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Found 23 results

  1. I believe by adding dynamic weather scenarios(rain, snow, ice, hail) and the desired effects(driving, lighting, sound) you would take the game's realism up 10000000%
  2. Heli flight models

    Question for the devs here but how will the flight model will work, is it going to be like the heli mod or arma? Not sure if you guys played either but I want to know which one to train up in
  3. Can't we have v12 alpha test until the final v12 release like Insurgency: Sandstorm is doing with their Beta(until release of the game), with updates and stuff, so we can all enjoy and test it? It's free labor... i think it would a great help for the Devs and people would feel much more involved in the game, and would mean a much more polished final release of v12 with our feedback and bug reports, etc... And of course this idea would continue in further versions.
  4. Hi all - for those of you who missed it, OWI CEO Merlin and Project Lead Drav sat down this week before the Reddit AMA and spoke at length about themselves, their background, what they learnt during the 3 weeks of developing v10, and many other things. Also in response to the formatting issue with the original upload please find a much better version with tracking. Pocket Casts - SquadCast 3 - Merlin & Drav - Also works on mobile in the Pocket Casts app Please feel free to give us more feedback in this thread - we will continue to do more of these as OWI continue to build out the game we all love.
  5. low fps on amd

    amd fx 8350 oc gtx 960 4gb 16 gb its getting stuiped now people are complaning about fps its been out since dec 2015 its now mid 2017 when can we see better performance?
  6. Server error

    Hi guys, could someone help me solving those errors? When I try to load my server I have those errors and the server doesn't appear on the server browser list in the game. Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. Ocean Grown LA

    I am starting a West Coast Based Squad Server with a community of players that have been active since the beginning of Squad on steam. We have half a dozen admins and counting with a player base capable of filling up our server at almost all times of the day. Feel free to add me or join the steam group to learn more about what we have to offer. We run almost all AAS maps with two insurgency along with one night map and sumari infantry. http://steamcommunity.com/id/jusyus roll4282@gmail.com
  8. like the title says. are the devs gonna add some features that when a bleeding allies passed out, you can pull him to safe spot as a medic or any role just to add realism? happy to know if they are gonna add that , best of luck in the field mates!
  9. Troubles with the Server

    Hi guys! I'm having troubles for a while with a physical machine I own. It's installed in it a virtual machine that I used as a server for Squad (I have the licence for this and it should be part of the category server browsers). I can't understand why the machine is not up. I tested all the configurations decribed in the posts of the Squad's forum. But this didn't help. I attach below the log files of the machine. Thanks in advance.
  10. Wondered if anybody would be up for doing ep3 of Squadcast. Unfortunately my drive corrupted with the intro grx so will less polished. Would also like topics to discuss from the community if possible. Please post your name and any questions if interested. Might be cool to do it through google as you can use webcams. (Maybe) Last episode with 'Chuc' lead Squad dev animator here as a reminder. Cheers. P.
  11. In case you missed it: nice Q&A with Irontaxi and Lito by T0pmarx... check it out T0pmarx hosts SQUAD Devs Q&A: https://www.twitch.tv/t0pmarx/v/68390446
  12. OKAY, SO I KNOW I TALKED ABOUT THIS KIND OF THING EARLIER BUT HEAR ME OUT IN THIS MORE POLISHED FROM OK so awhile ago I talked about how it would be useful to have a dedicated door gunner class who would be a pilot with no parachute, a ballistic mask,and the guy that operated the fast ropes and maybe crate drops. I'm not going to add on to this in the thread right here. So I was thinking about squad and all the features it would have that would be added that project reality couldn't do which got me thinking about fast ropes; this in turn made me think about how if a full squad or two (depending of the transport size) drops into a hot zone which is something that I imagine will occur a lot more. Since trans will have to stay still to deploy ropes there has to be someone that's not planning on roping down in order to cover the helicopter from small arms or RPG fire. I have a feeling that without a dedicated gunner on top of massive view distance boost fast roping would be deadly.
  13. Hey can someone or one of the Devs tell me how the IED's will function in Squad? I'm intrigued by the art of "ALLAHU AKBARING" and I would very much like the IED's to resemble much of like real life, maybe a medium blast range (75m) and a very loud explosion that can be heard miles away, followed by gorgeous black/thick smoke effects shooting up way into the sky like a cloud, that should make people feel terrified. Shrapnel would carry over the length of the bomb blast, clinking against solid objects. If close to the explosion a vibration should be heard, like a really loud speaker, followed by a Tinnitus sound effect, and a ringing of the ear (in game audio of course). Sound should also in my opinion channel around different urban/non-urban settings (through corridors, mountains, etc). Even have the sound of the explosion sound different indoors. Dirt should spit up on detonation of the bomb, heck, even add a small stringy like blood effect to be seen when enemies are caught in the explosion. The new smoke physics being implemented will make for some great smoke effects. (Maybe even add a voice that yells something in Arabic, before he activates the detonation, if not that's okay). In regards to the placement of explosives, AT Mines should function like they do in PR (digging them underneath the ground), and i also think IED's should be more like Insurgency where you just place it down instead, or maybe give an option to set them down however you like: disguised or not disguised (that's where shovels will come into play). Edit: okay maybe 500m is a bit of a fetch. I think the blast radius of the IED in game should be around like 75-100 at most. 150m should maybe be for like a car/truck bomb or something. P.S because I'm on mobile when I was creating this discussion it duplicated the post, please don't forget to check out the other same post as it has some interesting discussion in it: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13024-how-bigloud-will-the-explosion-of-the-ieds-be-in-squad/
  14. IronTaxi (Lead mapper) will be doing a live AMA over on Twitch at 12pm EST. Please join us and get some of your questions answered! www.twitch.tv/offworldindustries
  15. Hey can someone or one of the Devs tell me how the IED's will function in Squad? I'm intrigued by the art of "ALLAHU AKBARING" and I would very much like the IED's to resemble much of like real life, maybe a medium blast range (500m) and a very loud explosion that can be heard miles away, followed by gorgeous black/thick smoke effects shooting up way into the sky like a cloud, that should make people feel terrified. (Maybe even add a voice that yells something in Arabic, before he activates the detonation, if not that's okay).
  16. //Reuploaded with no audio underneath.. more thumbs down I guess, ► Episode 2 // I will mute all background audio in ep3 Soundcloud mp3 version now available : https://soundcloud.com/andy-lunn-1/rallypoint-squadcast-ep02-interview-with-the-devs Our Gaming BackgroundInterview with Squad Dev 'Chuc' Lead Animation ManagerVehiclesFreelookRecoilSDKOdd n Sods Hello and welcome to Rallypoint, a new Squadcast where some of the regulars discuss topics and features about the game, things we like, things we do not, issues the community are discussing on the forums. In further episodes will be speaking to the devs, so community questions will be put their way, and we will hopefully garner a lot more insight into how the whole Squad process works. Thanks to the following Squadies: ParaPlaysChuc - Squad DevRossyRaiderDocEastBlitza A Big up to Chuc for taking his time to come visit us and give us an insight. Appreciated bud. Like subscribe and we will post up more episodes usually around game updates. See you on the battlefield. Soundcloud Mp3 version will be up tomorrow. Para.
  17. Great job so far!

    Hi Guys! Not sure if theres a compliments topic, so I wanted to make a topic of my own. Had a blast playing Squad tonight with some friends. After two games I created a squad and started SL'ing the way I did in PR. It felt so familiair <3 Most of the squad followed orders and even a few squad-leaders responded on squad-radio. We coordinated attacks, made sure one squad was defending, it was epic. Game looks amazing already and I had no issues running it (thankfully). Controls are snappy and the fighting is fantastic. Hectic audio that even drowns out VOIP of other players ^_^ Even had the old nostalgia feeling when the server crashed, loading a new map ;) Great homage to PR I'd say! So, in closing I'd like to say, thanks for working on this game, and keep at it men!
  18. OK so I have been looking all around forums to resolve my issues with FPS and I noticed a few differences. On single player I get 70 to 120 fps average inside compounds which is fine but when I go to a mountain top of a hill and look into the distance it drops to 30 to 36 FPS which is understandable. Also the settings are at High for distance, textures and effects everything else on low. But here's the kicker, on multiplayer I play with the same settings or DROP everything to low and I can never get past 19 FPS. The best part is when I change the settings from epic to low the FPS stays at 19! Doesn't go past that. Now my computer isnt the best but its also not the worst. I can run every game at about high to medium settings and get 50 FPS. Ex: BF4, Insurgency, Red orchestra. Also I noticed my CPU runs at about 50 percent... SPECS: Windows 8.1 AMD A4-6300 APU with integrated graphics card. (Dual Core) Nvidia Geforce 960 GTX 8 GB Ram Internet speed 60 mbps So if anyone can give me any insight on why the big fluctuation especially Devs.
  19. More Gibbing......

    Who here thinks that "gibbing" (body parts of characters detach from ragdoll.) needs to be implemented in most if not all FPS's? Perfect examples: 1. Red Orchestra 2 2. Medal of Honor 3. Vietnam: Shellshocked. Just my point of view.
  20. Hello everyone! The Squad HYPE is real right now for us all! I suggested long ago on the forums that we should have gun skins for early backers. It turns out this actually happened, which is awesome! The inspiration (copy) was from big FPS games that include more customization for weapons, like camos. When i was suggesting this i didn't want a tone of customization btw It just sounds like a nice way for early backers too stand out from the crowd a little. I've seen the camos for Squad backers already, I think there great! However i was thinking of something slightly different... As you can see the image shows a shuttle camo. The wood on the AK is lighter and there is markings on the gun with the word Founder. This is too help backers stand out alittle more than the current AK texture, without looking too insane. Give me your thoughts below, good or bad i dont mind If you all like it, maybe the devs will tweak there current AK look for backers (making a more lighter version). Normal players: Dark wooden AK with no markings Backers: Light wooden AK with small markings Cheers - Daruth505 This is only a tweaked texture from an already made texture and model, i do not call this as my own work. It is only too put a point across too the squad backers and devs.
  21. Look what I have found Klick me
  22. In The Detail! > Devs

    Devs have you considered adding in the use of bandages into SQUAD but with a difference, everytime someone uses and or gets bandaged there player model gets a bandage either around the arm, head, chest, leg.. This could make the game add just that slight bit more detail than most you see published nowadays. It would also look great! adding in that extra aspect that shows the pure struggle you might go through in a round. Any thoughts?? I'm going to keep positing random questions/ideas to help. - Daruth [EDIT]: This would only be a cosmetic feature in SQUAD, where the player gets extra bandages surrounding areas of the body after healed (as generally described above). This isn't a number one priority for the dev team its for the small details later in development... Thank you for the great comments so far everyone.
  23. Ask A [Dev]S A ?

    Ask away! Keep the rules in mind; no technical/support questions, and only team members should answer.Before you ask, be aware if that was not asked&recieved. First, how many maps do you have in development?Are you planning on adding a second one to any stages of DEMO testing?