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Found 30 results

  1. Total War | Chicago

    Total War | Chicago Provided by FFO https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/squad/3362671 Teamspeak: ts3.ffosquad.net:9991 Website: https://ffosquad.net/ Discord: https://discord.io/FFOSquad Live stats; Deaths and Incaps that update every 10 seconds: http://ffosquad.net/stats Server Rules: -No bigoted language Although we are usually concerned with the intent behind language rather than the use of any particular words, we make an exception for language which is primarily associated with hate speech towards a particular demographic. Regardless of intent, the cultural associations with these words makes their usage unconducive to a friendly environment. Depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be kicked, and or banned immediately. -Do not consciously hinder your team Examples of this include, but are not limited to, intentional teamkilling, building irrelevant superFOBs, sitting in main, etc. This is not about player skill; all skill levels are welcome as long as a player is making an honest effort to contribute to their team. This rule is an effort to facilitate teamplay. -Squad Leaders are required to have a microphone We support and encourage new Squad Leaders to step up and try the reigns. However, we do expect you to utilize your voice comms to better facilitate communication and teamwork on the team. -No Intentional Glitching, Cheating, or Hacking Intentional glitching will result in a kick, Cheating and Hacking will result in a ban, and will be promptly reported to the Squad Devs, with all available evidence. -Pretending to be FFO Member, Admin, or Mod This will result in an immediate ban, no warnings will be given. -Ban evasions of any kind will result in a permanent ban If you attempt to evade a ban regardless of the initial offence, you will receive a permanent ban. This includes disconnecting after breaking rules. -If the server is full you may be removed for being AFK This is in no way meant to be a punishment, this is just to make room for people who want to play.
  2. UPDATED 05/01/18: Pics in Flickr album.> https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5xsNcK Vid In Playlist.> Hi All, I have a passion for Joint Operations (JO). It was honestly one of the best games i have ever had the good fortune to play. This has lead me to picking up Squad, as it is the only game going-anywhere that offered so much potential for modding, and has even allowed me to dream of playing something resembling JO again. I will be doing a number of re-imagined JO Maps, following as closely to the originals where possible, and posting each in here with my progress and uploading a "Geo" and "Populated" versions. I hope that the maps i make will make their way into Squad-proper but even if they don't or are unpopular i am also creating these assets - as well as numerous others - for a hope-to-be-completed mod of Squad called, tentatively, Squad_JO, which will attempt to emulate the game-play and style of JO using Squad as a base game. Name: Dormant Volcano Isle (reimagined JointOps map). Location: some tropical archipelago. Size: 1x1 kM approximate. Teams: Blue v Red (Team1 v Team2). - still wip for team colours Gameplay: AAS (PAAS) - Infantry with mostly light & medium vehicle support, and suggest no 'artillery' or 'cas', etc.. Download link: no - WIP. Description: As described on the box - skirmish type AAS, only light vehicular support with possible (very limited) and medium "BTR-level" vehicles, emplaced weapons and defensive works at CP's, one each team owned CP's (Squad_vanilla will need HAB's placed at the first owned-forward-bases (A+D), for team spawning) and two central (parrallel) CP's (4 in total - A, B, C, D). Additional: this is my first proper map (Iceland became a 'testbed' map ;P ), and is fairly small i know but i think with the right restrictions in place it will be a bunch-o-fun to play. This will be the smallest i make - all the others will be 2k or greater Screenshots/Media/Minimap: via my Flickr -https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5xsNcK *minimap is now up to date. Constructive help and critique is more than welcome. .LJ
  3. FIXED, we think. See later posts below for direction using the new method. Hi all, So after updating to V12 my test-map AAS setup does not work anymore. I can't find the SQAASCaptureZone component anywhere - am i missing it? or has it been replaced, along with the old AAS stuff (coz RAAS?)? with the new updated EPIC launcher there is now no "verify" option either. thanks in advance
  4. ticket count in AAS too high

    in AAS with ticket counts around 300 tickets the games can be extremely long and there is less of a sense of strategy. i can play squad for many many hours but sitting 2 hours through a scrappy 300 ticket AAS game is a non pleasant experience even if we win. i however have played an AAS game which started with 150 tickets, it obviously ended sooner but it was a pretty good game in a reasonable amount of time.

    change my mind
  6. for me squads gameplay really shines with invasion on al Basrah. i have so much fun squad leading on this map, its really fun but always requires all of the squads to work together. its very difficult to accomplish a victory on the invading team (usually British). Its a fun challenge always ends in a good game win or lose. defense is also very difficult but fun. tell me your fav map and game type & why
  7. Guide: Map Versions

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately, detailed map information is not listed anywhere. So, I decided to make a database with all map versions. In order to help server administrators and players to find their favorite maps versions. Making their life a little less frustrating. I hope my guide helps. Guide is not finished yet! More map versions will follow soon. For the guide click here. Always with good will, Battlecator | :
  8. With insurgents at present you have logi tech runs not trucks, how about deployable weapons caches that generate ammo from the locale area. The regular forces have understandable logistics but feel insurgents need something extra too. Have a small ticket count on them to spice it up. This would be for the standard AAS, This should be a complimentary ammo source. Or allows ammo to be gathered off of dead enemy for the central pool while in the cache zone. Thoughts
  9. In order to introduce some more variables and unexpectedness I thought about this. I´m NOT talking about a random lay out. Take any AAS layout on any map. Both teams are fighting for the middle flag, nothing strange about it. And suddenly, at a "random" point in the map, an isolated Neutral flag appears. Not part of the "linear" sequence. Just a random flag in the middle of a village, or a train station that wasn´t originally in the layout when the map started. Now teams can decide to divert resources to go cap it. Once capped, it disappears, and the team that got it gets a 15 ticket bonus. Or better, make the other team drop 15 tickets. That represents the fog of war of a real battlefield, with changing side objectives. e.g. Your squad is tasked with defending some área, but then a chopper is taken down, and you need to get your things together and rescue the pilot. and get there before the enemy gets to him. Or some piece of Intel has been detected in a village and both teams race to it. I think it would be something to ad some flavour and improvisation without beinf to intrusive with the Original layout and general flow of the game. What do you think?
  10. Special Service Group - Server We are running a 80 slot server, located in Frankfurt - Germany We are a German tactical Squad. It is our intent to support and develop the Squad Community. All Veterans and newbies are welcome to have fun with tactical teamwork. If there is any issue, feel free to contact our Admins or post here. Rules Language German/English Don't hack, cheat or other unfair game play No bad language No Base rape No Excessive Team Killing No Sabotaging Your Team No Abusing Other Players No Spamming SERVER ETIQUETTE SL must have a Mic and use this SL may kick players from their squad SL should communicate with the other Leaders Join a Squad Fight hard but fair
  11. Hey guys and girls, I will post all of my current YouTube uploads in here for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see jump onto my channel and subscribe Thanks for the support!!!
  12. Tickrate Tanking

    Trying to figure out why our server goes from 50 to 7-9 tickrate when changing from Infantry only map to an AAS map with vehicles. Console shows tickrate about 5-10 minutes after after server being up. The server shows initially to be in the list when started and then disappears after a minute. Vanilla, 64 man server. Any ideas peeps? Server Spec's
  13. Here a preview of what the PRA3 team has been up to the last couple of months. First close playtest being held today. More footage and updates coming soon. Join the discussion! https://github.com/d...ectrealityarma3 https://twitter.com/RealityArmA http://discord.me/pra3
  14. A lot has been spoke about the co ordination and planning that squad leaders less has been said about the basic math that a SL should be aware of. I am talking about the cost of attack , and defence. Its generally easy to get a neutral flag but holding it is a different kettle of fish. Example 1 you capture the neutral flag no ticket gain no loss. But then in the coming attack defence you lose Btr, FOB and squad wipe your looking at an impressive 59 throw in the loss of the flag, say 20 your topping 79! in a crashed moment of thinking of glory the SL throws down an FOB with no hope of either spawning on it for the next 5mins or being able to defend it your now at 99! wow. So in the first 15 mins of a match nearly 1/5 of the total starting points have gone. Example 2 Desa captured neutral flag SL place FOB and repair. Even though flag not in play. SL drive logistic truck up river road to be destroyed by technical. So 8 for the truck and 3 for the men thrown to the wind. Then tries to defend a non capturable location that really shouldn't be there so after losing squad twice the SL has spent 29 tickets trying to defend something he doesn't need to be at. Add to the possible loss of 20 more when the FOB going down because you can see the repair station from the middle of no where, its a hefty 50 for nothing. (Ok I did end up leaving his squad at this point and dig up the FOB, to move them forward only so much you can take.) The reason these annoy me is that wasting tickets. Defending a flag all good and well, last ticket on the bleed flag, throw the kitchen sink. 1 logistic truck is 1 squad wipe, 3 wipes for a BTR. Holding the flag for the rest of the team to give time for capture sure. Throwing down a FOB for the team to launch an attack at last flag, and your going to be defending it. All good but Can your team afford it, please remember the math Lose FOB 20!! Btr 30 Hmmv 16 logistic truck 8 tec log 4 armed tech 8 Squad wipe 9 Rally 2 (not sure is still applies) It's very easy to get carried away but think can the team take the cost of throwing to much at the enemy for nothing. As a Squad leader your a linch pin in your team, figure out the cost. Not saying don't have fun, but look at the risk to cost to reward.
  15. Extensive Gameplay/Chill Ass Vid

    I play with music on most of the time. Excuse me for that. I feel the footage captured here was pretty sweet and despite its length theres some good action and teamplay.

    Every Thursdays starting May 5 at 20:00 EST on our server 34th Infantry Division Realism Server, the 34th Infantry Division will be hosting an AAS game night. Our teamseak is 34thid.teamspeak3.com:4243 don't be shy, stop on by.
  17. Since I've found few visual resources to learn a bit more about the maps and areas, I'm sharing my own set of map-images which I've been using with a free (but awesome) program called GTactix, for learning and making strategies and tactics and so on. And for getting to know the map-layout, the names of areas and also in using the grid more efficiently. (Have added a "notes" section on the map-images for accessibility and ease-of-use in GTactix - or otherwise, if you will). Note that the program isn't needed to use the images - they're just .jpg's. You can use them with any picture-viewer. These are all the maps in AAS and Skirmish mode as of v5.1, haven't bothered yet with ITC or Insurgency since those are the modes I've played and play the least. Though I reckon I'll get to that later on (as well as correcting a few typos and trying to get better quality overall to make viewing and micro-strategizing easier). The images are taken in 1920x1080 and with the map zoomed all the way out. They will get grainy when zoomed in and I've not bothered to adjust brightness or contrast or colour. Grid locations for flags have been judged based on which area the flag rests on the most, but in future revisions I'll make sure to add more keypad-numbers to pinpoint. For GTactix, I hope to be able to compile all the maps from all the modes into one whole pack along with placeable icons (the ones used in-game) and higher-quality images (when I find the time to research that some more). Suggestions are welcome. Download Satellite Map Image-Pack Here Examples Chora AAS 1 OP First Light
  18. Hello sorry if something similar to this was already suggested, but I was thinking how AAS game rules could be changed in order to make FOBs more than just a team spawn point. Right now there is almost no incentive for players to defend a FOB, players prefer to attack or defent flags which are much more important objectives. On the other hand placing a FOB inside a flag capture area (and thus kiling two birds with one stone, so to say) is almost always a bad idea due to most flags currently having small capture areas. So my suggestion is to either create a new gamemode or adapt AAS such as to tie flags and fobs together: 1 - increase current flags capture areas by a large margin: this is to support item 2 below. 2 - in order to capture a flag, a team MUST have an active fob inside its capture area: all other CP capping rules maintain, except that flags without an active team's FOB won't be capturable by that team, no matter how many team players inside the area. 2.1 - in case a FOB inside a capture area is destroyed, its team will stop capturing it imediately. They will need to put another one inside capture area in order to start recapturing the flag again. 2.2 - in case both teams have active FOBs inside a flags capture area, then the other current capping rules apply: at least 3 players inside area, most players inside cap area, etc. 2.3 - in case a team manages to place a second (or more) FOB(s) inside a flag (if the capping area is large enough to allow it) the capping speed won't be affected, but then all FOBs would have to be destroyed so as to keep their team from capping the flag. 3 - FOBs placed outside any flag's capping area will not affect flags capping in any way: they will just work as current FOBs do today. They could be used as backup in the case a FOB inside a flag is lost, allowing the team to move back into the flag faster, or as a base to flank a forward enemy flag. 4 - Minimum distance betweeb FOBs should be reevaluated so as to allow at least one to be placed inside each flag capture area in current maps: if current 400m limit allows this than all is ok. Step one above is just to make sure the current state of putting FOBs inside flags won't mean enemies will find it as quickly and easily as today. So perhaps capture area should be very large for this to work out, making it somewhat difficult for teams to find FOBs inside a flag area. Having FOBs and flags tied like this would mean FOBs would turn into its own mini-flags inside capture areas, giving teams a very good reason to attack and defend them instead of just moving to another objective. Each flag area would turn into a mini-C&C (à lá PR C&C game mode) on its own, with each team trying to find and destroy enemy's FOB while defending their own! Plus this will also encourage teams to place more FOBs and build defense structures on them. Not sure how future logistics and vehicles would work with this game mode though, that's something to think about. So what you guys think of it? Feel free to suggest and criticize my idea!
  19. AAS First flag idea

    i just got this idea while I looked at OP first Light. could be interesting add one Shared Special flag will be same for Both team immediately from beginning. I5 area the village at east. http://www.airpressuretendency.net/fcsquad/squadmaps/forest_minimap/forest_minimap.html Everything else stay like it is now. Key point is. This special flag (East village) Is whole game active. If you cap any other flag, status of this special flag is not changed. Team have to hold this flag until the end of game. Lossing of this flag is more than -20 ticket it could be -40 ticket. Because its valuable place. Its control above train depot, village and crossroad. + One advance for militia. If they hold this flag...there is at N train wreck available spawn point which simulate incoming reinforce by train. Current main base is more less "checkpoint" and its spawn limited (9 spawns) after that disappear. Main base is situated more N from castle at edge. Castle simulate observation post and little fortification advance for militia. Example story behind that. US tried surprise attack to take control above trains and village and cut of supply resource route for militia. But closed checkpoint allow militia to react fast enough and try stabilize situation. They take control above south depot and continue push to village. But they know that most of current resources are situated at supply depot which are W from train track. They push parallely to South village and continue to take control above supply at storages but whole time militia trying to take control back above train track and village. Both side know that if they lost both control points it means problems and retrieve. This is just example that its not necessary create just parallel flag chain (like Chora AAS1 or Loghar) but could be interesting have one parallel Valuable area to capture and hold whole game
  20. Death of the AAS Game Mode

    Hi everyone, I believe that this game has the danger of losing part of its player-base (even though it's in its very early stages). The AAS (Assault and Secure) game-mode is fundamentally flawed (IMO), allow me to explain. Squad promotes itself as a realistic tactical FPS, however the principle of only having the ability to attack & defend a single point at any given time goes against sound reasoning & judgement. I would like to have the ability to assault any point, at any given time - much as you would have the capability of doing so IRL. My reasoning for finding the current model flawed is that you get many games where teams are disorganized, and struggle to coordinate themselves. It makes the game no fun to play due to a single squad failing to hold a position and as a result (generally speaking), creating a chain-reaction and losing every single point before anyone can react due to the main fight being all the way across the map! Allowing squads to make their own decisions based upon the ability to assault any point as they see fit, will allow better use of tactics and add to the overall enjoyment of the AAS game-mode. What I don't like is the game turning into a "relay-race", in which a single squad (just a few people) runs ahead of everyone else, anticipating their teams success so they can back-cap out from under their enemy and then rush to the next point causing them to win the game. This bullying tactic is happening more often than some may realize and it really does not create a fun gaming atmosphere. My 2 cents - Lets have a good discussion around this please. Update: I am very happy with the quality of this debate, lets keep it up!
  21. Lot of this discussion going around, and I suppose it will always be so, but I wanted to share the conventional wisdom that has been gained regarding FOB placement through the pre-alpha period. I can be long winded, so lets start with a picture; Here we have a quick overview of FOB placement and its need for structural defense. The infographic states the opinion, but let me explain the logic; Red areas are areas that the enemy NEEDS to attack if he intends to play the AAS objectives. If you build a FOB in this zone, and you intend to keep it, it will need defenses. This doesn't mean you can build heavily in ANY one of these red zones effectively. Ideally you push the boundary of heavily defended and forward placement. In the event of advance traction loss, the structural recourse can be beneficial. The disadvantage is that this placement becomes glaringly obvious, and becomes a easy target for effective 40mm rounds. Yellow areas are high-traffic flanks, areas that can be expected to have travel more often than not, and thus, Radios in these zones will likely be discovered. That doesn't mean they are priority targets.. If my team is well coordinated, and we are taking a flag with ease, knowing you have a FOB in a close but not preventative proximity, we can stage troops on the next objective, and we can choose to bypass your FOB on the path to out-capture. If you are making life hell for us trying to capture a local flag, we will be obliged to attempt to reduce your ability to reinforce. Thus, some guarded entrances are useful. Green areas are areas where radios will more often than not be unencountered. That doesn't mean they wont frequently be encountered, but the probability tips in the favor of obscurity in this zone. These Radios benefit greatly from this obscurity, and Radios scattered throughout the green zone along the path of advance is the most common utilization of effective Radio placement (thus far), providing the whole team rapid response for minimal manpower investment, leaving all soldiers to fighting and giving them a flexible mechanism of recovery in the event of ground lost. Obviously the beauty of tactics is that there are always counter-tactics that can overcome. However. Spending lots of player resources on a "castle in the sky" that can easily be bypassed, cripples your team. If you are determined to play "FOBcraft", make sure the enemy has no other option but to attack your castle if he wants victory. Efficient respawn-reduction is what wins the game, as long as you can keep your flags. If you lose all your flags, you lose a ticket a second. PTFO. PAAT. and may the best team win. I invite you to critique this if you think otherwise, and we can argue (respectfully) together here because I am very much interested in the communities take on this. This is my grasp of things, and its possible my summary is somewhat off, and I would appreciate the correction for myself and the community understanding.
  22. If you don't build fob, no supply, with having no supply means you will run out of munitions. Odds being that your lose your squad 9tkts + because very few have the patience to wait for revives. Other Squads get upset if you withdraw to resupply, most thinking dying holding the flag is the only option. The drip feeding from 100m away doesn't work. Doesn't take a genius to figure out fob position with troops running from it. Example Played last night we were attacked then defending storage, people didn't have ammo and medics calling they where out of bandages. Couldn't put down fob for another placed fob stopped it. So I made decision, smoke out and withdraw and move the fob, and ream. To launch a second attack. We withdrew. We put down couple of sand bags and ammo box to hold a ridge while we moved the fob east. While moving back a troll starts with our don't know what your doing in chat, and storage gets taken. Then a friendly team kills half the squad, nice. Not. End my game because of a fatal error with this patch. (Shame had been good match). We wouldn't have had to move if we had supply, doesn't need to be super fob. Supply means you have more chance to function. Fighting to the death like it's the Alamo is only needed on the last home flag. This attitude that it's insane to put a fob on a flag doesn't hold water if your defending the flag. Your ability to put down fire needs ammo, healing needs ammo. SL fuel your side. Even placing resource and then removing when done.
  23. Capping the flag

    Hello! I usually have a great time playing Squad but yesterday I've had a really boring match in a server with more or less 20ppl on AAS mode because of a (in my opinion) frustating game mechanic: Capping the Flags. When there are not enough players in a server to form up 2/3 full squads, some lonewolves can easely become a big problem and decrease the fun of players who prefer to play for the squad. The problem is that when a team haven't enough players to control all the vulnerable flags, one enemy is enough to neutralize a flag in short time and force the other team to constantly run from a flag to another just to kill one or two enemies... This situation can become really boring and honestly after 30 mins of running and few shots fired I gave up and left the server. So my question is: do you want a realistic shooter? If the map and the server msg can tell you the updated status af a flag, why can't we be aware when the enemies are neutralizing a flag before it's too late? How can be so fast for only one guy to neutralize a flag considering that he shoud be able to control the full flag area alone?