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Found 72 results

  1. AMD Not Optimized?

    I recently re-bought this game thinking that it had been improved. I had returned in previously because of performance issues with my 780ti. Now, I permanently have the game, and it doesn't play well on anything. I have two builds, the intel performs about 15fps better at 60fps, but my AMD build doesn't perform well at all, during combat situations, I get 40fps. Is there expected to be any solutions to the problems with AMD systems? Intel: AMD: 6700k Overclocked to 4.5Ghz AMD Fx 9590 32GB Dominator Platinum 3000MHz 32GB Vengence Pro DDR3 MSI 980ti OC Edition Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury X MSI Z170A M7 ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Please help, I love this game. It's the next best thing next to Arma 3. No Developer help? It should run on AMD and NVIDIA just as well, doesn't make any sense why they can't optimize it. Thanks
  2. Hey Guys, Like many people, I have had countless performance problems with AMD. Even after trying the workarounds, I still had countless problems. After hearing that the developers knew that it was a sound problem, I started experimenting with removing certain audio files. After hours of taking out single files all over the game, I think I finally found a fix. NOTE: This is kind of a last resort. I would suggest doing this only if you can't get good performance from other fixes. NOTE: If you would rather watch this in video format, I made a video here: Step One: Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Audio Explanation: Here is one of the many location that files are stored for Unreal Engine 4. That is why they have the .uasset file extension. It this point you will want to make it so that the engine will not recognize certain files, thus not using them in the game. Step Two: Now you will want to take these files and rename them. Use the same name they have, and just add something to the end of the name. For me I would add Name. So, if a files was called "Audio", I would name it "Audio Name". Here is a picture showing the different files that you will want to add Name to. NOTE: None of the files originally had name in the title. Here is a image link: (It says my account can not upload picture, sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pu8dj4eionehf3/Picture%20One.png?dl=0 After performing these changes, I have never had my framerates drop below 20. It is normally around 45, but 72 player servers with a lot of people drops it down. This is my build: AMD FX-8320 (Overclocked to 4.0GHZ) R9 270 8GB of DDR3 RAM. ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 (MOBO) After this, the game will sound pretty weird. Reload sounds can be heard a lot, and there are not footsteps, bullet shell sounds, etc. To me, however, it was worth it. If anyone is interested in what each files contains, I can make a list explaining what they each have. Hope this help! ~Calvin
  3. Hey guys, don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but i'm getting way more fps drops now, than i did before v5. RIG: i7-5820k, 16GB RAM, 980Ti, Win10 I got all my Graphic settings set to 'low' / 'none' or 'off'. Playing on 150% Reso Scale and 1980x1280 In-game Resolution. I have Vertical Sync. activated for stable FPS on my 60hz monitor. No driver changes since v4. Since v5 i'm dropping to 30 FPS even on 60 Slot servers in some situations. With "some situations" i don't mean while 20 smokes are poped in front of me.. it's just happening during the fire fights - more or less randomly. This never happened on any older version before. Where i played with a constant framerate of 60. Anyone else has this issue? Please don't start the "Dude, i would be SO HAPPY with your 30fps on my AMD" -answers and don't link me to the FPS tweak section in this Forum. I know this stuff and i just want to know if someone else with a fairly decent RIG experiences this and what v5 changes could cause these drops. Also: Please only reply to this topic if you are tracking your FPS in-game. I don't need any answers based on your feelings / assumptions. Thanks! Best, Endgame
  4. Hey all, this post is to AMD users, it's for CPUs primarily, but also GPUs. Obviously I cannot guarantee that these fixes will work for everybody, but hopefully somebody is able to squeeze out at least a few more frames. In this post, I will give an exhaustive list of all my relevant specs, settings, tweaks, and software information in an effort to help AMD users get as much more performance as possible. First off; it IS possible for AMD CPU's to perform well with Squad! My current setup gets 50-60 FPS consistently with up to around 45 players on all maps. Even with smoke and heavy combat, I usually don't dip down lower than the high 30's-low 40's. This is with 1080p, Max Effects, max AA, 125% resolution scale, and max Post Processing, I can play with more than 45 players, but obviously performance suffers, but not too badly! I still get a consistent 35-40 FPS even with 60+ players and combat, but the lower dips in frames are longer and more frequent. While this isn't amazing, it beats the heck out of many of the horror stories I have been hearing. Some people with similar or even slightly better specs are saying that even on low population servers with lowest settings, they are barely able to get 30-35 FPS without even being in combat.If it is possible for me, then in principle, it is for others too, let's begin: (Thank you to Boxknife for the format of these specs). System: CPU: FX-8320 @4.6Ghz (CPU ratio is 23.0) GPU: Sapphire R9-390 Nitro 1100Mhz on the core (+100), 1500Mhz on the memory (default) Afterburner power use percent: +50% (Latest non-beta drivers) MB: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Bios version: 2501 x64 (04/07/2014) RAM: 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance @ 2133Mhz Timings: 11-11-11-28 (Voltage is auto) HDD: 1TB WD Black 7200 rpm Monitor: 1080p 60Hz Dell generic monitor. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit with all current updates. (There are two hotfixes that Microsoft has put out for the FX series of chips that can help with some performance issues, I have applied both and I would recommend you do too.) These are free for anybody, but you have to request Microsoft send them to you manually via email, however the action is automated and takes a few seconds at most, no signup or weirdness required. If you feel fishy about that, I will link to a Tek Syndicate forum post that has both files linked for download automatically. I think they are safe, but obviously, download at your own risk. Hotfix #2 Hotfix #1 Tek Syndicate Forum Post Power Supply: XFX Bronze 850 Watt. In Game Settings: Resolution: 1080p Fullscreen Vsync: On Res Scale: 125% AA: FXAA High View Distance: Epic Shadows: Low Shadow Quality: Off Shadow Res: 512 AO: Off AO Levels: None AO Scale: 1.0 Post Processing: Epic Eye Adapt: On Motion Blur: Off Lens Flair: Off Textures VRAM: 4GB+ Effects: Epic FOV: 100 Radeon Control Center Settings: Version:16.3 VSR: On GPU Scaling: Off Scaling Mode: Center Squad Radeon Control Center Game Profile Settings: Anti-Aliasing Mode: Override application settings. Anti-aliasing Level: 8xEQ Anti-Aliasing Filter: Standard. Anti-Aliasing Method: Multisampling. Morphological Filtering: Off. Antisotropic Filtering Mode: Override application settings. Antisotropic Filtering Level: 16x Texture Filtering Quality: High. Surface Format Optimization: On. Wait for Vertical Refresh: Always on. OpenGL Triple Buffering: On. Shader Cache: AMD optimized. Tessellation Mode: AMD optimized. Frame Rate target Control: Disabled. Bios Settings: (Note, Some of these settings may be different or not available depending on your mobo/hardware configuration.) CPU Basic Power Settings: Manual for the core voltage. Voltage: 1.440v (offset mode + 0.106250. All other voltages are auto.) Cool 'n' Quiet: Always Disabled C1E: Disabled SVM: Disabled Core C6 State: Disabled HPC Mode: Enabled Apm Master Mode: Disabled South Bridge Settings: HPEI: Enabled North Bridge Settings: IOMMU: Disabled Initiate Graphic Adapter: PEG/PCI Core On/Off: CPU Core Activation: 5th Core - 8th Core Disabled Ram Other Timings: Everything else for my DRAM timings is auto. (PM me for specifics if needed.) DRAM Driving Control: Left everything on auto for my Mobo and RAM setup as well. (PM me for specifics if needed.) DIGI+ Power Control: Manual CPU Load Line Calibration: Extreme CPU/NB Load Line Calibration: Extreme CPU Current Capability: 130% CPU/NB Current Capability: 130% CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme CPU Voltage Frequency: Auto CPU Power Duty Control: Extreme CPU Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU/NB Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU Power Thermal Control: 130 DRAM Current Capability: 110% DRAM Voltage Frequency: 300 DRAM Power Phase Control: Optimized HT Link Speed: 2600Mhz CPU/NB Speed: 2600Mhz PCIE Frequency: 110 (Default was 100) CPU Bus Frequency: 200 CPU Ratio: 23.0 I also have applied some basic ini tweaks, I will link to the main post on Reddit to these various possible tweaks. Reddit Performance Post Sticky Here are the specifics of the ini tweaks that I have applied: Squad Forum Post for Performance Tweaks FX.MaxCPUParticlesPerEmitter=20 FX.MaxGPUParticlesSpawnedPerFrame=0 ShowFlag.Decals=0 r.LightShafts=0 MaxChannels=96 (Default 128) r.CustomDepth=0 [[email protected]] r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=3 [[email protected]] r.Upscale.Quality=0 [[email protected]] r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=16 r.SceneColorFormat=1 You will find the proper ini files to edit and all the exact details in the Squad forum post above, but for the sake of brevity; (I just used all the defaults that they had.) Well that was a bunch to type, hopefully not too many people got bored, but more importantly, hopefully this helps some of you fellow AMD users out there to get respectable, or even just playable performance out of your CPU's and GPU's! A big thanks to the readers/posters, and to the dev team for always keeping us in the loop and working on making our experience better every time! PS: I probably made a mistake or two somewhere here. If you find any obvious errors, feel free to message me. I will be going over this post with a fine toothed comb again within an hour or so, possibly making some edits. I may also add some other details. New Content: Special thanks to user, "A Pacifist" for posting this new thread. He posted some new audio tweaks that may help some more AMD users that are having frame issues. Check it out! New Stutter Fix For AMD Users Peace out everybody, ~Shadow
  5. Removing Files?

    Hey Guys! Like most AMD users, this game performs horribly. No biggy, the devs are implementing UE4 4.11.1 now I'm sure (is say 4.11.1 because that's the version of UE4 I am using, guessing they are too?). For the mean time, however, I want to try and help find a fix. I have pinned it down to two problems it seems. VOIP (which solutions are out for) and explosions when the debris is processed. So I want to remove some of the Unreal Asset folders from the Squad > Audio > Content > Classes and such. Will I get banned if I take anything out? Also, is it safe to change .uasset stuff anywhere? Are there things that WILL make servers thing I am a cheater? Thanks!
  6. Will You Implement 4.11 Soon?

    Hey Guys (And particularly devs), Since I use UE4 in my spare time, I noticed that 4.11 came out. Will the AMD optimization patch come out soonish? Or will we need to wait a month or so for Version 6.0. In other words, what's the ETA? Thanks!
  7. Right now there are mostly 72 player servers where I get FPS from 28 to 45 which is frustrating as hell and really hard to play and aim. I was playing in a server which had 25 vs 25 and my fps was around 60-80 and the game felt completely different, I could actually control my recoil and control the SAW rounds. We need more servers that don't allow more than 50 players! The game feels so much better then, right now the animation system is SO BAD that my i7 4770k fries when we have 72 players in the server. Just consider guys. This game is not ready for 72 players, not even close.
  8. My PC sometimes freezes while playing Squad. Latest one: I played for around ~40 Min and than the PC froze entirely. So, Squad is still open but it just gives me a freeze frame. No Audio. I tried to just wait for the freeze to go by, but nothing happened also after a half an hour. The only way to work on the PC again is by pressing its power button until it forces a shutdown. (A half of myself is always dying when I'm forced to do something like that :( After that I can start the PC the normal way and nothing seems to has happened. This occurs nearly every time I play.
  9. Does it really seem right that the R9 Fury X, the card that isn't afraid of anything (but GameWorks), is beaten by a game that runs 60 FPS on a GTX 970?... I know that UE4 has some issues with AMD processors, but, atleast as far as I know, that does not apply to the Radeon cards unless said game is using heavy GameWorks features. My Fury X should be bottlenecked by my quad core i5-3570 (non-k and stock fan), not the other way around... But let's forget all that and just say that maybe the PC just displayed the wrong thing (atleast as far as Crimson goes, it did have that kind of issue back in 15.11 drivers, though that go fixed, but wahtever), how can I improve my performance? The framerate is the same no matter where I look, so this has to be a CPU problem, but what settings can I change to ease the load on that? Is it like ArmA so the higher AA and resolution I have, the less load on CPU it is, or do I have to do a complete 180 and change the .ini files? Doing the audio fix did give me like 5 frames, but it made voice chat useless. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 (3.5GHz) GPU: Sapphire R9 Fury X (4GB HBM) RAM: Corsair XMS3 12GB OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  10. lag spikes

    Hello All! I am a BF2:PR veteran from version 0.6! I downloaded Squad on Steam and starting playing tonight. I have a decent rig. Processor Intel® Core i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz My GPU is GTX 770 with 2 GB of VRAM. Windows 10. When I turned quickly, or was in CQB I lagged so badly that I could not really play. It would actually freeze up on me and then obviously I was usually dead since the other guy presumably was not lagging. Any help or idea are much appreciated. I am really excited to see how Squad develops. Thanks! Scandicci
  11. Dragging injured?

    I think adding the ability to drag someone that is injured would be awesome. This way you if you have no medic or a medic is close by, you can pull your ally to cover before the medic goes to work. (I currently cant run this game well. I cant get over 30 fps on any map. This game only uses 30% of my GPU and only 50% of my CPU :( )
  12. Increase LOD

    Is there a topic on this already? I would like to increase the graphics quality, it seems the LOD curve is too high at the moment. Is there an ini file location where we can change some values to push back the LOD pops? I would also appreciate an explanation of the values if possible.
  13. DirectX 12 Performance?

    Hey guys, I just saw that Squad could also be run with DirectX12 and from that what I heard of it should improve the overall performance, but for DirectX12 you need Win10. Do you guys have experience playing with DirectX 12? Is it worth to upgrade to Win 10, I'm not upgrading to Win 10 'cause of some Privacy issues, but if DirectX 12 brings better performance for Squad I would upgrade... Thx
  14. Which would you pick? Option 1: * i7 6820HQK (overclocking available up to 4Ghz) * Nvidia 980M - 8G * 7lbs Option 2: * i7 6700 2.6Ghz * Nvidia 970 - 3G * 4lbs All other things are equal or not a factor for my situation (e.g. both have 16G RAM, price difference doesn't matter, etc.). Maybe better to ask this way: Based on what I've read from others, I could expect at least "high" and maybe "epic" settings from the option 2 laptop. Do I need to accept the additional weight for Option 1 or could I get by with Option 2? Thanks!
  15. I love the game and I'm very happy that I supported it BUT here the things I didn't like: 1. When server is changing map or restarts map after the end of the round and it says "connection to the server has been lost". 2. When I join server 67/72, wait 2 minutes of loading and see "server full". (Why is it loading if there is no space for me?). 3. Buggy animation for field dressing that just restarts very fast and I don't know if it will work or not (but in most cases it works but looks strange). Anyway those are minor problem I'm sure the devs will fix. I won't add the FPS problem becouse I know that It'll come at the right moment and it's not unplayable for me anyway. Thank you for the great game!
  16. With my laptop, is seems like both the CPU and the RAM have some problems, but mostly the CPU. It's quite annoying since there seems to be almost NO difference with what type of settings i use. Going from Epic to Low, gives me only a small boost of 10-15 fps. Specs: GTX 960M Intel Core i5-4210H (2.90GHz) 8 GB RAM Windows 10 Average fps: Epic - 10-15 fps Low - 25-30 I know it's an alpha and there is a lot more to be done with performance. But my laptop "should" be quite capable to run this game on higher settings. Is there anyone else who have problems with graphic-settings have almost nothing to say for performance? :P
  17. hi all. im kind of a noob when it comes to pc hardware and performance and could use some help getting the most frames per second for Squad given my rig and Squad's video settings options. heres my pc specs: Win 7 professional Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz 2.67GHz 8 gigs of RAM AMD Radeon HD 7800 series (not sure exactly which model) when i push "click to determine best settings" i get "high" setting but the game doesnt run so well (see below) it wasnt playable though so i lowered the setting to this (see below) to get a playable 30+ frames per second on the los angeles server (closest to me) *EDIT* i have no money for upgrading my pc i thought my rig would be able to handle Squad with higher video setting but i guess not? is it just a optimization thing on the dev side? any ideas or suggestions to how i can change video setting to get the best performance (highest fps with best video settings) also does smooth mouse affect performance? cool thanks, im loving Squad too btw, its AWESOME! just trying to set it up the best i can.
  18. I haven't upgraded my desktop from windows 8.1 to windows 10 yet, because I'm under the impression that on my laptop (where I did do the upgrade) windows 10 still has some issues. I wouldn't want anything to happen to my desktop which I have built myself and is working perfectly (it's my precioussssss), so I still refuse to upgrade. However, will Squad have a different performance on windows 8.1 than on windows 10? If so, I might be willing to give the upgrade a shot...
  19. Loading lag?

    Hey there, received the game as a gift from a friend and it's amazing! But I have problems… when I load into a map I get huge lags, like the game freezes, then when I actually spawn in and look around my game does the same thing. Very frustrating. Specs: AMD FX 8320 @3.5ghz AMD R9 270X 2Gb 8GB RAM Windows 8 pro 64 bit
  20. poorly optimised?

    Hi everyone so i started playing the pre-alpha of squad, and find that im having a few problems performance wise, and was hoping to resolve a few here so first of all, here are my specs: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.150928-1507) Processor: Intel® Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 now ive been trying to get a nice balance of graphics/performance but cant seem to get rid of huge fps drops when i suddenly turn around. and by huge i mean it drops to like 2-7 fps for a couple seconds, especially if i turn to look at a city. also, since this game is a lot of sniping at long distances, ive been trying to boost my draw distance and resolution scale, to spot enemies better, while dropping everything else to a bare minimum. and with draw distance at high and resolution scale at max, i get roughly 40 fps, still with those big drops when i turn so what could cause this? is it poor optimisation? is my rig not good enough? also i have process lasso and have set squad to real-time, so its getting plenty of power from my CPU.
  21. I just upgraded to 8GB RAM from 4GB (Win10) and it makes a big difference. Without it my HDD would be working over-time to keep up with loading the terrain and not really able to keep up. I'd say performance improved 30%.
  22. Much much smoother in general. Note: While most people seem to be getting fps drops, mine have improved. I'm able to play on low settings without nearly as much performance lag as compared to last patch. --- Massive FPS hits during CQB firefights with ACOG. FPS drops will affect fire button press detection(?). Sometime the rifles will not fire. Crashes after match ends. --- Win 10 64bit AMD FX 4300 Nvidia 650 4GB RAM ---