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Found 66 results

  1. If weapon customization is not on the list of things to be implemented then here is the suggestion for that. im not saying that a total overhaul of weapons is necessary like in the mainstream shooters (CoD, BF etc.) but maybe in the sense of getting an ACOG scope on a class that normally only has a RDS, or chose to have a simple PSO scope on your Kalashnikov variant. some simple things you can customize would be pretty cool, but as i said, i dont know if it is on the "to do list". greetings, Maarten Vlutters (aka The Joker)
  2. Hi Team you done a great job . as I watched all game plays it's awesome weapon sound and effects or realistic. I request you to add PKM machine gun in insurgents side. Which is used in all combat, I have watched all real firefight videos where PKM used. also please add bipod mounting features on ground and compounds which will be more realistic stance. More realistic ideas in next post
  3. Just curious. Forgive me if or several of the names is wrong or missing. Mine is the AMD-65.
  4. This is a question to the devs or anyone who might know. With the current implementation of weapons are magazine types able to be switched during gameplay in an efficient way, for example switching between a 30 round and 45 round magazine for an AK-74 or even changing the texture on the magazine for varieties sake. I ask this since I just made a suggestion thread where I used magazine types as an example and I know that grenade launcher ammo types have a visual difference but they could easily be using different system.
  5. Feedback on the game.

    So I noticed that there's no scopes on assault rifles expect for US. The maps are big and so it would be nice to also have scopes(red dots and etc.) for RU and Militia. Second, why is there no scope available for the medic? And finally, raising my weapon doesn't bring a close up, I have to press shift to zoom and on top of that it is time limited... Just my opinion and ideas to help better the game. Besides that, great job and keep up the good work!
  6. New Kit

    How about quadcopter or small plane kit? QUADCOPTER WILL OPERATE IN CERTAIN RADIUS BUT THE MAIN TASK OF QUADCOPTER WILL TO FLY OVER AREA AND TELL TO OTHER TEAMS ABOUT ENEMY LOCATION QUADCOPTER WILL HAVE NIGHT VISION AND THERMAL VISION BUT THE DOWNSIDE OF THIS QUADCOPTER WILL BE HIS SOUND so PLAYERS WILL HEAR THEIR SOUND AND SEE BLINKING LIGHTS ON IT AND ENEMY CAN ONESHOT HIM DOWN Here's how I imagine this (I find this screenshot on google and make this interface) - http://press.joinsquad.com/squad/images/logar_9.png NV and TV means - Night vision and Thermal vision. Below you see signal of the drone and map.
  7. The teams are not bad but you should be able to have a better setup. Here is an idea how to balance the teams out. First of all the US Team must really have a Designated Marksman. A good weapon of choice would be the M39 EMR equipped with ACOG. Both teams should have only 1 Fighter class, for the US team the M4A1 equipped with a Reddot of course (as already provided in the game). This is where the Insurgent team falls short. I think to really balance the both teams the Insurgent Fighter Class and Insurgent Cell Leader Class should have an optic mounted on their AK-47. The Russian Kobra Red Dot would be the best choice. Yet still maintaining the AK-47 power vs M4A1 accuracy ratio, this is critical.
  8. Thread merged: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/158-enhancing-infantry-gameplay/ - Replies included. I'm making this thread for the discussion of anything to do with small arms accuracy in general and what pertinent systems could be implemented to make it more authentic. I've played Project Reality since 0.7, and thoroughly enjoyed it up to 1.0. A lot of the changes brought about by 1.0 put myself and a lot of other regular players off the game, in my case one of the main concerns being the changes to deviation. From what I understand, deviation was the emulation of the effects things such as fatigue, stance and suppression have on accuracy. In 1.0 deviation was a lot more forgiving, favouring personal skill over squad-level tactics and also leading to much shorter firefights. An additional consequence was upsetting the balance between weapons. First of all, a straight up imitation of the deviation system is out of the question - With UE4 I imagine it wouldn't even be necessary. My suggestion would be to get it closer to ArmA than PR in this respect - Your bullets go where the gun is pointing, but where the gun's pointing is influenced by your stance, how fast and for how long you've been running or staying still, your injuries and whether you're being suppressed. The problems that ArmA, and as another example, Red Orchestra 2 have in this respect is the fact that the sights will always stay aligned, allowing you to score a hit so long as your front sight's on the target when you fire. It is important that this is not the case when, say, an explosion happens next to you, or you change stance* or anything else that could influence the angle the gun is at relative to your view. The recovery in any case should be somewhat quick, but still influenced by what you were doing before you took aim; If we were to compare it to PR's deviation, somewhere in the middle ground between .98 and 1.0 *One of Battlefield's, and by extension, PR's main flaws was the fact that changing between crouching and standing had no effect on deviation, allowing players to pop up, instantaneously get an accurate shot off and return to crouch before the enemy has a chance to return fire This one may be controversial - Pulling the trigger could have some effect on where your weapon's pointing, a miniscule effect - Maybe when in semi-auto, if you were to hold the fire button down for a split-second rather than just tap it, this would be negated to a degree. The point of these suggestions is placing the emphasis back on good positioning, tactics and patience and bringing the longevity back to firefights.
  9. Would be nice if we could have the option to use (at least some of the) weapons left handed, as some people would prefer the immersion aspect of it, especially if they are left-handed shooters in real life. Of course this will require some new animation-work etc, and some weapons just won't be compatible with it (like the L85 for the brits etc), but it would be really nice to at least have the option (even if it would cause some reload-times to be longer etc). Just something to consider, and most likely will only come way later down the line of course (if even considered at all).
  10. 3D Loadout

    So I was thinking about how loadouts are gonna work, and I thought that instead of having your typical, basic menus, you can have a 3D model. With that 3D model, you can take an attachment, lets say an optic, it would appear on the model, and you can put it exactly where you want on the rail, you could adjust it back and forth to your liking. The same would go for other attachments like flashlights/lasers, grips, bipods, etc. As for attachment limits, I think the best limit would be as much space that you have on the railing. You also shouldn't be limited to having say a flashlight or a laser on the gun, you could have both on different rails. There should also be a very wide range of attachments. There should be multiple types of optics, suppressors, flashlights/lasers, grips, bipods, similar to Battlefield 4 but much more extensive. What would be really cool is some of the smaller things needed for attachments, for example, scopes. They need scope rings to hold it on the rail. There could be different types of rings rather than just the ones the scope comes with, not really statistically but more cosmetic. The loadouts could go a lot further than just the gun, also. There could be different types of gear, like NVGs, helmets, armor plates, vests, etc. With the vests, it would be really cool to have something similar to attachments on the gun, but instead, things like pouches on M.O.L.L.E. straps. Please take this into consideration, it's unique, and in my opinion the best way of creating a loadout.
  11. Hey everyone! This is my first post on here. I thought of a few things.. I know the general focus of the game is widespread military units and gear. Will certain special forces units be added in the future as a level you can rank up to eventually. Is this in the works? Or can it not be confirmed? The second item is in regards to snipers or dmr's. I think it would be nice to see weapon resting, prone, bipods, and the ability to actually sight in your weapon in a certain distances and then either figure out your hold overs or your mil/moa adjustments for certain distances. This would then stay with your particular profile and would stick to the particular rifle when you join a server. This would require range finders, kestrel wind licator, a spotter, and other factors in order to make an accurate shot at distance. This would eliminate the "OPness" of snipers like in other non realistic fps games. Also I'm assuming real weapon balistics are or will be incorporated?
  12. I saw someone in the youtube comments making this suggestion: Add random Weapon skins to different weapons so not every soldier has the same weapon in their hands. This would look realistic and absolute awesome. Maybe 3 per weapon? Obviosly this is something for later on after the game is almost finished. But I think thats a nice idea for the visuals.
  13. Hey, I was able to take a look at the new weapons and features. Enjoy this quick video!
  14. Custom Named Loadouts For Each Class 'Loadouts' are a core component of FPS genre (for the sake of variety); even if they are not editable or customisable by players. Loadout features of 'similar games' (personal opinions): Insurgency (Loadouts can't be named, can't be saved, despite a nice choice of equipment per class)Project Reality (Loadouts can't be named, can't be saved, come in options which are hard to distinguish due to minute icons on the spawn screen and some loadouts don't even have the barely readable icons - non spawnable kits)ArmA series (Confusing, slow, irresponsive but detailed) Squad could hopefully bring a loadout system combining the best features and learning from the mistakes of other games. Loadouts are often associated with tier/ranking/unlockable system but these don't have to be neccessary for a user friendly experience. What Makes A Good 'Basic'/Game Ready Loadout? These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Default Equipment (even if not customisable)Being able to give it a custom name and save it and also revert it to the default name (user friendly)Being able to recognise what the class contains without relying on tiny icons (some of which may be duplicated and a great and horrible example of this might be IIRC; PR's Iraqi insurgent faction's IED class with very different IEDs - being unable to tell which is more Mortar and which is a mine both made for very different purposes)Basic Weapon Customisation (Iron sight or scope, without mentioning pay 2 win ideas or unlockables)Basic Weapon Selection (Full length or Carbine version, new version or old version or calibre or similar expected weapons for faction class)Saveable customisation and selection features which can be given custom names or default names based on the classRestricted Weapon Access (not all classes being able to carry and use every and any weapon) What Makes A Good 'Advanced' Loadout? These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Customisable equipment slots (needing more field dressings or more grenades?)Equipment weight system impacting Stamina, movement and accuracyCustomisable or Selectable Apparell/Clothing/Armour/Fatigues (This may include civvie clothes, different cammoflague schemes/patterns/designs, Armour schemes, Head armour schemes)An expansive customisation of weapon features (Barrel mounted torches, bi-pods, bayonets and so on) There's obviously many more considerations and options and arguements or balances but I only intend this thread as an inspiration for the developers (hopefully) which has been born out of frustration with FPS loadout schemes. Other Considerations These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Team/Squad/Clan/Guild/Community 'patches' on equipment - possibly a source of development revenue without subscribed or pay 2 win featuresSome customisable or selectable apparell/Clothing/Fatigues might not effect gameplay and therefore it is a wasted effort - but it could also a be a source of development revenue without sunscrined or pay 2 win features.Customisable in game character/person/avatars - might not effect gameplay and therefore it is a wasted effort - but it could also a be a source of development revenue without sunscrined or pay 2 win features. I know little about game design but just wanted to share experience of FPS gaming over a duration of 13 years (too much gaming).
  15. The M9 Knife

    i was just wondering but is the m9 going to be only a knife or will we be able to attach it to m4/m16 rifles for cqb and bayonet charges
  16. Another feature you can add to the game is customization of not only weapons, but vehicles too. You can maybe use the same principal as to Insurgency uses, like the point system. Different attachments cost different amounts of points. You can add things like Suppressors, flashlights, lasers sights, holos, red dots, grips, launchers and all sorts of things you can think of. The way you can acumulate points is by capturing positions, taking out enemies, or healing one of your teammates. This would be amazing to see on the day it comes out.