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Found 128 results

  1. Vehicle Models Aesthetic Suggestion

    I recently saw FishMan's sweet BTR-80 model: And when I looked at it, I re-realized that making a vehicle with a bunch of crap hanging off it looks a helluva lot nicer than just a naked vehicle. The models are clearly WIPs so will we see some more stuff on 'em later (besides textures of course)?
  2. [suggestion] Roles/UI

    I have been on the forums for quite some time, lurking and reading the posts, but never decided to jump in until now. I have played pr for about 8 years, so I am comfortable with the idea of the game, but for better or for worse, don't let that judge your opinion of the idea or interface. I have a suggestion for the way roles would work, and also a suggestion for the UI. (I also found a great location on google earth that should be made into a map! ;D) Here is what it would look like when you load in.. You would be brought to the screen with the squad tab open. From there, similar to pr, you would have a listing of squads. The difference is that these squads have extensions associated with them. This exact example obviously is more applicable to conventional forces and in this case NATO hence the APP6 NATO-Icons. It can be abstracted to other factions though... So say you wanted to create a squad that was anti-armor. When you create the squad, you would be able to pick an extension. In this case below you are creating an anti-armor squad. Now lets say you are a player joining the Heavy AT (HAT) squad and selecting the extension kit. you would have your load out, and then the specialty item.. (I realize this might have to be different for "sniper") If you did not join a squad, your selection would be: Allowing a squad to have a single extension, in addition to being more accurate from a fidelity standpoint, has many benefits that will improve the game play once assets are involved. 1 squad wont have your AA, AT, and sniper kit. Commander role won't be just used to call in area attack. The commander can find assets on the map and position them. (The commander trying to tell a lone wolf with a HAT to go somewhere had a .001% chance of working) A common saying of squad leaders in pr was "Take whatever kit you want, just don't take a sniper or engineer kit". Well this would prevent people from joining a squad and taking kits. an important point would be that you could also use this for claiming assets such as tanks.. First one to claim the extension gets the asset. No more petty arguments about who created the first tank sq.. there could be a vote for extension removal as well. If someone is doing such a bad job that enough of the team votes them out they lose the extension An important point would be that you aren't stuck with your squad extension either... Say you are a rifleman squad and you know armor is heading your way. The SL would go to a crate/fob and be able to change the extension there. Then, a squad member would be eligible for that role... Overall I think this could drastically help keep squads together and keep lonewolfing with specialty kits down. lastly, you'll notice on the map that I have different icons.... The squad leader icon would be their respective extension i.e.: This would allow you to identify which asset is where (assuming the rest of the squad isn't derping around elsewhere)... I saw a trend in some of the map designs going toward stuff like a visible radius around the cap points, and pointers indicating which way players are looking. I think that greatly takes away from a big aspect of the game -that being "communication" The more your map reveals, the less impact communication has on a team's success... Let me explain that: You hear a firefight North of you and you look on the map.. If you see the squad above you all looking east, its pretty easy to guess which way the enemy is.. If you don't have that information you would have to communicate with the group above you to figure out what the situation is. If you are unable to communicate with them, then you will go into the area with a disadvantage... That also goes for cap points. The above cap markers are also APP6 NATO (friendly, neutral, enemy) and the path is indicated with a white line. I think perhaps just having the radius indicated in meters beneath the cap point is plenty of information. I don't like the idea of "mark the very edge of that cap ring and lets sit there".
  3. I don't know if this is already a plan, but maybe since real Army Humvees and technical do rely on tires that require air, (yes I know the Army has Run-flats, but they are nowhere near as fast) maybe you could do a damage model for vehicles that includes the tires, and tires can be popped by enough small arms fire. Just a thought, because one of the things I was not a huge fan of in a lot of military games is that you can't shoot tires out as infantry. It is more realistic if there is a damage model that supports this, and for unarmored vehicles possibly a damage model for the engine block, because there are a lot of stories from deployments about vehicles being disabled with a couple rounds to the engine. Just a thought, this really has nothing to do with coolness and all the more to do with how the real world combat scenarios actually play out.
  4. Jets

    Yep guys. First of all i want to talk about Jets because I´m very ungry about this topic because some developers said that there won´t be jet in the final game because the maps are too small and they can´t go in mach 2 (genious). What about Battlefield. BF has smaller maps, but it has jets.....how? 1-the first part of the map is only alowed for ground gameplay. However the air map is bigger (OFC with lower level of detail because ground players are not allowed to be there 2-Do we need mach 2 speed? I think no cuz this speed won´t be possible for obvious reasons. But what about 500 km/h? I think that this speed would be fine Pls that excuse was so bad :D As developers u should know that u are not a big company and ur only way to sell more is about the quality of ur product (not about publicity )and everyone in the comunity want a all-vehicle warfare game If u don´t add jets is cuz u don´t want to sell more or ur last dinner wasn´t good for ur stomach xD
  5. Hi all, i read through some more recent posts on vehicles and as i understand, implementing multiplayer vehicles to UE4 seems to be an issue Since even devs having problems and with my tank i will face these problems sooner than later, i figured others working on mods and stuff might happen to get stuck at this aswell. Maybe someone can get something out of this and who knows, maybe the devs themselfs can find the answer they are looking for, though i guess this is nothing new to them. I`m really just trying to be on active service here. :) - Non of the following is done by me, nor do i get any credit for posting this. Found on the UE4 Marketplace: Drivable Vehicles https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/drive-able-vehicle-pack Multiplayer Passenger Vehicles: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/multiplayer-passenger-vehicle Found in the UE4 Forum: Tracked Vehicle Blueprints in UE4 including full source on GhitHub: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?83483-ASSETS-OPEN-SOURCE-Tanks-tracks-and-N-wheeled-vehicles https://github.com/BoredEngineer/UE4_Tracked_Vehicles https://youtu.be/xNT8td3hkS4?t=24m34s happy hunting
  6. Vehicles questions

    I just got the game this past weekend (Saturday, February 6th 2016), and coming into my first server/game with people. After the firing range to see what the game looks like and how it runs, I have seen a few YouTube videos on it. And I have been wondering, how soon will vehicles and technicals come out? I have heard things like not for a while up to the next major update. So I have searched the forums and FAQ but to no eval. So I just took it upon myself to go on here and ask that question. Thank you for all the help and replys I will and have gotten, also a BIG thanks to the people who help make this absolutely wonderful game. They have been working their heads off for us. You guys have made the game of my dreams!! Thank you very much!!!!
  7. FPS drops

    When ever i join a squad and they talk i lose fps like crazy and im going 60fps then drops to 5 but when they never talk im going 60fps and i have everything on epic no problems the firefights i don't lose fps. Its just when ever poeple in my squad or around me talk i lose fps. so i would like it if someone can help me solve this.
  8. With vehicles coming soon I though it might be a good idea to change the way that main base spawning works. At the moment when a player spawns they are given a timer based on a few different factors that are individually specific. My fear is that with the current spawning system if a player spawns at main base and a vehicle is present it could result in impatient players just using the vehicle as a personal transport rather than waiting for team-mates to transport. So instead of just giving the main base the fastest spawn time creating a wave spawn would highly raise the chance that multiple players spawn at the same time and then coordinate their use of vehicles and grouping. The wave spawn system would work similar to RO2 where the spawn point has it's own timer and whenever that timer reaches zero whoever is in the queue spawns. This could result in players instantly dying and respawning but that would be more up to luck than anything else. Wave spawns could also apply to FOBs or Rallies making them more difficult to spawn camp, but my main concern is the use of vehicles. This is a minor suggestion but it could help avoid annoyances in future, thanks for reading.
  9. Predicted Updates

    Do you guys think there will be any new cool updates coming up like new ranking system or vehicles! :o
  10. Vehicle List - Deployment

    Are these vehicles still expected to be released gradually? You're doing a great job, keep it up!!! PS: Please add rappel option for transport helicopters or even, rappel / chute
  11. I need Reinforcements Soldier!

    So where are my vehicle reinforcements? ETA? Thanks
  12. Authenticity.

    As usual, sorry for my poor English. I hope you can understand me. Second moment: please, don't write here "Squad is not milsim", "Nobody cares". I want to talk about cosmetic aspect rather than gameplay features. My favorite thing in PR is representing of different factions. Team made various units in the way they should look and act, made them distinctive and realistic. Authenticity is major component of this kind of game, although devs aren't making milsim. But Squad still stands for realism. For example, many of us remember "Medal of Honor 2010", arcade run-and-gun-and-press-to-win shooter. This game is typical COD-style FPS, but it tells story not about elite Tier -1 international task dreamteam. It tells about elite, but real units, real places and (mostly) real combat situations, based on operation "Anaconda". It is the reason, why MoH: Warfighter failed: EA has decided to sink authenticity in ocean of tacticool trademarks and trips around the world. Sadly, they don't understand it. I know, it is only pre-alpha and we should expect many changes, including player models, so I won't talk about them. But it looks like US faction is... Slightly marinated? As far as I know, Army has never bought M9A1 version, only Marines use railed Beretta. Correct me if I am wrong. Next, M203 UGL. Some Army units in A-stan still use it, but even more units get M320 and satisfied with them. Marines still use M203. M1014 shotgun is standard for USMC. Never see this gun in hands of Army infantry. I know there are a lot of veterans on our forums, who knows modern US equipment and weaponry far more better than me, and I will greatly appreciate your opinion and correcting. And one more word about your models, weapon sounds and animation. They are simply oustanding. I want to have them all in game, doesn't matter, authentic they are or not. There are a lot of modellers in the game industry, but you are Artists. P.S. Russian faction has not been represented yet, but russian military DOES NOT use Ural-375D for almost 40 years, RPK/-74/M (Except for Naval Infantry), AK-74 with metal stock and shotguns. Trust me
  13. This concept works along with another concept at this link, but can expand to work with others. Commanders should be able to control when a vehicle spawns. If he wants to spawn all the jets at once, so be it, and more power to him. Vehicles usually affect the team's tickets (or budget) whether on spawn, or as a penalty on destruction. The more abusive a commander is with vehicle spawns, the higher the chance of creating a negative impact on the team's tickets or budget. Therefore it falls on the commander to carefully choose when to spawn them. Having said that, the commander can choose when he wants to reinforce the team's vehicles. If he decides to spawn tanks over and over, that's his decision and he takes responsibility. On the other hand, he can also withhold assets from the team until an appropriate squad is available to use them. No vehicle theft from main or wasted assets. If a vehicle is needed, the commander can choose whether to give the infantry group who were stranded at main a small jeep, compared to a more expensive transport truck. There may be a heli pad, but no pilots to fly the CAS helis, so the CO doesn't need to spawn one. A squad leader needs a logistics truck, and the others have been destroyed, spawn a new one. No vehicles may be spawned outside of the main base. The vehicles will spawn at their appropriate locations. If the spawn point is blocked by a previous spawn, or another asset, the spawn will be cancelled and the CO will receive a notification. There is a catch though. Assets do not spawn of their own accord. Only a commander may spawn them. Safe guards must be put up to avoid random players going commander to spawn vehicles.
  14. Hi All, a question to the community and devs. Does anyone know if there will be a more advanced armore penetration system in the future game? (When vehicles and tanks come to the game) Im thinking about a system like WarThunder or MOW2 ,for all types of rounds or Missiles (RPGas Javelinc Sabot etc..). So that there could be seperate parts of the Tank destroyed. Like the track, the engine, or just disable the tank with well placed shots and not always blowing it up wenn the Health bar is on 0, but blow it up when the round penetrates armore and ammo cache. I think something like this could fitt very well in a semi realistc way for SQUAD and dont like the idea of having a tank with a simple healt bar, or penetration and a health bar. Is something known? What do you think about this? KR
  15. Hello everyone, A *WIP* list of vehicle developer priorities was kindly given in a reply by SgtRoss on a thread regarding Ducking/Crouching while in Humvees to give some insight on what is to come regarding Vehicle Implementation. The list is not final and more things may be added and possibly some removed;
  16. I could not find a thread for tankers, so hope you don't mind making one here. Squad development looks great.. and going so fast atm! Being a big tank nut I would like to suggest to please add proper tanks and apc's. So what is in my opinion proper tank implementation. There are only three titles that did it right, so use them as an example! (Steel Beasts Pro, RO2, T34 vs Tiger) I'm a Steel Beasts Pro player and that should basically be the aim for proper tank implementation. no need to make it a sim like DCS -make it possible to control a tank solo AND multicrewable. (if that is even a word) and for those screaming that you should not be able to solo a tank.. It's not like the tanks in battlefield.. where you are basically a sniper on tracks driving around the battle field. Soloing a tank gives you a disadvantage as you have to move from one position to the other.. so a multi head crew is always more effective. (if they communicate at all) I suggest looking at how they implemented the controls in RO2.. because that is basicly how I would implement a tank. Have at least the turret interiour, as this is the place you will spend most if your time (the office) , popping your head in and out of the cupola .. when turned out able to use bino's (but vulnarable to snipers etc). And when turned in and looking through periscope you have very limited view. Don't do instant switching from seat to seat.. just do it like in RO2.. there's a delay (or animation when moving from commander to gunner seat) so you are not able to just use a tank as a sniper and spam the battlefield. The problem when you force people to use multiple people in a tank is that you always have to get people online you play with. Believe me.. controlling a tank with people who do not communicate is a nightmare. And a tank is a large vulnerable object with all those infantry with rpg's. I rather see 2 tanks with interior and 2 apc's then 20 without. I think it would be epic to finally have a great tactical framework like squad that is the first one ever to have proper tanks like Steel Beasts and/or RO2. Both are great.. but steelbeast is mainly about vehicles, and in RO2 the maps aren't that great for tankers. I know implementing tanks this way is a shitload of work.. but please.. get someone on the team that knows the few good tank games and makes it his mission to get it right in squad. Yes, I see bumps ahead.. how on earth can you get interiors for the newer models for example. And if you need help I know my way around with 3D modeling.. just let me know
  17. After you announced "Boot Camp: An Introductory Series - 6 - Vehicles Vehicles VEHICLES!" I thought that you could a little bit expand your variety of vehicle types by adding recovery/ engineering vehicles. Yes, it may take a lot of work adding features like towing a damaged vehicle (including tanks and apcs) or bulldozing walls and eliminating enemy obstacles (destroying FOBs) to clear the way, but it would be unique, awesome, realistic and fun. It promotes teamwork and communication on a large, combined-arms scale with a basis of realism! Here are few examples of what am I talking about: 1. US army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M88_Recovery_Vehicle ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgRyG4V63hw / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtE-an537vM )https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M9_Armored_Combat_Earthmove2. British army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Challenger_2#CRARRV ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0zTV6Lhme8 )https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrier_Armoured_Digger3. German army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopard_2#Engineering_and_driver_training_tanks (BPz3 "Büffel") ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF5-6wqLuuc Towing a Leopard 2A6 )4. Russian army http://tanknutdave.com/the-russian-t-90-imr-3m-combat-engineer-vehicle/ (IMR-3M)5. French army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Char_de_d%C3%A9pannage_DNG/DCL (Leclerc DCL) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xofhh9fZuJ4 / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqucaGJTm1E shitty music warning! )https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-30#Variants (AMX-30D)6. Chinese army http://tanknutdave.com/the-chinese-type-90-ii-armoured-recovery-vehicle/7. Israel army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puma_armored_engineering_vehiclehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDF_Caterpillar_D9 (CAT D9) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmR-5WCH8nc towing a Merkava tank )I hope it gives you some ideas By the way, these 2 youtube channels are full of military videos, which could give you some ideas for the game: https://www.youtube.com/user/arronlee33 and https://www.youtube.com/user/AiirSource. Lets make this game awesome!
  18. Backflips and wheelies with bikes?

    Hey.. Will there be possible to make wheelies and backflips with bikes. Something like this. https://youtu.be/8E6MKI2ErDs?t=2m12s
  19. HMMWVs Need To Go

    I just backed the Kickstarter and I'm very excited about this game. I was a combat engineer in the US Army and did route clearance for 9 months in Afghanistan(12-13), so I have a bit of familiarity with the topic of modern vehicles. After watching some gameplay and the Kickstarter campaign video, I am truly hoping that the developers remove the up-armored HMMWVs from the modern setting. The US military hasn't used them in combat for years, and for good reason. The Kickstarter Campaign Page states.. "REAL WORLD CURRENT TIME PERIOD FACTIONS, including regular and irregular forces. Meaning the inclusion of realistic tactics, weapons, accouterments, load-outs, vehicles, sounds and sights of war using highly accurate modelling accrued from our military advisors as well as years of experimentation and experience in the modding scene." I understand that this game is still in very early development, but my suggestion is to add M-ATVs, RG-31's, MaxxPros, and any of the other modern troop carrier/gun trucks that replaced the HMMWV years ago. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to play! Edit: Give the Afghan National Army(ANA) the HMMWVs and let us fight the Taliban as them. Would make for a more balanced experience!
  20. Will we see new military vehicles such as (in Germany)? Leopard A6M MarderPuma GTK Boxer Enok Eagle IV/V Dingo 2
  21. Giving the insurgent faction ability to Hotwire enemy light armor and use it for themselves would be a very interesting concept and a way for insurgents to gain an edge on the battlefield. The process could take several minutes and then insurgents would have access to it, maybe marking it with a flag of their faction and changing the texture to one that has been spray-painted with black splotches. If the vehicle is destroyed tickets would be taken away from the insurgents. Only 4 Light Armor vehicles (no APCs or Helicopters ect.) would be able to be hotwired each round. Thoughts? Which kit should be able to perform a Hotwire- a sapper?
  22. From the long Squad Livestream by Bluedrak42 on youtube, at 1:19:55 they answer questions about vehicles. It is stated that "vehicles will be a simple way of getting you around the map" and for logistics and to make spawn points. Vehicles will be used to get you from the back to the front and so on. It is then stated that Humvee could have a 50 cal that can sit behind sandbags. I have also heard talk from developers about helicopters, tanks, and other types of vehicles. Before I put a decent amount into the kickstarter.. Main question is, are vehicles literally a means of transportation, or are we actually able to use these vehicles in terms of having a driver and a gunner at the same time, and as a player is driving, can the gunner shoot? Or does the Humvee have to be "deployed" or "deployed behind sandbags" for the gunner to operate? Then there's talk about tanks, helicopters, and I think jets (if they have the money). So will tanks just be a form of durable transportation, or can we use them to drive around and shoot? Same for helicopters. Can we fly around and have gunners? Or if it's an attack helicopter can we fly and take out tanks and enemy bases, etc? Can we expect vehicles to use their full features at the same time as they're driving (obviously the obvious ones such as a Humvee having a gunner)? I understand if you have to set up a vehicle and it has to be stationary for a specific function that you wouldn't be driving it around. So if a developer or someone, preferably a developer, could answer this question if we can expect to simultaneously use functions of a vehicle such as a driver driving it along with a gunner gunning? Or will the Humvee have to be parked and set up, THEN the gunner can start shooting? I would hope we can simultaneously use functions of vehicles. If it's a balancing issue such as it may be overpowered for a Humvee to be driving and having a gunner taking out infantry, then just make it harder for the gunner to have control over it so it would make more sense to drive slower or come to a stop for the gunner to take out infantry. I'd like that because then if part of my squad is in in a small town in a battle, I could roll in with my squad member on a Humvee and start to slow down as he'd start suppressing the enemy, then as I come to a stop he could continue shooting but with more control. It would suck if we had to drive in, come to a stop, set up (deploy the Humvee), then be able to shoot. We'd be dead by then, and wouldn't be as "actiony" I searched for this topic and couldn't really find anything else to clear this up, if I missed a specific post I apologize. Thanks!
  23. Logistic&co

    CIAAOOO everyone, i'm sorry but i had to do that as soon as i'm new to the forum, i searched for the topic before asking (?) (discussing?) this thing: the question is... Will you developers add a system\ gameplay feature to allow the material for building FOBS to be carried from logistic trucks or vehicles? i know the game is pre alpha as i'm quite er... addicted to this game from the beginning,last year,i just wanted to know someting related from developers but ALSO what peoples would think about that. Love this game gogogoooooooooo best game eveeeer!!!! P:S. i played and still play PR so i know what i'm talking about...oh and pls don't shout at me for my bad english i'm italian=)