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Found 82 results

  1. I'm searching for similar threads of this but failed to see one in the search tab. I just want to know if turning outside of (tanks, IFV's) armored vehicles, and taking a seat on top of armored vehicles is being considered in the game, or already in the pending list of features? Since the next update is showcasing a bunch of armored vehicles, wouldn't be great if we could see a feature that an armor personnel could look out from inside the vehicle to (can also use binoculars) widen the crew's peripherals or at least reduce the nausea of players when taking the gunner seat? About the "sitting on top of vehicles" I saw this on the cinematic trailer of V10 of squad, where you can see infantry sitting on top of the BTR. I really like to see this come true. Doing this feature would also make the IFV's increase it's seat number, same as the transport truck. I would also like to see a "turn in" feature for open hatched MRAP's, so that the gunner wouldn't always be vulnerable against small arms fire. I'm sick of open hatched MRAP's gunner always being knocked off easily just because the player couldn't turn inside the hatch.
  2. On Kokan AAS v1 with RUS vs UK the bulldogs seem to be near unkillable. With side/rear shots doing little to no damage compared to the damage output of the bulldogs. The above clip doesn't illustrate the point as well as previous experiences I've had trying to kill these behemoths as they run all the way back to their main as I shoot peas into their rear. The final moments of the clip show rather well how much more damage they put out as well in comparison. It's just feels really unbalanced that the RUS side is not given a vehicle that can destroy the UK bulldogs. The only real method is to kill the gunners and watch them run back to main or let HATs and LATs work on them.
  3. So, one day I decided to go and try 3D modeling. Being incredibly frustrated by the lack of middle-ground armored vehicles for RGF, I decided to try and model a new vehicle conversion kit to turn T-72B3 already existing in Vanilla Squad into BMPT "Terminator-2" tank support vehicle. Progress on the 3D model: Another update, now with nearly ready missile launchers: Another HUGE update: Model base is done, and it fits perfectly onto Vanilla T-72B3 model that OWI uses in-game. Pursue of smaller minuscule detail continues (I still slack behind honestly), but overall, I consider it a huge success!
  4. Tank reload

    Good day! I had a question - Why, when shooting from a tank from the main gun (120 mm smoothbore gun), when I want to switch to the coaxial machine gun, then I will again need to reload the main gun (120 mm smoothbore gun)? Why is the transition from gun to bullet and the reverse occur with reloading the main weapon?
  5. Is it possible to have a look at the blueprints for how tank vehicle movement is?
  6. Its honestly gotten to the point of unplayable where claiming a vehicle that you want is nearly impossible because every server has their own set of rules, and admins do the shit they always want. I have gotten kicked for making a squad first then getting denied by the admins and kicked. And i have gotten kicked for getting the vehicle first, but then again, admins give it to the people who have made the squad first. This is honestly gotten ridiculous its honestly impossible without someone crying to the admins. Who ever has the fastest PC is almost always going to get it what they want first, leaving the people who really want to use that vehicle in the dust. Might as well not even call the server noob friendly when its just people who repeat the same shit on the same server.
  7. Request: Trigger Volume for each vehicle

    Dear Devs, I have been trying to work out how to count players within a certain range of any vehicle - OnOverlap > CountPlayers > DoSomething type thing. 1. I have tried from the Vehicle Spawner end of things and have had no luck - there is nothing to call on, on the spawned (Tracked) vehicle, to count players within. 2. I thought about adding the trigger to each vehicle by way of an added Component to each vehicle - but i have no idea if this is possible or how to do it and anyway it would require modifying versions of all the vehicles, so not going to happen. 3. I Wondered if i could add it into the SQWheeledVehicle (or one's i need to (various types vehicles)) parent but it is a C++ script that i couldn't read let alone open; this would allow all Child Vehicles to receive the Trigger. - no luck so far, thus, my ever-so-humble request is this: A sphere volume of 30m radius that can be called on to Count:OverlapingPlayers or do something else, that is attached to the primary Parent Vehicle Classes. I would really appreciate this functionality so much! .LJ failing that: anybody have any solid ideas on how i can achieve what i want? (without creating modified versions of all the vehicles).
  8. Alright, I've did a little digging, read the rules and hope that my suggestion isn't out hiding under a stump from the search results but here we go. 1: Combat engineers should be equip with a car jack to unflip vics, it only makes sense seeing as jumping on wheels being the meta seems a bit... Yeah. 2: Independent roll controls for left and right so that people used to flying in other games can adapt their skills over learning new ones, it is a QOL improvement that is much needed. Right now the roll is locked to an axis whereas someone like myself prefer turn on mouse and roll on A and D 3: (controversial) A collective return, a collective cap button and a collective precision button. * A collective return that will hold at "0" (edit: at 50% to hold a hover and use W and S to raise and lower that collective.) if "Collective up" is not held, adding a feature like this will prevent my headaches of trying to feather up and down for the softest landing I can perform. Having an adjustable slider for the rate at which it will return would be just... <3 * A button to increment the collective by five or ten % per press and would increment with acceleration as it is held (time increments between adjustments would speed up as it's held). This would reduce the "I taped it once and now I am at 80 knots" thing that seems to happen to me more often than I'd like to admit. (Edit) 4: Add it so that switching kits heals, please... For all of those poor logi drivers in monochrome world. (Edit 2) Or add a resupply option for healing that cost build and or ammo.
  9. SDK: Vehicle Spawner: CANCELLED

    HI all, I've been having "fun" with the Vehicle Spawner lately. My hope was to modify it to enable spawning more than one vehicle at a time and to add an Allowance to limit the total number of spawned vehicles, of the Spawner - and i think i'm close to making it work. Thanks to @wasti for putting me on to needing a "Tracked Vehicle" array, specifically - i think (HA! LOL!) i've set things up correctly but still have a few nagging doubts. Below are the EventGraph and SetCanSpawn, from inside the VehicleSpawner (i've left CheckCanSpawn alone atm), and things highlighted in the pics are things i have added. EVENT GRAPH > To count, Add / Remove Spawned or Destroyed Vehicles from the Make Array. The GATE because i needed to drive the REMOVE (to pass on OnVehicleDestroyed EXE). The ARRAY to hold a count of currently spawned Tracked Vehicles. REMOVE Tracked Vehicle, via OnVehicleDestroyed EXE. LAST INDEX = total number spawned. ADD Tracked Vehicle (from the SET), and driven by the (last spawned) ?IsValid EXE. (* just realised i have to re-route ADD's out EXE) SET Total Spawned Vehicles, driven by both ADD and REMOVE EXE's. SET CAN SPAWN > Thought this might be a good place to stitch-in - the only place i could think of to definitively break "Can Spawn". 1. Decides if the Allowance has been met or not by the Total Spawned Vehicles value being less than the Allowance value <true/false>. 2. Checks to see if any previously spawned vehicle(of class) is still sitting inside the Spawn Zone (ie; not taken yet) <true/false>. If Allowance = False, then the EXE will stop - if True will pass on. *just realised i need a link to the Set Can Spawn from Allowance=False, i think (or it won't fire?) If Spawn Zone = False, then it will Set Can Spawn to False *(what Allowance should also do) If both 1 & 2 are True then the Set Can Spawn will be driven and set to True, as per normally. I've looked at this now a number of times and can't find anything wrong with it (compiles fine ...) but i'm an amateur n00b at this stuff, at best. I'm too tired to test it tonight, so if anyone sees anything i've done drastically wrong or won't work (or possibly call up things from the vasty deep...), please let me know - still not sure how/if the array will work or not ... Cheers!
  10. I once watched a Russian logie drive down the hill at maximum speed and hit a massive rock at full speed, reverse out and continue on his way as nothing even happened. I don't know the technicalities of implementing speed impact damage to vehicles but eventually something should be done to fix this. It would be even more interesting to see drivers fly out and ragdoll, much like we already have if you get hit by a vehicle
  11. I would like to ask dear and respected developer Squad! Will there be trucks with body coating? Because in the Russian army the majority of trucks with an awning(tent). That is interesting. As it hides from the eyes of enemy soldiers in the back. One trial truck could be added for each faction. It's more realistic. And the second question. Will there be an addition with special forces? even if it will costs money. Thank you. Question from veteran Project Reality and Squad http://
  12. Help with making a vehicle

    I've bin trying to make a vehicle in squad for sometime now, but im having a hard time since i cant find any tutorial on it. Is there any good tutorials on Unreal tutorial on vehicle making that is relevant for making them in squad?
  13. Did not find anything fitting via search function. If I missed a existing thread about this, please merge my post into it or ignore it. ;-) First let me say I like the new logistic functionality on the vehicle menu. But what has been keeping bugging me for a while is how you access the vehicle menu. Right now it is like this: Press & hold the enter button to bring up the menu and enter the vehicle. If you hold the button down long enough you will enter the vehicle If you access a menu button and press you will not enter the vehicle So let's say I want to re-arm on a vehicle. I have to press and hold the enter vehicle button and hit the rearm option before I enter the vehicle to stop that interaction. This feels clunky and weird and can result in you frantically hitting something just in order to not enter a vehicle. So I would suggest the following. Give us maybe 1-2 options that we can set in the gameplay/control settings. Simple button press will either open the vehicle menu or make you enter the vehicle. Button hold will either open the vehicle menu or will make you enter a vehicle. Would be great if players could choose the option that feels more natural to them. Cheers
  14. Hello, I have been watching Generation Kill again and whenever I do, I want to play squad. This time, my thought got focused on the almost barebone Humvee that the Force Recon Marines cruises in. On a related note, I have been running "light infantry" squad - 4 men, where we primarily hunt down FOBs, reconnaissance, and light skirmishes and capping if the team at large are bogged down. So we have been using MRAP and BDRM (maps that feature militia are too small for me to enjoy this gameplay) as transport and ammo supply roles instead of their fire support role. Back to the barebone Humvee, how would you guys feel about being able to customise the vehicle loadout? From very basic things to SPG Techincal or Tanks choosing more of one round than another to more extreme things - doorless/unarmoured MRAP and no 50 cal. but more ammo supply? The MRAPs will spawn as normal and when you get in, the driver will be able to customsie via command options. Just a thought I had. Maybe it is not authentic due to there being no MRAP or BDRM in service that has no main gun / even if they exist, they are reserved for special forces etc etc... I am NOT envisioning arcady customisation where you trade armour for speed etc etc on every vehicle Thanks.
  15. 1: This has been bugging me for a while: empty magazines for vehicle are blackened. However, they are on a black background, you can't see how many magazines you expended. Giving empty vehicle mags an outline would make them easily visible against the black background of the gunner UI. 2: Show the number of empty seats in a vehicle, kind of like ArmA. Driver could have an indicator in the lower right, showing the empty passenger seats. 4/8, 12/12, etc.
  16. Vehicle damage smoke is a bad way to indicate damage the way it's implemented right now. It cripples crew visibility (i.e. impossible to engage in direction of smoke source), client performance, stays forever long after damage, visible through objects and annoying for operating crew in general Audio for 5% damage is loud gas leakage sound is annoying as well Possibly switch to another way to indicate vehicle damage e.g. texture modification? Maybe move smoke source away from view of driver/gunner, especially when it's not engine, and make it disappear after some time BTW Abrams view behind is obscured by camo net, impossible to even observe in that direction
  17. Give vehicle driver ability to switch between "weapons" (vehicle ammo storage, smoke generator) with numbers instead of using "Infantry next/previous weapons" control. It's non-intuitive in a 12.2 that I set that control in "Infantry" tab.
  18. Are there any plans on changes to the physmat system coming? It's having a huge impact on gameplay now and not in a good way. I've seen that some maps, where the main bases are on hills, have been updated with a vehicle repair station at the bottom of the hill due to vehicles not being able to climb said hill anymore. (Unless you reverse drive up). I understand it was needed due to some unrealistic situations like using rivers as highways etc but a techie who hits the mud side of the road on Belaya and instantly doing a 360° is over the top. Not to mention the fact that most vehicles can't even drive up a hill anymore, even when they are tracked. (Unless you hit it at high speed and hope you have enough momentum to drag yourself over.)
  19. I couldn't find a similar topic, or maybe I was searching with the wrong keywords and I find this quite disorienting in-game but it seems like vehicles almost always sound as if they are in an open space. For example if there are a few buildings between the player and the vehicle, it is still as loud as if there is nothing and I have also noticed that the direction of the vehicle sound is quite difficult to determine for some reason. I found the sound doesn't vary much when the vehicle is coming from different directions of the player, or maybe this is connected with the first issues I noted. I will try to get a video of what I mean later if I figure out how to do it as I'm playing the game through GeForce Now.
  20. We will be redesigning all the map pages on the Squad Wiki and also make them database-driven using Cargo and Lua scripts. We want to know from you if, and why, the "respawn yes/no" for vehicle assets is important or not. You can also look at one example map: Belaya If you want to help us with the layout and design of the new pages, go to the Wiki Map design contest.
  21. There are many different techie military vehicles used in modern conflicts. I think that devs shouldn't stop adding new ones and give more variety. That would make the game more interesting. Here my examples of new vehicles are that I believe should be added. 1. Toyota Hilux + mounted M1937 37mm soviet AA cannon. I saw many times this variation used various groups in modern conflicts. As I believe Insurgents must have weapon that can destroy medium armored vehicles such as warrior, MRAP or BTRs. Also it would be good for usage against Helies once it's added. First of all, I hope that you will finally add Hilux since this car that Opfors factions have is too small to mount ZSU, ZPU or M1937. 2. S-57 57mm Soviet cannon mounted by URAL, Daihatsu, Hyundai or any other truck. This shell's caliber could penetrate even Bradley's armour and also would make gameplay more interesting. 3. T-55 Also using the chance I want to mention again that Insurgents need their own tank. I believe that t-55 would be nice decision since this is pretty old tank and is not so modern as t-62. 4. ZPU-4, ZPU-2 These heavy machine guns can be mounted by Hilux as well. It has 14.5 caliber same as BTR-80 cannon. Could be equipped by high explosive shells and would make Opfor factions more chances to fight with Blufor. Thx for attention. Hopefully Squad will become more realistic and similar to modern conflicts.
  22. I would like to make a suggestion I came up with yesterday while playing Squad. We were driving in a militia's techie and got under heavy infantry fire. Our squad leader was sitting near me and got shot in a head and killed. Here's my suggestion, it would be great if the devs added a game mechanic that would allow players to take cover in the seat of unarmoured vehicles like techies and supply trucks. If our squad leader was able to slide down or bend down in a seat maybe he would have been alive.
  23. As physical materials will affect vehicle speeds, could they also be made to affect vehicle suspension... I'm guessing that's a thing in the real world... and could such a thing be rolled out for both Squad and Post Scriptum. The reason for the request is that off-road suspension seems to make the vehicles too bouncy, as if they don't weigh too much. That said, I don't have too much experience driving logistics trucks off-road so they could currently be quite accurate... but they do seem to hop jump and skip over bumps more than I'd imagine real-world trucks would do so... Cheers, and much appreciated. Zeroid o7
  24. Each of the vehicles in this game whose real world equivalents have turn signals and horns, technical are the first to come to my mind, need to have turn signals and horns control settings. You are more able to communicate with your fellow team members. This game is really missing out! Thank you, and I stand by my thoughts and decision to advocate this assertion.
  25. Current Map Problems

    I think I first got into Squad during v6 I believe... before the vehicles got introduced. The developers have made huge steps since then. The new maps got gradually introduced as vehicles were introduced but it is almost as though most maps added even after v7 feels like they are treating vehicular gameplay as secondary needs that have to be fulfilled. The obvious exception is YEHORIVKA. I will use that map's design features as I understand them to express my feeling of how maps should be designed as: Relatively flat to allow more freedom to vehicular movement by not punishing offroad ventures. Open spaces for long-range vehicle support for infantry or vehicle to vehicle combat (instead of practically running into each other in maps like FOOLS ROAD.) Infantry preferred combat zones (cluster of buildings where vehicles are more of a burden within) YEHORIVKA allows vehicles to breathe free but is not dominated by vehicle dominance because it balances out with flag points that are within towns where infantry reins supreme. Also, the map is huge! Feels almost too big until you try to sneak a whole squad in your transport truck or BTR behind enemy lines at which point you realise all these "dead spaces" at the edges of the maps are actually there for a reason. (GORODOK is another good example) But then there are all the other maps... Ones that were in before vehicles like SUMARI and LOGAR VALLEY are just way too small for vehicles, understandably. I believe CHORA was in before v7 and it's design reflects that. Every single area of the map, it is filled with infantry scaled covers that god forbid if two enemy squads run into each other, it won't be a bloodbath on a flat terrain with no cover around - completely infantry-centric map design logic. The worst part is that even newest maps that were added have this design logic behind whether intentionally or not: BELAYA, NARVA, KAMDESH HIGHLANDS, MESTIA, and an older map, KOHAT TOI and FOOL'S ROAD. Vehicles are punished above and beyond for going offroad due to just how rocky and hilly every part of the map is (KAMDESH, MESTIA, KOHAT). In NARVA and BELAYA, I believe you cannot really go 'offroad' and the map is too small to actually maneuver, map-wide tactically. In these maps, the only reasonable role for these vehicles is to literally stick to an infantry squad and support them. I know that is the realistic role but come on man, a vehicle to vehicle combat in this game is horrible due to how the maps do not support vehicular maneuvers at all. This also creates a second problem which I believe is complete lack of need for a dedicated transport squad. The maps do not embrace vehicles - they are afraid to be too big, they are afraid to have an open field that will frustrate infantry moving on foot. I remember in PR, if your SL did not like any of the spawn points, there would be a dedicated transport squad which will drive the squad to a preferred location. And SLs would request a pick up after capturing a point or removing enemy FOB on remote parts of the map. I think the need for this squad has to be fulfilled - it will lessen HAB beehive phenomenon and it just encourages bigger strategical and tactical movements around the map. I never see a dedicated transport squad even in YEHORIVKA or GORODOK so it is partly due to the playerbase not realising the potential but I believe the biggest factor why people think it is not needed is because the vast majority of maps either outright punishes offroad or just not big enough to create a need for the squad. TLDR; The vast majority of the maps in current map pools are too small and/or excessively hilly which prevents more tactical and strategical usage of combat vehicles and transport trucks. I believe the developers should 'gamble' with maps that are so big that you need transport squads and APCs should ferry around troops from point to point for the team to fight effectively. Obviously not in all maps. Some maps can have harsh conditions for vehicular gameplay almost as a feature... but not most of the maps.