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      Before posting a new thread, please make use of the forum search to find older threads about the same topic. In doubt, it is recommended to rather post in an existing thread, unless that thread is years out of date. However, do not bump old threads without adding a new question / answer / insight that wasn’t in that thread before - use common sense.   §8 Thread Titles
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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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      There is a Post Report system in place. If you notice a post that violates forum rules, simply use the exclamation mark icon below the users avatar image to send a report to the Moderation. We will then review this post. Your report will not be made public and cannot be linked to your person by anyone outside of the Squad Team. You will not be punished for using the Report system even if the report was false, unless you repeatedly abuse the system to spam it.
      Do not ‘report’ posts by replying directly in public to them. In case of spambots, this prompts them to respond in turn, spamming the forum further. This also fuels flame wars and arguments.   §2 Reporting Moderators
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Found 77 results

  1. Video of error happening: https://vid.me/rvnx I just purchased the game right after the vehicle patch came out. before the hotfix I was able to login and play. With the latest hotfix, when I launch, I get a completely frozen computer. My mouse freezes and all on screen graphics are frozen and no keyboard commands work. Just like a screen cap of what was on the screen stays and I am forced to hard reboot by holding the button. I even did a fresh reinstall of windows and drivers. Everything is up to date. The same exact error occurs no matter what. PC Set-Up: -Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 4 Gen 3 P67 -Processor: i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30 GHz -RAM: GSkill Ripjaws X DDR3 16gb -Graphics: Dual Geforce GTX 560Ti in SLi -OS: Windows 10 64bit Nothing is overclocked. ETC I tried everything in this thread, but I had no luck. I would appreciate it if anybody had any ideas.
  2. Unknown File Error

    On certain maps I keep receiving an error that states: Uknown file version: Squad\Content\Environments\Vegitation\meshes\trees\scrub\sm_scrbtree_01.uasset any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    Fatal Error Crash Fix 2.0 - 10 Step Plan Disclaimer: Played 6 games w/ no errors - A full server DC'd and I stayed... A true Hallelujah moment! Test at your own regard - Let me know if it works for you. 1.) Disable Steam Overlay for Squad (can still hear notifications) 2.) Verify integrity of game cache on Steam 3.) Go into DefaultEngine.ini and change bSubsteppingAsync=False to bSubsteppingAsync=True (use Notepad) C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Config 4.) Remove plugins - C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Plugins 5.) Delete Temp Steam files - C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/appcache/httpcache 6.) Delete Steam Cache - C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/steam/cached 7.) Delete Steam User Cache - C: Users/"yourpcname"/AppData/Local/Steam/htmlcache (make sure 'view hidden folders is checked') 8.) Verify drivers are up-to-date (given) 9.) Restart PC and launch Steam as administrator 10.) Open Squad from Steam client not desktop app UPDATE 8/14/2016 @18:15pm PST - Working for some flawlessly and not working for others at all. I have played over 20 games now on full popped public servers with no issues. It's definitely physx related and an issue with the new UE4 ([/Script/Engine.PhysicsSettings]) - I will try my best to dial in a clearer solution this evening.
  4. Im attempting to start up a server for a bunch of my friends to join and for us to just mess around with. I have set up many servers in the past using SteamCMD and never had any issues like this. Every time I run my batch file I get greeted with this - https://gyazo.com/9eb46c6ecfd60cff2e14a3764d88de4e. I have been digging around for hours trying to find a fix with no success. I already attempted the simple things like restarting your pc, reinstall server, etc. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  5. My Server LAG

    Hello guys. I have a server of squad. The server when it exceeds 35-40 players start to lag. Is really impossibile to play. I controlled instantly the server. And the server was using only : 0.5 % of CPU 5 % of RAM 2 mbps/s of bandwidth. I did a SPEED TEST. And the server do 720 mbps/s to download and 540 mbps/s to upload. For this i dont understand where is the problem. My Server is powerful but lag. HARDWARE: 1 GB of bandwidth CPU I7 6700 K RAM 32 GB DDR4 2133 MHZ Windows Server 2012 R2 Help me PLEASE.
  6. I have never had problems launching or running this game (only when I had my AMD cpu it lagged like hell) I also played the game with my new cpu for around 5 hours without any issues. But I stopped playing about 4 weeks ago and I wanted to play the game again, but I can't launch the game anymore. It gives me the error seen in the title and after trying to fix it on my own and searching the internet for a solution for 3 days I still haven't found a solution. My specs: i7 6700K ASUS z170 Pro Gaming motherboard Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB Ram MSI GTX 970 (368.81 drivers I also tried without the lastest not-beta drivers and it didn't work) Windows 10 64bit (all latest updates installed) ples help me.
  7. I don't know exactly why this happened and its's been bugging me all day because I can't play at all. Since morning to night. Whenever I attempt to play the game the green bar loads fully and boom Launch error (above). I can't tell if anyone else has this problem. I'd like to first say that I am not cheating under any means, please arrest me if I am. I'v tried to verify the game files and restart my computer but no luck. I have also updated windows but that hasn't worked either. Any help? perhaps even moral funny support if nothing else. Thank you in advance, but I'll still thank you a second time if you manage to solve the issue. Ps. one day later still the same issue. cannot join.
  8. Hello guys, I just bought the game today on steam and I was so excited to play but on startup I encountered a Launch Error. I tried to reinstall C++ Redistributable 2015 but then i also enountered another issue. After I uninstalled the Visual C++ and tried to install it again an error poped up saying i already have this installed. But I don't. Also I use Avast Antivirus just in case it has something to do with the game error. Help? Thanx !
  9. Hello, I have windows 7 installed on my computer. In the beginning (first 2 months) since squad was released I had no issues with playing the game. It worked pretty well to be honest. Now 2 months ago, I first noticed there where only a few servers to choose from (about 2/3) that popped up in the server browser (in game). Now 1 month ago I starting to get FATAL ERROR message, and the game is shut down immediately when I try to browse servers (in game). I don't know where to find log files or any could anyone point me out where to find these. I know I have to search in the steamapp direactory but yeah where are these damn log files.... I want to provide data for the dev so they can fix it, I know a lot of others are having the same issue. I tried reinstalling, and steam integrity etc. etc. nothing works. Thanks.
  10. Well this is nice. Wanted to get into playing Squad, but I'm encountering an error that doesn't seem to have been had before. From the launcher, I get the message "Network Error - Error establishing SSL connection with the server!" I'm not sure why I need an SSL connection, but Squad seems to insist on it. So far I've tried Running Steam as an admin Running Squad and Squad Launcher as an admin Putting them on compatibility mode for Windows 7 since it worked on another computer that had Windows 7 last time I played Uninstalling and reinstalling EasyAntiCheat Uninstalling and Reinstalling Squad File Validation through Steam Rebooting Allowing it through Windows Firewall Allowing it through Avast AntiVirus Disabled Avast and attempted to run it Not sure what to do, spent close to 2 hours on this
  11. [solved] Fatal Error

    Hello soldiers , I changed my video card , previously had a GTS 250 1GB, now I'm with R7 . I'm having trouble clicking the game , it opens a black screen and gives crash giving the message " FATAL ERROR" . My setup is : CPU - Intel ( R) Core ( TM ) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz 8 GB RAM AMD Radeon ( TM ) R7 360 Series 2GB . WIN 10 64x PS: Sorry my inglish. Is bad.
  12. executable file is not found

    Hello! have a problem : the game weighs 138 mb ( obviously must weigh more than 5 gb) and , at startup , says that is not found executable. Downloads same set of files of archive . Help me please! if you need additional details , please let me know , I will try to provide them.
  13. Error Code:9

    So im playing the newest update (Alpha 6.2) but whenever i load the game i get this error box pop up; Hash catalogue error: Failed to load hash catalogue file c\ program files (x86)\steam\common\squad/\eac0.bin (error code 9). this has made the game unplayable. im curious if this is an issue some people are getting or if im on my own here? also can anyone suggest anything? im missing out on some juicy squadding EDIT; Reinstalling fixed the issue for me.
  14. I can't start the game I have reinstalled game, verified its integrity, check for windows updates and can't seem to find any error messages. Ill post a picture of my error along with my specs. I really wanna play this game and can't seem to find a solution for my problem I'm open to any help please someone help me.
  15. A bunch of users are reporting that they can't play including myself: Launch Error Error Validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate. http://imgur.com/leBAHMI https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4jj661/anyone_else_getting_a_launch_error/
  16. I just downloaded Squad and was really hyped to play it. However after trying to launch it, a message appears saying "Failed to start game (missing executable)." I know it gives a link to steam support but I tried many of the things. Any ideas how to fix would be great, so I just don't lose 40.00 bucks? (EDIT) Maybe it's because I have a 32-bit operating system and a 64-bit processor possibly? Does this mean when I do a clean install of the new operating system I will lose my games and will have to re-buy them?
  17. Game wont start

    Just installed the game and when I try to start it,the loading bar with the game image starts loading but when it gets to the end appears a *launch erro* and the game dont start. I already re-installed the game and installed the new driver version for my GTX 970.
  18. Found an FOV issue with the new scope FX, related to your FOV setting. The new Dark overlay they added doesn't align properly to the scope on anything other than a 90 degree FOV setting. FOV values VS effect in links 90 FOV 100 FOV 110 FOV
  19. Game Crashes Upon Launch

    I normally wouldn't post and try to figure this problem out on my own, however I have tried pretty much everything that I have found on other forums/online. So I would really appreciate any help that you guys have to offer. I saw this game in kick starter and ever since then have wanted to give it a try for myself. What I've tried: Check Game CacheRestart computerRe-download gameClear %appdata% folderRunning game as AdminTurning off firewallStopping Anti-VirusCrash Log: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><FGenericCrashContext><RuntimeProperties><Version>1</Version><ProcessId>30672</ProcessId><IsInternalBuild>0</IsInternalBuild><IsPerforceBuild>0</IsPerforceBuild><IsSourceDistribution>0</IsSourceDistribution><GameName>Squad</GameName><ExecutableName>Squad</ExecutableName><BuildConfiguration>Shipping</BuildConfiguration><PlatformName>WindowsNoEditor</PlatformName><PlatformNameIni>Windows</PlatformNameIni><EngineMode>Game</EngineMode><EngineVersion>4.10.2-2791327+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.10</EngineVersion><CommandLine> PlatformService=Steam</CommandLine><LanguageLCID>1033</LanguageLCID><DefaultLocale>en_US</DefaultLocale><IsUE4Release>1</IsUE4Release><UserName></UserName><BaseDir>G:/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Binaries/Win64/</BaseDir><RootDir>G:/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/</RootDir><MachineId>0734E1D84F0A5EEAFBBCDD9028763BD6</MachineId><EpicAccountId></EpicAccountId><CallStack></CallStack><SourceContext></SourceContext><UserDescription></UserDescription><ErrorMessage></ErrorMessage><MiscNumberOfCores>4</MiscNumberOfCores><MiscNumberOfCoresIncludingHyperthreads>8</MiscNumberOfCoresIncludingHyperthreads><MiscIs64bitOperatingSystem>1</MiscIs64bitOperatingSystem><MiscCPUVendor>AuthenticAMD</MiscCPUVendor><MiscCPUBrand>AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor </MiscCPUBrand><MiscPrimaryGPUBrand>NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960</MiscPrimaryGPUBrand><MiscOSVersionMajor>Windows 10</MiscOSVersionMajor><MiscOSVersionMinor></MiscOSVersionMinor><CrashDumpMode>0</CrashDumpMode><MemoryStatsTotalPhysical>34251571200</MemoryStatsTotalPhysical><MemoryStatsTotalVirtual>140737488224256</MemoryStatsTotalVirtual><MemoryStatsPageSize>4096</MemoryStatsPageSize><MemoryStatsTotalPhysicalGB>32</MemoryStatsTotalPhysicalGB><MemoryStatsAvailablePhysical>0</MemoryStatsAvailablePhysical><MemoryStatsAvailableVirtual>0</MemoryStatsAvailableVirtual><MemoryStatsUsedPhysical>0</MemoryStatsUsedPhysical><MemoryStatsPeakUsedPhysical>0</MemoryStatsPeakUsedPhysical><MemoryStatsUsedVirtual>0</MemoryStatsUsedVirtual><MemoryStatsPeakUsedVirtual>0</MemoryStatsPeakUsedVirtual><MemoryStatsbIsOOM>0</MemoryStatsbIsOOM><MemoryStatsOOMAllocationSize>0</MemoryStatsOOMAllocationSize><MemoryStatsOOMAllocationAlignment>0</MemoryStatsOOMAllocationAlignment></RuntimeProperties><PlatformProperties><PlatformIsRunningWindows>1</PlatformIsRunningWindows></PlatformProperties></FGenericCrashContext> Once again thank you for your help and hopefully we can find the solution!
  20. It happens always when I exit the game. Earlier before patch there was something similar but with "Squad has stopped working" thing. It's not a problem since it occurs only after exiting the game - but it's wierd :D
  21. Problem: When I want to start Squad while running TS3 with the "TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin", the game crashes after the splashscreen and I get a "fatal error" message. log files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-GVD65Dlw2_U0pNdEpETG43S2s/view?usp=sharing Workaround: Deactivate the "TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin".
  22. Please Help: After starting Squad, I'm getting an error message at the Login screen that says: "Could not connect to master server" Note: My login information is correct; I have restarted the program/game and tried again but got the same error message; I disabled all firewalls. Note 2: I am using a pre- 3.0 version of the game. I still need to updat. What is going on? Is the master server down just temporarily? Or is this issue unique to only me? Thank you for any help.
  23. I bought the game last night off Steam for $40 and immediately tried to download it. After the game was "successfully" downloaded I went to play it and got an error. The error says "Failed to start game (missing executable)." I have re-downloaded the game several times on different drives (and reinstalled Steam along with it), I have deleted the acf files, ran Steam as an administrator, turned off my Firewall while downloading the game, and verified the game cache. Nothing worked.. I have tried every possible solution several times and I am still unable to play the game. There is no Squad.exe file or application anywhere on my computer. It does install an icon on my desktop, however. It says the file is 116.8 MB too, is this correct? I can play Arma 3 off of Steam without any problems. I am really angry that I spent $40 on this "amazing" game and I can't even play it. Please help me, I'm open to any suggestions. Please don't tell me to do anything I have already stated, unless you know for sure it will work.
  24. I get the following when trying to register my key which was sent out last night. Please could someone look into this asap. ​ HTTP Status 403 - Expected CSRF token not found. Has your session expired? type Status report message Expected CSRF token not found. Has your session expired? description Access to the specified resource has been forbidden. Apache Tomcat/8.0.20​
  25. I tried starting up Squad today for the first time. Everything worked perfectly until i tried to play a round. The "Dead" screen came up, i chose a spawnpoint and spawned with an AK, although there was no terrain visible, only the sky texture with grey texture below it. Two seconds later my PC froze completely. No Alt+Tab, no Alt+F4, no Alt+Ctrl+Del worked. So i started it up again, launched Squad again and only came the "Dead" screen before it froze again. I restarted the PC and Squad and finally got to see the AK and the terrain only to freeze again another two seconds later. And before i continue with the manual shutdowns i thought there might already be a solution for this problem on the forums, but so far i couldnt find anything helpful. Does anyone know what could help?