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Found 15 results

  1. So, one day I decided to go and try 3D modeling. Being incredibly frustrated by the lack of middle-ground armored vehicles for RGF, I decided to try and model a new vehicle conversion kit to turn T-72B3 already existing in Vanilla Squad into BMPT "Terminator-2" tank support vehicle. Progress on the 3D model: Another update, now with nearly ready missile launchers: Another HUGE update: Model base is done, and it fits perfectly onto Vanilla T-72B3 model that OWI uses in-game. Pursue of smaller minuscule detail continues (I still slack behind honestly), but overall, I consider it a huge success!
  2. I set up a custom server based on the guide on the Wiki. I'm using a virtual private server hosted by Vultr. I am able to direct connect to my server and play using this command-- start steam://rungameid/393380/ +connect However the server is not showing up in the Squad in-game server browser. The server's name is simply, "[KG]". It is unlicensed, so I am looking on the Custom section of the in-game browser. Here is my Server.cfg file. The directive I assume is what gets my server to show up in the Server Browser is 'ShouldAdvertise' which is already set to 'true'. ServerName="[KG]" MaxPlayers=20 NumReservedSlots=2 IsLANMatch=false ShouldAdvertise=true NumPlayersDiffForTeamChanges=3 AllowTeamChanges=true PreventTeamChangeIfUnbalanced=true EnforceTeamBalance=true RejoinSquadDelayAfterKick=180 RecordDemos=false ServerMessageInterval=300 VehicleClaimingDisabled=true // Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI staff & qa are admins) AllowCommunityAdminAccess=false // Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI devs) AllowDevProfiling=false // ForceNonSeamlessTravelIntervalSeconds=43200 // 1 day What can I do to troubleshoot this further?
  3. [WIP] Finkarus [Vanilla]

    Name: Finkarus Location: Finkarus (Island somewhere in Eastern Europe) Size: 4*4 km Teams: Russian and US Gameplay: AAS with everything Download link: On Hold Description: Huge map with cities, villages, bunkers, highways and dirtroads. Russian team will start in a bunker in the south eastern corner of the map and make their way through fields, forests, hills, mountains, military camps, ruined castle, cities and villages towards US troops that have established a foothold somewhere in the north-western corner of the map. Minimap: Screenshots/Media:

    In order "To seduce the females!" I`ve started this topic. I`d like to show a map that I´ve been workin on.. SQUAD map that I am working on in my spare time. You might have seen something about this on the Wrench or the Squad monthly recap, or on YT videos by other authors. This map started from topography of one of many pacific islands. I manipulated the landscape, and I am using a modified version of the FoolsRoad landscape material. Foliage is mostly SQUAD SDK official foliage and DOKYOS Lowpoly-Rainforest assets. Game-modes will be Insurgency and AAS - probably a day and night version, depending on the game mode. Framerate is just about fine - I might find ways to optimize it tho. Capzones are mostly abandoned ruins in the jungle - doesn´t make much sense, I get it. Since there are no roads on the map (currently), It will be an INFANTRY-only map. I still have to work out proper SFX to make the whole thing appear more bearable - currently its like the lord of the crickets is holding a concert. Full moon is custom made, - there is a good tutorial on YT for that. The water material is translucent, and eating up a lot of shader complexity. Oh, did I mention that the map comes with custom player textures for the RU faction ? Russians will look somewhat 2006-2009ish, with oldskool wooden furniture AK74S and stuff. Anyhow, here´s a bunch of screenshots:
  5. "Tresenka Border" - Map Project

    Name: "Tresenka Border" Landscape: Alpine Climate: Cold Alpine in the higher area closer to the airbase and cold, wet, muddy forests in the lower valley. Dense forests, small water canals, muddy dirt paths, one main highway. Setting: Tresenka Border takes place in a fictional setting along the border between Russia and a country at war. Fighters from the warring country continuously use the river and mountainous terrain to cross into Russian territory aswell as making use of old WWII trenches. However as fighting has intensified in the region, Insurgents have pushed through the border-crossing while Russian forces' increased security will now be on the defensive to protect it's military installations and small civilian population in the region. This battle will take place in a clash near a military airbase just outside of the border between the Russian Federation and Insurgent forces. Factions: Russian Federation vs Insurgents Design Plans: Large scale map designed for Infantry, Transportation, Light Armor and Heavy armor fighting in a heavily forested area. High vantage overwatch military installations, some bunkers carved into the mountains, Radar stations. Custom buildings and assets also planned. Inspirations: Battlefield 2 , Project Reality, Altai Range (Battlefield 4) for setting, Damavand Peak (Battlefield 3). Screenshots: (link) First Rough Pass Update 1 Update 2 - Lighting and Environment Note: This is my first creation using Unreal Engine 4 but i'm so excited and determined to complete this map . Terrain textures were pretty hard for me to get right and natural looking. I'm on my third pass so far so the snow capped mountains are indeed a work-in-progress . Update: Worked on the mountain side and terrain a bit more. Check the album above for screenshots! Feedback and Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  6. Bloodbath Supports Custom Maps and Mods

    Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce myself and our group, Bloodbath <URL 1> <URL 2> (no relation in the names-- just coincidence). We originate from Red Orchestra 2, but we're huge supporters of custom content in either game and have a track record for organizing full-server events for beta map/mod tests. I'd like to be one of the first to offer a test server for any and all custom maps and content you folks are able to create. Feel free to contact me on Steam (I'm more active on there than Discord). Keep up the good work and take confidence in that your creations will be played! Cheers!
  7. Weapons: I think it would be amazing if squad had some sort of customization feature in the future. For American weapons, adding different sights to suit your play style, rail mounts such as green NV lasers so when nightvision becomes a thing you can see where teammates are aiming, rail flashlights (maybe in combination with the laser), different types of stocks to increase mobility and accuracy, different types of magazines such as magpul, forward grips, and maybe the option to add a suppressor. And for the other sides with AK's and what not, again adding sights to fit play style, option (for russians) to switch the standard support to a rail system and add all the American things i mentioned (A.K.A. Tactical AK), different stocks (folding, none, tactical, and standard), different magazines such as drums, and again the option for a suppressor.
  8. Hello everyone, I looked around in the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for, hope it's not a reposted topic. I just recently discovered Squad, and I like the concept behind it, but please note I still do not own a copy of the game. I''ve been developing a 5x5 Km terrain for A3 (kinda tiny for A3 gameplay), and now I've read that 4x4 core area for an 8x8 Km terrain is perfect for Squad. But I am now thinking I might shift my terrain model (either 0.5/1 m cell size and 0.5/1 px/m sat resolution), mask layers, road shapes etc... to UE4 which is much more reliable and user friendly than Terrain Builder :P But I have a couple questions about it: 1) Are we allowed to use some vanilla assets in custom terrains (as you would in Arma) or are we required to use only our own trees/buildings/fences etc.? 2) Do you guys have a link to a thread or guide about particular issues on UE4 terrains for Squad? Such as optimal texture sizes, grid size, how building destruction is handled... :) Thanks for any help!
  9. Custom Patches and Nametags

    Hello all, I understand there are a large number of critical issues that need to be fixed, and features that absolutely must be added - I am just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the idea that some day in the far future, custom arm patches and/or name tags are added to the game? To elaborate further, for arm patches I mean literally the same thing as in arma where you can create a squad xml and add a small custom image to display as a patch on your arm. This seems like a small thing but it would be a very simple feature to add, and a really cool customization option. Regarding custom name tags, would it not be cool to have your user name or a custom entered name be able to display as a name tag on your backpack or somewhere on your uniform? This also would be a very simple feature to add and I think it would be really cool. You would not have to even necessarily add it as some sort of image it could be auto generated in game. We have set this up as a custom mod in arma 2/3 from scratch in one of the groups I play with, it was not that difficult, and it was always cool being able to literally see the person's name rather than looking for a name hovering over top of their head in neon green. Again, I understand that the game is still in alpha and these features are by no means top priority - just curious what everyone's thoughts are on this?
  10. Aspiring Mod Makers?!

    Hi guise! I'm making this thread to get a show of hands from the community when it comes to modding. I'm aware we still might be quite a while away from the Squad SDK and modding in general, but I'm planning to write documentation on it once it's is available. Maybe the devs will provide documentation on this for us when it comes nearer to the time (they've already released some tutorials on it!) but there might be a lot of new people out there who won't understand it because they don't have prior experience.. but are willing to learn! My goal is to author something really quick and simple that covers the basics which might not be covered by the devs. I highly doubt they're going to teach us how to use other software such as 3D modeling packages and texturing tools! All of this information is already out there for us to learn from but sometimes demonstrations can be the best resource... you'll learn how to work through a full pipeline specific to Squad itself. For example: I could create a video series or a written breakdown on creating weapons and getting them into Squad via the SDK. The same would go for vehicles, props, textures, materials etc. Short and sweet created for you to understand what the requirements are for specific mods. Something such as a high overview of a general workflow could be done first in order to get people on the same page and once that's finished we could get into specifics further down the line with demonstrations and examples. Of course, all of this could be absolutely irrelevant if the devs drop a huge knowledge base on us along with the SDK! However, just in case that doesn't happen, I would like to have a basic idea on what we, as a modding community, would require to get us going. OWI are a pretty small team, so it would be completely understandable and expected that they would release the SDK with minimal information or guides while the game is still in full development. Although, I'm not sure if there's any legal requirements for them to release an SDK with full documentation as a result of developing on Unreal Engine 4. I would be completely fine if they just dropped the devkit on us and said "Have fun figuring it out guys, see you when you make something!". :D Anyway, lets see how many aspiring and experienced modders we have in this community! PS: I'm an artist, in case anyone is interested. I'm not a development guru or anything! Would be nice to also see if anyone else from multiple / different disciplines is interested in creating something like this as well. :)
  11. Outfit Customization

    One thing that I always enjoyed about a good game was the ability to customize my character to have the look I wanted them to have. Even shooters like ARMA have a degree of character customization and I would love to see the same from SQUAD. Now I don't want that pot leaf crap or the whole custom camo thing but it would be awesome to be able to pick my carrier harness, helmet, and maybe the option to have rolled sleeves or not or knee pads or no knee pads. Essentially, I want my soldier to feel unique to me, so that when my friends see me in the game, they recognize me not just by username, but by my soldier himself. I've wanted that for so long but everyone seems so content with playing cookie cutter soldiers. Also the ability to pick gender would be interesting because more and more we see women on the front lines and it would be nice to break the monotony of white dudes named smith that are wearing the same exact loadout. Just a thought to add much more immersion :)
  12. Hi y'all! Second suggestion here, how about customizable uniforms? Not as in dickbutt plate-carriers, hello kitty backpacks or swastika armbands but think of a faction based 'pool' (thought up, constructed & approved by the Devs) of gear that people can choose from & apply the factions camo on, which in turn is decided based on the conflict-theatre (desert/arid = desert camo, forest/jungle = woodland camo etc etc). All majors factions would get their own urban, forest, desert & snow camo along with a solid version whilst the insurgents get their own solid BDU along with a mish-mash of civilian gear. (jeans & sneakers for example) In order to get a better understanding of what I am suggesting, I drew up an example of how it can look: Above example is the following: Faction: Iran Theatre: Middle East Uniform: Iran-desert-camo/Iran-desert-solid So you pick the uniform (camo/solid/mix both pants & shirt) then you pick each type of gear for each body part - head - face - chest - elbow - abdomen - upper leg - knee - feet - and you apply the faction camo of the type of gear. All the variations are already in the game, you just equip the ones that you find most appealing. Possibilites: Endless! I think this is a win-win suggestion, think about it. It keeps the uniformity of the faction as well as gets rid of all the clone-soldiers that can be found in other games. It dosent make the immersion worse with f'ed up symbols & shit but instead adds variety & allows you to add your own touch to your own character. It should be duly noted that it is meerly aesthetical, it will not have any impact on the game other than visual. I searched & found another thread that suggested that armor should be give protection bonus & whatnot but that sort of puts the insurgents square in the dirt from the very beginning. So yeah, no. No impact on the game mechanics. Only visual. What say you? Yeah? Nay? What does the Devs think? Is this something you might implement?
  13. Skin creator

    I think that a good way to make everyone happy(people who want only realism, and people who want to be able to customize their shit), a good compromise would be to have either a side feature or maybe somebody could make third party software to make a custom skin for squad. The only thing being that other people do not see the skin, they only see the regular skin. This would keep the people who want realism happy and the people who want customization. The only thing is that there might be problems with people making their sight a bright color. But the simple fix to that problem is to have a 'modable' part of the gun that can be changed, not including the sights and other parts that would be OP. You would be able to import pictures to add to the gun or draw your own, and transparent would not show up as transparent. I will try to make some visuals later when I have access to my own comp. Also I did use the search function and the only person who posted this in another thread was me, I wanted to make it it's own topic. Please tell me your thoughts.
  14. So I think that when clans are eventually added it would be awesome for the clan leader to be able to design a clan weapon skin. I was thinking this could be the same skin for every player or there could be a base skin to which each member could add their own personal touch. I'm not sure how clans are going to work and I assume the developers don't know fully yet either but I'm assuming they will be able to be made by anybody as long as they meet in-game requirements like a skill level and minimum members to start kind of thing. This is a long shot but instead of or with the clan skin there could be a clan hat that the members' player models wear into battle or maybe just a patch on their shoulders. Also when the player base is larger it would be nice to have the ability to join a game with your clan and be automatically put into a squad together, maybe even choosing who will be squad leader/kit before hand. Also something that would be awesome is if you have a large clan that you can group members into squads and they will always play together unless swapped manually. I assume this will be added but a game mode/matches only for clans to fight eachother would be awesome and this would begin the competitive aspect of the game and allow for a clan leaderboard and organised tournaments with the top clans. TY for reading my idea, i hope this will influence the developers. Unless of course they have long since discussed these topics which they probably have. Please leave your opinions on this and list your own ideas for this.
  15. Custom Named Loadouts For Each Class 'Loadouts' are a core component of FPS genre (for the sake of variety); even if they are not editable or customisable by players. Loadout features of 'similar games' (personal opinions): Insurgency (Loadouts can't be named, can't be saved, despite a nice choice of equipment per class)Project Reality (Loadouts can't be named, can't be saved, come in options which are hard to distinguish due to minute icons on the spawn screen and some loadouts don't even have the barely readable icons - non spawnable kits)ArmA series (Confusing, slow, irresponsive but detailed) Squad could hopefully bring a loadout system combining the best features and learning from the mistakes of other games. Loadouts are often associated with tier/ranking/unlockable system but these don't have to be neccessary for a user friendly experience. What Makes A Good 'Basic'/Game Ready Loadout? These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Default Equipment (even if not customisable)Being able to give it a custom name and save it and also revert it to the default name (user friendly)Being able to recognise what the class contains without relying on tiny icons (some of which may be duplicated and a great and horrible example of this might be IIRC; PR's Iraqi insurgent faction's IED class with very different IEDs - being unable to tell which is more Mortar and which is a mine both made for very different purposes)Basic Weapon Customisation (Iron sight or scope, without mentioning pay 2 win ideas or unlockables)Basic Weapon Selection (Full length or Carbine version, new version or old version or calibre or similar expected weapons for faction class)Saveable customisation and selection features which can be given custom names or default names based on the classRestricted Weapon Access (not all classes being able to carry and use every and any weapon) What Makes A Good 'Advanced' Loadout? These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Customisable equipment slots (needing more field dressings or more grenades?)Equipment weight system impacting Stamina, movement and accuracyCustomisable or Selectable Apparell/Clothing/Armour/Fatigues (This may include civvie clothes, different cammoflague schemes/patterns/designs, Armour schemes, Head armour schemes)An expansive customisation of weapon features (Barrel mounted torches, bi-pods, bayonets and so on) There's obviously many more considerations and options and arguements or balances but I only intend this thread as an inspiration for the developers (hopefully) which has been born out of frustration with FPS loadout schemes. Other Considerations These are only my opinions. I'm not saying they are correct or the best. Team/Squad/Clan/Guild/Community 'patches' on equipment - possibly a source of development revenue without subscribed or pay 2 win featuresSome customisable or selectable apparell/Clothing/Fatigues might not effect gameplay and therefore it is a wasted effort - but it could also a be a source of development revenue without sunscrined or pay 2 win features.Customisable in game character/person/avatars - might not effect gameplay and therefore it is a wasted effort - but it could also a be a source of development revenue without sunscrined or pay 2 win features. I know little about game design but just wanted to share experience of FPS gaming over a duration of 13 years (too much gaming).