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Found 8 results

  1. For credibility: I was a combat medic (68W) in the U.S. Army for almost 6 years, honorably discharged. I currently have 98 hours of play time in Squad. Yes, I have done a search and seen that aid stations have already been suggested, but I felt those posts were lacking in detail. I also didn't want to just reply to their post, as it is likely to get lost in the forums. Here I have a title that can be easily seen and referred to. Name Ideas: -Aid Station -Forward Aid Station -Battlefield Aid Station -Field Aid Station -Battalion Aid Station (Actual name used in the Army for this type, so my preference) -Role 1 -Role 1 Aid Station (If you have a name suggestion, and it makes logical sense, comment and then I'll add it to this list and give you credit) My Suggestion: Aid stations should be added to Squad. I believe they could work similar to the vehicle repair stations. If a soldier stands inside the aid station they will automatically start to be healed. Although, I don't think they should automatically heal bleeding out. My idea is that the aid station only heals players once they (or a team mate) have applied a field dressing, if needed. I think this would allow easy rewriting of the code from repair stations to aid stations, without too much trouble; although, I am not a programmer, so if that sounds moronic please ignore it. The aid station should be a constructable building that is placed by a squad leader within the normal (blue) ring around the FOB. I also suggest that the construction supplies needed for this should be equal to the vehicle repair station; or, if the majority of my suggestions below are to be accepted, then it should cost more construction supplies than a vehicle repair station (that number is for the developers to decide, and, of course, is relevant to the faction). Additional Ideas (numbered for easy reference when commenting): Auto heal within the aid station should be the same speed as when a medic heals a player with their medic pouch. Bleeding out still requires a field dressing in the aid station, although it should be applied at 2x speed. If a medic is inside the aid station, then the auto heal should be 1.5x speed. If a medic is inside the aid station, then he has an infinite supply of field dressings. Only the medic, not other players. (If not infinite, then refer to point 7). Either points 3 & 4 together, or only one of them. I think at least one of those ideas should be implemented with the aid station. The aid station should have a field dressing dispenser, so that team mates can resupply their 2 field dressings. Referring to point 6; non-medics who refill field dressings at the aid station should be charged regular ammo supplies for them, just as if they resupplied from an ammo crate. When a player walks into an aid station, their weapon should be disabled. The same as during the preparation phase at the beginning of a round (this will make more sense when combined with the ideas below). Attacking an enemy faction's aid station should be punishable. My idea is that causing an enemy in an aid station to become incompacitated (requiring friendly revive) will cost your team a ticket. If the player inside the aid station becomes incompacitated or starts to bleed, refer to ideas above for healing. The factions Insurgent Forces and Irregular Militia should not be penalized for killing enemies inside an aid station. If point 10 is accepted, then Insurgent Forces and Irregular Militia should not have the ability to build aid stations. If not accepted, then same rules for them regarding aid stations. If the radio is destroyed, the aid station is destroyed same as always. Although in this case, point 9 is irrelevant, the enemy team isn't penalized if there are soldiers in the aid station. Damaging the aid station itself (explosives, gun fire, shovels) shouldn't be penalized, as long as the soldiers inside are not harmed. If you have further suggestions, please let me know in the comments. If I like them, then I will add them to my list and give you credit for the idea. For further reading on this topic: https://www.nato.int/docu/logi-en/1997/lo-1610.htm https://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/FileDownloadpublic.aspx?docid=6f9e0685-1290-4e92-8277-c1e7b0f2fef0
  2. Dragging Animation?

    So I've played Squad for about 70 hours now but I'm brand new to the forum. I was wondering if inputting a dragging ability has ever been talked about. This would be used to move injured teammates off the "X" so as to get them out of sight to properly heal them instead of just hiding behind their bodies, hoping you don't get tagged. If this topic has already been discussed, please just direct me to the post and I'll read it to find out what's being said. Thank you.
  3. Are there any servers that offer one life gameplay? I feel like it would be fun to play a game mode every so often that only allows you to have one life. It would make the round intense and gives a chance for SL's to win with tactics. If one gets caught out in the open and wiped then the other team has a huge advantage because they won't be coming back unless revived. A majority of people might not like this idea but I believe it would be an option that would be nice. Taking it one step further if they add medivacs to the game the medical system could be improved. With possibly adding hit location to the game that could determine if the medic can save you or not. If hit somewhere such as the chest or major artery the medivac could be dispatched and the medic has to perform medical treatment to prevent them from dying before the Blackhawk gets there. It returns them to the main base and heals them up. This takes time of course and is a lot for just one ticket, that is why I feel like it would only work with this game mode. With the talk of the commander role, making the medivacs a computer compared to a player it gives an opportunity to give power to the commander. The Squad Leader could get the coordinates for the pick-up and relay it back to the commander. At the main base, he could type it into a computer to send off the Blackhawk. Also, deploy things such a UAVs to a section for a period of time or send air cargo drops to bases for resupply. One more thing that could help the other team if implementing stuff for the commander such as resupply and UAV. If computer players are added near the villages and happen to be killed by the invading country it could give extra tickets to the local force. It would be like civilian deaths equal X amount of recruits for their army. It could be a good way to even out the gameplay. If the invading country has too much power you could up the ratio helping balance the powers or the other way around and lower the ratio if needed. Thoughts?
  4. Not many games seem to improve on medical stuff. I haven't played PR or Arma's different medical mods, but I have played other games that had interesting concepts. Currently (from what I've seen), the medic takes out his medkit, gets in proximity of the patient and then initiates the animation. Then plays through for a set time, and then ends. My suggestion is to have random button prompts to both make things interesting, and also probably decrease time for "treatment." Similar to other games, if the player hits the proper button at the correct time, treatment time is decreased. However if the player hits the incorrect button or times incorrectly, treatment time is increased or fails completely, somewhat reflecting real treatment. This can also be compared to the "Gears of War" active reload system, which also could be implemented in this game. Though not as crazy as a once proposed "Army of Two" medical system of shoving tampons in your teammate while he tries to run away from light at the end of the tunnel, I believe this system is in the realm of possiblity.
  5. When you are in an injured state, your priority shgould be to stop the bleeding. It is quite frustrating, bleeding out, whilst folding away an AT weapon. Can you please look into the possibility for this weapon, that you can enter directly into the bandaging function, rather than the serveral seconds spent folding away a LAW or RPG which seems to be priority number one when bleeding to death. This can lead to death if you already have low health. Priority should be drop the weapon, stop the bleeding and pick it back up. Thank you for a fantastic game.
  6. IFAK Gen II (Images)

    Hello all. I wanted to share something with the devs and all supporters of Squad. I know the models are placeholders. I know most of what is in the game are placeholders. I am doing this purely for informative reasons. I recently saw a post displaying some IFAKs and various medical supply. The Department of Defense recently (would say 2014) decided to field a new IFAK (improved first aid kit) Gen II. The old IFAK was a very simple pouch with rolled up inner material that held your basic bleeding and airway interventions. The new one is much slimmer but has more surface area, I personally think they changed the design because getting in and out of tight spaces with the old IFAK was a bitch. As far as interventions they added a padded fox eye shield because ocular trauma was going untreated, an extra tourniquet because you can never have enough TQ's and an extra Hyfin Chest seal (if memory serves me correctly, old IFAK only had one). So for the knowledge of the military advisers..this is what Regular Army soldiers are being issued for deployments in Afghanistan as of 2014. Source: Currently Active Duty, This is my IFAK Below is a picture of an IFAK Gen II, Two Tourniquet pouches. One on top, one on bottom. Tourniquet Pouches up close. TQ Inner pouch is secured in outer pouch with velcro for easy removal Contents of inner pouch All contents laid out (minus the TQ's)
  7. The main thing I want to see, (that so many other games lack, up to and including ARMA) is visible entry/exit wounds on a corpse/casualty. Visible bleeding (blood trails/pools on the ground from a casualty being dragged or walking, crawling) and of course, I know a medical system is being implemented but I would like to see something more complex than "stand here get healed" or "inject epi, your good" I would like to see a system that involves using the proper equipment to treat different wounds. Chest seal for chest wounds, tourniquet for extremedie wounds, etc. realistic field expedient medical care. For in the real world, treating a casualty in the field is only to keep him alive long enough to get them to the next highest care. Just a few thoughts!
  8. I'm in the 15th MEU and we use a heavily modified Arma 3 with things like weapon resting, realistic medical system, task force radio, magazine repacking, hand signals, barrel heat, the ability to trade equipment and ammo, large backpack radios and small short range ones and more. I'd like to post a couple of videos from youtube show casing this from the 15th MEU and our off shoot the 506th made from former 15th members. These are just for ideas or possibly to see how one of your ideas would work in reference. If you own Arma 3 feel free to come play on the recruit server to test these out first hand. It's open to the public every day but sunday nights. The mod list and links are on the Recruit server tab Teamspeak Address: ts51.gameservers.com:9440 PW:15nd This is not clan recruitment even though it kinda seems like it, this is for devs to see what works and possibly give ideas on making things better. If there is only one thing you take from this let it be Task Force Radio. I have never seen such precise communication with 100 players at once. If you're not familiar with the system you use one button to speak to people near you in direct chat and another to broadcast over the radio. The radio allows for any channel in the xxx.xx range and you can assign different channels to the num pad allowing to quickly swap channels with a button press I.E. 1. Squad, 2. Platoon lead, 3. Actual, 4. Air Support, 5. Armor, 6.Artillery etc. making communication easy and flawless without dozens of people talking over each other at once. You can also assign radio freqs to your left speaker and and other to the right. This allows your squad to be in your left and command in your right. The radios are also effected by range, terrain, and battery life. Last you can pick up a radio off the enemy and use it to listen to their communications. This system borderlines as near necessity in a large tactical game. Another mode in Arma that is simular to PR is Capture the Island. I don't have any videos but it involves both sides building a base somewhere on the map in secret, then defending it while also sending out squads to search and desroy the enemies HQ. You start the round with a Mobile HQ then like an RTS you set it up somewhere hidden and add buildings that give out new weapons and equipment for your men to use. The men then must take towns to connect supply lines like Company of Heroes which turn into points that are used to grow the base. As you encounter towns they are grey (AI) or red (Enemy held) then you use this information to narrow down where the other teams HQ is hidden. Just ideas.