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Found 32 results

  1. My Personal Ideas and Adjustments for Game Play Mechanics by Doctor Hammer With the current iteration of Squad in the B17 phase I feel like it's a critical moment for game play mechanics before introducing Version 1.0. With this post I hope to create a healthy conversation concerning the game play mechanics and to highlight my own ideas that I strongly believe will be positives to the game. Lets begin! Spawn System Commander The Medic Class Those are all the ideas I have for the game right now that I think could be super beneficial and make the game more fun, some ideas more thought out than others, but that's okay, at the end of the day, I just wanted to put those thoughts out there and create a conversation about those possible changes. keep in mind these are ideas are just ideas, not absolute solutions. I am proposing some of these things in the hopes good adjustments to them would be made, and a conversation could be started. I think we all want the same for squad, a teamwork based game that supports communication and tactics. Thanks for Reading! Doc
  2. The implementation of the commander role and the ability to call in artillery and air support was definitely an interesting addition to Squad. I mean we've all been on those teams where you're frustrated by a commander that does nothing, but overall I think it's a generally positive addition to the game even if it could use a little tweaking. The problem is that the invasion game mode specifically is heavily imbalanced as a result of this addition. It's no secret that the support requests the commander has heavily favor attackers over defenders, and the problem is that the invasion game mode is entirely an attacker versus defender affair. Defenders generally will only have the time and resources, even well coordinated, to set up to defend 3 of the points at most. What you're seeing now though is attacker teams can often simply use strafes and heavy artillery to decimate the point and then walk right in. They do that 3 times and you basically get entire matches where there's little real fighting or competitive combat but just called in support basically being 80% of the matches content. It works better in other modes where both teams can go on the offensive and pressure enemy points and there are no teams that have no real risk of having to be defensive. Invasion is simply a different creature and the reality is those called in supports from the commander simply benefit one team far more than the other. I've generally mostly enjoyed playing the invasion game mode over the others but, honestly, when half the games are just watching strafes and artillery do all the work it's gotten to be frustrating and boring no matter which side I'm on. Honestly, those support options should be be made less available in the Invasion game mode from a balance perspective. Otherwise the game mode has basically become garbage, and with it my primary enjoyment in this game.
  3. commander rank

    Instead of the commander being the normal rank of a squad leader, the commander should have the rank of a junior officer. this is just a small detail, however would be cool to see
  4. As it is the training mode is far too basic. It needs to be extended to include training for the commander and squad leader roles. People wouldn't shy away from a lead role as much if they were actually prepared for it to start with. The learning curve for this game is far too steep for the training mode to be this basic.
  5. Could we get a running total reminder for the commander of their cost to the team. Had a commander that died 13 times 65 tkts. Think would be good to have a gui reminder on their screen. Dont believe a commander would as an intentional destroy his team chances. Just a thought.
  6. Mobil HQ for Commander

    Hi Everyone! So, I’m chillin my mancave. And… all of the sudden I have an epiphany. We should add unicorns to squad. No wait, that wasn’t it! We should add… add… hm… I had it on the tip of my tongue. Apologies, my brain hasn’t hit level cap 60 yet, it’s struggling a bit, I think I need to go back into Squad and grind out the xp needed to finish my train of thought. Wait! I remember, we should add “Mobile HQ vehicles” for the commander. A mobile Command HQ solves a great deal of issues. First of all, the inconvenience of being static as a commander. As the battle lines shift up and down on the map, the command will have an easier time to reposition, and serve the needs of the team on the go. We already have vehicles in Squad. So, take a Truck, remodel it, and a few lines of code, convert it into a field HQ, add an extension to the vehicles ability’s, which states that the HQ vehicle needs to be deployed in order to be used by the command. And… Voilà! You have created a secondary objective on any map, for any game mode in Squad. Once the mobile HQ is destroyed, the commander can always fall back on any HAB. I think this creates a more flexible alterative, keeps the game moving, and opens up opportunities for new and interesting gameplay. Don’t want to over complicate things, I rather keep it simple. But, maybe in a future updates we could dive deeper, and create a network, linking the HAB radius to the mobile HQ. So, when a radio takes damage the power grid to the mobile HQ is cut off and needs to be repaired in order restore a new uplink. The cooldown timer on the command abilities doesn't reset, when this happens, all it does is that the commander goes offline, until repairs can be made, and the cooldown can start where they left off. This is just a cool idea, I wanted to throw out there, and just find out what sticks on the wall. I think that a HQ vehicle creates a dynamic objective on the map, for any game mode in squad. And at the end of the day, its about having fun and adding value. Thanks for checking out my idea! Leave a comment! What do you think of the mobile HQ and if you like to see it in Squad!
  7. Didn't play public test but by others videos didn't see anyone use it. Is there any such system as title said or is it planned? Can commander set move and/or checkpoint markers for other squads? Seems as basic stuff for commander to do?
  8. Feedback

    The website states that i need to give feedback, the first one would be that the word feedback is a link to where you need to go The two squad mates requirement The game starts and people create a squad for being commander. They quickly click the "invite all" button to have people in the squad. His squad fills up while waiting for being a commander. He gets the commander and now with a full squad that plays the game and sometimes runs back to a HAB and sends an airstrike. Some squad-leaders that did not make it to command just leave their squad. Solution: I propose to let people sign up without a squad and wait out the timer, then join an existing squad or create one. Commander speed vs. match speed I noticed that the commander speed is much slower compared to a match. Most of the matches there was only time for two strikes, some matches i could only use the UAV. Solution: decrease the support timer with a few minutes and see how that goes. Support timers Happened a few times that a commander crashed and had to wait again while the enemy shoot first. Solution: The support timers need to be disconnected from the player and continue after he left or crashed. Giving orders to squads Having the option to mark a yellow line with a number on it is an improvement, yet not all squad-leaders feel it necessary to follow. Solution: Commander can create move markers for a squad in yellow ( also visible in every squad member compass ).
  9. I am new the the forum, but I have about 650 hours in squad. I was extremely excited to see the commander role finally enter squad. I was a faithful Red Orchestra player for many years, and the timely role that commanders played in providing support dramatically aided momentum swings, and improved the experience. I am also a big RTS guy, and have many hours in the Company of Heroes, Total War Series, and more recently Steel Division II. Since Squad is essentially an interesting fusion of FPS with a healthy does of RTS, the commander adds a huge layer of tactical coordination. Steel Division II gives its players the ability to pre-build decks of vehicles that can be deployed based on a capped amount of units and a steady flow of resources. While I don't know if squad needs resources per se, allowing the commander to either "build a deck of vehicle cards" to be deployed at his leisure throughout the game, or simply decide which ones will be deployed at which times, would add a whole new meta to the game, and allow for counters and reactions. Each vehicle could be valued differently, perhaps using the current ticket costs, and instead of losing points at the point of the vehicles destruction, you'd lose it at the point the commander delpoys it at main. You could economize when things are low, or you could spend a bunch of resources up front for an armored rush. Alternatively, you could have a separate fix vehicle resource counter for each map. Either way, the commander could choose what vehicles to deploy based on his current needs, and really restrict the current issue of vehicle over-saturation on some maps, because the set amount of vehicle points could be spent at any point. This would open up a variety of tactics in the game. Steel Division paces the vehicles, by making only certain vehicles deployable in various phases of the game, with the heavier ones often coming later. I just feel like the commander could really take control of the whole game's meta this way, and really improve the strategic focus moving forward.
  10. Suggestions for Owi

    Recommendation: Analyze this suggestion from a more holistic perspective. (Updated) I believe I may have a solution that would optimize the game a bit further and would definitely be more enjoyable for everyone. A) Multiple Spawn Areas: Preferably three(varies on maps & game-modes) - I suggest having an Optional: Aerial-Support base being able to be destroyed, disabled or Capturable. Main base: logistics, transport For: Squad leaders, Infantry Offensive Vehicle Base = t72, stryker, 30mm For: Crewman Kit, Engineer kit Aerial-support main-base = helicopter, drones, air-strikes. For: Commander roles, and Helicopter Pilot roles. B) Settings/System Requirements: I believe that very few actually use the motion blur so I think we should remove that and the low settings while keeping only the medium to epic settings. I also believe that we should update Requirements by replacing the "Minimum Requirement" with our current "Recommended Requirement'. Settings: Remove All Low settings and Cinematic Shadow = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: Distance Shadow Foliage = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: All Low Settings System Requirements: Ram Must be: 16gb Ram or higher GPU Must be: GTX 970 or higher CPU Must be: i5-2550k or higher C) Game-play: Ticket bleed changes Troops: Commanders cost = 8 ticket bleed Squad Leaders cost = 4 tickets bleed Normal Infantry cost = 1 ticket bleed Vehicles: Logistics, Transport cost = 15 tickets bleed Small artillery Vics cost = 20 tickets bleed Medium artillery Vics cost = 25 ticket bleed Heavy Battle Tanks cost = 30 tickets bleed Aerial(Helicopter) cost = 30 tickets bleed Deployable/Flags: Radios cost = 30 tickets bleed Captured objectives = 40 tickets bleed I would love to hear some feedback from the community as well, let me know what you think about these suggestions. Will you guys enjoy this more, will it be worse, and please be specific as to why you would disagree/agree. Thanks.
  11. For the last several updates, I've noticed no matter how often I link my steam account to this website/forum, all the Commander Perks have not been active or working since v7 (I think) When will they come back?
  12. Are there any servers that offer one life gameplay? I feel like it would be fun to play a game mode every so often that only allows you to have one life. It would make the round intense and gives a chance for SL's to win with tactics. If one gets caught out in the open and wiped then the other team has a huge advantage because they won't be coming back unless revived. A majority of people might not like this idea but I believe it would be an option that would be nice. Taking it one step further if they add medivacs to the game the medical system could be improved. With possibly adding hit location to the game that could determine if the medic can save you or not. If hit somewhere such as the chest or major artery the medivac could be dispatched and the medic has to perform medical treatment to prevent them from dying before the Blackhawk gets there. It returns them to the main base and heals them up. This takes time of course and is a lot for just one ticket, that is why I feel like it would only work with this game mode. With the talk of the commander role, making the medivacs a computer compared to a player it gives an opportunity to give power to the commander. The Squad Leader could get the coordinates for the pick-up and relay it back to the commander. At the main base, he could type it into a computer to send off the Blackhawk. Also, deploy things such a UAVs to a section for a period of time or send air cargo drops to bases for resupply. One more thing that could help the other team if implementing stuff for the commander such as resupply and UAV. If computer players are added near the villages and happen to be killed by the invading country it could give extra tickets to the local force. It would be like civilian deaths equal X amount of recruits for their army. It could be a good way to even out the gameplay. If the invading country has too much power you could up the ratio helping balance the powers or the other way around and lower the ratio if needed. Thoughts?
  13. What kind of special abilities will the commander role get? - if any at all? Artillery and airstrikes and stuff of that nature seems imbalanced and not joyful to play. Getting kill by off-map assets isn't a great feeling. You could have supply drops though for FOBs, to get new ammo and material to troops if they "undig" the drops. that would be a fun feature i think. Do you know have any ideas of what the commander role will get? it seems a bit weak just sitting down, looking at a map and talking to your squadleads.
  14. The commander's Choice is an open event, we invite all members of the great Squad Community to help us populate and play in this event. If you are interested in commanding, squad leading, or you just want to be a grunt on the frontline, join us! We are planning on hosting more of these, so if you did not make Commander or squadleader, or even grunt the first time around, feel free to help us organize and run this event for a chance next time! Map Information: The map will be Yehorivka AAS V1 US Team assets are: 3 Strykers, 2 HMMVWs, 2 transport trucks and 2 Logistic Trucks. Russian Team assets are: 2 BTR-80, 1 BTR-82A, 1 MT-LBM 6M, 1 MTLB 6MA, 2 Transport Trucks and 2 Logistic trucks. Event Information Each Commander will be in admin cam ingame, telling their team what to do, and will play the game much like a strategy game. They will be restricted to only view their own teams positions, and not use the admin cams ability to view all. We obviously know the admin cam can be abused, and will ensure both commanders have integrity aswell as running the server behind a password. Hopefully both commanders will stream allowing complete transparency. Each Commander will also be required to make a battleplan and maintain and organize their team as best they can before the battle. Server Information The server will be running from Free Candy Van 2, we run our servers from OVH on an Overclocked i7 7700k @ 5ghz, with 64gb of DDR4 ram and 2 SSDs, which should be more than enough to maintain the server. If you are interested in livestreaming the event then you are welcome to do so, and if you want us to promote your channel as you are streaming, reach out to us, but it is not required to stream our event. We will not permit anyone else but the Commanders to use admin cam. Rules Obviously standard FCV rules apply, with common sense being mainly the red line here. All squadleaders must follow commanders orders. All squadmembers must follow squad leader orders. All players must have microphones. Any issues will be dealt with Wicca. Rushing flags is permitted. Each team may only go to the last flag of the enemy team, but may flank to either side towards the enemy mainbase to attempt to disrupt supply runs. Signup Dates & Times All signups and organization will happen in the FCV Squad discord. Commander signup 16th of September 1800 UTC [FCV] Training, Task Force & Admin team Signup 19th of September 1800 UTC Player signup 20th of September 1800 UTC Battle 30th of September 2000 UTC
  15. Alot of SQUAD players are requesting to SQUAD Developers a new map, and since everybody likes the lastest map AL-Basrah from PR - Project Reality , we are requesting a NEW IRAQUI URBAN MAP , this map is also very played in PR Project Reality called " Ramiel " , its a REPLICA of the Area in Somalia on the movie " Black Hawk Down ". And we as players would like to Developers at least think about it , the possibility to Re-Create Ramiel Map , now for SQUAD game. In PR Project Reality we also had a " COMMANDER " operating from a UAV , to call coordenates for SQUADS for each team, to improve Teamwork and to Guide the SquadLeaders to a Higher Performance In-Game. We really miss the " Commander " from Project Reality with his several funcions, such as Artilhary Strikes and Command each Individual SquadLeader. We also request on " Mortars - Emplecements " , to the SquadLeaders of U.S Team and Russian Team on the F.O.B area so they can be Deployed 2 Mortars in total. They can be built 2 at the same F.O.B or 1 Mortar at different F.O.B location across the map, so there is on Mortar for each F.O.B with maximum capacity of 2 of 2 Mortars per Map, since the Artilhary Vehicle is Mobile. I played 8 Years Project Reality. My Complements to all SQUAD Staff , you are doing a 10 Star Job, signed by Tupac Pereira.
  16. Area attack

    Area attack pro's and con's plz discuss Imo we don't need it, I think it ruins game play.
  17. The Commander Role

    So a HUGE aspect of project reality was the "Commander". The ability to have a objective set from a commander who has an overall understanding of the fight unfolding (well at least you hope they do). The commander function to command units, the UAV's role, and other command aspects is nice. Because there is confusion among squads sometimes about what is going on. Having a commander find those objectives for you is nice. It makes being a squad leader a bit more easy having a unified command structure.
  18. Make the commander the most diserable role to play! I played a lot of bf2! And it was so boring to play commander. Squads didnt follow orders and you didnt really have a big impact on the game except from eternally spotting enemies. I'm confident SL's Will follow orders (in Squad) but its not really a big adrenaline rush to have 3 otter Guys on your comms channel, and seeing Dots on a map. Solution? Make the commander awesome! Reinforcements: I suggest the commander should impact spawn timers on vehicles, it can be done in 1 of 2 ways as i see it. 1st: prioritizing respawn timer rates e.g. your 1st priority gains a 2x respawntimer boost, 2nd 1.5x and 3rd 1.2 (what ever). - If no commander boost rates could just level out on all vehicles 2nd. simply buying vehicles like building fobs. though with a maximum so you can't have 2 or 3 mainbattletanks or whatever. This way the other team wouldn't know if they are going up against an armored force or a fast-moving recontype force. - If no commander is chosen a standard picking for a balanced force is chosen. (my favorite) being in charge of reinforcements gives the commander a greater strategical impact. I think we all agree mainbattle tanks shouldnt respawn right after being destroyed. Vehicles should be cared for and valued highly. The squad should cheer when destroying enemy vehicles... knowing they wont see the fckr again for a long time. Offmap assets: Commander is in charge of all offmap assets: Artillery, UAV's (small videofeed of whats going on atm), drops and.. piloting planes! Helicopters belong on the map. Planes do not! We Will miss out on the brute force of a plane haulning over the map in 12 seconds If their speed is to fit into gameplay. I hate missing out (see the link, you can't fit this into a game where an airplane takes off and land on a 8x8 km map). Let the commander call a plane into the A.O and have him pilot or Gun it when dropping a JDAM on an enemy compound or shooting down a helicopter bugging your squads. "Air support incoming 3 minutes" Would be a nice information to relay to your squad mates. And this would give the commander some hands on experience. Even just 30 seconds, two or three times a game, not looking at your map would make a big difference for playability. making airsupport this way, would also make it a lot easier for developers I believe (not an expert on the matter). Comms: The commander should ofc talk to the SL's and not the squadmembers, to hold a chain of command. on his map he should be able to tap into one squadleader and only talk to him. He should also have direct comms to all vehicles, making vehicles a team asset, not a squad asset. Again by tapping into their comms on his map. (sidenote on vehicle kits) Maybe pilots and drivers, except humvees and the like, should not be squadkits. but instead a separate "squad" operating only under the commander. So a squad as one unit can be deployed by a team-helicopter/apc without having a member driving back to base to not lose the vehicle. This would also emphasize the importance of vehicles, and caring for them. Typical BF to drive to the front and leave your vehicle.. I dont want this. Conclusion: Offmap assets like planes and artillery should be very rare, and therefore it is important to give the commander a busy gameplay revolving around strategy and comms. since he has the role of tactical air command, artillery battalion, executive officer and if you listen to me: pilot/gunner and company commander (reinforcement wise). he SHOULD have enormous impact on gameplay, the biggest impact of the team! He should feel the resposibility of the SL tenfold. people don't go SL because it is a big responsibility - and for the same reason people wouldn't just go commander to mess around. - and YES mutiny/voting should be an option. sorry about the rant, I had so much on my mind :D what do you think?
  19. Commander and some SF

    Very often community ask the DEVs to add in SQUAD any special forces with special equipment. It would be nice to see in SQUAD the commander of faction, who had opportunity to raise 2-3 limit squads to special level. Recon squad, Assault squad, Heavy squad...etc. which is more convenient. In the future this possibility can provide some discipline: if you want to upgrade, do sometning for team or commander. Think about this social trick.
  20. Tank Controls

    Im writing this now because I will probably forget it later haha, and its good solution actualy. Some players are against tanks in the game because they would become over powered. I ve been thinking about this for some time. Gunner: Ussualy in games you control gun turret with the mouse, but in reallity, you dont, you have stick, like in airplanes, and it works like AWSD. What I wanted to say is that gunner should control turret this way because it would become realistic, and it would be much harder to aim. He can pres shift for faster turret movement. Gun stabilization should be implemented too. Driver: Nothing special, you should only implement fuel in the game. Comander: Ability to use binoculars from the cupola, or however you call that place from where he can peek from inside the tank. I 100% understand that tanks are not priority for next 6 months or more, but you should really consider this. What you think about that? Sorry for bad English.
  21. What might be interesting spawn mode would be if (Only) a commander could set RP's around the map or even FOB's because the strategy of the commander would be somewhat enforced...SL's could recomend placements of these R Points and FOBs but its up to commander to decide where thay are put down and why. This way a commander position has value and SL will have less decisions to make about overall strategy of where and why to set RPs and FOBs. The SL could worry about his squad more and what they are doing rather than creating spawn worm holes. This is just an idea this thread started me thinking about. Of course a commander would have other abilities giving him insight to place the RPs and FOBs that SLs dont have such as drone recon of enemy movements or recon scout intelligence given to him partially incomplete so he doesnt have all enemy whereabouts but enough to get an idea of what enemy might be doing or planning based on movement covered by radar like in old BF or by squads on ground or computer telling him armor possible locations and aircraft spottings. Also commander could destroy and move the RPs and FOBs after every 5 minutes or some other time period set by server admin. Or he has to tell a squad to deconstruct a FOB with shovels. Something to be considered maybe as some mode to try out and tweak. :) I posted this on other thread but think it deserves its own. Do not know status of commander role, but if there is to be one shouldnt he have power to set RPs and FOB placements? To control strategy of battles for objectives?
  22. The commander is a bit of a delicate flower in PR. He whispers in your ear. Gives you pretty little markers on your map and sometimes sings in a drunken stupor. Most of the time he hides in his tent and plays with the alien space vehicle that he uses to abduct local species. The adventurous type flitters about in a box on wheels building magical Batman beacons to summon Asgardians to fight. I believe it's time to make a man of the commander and let him drive like he's supposed to. Some of the key abilities a commander needs to have should reward him for his efforts, considering he has accepted to be the figure behind the team's victory. Hooah? The motives behind these abilities goes without saying: • Resign SLs. • Strip units of and reclaim their kit (they become unarmed) This is more of an admin tool. • Force dismount from vehicles (kick all players/driver from a vehicle) This is more of an admin tool. • Court marshal players (player is killed, must take a 5 minute timeout before spawning, and points (if any) are reduced to zero. This is more of an admin tool. • Promote to SL (must be accepted by promotee) • Award squads/players with acclaim (Stars attached to squad name.) • Activate/deactivate spawn capabilities at CPs. • Demolish restricted deployables (charges %25 of deploy cost to budget to discourage spam) • Remove rally points Admins can always ban trolls or resign incompetent commanders. This post was themed in a light-hearted campaign style. I am trying to stimulate interest in this concept after all. If you can't laugh... A quick Q&A:
  23. This concept works along with another concept at this link, but can expand to work with others. Commanders should be able to control when a vehicle spawns. If he wants to spawn all the jets at once, so be it, and more power to him. Vehicles usually affect the team's tickets (or budget) whether on spawn, or as a penalty on destruction. The more abusive a commander is with vehicle spawns, the higher the chance of creating a negative impact on the team's tickets or budget. Therefore it falls on the commander to carefully choose when to spawn them. Having said that, the commander can choose when he wants to reinforce the team's vehicles. If he decides to spawn tanks over and over, that's his decision and he takes responsibility. On the other hand, he can also withhold assets from the team until an appropriate squad is available to use them. No vehicle theft from main or wasted assets. If a vehicle is needed, the commander can choose whether to give the infantry group who were stranded at main a small jeep, compared to a more expensive transport truck. There may be a heli pad, but no pilots to fly the CAS helis, so the CO doesn't need to spawn one. A squad leader needs a logistics truck, and the others have been destroyed, spawn a new one. No vehicles may be spawned outside of the main base. The vehicles will spawn at their appropriate locations. If the spawn point is blocked by a previous spawn, or another asset, the spawn will be cancelled and the CO will receive a notification. There is a catch though. Assets do not spawn of their own accord. Only a commander may spawn them. Safe guards must be put up to avoid random players going commander to spawn vehicles.
  24. >>Squad A Current Orders: At 00:10:00gt, receive transport from [Trans squad] to [400m West of Objective]. 3 min duration Build CP. 5 min duration COMMANDER ORDER SCRIPTS Commanders can set up mission scripts for each squad and update them in real-time. They are not mandatory; commanders can use legacy methods. The orders are created using the map for graphic and geological information, and may use logic (if, or, then, else, etc.) to automate contingency order scripts. The scripts are self-updating lists of orders. The scripts iterate every order completed until the list reaches its end. If no further orders are available, the commander will receive a request for orders. Squad are not penalized for not having orders. There is no set limit for list length. If the commander wants to create a 30-order-long detailed script, that's up to him. Orders can be set with a timer, or to take place at a specific time of the match, ensuring good coordination. Squads who fail to meet the time allotted begin to bleed score until they satisfy their order's requirements. Squads leaders receive their own private order scripts from Command. As they complete orders, the list updates, and the squad receives the next order. The squad leader is not allowed to see beyond two orders ahead in the list to reduce ghosting. Commanders are allowed to set up operation scripts ahead of time. This way, they can organize plans based on outcomes. i.e. At 3:15:00 game time, if plan A condition is false, start plan B; otherwise start plan C. The commander's standard orders are: Mobilization orders • Move • Rendezvous • Attack • Retreat • Reinforce • Relieve • Demolish • Track (Follow to source/destination) • Search and destroy • Scout • Custom notation Local orders • Defend • Patrol • Sentry • Ambush • Provide fire support • Standby • Fortify • Build structure • Custom notation An example script for an assaulting squad would look like: >>Squad A Orders List: At 00:10:00gt, receive transport from [Trans squad] to [400m West of Objective]. 3 min duration Build CP. 5 min duration Request Confirmation from [Recon squad]. Defend CP. On Confirmation from [Recon squad], Move to [Objective]. 4 min duration Search and Destroy, Condition: If less than 4 members of [Squad A] remain, Run [Retreat_S_A_001] script, else do Nothing Build CP. 5min duration Defend [Objective]. To prevent ghosting, the SL would only see: >>Squad A Current Orders: At 00:10:00gt, receive transport from [Trans squad] to [400m West of Objective]. 3 min duration Build CP. 5 min duration
  25. Regarding the founder tag and camo?

    I bought the commander pack *I think. It was the 126$ Can. pack wich had 2 keys and stuff. That being said, how can I put on my forum name or signature the "Squad Founder" or helper tag ? Regarding the camo, any ETA? Thanks for your help.