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Found 13 results

  1. Connection Timeout

    Hi Sorry for my bad english I got some problems with my connection to any server. iam trying to connect and hanging some time on the tank screen. After a few minutes i become the message "connection timeout" Whats the problem und how can i fix that? I got no problems the last days. Thanks for youre help
  2. Time using on setting up a FOB

    Hey just wanna know how much time do you usually use setting up the fob? and should I build other defensive stuff like sandbag, wall etc etc as inf sq with 9 ppl? ty in advance
  3. When I launch squad from steam the initial small loading screen with the logo passes fairly quickly. From there I get the little cut scene contained within the squad logo. After this is when I tend to sit with a black screen for 2 or more minutes before the usual controls display graphic shows up, at which point I wait another minute or so before being brought to the main menu. I get the same problem when I go to load into a server, a minute or two of black screen followed by a minute or so of the controls graphic before finally getting into a match. I have no issues running the game smooth as butter once I'm actually in (almost 100hrs of gameplay show no issues with the in game performance). I am running the game from a HDD not an SSD as I don't have the available funds to upgrade that, not that it appears it would make a difference. Two of my roommates have the game, one runs it off an SSD and one also runs off an HDD and both have drastically faster loading times than me. Any idea whats up? Some specs of my rig that may apply?: 1TB HDD (defragmented routinely) Intel i5 8GB ram GTX960 Thanks a lot for any suggestions guys!
  4. Headshots kill quicker

    Basically when you get shot in the head and you are wounded waiting for a medic, it takes less time for you to die, maybe 1/3 or half or 2/3 of the default time. Maybe the medics can see that the friendly unit that has been downed was shot in the head and has less time to be revived whit a dead. And maybe after you are already downed but you havent been hit to the head, enemy players could shot your head to lower your time? this is just an afterthougth, because this would make so almost every person has less time to be revived, because most people will certanly shot you many times specially if they are using full auto, and if the last hit that got you wasnt on the head the other shots would certanly hit it.
  5. With the present there's no additional reward for keeping an asset a alive, yes I know that there's no reduction but how about every 10mins of keeping a vehicle alive the cost of losing it is reduced by a 1/5. More costly the unit the bigger the saving.
  6. I was thinking about the gameplay in Squad and what I believe is wrong with it - how to fix it or why it is the way it is. I will start with a little rant / explaining followed by proposed solutions prevent the problems. The way I see it is: players are motivated to "play wrong". Let me explain what I interpret as "playing wrong". I consider it a major gameplay flaw that the game allows/encourages bezerk charges into the frontline, zig-zaging like mosquitoes and having about the same regard for their life as bezerker that nearly OD'ed on his drugs. When I break it down, I see it as two points that "encourage" this kind of behavior: Habit Motivation By "habit" I mean: other games encourage this and they do this by (perhaps unintentionally) motivating players to play like this. Now here comes the crux of the argument: motivation. (Too) Many shooters today offer game progression - the "feature" that is unlocking "new stuff", such as: new weapons or that hello-kitty-knife-skin that would make your 8 year old sister jealous. And before I start expressing my opinion on this matter too much, I just want to add: how many requests have been made to incorporate this into Squad? especially after Steam release... These games are motivating players to get as many points as possible to unlock game "features" that are otherwise not obtainable. Game companies do this to encourage players to spend more time on their game, which is fair enough for them. However, this has severe consequences on the gameplay. When one is motivated to get as many points as possible in order to get their cookie... I mean knife skin, or whatever... they are obviously looking to do this as fast as possible. And how does a game generally provide points? Kills and objectives - kills being the most quickly accessible "source" of points for a solo man/boy seeking a high points-per-hour value. So the aim for the player is to obtain as many points as he can per hour, therefore, kills per hour. Are there any drawbacks for dying? No, just a few short seconds of your time. It is much more points-per-hour efficient to seek and destroy the enemy in a sprinting fashion with little regard of your virtual life than it is to stay alive and play carefully. Who cares if you die? Certainly not the player, he will keep his points and is now that much closer to that "hello-kitty-skin". So what we end up is two teams composed of point-greedy-whores (can I say that?) that have little regard for anything but their own score. They will run around like mad things looking to "steal kills" for quick points and rage at whoever does this to them, because: POINTS! This might be OK for some very casual games, but I personally find it to be a very BAD thing. I will stay away from those games but unfortunately the same people join the "more serious" games I like to play too. That is fine by me but unfortunately the games I like, though they try not to encourage this type of behavior, they certainly don't restrict it. Let's look at Squad specifically. The best times you see how unrealistic a game is, is when you have someone who does that professionally do it all wrong. We have a friend in our group who is in the military - but man, does he play the game "wrong". We are all communicating and teamplaying, in a line-abreast formation engaging contacts in a village from prone position, a good distance away. Our friend (in the military) is squad leading. He has positioned us well and we are dealing with the enemy squad up ahead. I can see that as long as there are contacts in those buildings, our squad leader does not want to move out and risk getting injured which sounds logical. He wants to keep us alive, but this is Squad. That enemy squad has a rally point and they are spawning as quickly as we are killing them. Problem - we will never "clear" this village in this manner. Another problem - every time we kill them, they have better intel on our exact positions and gain an advantage with every engagement. You cannot solve this like in real life because they will keep spawning. The only way is to bull charge this, hope you wipe them out and move in close enough to their rally (wherever it may be) to destroy it. THAT, is what this encourages in order to be successful. Players are also used to that type of "gameplay" or behavior, so seems logical. You die from sprinting all over the place straight towards your enemy? Who cares. Annoy your nearest medic or respawn, no big deal. There isn't much motivating players not to die, as long as there is a rally nearby - so they HARASS THE SQUAD LEADER FOR A RALLY EVERY 15s!!! And when I say straight, I don't mean literally. You can "strafe-sprint", that is to say, you can sprint sideways (in diagonal) with [Shift]+[W]+[A]/[D]. You can change this mid sprint but you always run full speed. The effect is a greatly unrealistic one of a soldier zig-zagging faster than any human could ever accomplish - good luck hitting that at range with ballistics. This is another "feature" that encourages the previously mentioned style of gameplay - running and rushing like mad men on drugs. So, this gameplay encourages chaotic style of gameplay, don't wait for anybody at your rally, sprint towards your intended victims!! I find this experience to be so mediocre, I cannot consider it entertaining. I only ever play Squad with my friends, because we play together, as the game was initially intended (as I interpret it). I must add that the gameplay quality decreased to disastrous proportions on steam release. I will go ahead and assume that this is because pre-alpha gamers were mostly PR (Project Reality) players, and they were/are teamplayers. Those were nice people and fun to play with, all (or 99%) with mics. But now let's look towards the future. How do we resolve this mess? Here are my thoughts on it. Add a momentum system for sprinting. When you start a sprint, you accelerate towards your maximum sprint speed (fairly quickly in a straight line). When you change direction in the sprint, you must accelerate in that direction. Therefore, the sharper the turn in a sprint, the more you are slowed down. This will prevent those bionic-machines from zig-zagging like mosquitoes/flies. MOTIVATE a player to value his virtual life. This one I would tackle in the following way to encourage teamplay as well as better, more realistic gameplay. Increase spawn time. And I mean, really increase it. This is the VERY best way to encourage a player not to die. Think about it, who wants to sit there like a tool doing nothing whilst his friends are fighting? I would add a "squad spectate camera" so that this person may watch his remaining team fight it out. MUTE his mic, so that he may not ghost or otherwise annoy whoever he is spectating: dead people don't talk. Perhaps add a motivational text on his "death screen": "Remember: A real soldier only dies once." He will have time to reflect on this whilst he is sitting there without anything else to do. Add a "wave" system. I find annoying that players run off as soon as they spawn and solo it towards what may be left of their squad. The enemy is having an easy time dealing with one enemy at a time... So, when die: you will spawn in the next wave (for example, every 2 mins there is a new wave), so that you will likely spawn with friends. You still require to choose "spawn", but you are not cleared for spawn until the wave timer is over. There is one condition however: you must wait for 1 minute minimum. Why? To prevent a dead team member from saying: "20s until next wave" and this being a good reason to charge the enemy in a suicide run. With this solution in place, you will miss the next wave and be forced to catch the next wave. You die = you wait. You don't want to wait = don't die. This will motivate players to do anything in their power to ensure survival, and it requires teamwork. Do this and you encourage every player to do his best to stay alive, smoke the threat and retreat, seek a medic, travel long distances to resupply. No more doing suicide runs to resupply because that is much faster - it isn't with this system - so stay alive!!! Lower the number of tickets. This was one in one of the patches but you didn't fix the source of the problem, so rounds were too short. When players don't care about dying they will have little regard for their damage to their own team. When you encourage them to stay alive and thus can afford to lower to ticket count, you make every ticket more valuable. Medics will have more fun! No longer will medics be constantly pestered by idiots that sprinted to their death because they don't care - bother the medic or respawn. Instead, players will take care to survive as long as they can, resupply to ensure survival and medics will have less annoying victims to take care off. Instead, the player will more likely wait for a medic rather than wait all that time for a respawn. The medic now has the time to smoke the area, setup perimeter with friends and get him up and the downed player will gladly wait in order to avoid waiting for a respawn. I truly believe these changes would improve the gameplay. It would slow down the gameplay but - if unlike me you consider that a negative - really encourage teamplay. You always spawn together, you want to increase your chances of survival (anything to avoid death, death = waiting). And in the event you get hit, you want to be close to a medic. Waiting for a medic = better than waiting all that time for a respawn. Spawning in waves also means that when you see a soldier, more likely than not, he will have friends with him - which you must consider before opening fire. This is also more realistic as in real life: if you look left, you look right, and see no friendlies - you did something really wrong! It also means if you get killed by some lone wolf not far from a spawn, there will be a higher chance of you getting revived as friendlies that spawned with you will react to the enemy and a nearby medic will more likely revive you. When your squad has contact they can now ambush or otherwise engage an enemy squad from "safe" positions and when it looks clear, sweep and clear the area in case of survivors. The longer spawn times allow this to be the case. They know they have a bit of breathing room when they successfully wipe a squad. The spawning squad will not want to just rush to that location and risk another death but be clever about it, maybe send one scout to survey the area before committing the whole squad. In any case, I consider this to be a major improvement! Greetings, MistaX32 Edit: spelling mistakes
  7. As the title says, since the new ticked bleed system, rounds end waaay too fast. Sometimes in like 20 minutes. This has nothing to do with running speed even though sprinting should be lowered as said it will be when vehicles come out. I really miss those old battles from PR where we could battle it out for some time, an hour or so, it feels like a real battle. So there is time to setup everything, a proper firing base maybe, recon, defences etc etc. Rounds are so fast now that we are forced to do things fast and on the flags (which is very gamey). Since we have this super cool building system (and its only going to get better with mortars and 50 cals coming) its a shame we can't employ it more like we did before when the rounds were longer. I am a squad leader all the time when I play and I will explain one situation that happens regularly. Chora map, Russian Army vs US Army, I am on the Russian side with my squad of 9 people. We rush out Lilac Estate flag (which is on the American side of the map), set up a proper FOB with proper entrance inside the flag in the compound (Yeah, yeah, bad idea... NOT, if you know how to defend it and have proper people to do it). 360 degrees of cover around, its very hard for them to attack us and take this point now. We gave time for friendlies to push up all while building even more and better base in that area. Everybody is amazed how good it is, and we are really enjoying it, the enemy must have enjoyed too since they were keen to attacking us all the time. And, the round ends suddenly... We didn't really gun it out long enough to have full enjoyment out of it unfortunately (even though we were more than succesful in holding the FOB and the flag), and its like that on every map and every round since this new ticket bleed. Is this going to stay like that? I see couple of options 1st is to increase ticket number to something like 1200, or 2nd (a better option) drastically reduce ticked bleed speed (speed of how fast or slow tickets bleed out when enemy got 1 more flag than your team). Speak your mind out, what do you think? Would be interesting to get thoughts on this by one of the developers. P.S. new update is epic, I can't wait to lead a squad on new maps.
  8. i think for a game that has a tactical focus. but feel the movement to rapidly is more the causal shooter style. In my view, you would need here a deceleration. movement 1. now we have fast walk as standart ! is this your standart ? the maps are not so big . then chance the standart to walk ! this is the normal speed on patrol. and give the leaders time. and give them a more real touch. set the standart to walk ! but walk is too fast now. a normal walk speed would be nice. ( with a nice animation ) limited walk fast ( what is this in english - go ? ) with a large limit. run for go in saver position and attack with this actual limit is ok it is ok as it is squadleader and map / leading tools - 1. the sqadleaders need more time to make a plan with the other leaders bevor the round begin. - add a ok button for map start for the leaders with a timer . max time for planing 3-5 min. 2. a topographic map. with divided UTM grid 10 boxes in one UTM grid with numbers 1-10 ! for better leading. 3. more signs for the map arrows and line stuff. all in a personal color from the diverent squad ! and here all squads have here own color ! map time. in 80% is the time to short. for a tactical gameplay. tickets out ..... in the time in the battle in which one makes a new plan. and you move with your squad tactical over the map. slowly and hide, exploit the terrain. the tickets are down. the game leaves no time for tactical depth ! 1. add more ticktes in the ticket pool ! and make a second ticket pool for every squad ! 2. the new personal ticket squad pool - rewarded good squads. the squad ticket tool counts only if the main pool is down. maybe 50 tickets for every squad. 3. medic healing gives 2 tickets. which can consider the people to wait for an medic. too often they give up because they just want to quickly go in the match. give up extend time ! 3. team kill gives - 5 tickets , this prevents ticket farming with the new 2 ticket for healing with the medics.
  9. Release Time, not date

    What time is it being released? If its releasing at 12 AM EST, i need to know. I will stay up and then buy it. Thanks!
  10. So I ordered the squad leader upgrade kit on 11/25/2015. It took 6 days and two messages to Litoralis for me to receive my key. Then I come home tonight and see that there are no servers, and that apparently a steam key was sent out and that's the only way to download the new version. So I go to check my email and... Nothing. I message Litoralis while he's still online and he logs out 30 mins later with no reply. So now I can't play. I was wondering if anyone else is experience this. I'm a full time student with a full time job. I'm not trying to be a dick. But tonight was one of my few opportunities to actually play something I've donated $70 to. I was really looking forward to it all day at work. I'm all for supporting this development team. They're doing something amazing. But I'm really disappointed with the customer service. I know it's not the primary focus. But would an auto-mailer for new keys be too much to ask?
  11. Hello all! As I was surfing around the SQUAD forums, I came up with these two images: I found amazing the night time, but I was concerned about a few things. So my suggestions are these. Avoid making the night time pitchblack, otherwise it will be unplayable, like ArmA II nighttime.Make a way to prevent people from increasing their Gamma and Brightness(ingame), so we actually feel the Nighttime. *Add flashlight attachment for Coalition forcesMake the enemy dizzy/blinded** when aimed to the face of the enemy (within ~20m) I do know this idea got messed up by BF3/4 attempt, but I thought It might be nice to have in a night game as SQUAD.*This might be problematic, since people that really have to adjust their Gamma / Brightness may be prejudiced. ** Blinded I mean by just making around the flashlight darker for a few moments. Since your pupil will be dilated at night (due to the amount of light). Getting a Beam of light right in your eyes might make you dizzy. eg: Not as powerful as this flashlight, just an example: Those are the things in my mind now, I tried to search the forum for similar posts but couldn't find any. Thanks!
  12. I'd like to suggest that there be a clock that runs 24 hour time either somewhere in the map screen or just always hovering in the top right corner of your screen. Just to make it easier to tell how much time has passed and Squad Leaders/Commander could use it to coordinate."Gear up. Attack starts at 0500."I don't know if it would run true 24 hour time or if it would run some type of sped up clock time but I think it'd be a handy addition regardless.
  13. Timing on the rounds.

    What is the timing planned for the rounds on squad ?