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  1. I apologize if this topic is too negative - But I hope the Offworld team appreciates criticism by the community. Some brief questions to the devs about common concerns in the Squad community: - Why focus on performance heavy (but neat) things like dynamic foliage, barrel smoke etc. when the server-player sync is sweating at 70p, inf only, low detail maps? Will the server-player sync handle such things on a 100p vehicle map? Can you afford spending resources on this when there's sync issues already? - Some insiders have hinted you may have to abandon the 100p combined arms goal and stick with a smaller scale/fewer vehicles maps due to resource restrictions. Why are you adding more high resource features instead of abandoning these if they risk costing so much you must give up the 100p C.A. goal? - The current v. is poorly optimized for all, and worse still for AMD users. Current early alpha graphics are p. much on par with PR:BF2, and I can run these maxed at ~20FPS, when I can run the gorgeous Battlefront reboot at ~100fps, (64p with vehicles). Shouldn't optimizing/improving graphics be a #1 priority, rather than adding more content? - The design of the maps leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, the Russian maps+TrueSky look better, but still. What we've seen from the community artists/modders is gorgeous. What priority vs. adding more content is given to releasing mod tools atm? Will you, once mod tools are released, focus on working on the much needed polish of gameplay aspects like controls, optimizations, streamlining, and engine features, and let the community create most of the art and content like maps/new vehicles, with an efficient incorporation of the best of this to the base game? - What many people liked about the PR inf controls vs. those of, say, ArmA was the quicker, more responsive and direct, 'arcade-ish' feel since it felt like you were the soldier, whereas the hyper-realistic ArmA controls with delays, wobbly camera (which is 'realistic' - your head moves around IRL - but put on screen, you can't use the part of your brain that compensates for this to give a steady perception), and exaggerated endurance effects makes it feel like your soldier has brain damage from sniffing glue. If Squad is the spiritual successor to PR, and is "a balance of arcade, teamwork, and realism", why add hyper-realistic features that make controls less responsive and direct, like momentum while sprinting, excessive camera wobble, stamina effects on camera movement, breath hold for short range weps (which ruins suppressive fire), too much recoil climb vs. recoil spread, delayed animation start for switching weapons and reloading, etc., which makes it feel like someone else is controlling your character? - With the explosion of new players in a game where a good gameplay experience relies mostly on playing with like minded people, why not add things like automatic mic check to join certain servers and such tools to filter servers by desired play style? In Squad, you all too often have a bad time by only finding casual no mic players when you want teamwork, or only serious mic users getting annoyed at you for wanting to play casual without voice chat. I hope you have time to answer some of this. Sincerely, Bollz and the community
  2. The History of Squad

    I wanted a thread to document the history of Squad just like there is for Project Reality. Especially before we get farther into the development as it would be harder to gather the necessary information. And if this game is to last as long as PR has, then it will be a very helpful resource to look back on to see how far Squad has come. ***RESERVED***
  4. Fool's Road

    First of all, congratulations on hitting the first stretch goal, and congratulations to the community for not picking a garbage map. We can all sleep easy knowing that neither Muttrah or Kashan will be remade. So, we know that we will be getting Fool's Road, but what happens if we are not to make it to the Russian Forces stretch goal? Will Fool's Road be a US vs. Taliban map? Also, if Russians are implemented into Fool's Road, will we see the return of the Chechen forces? The only thing that really needs to be done for them is character models, as they can otherwise use the same equipment and assets as the Taliban
  5. Hello Squad community my name is SunburntNipple I can be seen in game with the same name as well on steam! feel free to msg me or anything! I'm most fairly certain to be down to play! I have a mic, am 18! I am a PR "vet" in a way don't remember the version I had played, I played back when I was 13. In a small clan named "1st Recon" with the leader of "alastor". Looking forward to fuse together a small community around my YT channel and make some friends and have some memorable and amazing moments ingame! Much love to any old PR players, to you my hats off to you like myself for sticking with the team so long! see ya in game! Just checked and managed to remember my PR website login, It was sometime before the ARMA combo. I am positive it was around V 0.87 I remember sometime i was well within a clan before 0.95 as we all watched the trailer while in teamspeak! Cheers to anyone from the past! HMU!

    Hello there, we are a small, former Project Reality Clan of 10 - 15 Austrian and German Members. If you're fluent in German, at least 18 years old and like to team up and have fun with us visit us on our Homepage or Teamspeak 3 Server! Further description of the Clan following in German: Wer ist SiC – Special Infantry Commando Wir sind ein alteingesessener ehemaliger Battlefield 2 Clan der aus einem bereits bestehendem BF2 Clan entstand (=E= Ehrengarde). Als Special Infantry Commando haben wir damals vor vielen Jahren mit BF2 aufgehört und sind auf Project Reality umgestiegen. Dort waren wir als gut eintrainierte reine Infanterietruppe unterwegs, haben reale Taktiken trainiert und auch benutzt, bei Clanwars als taktische Eingreiftruppe/Squad agiert und haben uns damals in der PR-Community einen kleinen, aber feinen Namen gemacht. Zwischenzeitlich haben wir auch einige Erfahrung in etwas ernsteren Milsim unter Arma3 sammeln dürfen. Da die Zeit von Project Reality unserer Meinung abgelaufen ist steigen wir auf das demnächst kommende Spiel „Squad“ um, welches auch einen Nachfolger von PR darstellt. Ideologie: * Freundlicher Umgangston: gemütliches Miteinander ist die Grundlage für gemeinsamen Spielspaß * Loyalität dem Clan gegenüber: Benehmen auf anderen Servern – Du vertrittst *SiC*! * Bestreben immer größtmögliches Teamplay zu liefern: der Kamerad kommt vor einem selbst Ein Claneigener SQUAD - Server steht zur Verfügung! WIR FREUEN UNS AUF DICH!
  7. Can we expect more nations like PR

    Basically I was just wondering if in the future we will start to see more nations in squad? For example, PR had Canada and all sorts of nations I was wondering if we will see that as the game development progresses more?
  8. We proudly present you our new SQUAD - Server! There is still some work to do, but we will try to do our very best to provide you an awesome experience and great teamwork! Feel free to contact us, if there's any issues. Server Name: *SIC* - VETERAN-GAMING.AT / GERMAN by g-portal ( Server Size: Currently 60 slots Location: Germany Map Rotation: random Community Website: http://www.veteran-gaming.at/ Report toxic behavior / Issues: http://clansupport.at/ Teamspeak: http://www.veteran-gaming.at/community/wbbforum/cms/index.php?page/teamspeak/ Server Rules: WiP
  9. In the early stages of Project Reality there was a gamemode called VIP, which was awesome! For those of who never played it: The VIP person had to be transported with a black armored SUV, from point A to B through one checkpoint by US team. The other team had to kill him. US team had humvees and a littlebird (and maybe some light armored vehicle?! i dont remember), insurgents got crappy cars, but more spawnpoints, RPGs and mines ;) I'd be really happy to see this gamemode again, here in Squad. Of course this need some modification because the severs with this mode were often empty, but that mode got some potential! It was really good when there were at least 10 ppl on the server. I think the main problems with this mode were that: a.) The VIP person was dumb. -> maybe AI as VIP? b.) The attackers never found the VIP -> Narrower maps than AlBasrah for this game mode, or more checkpoints. c.) Attackers killed the VIP too quickly. -> US team can carry false VIPs too and they only lose if attackers kill the real VIP. I would also like an other type of VIP missions, other than the old take him from A to B. Something like, rescue the VIP from a position that only the US team knows exactly, but its inside the attackers area. What are your toughts?
  10. So here's a technical question for you Tactical FPS vets out there. When you install and play these FPS games, do they cause any internal system conflicts? DLL errors, etc. Just wondering what challenges I need to be aware of before installing games like PR 1.3, Insurgency, Tactical Battlefield, etc... Thanks in advance.
  11. new Grozny map looks fucking tits! http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/138817-project-reality-bf2-v1-3-5-announced.html
  12. I've been playing FPS's for quite some time, ranging from Counter-Strike, to Quake, UT2004, ARMA 3, you name it I've most likely played it. What drew me to SQUAD is the inherent focus on team-based gameplay, with roles that support teamwork. Battlefield can attempt this, but SQUAD actually is built around it. I'm honestly tired of all the gimmicks that other games have, when it is gameplay that sells copies long term, not graphics. Can't wait to try the next phase, as I just backed as a Squad-Leader. Frag on!
  13. Closed Pre-Alpha Week 4

    Last weekends Closed Pre-Alpha started this time last week, when will this weekend begin?
  14. Hi All! Just back the project through kickstarter...a bit late I know but as I'm sure you can appreciate life is busy! I still play Project Reality after 9 full years of enjoyment and every games has always been different. I used to co-run a clan called UKTF here in the UK my tag is "Maverick". Just wanted to say hi and hope all is going well! Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to battling with people in the near future! Mav
  15. Hey guys! I've always been a huge fan of Project Reality for many reasons such as the great cooperative teamwork and gameplay that made it so unique and dynamic not to mention the kick ass community that supported it. Just dropped a post here to introduce myself and hopefully meet most of you guys. My in-game name is changed over the years, but as of now it's Spectre or once you get to know me, Josh. Hope to see you guys in-game. ** On a side note, I just pre-ordered the Squad Leader Tier and was curious as to how and when we would receive the game key or how to install it for that matter. If we're waiting to hear from the Devs regarding my question, will we receive an email to the email provided with the PayPal account, or the one registered with the forums/website? Thanks for your help guys and hope to hear from you soon! Ciao
  16. KIA Killing In Action Один из старых кланов взявший начало благодаря игре Project Reality. В нашем клане поддреживается теплая и ламповая атмосфера, благодря дружеским отношениям 15 активных участников клана Наш клан состоит на хорошем счету в комьюнити PR благодаря своей профессиональной игре и высокому уровню тимплея После года существования клана, мы вступили в интернациональное комьюнити PRTA. Наш клан специализируется на различных тактических и ориентированных на тимплей играх. ARMA3, WARGAME ,bf2: Project Reality. А также и остальные популярные игры, в которые играть без компании друзей не интересно или не имеет смысла. Если у вас есть вопросы, и/или желание вступить в клан, вы всегда нас найдете по адресу TS : TS.PRTA.CO , в канале KIA Вступив в наш клан, вы получите все привилегии члена PRTA В нашем клане состоят русскоговорящие люди, с территории всего бывшего снг. Вступив к нам, вы получите тот самый мифический тимплей не только в будущем SQUAD, но и в остальных играх (кроме DOTA2). " У нас есть известный и великий коммисар, который ведет всегда только к победе. Ну или мы все помираем под чупа-чупсом" © KIA Major_Cookie We're one of old clans from PR:BF2 game. Yet we're not numerous, but we are friendly dudes. Our clan is known enough in PR:BF2 community for teamplay and proffessionality. Also we're one of the units of PRTA community. If you wanna ask us, join, or talk about anything - we're always at ts.prta.co - KIA channels. We are russian speaking clan, considering people from the whole CIS region. Join us today, and you'll get a teamplay not only in future SQUAD, but in other games too(no DOTA\2)!
  17. (I sincerely apologize for previously using inflammatory memes/lingo, that could be perceived as condescending, and I sincerely thank Litoralis for informing me of my errors. I have checked myself, before I wrecked myself, and kindly ask any and all posters in this thread to the same) The recent upswing in popularity for the spiritual predecessor to Squad, PR, has brought a pressing issue to light. That issue is how newer and/or more casual players may not play the same way as others on the same server, causing conflicting interests in how to play the game. In general, the issue boils down to, on 'hardcore' servers, things like not using the mic, 'misusing' assets since people do not know about the spawn system/expect assets to function as in most FPS games, extensive lone wolfing, and playing mostly for kills since in most FPS games, that is how you win, etc. The same phenomenon happened to ArmA II with the introduction of the DayZ mod; the player base expanded more rapidly than the experienced players could handle introducing the newer ones to the game, which mostly eliminated the hardcore un-modded servers. Essentially, without the proper server host tools, a game like PR will only provide the hardcore "PR experience" if there's only a fairly small, single minded, not rapidly expanding community, which won't be the case with Squad. Simply put, in order to satisfy both casual/new, as well as old/hardcore gamers, we NEED to give server hosts the option to implementing limitations, rules and regulations to prevent asset 'stealing', not using your mic, not focusing on the objective, etc., on hardcore team play servers, while at the same time making sure all this is optional, so that more casual/laissez faire servers can also exist for those desiring this experience. Feel free to brain-storm with me on how to do this. Some suggestions (note: these should be OPTIONAL for the server hosts!): - Auto mic-check (click join server, pop-up "talk into mic" window, if sound is detected/loud enough, you can join) - Tutorial required for assets (you 'unlock' the ability to use assets like planes/tanks/kits by playing their brief tutorials before requesting them) - A basic tutorial before joining your first game (like a "welcome to Squad" kinda thing) - Commander/SLs approving asset spawn/taking assets (saw a great discussion regarding this. Can't find the thread ATM, sadly) So, what do y'all think of this? How do you think popularity will affect Squad? How do you think we could handle a wider/more diverse player base without conflicting interests? (Note: This is NOT intended to criticize newer or more casual players. Please, do NOT post ANYTHING of this nature here. Be nice! )
  18. -redacted- Im interested in the conversation, but I'm concerned its an unproductive circlejerk. Perhaps it needs to be deleted. I'll let the mods decide.
  19. If presented with the opportunity. ..

    Would you guys be willing to work witg DICE if they came to you and wanted to help out a little bit with the game? Since they know of the success with BF2 PR and have complemented it since. I would post a picture of TotalFPS saying he would've loved to see a Project Reality mode in BF4 but I can't. But yeah, would you guys like to? Can't wait for the game to be released! Also can't wait untill December for the demo! And shout out to Blue Drake for the heads up on the game!