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Found 53 results

  1. I play squad on a second monitor with better first person shooter qualities that is not my main "monitor". Every time I open squad, it starts on my main monitor in borderless, which I then have to exit to drag the game window to the monitor I play on, then re-enable. I have not found a monitor output option in the settings. First world problems I know, but a drop-down for monitor selection in graphics settings(that is persistent between launches) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dear OWI Devs, maybe I'm all alone on this but I always have to read the drop and load graphics twice to get the drop and load correct. So I did a quick photoshop improvement with two UI update suggestions. For me the ++ version works the best because the Logi is the center of my interaction. But judge for yourself what actions you crasp quicker. ORIGNAL IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION VERSION+ IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION VERSION++ Cheers, Mauti
  3. 1: This has been bugging me for a while: empty magazines for vehicle are blackened. However, they are on a black background, you can't see how many magazines you expended. Giving empty vehicle mags an outline would make them easily visible against the black background of the gunner UI. 2: Show the number of empty seats in a vehicle, kind of like ArmA. Driver could have an indicator in the lower right, showing the empty passenger seats. 4/8, 12/12, etc.
  4. Hi All, Noticed that there might be some weird behavior with the FPS limit setting in the general tab. When i use this feature and lock into 60-70 fps using the text field and hitting enter i get it to stick at the FPS i want, if i however then hit apply it will revert back to not being locked. There is some sort of mechanic that is preventing this from being set properly, its not a big issues as all i have to do is go into squads setting and hit enter on the text field and it locks the frames perfectly, if i don't use the text field i cant hit enter to activate and the slider simply doesn't work when dragging. As a side note im using a freesync monitor on an Nvidia 1080Ti setting this through the nvidia control panel which allows me to use my monitor at 75hz. I also don't have the vsync active in squad. (im not sure you can have this active with FPS limit anyway) I have to set this everytime i start squad.
  5. Revert Map Grid

    Hey guys, black on gray on gray with shades of gray terrain is extremely hard to read in the midst of a fight. A while back we had red/white/black lines that I really liked. Even if it's not so vibrant, can we please get a bit of a visibility pass on the map? It'd reduce reliance on markers for everything (FTL mark range removed anyway, and that's awesome) The map has measurements, it's not too difficult to range things using the map or binoculars WHEN you can see the grid. Thanks. Related, it'd be awesome if maps had topographical lines/data on them as well to aid in on-the-fly decision making for squad leaders and individual movement.
  6. Inbuilt Mortar Calculator

    As the tittle suggests. To many bogus calcs floating around the net + newbies jump on the Mortars without calcs and drain the ammo stock.
  7. UI Text Chat Colours

    Please consider changing [ALL] & [TEAM] to differentiating colours. They are currently both set on blue.
  8. Is it intentional that the orange FOB-request marker Squad Leaders can put down isn't removed when an FOB radio is put down at or near the marker's location? It's just slightly more messy on the map having to clean up the marker after I place a radio quite close if not exactly atop of it. I play with the FOB rings up, and seeing the usual blue and grey rings next to orange is just slightly distracting, and I don't see the need to keep the suggestion of where to place a FOB when there's a FOB already placed at the location. I don't know what radius would be preferable for deleting FOB markers from FOB radios, though. The blue circle of influence? Just in case someone meant to place one on a hill nearby, and got canceled out by another? Or the whole grey circle, to completely remove suggestion markers from impossible to build places?
  9. FREINDY WALL OF TEXT INCOMING! GET INTO COVER! I love the new ammo system. It really makes it possible to starve out a heavily fortified FOB if the enemy is unable to keep supplies flowing in. I find myself taking my squad to disrupt supplies and cutting off reinforcements more often than going directly in to the meat grinder that is a HAB attack, and If my squad succeeds it means the FOB will get starved of ammo and my team can move in and destroy it. I think this strategic level of play is what I love most about squads gameplay right now. For me it has never been the kills, or score, but the slow play of trying to stack the odds against the enemy team by denying enemy recourses, splitting their efforts and keeping my squad alive. At the end of the round the stat I rate my success as a squad leader is the amount of casualties taken, haven’t managed to pull off a clean sheet yet, but that’s the dream/challenge. (And for those you you how read this as me playing as a behind the lines commando unit. You are wrong. I usually play really close to the objectives, but with a mindset of controlling enemy movement, supplies and drawing their attention to make room for my team to move in rather than trying to go for the kills or caps myself, usually every other squad is rushing into cap already). I really like the change that anybody can revive, cause it keeps more players on their feet actually playing the game and contributing rather than in “hold spawns” loop, watching the map. I made some notes for suggestions/ideas while playing way too much squad this weekend. Hoping for feedback. Bugs: 1.) BUG! My keyboard layout/language keeps changing at seemingly random. It’s key under the escape key that I have bound to command map and it keeps changing from § to ‘ to ö. Strangely § and ' are keys that are in that location in some keyboard layout, but ö is on the other side of the board in my native Finnish layout. Still trying to figure out what causes this, but it seems to happen most frequently when entering/exiting a vehicle and placing a rally/buildable. This bug is also present in Post Scriptum so it could be a bug in the engine? Sometimes F1 also gets randomly assigned to § , ‘ or ö Map: 2.) Hold for map keybind. This would be such a big quality of life improvement for me, since I keep checking the map constantly, I hope it could make more players more map aware and help with getting more accurate enemy markers on the map. It should work like any the hold to bind, so map is only open for as long as you keep pressing the button 3.) I’am not a big fan of the UI for marking enemies on the map. Would rather have a radial menu on the map (It used to be a radial menu?). Also would love to be able to mark anything from the SL radial menu. Maybe have the middle “point of interest” button could be a kind of sub menu that you can cycle with the mouse wheel with all possible markers available. Also having the buttons in “mark enemy” submenu cycle with mouse wheel. The mark enemies menu arrangement feels kind of wonky for me at the moment. Most of the time I need to mark enemies quickly, but in the menu the 12 to 3 o'clock position that I hover my mouse over when entering the menu is for marking a FOB, which is the marker I use the least. I would suggest a new button placement, with mouse wheel functionally to scroll tough every marker of that type, in a clockwise order starting from 12 as follows: Infantry, armor, FOB, vehicle. And the middle of the mark enemy submenu we could have (with mouse wheel scrolling) all of the request markers. 4.) I would love to be able to place lines and arrows on the map. I don’t want to be able to draw on the map, because public servers are a thing, but to be able place attack arrow and defend lines to help me better coordinate my squad and team. These would only be accessible trough command map. The interface could work like this: Pick a line/arrow tool, click to place staring point or said line/arrow, the line orient towards the mouse and keep following the mouse unitl clicked again to lock the direction and place the line/arrow on the map. Lines/Arrows could have a fixed length or be user definable with a reasonable maximum length to make it harder to draw certain body parts all over the map. 5.) I’am hoping we get topographical commander map at some point. It’s sometimes really hard to see elevation differences on the map. Would also like if the commander map would clearly define forests from fields. 6.) I feel like we need a new zoom level in between fully zoomed out and the next zoom level in. Full map is too wide and one zoom level in I feels too zoomed in. Mechanics: 7.) The new ammo, revive and rallypoint systems are truly amazing gameplay mechanics to give players a chance to be alive more than before, but not begin able to mount attacks without proper supplies, it begin easier to get people back up also really helps with squad cohesion. I think the next step might be to make spawns a resource like ammo and building mats with a cap of 40(?) per FOB. The only problem might be that if spawns are ferried by a logitruck a behind the lines supply disruption might become too powerful, a possible way around this might be giving fobs passive spawn resource regeneration, this would take some weight off logi squads so they don’t have to do that many runs to cap off the spawns on defensive FOBs. Maybe something like +2 spawns a minute if no-one has spawned in 5 minutes, so defensive FOB's would get fully loaded with spawns in 25 minutes with no logi effort. If implemented someone need to come up with a formula of how much ammo/building is one spawn. Maybe 10 spawns = 1000 supplies? Maybe logitucks always carry 10 spawns + room for 3000 supplies. 8.) The rallypoint system is really good, but could still maybe be improved upon. Rallypoints could have a limited amount of spawns to force players to pull back from an attack if they are in danger of running out of spawns on their rally. This could cause a new dynamic into the game where every attack doesn’t end in a wipe, but rather sometimes in a disengagement or a rout. I Think a full squad worth of spawns for one rally could be a good starting point for experimenting. 9.) The amount of rallies could also be limited and cost ammo to recharge, I feel like 3 rally points would be enough before SL needs to get a refill from an ammo source. 10.) Played a couple of rounds of Post Scriptum and I really liked the way bushes and water slowed your movement down, creating natural chokepoints on the map. This is quite similar to my earlier suggestion thread about having different movement speeds for infantry depending on the terrain, but just adding this feature and making walking faster when on roads, could be a nice middle ground. 11.)Taking on a really steep incline should also slow down movement speed to create natural barriers. 12.) I feel like this has been discussed before, but I think you should be able to pack up buildable weapons, if shovelled down they should return building materials to the FOB. This would allow squads to react to enemy flanks and keep enemy armour guessing where the TOW is located. Ofcource there is the problem that in theory this would allow players to dig up HMG’s to build up TOW, but I believe the time it takes to dig up a couple of emplacements and the fact that you are trading them for a TOW is enough of a penalty. UI and quality of life: 13.) I’am having a lot of trouble adjusting my mouse sensitivity. When I get everything adjusted the way I like in game my mouse is moving extremely slow in menus and on the command map. Would it be possible to have one more sensitivity slider for command map and ui? 14.) Don’t know if the UI scales with resolution (playing in 1920x1080), but I feel the left side of command map and spawn menu is starved for space on the vertical axis, with a full squad open to see their kits, you don’t have any room to view see any of the other squads with out scrolling. So the suggestion is to have the UI use more of the horizontal space for example, have squad members in two columns in the same space one squad member uses now with SL taking up both columns. This way you would get a nice symmetric layout and save some vertical space. In a perfect world this would auto arrange by fire teams, with alpha on top. I know some people are gonna dislike this, but I don’t really need to what gun someone is wielding, for me only name and kit would be enough. This could maybe be an option in the settings, to give players (me) choice to see or hide the weapon in exchange of seeing more info about your team. 15.) As a squad leader I would love to be able to box select squad members on the map and assign them to a fire team. Since a lot of the time squad cohesion breaks down at some point and you kinda have to make fire teams up as you go. Vehicles: 16.) I really like playing a squad that has an attached apc, ifv or mrap. Only problem is that all vehicles with open turrets, getting into the gunner seat is a death sentence, since the enemy know exactly where to aim as soon as you start firing. Would really like it if the gunner had a chance to take cover inside the vehicle, but still maintain some visibility, so you could suppress the enemy with the MG, and when they start returning fire you could take cover and wait for them to shift their fire off you again. This could make the MRAP and FV432 a little more viable choices as for infantry support vehicles rather than just battle taxis. 17.) Vehicle gunner views seem quite zoomed in even when zoomed out as much as possible. Don’t know if this is realistic or a design choice to force players to run vehicle with a crew of three, but I would love to have a bit more zoomed out view in the gunner seat. I’am also a big fan of the suggestion of binding unzoomed turret rotation to WASD and keeping zoomed in controlled by the mouse. With the exception of commanders view, which could be controlled using the mouse even when zoomed out. 18.) I bet this is already in the works, but vehicles really need a reverse camera (for those that have one in reality) or a view looking back from the driver window or rearview mirror. 19.) I bet this one is also coming , but I wish jumping off a moving vehicle would cause damage, don’t mind friendly vehicles running over you not doing damage, but I feel like vehicles should stop to unload passengers. 20.) When playing with vehicles every now and then due to bad driving, going off road or just bad luck vehicles get stuck on the map. This creates some amazing experiences where you need to to defend the precious vehicle from an incoming enemy while you try and get an other squad with a vehicle to come and try to unf*ck your ride. The process of actually ramming the two vehicles together until both are free or stuck is quite immersion breaking. In Post Scriptum you have the ability to reset vehicle, but I think, just pressing a button to reset a vehicle is way too easy. I suggest that you should be able to reset a vehicle, but only if you have an other vehicle in close proximity. Idea begin that the other vehicle can tow the stuck vehicle out of the ditch. This would promote teamwork and hopefully less vehicles and tickets will be lost due to stuck vehicles and no more need to ram stuck vehicles. The best interface I came up for this would be to have a person “pick up” the vehicle and place it down like a buildable within a radius originating from the original position of the vehicle or the position of the vehicle not begin picked up to make sure you can actually get it back on the road. With this interface there might be a need to figure out way to stop people from carrying tanks up a ladder to rooftops. Limiting the radius to 5 meters could be a good place to start. One way of adding and extra layer of work to get your vehicle back on the road could be either using shovels to pick it up, or needing shovelling to make it enterable again after the relocation I want to give big thanks to everybody working on the game, some of you maybe even since 2004. PR and Squad are one of a kind games, you have truly come up and mastered a new genre of gameplay mechanics! Thank you for the countless hours of PR and the countless hours of squad yet to come.
  10. Hello, I'am a veteran project reality player (mostly squad leader). I bough squad way back, but felt like i needed to give it some time for features to be brought in until could really enjoy it. With V12 this time has finally come all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together to make a truly enjoyable game. After a couple of days of intense playing i came up with these suggestions. Hoping for feedback on my ideas and suggestions. 1.) I love the idea of vehicles not begin able to drive off road without any penalties. I hope the effect of off road penalties (Rolling resistance) is amplified even further and some of the issues with trucks having a hard time climbing hills on roads to be resolved. - Off road penalties should be more severe for all vehicles to give roads strategic value. - Off road penalties for wheeled vehicle should be in comparison to their weight. Conventional forces logitrucks should get more penalty than insurgent pickups, to balance out the capacity (this might already be implemented) 2.) Infantry should get off road penalties. At the moment natural choke points on maps have little strategic value. I believe making it harder for infantry to traverse swamps, muddy fields and swamps could add to the game play. Now positioning has less effect cause you can be flanked with ease trough almost any natural barriers. Implementing infantry movement penalties could give players more control and make enemy movements more predictable and "real". Of course ultimately it is up to the players to decide how and where to move, so you want to go trough a swamp for a flank, just go for it, but keep in mind that it's going to take some time. - My idea of movement penalties for infantry from lowest to highest: Asphalt, concrete, solid wood, graver, dirt, grass, sand, snow, mud. To offset this change in pace asphalt, concrete, wood and gravel could have higher movement rate than normal, again to promote the use of roads. - This is a pretty big change and could throw people off when suddenly their walk slows down for no apparent reason, so if implemented it might need a UI element to give players information on what kind of ground they are on. 3.) I suggest we should get a UI element that shows the names, kit, and distance of our squad members, in fire team colors and order. This although not begin realistic could serve as a way to give the player some simulated peripheral vision and make up for the fact that in real life you would know the members of yours squad and their role in your unit. 4.) This is minor and i hope easy to "fix". I personally hate that the camera tilts when free looking. I know this is what actually happens when you turn your head, but I don't perceive the world at an angle when i look from side to side. I can even lay on my couch and watch TV at full 90 degrees and still not get disoriented. Can't wait what Offworld has in store for us in the future.
  11. Just a small UI suggestion to add the vehicle list (as in what vehicles spawn, for your side and a rough estimate of the enemy vehicles. Possibly with respawn times) to the team selection screen and possibly as a added drop down in the map screen similar to the ticket value menu and legend showing what is what. Just tired of having to look at the map closely to see what assets are on which map and which layout.
  12. Could we maybe get a UI on the map of any numerical indicator of actual alive players, of your team. (not visible to enemy). Might be a good way of encouraging players to stay alive. Red, Yellow, Green indication 10/40, 20/40, 35/40. Think a lot of players don't realise how being down gives the enemy a massive advantage, and drain on your side.
  13. Implementing a feature that focuses the map on a squadmate when you click their name in the squad menu. This would be useful for Squad Leaders aswell as easier, faster squad communication. Great game though, keep it up!
  14. ...to those who don't have Full HD+ display.
  15. I know that vehicles are 5 miles down the development path, but I have a suggestion for controls of the turrets. Dont enable turret gunners to control the turret with a mouse. I've played my share of BF2/3 and having that DPI adjust can really be useful in combat, but its so far from realistic its painful. Those 2 ton armored turrets are spun by regulated stepper motors. They have very fixed maximum turning speeds. This is difficult to regulate when you allow mouse input. Mouse input for guns make sense because you move small-arms with your hands directly.Arrowkeys/Numpad make sense for a tank turret because there are exactly 2 planes of motion. Yaw and pitch.A modifier for motor movement for trim-adjust (fine) would assist in exacting your aim.A keystroke is a binary input and is equivalent across all keyboards.I think facilitating the capacity for 360-noscope-turret-shots will be endorsing less calculated play for tanks, especially in urban environments when tanks are at a de-facto disadvantage for maneuvering. This disadvantage should be a crucial mechanic of the game, and preventing this is a good way to help that reality be reasonably approximated. Source Material for Consideration: Turret Turning Turret Turning Turret Cockpit/Controls
  16. Resolution/UI problem

    Is there a UI scaling of some sort? my default resolution is 1280x1024 at the moment (using a different monitor, main one died on me) And when I go in game my squad list is cut off so I can't kick or promote someone else to squad lead. Heres an image of the problem.
  17. I cant tell you the amount of times i die due to an enemy being covered up by a players name tag, especially when that player is dead and the enemy is on top or next to him. Now I get why they are there, sometimes you need to know someones name to call out to them. And noobs will probably tk a lot more without them. However for someone who knows what they are doing, having name tags show up any further than like 10m is a serious hindrance and i wish so much i could either disable them all together or change the distance at which they show like rising storm 2 let's you. Any chance we will see this? Should be possible as its possible with UE3 at least and should not require any further processing like the ray casting version we used to have. Seems like the best middle ground to me.
  18. In-Game UI

    The UI is slick but still has a couple clunky bits, namely thus: The score board and (and squad ui) are under the map on some resolutions, mine (1680x1050, 16:10) is also affected. An easy fix would be changing the Z-index (or whatever it is) so that the squad ui is always on top for role and members. The map can be at the bottom of the index because we have a button dedicated for it. The end of round is worse, the next map is cut off along with some of the scores. Maps - the grids used to be vivid and made for quick marking but now the lines blend into the terrain really well making quick adjustments and spanning the map a pain. Lastly, have the point of the mark where we click if at all possible. (ie arrow points to where cursor was, tip of shovel where cursor was. Helmet and other marks should remain centered, or be given a thin chevron that points to the cursor's location. Just quality of life precision. One other thing: Keeping kits when they're no longer available should be dealt with. As it sits, a squad can have a HAT and they can keep it for the rest of the game despite not having enough players (either in the squad or the team) to keep it. Same thing with other kits, some squads get 4 MGs, 4 Medics, etc..
  19. How about a newbie setting that shows when any tickets are lost and how it effects on the screen. An option that maybe admin could enable and an option to disable in your settings. So when you start out you see reports like admin message with team kills. Stryker Destroyed your team loses 24 tickets. 470 remain. FOB removed 20 tkts lost. 450 remain. Teamkilled lose 1 ticket. Being aware of ticket system might help with asset waste. Of course pro's will turn it off.
  20. Main Menu Deployment More stuff: ArtStation page. Older concepts - v4: Older concepts - v3: Older concepts - v2: Older concepts - v1:
  21. There had been an change fortification/defenses building circle tracker and I felt it was harder to navigate than before ( I believe i am comparing v9.3 to 9.4) Didnt want to comment until i played enough , but i still feel its hard to navigate the main sections, or not as intuitive as before. I do admit with more constructables , UI space is valuable and it is very hard to fit everything into a space while making it user friendly I was wondering if we could group things like sandbags into one component , then press a button or two to alternative between them. So for sandbags , all of them would be under one category, you click it , it shows the standard one. Then you can press Q and E choose different variations. And the construction system remembers your selection for that component ,so if you want to keep building hesco blocks , you dont need to keep pressing the button to get to it. Alternatively we can also use the mouse wheel. With this system ,we can also add more variation for sandbags for example so we can have higher or lower stacks and individual stacks for windows for example. Perhaps a last-built component will be good too , cause with multiple categories , we have to filter back through them to build the same thing again. Or a button for building multiple/ showing the last built component green-shadow-ghost--thingy
  22. UI Problem

    Im using resolution 1280x1024 (5:4) and having little issues with reading score tab, final score tab, and squad roles (as SL).
  23. When you quickly switch between the roles in the resupply boxes, the text can get stuck and not change. In the example below I switched between the M4A1 + OPTIC to the M4A1 + Red Dot Sight and as you can see the text is still the M4A1 + OPTIC. A very minor bug I know but nonetheless.
  24. Could we change the bleed flag indicator (first flag that causes bleed), so it's obvious that it got some significance to that flag. How about a nice Hexigon .
  25. With the present scoreboard would it be possible to have a collapsed scoreboard. So all other squads only show their total score but yours shows your squad members. For at the present half the players are hidden and have to be scrolled down. Maybe arrow to expand all if needed.