This will make it so that attackers might have an easier time to disable the FOB but it would also make it easier for the defenders to defend it. A good outcome of this is that you are fighting for control over the area and the HAB rather than just the HAB. To eliminate the risk of a meat grind like we have seen previously you could keep a hard disable if an attacker enters the interior of the HAB. If you are worried that the meat grind might reappear consider this. If the FOB is actually overrun like suggested, the spawn is disabled. If an attacker sneaks in to dig down the FOB whiles defenders are present the FOB is not actually overrun and defenders can react to a possible FOB takedown within 50 meters. If the defenders tries to camp inside the radius to let teammates spawn the FOB gets disabled when an attacker enters the HAB. In short, could be implemented without the reappearance of the meat grinder. What do you think? Is it good already, prefer that the devs focus on other areas? Do you like this idea, hopeing to see it being implemented? Let me know in discussion below. Link to Reddit post:
  6. I'm split on this, on one hand, I think it's a stupid glitch and I find it funny this hasn't been addressed (to my knowledge). On the other, the way water works (or doesn't) at the moment it really isn't a huge problem unless it's unreachable. And are military radios water proof when submerged for a long while? Edit: Found another post about it, still a problem though
  7. Since v15, when radio health goes under 75%, it should disable the hab. Last night, we had a 30mm firing at our fob. The 30mm wrecked the radio down to 25-30% but the hab was not disabled at any time during the firing. When it was being dug back up, at some point our hab went into disabled state and when it reached 75% it was spawnable again. No enemies were near at the time of digging the fob back up. Anyone encountered this in v15?
  8. Should it require more than one active enemy soldier, within range of the FOB, to dig up a radio/FOB? Also, is the current switch team mechanic/timer an issue?
  9. Is it intentional that the orange FOB-request marker Squad Leaders can put down isn't removed when an FOB radio is put down at or near the marker's location? It's just slightly more messy on the map having to clean up the marker after I place a radio quite close if not exactly atop of it. I play with the FOB rings up, and seeing the usual blue and grey rings next to orange is just slightly distracting, and I don't see the need to keep the suggestion of where to place a FOB when there's a FOB already placed at the location. I don't know what radius would be preferable for deleting FOB markers from FOB radios, though. The blue circle of influence? Just in case someone meant to place one on a hill nearby, and got canceled out by another? Or the whole grey circle, to completely remove suggestion markers from impossible to build places?
  10. Time using on setting up a FOB

    Hey just wanna know how much time do you usually use setting up the fob? and should I build other defensive stuff like sandbag, wall etc etc as inf sq with 9 ppl? ty in advance
  11. Hello, I´ve noticed this bug occour x amount of times & I can recreate the bug when I get revived by medic x amount of times. 1. Get shot 2. Get patched up by medic 2.1 get shot 3. Get patched up by medic a second time 4. Die again = see the bug "eventhough I´m dead the compass is still visible" makeing it impossible to spawn since the game thinks i´m alive eventough I´m dead. See attachment Bug Anyone else has been affected by this bug? This still occurs 24/9 -18. Any plan of getting it patched?
  12. The much dreaded FOB camp by an enem y is nasty business. I humbly believe that FOB should not just have soldiers spawn in side FOB but around it and perhaps have finally placed spawn points. For example building mortar shelter near FOB should provide alternative spawn that requires both FOB and radio to be up, or on the radio. Further more perhaps if the enemy is inside the FOB it should act like neutralized spawn and simply will not allow anyone to spawn in it until enemy soldiers inside either leave or killed. This will fix the problem of spawn camping while simultaneously fix the problem of the bug where players spawn on the top of FOB bug and will decongest the traffic jams. Also I was thinking about suggesting the idea of alternative spawn. - Air Assault/Ground Assault. For US Brits and Russian factions give SLs the ability to summon transport helicopters. For US Blackhawks for Brits Merlin and for Russians MI28. The spawns meant to be temporary and therefore have to be coordinated with the rest of squad members to zip down the line before the bird takes off due to rtb or the enemy sees big bird in the sky to shoot down. This will be high risk high reward type of temporary spawn that can be placed anywhere but with obvious risk of giant helicopters hovering in one place as infantry slides down on the ropes on its side. Obviously due to refueling and repairs it will have cool down and since neither of those birds are armored, they can be relatively easy reshoot down. just to add there is already zip line skin in game aka TOW missile cable. All that is needed is AI helicopters and zip line rappelling down animations. Insurgents and rebels should have Mobile spawns since they should not have helicopters. They should work like Post Scriptum mobile spawns with Russian KAMAZ truck for rebels and Iraqi Bongo Van/Bus for insurgents. or Bongo Truck
  13. Could we add a second FOB design/option that doesn't feature a roof, nor such a deep foundation? This would make placement of FOBs in rooms of multi-floor buildings better as could help avoid FOB roofs poking up through ceilings to make new 'floors', and equally down through floors to form new 'ceilings'. An additional shorter total height FOB design could overcome this issue, and avoid the creation of unintended vulnerabilities. Being able to dig down a FOB from the floor above or the floor below a FOB seems wrong, I think.
  14. If you were on a military base. And you were ordered with defending the base. Do you think it would be a good idea to set up a few fake dummy targets? A bunch of assholes want to kill you and might start taking shots at you and your friends. If they do, you might be able to locate their position and return fire without having any of your teammates be in any danger. Targets should be able to be destroyed or damaged after extensive incoming fire. Possibility of being fixed? Should cost resources, how many? That's modular.
  15. At the present if the enemy destroys a fob you lose 20 tickets, no mater if the fob is fully deployed or just left out in the outskirts. How about a variable cost of lost. Repair station 5 tkts Mortars 6 tkts HAB 10 tkts Ammo Boxes 2 tkts 50cal Bunker 5 tkts Hesco Wall 2 tkts Have the value of the FOB over the radio overlay, with press f to remove. Giving a variable value would give a bigger reason to hold a constructed FOB or at least to remove it. Maybe a max FOB loss of 60 tkts, for superfobs.
  16. Razorwire Idea

    Hello, It just came to me. While there is nothing wrong about how current way of putting razorwire down works, and I would not change it, I would however expand on it and put more ways how to deploy it in the game. Why? If you, like us, like the idea of funeling the enemy into a certain kill zone with razor wire or blocking some avenues of aproach then you will understand. But to explain why to other people, is to be more conveniant and easier to use. The idea is to open the map as a squad leader and deploy ("put", or "paint") razor wire on the map. So, when you "paint it" on the map, its deployed in the world where your teammates can go and showel it. Also, these "painted" razorwires would be visible on the map for teammates so they know where to go to showel and build them up. Also, another veeeeery old thing is which STILL didn't change. Razorwires need to be razorwires and not paperwires. They need to hurt and they need proper equipment to get removed faster, like razor cutters. Regards, Rain
  17. Base Defence Guide

    Here is some base building theory, somewhat inspired by the thread about grenade defence in fobs. This is the doctrine that i would adhere to when building Fobs but i hope we can have a discussion and see other interesting designs for reasonable fobs that are not super fobs. The common mistake people make is to think they are playing tower defence or zombie apocalypse, thus what they often do is barricade doors thus making it harder for a squad to get out of a FOB and then eventually just being blocked and just easier to kill, many people build defences that actually make it harder to defend and easier to attack. I'll try to explain the doctrine that i follow when making any kind of FOB or defences. Some assumptions I work by: Explosives is the primary danger to any FOB FOBs designs should contain as few items as possible so that they are realistic to build, atleast at the core. FOB defences should Never restrict friendly exit possibilities thus bottlenecking them. FOB defences should Never make it easier for the enemy to use explosive weapons against defenders FOB defences should Deny aproaches and areas in which would be a desireable aproach FOB defences should attempt to create zones in which the enemy can easily be killedNotice, I am not suggesting you should build FOBS in harms way, but if you do this is some advice for you. Part 1 FOB on a Point When you have a FOB on a point it will be assaulted, and most likely will be showered with grenades, people will attempt to shoot through holes in the wall, and try to get inside a corner to camp the FOB area in order to get kills. For this reason, you usually should Not build FOBS directly on points. However in certain maps like Chora, you have large open grounds, with no bushes to hide in, and building fobs on the fields of Chora makes it extremely easy to kill your squad once discovered as their is no cover at all. So let's take a look at the exception case where building a FOB on a point or indeed just any compound is actually a good idea. Most points are located near or in buildings, and so most FOBS are probably made inside a compound. The trick here is to have mobility to get out of the compound when needed, being able to fire from the compound, and also avoid being spawn killed by rockets and other weapons. I've made an example using lilac estate on how to use defences to make it much harder to attack without blocking yourself in, let's go through that. I've marked the entrences with blue triangles. If you look at triangle 1, usually the enemy will sit here and fire rockets in diagonally and kill people in the other corner or center of the compound, by placing a hesco wall a bit away from the entrance you obstruct their line of sight while you are still able to exit. I've placed a line of sandbags to cover entrance 1, with RPG or grenade fire, even if they remove the hesco in that entrance this wall would prevent them from firing near entrance 3, while also giving a good place to fire upon the entrance in which they would have no cover. Entrance 2 and 3 have hesco walls outside and inside, this is to prevent people from firing rockets through the door, thus friendlies can sit behind the wall and fire out of it, without the risk of being blown up by a rocket that comes through the door next to them, notice also that each window (marked in teal) and firing position has a hesco behind them to prevent people from shooting through windows into the compound if they manage to get all the way up to the wall. We deny house 1 with razor wire, as house 1 serves little purpose in terms of defence, but serves as a good position for an attacker to cover the courtyard. Entrance is already fairly hard to attack since you have to enter a room that can be grenaded or rocketed quite easily, the defences here serve to compartmentalise an area for a grenadier to sit and coer the house entrance, usually the enemy would throw grenade over the wall before entering the house, but it's very difficult landing a grenade inside a small area between 2 hesco walls. This area is of low priority to build though, as the place can also be covered from house 4. It's 4200 points of hesco walls which is somewhat expensive but completely doable. The 5 Hescos that should be made first and are the most important are the ones on the inside of entrance 2 and 3 and the one covering the window at the top of the compound. Here is a hypothetical example of how i would construct a FOB in the middle of an open field or top of a hill. It's not based on any map, just the idea of protecting a spawn. As you can see it would be impossible to fire rockets inside, while the defenders would be able to hit the rear of a hesco in order to clear attackers hiding outside the wall, of course the hesco protecting the gates could be removed thus the second layer around the radio, more single hescos could be added for extra defence against grenades. Another lilac estate illustration with kill zones added. http://i.imgur.com/A9pIv0W.png My Lilac Estate ground plan for editing http://i.imgur.com/FYxix2M.png Part 2 - General tips and tricks If you build a FOB somewhere in order to fortify it, you should remove the radio when you are done so that it cannot be sieged, then relocate it to a more hidden place.Don't ever build the "bunker" on top of buildings, the bunker has a roof, and anyone with a rocket will actually have an easier time putting a rocket into a bunker on a roof, than hitting people without the bunker just hiding behind sandbags on the roof top.As a general rule, there should be no wall behind the firing position than the firing positions own wall, otherwise you're giving the enemy a larger target to hit with explosives.Compartmentalise: When you make a fire position, consider adding sandbags between them so that explosives that land inside won't kill everyone to the left and right of it.
  18. "FUBAR" Using only FOB's

  19. FOB/HAB/Respawn Suggestion

    Squaddies and Devs, Currently, a FOB needs a HAB for fellow team members to spawn. As a FOB is being attacked, the HAB timer increases. Would it be a good idea for a well-supplied FOB to have a low or 0 second respawn timer? So that if a team keeps regular Logistics runs to a FOB, it can be rewarded by faster Respawn and similar team benefits? Thanks for your time!
  20. With helicopters arriving in coming updates, i was thinking about how fobs might be seen from the air. I'm not entirely sure how fobs are eventually going to be used but my suggestion is to have some sort of camoflague net, to try and hide fob locations. This might be difficult because of open areas, little tree cover, different foliage colors on each map. I thought this would be useful for teams who have built a forward operating base and rely on keeping it hidden.
  21. Hello, I recently set up a (non licensed) 50 slot server hosted by Gamerzhost for my SQUAD clan, everything is fine with the server except the fact that no one, not even an admin, can place any deployables (FOB's, HAB's) on any map, not even on Jensen's Range, except for Rally Points. The placement "ghost/blueprint" is green, but when you left click to place the deployable the ghost just disappears and nothing else happens. AlwaysValidPlacement does not work either. I can't figure out what the problem is. I'd be very grateful if somebody could help me. Current Server config: (RCON is disabled)
  22. I have the impression that the minimum distance between fobs was initially a way to avoid FOB spam, back when there were no logistics vehicles and supplies were gained automatically (crazy times). Now, with cooker FOBs gone, we are at a point where you MUST resupply a FOB for people to spawn on it, spamming them is hardly a big problem now. Why not remove or atleast shrink the minimum distance requirement so that 1. stupid teammates can't **** up your plan with bad FOB placement 2. Smaller maps like Sumari and OP First Light can have more than one worthwhile FOB?
  23. Scout guide 101

    Little guide of using the SCOUT role.
  24. Recently played a insurgency game and realized I could not drop a radio anywhere near cache. It was a short match to say the least considering we had to protect a radio 200 meters off the cache as well as the cache itself and cold not even build defensive positions on the far side of cache compound. Allow radios in insurgent resupply and cache locations.
  25. Does it seem to anyone else that the single block hesco deployables are incredibly difficult to place close enough to actually build a wall? they are also unstackable without "adminalwaysvalidplacement 1" or in training range. they refuse to butt up against each other, and you cannot use them as you would sandbags. They are already costly enough to justify the inability to destroy them with HMG's and low power ordinance, they give about a third of the cover for the same 50 build points. They would just be much more usable if the collision box was small enough to allow them to touch on parallel placements.