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Found 80 results

  1. Hey guys. So, i bought Squad on this first day of summer sale. had the "failed to start the game error", which consists in executing the game, waiting for that initial loading bar, and when the bar is full, the "failed to start the game" appears. So, i tried installing vc redist 2015 x86 and x64, and vcredist 2013 x86 and x64. Unninstaled and installed again the anti-cheat. executed everything possible as admin, and nothing worked. the only thing i didn't try was to keep my windows (i have windows 7) updated as much as possible, because for some reason, my windows update refuses to download the updates. So i still can't play the game. BUT, i found this in the launcher_log of the anti-cheat (common/Squad/EasyAntiCheat). Picture below. So i wanna know if this is what have been stopping me to play the game. But, even if it is or if it's NOT, i'll need help to fix this (maybe there's already a topic with this error solved, so someone could send me a link?) so that's it guys. Hopefully, i'm dumb and this error can be easily fixed. Image: https://ibb.co/hukXDQ PS: tell me if the link is broken
  2. We have an offical squadserver- when i check windows logbook i can see some spam messages (windows server 2012) WARNING: STEAM: Server setting ,LicenseSigXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX== overflows Steam SetGameTags call STEAM: Server setting ,ReservedQueue_i:0 overflows Steam SetGameTags call STEAM: Server setting ,GameMode_s:AAS overflows Steam SetGameTags call // spamming log every minut. anyone knows what causes this? Server working just fine but still annoying. /ancientevil_one serveradmin on [DADSARMY.SE] Squad server www.dadsarmy.se
  3. Hello, So basically whenever I click play on Squad , the loading launcher pops up, finishes loading, then nothing. Squad in steam doesnt even show "Squad - Running" once it closes. Occasionally Ill get a "Easy Anti Cheat has stopped working". What I have tried: - Restarting Computer - ReInstalling Game - Verifying Files - Deleted Squad %localappdata% folder - Uninstalled EAC - Reinstalled EAC - Started steam with admin - Started squad with admin - Cleaned Disk Memory Keep in mind that I have logged over 250+ hours into Squad so this is completely out there. I have had plenty of other squad related issues in the past but I have been able to troubleshoot, not this one though. Can't find log files anywhere for as to why it is crashing. None of it has worked. Any ideas or help? Thank you
  4. EAC errors

    I am having problems with easy anti cheat. Upon launch or soon after I receive the error EasyAntiCheat Error: Unknown file version (squad\paks\pakchunk0-windowsnoeditor.pak) and my game will eventually close a random amount of time later. I have tried using the setup tool, uninstalling and repairing it. Uninstalling the game. Making sure that it is on my firewall. Running the game, and launcher in administrator mode. I don't know what else i can do to fix.
  5. When im at the menu, the sound works.. and everywhere else on my computer, the sound works. But all the "in match" sounds does not, so when I join a lobby and load in, everything is dead quiet. Ive tried validating my files and ive triend turning the vol up ingame to over 100% Have anyone else had this problem?...
  6. Helps: My Bro's Game is Busted

    I want my brother to get into squad and he is having problems running the game. SPECS that he knew off the top of his head: Samsung Laptop, intel i5 processor, 6GB RAM, 2.6Gz Good wired internet connection All attempts were made on servers with good ping OFFLINE 1.The Firing Range on all low settings is fine ONLINE MULTIPLAYER 1.When joining a multiplayer game with good ping the loading takes forever. If the loading takes too long the server eventually boots him back to main menu. 2.The right side of the screen gets cut off/a bar appears there. That bar can be black or a different color or a still shot of what the screen was previously showing, or even a steam window. We believe the issue is known as screen tearing. 3.Even IF the multiplayer game loads, the graphics are on low and the game runs really really slow. With some added graphical glitches such as seeing through some walls. 4.Upon returning to the main menu the screen tearing can still be seen until the game is restarted QUESTION Is his computer just not able to run the game or is this an error which is fixable?
  7. Game not launching.

    I ran the game just fine for about 6h, but since I restarted my computer, it does not work and a error appears. The error says: Die Anweisung in 0x741 ccf34 verweist auf Speicher 0x741 ccf34. Der Vorgang written konnte nicht im Speicher durchgeführt werden. Klicken Sie auf "OK", um das Programm zu beenden. Could anyone who speaks german help me? I really enjoy the game and I want to continue playing it.
  8. Server error

    Hi guys, could someone help me solving those errors? When I try to load my server I have those errors and the server doesn't appear on the server browser list in the game. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. Hey folks I have this little problem when trying to start the game, as you can se from the title. Its coming with this error, and I can't get in the game. Its on danish, so it saying: instruction at 0x00007FF8EB5584F8 referenced memory at 0x000002AB57C2D2B4. The memory could not be written. I have tried the "verify integrity of game cache" thing under properties in steam, and uninstall, but it does not work... So, someone here that have a solution to this problem?
  10. Error code 10018

    Yesterday i played the game normally but since today i get an error when i launch the game. It first says "The application was unable to start correctly("0xc0000022) and after that the launcher says that its error code 10018. i tried everything verifying the game, re-installing the game and everything is up to date, but i still get the error. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Error Code: 10018

    I have just today purchased Squad from steam and was hoping it would be a smoot ride installing and playing , but unfortunately that is not the case. I launch the game from steam and as the green loading bar reaches the end, I get an error and then it shows me game client encountered an application error. -Error Code 10018. I have tried validating the files on steam and launching the game as administrator but no luck as of yet, anyone else had the same problem?
  12. Launch Errors

    This has been going on for about two days. I go to Steam, press play Squad, loads up for around 5 seconds then bam, it shows: and underneath that is the Squad logo-launcher thing: I've tried deleting Squad and re-installing it, but nothing happens I really hope this can fixed soon, I really want to go back to playing
  13. Hey fellow squadlings, I recently started getting a strange error. It started happening after I upgraded my CPU from i5 to i7, and both before and after updating the drivers on the new CPU. whats strange is that on my old CPU, the i5, I would never crash, and would play for hours at a time, whereas now, on the i7, I seldom get more than 5 minutes of gameplay before my game crashes. While it does crash every 5 minutes or so, it does also run more smoothly in that short time. That is, it runs at a higher framerate and enables higher graphical settings. Anyone know of any workarounds? I just want to iterate that the crash bug occurred both before and after I updated my drivers, and also that my video card is a GTX 550 Ti. My RAM card is 8GB I'll paste the error message below: error file:d\g\pipelines\owi-squadrelease-a-8\U\Engine\Source\Runtime\windows\D3D11RHl\Private\D3D11Util.cpp][Line:176] Unreal engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0007 - 'RESET')
  14. Error upon Launch EAC

    I bought squad on 15-1-2017, After installing I tried to start the game: "Launch Error" "Error validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate." I already tried a BUNCH of things. Nothing so far has worked. Selecting squad as game for EAC and instaling it= Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Squad > EasyAntiCheat > EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe > Squad > Install = FALIURE Removed the EAC file and the squad folder in Local AppData Completely= Steamapps > Common > Squad > Deleting the EAC folder. + AppData > Local > Squad > Delete = FALIURE Installed all new windows / Firewall updates, New Global Signing Certificate Downloads (EAC itself recommended to do this if EVERY else failed. Wel. Even THIS failed. It said the I already had all possible Global Signing Certificate's installed! I am a bit anxious because I really want to play the game but I am afraid that if this takes to long I won't be able to get a refund if it would be for example, a costly repair or would take way to mutch time to fix. (Already put 14+ Hours into trying to fix this) any help is welcome! ^^ Have a nice day!
  15. Video memory error

    Fresh install of the latest build has been fine (within reason, alpha etc.) for a few days, now i'm constantly experiencing crashes after about 20 seconds loaded into a map with the following error: System specs: i5 3570k, 8GB Ram, R9 390 8GB gfx, 2560 x 1440 res - up to date drivers etc. this is repeated running the game on ultra and high. Quick google and the error message is a UE4 error rather than windows, so found this old thread: The VRAM pools had not been set up as stated in that post so i inserted those into my defaultscalability.ini which has not solved the problem. This is the log file output from the last crash: [2016.12.29-15.02.13:083][788]LogHAL:NoLogging: [2016.12.29-15.02.16:560][ 25]LogScript:Warning: Script call stack: Function /Game/UI/UMG/Map/SQ_RoleList.SQ_RoleList_C:Construct Function /Game/UI/UMG/Map/SQ_RoleList.SQ_RoleList_C:ExecuteUbergraph_SQ_RoleList [2016.12.29-15.02.16:863][ 27]LogD3D11RHI:Error: Direct3DDevice->CreateTexture2D(TextureDesc,SubResourceData,OutTexture2D) failed at d:\g\pipelines\owi-squad-release-a-8\U\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Texture.cpp:434 with error E_OUTOFMEMORY, Size=2560x1440x1 Format=DXGI_FORMAT_R16G16B16A16_FLOAT(0x0000000A), NumMips=1, Flags=D3D11_BIND_RENDER_TARGET D3D11_BIND_SHADER_RESOURCE [2016.12.29-15.02.36:471][ 27]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1) [2016.12.29-15.02.36:471][ 27]Log file closed, 12/29/16 15:02:36 I've reached the limits of my technical understanding/ability, so wondering if anyone has any bright ideas? Ta
  16. Game still crashes randomly for me with a Fatal error message. Now it's been for ever since release the release of Early access. I will share every fatal error I get until it's fixed: http://imgur.com/a/wS3pJ
  17. From the last update after everytime i close my game i get a error. Is anyone also facing the same issue ? If anyone has found solution for this error do let me know. I am currently playing on Macbook Pro Windows 10. So if any error on hardware side also let me know.
  18. So i just picked up squad today, and because i'm still a newbie, i got into the training course thingy. I tested out some stuff and i understand the game, so i went for an online server. I live in Indonesia and the squad servers that were available had 100 ping at it's lowest. I connected to one, and it went to the loading screen. First attempt to connect to server, i got to choose spawn point menu, then i clicked enter but after a few seconds itt went back to loading screen. I didn't know what to do and had waited too long, so i forced restart my computer. Second try i did it and this time it just stayed in the loading screen, didn't even get to the spawn point menu. Then i tried it for 5 times over and over and restarted my computer 5 times too but nothing worked Anyone have a solution?
  19. Hello. I get this error code when i close down the game 0x0000001931EAD9BE0. I have a Swedish OS so don't know the full English comparison. But i know it is complaining about. "Memory could not be written." I have the game in Administrative mode. So its not that. My OS is Win 10 Pro. I'm running true steam. But i only get this when i close down the game. I have no other problems what so ever. It runs smoothly and lag free. But i wanted to report this incident ether way, So you guys get to know this is happening. I did search the forum for this error but no results. I did read true a few pages of topics but no result that compared to my problem so thats why i creat this topic. GL HF.
  20. HELP: Can't join servers...

    When i go to the server browser when i try to join one of them i just get timed out after waiting 2-3 mins in the loading screen, and them i go back to main menu. Any help please? Thanks in advance
  21. Squad v8 crashed

    Hello, everybody. After Squad v8 update, game started crashing, when enemy kills me, or im getting shot. win 7 x 64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3201 МГц, ядер: 4, логических процессоров: 4 Random Access Memory 8, 00 gb I was trying to fix it by using this link https://support.microsoft.com/ru-ru/kb/968003 Did not work. I think windows reinstall will fix it 100%, but, maybe somebody knows, how to fix it without using such radical methods? Thanks for replying.
  22. Hey people, Please help, game stop starting, latest build 8.1. I did reinstall. GameID: 55 (32bit) Windows Version: 10.0 (Build 14931) Error Code: 30005 Error Msg: CreateFile failed (32): C:\WINDOWS\sysnative\drivers\EasyAntiCheat.sys UUID: 4ab15487-ad93-3e28-494f-807d176a1bbb Processes list: afcdpsrv.exe amazon music helper.exe applicationframehost.exe audiodg.exe cavwp.exe cmdagent.exe conhost.exe csrss.exe dashost.exe dllhost.exe dwm.exe easyanticheat.exe explorer.exe gamingapp_service.exe gaminghotkey_service.exe hipatchservice.exe iprosetmonitor.exe iscsiagent.exe logiregistryservice.exe lsass.exe mbam.exe mbamscheduler.exe mbamservice.exe memory compression mms_mini.exe mpcmdrun.exe msascuil.exe msi_activex_service.exe msi_liveupdate_service.exe msigamingosd_x64.exe msigamingosd_x86.exe msmpeng.exe muachost.exe ncs2prov.exe nhasusstrixsvc32.exe nissrv.exe nvcontainer.exe nvdisplay.container.exe nvidia share.exe nvidia web helper.exe nvspcaps64.exe nvtray.exe nvwirelesscontroller.exe nvxdsync.exe officeclicktorun.exe originwebhelperservice.exe pnkbstra.exe remindersserver.exe rtkngui64.exe runtimebroker.exe samsungrapidapp.exe samsungrapidsvc.exe schedhlp.exe schedul2.exe searchindexer.exe searchui.exe services.exe settingsynchost.exe shellexperiencehost.exe sihost.exe smartscreen.exe smss.exe speechruntime.exe spoolsv.exe spotifywebhelper.exe squad_launcher.exe steam.exe steamservice.exe steamwebhelper.exe svchost.exe syncagentsrv.exe taskhostw.exe teamviewer_service.exe tibmountermonitor.exe trueimagemonitor.exe ts3client_win64.exe wininit.exe winlogon.exe wmiprvse.exe
  23. Hello everyone, after I switched my graficcard from an AMD one to a Nvidia (GTX970) I get this Error after a few seconds InGame. " Unknown File Version: Squad\Content\Environments\Afghan\Wall\rockwalls_test\mat_rockwall_lod_m ed.uasset. " Afterwards my game crashed. Some ideas or a solution?? Thank you for your help. Hoooray
  24. I keep getting this error for some reason when trying to open squad I verified game files,, reinstalled nothing. restarted twice but keep getting that
  25. Hi. my friend just present to me this game. When i try to start it in STEAM i got this meaasge. -Launch error failed to start the game I can't find log of error or some kind of a code. Looks like its error wiht a LAUNCER not with the game. I got like 30 games on steam - and this game first didnt wont to start. Windows 7 x64 SP1 8 Gb RAM GTX 660 Intel i-3 2120