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Found 17 results

  1. While I like the idea of the new animations in v13 for talking on radios and how it smoothly goes from talking back to ADS... holding rifle down not at the ready when talking on a radio that is not always necessary for multiple reasons and many situations it wouldn't be done. Especially in urban enviroments. One reason is equipment set ups that allow you to keep rifle (especially SBR) up while talking on comms like having headset routed into a high cut helmet with push to talk on the headset connected to the radio, another variation would be to have a push to talk on plate carrier between headset and radio which many comms guys will buy themselves to try if not issued. Third set up is just a radio mounted to the front. All these set ups you can keep your rifle up with one hand or let it rest on cover while up and at the ready to fire while using left hand to talk. So please consider these basic equipment setups with the PRC-117 "green gear" radios. I have no clue on the backpack radios. Then for the hand signals, they are all the same and don't make sense. For me this could be a problem, I multi task many things at once doing it right after the other with all types of orders, I use the markers a lot for a passive order to build/defend/attack a very specific location of cover to insert from or use as a fixed position. If things get very hot I call retreats and set move markers to confirm locations to keep everyone alive and moving within objectives. These hand signals are all the same pretty much and no use, im afraid they will prevent me from shooting in a "hot minute" engagement. Would like to be able to just use the left hand to signal while aiming down side of gun/hip at least incase I need to fire just like in real life. Shoulder rifle with one hand, signal with other hand focusing on target zone.
  2. [DREAD] Casual/Competitive Clan

    Hey everyone! If you are a new or experienced player than DREAD is for sure the clan for you! Every member has a mic and communicates effectively to assault and defend objectives in every match. Multiple members are active duty military and use real tactics which lead us to victory. And before you ask, there is no stupid ass basic training or training phase to join our clan. You simply hop in and start playing! We can answer any questions you may have, and you can fill whatever role you want to fill. Want to get better at being an SL? then go for it! Want to be a MG gunner and lay waste to commie scum? Please Do! Any questions or concerns you may have, please feel free to drop into our Discord and ask for an admin! We are super active and looking for new members! Discord: https://discord.gg/bMyWfGv WHEN YOU JOIN ASK FOR AN ADMIN SO THEY CAN SET YOU UP, OTHERWISE YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO MOVE CHANNELS!
  3. As SL, at the start of each game I instruct the squad to more or less stay of comms completely, unless we are widely separated and it is an absolute emergency, and to use local voice communication only. This has a real game changing effect on how the squad works together. As you call out enemy contact, often you do not even have to call out directions as the guys around you will hear where you are, and where shots are coming from, and the brain will work the rest out by itself. It feels like there is more camaraderie in the squad, and more joking around between the guys without it cluttering comms. Even assigning logi runs and such is more intuitive and is not questioned or ignored as often when you are telling one of your guys locally, which I guess is making it more personal and therefore the player is not questioning my "authority". The best part about it is that the squad is working closely together as a unit, and this without you having you tell the squad to do so. They have to, as they need to be not more than 20-30 meters away from the next guy in the squad to be able to communicate. From my experience, the squad is performing a hell of a lot better this way. If, after some time, squad members start to use comms for small-talk again, just remind them to stay off comms and they will do so. I have on several occasions heard my squad members in local voice tell the guy on comms to stay off it, as they too see the benefits of not cluttering comms. Naturally, this also makes my job as SL a lot easier, as communication with other SLs is not disrupted by chatty squad members. Get on it, SLs. Edit; If you have two guys in a BTR or equivalent, comms with them and coordinating attacks is also much more effective, and it gives the comms a more purposeful meaning.
  4. Squad lead, and squad comms

    What up forum!? I have been playing Squad more and more recently. Still fairly new, and definitely new to the forum, so excuse me if this has been brought up a million times before. When I play, I usually do so as squad leader. It's good fun, even though it is stressful as hell. Something I think all squad leaders can relate to is the deafening chattering over comms, between squad leaders and the squad, all at the same time. I do understand that it is my responsibility as SL to instruct the squad to keep communication via radio to an absolute minimum, as direct communication works fine over a good distance. However, when shit hits the fan, and squad leaders try to communicate, it is often near impossible to hear what anyone is saying. My suggestion (oh, maybe I should have put this in suggestions) is this: Give us the option to pan the separate radios right and left, so that if you want to you can have all SL comms in your right ear, and squad comms in your left ear. It is not a perfect solution, but if I hear SLs communicating I can just lift the headset off my left ear and will not be bothered by my frantic shell-shocked squad members. Also, I believe that comm operators would have some form of active ear protection, so when trying to communicate over radio, there would be an option to "muffle" DC, gunfire, and vehicle noises, e.g similar to earplugs in Arma 3. Thoughts?
  5. Voice Attack

    http://www.voiceattack.com/ Well here is just a small discussion about if or should Voice Attack like commands would be useful. so basically I wonder, would something like VA be applicable for Squad. could we use that instead of other commands, like calling in CAS and or other commands. I am not sure if it's applicable but could this in any way be a viable addition to the Squad flavour?
  6. Advanced Delegation of Responsibility: Simply put I'd love the ability to take my nine man squad and organize it into two fire teams. This would allow for a whole new array of strategies and tactics to be executed more effectively. While we can make it happen without UI and dedicated mechanics having these elements designed around this concept would make executing it much easier. I'd also like to suggest that the Squad Leader be able to hand off the base building controls to any one designee within the Squad. The idea being that as an SL I may need to focus my attention on more immediate concerns but I also need to get a FOB built. While I'm focused on communication, coordination and directing the Squad I can have whomever I've designated work on constructing the FOB. One of the key functions of a leader is being able to delegate responsibility in a responsible and effective manner, currently I feel as SL my focus is being pulled in too many directions. Advanced Radio Options: In Arma 3 there is a Radio/Comms mod called Task Force Radio, one of the extremely convenient features it offers is the ability to have your radio, or radios play in the right ear, left ear, or both (Stereo). This is very useful for when you are leading a squad and have a command channel and a squad channel. It's easier to parse what people are saying and decide which channel to focus on when you have, say, the command channel in your right ear, and the squad channel in your left. If my squad is relaying information among themselves during a fire fight and I need to coordinate with another squad, as any SL can tell you, it becomes a spaghetti salad of voices making effective communication very difficult. It has been my experience that being able to choose which ears my various radios are playing in is extremely helpful. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Just a quick suggestion, it would be great if you could add a drop down menu that you can select a device to output communication sounds to
  8. Would it be possibly to add a feature that allowed a player that sits in the driver or passenger seat of a vehicle, to get access to the all SL radio channel? Ex 1: You are running a supply/trans squad, and have 2 additional members in your squad who drives their own vehicles. If this feature was in place, they could receive and respond to requests, without you, the SL, having to do all the communicating. Ex 2: An apc squad is covering a group of infantry advancing on an objective. SL's of the different inf squads could then communicate directly with the apc closest to them, to get that fire support quickest. What do you think?
  9. So imagine this: You have just entered a compound where another teammate is also hiding from the enemy. This teammate is not in your squad--he's in a different squad. You two start talking about the situation and where the enemies are coming from and when you expect help to arrive. Everything is going fine and you feel pretty confident that this guy has your back. Suddenly, the conversation suddenly becomes a one-directional conversation. This is because your teammate's squad started using squad comms for about 20 seconds straight, making him unable to hear you or talk to you in any way. He can do nothing but just sit there, listen to the squad comms, and hope that you aren't telling him something extremely important while his ears are occupide. But because you are not in his squad, you can never really know when he can and cannot hear you, so you don't know when you should and should not talk to him. In a video game, there's no perceptible difference between a guy standing quietly doing nothing and a guy standing quietly having an intense conversation with his own squad. Will this issue be addressed in Squad? Will there be some kind of animation or subtle SFX or anything at all to give you some awareness of whether or not a given player is currently receiving/sending squad comms?
  10. Ideas for VOIP & COMMS

    I searched the forums for this but couldn't find anything. Now these ideas kinda come from ARMA/Tactical Battlefield, so I'm not sure if they can be done. I was thinking that if you are talking on Squad Chat/Squad Leader Chat, it should ALSO be heard on Local. Local could still be a separate channel, but the reasons for this are that if you go down, and you call for a medic on Squad Chat, and you are in the immediate vicinity they won't necessarily have to ask you to "call out on local". Also, I think it would help a lot with communication with teammates who aren't in your squad. For example, if you're in a firefight and you call out contacts on Squad Chat, of course your squad mates can hear you, but say there's other teammates around you, they would have no clue. The same would go for if you call out for medic on Squad Chat but there's medics around in other squads. I think it would better communication with the team as a whole. That way everyone around you could know what's going on, i.e. where contacts are, who's building what, who needs a medic, etc.. My next idea is a way to reduce chat clutter, (even though my first idea kinda added some, I don't think it'll be that bad). If you are a Squad Leader and another SL is talking on the Leader Chat, it should be heard mono through one side (one ear), with some more radio filter to sound like it's actually coming from a radio, mostly for a "realistic effect". Not only that, but the volume of everyone else in your squad should be lowered a bit, so that you can hear them better. (I know with 9 people talking plus other SLs talking it can get kinda hectic). That same volume feature could also be used if you are a soldier in a squad and your SL is talking. Everyone else's volume would be lowered so that you can hear what your orders are. Bonus idea: If you are very close to your SL (~5m maybe?), you can faintly hear what other SLs are saying through his radio. This way you can kind of get an idea of what the rest of the team is doing. (Plus your SL won't sound crazy like he's talking to himself when he's talking in Lead Chat b/c you can hear it on local)
  11. VOIP= Unplayable

    So basically when the game launched I had no issue, was running and gunning and having the time of my life. Towards the end of my binge session I found that Squad Leader Coms was causing my game to lag. Going from 40-50fps to about 2-6. Naturally I lowed my Graphics from High and Medium to straight up Low. Had no issues on a couple servers. Then today low and behold it is back and pretty much on every server I join. I have been toying around with different Population, Maps and Locations only to find not much of a difference. I understand people have been claiming it has to do with AMD but out of all of my buddies, 3 of them who have AMD CPUs do not have this issue. Granted they have the same chip in the FX8350 and I have the FX9370. I do not know much about the architect and what not but this seems very odd. Again, it only started creeping up during the later hours on launch day and today for my first couple of matches. Overall I am super pleased with this game and even bought a copy for my friend for an early Xmas gift. It just has gotten to the point where my anger and rage overcomes my sensible thinking due to this lag. I wouldn't mind if it was small but literally anytime someone ques up to say something it is just unplayable. Specs. CPU- AMD FX9370 GPU- MSI GTX660 OS- Windows 10 MoBo- Crosshair V Formula-Z If you must delete this thread do to duplicate. This game is awesome and I cant begin to explain how happy I am that it is gaining the traction it deserves in this space. I just hope this gets resolved sooner than later.
  12. I searched and searched for something relating to my idea, but all I could find were "radio noises", or of the sorts. But I don't mean that. I could give two bags for sounds...this role is a sincere and legitimate role I propose to bringing to the battlefield: My question(s) for you guys: What does every Team/Squad/Platoon (etc) have in every branch of EVERY service around the world?.......Signal Soldiers! (maybe I am a bit biased, I used to hold a comms MOS ). I won't go too much into details (unless someone asks), but the premises of the role I will cover: What will the RTO bring to the SQUAD? Another support role, designed to promote teamwork! How can a Squad leader(SQLDR) call for supplies if his radio is malfunctioning? What better than an RTO(or forward observer in a Sniper squad) to troubleshoot the communication equipment? Setting up a Forward Operating Base(FOB)? Well, how can you set up a FOB without a Communications Specialist? Communicating to another SQUAD/PLT/CO? If you are busy leading troops, how can you make sure your comms are squared away AND lead your troops at the same time? How is this role different than your standard rifleman? One RTO(kit) per squad. In order for your SQLDR to call for support(outside squad echelon). RTO MUST be present(within 25m of SQLDR/FOB blueprints) in order to establish comms to other units/ "construct" FOBS,In-Direct Fire(IDF)/Arty/CAS(again not devulging into details)..etc..etc. They don't need a shovel, but rather some "lineman's" pliers or something of the sort. As far as armaments goes, they could be equipped with your standard Carbine/Assault Rifle (with choice of Iron Sights or CCO[depending on faction's technology]), a set of pliers(or Gerber/Leatherman), your man-pack radio(and any applicable supplies needed for maintaining comms should come with the class/kit taking place of any offensive grenades), IFAK, X amount of Mags, X amount of Incendiary 'nades(maybe a smoke 'nade if you guys feel generous, but just 1), For secondary: K-BAR, Pistol, breaching shotty or Grapnel hook(soldier picks depending on map/mode)Or depending on SQUADS' SOP/code. Why should we incorporate the RTO role? This franchise is based on teamwork and communication....Again, intra-squad comms(and the local area comms) would NOT be affected should your SQUAD fail to have an RTO. If another squad had an RTO near a different SQLDR, he can cover down(like medics). Would you NEED an RTO in your squad to win? No! But if you want to build FOBS, call for IDF/Arty, or ANY kind of support other than Local Area Comms(which is what 25-50m?) you do! The game isn't broke, why fix it? Well, you guys are all about teamwork and communication....This would be another "coveted" kit/High value Target added to the sundae of ooey gooey goodness! Your RTO is down, give a chance for your basic rifleman to pick up a kit and contribute other than another mindless grunt!......This would be just another role that needs support from his SQUAD, and a role that PROMOTES ultimate teamwork(besides the medic) to fill the role and support the team to accomplish the mission! Again, these are just the foot notes, or questions I would ask myself about this role. Should you have any questions, or care for me to elaborate let me know! I also have an idea for an ENGINEER class, but you tell a grunt to fill sandbags, he will build you a great wall!
  13. Very briefly: Pilots, while in flight, get SL comms authority (can contact other SLs etc.), in order to co-ordinate CAS/trans with ground squads directly without the awkward middle man SL. Thoughts?
  14. Inter-Squad Comms

    Hello everyone! I am uncertain if anyone has made this suggestion before, but perhaps we could add a more realistic comm system? During my time as a field corpsman with Second MarDiv we had PRC-152s and SatCom. And interesting way to utilize this, would be having each independent squad leader carry one PRC-152 and be able to manually select other squads to communicate with or the COC (Command Operations Center). With this feature, I can foresee more of an immerse experience when it comes to unit cohesion out in the field while adding realism to the Squad Leader role. Another suggestion would be interesting however it may seem a bit complicated. Having an extra class in a squad. Someone to operate comms. I am talking about a dedicated radio operator who has the ability to deploy SatCom on maps that are extremely mountainous where you cannot get a signal out with regular radios. I have not really been able to think that one all the way through considering all of my experience with squad comes from watching videos and reading the Dev-Blogs, so all of this can be elaborated on by the Developers.
  15. UI will be completely reworked. If devs already this feature in mind - great. If not, then perhaps something to consider Situation as is (in PR): - As a squadlead you have to deal with heavy comms traffic from various channels (local, squadchat, other SLs, commander) - Often while you're conferring with your squad or engaging targets, you'll hear comms from other squadleads. - A red notification will appear in bottom right corner that will expire as soon as the other finished speaking. - If you didn't manage to glimpse it (e.g. short message, engaging targets), they didn't identify themselves and you don't recognize their voice, you wont know who just contacted you. - Not knowing who contacted you either forces you to communicate to all squads (bit spammy). Proposed to-be state: - The red notification will take longer to expire, allowing you to easily see who was the last person to contact you. - [Optional] It could fade away, it could stay on screen subdued till new person contacts you, it could be fully customizable, etc. Benefits: - Allows you to respond to appropriate people promptly. - Will reduce the need to introduce yourself each time you speak to other squads. - Easy to implement? YAY/NAY?! [Edit: one word]
  16. Concept: No global squad radio for players who are "alive". If the player DIES (not merely incapacitated), he gets a direct channel to the SL to ask about where to spawn, etc. but only the squad leader will hear him. --- I've been playing a bit of the Alpha. (Fine job so far, btw.) First thing that I noticed was that inside squads themselves, there isn't much cohesion. The thing that ties you together is pretty much the map. Eh...yeah. Second: No-one has the time to check the map for locations in the middle of fire-fights, and IMHO, they have no business doing so (Cue "Enemy at my position!" rant.). It's instinctive, coming from FPS history, but pretty wrong. No-one does that IRL. Third: The "Enemy at my position", "Spotted 256!", "Contact!!!" rant issue stems from global squad radio. Of all the millions of places the enemy chose to be at, it's at some voice over squad radio's location, usually unidentified, and void of details. Forth: Squad cohesion is pretty much, "Go there!". Again, for a soldier, the map is your master. Where is said point? Where am I relative to the rest of the squad? Who's fighting, and where? Map. Map. Map. --- Solutions: No global squad radio for alive players. If the player cannot be revived, he can ask the squad leader where to spawn, etc. and only the squad leader will hear him. Squad members will be forced to have tighter cohesion if they can't use the crutches of map/global squad radio. With enforced local radio only, if a squad member goes off on his own, he'll get lost and must learn to stick with the pack. Defenses make much more sense. Hot spots are easily identified over local. The squad leader can run over and sort it out if he needs to know what's going on. It's his job anyways. Plans and directions make more sense and take more "stick to the plan" than "I'll just wing it and respawn.". Case in point: "You, you, and you go to that building and wait. When you hear gunfire, push through the center and clean out their rear defenders. We'll meet at the middle. Medics pick up casualties after the firefight." For instance: Dead SM: "SL! Where should I spawn?"SL: "Spawn at CP Tango and meet us on the South side of the village!"
  17. Quick Suggestion: I played PR today (TRANS) and as always it was difficult for me to communicate with squadleaders who needed my chopper. Since Pilot have roles that need major communication to get the job done, I am suggesting to give the Pilot Kit the ability to communicate to Squadleaders just like the Squadleader of your TRANS squad.