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Found 72 results

  1. Hey there SQUAD devs and/or community management, i thought that i should give my feedback to the developers on this game, since i'm a backer and did put about 700hours into it, right after launch. I stopped playing Squad about 6 or more months ago because of the poor game performance and the lack of improvement in that area. Yesterday i came back to see how this game developed over the past months and if it's worth putting my everyday afternoon gaming time into it. Today i decided: It is not. Warning: This isn't supposed to be a hate thread and i also don't want to trigger the overly attached hardcode fan bunnies (is BLITZA still here?), but i feel like giving you - the devs - my opinion on the games current state. First off: i really like that vehicles are now in the game and i've also tested some of the new weapons. Both looked and worked better then expected (still having arma2 flashbacks, when i think about vehicles). Effects and sound design improved as well. However, all of this i couldn't really enjoy, because of the - still - poor performance of this game. Don't get me wrong, this is much better compared to the first few months after the game release, but it's still not even close to where a multiplayer FPS title should be - not even in alpha. I experienced FPS drops, i experienced low average FPS, i experienced mouse input lags and i experienced hit-reg desyncs. For me, as a longterm FPS fan, these are things which make a game fun and playable, or not fun and not playable to me. Squad went a long way already with its performance topic when i was still playing. But where are you guys now? It's over a year since release now and this game is still nothing to take really serious on the multiplayer FPS market. If you can't expect a first person shooter, where you rely on reflexes, aim, fast decision making (and alot more), to run at least on a stable frame rate of - let's say - 60 FPS, you did something wrong. If you can't expect the game to always register your fired bullets correctly and with (almost) no time lag, you did something wrong. If you can't expect the game to not let you randomly drop to 20 fps, even while you are in a building with almost no players on the server, you did something wrong. Squad is the most atmospheric shooter i've ever played. I've played tourney matches with my old team, i've played hundreds of public matches with new and veteran players and i was a active community member for a quite long time. I just really hope that you guys gonna start changing priorities in your product management team. Why would you add more performance hungry features, when even the base game is still not running how it is supposed to be? Yea, i know.. "That's how alphas work. First: add all features, then you improve performance". No! That's not how it works. You can't take this as an excuse for a whole year, while still working on new performance hungry features. Who will be left in the end? If this game will ever be "totally finished", with working FPS performance coming with the last update, i'm asking: who will be left? This early access phase IS your published content. It IS what the people are playing and talking about. It IS what players will stop recommend or give a bad rating. You guys already know that it's simply not possible with the current engine state, to give a stable performance, while still trying to reach your "100 vs 100 players on a map big like half the Iraq" vision. The questions are: will you guys still trying to push out content and hope that there will be some players left who don't care about a stable game performance in the end? Or will you guys change your vision and adjust your game goals to reach the standard of modern shooters game performance? Only you guys know, but i will not be around to find out. --- To whoever feels triggered right now (in the months i was active at the forums, there was alot of easily triggered people here): - Game was played on a i7 5820K, 32GB RAM, GeForce GTX 980Ti, Win10 - average FPS were 40. - Yes, i tried every in-game setting combination to try improve the performance - Yes, i could have turned my resolution down to 640x480 with everything on low, to get stable and high fps. I would have chosen this option if this game isn't about spotting players on long distances and long to med range fithing. - Yes, i know how to tweak stuff in the game config files to try to improve the performance (is it still possible to turn off shadows and foliage? ;-)) - Yes, i get it, "Squad isn't made for me" and "i am an ******". I "should really go play CoD or CS", since those are the only games where performance matters. - Yes, i know, you guys get "good FPS, game feels totally smooth to me" - even if most of you guys don't even know how to turn on a fps display. As an addition here: it still doesn't count when you get 60+ FPS ONCE at firing range, while looking at a wall. It only matters what your average FPS line is, while you are in a live game with the max possible - by the devs recommended - amount of players on a server. - Yes, i know. Netcode isn't something which matters in this game, since it's not about hitting moving targets, it's about just spraying bullets all around, so we can all feel like real life soldiers. --- Thanks for reading. Goodbye. Endgame
  2. Hello, I'm afraid it's another 'What performance can I expect?' question! (Haven't found the answer in any other threads so far) My rig is: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 at 3.00GHz GPU: Nvidea GTX950 2GB RAM: 8GB Resolution: 1600 x 1200 Any idea on how/if this will run it or anyone with similar stats how the game is running on your system? Thanks!
  3. So i had an idea, not sure if its a good idea so i will ask here. I play Squad on a low spec machine. Some maps run good, some not so good. Would it be a good idea to have a server that rotates the maps that run the best and perhaps limit player limit to 50 or so. Although i don't seem to run into any trouble with 60+player servers and frame rate. The idea would be so that players like me can sit and play for a while without having to change server to get on a map that runs well. I know the game is still being optimised and I was surprised with the latest update, or how after simply formatting my computer, i went from 20fps to 30+ fps. It would be good for me, and others i assume to have a server set up for us low end pc gamers, Is this a stupid idea or not? Have a server designed for people on mid range/low end pc. If it helps anyone else who might be struggling, try formatting your computer, i was exited at how much difference it made. My pc must have been pretty messed up. Specs: CPU i7 4510u ( Haswell 2000 - 3100 MHz 22nm) Level 1 Cache 128 KB Level 2 Cache 512 KB Level 3 Cache 4096 KB 2 Cores 4 Threads GPU Nvidia 840m, 2gb DDr3, 28 nm mid-range DirectX 12 384 shader cores @1029MHZ 8Gb DDR3 System RAM Try setting in Nvidia Control Panel. Physx - use CPU, seemed to give me way better performance than using the Nvidia GPU for the Physx. Graphics Settings: Medium/High, 1280x768 gives me25- 32FPS on Kohat, 40- on Logar, 40+ on Sumari ,40- First Light. I am surprised that it runs even this well when 60 players are on. Good Job Offworld!
  4. Upcoming Features or Not?

    Hi guys, i'm new on Squad. I really like the game and i'm now eager to see what improvements will come. I already read some Montly Recaps and some topics to get some idea what will come next. But still i have some questions for quick catch up. So i listed my questions/suggestions to get some more information from you and developers. What's your performance goal? Since i see some features will not be implemented (ie. destructible buildings) because of performance issues, how much performance improvement should we expect when the game has finished? Is it possible to achieve %80-100 fps increase when the game has done? I think performance is the most important factor for playerbase and playerbase is important factor for Online Multiplayer games. Will you remove jumping? When the vaulting implemented will you guys remove jumping, because i think its not realistic at all. What about climb over fences and walls? Permanent Bullet Decals? I see bullet decals disappears after some shots, are those affects performance too much, is it possible to make them permanent? Destructible environment? I read you have no plan for destructible buildings yet. But how about other things like tress, fences, walls? Will there be explosion craters? Asymmetric warfare? Since factions are asymmetric?!?!, will there be more diversity between factions? Play style is almost same for all factions atm. I think there should be different tactics for different factions. Like will there be booby traps or tunnel network system for militias/insurgents since we know USA and Russia gets Helicopters for sure. Thats all for now, keep up the good work...
  5. I have an i5 750 on stock and have searched for new rig for gaming. As my cpu bottleneck my r9 270 2gb on cup bound games, I've been thinking to change to a new 1151 socket. This should serve me better than my old i5? Btw, good old mobos are really rare in my country (and expensive) so I cant overclock my old i5, sadly.
  6. Ghosting in v8

    I am getting a series of ghost images when panning view quickly. I have only noticed this recently is this a known bug? my system specs are: i5 3570k @ 4.5GHz GTX 980 16GB RAM SSD 1080p monitor
  7. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    I've noticed that a lot of people with intel processors have better FPS, can anyone tell me why AMD processors fail to handle squad well, and if there is a possible fix I can do or do soon?
  8. I couldn't find this specific issue while searching. Let me preface that my PC technically is below minspec, but runs the game fairly playably! Usually around 30-40 FPS, though I don't count. ... That is, until I zoom in via binoculars. The FPS drops down to 10-15. So I'm wondering if either 1) anything can be done in tweaking to decrease the FPS hit from using binoculars or if 2) other people get this issue, and so it's something that the devs could look into fixing. My specs are: Windows 7 1600x1200 all low settings AMD Fx-8310 Eight-core, 3.40 GHz 8gb ram GTX 465 1gb
  9. Original (Russian) version: Доброго времени суток, уважаемые разработчики! Я купил игру Squad в январе 2016. С тех пор многое изменилось, для некоторых в лучшую сторону, а для меня всё наоборот. В первых версиях игры у меня было в среднем 40 FPS в игре и это было для меня нормально. Но после релиза 7 версии игры, у меня стало 20-25 FPS в лесной местности и 35-40 в пустынной. Сейчас в 8 версии игры я имею в среднем такие же показатели FPS как раньше. P.S. 1. У 4 моих друзей в Steam тоже ничего не изменилось... 2. Настройки графики стоят на самых низких. 3. Панель управления NVIDIA настроен на максимальную производительность. Характеристики моего ноутбука фирмы Hewlett-Packard. Процессор: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M Оперативная память (ОЗУ): 8 ГБ Пожалуйста, улучшите производительность игры. На других играх как Arma 3 и Battlefield 4 мой ноутбук неплохо справляется на средних настройках графики. Google Translate version: Hello, dear developers! I bought the game Squad in January 2016. Since then much has changed, some for the better, for me all the way around. In the first versions of the game, I had an average of 40 FPS in the game and it was ok for me. But after release 7 version I was 20-25 fps in the forest areas and 35-40 FPS in the desert. Now 8 version of the game, I have the same performance as before FPS on average. P.S. 1. In 4 of my friends on Steam too, nothing has changed... 2. Graphics settings are on the lowest. 3. NVIDIA Control Panel is set for maximum performance Features my laptop Hewlett-Packard company. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M RAM: 8 GB Please improve game performance. In other games like Battlefield 4 and Arma 3 my laptop copes at medium graphics settings. I hope you pay attention to my post, since I translated his 40 minutes. Thank you for attention!
  10. GTX 1070 Performance (halp)

    Gigabyte Wind-force GTX 1070 Intel core i7 4770k @3.9 GHz 16GB of Corsair RAM 1600 MHz Firecuda 2TB SSHD Currently getting 40-50 FPS on large maps on full load servers(1920x1080),fairly disappointing at times. Could my processor be the bottleneck or the ram? pls halp :C
  11. How Bad is the AMD "Problem"?

    Apologies if this is in the incorrect section. Specs: Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 ASUS STRIX RAM 16 GB (Corsair) Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10240), 64-bit I know that AMD performance is far worse, and that v8.0 should bring some great performance changes around November. I'm looking to buy the game, but I thought I would ask you that in the current state of the game, how bad actually is the FPS? Is it enough to make aiming a difficulty? Does it impact on how fun the game plays? Is it even that noticeable? I'm wondering this because I was watching some videos of guys with roughly the same specs as me playing around 4-5 months ago and I couldn't even tell the game was lagging. (See here for that video) Thanks in advance.
  12. I had noticed a sudden fps drop with the v7 patch and put it down to maybe the patch (since a lot of other people were saying their fps took a hit). But yesterday i asked my friends what fps they were getting (Lot of them didnt know that Statfps command showed FPS) they answered 50-90fps within the range of my 5 friends. I was getting 20 max and my system was better than some of theirs. - This was on the logar valley INS Night. I restarted PC, updated my GPU driver (co-incidence there wwas an update on that day) and lowered and upped my settings but nothing helped. Something that is at the bottom of almost every big change is to delete your configs. To be honest i ignored it thinking ah, that wont have any effect its just a 'just incase' type scenario. But it has massively increased my FPS. What you do: 1) Windows key + R 2) Type %Appdata% 3) Press back arrow and go to Local 4)Find Squad folder, open it and Delete the WindowsNoEditor Folder 5) Relaunch Game My Fps went from 15-20 to 60-70fps. Try it and let me know! (Note i havent done this since pre-testing so that may be a reason why) Cant promise anything - but trying to pass on what worked for me for others who overlooked it
  13. FXAA vs TXAA vs SMAA vs T+FXAA

    Hello squad players ! just wanted to ask about the antialiasin options in v7 which of the mentioned in title is better for performance ? im using a notebook for the game and since new patch fps dropped however i found slightly increased fps while using FXAA can some one explain differences ?? Regards wolf
  14. Grafic 30 Fps

    Halo My Pc its a Good one before i have a R9 280X 3 Gb and 12-max 30 Fps with Medium-low Settings NOW i have A RX 480 Red Devil 8 Gb and when i make all of Epic i have Only 20-30 Fps..... What for a Setting must i make thats i have the best Performance? Screenshot: http:// My Specs: Processor: AMD FX-8370, 8x 4.30GHz, Seidon 120V Rev 2 Video Card: RX 480 Red Devil 8GB Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro Rot 16GB (2x8GB) NT: SuperFlower 650 Watt ATX OS: Windows 10 ProStorage: 1TB HDD Screens: 1 Acer THX
  15. Hey guys. So I'm finally upgrading from my little GTX 750ti(you will be missed). and I'm planing on getting the GTX 1070. Now I've looked around and decided on it 100%... However there are about 15 different versions and I was wondering if anyone else has any advice. I have £400 to spend and am currently looking at; INNO3D GEFORCE GTX 1070 ICHILL AIR BOSS X3 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-EXPRESS GRAPHICS CARD from overclockers uk. So if you have any advice please share it . Or you can simply call me a scrub for using the 750ti . Thanks guys, Connor.
  16. Hi guys, I've received a lot of performance-related questions from my Counter Strike buddies who mostly use mid-level rigs and play CS just fine. I know a lot has been said about this topic, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's try it this way... System: CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.3Ghz (4 cores) RAM: 16 GB Graphic card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC, 4GB - Display settings in NVidia Control Panel set to: "Best quality" - GPU overclocked to +26Mhz (to 1216/1279 Mhz) using Gigabyte OC Guru II HDD (Squad installation location): External Seagate 3TB, USB3 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Service pack 1 DirectX version: 11 Squad Performance: 90-100 FPS on the Firing range and 40-60 FPS on a full server (70 players) Graphics settings: (last row is missing, it didn't fit the screen: Effects details is also set to Epic) How it looks: Other stuff / interesting notes: - Moving the game (using SteamMover) from SATA HDD (500GB) to External USB3 drive makes the game load 3x-5x faster --- Wanna share yours?
  17. My machine really isn't that good at all. I have an FX-6300 that was released in 2012 and R9 280 that was released in like 2014. They are both okay. I have been playing with the settings and raising them over time with the updates. Today I lifted up from Medium to Epic with higher settings. I do recommend fiddling a bit with the audio quality and things like that to make sure it runs a bit more smooth. But overall after I changed the settings it had roughly the same performance but looked a lot better. I think this is a step in the right direction.
  18. Hello, this is interesting subject that I have been following since the early versions of the SQD. Many players seems to have monstorous GPUs and "monstorous" CPUs. Now in current state it seems that multicore CPUs are over rated since game (and many software in general) seem to use only core or two to do their calculations. Another interesting fact is the "best CPU" is not necessary the best. Like this chart suggest i7 processors should be way way OP compared to i5 family ... like 2x more speed for same GHz.. This couldn't be more misleading. This next comparison image gives interesting fact. Now what we have here... Let see CPU mark with red to see "the real performance" which is for favour of i7 !! Naturally. What in much more interesting is the Single Thread Ratings i5: 2231 i7: 1991 This means that i7 is actually over 10% worse than i5 on single thread performance (non multithreating use). Source of CPU data for this quick and dirty tech post is https://www.cpubenchmark.net/ PS. This screenshot gives even more misleading picture of performance for favour of AMD. Note the Single Thread Performance number and compare to "potato i5". This is ofcourse only one aspect of performance, but single thread performance is still needed at times .. like alpha versions of the games. I'm happy that my old dog senses said to me, go for single core performance and "handpicked" k-line. - Greets, i5-4690k owner.
  19. My Server LAG

    Hello guys. I have a server of squad. The server when it exceeds 35-40 players start to lag. Is really impossibile to play. I controlled instantly the server. And the server was using only : 0.5 % of CPU 5 % of RAM 2 mbps/s of bandwidth. I did a SPEED TEST. And the server do 720 mbps/s to download and 540 mbps/s to upload. For this i dont understand where is the problem. My Server is powerful but lag. HARDWARE: 1 GB of bandwidth CPU I7 6700 K RAM 32 GB DDR4 2133 MHZ Windows Server 2012 R2 Help me PLEASE.
  20. FPS on GTX 1080

    I'll just leave this screenshot here....got my GTX 1080 today, rest of the specs are - 16 GB RAM - Xeon 1225v3 Quad core OC-ed to 3.7 GHZ - QHD 1440p screen First: GPU usage, Second is GPU clock, FPS is ~47, for the ones that can't see the letters or are too lazy to click. Playing on Fool's Road 2 on a 70/71 man server, Settings don't have too much effect on the game...it was medium when i posted the screenshot. Please tell me more about how my rig is shit and that the devs are gods.....piss off fanboys...just posted this here so people don't buy better GPU cuz of this game, cuz it's shit anyway.
  21. Hey guys, can you please share you specs if you are running this game at 60+ FPS and also the display resolution ? Also, please only post if you play starting from Medium performance, cuz otherwise the game looks like Mario. Thank you !!
  22. Hey, just installed the new update, first i noticed that my game went blurry, then i noticed that when i join a server with 60/72 slots i can't join the server, it doesn't show any error or says that the server is full, nothing like that..? when i then refresh the server still shows 60/72 slots and i still can't join. Also i got a huge performance decrease... i went from about 55 fps on medium to 16-19 fps on low... Any explanation would be great. Best regards, NathanSB
  23. Hey guys, if you are interested in Squad gameplays and tactics focused on individual- and team performance, feel free to check out my Youtube channel. No theories. No basics. No bullshit. I will just show how to play and set up the game in it's most effective way: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ENDGAME4K I'm currently working on 4K videos regarding: effective settings guideline (which will be re-done with every sq. version update) advanced tactics to improve your individual gameplay advanced tactics to improve your teams gameplay as squad leader I will also constantly upload POV's of full public and competitive rounds. Best, ENDGAME
  24. Hey Guys! Just made a video version of my post I made awhile ago on how to increase performance: