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Found 91 results

  1. I know this subject has been discussed before here and there but I wanted to make a clearer proposal and see what the devs think about it. I saw an awful lot of games ending in a brutal and shameless rape stretching during a very long time, resulting in a lot of people simply leaving the server, and I think this feature could fix this problem. So, the idea is to make the main base conquerable if the last flag is taken in AAS. When this happens, the losing team is given 10 or 15 minute to retake the point. When the timer is over, the flags are locked, and every player in the losing team is given one respawn ticket in order for the last remnants to get back to the base. The latter is either already fortified or fortified by the players themselves (I don't know if there would be enough time for this, ). The winning team must take the base like a normal flag and/or eliminate the enemy team. This would be, I think, way more satisfying for both teams. The losers would make one last heroic stand without being shot like rabbits during one hour, and the winners would stick to a more motivating objective. Of course, this raises other questions, like the size and design of the bases and probably others, but overall, I really believe this would make certain games more enjoyable for everybody. So what do you guys think?
  2. New Layouts

    The new big maps are fun to play and it will take us some time to establish the most practical way to win or figure out what works or not in them, which should take 4-5 weeks I think. Rest of the maps are not affected as much as I hoped by the new changes and are still very much parallel to the linearity of the A8 strategies in regards to most practical ways. The biggest factor to break this linearity is to introduce new layouts right now since the amount of tools we are given are limited and seeing A10 will probably be released 4-5 months later, I suggest introducing new layouts like 2 months later to add some new approach to the game and essentially refresh it.
  3. As we all know Squad is a massive multiplayer online combat simulator that we all love. It would be awesome if there was player vs computer gamemode(s) where you can defend a compound or attack one, or clear a town, etc... with computer AI that would be randomly generated, and or implement a in game mission editor.
  4. I've bin searching for this topic on the forums and reddit etc, can't find anything about it so feel free to correct me. But one thing i have bin missing from Sqaud is the option to change the gun from from STD to ALT that is in PR https://puu.sh/u0re7/dee47dad91.png Since it is really nice to have the option to remove say only the optic on a gun in that specific roll. personally speaking i just do not use optics, as much as i can avoid it. One reason is that i just like iron sights, and the other is because it takes a lot of space on the screen. And it gives you big blind spots if you are not aiming down sight with optics. Example when not aiming down sight: https://puu.sh/u0swe/795361d7ed.jpg https://puu.sh/u0srj/266fe905c9.jpg https://puu.sh/u0syn/fceb1018c4.jpg So if it is not planned already, i'm suggesting bring back the option on few of the rolls to have a basic rifle with no optics. Example for rolls who i can see it useful for SL, gren, medic, LMG
  5. I have a request of a feature-addition: Multiple times I find myself annoyed not knowing, what the squad-leaders have been coordinating, prior to the set up of my own squad. Vehicle assignment, as well as movement between the squads, would be nice to know prior to entering a squad. I believe an addition of the feature, of everyone being able to listen (but not transmitting) in on SL-/command-net, when loaded in, and the count-down has initiated after map-change, would be beneficial -not only for the squad leaders, but also for the understanding of the coordination between the different teams. This feature should of course be "nulled", after the count-down has reached 0, and the round begins; meaning that you should be an SL to be able to listen- and transmit on command-net in the rest of the match. I don't know if I am the only one who have thought of this, or who thinks this needs to be implemented. I think we need this though. Thanks, VALROK.
  6. It's simple, do it like in RNL.(Resistance and Liberation mod). When you get supressed ( especially by an MG ), your hands start shaking, you can bearly aim at anything with the sights , unless you have a squad leader in some area around you to dampen that effect. I think this would be a nice enhancement to encourage teamwork and discourage lone-wolfs. Simply ease that supression effect if there are more of your squad members and/or leader nearby, this way you are adding realism and making people play tactical, and also makes sense from a logical point of view ; people get scared/frightened, and having buddies nearby helps.
  7. Created this thread after a nice discussion on the /r/joinsquad subreddit. Would like to hear additional suggestions and feedback on the ones presented here. The current icons for especially vehicles and enemy positions can be confusing. I suggest to replace these confusing graphic markers with the much clearer but slightly harder to learn NATO symbols. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=165876618 here is a quick reference guide for those not familiar with the system. These symbols once acquainted with allow for very rapid identification and familiarization with the friendly and enemy forces in the Area of Operations. For implementing this I would suggest giving players the option to choose between the NATO symbols or graphic symbols in the options menu. The game Wargame Red Dragon has a similar system and the vast majority of players from 100+ hours to people in their first few games all prefer the NATO system. Below a few examples of both systems: A second thought is the revised map mechanics, inspired by games like Firewatch which have an innovative approach to the map (see image) where it is a physical inventory item. In this way you wouldn't have a SL standing around looking at nothing. Also of course this increase the risk of looking at the map for SL's. This physical map case would be the map in a physical representation with the friendly and enemy units drawn upon it like currently already implemented. So in case the person dies the enemy would just see an empty paper like the map on the start of the round. A final thought is the revision of the display mechanics, instead of squad members' mini maps showing the individual location of teammates in other squads it would just show the center of mass of this squad. Thus pushing the need of communication and local chat communication (i'm not sure about this but would love to hear other's thoughts.)
  8. Right now, any map the US has a CROW they can utterly dominate. Many accounts of foliage no rendering at long range, different geometry so they can spot people from long range. Not to mention it's a 50 cal with a long range zoom. On a specific map (the one with north/south DC, forgot the name) The US utterly massacres militia by hitting the hills east of DC and having 50 cal overwatch over the entire map as far as the C column of grids. This is ridiculously brutal and nobody can get anywhere near the hmmvw to hurt it. When we do hurt it, the CROW takes 5 RPGs and still doesn't go down (probably a repair station nearby since it's the meta to superfob those hills to the east and completely destroy the entire west 2/3rds of the map) Can we please balance this? Either fix the rendering, reduce the zoom, or make it worth 30 tickets. It's far more effective than the BTR in just about any situation other than transporting troops, no reason it can't have the cost associated. edit: the main issue is getting shot from a kilometer or more away through all kinds of foliage (and solid cover) from something you can't even see (even with optics most of the time, you just see the tracers) it's just brutal on a whole other level and contributes to the phrase "Playing US is easy mode"
  9. From the threads I've been reading people are really touchy about weapon sway, zoomed sensitivity, and headbob. To begin this "rant" I should note that I do understand that everything is kinda hacked together at the moment and is all subject to change. I believe that we need zoomed/scoped sensitivity. Realism be damned, Playing PC games gets you used to a specific sensitivity. As of now the sensitivity "changes" when zooming in making it very difficult to get used to aiming which isn't raising the skill cap, it only makes it more random and frustrating. The general method of scoped scaling is 1.0 That means if your scope zooms in 20% then your sensitivity slows down 20%. As of right now it's "broken" by not having this mechanic you zoom in 20% and your sensitivity doesn't change which means it would actually be 20% higher. Your mouse movement feels like its snapping around a grid jumping a few pixels in each direction when you try to barely move it. The current view bobbing for zooming in is very strange and inconsistent. When you are scoped your gun sways around randomly in every direction unpredictably. You might be breathing heavily running a short sprint but your gun isn't fixed to your head. Your head moves around while your scope is steady. I'm not saying weapon sway is a bad thing but it adds this clunky randomness which I think defeats the purpose. I think it needs a smaller radius it can sway within and not drift so violently from side to side, rather it should either be moving fast consistently when you've got low stamina or slow consistently when you're high on stamina. I'm sorry to jump all over but I needed to bring this up. If anyone is confused by my crazed ramblings I can record a few current examples and Create a proper scoping mechanic and what I'd believe to be an ideal amount of weapon sway that feels realistic while not removing too much control from the player. I'll do it in UE3 if I can.
  10. So currently when someone goes down, they don't really know how long they've been bleeding/until they bleed out. Some SL's are so crass as to suggest mass suicide to redeploy somewhere else. My suggestion is the following and I think it will solve many problems currently associated with being down and wasting those ever so important tickets. Currently when you're being healed a graphic appears bottom center with a color representing status. When you're down everyone sees a ticking bleeding symbol in a similar fashion. I suggest making what's visible to everyone else, also visible to the downed player by means of putting it right where the "being healed" graphic normally is. This includes knowing when he's been bandaged (the blood drop turns to a heal symbol and the timer stops ticking around the circle) and finally he already knows when he's being healed. The above would give the downed player awareness in addition to checking for nearby medics on the map, to gauge his chances and make a more informed decision. This is technically another suggestion, but if they give up before at least half the bleed timer has passed, hit them with a 30sec penalty to their spawn timer. For people who think suicide redeploys are smart, or who give up within seconds of dying after whining medic every second, and so on.
  11. like the title says. are the devs gonna add some features that when a bleeding allies passed out, you can pull him to safe spot as a medic or any role just to add realism? happy to know if they are gonna add that , best of luck in the field mates!
  12. Improvised armored cars are very common to current Middle East conflict. I think some kind of pickup with armor plates would be perfect APC for Insurgent fraction. Or something like big armored truck with sponson turrets on this video:
  13. Freecam spectator mode

    now before you say NO, hear me out. A freecam spectator mode would help out a lot of creators to make cinematic movies/shots for videos or just really pretty screenshots to show off the game. And all that without having to rent a server because not everyone can afford that. With the freecam tool to help people capture these cinematics could possibly help advertise the game through new variety of content. (ofc following that would be a normal spectator mode, perfect for also catching hackers and/or cheaters)
  14. I've seen the changelog on joinsquad.com and i had an idea for the compass. Played a little bit with illustrator and photoshop trying to give a "surrounding" effect to the compass. I think that it would help the immersion and situation awareness and also helping those who would like to have a sort of minimap of your mates without using an actual minimap.
  15. Hello guys, i got suggestion about local tallk, could you let the enemy hear our local talkings? if you think that before why you didnt do this?
  16. I have a suggestion for a variation of the current way cap zones work, which in the current iteration are relatively small, and usually around some defendable compounds. With the small cap zones that we have now, CQB becomes slightly more emphasized and speed&aggression becomes important (which I like and Im thankful that this game retains these elements). But in addition to this I would love to see some huge cap zones, which would to a larger degree reward players to seize map control and engage in mid/long-distance firefights. This type of gameplay, which some people would call "slower" or more PR-like, I very much enjoy aswell and was one of the things which drew me to games like Squad/PR. If the cap zone is large, then one would not need to always push and engage danger-close. Instead there would be more possibilites to eliminate the enemy from distance and digging in behind ridge lines and such, because you are not as much "fighting against the clock" to get to the cap zone, you are already in it, and so is the enemy despite being relatively far away from you. Rather, you are fighting for land and control over all the good positions in that area. Now, one could find a middle way in this. Some of the flags could have small/medium cap zone, just like they work already. But other "flags" could have large or even very large cap zones, which would vary up the gameplay and strategies employed on the road to victory. In the large cap zones, the team who also control a smaller, center area of the whole cap zone, could have an advantage by being able to cap more easily. Imagine there are 10 guys from each team located in a huge capzone. Normally that would cause the cap to stand still, no one is capping. But if one of the teams have managed to seize control of the small center area (some compounds or such), then they will now start capping because of the advantage, despite there being 10v10 in the cap zone. The beauty would be that its not enough to just dig into the compound in the middle and expect to cap (short term maybe), because the enemy team who now has control over everything else of the large cap zone, can now just put more and more people into the cap, and at some point they will start capping, even if its more effecient to cap when you have soldiers in the small center area. This would to a larger extent encourage teams to take area control around the center area of cap, in addition to pushing to the center area, instead of almost everyone rushing to this small area to make sure it gets capped. I think Ive heard the devs already working on new game modes, but I this struck my as something that might work so I thought Id humbly share it. Apologies if something similar has already been posted!
  17. I think it would be best to have the weapon sway when scoped as well as recoil based on a combination of things such as weapon weight, stamina, health and suppression (and obviously stance). It seems optimal to have a system where you plug in the projectile weight and exit speed to find out the initial kick then have weapon weight telling the game how much the final kick is reduced by. Another thing would be to have previous shots add up realistically based on when the kick occurs. For example if the kick happens when the gun is going back from a previous shot it will affect it differently than when the gun is going forward from bouncing off the shoulder. This system could also be plugged into ballistics for more accurate shot deviation during automatic fire. If the gun is recoiling back when the next shot happens the projectile will have slightly less energy making it fall short a very tiny bit. This is probably a little extreme and I think the best implementation would be a simplified version of my recoil system. Another thing is I prefer the style of aiming that RedOrchestra and Insurgency use because when you are scoped in your whole view isn't moving its just your gun, and you fire when your gun is on target rather than how it is now where your view has to be aligned. This is closer to real life aiming as your head and eyes are really good at staying locked on to a target. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  18. Hi, The new server browser will come but in the mean time, would a small feature be possible to mplement? Idea: When In the server browser you refresh all the server when clicking on the refresh button, if i could highlight one server that i'm interested in whit one single click, and when i hit the refresh button it will filter all the other out and refresh more quickly the single server that i've just highlighted? Daniel out.
  19. Making it so you will lower whatever you're holding by double tapping CTRL (or another key) will make it a lot easier to avoid missfires in base and make a more realistic look while patrolling and walking around. Sorry if this has been suggested.
  20. I know you guys are on the ball ,but with the map can we get squad Id on the vehicles. Bit of confusion on who owns it.
  21. was thinking that maybe this would be an idea to implement regarding the grid map. the map you use in game to spawn on and use to call out points of information could be more detailed. say if you are on a hilltop you would have a tiny number/contour lines indicating how high it is or how low the piece of terrain is. (or this could be a separate function on the side of the map that you could click on to view) Currently i like what i see on the map but that is the one thing that is really making me go crazy. it makes it harder to view: -Hills -Ridges -Depressions -Valleys -Saddles -Draws etcetera with how the map is set up currently but thank you for taking the time to read this and consider it. Regards, Sargent Ikov Raven of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.
  22. Greetings, I have played Squad for some time now, about 100hrs+ here are some suggestionsI think would be a good addition to the game: Destructible objects Some objects on the battlefield should be destructable/partially destructable, of course not too many as the hardware requirement would be too high, examples: Small trees/sapplings Windows - glass, frame Doors Placeable objects, specifically wooden parts Hitbox/Wounds/Gore Players getting shot/wounded should be a little more gruesome to add horror to the battlefield, getting shot in specific areas of the body being fatal etc. examples: Adding extra fatal areas to players hitbox such as neck and heart, this would influence how players engage in a firefight, player would take more care when aiming. A great addition for all the marksmen having more options to fire a single shot to neutralise enemy/threat. Visible multiple gun wounds to specify where the player was shot. If a player has been shot in a fatal part of the body cannot be revived by medic. If a player has been shot and is in the unconscious state can again be shot to be completely neutralised, this would add a whole new depth to combat, as it would be important for squads to secure their wounded enforcing more team work and communication. Expanding the point above, players/ corpses on the ground when shot at produce blood animation, this way the other player does not know if they have neutralised the threat if they dont have a clear sight of it. Combat The Squad developers did an amazing job with the combat and how real the weapons feel so there is not much to add to that, here are some suggestions to expand the combat a little more: With the upcoming urban maps door breaching would be a great addition IEDs (Improvised explosive devices) a good way of taking out enemy vehicles, setting up traps etc. Mortars - either a good defence from incoming enemy or good offence, bombarding enemy formations. Thats all I came up with so far, the game, even in its current state is amazing and the list above are just suggestions, I am please let express your opinion in the reply below, I am interested what you guys think. Thank you for your attention!
  23. Let me start off by stating I enjoy playing FPS games and especially FPS' involving communication between your team. Although, I do not have 1,000 plus hours into this game, I can advise that Squad is a great game and has a lot of potential at being one of the best modern FPS Steam games on the market. I have one suggestion, add a ranking system that goes with a in-game statistical database profile where you can pull up and can check your kills/deaths, rank, hours played on your favorite game, etc... Something around the lines of the 2005 Battlefield 2 Profile. I enjoy checking out what Unit I use the most or what's my best firearm and the accuracy of that weapon. In-game profiles are the best! This may be a minor suggestion to some, but for others it may be what they've wanted. Please make it happen! Thank you in advance.
  24. What do you guys think? I would like the key to Focus and Sprint be differentiate and the option to keep it how it is, i would use the Focus key on the "RMB" by keeping pressing(holding) and Sprint would be "Shift" (Different Keys)
  25. Bring back Unread Content menu!

    I remember back in the old forum there was a thing "Unread content". I really like it, and I clicked it more often than simply "New Content". Idk if it's possible in IPB4, but if it is, I'd like to see it's return. Or have I not explored enough and I haven't found it yet? ("Your Unread Content" Not to be confused with the general "New Content" thing).