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Found 169 results

  1. Dear support team, After around 5 months of break, I figured to jump back into squad again to see if the devs fixed all the issues I've had back then which brought me to quit. But unfortunately it got worse: after I installed the game, I was pretty happy to see that I can finally enter the menu without crashing the game. First I went to the testing range and tweaked my graphics settings a bit and it all worked fine. I was so excited, jumping back into the game and receiving one of the best gaming experiences on the market. But then, suddenly, I ran across an issue. After I was loading into a match, my game freezed after ~10 seconds and I was just able to say hello in the squad-comms but nothing more than that. Well, at first I thought: „nah, let's restart the game and it'll probably work fine, I mean, early-access and stuff...“. But after a while, I had to figure out that it wasn't the only occurrence of this issue. Well, then I looked up some guides, fixes and even looked up the OI-support page with known issues and I browsed through all the fixes and even tried all of them. But nothing worked as I tested after each „fix“ and I didn't see any change. So now I will try to reach to the community and the devs to hopefully solve this issue. Message me if you got the same problem so we can possibly find a way through. One thing I observed was that my game started freezing after someone was logging in or out. And as you know, people will do that all the time when they don't find the server appealing; I'm fine with that. But as it seems, it makes my game crash so I needed to close it via task manager. Later on, I couldn't even access the menu anymore because the engine was crashing all the time. I am pretty desperate about this and I hope someone could help me as I tried everything what comes into my mind. Other games are working perfectly fine on my computer such as: Escape From Tarkov, Arma 3, Battlefield BC2 up to Battlefield 4 and so on. <~>Important info<~> Things I've tried: - Reinstalling the game - Repairing and checking files via Steam - Lowering my graphics settings - Setting sound quality to low via log files - Closing other programs - Cleared game cashe - Setting cpu-priority to high - Turn off wifi on other devices - Stopping any downloads running in the background - Just letting the game load (Well, it stopped for 2sec and was then freezing again for ~half an hour) - Checking all my hardware for errors, driver updates and temperature (no issues at all) - Updating Windows 10 - Updating the game - Updating Steam - Tweaking PC settings on max performance - Tweaking NVIDIA Control panel for max performance - Deactivating some annoying and unnecessary background processes PC-Specs: CPU: AMD FX-8120 eight-core processor 3.10GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB RAM: 1x Nanya 8GB DDR3 + 2x Nanya 4GB DDR3 = 16GB DDR3 Game is installed on: Samsung 750GB HDD System is installed on: Samsung 250GB SSD OS: Windows 10 Pro v1903 The text might sound a bit odd with the reason that I pasted it straight up from my reddit post, posted on the r/joinqsuad subreddit. Someone suggested that I should ask the support for help. If we would get it fixed, I would share it below my reddit entry so other people might receive a bit of help. If there is anything missing, please feel free to ask me questions. I would be really thankful for a reply as the game is currently not playable for me and I don't want it to be a waste of money and time; I know it's in an early-access state, so I will try to help the devs improving their game. High regards, Jim
  2. Hello there! Everytime im piloting a helicopter it keeps pitching the nose up and rolling to the side. It inmediatly stops when i press ALT for freelook. I tried several mouses and deleted user cache once. Its only happening piloting the helo , tried every other vehicle. I really hope you guys can help me, its annoying and i blew up multiple helos allready..
  3. Microphone non-functional

    I've run into a major issue back when I bought the game a few months back, and my squad lead is now experiencing the same issue this past weekend, where our microphones do not function at all in-game. We've both checked that our microphones were are set as default communications in the Sound Control Panel, our Steam input settings are all good, no drivers issues, etc... Our mics work in everything but Squad. I'm using the Blue Nessie USB Microphone My friend is using a Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset
  4. Since the last release, I've found myself consistently stuck in queue. I'm aware of the known issue where queues become stuck when the map changes, but this appears to be a separate issue. Today, I queued up to join the "SquadOps.gg" server. I moved up from position 6 to 3 in a couple minutes. Then, I started getting pushed back in the queue. After about 20 minutes of waiting, I found myself at position 9. For another 20-ish minutes this pattern continued. I'd progress up the queue a few positions, then get bumped back to 8 or 9. Assuming the queue was broken, I left and re-queued to find myself at position 14. Maybe the server has a lot of preferred members that skip to the front of the queue, but I'm skeptical that many people are attempting to join all at once at any given time. This is a very frustrating bug. Has anyone else encountered it?
  5. The helicopters in squad are moving without any additional input from my mouse. Here is a link to a video of the exact problem. Steps I've taken to attempt a fix: Verify Integrity of Game Files Reset Controls (multiple times) Attempt to rewrite controls with this method The problem in laymen s terms The helicopter will act as if you are pulling the cyclic towards yourself and pushing it to the right.
  6. another bug found

    Hello squad peeps i found a bug on narva where you can not clime the stairs on the Big highrise(8 story building with red balconies) you wont be able to get higher than the 2nd floor it gets blocked by something hope you guys will fix this soon thanks dev ::) kind regards DarrenGaming
  7. another bug found

    Hello squad peeps i found a bug on narva where you can not clime the stairs on the Big highrise(8 story building with red balconies) you wont be able to get higher than the 2nd floor it gets blocked by something hope you guys will fix this soon thanks dev ::) kind regards DarrenGaming
  8. The old bug is still prevalent where your radio gets stuck on sometimes. I think this is a far more common occurrence if you set your mouse thumb buttons to radio chat. Can this please get fixed? Maybe this has something to do with interacting with UI while using the radio like bringing up your map or deployment menu?
  9. Is recoil broken?

    Recoil for AK-74M and AK-74m + 1P78 is different. The difference is 2x. Recoil AK-74M = 2 x Recoil AK-74m + 1P78. When shooting Aim Down Sight (ADS). Recoil for M4A1/M4 and M4A1 + M150 is different. The differnce is 2x. Recoil M4/M4A1 = 2 x Recoil M4A1 + M150. When ADS. Looks like all wepons without magnification have much more recoil of the same weapon with magnification. Also, when you shoot any small arm weapon, you may find that shooting with ADS gives less recoil. More magnification = less recoil. IMO, all weapons must have the same recoil without dependency on magnification. For now: hip shooting = 100% of recoil ADS with iron sight or collimator ~ 90% of recoil ADS with 1P78 or ACOG ~ 40% of recoil
  10. when you setting the POV to 120. your telescope window will become smaller.
  11. Basically some times when in a cap zone the flag and capture progress bar that is supposed to appear in the top right of the players screen doesn't show at all and you have too look at the map to check if enemies are taking it. Its even worse when your attacking and there's no way of seeing if you are taking the flag at all. Ive only experienced this in RAAS and AAS. Its just really annoying nd hinders gameplay.
  12. When you fire 1 bullet with any automatic rifle in A mode, you as the player shooting hear 1 shot being fired, and all the other players around hears a burst of 3-4 bullets. This bug destroys the immersion and makes it totally unrealistic. So right now basicly a player with a AK74 for instance, can one tap, 30 times, but to other players it sounds like he shoots 30x3 in one go without a reload. This has not been fixed all though its been like this for a very long time. When or will you ever fix this? Thank you.
  13. OMG BEFORE YOU TELL ME SOME BULLSHIT, READ THE POST! okay, so, there seems to be a bug on the test server where the bullets on the hip fire are literally no where near the center of the screen and are consistantly shooting (accurately I may add) to the bottom of the Xhair, not sure what was changed or why but this does not seem normal to me whatsoever, I understand that the hip fire bla bla blah, is't supposed to be accurate but it IS accurate, just in the wrong place. (taken in a- As you can see, the center of my screen is not where my bullet landed and to the left of the landed point you can see many accurate shots have been made with the hipfire, I believe this to be a bug. Also, while laying down you are unable in most places to shoot from the hip.
  14. as you may or may not know, the audio in-game is mufled from behind (and a little from the sides too) I am not sure how is happened, but I think is was an windows update that broke it I saw a thread on reddit, but I dont have an account there, at least one other person has the same problem as me before this windows update it was ok, but I hadnt played in a long time, and honestly I played little V15, because I am so dissapointed with this game, and waiting for V16 to drop to see how much worse the game is going to get but the problem wasnt there, so it was not a game update that broke it... then I decided to play a little recently because V16 was taking so long and I immediately noticed the problem when I hoped on a truck and looked to the side (could not hear the engine) then I thought it was my headphone that broke, so I swaped for 2 more, and the problem was still there finally I decided to change my audio drivers, but not luck and one thing I tried too was to try to tweak the windows sound options, and I got the sound to go a little louder, but with worse quality, so I reverted the change so it was not a game update, it was either a windows update or something else... you can test this like this: turn on a vehicle and stand in front of it, then turn 180 degrees and you will barely hear the engine you can also test with grenades, have them explode in front, then behind you I did a lot of testing, it seems to me that the audio is 100% ok from the front, a little muffled from the sides, and totally from behind I dont know what I should to to fix this problem, and I dont know if V16 still has this problem, I will download it when it drops today and report back my motherboard is a B350M-K (asus) everything is up to date, except a new version for the BIOS, ah and I also tried changing the NVIDIA drivers, and no luck
  15. So I've encountered this issue a lot in the latest version of Squad. I don't know if it's new, or gotten worse, or if I just never noticed it, but when a deployable template turns from red to green, it's not always possible to place it. Sometimes it cancels out with "Inside another deployable" or "Ground too steep" even when it's clearly the middle of a soccer field with a few blades of grass in the way. Even worse when it's the backside of a perfectly stationary enemy tank and you're trying to place C4. The collision logic there is awful. Worse, being unable to place it drops you out of deployment mode entirely, so you have to go back through the menu just so you can also go through that whole ridiculous roulette again. There has to be a better way. So, simple proposal: First, fix the template so it only turns green when deployment is actually possible. Second, when deployment is impossible, don't drop the template. Let me hold down left mouse and rub the emplacement against the terrain until it sticks reasonably close to where I wanted it. Right mouse cancels out just fine and it doesn't need to do that for me.
  16. In the most recent rounds of v15 I already saw twice that a full burning vehicle recovered and didn't eventually explode as it was before! One time I even noticed a Bradley didn't need repair it just stopped burning and was just left damaged but useable. Is this intentional or a bug? I even have a video if needed I can upload. /cc @fuzzhead Thanks and Mauti out.
  17. I recently purchased and downloaded squad from steam. I have recently been enjoying the game without issue. However, for the last two days a crashing bug has prevented me from enjoying the game. During online gameplay (and never in the offline practice range mode), the game will randomly kick me off the server. I never team kill or flame in squad, and the crashes have happened on multiple servers so i am positive that the server admins are not kicking me themselves. The crashes are unpredictable but inevitable, and happen in between 20 minutes and 30 seconds of game play. This is obviously extremely frustrating so if anyone can help me that would be very appreciated. The error message given is; "Squad Server Closed Connection". This vague error message does not aid in the diagnosis of the problem. Specs Intel i7 7700 Nvidea GTX 1070 8GB RAM 1TB SSD I have extremely fast wifi, with excellent download/upload speeds and sub 30ms ping times, which i know through the stat fps function in the console. I am sure this is not a connection issue on my side. I have attempted to delete the squad appdata and validate through steam. I have uninstalled and reinstalled squad to no avail. I have followed all the steps in another guide somewhere on this forum to maximise pc performance but to no avail. I have never used hacks or mods in any game (never mind any Unreal game) so Easy anticheat is unlikely to interfere with the game but who knows
  18. I have just got the game and on start, the first part works, so starting EasyAntiCheats, but after I get an error saying `Unknown file version "squadgame.exe"` but starting the game from gamefiles, starting squadgame.exe without squad_launcher.exe, works and runs the game but then it doesn't enable EasyAntiCheats and so basically not allowing you to join any server and seems as if its not only me as I found a steam threat on this issue as well
  19. Although the map icon settings are set to show your team's class/role details I have to turn it on and off again for each round to see them. Since I couldn't find a thread about it I hope it's not only me with this issue. This bug exists since v12 where the map icon classes have been introduced. Should be a quick win for the dev team and the next update ;-)
  20. M4 audio bug

    When the M4A1 is in auto, if I single fire it plays the sound of a 3 round burst. Simple as that, easy to reproduce.
  21. Hi All, Noticed that there might be some weird behavior with the FPS limit setting in the general tab. When i use this feature and lock into 60-70 fps using the text field and hitting enter i get it to stick at the FPS i want, if i however then hit apply it will revert back to not being locked. There is some sort of mechanic that is preventing this from being set properly, its not a big issues as all i have to do is go into squads setting and hit enter on the text field and it locks the frames perfectly, if i don't use the text field i cant hit enter to activate and the slider simply doesn't work when dragging. As a side note im using a freesync monitor on an Nvidia 1080Ti setting this through the nvidia control panel which allows me to use my monitor at 75hz. I also don't have the vsync active in squad. (im not sure you can have this active with FPS limit anyway) I have to set this everytime i start squad.
  22. My Squad is broken

    Whenever I open Squad, the screen worsens and I can not recognize anything. The music continues in the background but I have a brown screen and my mouse is huge. I can not even change the resolution in the game because I do not see anything.
  23. Hi, I'm not sure but I noticed that the Stamina now also regenerates when walking in crouch position which wasn't possible before as also noted by the WIKI: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Movement#Stamina In case this isn't a bug you can close this topic or remove it entirely. Thanks and bye, Mauti
  24. Launch crash

    Hi, Since last night my Squad launcher fails to start the game up. Instead I get an UE4 crash report saying "an Unreal process has failed: UE4-SquadGame". The day before I did install a new SSD on my PC, but I played Squad after the installation and it worked fine for 3-4 hrs, when I came back a couple hours later, the game wouldnt launch anymore. The screenshots are the only things I get on my screen, after the minimalized loading screen, I get the crash report. I have reinstalled it a couple of times now, never worked. Thx in advance Walt
  25. No audio in Squad

    I don't know what happened but the audio was working just fine in Squad yesterday, but now I try to play and as soon as I boot up, I can't hear anything. I've already checked to see what my default device for playback and recording is, and it's still my headset. I really haven't seen much other advice so please help!